THURS 1st JUNE 2017

Friar on the whisky  Greek Terrorist

1495; a man of the cloth - a friar; all drink, sex and pretend to not like violence - John Cor, recorded the first batch of whisky (scotch) distilled in a Fife abbey.
There are hundreds of scotch whiskies; the best sellers (household names - and usually blends) are now owned by three multi-nationals.
They own the vast majority of the 'leisure industry' drinkies.
Just one of the big sellers is still family owned - Grants GOSH

1946; the first TV licences were issued today - £2/annum About one half of the world has a TV licence - the cost is as varied as the programs they used to produce.
The £147/annum of today is below average for the developed world - 25% of the BBC income comes from worldwide sales of programs.
Much of the increase of London private jet trade is down to BBC 'personalities' - don't mention IT con sultants
Is the BBC more privatised than the NHS; have a guess GOSH

1957; 'ERNIE'- electronic random national!; no number and whatever - drew the first premium bond holder winner today.
£1,000 first prize - about '23,000' quid today; the top prize today is £1 million
The privatised state lottery took over in 1994 - invest a quid in me and I'll set you free.
Will it stay in the UK they thought with Glee GOSH

1958;the clean air act was introduced to Britain.
The leader of the western world - yes Mr Trump - has just walked away from the '2015 Paris Climate Agreement' Neglect this planet at your peril...
Has one spotted the correlation between the rich and poor and climate change!
The rich live longer and reside in less polluted areas.
The poor are right in it - the grime of grim GOSH

1997; Rhodesia ( Zimbabwe to the younguns ) formally ended 90 year of white minority rule.
The sun was setting and now has set on the British Empire.
All nation states have lost their Empires - how many military bases on foreign land has the USofA now got.
Inequality has move on from black and white to white and white within nation states.
Democracy with/out a gun GOSH

1997; phony tony apologised to the Irish - part of the Empire! - for the potato famine of 1847.
Will a robot apologise for the lies of tony Bliar which led to the Iraq wars; in 150 years time.
If you don't think that western foreign policy is the main cause of terrorism!
You need another injection to open your eyes and one up the gully GOSH

Greece has sent peace keeping toops to various parts of the world - legally under NATO.
Greece hasn't a problem at all with Jihadist terrorism.
There is now an ongoing situation with Greek indigenous left and right wingers due to the ineqaulity.
Greece has much greater ineqaulity and poverty than the UK

FRI 2ndJUNE 2017

Arranged Marriage  Deference and Division

1420; another male brit greedy git got hitched to a mademoiselle with money.
Born in Paris - not exactly a maiden from the Moselle - the Moselle runs into the Rhine.
Her dad was officially betrothed to a beauty/bitch from Bavaria - also born in Paris.
My grosse dieu; they'll be having arranged marriages next.
The love of money sex and violence with not an iota of gratitude GOSH

1850; a Brit bloke called Jesse was born today - the founder of Boots stores/chemists.
We stayed at a hotel on Jersey; rumour/fact has it, one could just see the bonnet of the copper coloured Rolls Royce of one of the daughters; from the garden.
Boots is now owned by private equity with money raised by the same old yank banks and the RBS.
It is now called officially, Walgreens Boots Inc.
If you don't think we are only remaining solvent with the funny money of Quantitive Easing.
You need some more balls in your botox.
Let's hang on to what we haven't got GOSH

1868; the first meeting of the TUC (Trades Union Congress) in Manchester.
Unons have waxed and waned since then.
Union membership is quite low at this moment in history.
Change is imminent - can't understand why it is taking so long...
It's up to the poor to give it a go GOSH

1985; UEFA announced an indefinite ban on English (not UK) clubs competing in European competions.
Them hooligan gangs just can't help it...
Wonder if brexit will affect/effect footie.
Remember when the sucker citizens were subsidising the Premiership - the premiership and money rule OK!
No! you dont know; you are just making life a goer GOSH

Not one english manager has ever won the premiership.
Plenty of European managers have; makes on think the brexiteers are right...
Hold on! It's the Arabs,Asians,Yanks and Russians who are the owners of UK footie clubs.
Is English tribalism pooing on its own patio.
A deferential backing, or ignorance, of the self subsidisation of the top gang of international greedy gits.GOSH

Will us plebs be better off, or worse off, if Greece defaults and leaves the EU.
Who knows! by the time it trickles down, generations will have been living on the Sun- no pun intended.
If! those who voted for the self determination of a better independent future don't robustly back it up in the future.
All of us plebs will be doomed by the division of deference.

