SAT 1st JUNE 2019

1495; Friar John Cor recorded the first known batch of Scotch whisky in Lindores Abbey, Fife.
Irish whiskey has an e after the k.
The Japanese started distilling whisky in the 1870's - mostly for domestic use.
They have tried unsuccessfully a number of times to compete internationally with Scotch whisky.
The best whisky I ever tasted was in Bourdeilles next to Brantome in the region of Dordogne;
It was a smooth single malt scotch whisky with a Spanish label; given gratis by a bus driver from the Pyrenees.
He went over the border (Spain) to buy it ever so cheaply.
Wanna be in my every nation state is different; but, the people are the same gang GOSH

1935; Britain introduced the compulsory use of 'L' plates for learner drivers. Also On This Day, all people who had started to drive on or after 1 April 1934 needed to have passed the test. Legislation for compulsory testing was introduced for all new drivers with the Road Traffic Act 1934 but the test was initially voluntary to avoid a rush of candidates.
History is literally littered with the overcautious approach of the establishment to 'rushes'.
All organisations operate for the people within them.
The by far vast majority of ambitious people go through life with one eye on the clock and the other up the chimney
Go on admit it!
Wanna be in my no cant and hypocrisy gang GOSH

1939; In Liverpool Bay, while carrying out trials, the Royal Navy submarine Thetis leaked carbon monoxide, killing 99 crew.
In this era of computerisation taking over every facet of life; here are a few nitty gritties:
Chips are manufactured to the highest specs; then disabled to suit the available market.
When your bank account is hacked; the cause is more than likely insider information.
When an IT system crashes( not just banks) an organisation is trying to save money.
It is very common for what is known as 'the beta version' to be released for testing by the plebs (Joe Public)
Boeing will be hammered in the courts for knowing that their software was responsible for the deaths of so many unsuspecting plebs (customers)
Wanna be in my make life less of a gamble gang GOSH

1977; The maximum speed limits on Britain's roads was changed to 70mph.
Most people (especially the young) speed.
Slow down you are going too fast is the latest cry - to prevent death and destruction.
Everyone thinks they are a 'good' driver - says he who got his first speeding flash/ticket being tailgated on the A1; aged 67.
People adopt and adapt Perhaps; just perhaps, global warming will sort things out.
Wanna be in my I didn't die young gang GOSH

Will many Greeks will die adopting to the 'austerity' imposed by the loans repayment 'agreement'.

SUN 2nd JUNE 2019

1850; The birth of Jesse Boot, chemist, philanthropist and founder of 'Boots the Chemist'.
Boots is now owned by an american hedge fund/investment company - what ever - they (the money men; had first crack at the electronic money which miraculously appeared in the quantitative easing era of mainly us and the UsofA.
Boots is now downsizing its presence on the high st.- an elementary preliminary part of the formula to the money men making short term profit.
Try walking a kilometre in the shoes of a pleb brexiteer.
Wanna be in my life is not that complicated gang GOSH

1954; British jockey Lester Piggott, aged 18, became the youngest jockey to win the Derby.
Born into a racing family; Lestor - a hero to some plebs - was jailed for tax evasion/avoidance.
His third time - twice as a trainer - he was initially fined and was nicked after paying his fine from an undeclared savings account.
It ended his career as a jockey - justice for the wrong gang must be seen to be done.
Wanna be in an era of good liars paying - usually a lawyer and/or accountant - some one to lie for them gang GOSH
1994; 25 senior intelligence officers, involved in counter terrorism in Northern Ireland, were killed when their Chinook helicopter crashed on the Mull of Kintyre in Scotland.
Flying; statistically is the safest form of transport; flying in helicoptors is not...
In the thatcher era; the Westland helicoptor affair - UK (eu) or America - was a much media suppressed split in the conservative party.
Thatcher a pal of Ronnie Regan was the winner and chose America.
Wanna be in my EU - change will come from within - Gang GOSH

2014; More than 40,000 tickets were sold over the opening weekend of the new tram route in Edinburgh.
The 8.7 mile route cost £776m and involved six years of disruption and problems, including a bitter dispute between the council and its contractor.
Most EU member states have integrated transport systems - we in the UK haven't.
The UK has went from trams via trolley buses to privatisation - how many UK transport firms are now owned by EU government controlled outfits!
More than you think...
Never mind inequality; this is what happens when one aligns with the home of capitalism - America.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

Greece has chosen (just) to stay aligned to a large EU trading block - not seeking WTO rules and deals with America.

MON 3rd JUNE 2019

1739; The opening of the first Methodist Chapel in Britain - in Bristol.
Over 250 year ago a branch of religion that - though hierarchal - the plebs flocked to.
All forms of religion - including non western developed - are now playing 'lets hang on to what we got'
Wanna be in my agnostic atheist gang GOSH

1839;In Humen, (China) 1.2 million kg of opium were confiscated from British merchants, providing Britain with a justification to open hostilities, resulting in the First Opium War.
What! the British establishment going to war over drugs; they'll be going to war over oil next!
The fact is; the UK pleb is always playing catch-up; the time gap is now much shorter.
Wanna be in my the clock is ticking gang GOSH

1865; The birth of George V, King of England from 1910 to 1936 who married Princess Mary of Teck - Teck is in Germany - (Queen Mary) in 1893.
He ruled during the First World War and changed the family name from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor in 1917.
Wonder which side of this divided nation the just another family on benefits are on.
Try and forget their European ancestry and spin.
Wanna be in my republican nation state gang GOSH

2017; Eight people were killed and forty eight were injured in terrorist attacks when a van was deliberately driven into pedestrians on London Bridge.
The three terrorists then carried out a stabbing spree in nearby pubs and restaurants before being shot dead by the police.
What The UK has in common with the USofA - don't mention short term banking - is that home grown terrorists account for more early deaths on their own soil than foreigner terrorists.
Wanna be in my just telling it as it is gang GOSH

Betty 2 is married to phil the Greek; an old member of the Greek 'royal family'. His family fled to Denmark when Greece became a republic after a referendum in 1974.
PS. It is more than rumoured that in this political climate; the Greek royal family - European; including russians; ancestral cousins - is back in Greece.

TUES 4th JUNE 2019

1704; The birth of Benjamin Huntsman who experimented in steel manufacture at Handsworth, near Sheffield.
The local cutlery manufacturers initially refused to buy his steel as it was harder than the German steel they were accustomed to using.
Huntsman did not patent his process, and his secret was discovered by a Sheffield iron-founder called Walker who, according to a popular story, got into Huntsman's works in the disguise of a starving beggar asking to sleep by a fire for the night.
One of the original main buildings at Sheffield's Northern General Hospital is named after Huntsman, and in Sheffield city centre is a Wetherspoons pub called The Benjamin Huntsman.
Steel is like humans - the harder they come; the harder they fall
The head honcho of Wetherspoons - as many bosses do - tries to come over as an ordinary guy; he is not; he is a greedy git.
Have you ever seen a conman; that does not pretend to be nice!
Am I influenced by this sustained period of individuality; as an individual!
Change is inevitable; it is a wise government that controls the rate of change.
Wanna be in a non laissez faire controlling gang GOSH

