JUNE 1st 2018

On this day

1495; Friar John Cor recorded the first known batch of Scotch whisky in Lindores Abbey, Fife.
Ever been to Lindisfarne and seen the now somewhat ruined detached get of your face facilities!
The Church and hooch go back on a long seldom interrupted staggering journey into history.
Hooch even goes much further back than when the church even became organised.
It is now known that most animals - even some insects - like to get off the planet now and then.
Giz another Gin no Josh GOSH.
One of my first fires in the seventies was in a catholic church - wasn't sure whether it was torched; more likely an electric fault in the dragged out again seasonal nativity scene display...
We were crawling up under the thick smoke level when a pair of black shiny brogues appeared...
It was the well served/serviced resident priest.
When it was all sorted; he offered us an early morning tipple - the front pew and corridor to his 'quarters' were overflowing with good will.
Was he drinking to forget! or just a sucker to the sermon of GOD Gosh

One of my last 'big jobs' was the most expensive houses on the NE market at the time.
This time - don't mention second hand car dealing - it was obviously arsing about.
Halfway through what is now described as a protracted operation; the owner turned up and, offered us liquid refreshment.
To say he was well stocked - purely for in-house entertaining, one understands - would be like saying the establishment don't/do tell porkies in private/public.
Or! was he just buying in bulk - an economy of scale...
Today as in time gentlemen/families please, many plebs are taking out pay day loans not buying in bulk to save money.
Time to call time on inequality; or, are you really a greedy Git GOSH

1997; Prime Minister Tony Blair apologised to the people of Ireland for British actions during the Potato Famine 150 years earlier.
Ever heard of 'tatie' wine - my dad used to brew it - alcohol to drink, can be brewed/distilled from almost any organic 'plant'.
As an early teenager, I prised off the top of one of the bottles fermenting/doing its thing in the mysterious 'cupboard'.
Whoosh; I was blinded and caught - oh sweet mystery of life...
Not long after that, the brewing of beer for home consumption was more than common, no matter what your 'class' - was it a matter of economic taste! - don't mention the local breweries
Pubs and clubs were socially accepted as 'male' only - they were physically separate to restaurants.
Was it the eighties that even working mens clubs started having 'restaurants'.
Nowadays we have pub grubs frequented by 'young' families - Oh lordy.
Is change more effected by feminism than economic necessity.
The question/answer is enough to make any man/women/pleb go on the drink.
Give me hope Joanna - don't mention dope - or a good gargle GOSH

Drinking is just like any other vocation/pastime/hobby/religion; one has to practise.
One of the best days of my life was on the ouzo, on/around the Greek island of Corfu.
An ex fishing boat sea trip for around 80 punters only had us ( family of three ), two other couples and the cap'n and one crew.
The two five litre containers of ouzo soon appeared on the orders of the Cap'n/crew.
We 'visited' family and friends near to the shoreline; returned and dropped off two hours/how long late for dinner and the Cap'n bumped his way to the permanent overnight berth.

JUNE 2nd 2018

On this day

1840; Thomas Hardy, English novelist and poet was born at Higher Bockhampton, Dorset.
He continues to be widely regarded for his novels, such as Tess of the d'Urbervilles and Far from the Madding Crowd.
Who hasn't read/heard of shakespeare, Enid Blyton (who), Charles Dickens and Agatha Christie - Classic English authors; or not!
One mans book is another mans/womans look - have a gander GOSH.

Writing is said to be (if not one of) the greatest ever inventions of us humans - yes we are, ever more insidiously, increasing the demise of other animals on this planet.
Lesser in number libraries have now taken on multiple roles and, the fewer shelves are filled by more and more female authors.
Is it a 'sign of the times' or feminism that has come up trumps with female librarians now outnumbering male.
It is a coincidence, or not; that the current best selling fiction author (JK Rowling) is female.
There you go GOSH

The best ever book comes into the realms of statistics.
As yet, the best seller is still the bible followed by the little red book...
Is it law/myth/folklore that just recently in time; every hotel room in England/UK used to have a version of the King James Bible in the bedside table drawer.
As China changes/develops will the Chinese have more hotels and the Little Red Book become king of the castle. Read very little of the Bible, even less of the Little Red Book, heard of the Quran and never ever come anywhere near the Harry Potter (or any product of) series.
In todays climate of economies under pressure, authors remind me of politicians - some of them are initially in it to change things; not for the money.
Is there a market for socialism!
The best ever quote/description of a politician - politics is show business for ugly people.
The best selling fiction author - books alone; not counting films and other thingies - at this point in time, is Ms/Mrs/Miss JK Rowling.
All the worlds a stage; and...
Play the game... GOSH