SAT 3rdJUNE 2017

Malware problem

1726;Jimmy Hutton; a Jock doc (physician) and geologist, helped geology out of the ground, half a century later with his effort of a lifetime, ' Theory of the Earth.'
Do you know much about, 'gold rush'; 'bums rush'; 'black gold' and even, 'funnier fracking'.
Is there as yet; undiscovered wealth in granite! GOSH

1739; the good lord missed the first methodist church opening in Bristol.
The prince bishops used to be the men of god - part of the divine right of kings not plebs - in Durham wear valley.
The miners; lead at first, then coal; turned to methodism cos they were ripped off by religion and rulers.
There used to be over three hundred coal mines/pits in Durham alone...
work/pray for me and I'll set you free
I/we have given you work and now you want glee GOSH

1839; massive amounts of opium were seized from British merchants and the first opium war started.
Imagine if them damn foreign chinks had started knicking our coal and cotton(mills) - keep taking the pills...
The days of the 'gun boat' have long gone NO GOSH

What! you want to send a gun boat to Brussels.
What! some of you you just want a word in their ear...
Brussels is much bigger than Britain now.
It's too late; in the human/robot race, as a nation state, we are not even at the starting gate GOSH

1931; the baird TV company televised the Epsom Derby - it was transmitted by the BBC.
It was the early sixties before plebs could afford a little screen in a big box in the 'Living room'.
The vast majority were rented - about 5/6 'men' became very rich.
Plebs worked their way (physically and politically) through that era and many became the 'new not quite so rich'
We are now back in the era of renting; both necessities of life and material artifacts - own that 'phone' bro...
Stream the dream - when one has to pay don't cream a scream.
Can one get it on account; guillibility GOSH

1996; 14 police officers were awarded compensation for trauma at the Hillsborough Disaster.
96 dead; and the police blamed the fans.
Plebs v the mercenary establisment.
The longest enquiry in British legal history found in favour of the bereaved families in 2016.
Somebody died and somebody lied...
Isn't life as we know it great GOSH

Are Greece and the UK united in the battle of centre right v left of centre.
If you don't think that the world has moved too far funny money to the right...
You need another few zeros on your debt ridden bank account.

SUN 4th JUNE 2017

George 111 Greek Plane in the UK

1738; the entrance into the world of george 111 - king of England 1760-1811.
The first head honcho from the house of Hanover not to speak German. no Josh GOSH

The internationality of royalty doesn't rule now - multinationals are the contemporary equivalent.
Man is presently being dominately over-ruled by the greedy gits GOSH

Georgie boy 111 was in charge when the British Empire lost that huge colony over the pond.
Those contemporary gangs of greedy gits must have been angrier than an archangel isn't supposed to get; at the thought of losing all that lovely lolly.
No matter what reason (medical/clinical//money///mourning) Georgie boy was going to be labelled 'mad'
There he was gone - the less richer gits were glad GOSH

1913; a suffragette - Emily Davison - was trampled by king george V's horse when she ran out in front of it at Epsom.
She never regained consciousness and died.
Since then 'battle' of eqaulity between the sexes has taken two forward and one back.
Equality is a nil point unacheivable scenario.
To dominate man; women will have to be bigger and strong enough to chin men.
History has proved that - will the future be a different game! GOSH

1977; five British plane spotters were nicked for (alleged) spying in Greece - they were released after 10 weeks.
Max sentence 20 year - don't bend down... Every body should have a hobby.
A squaddie dies... and a diplomat lies... for his country.
At what level of establishment does the hobby become gobby GOSH

The Greek Authorities arrested and charged 12 brits and two cloggies with espionage.
It is sort of against the law to photograph military planes in Greece.
The tour company has strong links to Greece and describes their trips as an experience.
A diplomatic - for whatever reason - incident; is some kind of experience...
Wonder if they took out loans for the 'hobby' -pastime- holiday!

MON 5th JUNE 2017

Saint Boniface Greek Loans

755; An Anglo Saxon monk and his gang was killed by non-believers in Germany.
The man from the monastery was made a saint for his conversions to christianity.
The gift of the gab for a GOD GOSH

The first Boer war ended with a talking truce sharing the SA farmland.
The 'empire' kicked off the second one - don't mention the dicovery of diamonds and gold GOSH

1900; British troops occupied Pretoria - the second Boer war 1889-1902.
Mostly skimishing after that decisive victory.
22,000 squaddies lost their lives; 65% of them due to disease.
It was found that most volunteers in England were unfit to fight; due to the prevailing socio-economic conditions. Here's a few coppers; go get that gold GOSH.