1738; The birth of George III, King of England from 1760.
There was continual friction between him and his Prime Minister, Pitt; the dad; not the younger- who never married!, the elder was highly popular with the people - a rich whig made good/bad.
During Greordie's reign he mishandled the conflict with the American colony, which led to the War of Independence.
He went insane in 1811 and the Prince of Wales was appointed Regent.
Remember it is always the victor (rich establishment ) that writes the history...
Wanna be in a real gang GOSH

1977; Scottish football fans caused at least £15,000 damage by breaking the goals and digging up the pitch at Wembley after Scotland beat England 2-1.
The auld enemy is not just rival footie fans in glasgow.
There is more death and destruction than democracy over time; between England and Scotland.
Global warming will hasten the battle for independence - don't mention the oil...
Wanna be in my 'you gotta go your own way' gang GOSH

1977; Five British plane-spotters imprisoned in Greece for alleged spying were released after 10 weeks in jail.
In the days of the British Empire; a gun boat would have been sent before the trial... When in Rome...
Wanna be in an up to date really democratic gang GOSH

Success by the centre/far right in local elections has sparked an early general election by the coalition government - socialists kept in power by a breakaway centre right faction

WED 5th JUNE 2019

755; English missionary Boniface, 'the Apostle of Germany', was murdered in Germany by unbelievers, along with 53 of his companions.
Man's inhumanity to man under the guise of religion still goes on today.
Us agnostic atheists reckon that most who believe in religion are a bunch of cults.
Prey for me and I'll set you free gangs GOSH

1916; World War I: British General Lord Kitchener drowned when HMS Hampshire hit a mine off the Orkney Islands during a storm and sank en route to Russia.
There were no survivors.
In the second world war and today; religion is still keeping it's hand in; when man and woman is closer to death - The Salvation Army indeed!
When plebs were called serfs religion was a duplicitous form of control by the establishment.
Pray/vote for me and I'll set you free Gang GOSH

1963; Secretary of State for War, John Profumo resigned, admitting he lied to Parliament about his relationship with a call girl, Christine Keeler, the reputed mistress of an alleged Soviet spy.
His resignation damaged the reputation of Prime Minister Harold Macmillan's conservative government and Macmillan himself resigned a few months later due to ill health.
Theres no business like show business
Oh yes there is; it's behind you; it's called 'the covert war' business
Wanna be in my more open gang GOSH

1964; Blue Streak became Britain's first rocket, taking her into the space age.
The 69 ft rocket was launched at Woomera, Australia and was a simplified civilian version that had been designed for research and satellite launching purposes.
Don't mention the UsofA and Nazi rocket scientists...
Blue Streak had originally been planned as Britain’s first nuclear weapon carrier but was scrapped due to costs.
Theres's no business like Nuke show business...
In a generations time the plebs will be unofficially informed that 'our' nuclear detergent was downgraded due to an economy under pressure!
Theres nowt like the politics pretending to take over death and destruction business.
Wanna be in a less cant and hypocrisy gang GOSH

2014; Property experts estimated there could be up to 1,000 JCBs buried underground in London, because it is cheaper to bury them than to lift them to street level following basement extensions.
The total value of the JCBs buried underground is thought to be around £5 million.
5 million quid is nowt compared to the equipment left underground when the political - not economic or fossil fuel - decision to close down the coal mining industry occurred.
The good Lord and accountants work in mysterious ways indeed - in times of perceived plenty.

Greece is a more religious nation state than the present UK.
The vast majority of Greeks are subjected to the Greek orthodox religion which is more akin to Russian influence than that of the west.
The conservative estimate of Russian deaths in due to WW2 is 20 million - the allies of the special relation ship (UK and The USA) lost a mere less than 1 million souls.
Migration - it was called displacement - was much more in Europe just after the second world war than the economic migration of today.
When you stop bombing our country; we'll stop coming to yours...

THURS 6th JUNE 2019

1844; The Factory Act in Britain restricted female workers to a 12-hour day; children between eight and 13 years were limited to six-and-a-half hours.
Man taking advantage of woman and children; it wouldn't happen today; would it.
Making money from another persons misfortune is classless.
Hence the present inequality; eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.
Do you really want to be in a 'look the other way gang' GOSH

1936; Gatwick Airport opened in Surrey. Half a century later, it became Britain’s second biggest international airport, and one of the world’s busiest.
If; the third runway at the worlds most busiest airport (as yet) goes ahead; despite the threat of global warming - will it prove that the greedy gits are really into the inequality of unrestricted capitalism.
Wanna be in a less greedy gang GOSH

1944; World War II: The Battle of Normandy began.
D-Day, code named Operation Overlord, commenced with the landing of 155,000 Allied troops on the beaches of Normandy in France to liberate Western Europe from German occupation.
The allied soldiers quickly broke through the Atlantic Wall and pushed inland in the largest amphibious military operation in history.
It is a lot easier to forgive and forget,if; one has not lost family or a loved one.
As wealth moves away from the developed west and gotterdammerung global warming; 'heres to the future; the fun has just begun'.
Wanna be in a well warmed gang GOSH

1949; Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell’s prophetic novel of a world ruled by Big Brother, was published.
How big is your brother!
Wanna be in we'll in all be roughly the same height soon gang GOSH

1967; President Nasser closed the Suez Canal, alleging that US and British forces were aiding Israel.
The USofA paid off the Egyptian global debt to stop the arab/israeli wars.
As the economies of UK and USA come under more pressure the imbalance of Israeli influence will move on.
Wanna be in a 'you better move on' gang GOSH

Greece is a less developed more warmed due to its geophysical position on this planet member of the EU reality that used to be a dream.
We are a mere 21 mile from the EU; as opposed to 4,000 mile plus to the USofA.

FRI 7th JUNE 2019

1329; Robert I 'the Bruce', king of Scotland died.
He earned a place in Scottish history for his legendary victory over the English at Bannockburn in 1314.
In the days when the two; then kingdoms; were seperated by the roman built walls - dont mention the one less substantial built further up in Jockland.
If;you, dont think that independence is a historical fact and will come about again; you need a better wick for your lamps...
Wanna be in a future gang GOSH

1628; The Petition of Rights, one of England's most famous constitutional documents and of equal value to the Magna Carta was granted the Royal Assent by Charles I.
It set out specific liberties that the king was prohibited from infringing, including restrictions on non-Parliamentary taxation, the forced billeting of soldiers, imprisonment without cause, and restrictions on the use of martial law.
Since then the UK has been a constitutional monarchy - with the royals being on and off team; varying with the amout of little englander spin; which is/was directly linked to the (national wealth).
Time for change...
Wanna be in my republican gang GOSH

18(62); The United Kingdom and the United States agreed to suppress the slave trade.
Suppress being the word - the british(now UK) whig government borrowed £20 million (over £16 billion in todays money) from private bankers in 1833 to compensate slave owners.
It is surprising to see who received compensation; fashion and status quo is classless and timeless.
The loan was just finished paying back in 2015.
In 2019 slavery is alive and well and knows no international boundaries.
If you dont think that anyone who has a servant/slave today is a lazy greedy git; you need less capital for your capitalism and slava for your slapstick.
Wanna be in my non slave gang GOSH

1990; France, West Germany and Italy lifted a ban on British beef-on-the-bone after reaching a deal in Brussels.
Regulations rule OK.
The breaking of rules and regulations is classless.
In my humble life time experience; it is the greedy git that is prepared to break the rules - one mans rule is another mans fool.
Wanna be in my rules is rules gang GOSH

The socialist part of Greece has marginally chosen to change the rules from within.
Wanna be in a warming up remain gang - despite the corrupt cost - 'What a crazy world we're living in'...