1850;The birth of Jesse Boot, chemist, philanthropist and founder of 'Boots the Chemist'. Started off as a herbalist shop cos Jesse was ill - was he one of the very,very few poor philanthropists!
It was the son who sold the empire to american investment in 1920 - wonder if the son kept on working!
Boots is now the international earner for the owners of Walgreen boots alliance inc; part of a holding group headed by an Italian multi-billionaire.
I'll stop being a drug free zone - all except pain killers and alcohol - if you really don't think that boots isn't run by really greedy gits GOSH

The Greek economy is under attack by greedy gits.
Will the plebs come through!
Que sera sera...

JUNE 3rd 2018

On this day

1657; The death of William Harvey, the English physician who described the circulation of the blood.
Many of the 'Larger' houses on the mainland continent, old and new, are residences, and some part workplaces, of doctors.
Doctors - for what is a rose it smells as sweet by any other name - in the UK didn't want The NHS.
Like it or not the NHS is an organisation that is the latest Political battlefield - unique to the UK, they say.
Lookout here comes gangrene again GOSH

The NHS is just like any other organisation/institution; it is run for and by humans. In any profession/vocation/means of existing, on this now getting well worn planet, there are good and bad; heroes and zeroes.
An alcoholic is someone who drinks more than a doctor - hope I die before I get old...
Some doctors - usually those that rely more on them little telly things - say that you should never self treat/diagnose via the internet.
The history of medicine is a no go area for mere mortals - here we go GOSH

We have all heard of a full frontal lobotomy; haven't we!
About two generations ago, a doctor/surgeon/psychiatrist made a fortune touring the southern states of america carrying out full frontals.
At the time; the operation was; the entry of a small icepick shaped instrument through the eye socket and the scraping away of an indeterminate amount of the front of the brain.
I wish I/someone was just making this up - No wonder that some people believe in GOD.GOSH

Myself, I regard as being lucky; all, not counting the injection in the eye for Iritis, my injuries/illnesses - have I really got gout - have been due to accidental trauma.
I remember not so long ago, I had a hospital outpatient appointment for a steroid injection.
After 10-15 minutes, being the impatient type, I stuck my head out a number of times.
Much later the 'Doc'(head of depatment) who I had clocked chatting up the nurses appeared...
'Sorry I'm late, I was called away', was his over cheerful greeting.
Laugh, I was apprehensively waiting for a steroid injection, remember; I nearly had uncontrolled flatulence.
Don't mention the later 'promised' MRI free slot - there was only one in the NE. footballers had to go to privately to Hartlepool.
Not often has my flabber been quite so quietly Gasted GOSH

Us plebs know the NHS has to be paid for - the point, and nothing but the point, is that it should be free at the point of delivery to all.
Like Education was before blairism - when nation states in trade blocks/wars,or not - had mixed, not market economies.
They say - usually the ones that are doing alright - that you can't turn back time!
Oh yes you can - life is not all spin and gin, No Josh GOSH

1992; The death of Robert Morley, (CBE) the English actor who was usually cast as a pompous English gentleman representing the Establishment.
The days before and during the times of a mixed economy; when everyone on the telly had a manditory 'BBC' accent.
Phoney tony bliar actually questioned the existence of the 'establishment' on the national telly.
OOH me lads ya shud have seen em ganin GOSH

Talks are still ongoing between the IMF and Greece over the loans.
Are they trying to separate the IMF from the ECB - they are different people with the same greedy git characteristics.
Is it true that once a greedy git always a greedy git.
Will nation state ever changing politics affect the outcome!
The IMF is dominated as yet by america.
The ECB is more or less controlled by the german (economy).
The Germans hold/own most of the Greek nation state debt - don't mention the dodgy duplicity of all sides.