UK history emphasies the 'german' concentration camps.
Guess who first brutally put the 'cloggies' behind barbed wire fences. Go on; have a guess GOSH

1964; Britain entered the space age when blue streak was launched from an Australia desert.
The nuclear warhead bit was cancelled due to the cost.
All UK nukes are now courtesy and control of the Us of A.
The current one 'Trident' is supplied by the yanks - we make the subs.
The cost will give ones eyes a Glaze Gosh

2002; the queen was delighted at her golden jubilee.
2012; the queen was even more delighted at her diamond jubilee.
The queen and her freebie followers are getting a pay rise next year.
Let my people go GOSH

2014; it is reckoned that about £5m worth of JCBs are left under the streets of London.
It is cheaper leaving them there.
Wonder how much gear was left underground when the mines closed.
There are some who reckon the closing of the mines was a political gaffe GOSH.

During the period of mine closures we were importing gas and coal; and...
The Japanese were buying up ours and storing it under the sea - waiting for the technology to give clean burning.
The bankers now have a magic money tree;
Us plebs have the fools gold of austerity.
Let's make the underclass a have-not economy
Let's give the upperclass such prosperity.
Let's grab it all; they said with such glee GOSH

The German finance minister has admitted that he would not 'personally' have agreed to the austerity measures linked to the latest - waiting for the september elections - loan repayment agreement.
The rich hypocritically making tough decisions on behalf of the poor! It's the same the whole world over - it's the poor wot gets the blame...

TUES 6th JUNE 2017

Cotton Mill Big Brother

1844; the factory act of GB restricted the working hours of women to 12 hours a day.
Children between the age of 8-13 had to put in only 6 and a half hours per day.
The factories acts ; 1802 - 1961 were superceded by the Health and Safety at Work Acts.
Sitting behind/round a desk is such safe graft GOSH

The factories act covered all factories; however, the greatest concern was, those dark satanic cotton mills.
The workforce was mainly women and kids - they were cheaper to employ.
Many a mill owner was an MP.
Returning to Victorian values will be great GOSH

Many of the factories acts included clauses of the 'right path' for the young soul.
'Bend me shape me; anyway you want me...' Trust in the good lord for guidance GOSH

On either side of the road - in close proximity - just before Widdrington Village; are/were two well restored churches.
They were built and owned by rival landowners who paid itinerant preachers/brainwashers to sucker the serfs.
Pray with me - keep your scythe sharp
I'll set you free - can you hear the harp
Is there bad and good gods GOSH

1949; '1984' was published - did Goerge Orwell just get the year wrong.
Is 'Big Bro' now on the go GOSH

1988; Betty 11 - her mam had a horse or two - took Lestor Piggots OBE off him.
He was jailed for tax evasion.
What does it now take to lose ones gong GOSH

Wonder if them German bankers get gongs for taking tough decisions about the Greek Loans.
If the Greeks cough up; wonder how the ratio of funny money to real money will be affected in the German Economy!

WED 7th JUNE 2017

Robert bruce EU Debating Chamber

Bob I 'the Bruce', king of Scotland died. He earned a place in Scottish history for his legendary victory over the English at Bannockburn in 1314.
Bob was thought to be a geordie/jock/french cross, whose family had land in England.
In his youth he was trained as a scrapper and tutored by the church which was sponsored by his family
Just another big boy in the contemporary gangs of greedy gits.

1628; the petition of rights - of equal importance as the Magna Carta - was signed by charlie 1.
Power moving from royalty to the establishment and trickling down to the people!
Charlie was a jock/danish offspring; who believed in the divine right of kings.
He was given the chop by parliament when he became too chummy with the jocks in an attempt to hang onto the gold GOSH

1862; the United Kingdom and the United States agreed to suppress the slave trade.
Agreed to have less greed GOSH

1939; george vi was the first UK royalty to officially visit the US of A.
The deftness/daftness of diplomacy; considering the royal family was descendant from the prussian germans.
Don't mention the alleged sympathy with the 'nazis'
He only got the job when his elder bro Ted v111 formed an alliance with the yank twice - to be- divorced wallis and had to abdicate.
His daughter is Betty 11 the present holder of the reigns going for gold GOSH

1990; France, Germany and Italy lifted the ban on British beef on the bone - after reaching agreement in brussels.
The deal over brexit will take a lot more chewing over.
Will greedy gits condone smuggling as much as tax fiddling!
Never mind the meat what about the gravy GOSH!

2000; Phony Tony Blair, the UK prime minister was heckled and criticised by the respected Women's Institute members as he gave a speech at their conference.
The WI is a middle class; alleged apolitical, organisation.
The self invited phony tony was booed and jeered for being political!
Political advantage was taken by the 'press' and other greedy gits GOSH

Relative to the UK; Greece is a republican fledgling democracy.
In contemporary times is it more used to socio economic/class warfare/open economic conflict than the UK.
Greece is still in the EU - we/us are not; Watch this space...