SAT 8th JUNE 2019

793; Vikings raided the abbey at Lindisfarne in Northumbria.
The ruins are still there - the brewery/distillery is in good nick
The event is commonly accepted as the beginning of the Scandinavian invasion of England.
1042; Harthacnut, King of England and Denmark, died.
He was succeeded in England by his adopted heir, Edward the Confessor, and in Denmark by Magnus, King of Norway.
The vast majority of the population of Normandy (part of France) were descended from the vikings.
It was the viking ruthlessness which helped the conquest of Britain in 1066 - don't mention monastries.
Heard the one about the monk who used to dangle a monk fish over the outside wall!
Wanna be in my democratic religion free gang GOSH

1536; The English Parliament met and settled the succession on the future children of Henry VIII by Jane Seymour.
The Princesses Mary and Elizabeth were declared illegitimate.
The hangers-on deciding the future of the royal 'head honcho'
All pleb serfs didn't have a clue what was happening at the time.
What's it all about! Brexit!
Wanna be in my less than rough remain gang GOSH

1982; American President Ronald Reagan became the first American head of state to address a joint session of the British Parliament.
Well into the 'special relationship' of thatcher and reagan.
The american empire is dead and nearly long gone - lets hang on to what we got.
There used to be 'death and taxes' as the two certanties of life
Taxes for some; recently; has made life for others more precarious - no one stays top dog for ever is the new tax Wanna be in a futuristic large EU trading block gang GOSH

1985; All Ireland united behind Barry McGuigan as he won the world featherweight title at Loftus Road, London.
Barry; spent a large number of hours in a sauna, 'preparing' for a world title defence.
He won the weigh-in and lost the fight. Barry Mcgugan is now a semi successful boxing trainer.
His homeland which received a substantial loan from the EU bank is now a committed member of the EU.
Wanna be in an EU gang GOSH

2009; Labour suffered its worst post-war election result after it was beaten into third place by UKIP and saw the BNP gain its first seats in the European elections.
The relative demise of 'western' economies has seen the rise of the right; again - this time a bit more subtly
Wanna be in a non bully boy gang GOSH

Greece has had a rise of the far right; just the same as other western nation states.
I/me personally don't see the far right as a democratic threat - they have had an over-airing by the media.

SUN 9th JUNE 2019

1667; The Raid on the Medway, sometimes called the Battle of Chatham began.
It lasted for five days and resulted in a decisive victory for the Dutch over the English in the Second Anglo-Dutch War.
The Dutch bombarded and then captured the town of Sheerness and sailed up the River Medway to Chatham, where they burned ten naval vessels and towed away the HMS Unity and the HMS Royal Charles, the pride of the English fleet.
It was the worst defeat in the Royal Navy's history.
Never ever forget that when a political proponent talks up/down an economy it is always the victor who writes the history.
Wanna be in my tell it how it is gang GOSH

1836; Birth of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, English physician who was refused admission to medical schools, so studied privately and was licensed to practice in 1865.
She created a medical school for women which became the New Hospital for Women.
One of the first successful shots in the war of the sexes - as humanity takes two forward and one back; will the gentler sex stop at equality...
Wanna be in a gender bender gang GOSH

1898;An agreement was signed under which Hong Kong was leased to Britain, by China, for a period of 99 years.
1904; Musicians who left the Henry Wood Orchestra after a disagreement, formed the London Symphony Orchestra.
1933; Baird demonstrated high definition television at his Long Acre studio in London, showing the difference between the previous 30-line picture and the new 120-line tubes.
1958;The Queen (who) opened an extended airport at Gatwick, south of London, modernised at a cost of £7m.
1960; It was announced that one of Britain's oldest quality cars, the Armstrong Siddeley, was to go out of production.
Change is inevitable - it is part of man/woman kind.
If I could turn back time; well you can't - the clock is ticking.
Wanna be in my slow down you're going too fast gang GOSH

1983; Thatcher's Conservative Party won a landslide second term election victory.
The floating pleb was bought into line and voted for the present inequality.
Don't mention the present seemingly classless division.
Wanna be in a who knows what gang GOSH

2015 Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cornwall unveiled a memorial window to Sir Winston Churchill, in St. Martin's Church, Bladon, near Woodstock, Oxfordshire.
The woman who would be queen!
Charlie boy only married Dianne to produce heirs to the throne of the then UK.
The king is dead; long live the king, said the hangers-on with a vested interest...
Wanna be in a republic gang GOSH

Greece has been a divided nation state much much longer than the UK.
Yet it chose maginally to remain.
Since the collapse of Empire(s); no nation state is an island!

MON 10th JUNE 2019

1719; The Battle of Glen Shiel,(near to the five sisters big hills) in the West Highlands of Scotland took place between British government troops and an alliance of Jacobites and Spaniards, resulting in a victory for the government forces.
It was the last close engagement of British and foreign troops on mainland Great Britain - the american war of independence began in/on july 1776
Some would say it was the beginning of the end of the British Empire.
Wanna be in a large gang GOSH

1921; Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and husband of Queen Elizabeth was born; as Philippos Schleswig- Holstein Soenderburg-Glücksburg on the Greek island of Corfu.
Known to many as Phil the Greek...
Wanna be in a less complicated Republic gang GOSH

1923; The birth of Robert Maxwell, Czechoslovakian-born British media proprietor and former Member ( on the labour side; allegedly ) of Parliament.
His unexplained death (at sea, around the Canary Islands) revealed huge discrepancies in his companies' finances, including the Mirror Group pension fund, which Maxwell had fraudulently stolen.
Cap'n Bob - a renowned suer of oppenents - also referred to as the bouncing Check; when he owned the Daily Mirror ( there's a market for socialism) went to his 'board' and said, 'I want a £million bingo; but, I don't want anybody to win it'
Wanna be in a nationwide gang GOSH

1942; World War II: The Czech village of Lidice was destroyed and every man in it killed in reprisal for the assassination of Nazi leader Reinhard Heydrich.
Women and children were deported...
Don't mention the Million mark traitor...
Heydrich was the boss of the final solution - known as the holocaust.
Lidice wasn't the only retribution taken by the Nazis - who claimed to be christians.
Wanna be in an agnostic atheist gang GOSH

2012; Hundreds of tourists were left to survey the wreckage of their holiday homes after floodwater devastated campsites and villages around Aberystwyth.
The heavy rain continued throughout the summer, making 2012 the second wettest year in the UK since records began in 1910 and the wettest ever in England.
Austerity and lack of maintenance (the political climate) have a lot to do with flooding - it's a good job us humans don't rust; eh What!
Is wet weather part of climate change!
If; you, don't believe in global warming; you need less/more graft on your raft
Wanna be in a well warmed gang GOSH

Greece due to its geopolitical positioning on the planet is already a warmer nation state.