JUNE 4th 2018

On this day

1704; The birth of Benjamin Huntsman who experimented in steel manufacture at Handsworth, near Sheffield.
The local cutlery manufacturers initially refused to buy his steel as it was harder than the German steel they were accustomed to using.
Huntsman did not patent his process, was it fact or fiction, that a bloke called Walker gained access to the secret process by less than scrupulous means!

It was a bloke called Walker, Whos' money took Blackburn Rovers to the championship of the newly formed premiership in 1995 - manu, the arch rivals of the fans, came second by one point.
Jack Walker took over his dads steel business and 'The Walker group' sold the steel making bit to the British Steel Corporation just before the slump/recession.
The beginning of the era of gazump and grin GOSH

Blackburn Rovers was sold by the Walker trust (his daughter)to the venkys chicken shop empire!
Venkys is owned by the VH group, an Indian multi national that has its finger in/on all things poultry on the continent of India.
Manu shares were purchased in a couple of years by the american glazer family - who borrowed the money on the international markets.
The glazer offspring take weekly'consultancy fees' and an annual dividend out of the club; despite it making a loss.
Do the glazers borrow money to keep their American sporting empire and lifestyle going GOSH!

It was a NE.striker (up front player) that (co)wrote his autobiography a generation earlier.
It contained the chapter. 'what the average director knows about football'
It was a blank page.
Many a true word is written/spoken in jest. No Josh GOSH

The up front duo of strikers that got Blackburn the championship now 'work' for the media.
Chris Sutton is a pundit for BT sport (I've got my life; multi-national in trouble; don't worry about his) and an occasional pundit commentator for the BBC.
Shearer was/is one of the golfing gang of chummy footie heroes that dominated BBC sport for years - How much!
In this present era/climate of individual endeavour (privatisation), to say that the politics/pay/tax of the BBC - which purports to be part of the nation state - is/isn't complicated would be how much of an own goal.GOSH

1998; The five major nuclear powers (the United States, Russia, China, France and Great Britain) renewed their appeal for India and Pakistan to stop development of nuclear arms and offered to help the two antagonists resolve their conflict over the Kashmir region.
What have Kashmir and Israel got in common?
Something to do with the British Empire...
What have kashmir and Korea got in common? Both areas of conflict that have caused concern to the - USof A now trying to hang on to top dog - more developed world.
Here we go again GOSH

Greece is still part of the EU.
We won't be very soon.
If you think that the trumpsters and red necks that support them democratically, are not gruesomely grinning all the way to trade wars; you need another bionic bit for your brain.

JUNE 5th 2018

On this day

755; English missionary Boniface, 'the Apostle of Germany', was murdered in Germany by unbelievers, along with 53 of his companions.
In days gone by; spreading the word, and even just living, could be a dodgy game.
Just recently in time; being a man - and now a woman - of the cloth, no matter what level, has/is a not bad lucrative way of earning a living.
Will deregulation of the 'church' end up like brexit, and matters of money; a right dogs breakfast.
Like all institutions; religion must bend/blend with the will of the plebs.
Play the game GOSH

1718; The birth in Otley, North Yorkshire, of Thomas Chippendale, cabinet-maker and furniture designer.
Outside the old grammar school, where Chippendale was a pupil, is a statue of the man.
Will his style of furniture make a comeback in this market economy under pressure - polo has to some extent.
This right wing government is trying to resurrect grammar schools by throwing money at them.
Play the game GOSH

I was a grammar school boy in the early sixties - refloated into society for plebs again.
Even then the grammar schools had more money thrown at them, than the secondary moderns.
One of the first three lottery grants/awards went to the eton pavillion (with the stipulation/proviso that the local plebs were allowed 'free' access; no giggles gosh) - how many PMs - the rich know where the money is.<>br> Play the game GOSH

Grammar schools were graded - ours had five...
Only the top one and a few of the second grade were allowed to 'take' latin.
Latin was at the time; the key to entry into the top professions.
Very,very, few if any, sporty types made the grade.
Play the young guided game GOSH

Since the Blairite, 'education education educashion', anyone bred with half a head is frightened not to go to UNI.
Let me buy a degree; the rich have become richer; the divisions are deeper if one delves.
Inequality is the name of the game GOSH

Are Greek plebs now going through the same hoops and over the same hurdles as the Brit/UK plebs!
More or less... except for immigration
The hoops are still smaller and hurdles still higher for the plebs of Guinea, Guyana and Guatemala, with very little immigration.