TUES 11th JUNE 2019

1381; Wat Tyler led the peasants of Southern England in a march to London; the first popular rebellion in English history.
His leadership proved one of the chief factors in the success of protest against the harsh taxation of the poorer classes.
In days of old when nights were cold - not them damn provinces again!
The inequality brought about by austerity is relative.
Wanna be in a champion of the under dog gang GOSH

1509; Eighteen year old King Henry VIII married Catherine of Aragon, the first of his six wives.
When Catherine failed to produce a male heir, Henry divorced her against the will of the Roman Catholic Church, thus precipitating the Protestant Reformation in England.
Henry went on to have five more wives; two of whom (Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard) he executed for alleged adultery after he grew tired of them.
Mary, his only surviving child by Catherine of Aragon, ascended to the throne upon the death of Edward VI in 1553.
'The king is dead; long live...'
'Power corrupts; absolute power...'
'Some girls will; some girls wont...
'The love/need of religion in man/womans mind...' Wanna be in a no one is perfect gang GOSH

1955; Eighty three people were killed and at least 100 were injured after an Austin-Healey and a Mercedes-Benz collided at the 24 Hours Le Mans race.
The race was continued, officially (ironically) in order to prevent departing spectators from crowding the roads and slowing down ambulances.
Britain's Mike Hawthorn and the Jaguar team, led by motorsport manager Lofty England won the race with teammate Bueb - An old German name; yet born in England
As a mark of respect, the pair did not indulge in wild celebration.
Funeral services for the dead were held the next day at the cathedral in the town of Le Mans.
It was the deadliest ever accident in motorsports.
Have you heard of the what was to soon become the formula 1 Industry.
Wanna be in a lets make public the death and destruction of democracy gang GOSH

1987; Margaret Thatcher declared she was 'raring to go' after winning a record third term as Prime Minister.
Then she was gone; covertly stabbed in the back (and then in the front) by her colleagues.
The green shoots (OK seeds) were being sown over the division of USofA v Europe in the tory(conservative) party.
Wanna be in my its amazing where split peas come from gang GOSH

2014; JK Rowling( lucky pleb made good!), author of the Harry Potter books, made a £1m donation to help fund the campaign against Scottish independence.
How many that believe in independence have bought her books and went to 'the films'.
This is just one of the many facets of life that an individual living in a capitalist world has to contend with.
Wanna be in a remain cos of global warming, believe in Scottish Independence gang GOSH

Some Greeks want independence from the EU - talk about a warm country being thrown out in the cold!

WED 12th JUNE 2019

1673; The future King James II of England was forced to resign as Lord High Admiral because of his Catholic faith.
In those days (men) men had died for centuries cos of their religious beliefs/lust for power
Unfortunately; it is no different today...
Our nation state is going through a period of rest/refrain internally - the majority of us are; anyway.
Will the writers of history (the victors in the spin game) record this prolonged period of unrestrained capitalism as a period of restaint or international meddling on a belligerent level.
Wanna really be in a different gang GOSH

1683; The Rye House Plot, to assassinate English king Charles II and his brother James, Duke of York, was discovered.
This plot was given religious under/overtones in the lust for wealth and the accompanying power.
Indeed; if one looks closer, there is more than a tinge of America v Europe.
People of all levels of income and lust for power are now closer - not just physically - to Europe than the USofA.
Wanna be in my keep your pals closer - even in this period of economic uncertainty - gang GOSH

1980; Billy Butlin, English holiday camp entrepreneur, died.
He opened his first Butlins camp at Skegness on 11th April 1936.
Cos Billy boy supplied cheap holidays, he was given an easy ride by us plebs - he was a Greedy git from SA
The main rival to butlins was pontins (still going) - a cheaper version, was once owned by Scottish and Newcastle, is now owned ( went into administration)by Brittania hotels; the head honcho is a tax domicile living in Australia.
Capitalism rules OK Wanna be in an international pay very little tax gang GOSH

The Greek economy is being run by the International gang of today - it has never been relatively stronger.
Time for change...

THURS 13th JUNE 2019

1665; The Great Plague began to take hold in London as the official death toll reached 112.
The royals and rich left London - leaving the death and desruction to the plebs.
By the end of August 1665 the Plague reached the village of Eyam in Derbyshire and claimed 260 villagers out of just over 350 - their self sacrifice of quarantine stopped the spread.
Disease has never disappered off this planet - it has just been controlled...
Now; diseases that attack/affect/kill many by being easily spread, are called pandemics. Today we are being warned of potential pandemics
Is this cos of cuts to the NHS or humankinds concern for humankind.
What came first! the chicken or the egg; why did the chicken cross the road again.
If; you don't believe that the misfortune and kindred illnesses of a pandemic doesn't coincide with cuts; you need more than a thousand cuts.
Wanna be in a healthy gang GOSH

1917; The deadliest German air raid on London during World War I was carried out by Gotha G bombers - a german development; all models were destroyed under the war ending treaty of Versaille.
The raid resulted in 162 deaths, including 46 children, with a further 432 people injured.
1944; World War II: the first German V1 flying bomb, or 'doodlebug' landed in Britain - killing three people in a house in the coastal city of Southampton.
The doodlebug was never perfected - other rockets with much more death and destruction were on their launchpadded way.
The working for the Nazi party german rocket scientists were welcomed with open arms by the top dog of the time; the home of capitalism - the USofA.
Wanna be in a hawks or doves gang GOSH

1987; Princess Anne was given the title Princess Royal - at the age of 27.
She is patron to over 200 organisations - more jobs than any royal loo.
Anne was second in line to the throne at the time - she is now thirteenth.
Let my 'royals' go.
Wanna be in a proper Nation state gang GOSH

2013; A man was given a warning after he dialled 999 to complain about a prostitute's looks.
A police spokesperson said "The caller claimed that the woman had made out that she was better looking than she actually was and he wished to report her for breaching the Sale of Goods Act."
The Sale of Goods Act 1979 gives consumers legal rights, stipulating goods which are sold must be of satisfactory quality, be fit for purpose and must match the seller's description.
Wanna be in a 'the love of money makes the world go around' gang GOSH

The Greeks (as we are) are still at a T junction in time; to love money or not!

FRI 14th JUNE 2019

1381;Richard II met leaders of Wat Tyler's Peasants' Revolt on Blackheath.
The Tower of London was stormed by 'rebels' who entered without resistance.
The revolt later came to be seen as a mark of the beginning of the end of serfdom in medieval England.
Although the revolt itself was a failure it increased awareness in the upper classes of the need for the reform of feudalism in England and the appalling misery felt by the lower classes as a result of their enforced near-slavery.
What will it take today for the rich (where ever they started from) to realise that austerity is the parent of inequality and relative inequality.
Wanna be in a wind your kneck in or get it wound in for you gang GOSH

1645; The Battle of Naseby (Northamptonshire) was fought.
It was the key battle of the first English Civil War.
12,000 Royalist forces of King Charles I were beaten by 15,000 Parliamentarian soldiers commanded by Sir Thomas Fairfax and Oliver Cromwell.
As society takes two forward and one back; those that exist by the adage of, 'The King is dead, Long live the King' are now pre-election promiseering in an era when democracy is supposed to rule over death and destruction
Wanna be in a 'democracy' is like a huge ship - it takes too long to turn round, gang GOSH

1822; Englishman Charles Babbage proposed an automatic, mechanical calculator - he called it a difference engine.
He is considered a 'father of the computer' and is credited with inventing the first mechanical computer that eventually led to more complex designs.
At this period of time (the clock never stops ticking uniformally) the most comlex design is 5G.
We have gone from zero G to 5G in less than half the lifetime of a present generation.
From humans telling a computer what to do; to a few humans telling a computer what the rest of humanity should to do.
Computerisation is part of 'the market' no different to say, track shoes.
Those that are the (and profit Immensely from) the market leaders are aware that a certain percentage of any population will 'buy' on the change of colour rather than a change in technology.
The computer game ( yes; some of the original generation of mobile was a better phone technically )is slightly different - they call it the progess of competition...
It relies on mass participation.
The offspring of those that indulge in 5G will be the parents of the first human dalek - you mark my micro miniatured words.
Wanna be in a pre-novelty culture gang GOSH

2013; A350, the newest aircraft from European planemaker Airbus successfully completed its maiden test flight.
The plane, seen as vital to the future of Airbus is a direct competitor to US rival Boeing's 787 Dreamliner.
In 2019; say no more...
If you are trying to pretend there is no 'conflict in competition' between Europe and America you need more/less miles/kilometres on your trade routes in/on this global warmed planet...
Wanna be in a more compact gang GOSH

2017 A fire in the 24-storey Grenfell Tower block at North Kensington, West London caused 72 deaths.
The fire started accidentally in a fridge-freezer on the fourth floor and the building burned for about 60 hours.
The rapid spread of the fire destroyed the building and was thought to have been accelerated by the building's exterior cladding, which at the time was of a common type in widespread use.
A full inquiry/whitewash into the fire was opened on 21st May 2018.
In 2019, the rest is history; two forward, one back, and all that jazz...
'let's hang on to what we got'...
Wanna be in a take the hit and move on gang GOSH

Will the non technical - slow down you're being dragged along too fast - population of Greece be better of than the dalek like technocats (fat and thin) of the pre-warmed nation states of the future!

SAT 15th JUNE 2019

1215; King John agreed to put his royal seal on the Magna Carta, or Great Charter of English liberties, at Runnymede, near Windsor.
The document was the first to be forced onto an English King by a group of his subjects.
It was essentially a peace treaty between John and his barons, guaranteed the nobles their feudal privileges and promised to maintain the nation's laws.
A short lived agreement between the King and his supporting/antagonistic greedy gits with a few titbits indirectly thrown in for the plebs - don't mention the church and the greedy git rivalry of the french.
Wanna be in an accepts the truth gang GOSH

1330; The birth of Edward the Black Prince, eldest son of Edward III.
He married his cousin Joan, ‘The Fair Maid of Kent’, who gave him two sons, one of whom was the future Richard II.
What have the 'royals' got in common with Crufts!
They have both eventually come to accept that 'keeping it in the family', is bad for you.
Wanna be in a well bred gang GOSH

1928; The House of commons voted to fix the date of Easter.
However, a clause in the Bill allowed the consideration of the opinions of all the major churches and the Act was never put in force.
Wonder how politicians will react to the church today, considering the considerable decline in the power of the church; since then!
Wanna be in an agnostic republican gang GOSH!

1971; Opposition grew to Education Secretary Margaret Thatcher's plans to end free school milk for children over the age of seven and some Labour controlled councils threatened to put up the rates in order to continue supplying free milk.
Most young voters today will not be aware of, thatcher being a school milk snatcher.
The growth of capitalism - some say through bribery - has also seen the rise in inequality.
Wanna be in a much more equal gang GOSH!

1996; An IRA bomb, the biggest ever to go off on the British mainland, devastated the centre of Manchester.
Miraculously no-one was killed but 200 people were taken to hospital.
The explosion caused £100 million worth of damage.
The 'backstop' has been pushed to the back of the queue...
To ignore rebels can be a great peril to any society!
Wanna be in a lets look at all the angles gang GOSH

1998; Britain introduced a £2 coin.
The alleged 'independent' treasury now has a well oiled revolving door to private finance.
To aid and abet short term capitalism - don't mention the money industry...
. At one time every library had the phone number of the treasury; by unwritten law.
Wonder if the Treasury now has a PR department!
Wanna be in a more democratic gang GOSH

Greece claimed to be the first democracy - one had to be a male property owner to vote!
It was the same for a long period in the mother of all parliamentary democracies - Britain.
The UK is a democracy; America is now a flawed democracy, according to the index; which is run by a UK firm. Do not forget this, as society/democracy takes two forward and one back.

SUN 16th JUNE 2019

1779; Spain declared war on Britain, and the Great Siege of Gibraltar began.
In February 1783 the siege was lifted and the French and Spanish troops retired, disheartened and defeated, after three years and seven months' conflict.
The final peace treaty left Gibraltar with the British, but the victorious British garrison sustained a loss of 1,231 men, and expended 8,000 barrels of gunpowder.
Gibraltar was part of the long gone BE - lets hang on to any tax haven we got!
If; in the near future; the UK leaves the EU, we can say ta ta to Gib!...
Wanna be in a 'kiss my ass as I wave you goodbye' gang GOSH

1880; The distinctive Salvation Army ladies' bonnets were worn for the first time when they marched in procession in London.
Ever heard the repartee,...... I shagged your lass last night and all she had on was her Sally Bash Bonnet.
It really does take all kinds to make a world.
Wanna be in a ????gang GOSH

1883; The Victoria Hall theatre panic in Sunderland killed 183 children.
At the end of the show an announcement was made that children with certain numbered tickets would be presented with a prize upon exit.
Worried about missing out on the treats, many of the estimated 1,100 children in the gallery stampeded toward the staircase leading downstairs.
Those at the front became trapped, and were crushed by the weight of the crowd behind them.
Mass hysteria and something for nowt are something to behold.
I can remember going on a late (very late for the lakes) evening cruise from windermere - in the 1980's.
Every one with a certain number ticket was invited onto the top deck to receive a prize.
Every punter ended up on the top deck; in time to make a right racket as the boat returned to port...
If the cruise had been more suscribed, would the boat have capsized!
Wanna be in a contemporary 'every body is after your money' gang GOSH

1982; England international Bryan Robson scored a goal against France in Bilbao after just 27 seconds of the game.
It was the quickest World Cup goal in history.
Mr. Robsons (OBE) career was much less professional off pitch than on.
He was caught - against the rules - 'advising' foreigners how to buy up English footie clubs.
Mr. Robson - not pop - later (having been ostracised) tried unsuccessfully to make a come back into the public arena.
Bryan Robson reurned to being an endorsed official Man U Ambassador in 2011.
It is more than rumoured that Wayne Rooney could be paid £100,000/annum if he chooses the job of Man U Ambassador.
If politicians couldn't claim expenses; they would eat their hearts out...
Wanna be in a it's nice but only a few can get it gang GOSH

1992; A fact finding from the horses mouth new book about the Princess of Wales, including claims that she attempted suicide, was published by author Andrew Morton.
The rest is history; at least mass hysteria made the memory of the 'peoples princess' last longer than the condolences about squaddies read out in the mother of all parliaments.
If; you don't believe that charlie boy merely married Di to produce accepted 'royal' heirs, you need more brains in your bazooka and a lot less life in your libido.
Wanna be in an accept the truth gang GOSH

It is a long long time since Greece owned the world.
It is a long time since we cut down the trees and Brittania ruled the waves...