JUNE 6th 2018

On this day

1683; The Ashmolean Museum, on Oxford's Beaumont Street, opened as the world's first university museum.
No old jokes please.
Is it archeology or gynecology NO JOSH GOSH.

Are museums now in, or past it, in an economy under more and more pressure.
If you are on the wrong end of the GIG economy, they have an increasing role in the leisure industry.
If! you are on the good side of the GIG you will be on your yacht in the med...
It is a good job we are all in this together GOSH

1844;The Factory Act in Britain restricted female workers to a 12-hour day; children between eight and 13 years were limited to six-and-a-half hours.
What goes around comes around.
One can't whack working a 56 hour week...
How many strikes must a young person have!
Before he/she is allowed to be free.
If! you don't do anything about it; you deserve everything you don't get. GOSH

1936;Gatwick Airport opened in Surrey - just less than 30 mile from the centre of London.
Half a century later, it became Britain’s second biggest international airport, and one of the world’s busiest
Even busier is Heathrow - 14 mile from the centre of London.
Heathrow is now owned by an 'international' holding group and has just been 'given' permission for a third runway by the greedy gits. GOSH

Never ever put on the back burner that, kielder resevoir was constructed in Northumberland to supply water to heavy industry in the NE and Midlands.
It is now part of the domestic water supply and tourist industry.
How long ago did I read that, cockneys and southerners further afield drink and use water that has been recycled up to 6 times - yes 6; I kid you not.
The fish now reproduce hermaphroditically in the once natural feeder streams.
What's a few more toxic gases GOSH

The once nationalised, cos it was in a right mess, railway part of our national transport system is in another privatised pickle.
When the nationalised Railways were hacked to pieces by a bloke called Beeching - say it so it rhymes with kerching.
The minister of transport (a greedy git) at the time was president of the Road Haulage 'industry'.
It could have been just a goinsidings GOSH

Strange how (tough)decisions made on behalf of the nation are influenced by individual endeavor.
Has the often diguised unacceptable face of capitalism - don't mention the manipulation of money - well and truly got the greed goggles wedged on again GOSH

1949; Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell’s prophetic novel of a world ruled by Big Brother, was published.
Say, 'no more', again GOSH

Greece used to be a nation of haves and have-nots before and after the military took over from the Greek monarchy.
The membership of the EU and loans made it into a more developed nation state.
Would defaulting on the loans keep it more developed or revert it to a nation of haves and have-nots.
The UK 1975 referendum result backed continuing as an EU member by a large majority.
If I could turn back/forward time...

JUNE 7th 2018

On this day

1628;The Petition of Rights, one of England's most famous constitutional documents and of equal value to the Magna Carta was granted the Royal Assent by Charles I.
The petition included restrictions on non-Parliamentary taxation, the forced billeting of soldiers, imprisonment without cause, and restrictions on the use of martial law.
Charlie one believed in the divine right to rule - one man's freedom is another man's kingdom.
There but for the grace of GOD... GOSH

Charlie 1 lost his head in the English revolution.
I can understand a well off and all levels of greedy git being in the royal camp.
The king is dead;long live the king...
But! I can't get my head round the longevity of mentality of a monarchy approving pleb.
Take the farce of maunday money; a religious ceremony in which the reigning king/Queen gives back to a few plebs;(many of them far from short of a few bob) the few bob in pence that they have given to him/her.
We are supposed to be in this all together...
Anymore spin to drift down - pass the royal gin in josh GOSH

1862; The United Kingdom and the United States agreed to suppress the slave trade.
In 1883 - 100 year after the long winded process began - slavery was abolished in England - except those grafting for the East India Co.
In fact any slave - more often than not; black - over six was made an 'apprentice'.
Slave owners (don't mention the church and a few well of plebs) were compensated by the minority whig government to the tune of 100 billion pounds in todays money.
Some (how many) people are still racist and slavery still 'unofficially' exists...
Begorra - we'll be bailing out the bankers next - and, good god GOSH.

The ancient Greek economy relied a great deal on slavery.
Conquered nation states near and far provided all 'levels' of slave.
One could say the equivalent of todays 'international' gig economy.
There can't be slaves in Greece Or the UK today; can there!