MON 17th JUNE 2019

1239; The birth of King Edward I of England, also known as Edward Longshanks (because of his height) and the Hammer of the Scots.
Would longshanks have been able to pound the Jocks with death and destruction; without the help of some of the less than more noble citizens of Scotland
Wanna be in a geordie is just a jock with his brains kicked out gang GOSH

1497; The Battle of Deptford Bridge (also known as the Battle of Blackheath) took place On This Day.
Forces under King Henry VII were victorious in what was the culminating event of the Cornish Rebellion.
After carefully spreading rumours that he would attack on the following Monday, Henry moved against the Cornish at dawn on his 'lucky day' which was Saturday (17th June).
By 2pm, Henry had returned to the City in triumph, knighting deserving parties on the way, and accepted the acclamation of the Mayor followed by a service of thanksgiving at St. Paul's.
Socialists have a saying. 'if we all spit together...'
There's another saying, 'the house always wins' - the establishment is always the side with 'money'
Don't forget the 'lets hang on to what we got' factor.
Wanna be in my 'take a chance on me' gang GOSH

1704; The birth of John Kay who patented the 'Flying Shuttle' to operate on Arkwright's cotton spinning frame.
In the days when competition and trade was between/against nation states there was more social mobility within nation states...
Those that are doing OK - and others - profess to a yearning of returning to the good old days of social mobility
If I could turn back time - unfortunately time is a job lot
Today we are going through a period of the rich cooperating internationally and the plebs competing internationally.
The 'establishment' have been heard to say we are going through unprecedented times
Unprecendented in their life time - it has all been done before by humans; technology changes.
Wanna be in my 'love changes everything - even inequality' gang GOSH

1940; World War II: The RMS Lancastria was sunk by the Luftwaffe near Saint-Nazaire - the main town/city on the loire estuary in France.
Over 4,000 lives were lost making it the worst ever loss of life in the sinking of a single British ship, and the bloodiest single engagement for UK forces (in terms of lives lost) in the whole of World War II.
The sinking claimed more lives than the combined losses of the Titanic and Lusitania.
The EU evolved out of the desire to prevent another war in Europe.
Are we in or out!
Wana be in my 'give me hope not dope' gang GOSH

1980; The locations for the first US nuclear missiles to be stored on British soil (at Greenham Common and Molesworth military bases) were revealed by the government.
The second year of the thatcher establishment - the halcyon days of the hawks of the special relationship.
Ashington - a strong coal mining community - declared itself a Nuclear free zone.
Will Scotland become part of the EU nuclear free zone!
Wanna be in my, 'All we are saying is give peace a chance' in a global warmed gang GOSH

1964; The first purpose-built floating trade fair docked at Tilbury in London with 22,000 samples of Japanese goods on board.
In the late 60's early seventies there was a, I'm backing/buying Britain/British campaign - it didn't last long...
At the same time the American multi-national backed think tanks were over here after being taught to balance the argument just 1% in their favour.
It makes sense to trade with those that are closest in a warmed up world
Wanna be in a fair days work for a fair days pay - make inequality history - gang GOSH

Greece as yet, is a less developed Nation State than the UK - they have marginally chosen to remain in the EU; despite having many more 'problems' than us.
Change will come about quicker from within the multi-national centre right controlled EU.
'The fun has just begun'

TUES 18th JUNE 2019

1429; French forces under the leadership of Joan of Arc defeated the main English army under Sir John Fastolf at the Battle of Patay ( north of Orléans, France).
The event turned the tide of the Hundred Years' War.
Joan was done in at the tender age of 19 - The love of money by a gang of French Greedy gits was more powerful than the love of God.
Is it any different today!
Wanna be in a less greedy gang GOSH

1583; The first Life Insurance policy was sold in London, and when a claim was eventually made, it was disputed.
I can remember when those who made a living flogging life insurance came around in person as a pal/friend of the pleb
Ever met a con man that wasn't ever so nice!
Today many plebs are aware that everybody is after your money.
Wanna be in a I'm not gang GOSH

1822; London unveiled its first nude statue - a bronze figure of Achilles in Hyde Park by sculptor Sir Richard Westmacott.
The statue later acquired a discreet fig leaf.
When English archaeologists 'imported' Egyptian statues that worshipped onanism (masurbation) the prudishness of victorian values had the erections snapped off.
The English/UK character is seen as a bit more than prudish by the rest of the well warming planet today
Wanna be in a it's only natural gang GOSH

1972; A flight from London Heathrow to Brussels crashed minutes after take-off killing all 118 people on board.
Statistically; flying is the safest form of transport; say the people who make a living from flying.
The fact that it has a large carbon footprint is overlooked by most greedy gits.
Why; oh why, is a government that has just con/rea/firmed its carbon neutral policy; even, considering heathrow expansion.
Wanna be in a less greedy git gang GOSH

2016; Tim Peake, the first British ESA (European Space Agency) astronaut and the seventh UK-born person in space, returned to earth after his 186 day mission working on the International Space Station.
The Soyuz TMA-19M descent module was on display at York Railway Museum.
A drink of water costs how many times more in space!
Wonder how the present international shenanigans will affect space 'exploration'
Wanna be in my 'nobody stays top dog for ever' gang GOSH

Greece is a bit player on the world stage at the moment - every greedy git and their dog (EU or not) is trying to use it as a whipping boy at the moment.
It is a nation state populated by humans...
If; I ruled the robotic world!

WED 19th JUNE 2019

1306: The Earl of Pembroke's army defeated Robert the Bruce's new and untried Scottish army at the Battle of Methven, west of Perth.
Robert the Bruce was King of the Scots from 1306 until his death in 1329.
His body is buried in Dunfermline Abbey, while it is believed his heart was interred in Melrose Abbey.
Bob - a born in Scotland, at least a second generation immigrant - took over from William Wallace and, was a firm believer in Scottish independence.
Wanna be in an independent gang GOSH

1809; Curwen's Act was passed in Britain, to prevent the sale of parliamentary seats, thus decreasing the number of seats which the British government could manipulate for its regular supporters.
Without some plebs supporting unions and the (divided at this moment in time) labour party would it be any different today!
Don't mention the lobby system, revolving doors and the vote for me and I'll set you free pre-election promiseeering.
Wanna be in an undivided pleb gang GOSH

1912 The opening of Peasholm Park in Scarborough, the vision of Harry Smith, Borough Engineer from 1897 - 1933.
Underneath the lake lie the remains of a medieval manor, once owned by the future King Richard III. In 1999 Peasholm was included on the English Heritage Register of Historic Parks and Gardens.
Then as now, Scarborough - and many other non southern coastal resorts have 'seen better days'
The internationality of tourism is one of the main reasons
Turning back time is out of the question; perhaps; just perhaps, global warming will bring about rejuvenation.
Wanna be in a stay at home gang GOSH

1917; The British royal family renounced the German names and titles of Saxe-Coburg, (responding to anti-German sentiment) and became Windsor.
1999; The wedding of Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex ( the fourth, and youngest child of Queen Elizabeth II and The Duke of Edinburgh) and Sophie Rhys-Jones.
The wedding took place at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle - Windsor, get it!
The UK is still a constitutional 'monarchy'!
Wanna be in a we can't afford these hangers-on now Gang GOSH

2012; Isle of Man ( a more lucrative tax haven than the UK ) based Excalibur Almaz announced details of a plan to take people to orbit the moon for the first time since 1972, but budding space-travellers would have to find around £100m first.
Excalibur said it was confident that its recycled Russian equipment would be enough to attract the handful of multi-millionaires it needed to fund and crew its lunar orbit.
A private 'space firm' with offices in Russia and America and financed by an American dissappeared of this planet in 2016.
Private firms have so many links to national space agencies; in this prolonged period of individual endeavour.
Wanna be in a nation state space agencies alone are bad enough gang GOSH

In 2018 Greece founded a private (PLC) space agency - wonder if it came out of the loan repayment conditions!
Greece is an active participant of the European Space Agency.
Wonder how Brexit will affect UK space aspirations!

THURS 20th JUNE 2019

1214; The University of Oxford received its charter.
Oxford is the second-oldest surviving university in the world (Bologna in Italy is the oldest) and the oldest in the English-speaking world.
Intellectually speaking; Oxford existed more than at least a century before - it is reckoned many of the educated fled to Bologna; don't mention the locals, church and monarchy mish mash.
Recently in time; there has been some controversy re. student applications!
If you don't believe that Oxford is part of the establishment; you need some more Ox brains in your credentials.
Wanna be in a non establishment gang GOSH

1497 The consecration of St. Mary's Church, Fairford (Cotswolds), one of the finest 'wool churches' in England
Successful wool merchants lavished money on their parish churches and John Tame, a wealthy wool merchant completely rebuilt the church at his own expense.
Not so long ago; less than 200 metres apart on opposite sides - in the middle of nowhere - of the coastroad to Amble there existed two fine preserved churches.
After A bit of deeper delving; I discovered that they were built by different landowners who employed differing itinerant preachers.
The good Lord sayeth, 'Keep your scythe in good nick; and, I will set you free'.
Wanna be in an agnostic gang GOSH

1949; American tennis player 'Gorgeous' Gussie Moran caused a sensation at the Wimbledon Championships by wearing lace-trimmed pants under a short skirt.
Different sports have differing eras on being in the eye of the public team.
Television has thrown up the novelty culture of inactivity and digitalisation is helping to prolong it.
Wanna be in an even longer term gang GOSH!

1990; British Chancellor John Major proposed a new European currency which would circulate alongside existing national currencies - it never happened.
Not long after; johny boy was on/off record as calling fellow cabinet members, 'bastards'.
Just recently; the referundum over the EU v America has split the nation not just political parties.
Mr. Major is well known for PM in charge of scandal - other brands of politician are available.
He tried to recover using to concept of family values - he certainly got back to basics with Edwina Curry.
Wanna be in a much less cant and hypocrisy gang GOSH

1997; Former Conservative minister Jonathan Aitken (Eton and Oxford) lost his libel action against The Guardian newspaper over allegations that wealthy Arabs paid for him to stay at the Ritz Hotel in Paris while he was a minister.
The sword of truth and shield of honour was actually nicked for perjury - most time was custodial and the rest spent in a cushy prison.
It was more than well known in 'establisment circles' that J.A.was a go-for (any perversion goes) for arabs while they were in the UK
What is not widely known now, is that Mr. Aitken didn't follow through his engagement to margaret thatchers daughter.
On realease and bankruptcy Jonathon Aitken turned to religion and writing.
Wanna be in a bleeding hallelujaz gang GOSH

The corruption over the Greek loans is already been talked about.
How long before us plebs get to know the truth, the whole truth, and, nothing but the truth!

FRI 21st JUNE 2019

1675;The laying of the foundation stone of the new St Paul's Cathedral in London.
The cathedral was designed by Sir Christopher Wren and the site faced that of the church destroyed in the Great Fire of London in 1666.
Plenty of room to manoeuvre then....
One of; if not the one, get out of jail phrases used by those that are worshippers is, 'the good lord works in mysterious ways; ...
Surely it is time that the over-influence of the church and royalty is kicked into touch - not just kicking the can down the road.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1809 The death (aged 39, at Stamford, Lincolnshire) of Daniel Lambert, a jailer and animal breeder from Leicester who was famous for his unusually large size.
By the time he was aged 35 he weighed 50 stone (700 lb / 320 kg) and was the heaviest authenticated person at the time.
He died suddenly and was buried in St Martin's Church graveyard.
Obesity and litter are a sure sign of this elongated period of individuality - lack of social conscience.
Wanna be in my - or soon to be fat daleks - Gang GOSH

1919; German sailors scuttled 72 warships at Scapa Flow in the Orkneys even though Germany had surrendered.
It was the greatest act of self-destruction in modern military history.
Cutting off your nose to spite your face; throwing the baby out with the water - human nature Eh!
Wonder to what extent the above will affect this nation divided over brexit!
Wanna be in my remain and change will come from a globally warmed within gang GOSH

1969; The BBC TV broadcast 'Royal Family' - a documentary going behind the public facade of the British Royal Family.
This was the first time anyone had seen Queen Elizabeth II, her husband the Duke of Edinburgh and their children other than on official engagements.
The real royal family was just recently decribed as 'the most dysfunctional family in Britain'.
Would the BBC give airtime to such a programme today!...
Never ever forget that in a what used to be called a 'Banana Republic' the first aim of the establishment is to gain control of the media.
A lot can happen when good men and women sit back and do nothing - they can't be arsed when well off...
Wanna be in a socialist lets put things right gang GOSH

1982; Diana, Princess of Wales, gave birth to a boy, (Prince William - when you are spun into beig king) sixteen hours after checking in to St Mary's Hospital, in London.
1991; British Gas chairman Robert Evans came under fire for accepting a pay increase of 66%, taking his annual wage to £370,000.
Since then the wage gap between the well off and pleb has reached a ridiculous, unsustainable level
1996;Britain and other members of the EU reached an agreement for the phased lifting of the ban on British beef.
French farmers, however, blockaded two channel ports.
Every organisation has problems - you know it don't come easy.
Wanna be in my let's slow down change a bit gang GOSH

Is Greece more democratic than the UK in an era of pressure due to change.
As the Britsh Empire debilitated; other nation states became more powerful - don't mention the footie.
The fun generated by funny money ( a ruse to stay top dog by the American Empire ) has just begun.

SAT 22nd JUNE 2019

1377; At the age of 10, Richard II became King of England following the death of his grandfather Edward III, the previous day.
'The King is dead; long live the king'.
Without stating the bleeding obvious...
This period of British history has substantiated the fact that the above aphorism is true.
A king/queen is kept in power by the prevailing establishment.
Richard 11 was done in by his cousin Henry 1V - which preceded the war of the roses.
The war of the roses was just gangs of greedy gits scrapping for the spoils of power.
Most of the plebs were paid; by the bye and bye...
Wanna fight for my gang GOSH

1802; Britain's Health and Morals of Apprentices Act limited children to a maximum twelve hour working day; whilst under nines were banned from the mills.
What is surprising is the fact that this act was passed with a tory government in power.
The tories must have been under tremendous pressure from the Whigs; whom, believed in a constitutional monarchy; as opposed to an absolute monarchy.
Will the offspring of the offspring of plebs escape those dark satanic mills - Only to be confined to the existence of a dalek.
There are those amongst us who would be happy with that...
Wanna be in 'what! you don't believe me' a different gang GOSH

1995; John Major resigned as head of Britain's Conservative Party, but said that he would stay on as prime minister while he fought for re-election.
He said he had been under attack for three years and told his critics to 'put up or shut up'.
It has been a while since the phrase 'unprecedented times' has been used in this division it has all been done before.
The division is now nation state wide not just party political wild; and, everyone and his/her dog thinks they know everything/enough about it!
They don't, it is so complicated.
Never mind 'a bridge too far' the cost of leaving is a bite the bullet change too far.
Wana be in a change from within gang GOSH

2012; Torrential downpours brought more flooding to swathes of the country.
Music fans at the Isle of Wight Festival spent the night in their cars after traffic became gridlocked when heavy rain turned the festival site into a mudbath.
The Environment Agency issued around 140 flood warnings throughout Britain.
There are some who still deny global warming...
Flooding is made worse by the lack of maintenance aligned to 'austerity'
Wanna be in a 'time for change is long overdue' gang GOSH

Greece will be hit just as much as us by the predicted rise in sea level; if...
It is all relative in this period of inter nation state tension without global warming.
Let's hope things are settled without war.

SUN 23rd JUNE 2019

Allegedly, it was in a cave not far from Lockerbie that the story of 'Bruce and the spider' originated.
Robert the Bruce supposedly gained inspiration to keep going after watching a spider attempting again and again to make its web.
The revitalised Bruce gained support and ultimately defeated the English army at Bannockburn the following day.
While the legend is strong, the factual basis is weak and inconclusive, as no fewer than 3 other caves claim to have been the location.
'For whats in a name...'
Man/womankind has always made claims - no matter how spurious or tenuous the link - throughout time.
'You can fool some of the people, some of the time; but you can't fool all...' Wanna be in a factual possible gang GOSH

1661; A marriage contract was signed between Charles II of England and Portuguese Catherine of Braganza.
Catherine's dowry secured to England: Tangier, the Seven islands of Bombay, trading privileges and two million Portuguese crowns (about £300,000).
'Marriages of convenience' and other upper/middle class 'ways of life' were passed down to the plebs over twenty years ago, in this prolonged period of capitalism.
The ones with the most money and the lawyers win 99%.
Wanna be in a 'time for change' gang GOSH.

1939; The Government of Eire declared membership of the IRA (Irish Republican Army) to be illegal.
1985; A terrorist bomb aboard Air India flight 182 brought down a Boeing 747 off the coast of Ireland killing all 329 people aboard.
1989; The Home secretary announced that the West Midlands Serious Crime Squad had been disbanded in the wake of allegations of malpractice.
1997; Diana, Princess of Wales apologized for taking her two sons, Princes William and Harry, to see the 15 certificated film The Devil's Own, about an IRA assassin.
One mans/womans rebel is another mans/womans treble.
One mans/womans humour is another another mans/womans tumour.
In all walks of life - not least politics - there is a trade off between passion and professionalism.
Wanna be in a socialist gang GOSH

1994; It was announced that the Royal Yacht Britannia would be sold or scrapped.
Her final voyage was to Hong Kong (1997) before being decommissioned.
She is now based in Edinburgh, as a visitor attraction...
2014; The Queen officially opened the new £2.5bn Terminal 2 building at Heathrow Airport in west London.
She won't be around; but, will the/a royal family be around to open terminal 111 - 'if' it ever gets off the ground
2016 The EU Referendum. The UK voted to leave the European Union.
The Union reached its 28 member countries with the accession of Croatia on 1st July 2013.
Let the game(s) begin
Wanna be in a 'so heres to the future; the fun has just begun' gang GOSH

Why doesn't Greece just pay off the funny money loans using funny money.
'Everyones a winner/loser thats no lie'
Is the nation state of Greece a fully paid up member of the funny money gang!

MON 24th JUNE 2019

1314; Bobbie Bruce defeated Edward II at Bannockburn - with the immense aid of 'highlanders and so completed his expulsion of the English from Scotland, although England did not recognize Scottish independence until 1328 with the signing of the Treaty of Edinburgh - Northampton ( a few mile North of London as opposed the south...
Will brexit be the deciding factor in the nonviolent war for independence!
Wanna be in a remain gang GOSH

1717; The Grand Lodge of the English Freemasons was founded in London.
Masonry became freemasonry some years earlier in scotland.
Freemasonry is an international organisation - the head of UK freemasonry is usually a 'blue blood establishment'; often royalty.
Is it a royal today; or tomorrow! - don't know; it's a secret...
The organistion of freemasonry has links to the military, politics and religion.
All organisations are subjected and adopt to the to's and fro's of the trends of the day.
Is membership of the back scratching free/masons down!
Don't know - never been in that gang NO GOSH

1921; The world's largest airship, the R-38, built in the U.K. for the U.S. Navy, made its maiden flight at Bedford.
Airships were for a time the gattling gun of the arms race...
These big hybrid monsters of the air ( helium instead of hydrogen ) are now being hailed as the future way to trade in a warmed up climate.
Surely it would be better to reduce the distance.
Wanna be in a remain gang GOSH

1974; The Labour Government admitted that Britain had exploded a nuclear device in the United States a few weeks previously.
The announcement sparked a row amongst senior ministers about Britain's involvement in the arms race.
Computerisation is now the vanguard of the arms race.
More and more power in the hands/minds of fewer and fewer people.
I was a squaddie until I paid to get out...
Wanna be in a 'now that I have seen the light' gang GOSH

1986; Hard-line unionist leader the Reverend Ian Paisley warned that Northern Ireland was on the verge of civil war.
1993; Northern Ireland Minister Michael Mates resigned over his links with fugitive tycoon Asil Nadir, Chief Executive Officer of the Polly Peck company.
Was this the unacceptable face(s) of Freemasonry!
You don't want to be in their gang GOSH

Greece has a grand lodge.
Wonder how many of those that arranged the first dodgy loan were freemasons!

TUES 25th JUNE 2019

1533; The death, at the age of 37, of Mary Tudor, the younger sister of King Henry VIII and queen consort of France through her marriage to Louis XII.
She was first buried at the abbey at Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, but her body was moved to nearby St. Mary's Church, Bury St Edmunds, when the abbey was destroyed during the Dissolution of the Monasteries.
Time and technology have changed; has the human race - we still have a cliched heady mix of politics, religion and the pursuit of power.
Wanna be in a less ambitious gang GOSH

1870; The birth of Robert Erskine Childers, Irish author and nationalist who resigned as a clerk in the House of Commons to promote Irish Home Rule.
He was elected as a Sinn Fein member to the Irish assembly and joined the IRA which eventually led to his arrest and execution for being in possession of unauthorized weapons.
There'll always be an Ireland in Englands green and pleasant land...
In the race to remain in power the 'backstop' is being demoted to the back burner.
Ignore the island of Ireland at your peril.
Wanna be in my time for change gang GOSH

1900; Lord Louis Mountbatten of Burma was born.
He was Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Navy in South East Asia during the Second World War, and later Viceroy of India during the transfer of power from Britain to India.
Mountbatten was assassinated in 1979 by the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA), who planted a bomb in his fishing boat, the Shadow V, at Mullaghmore, County Sligo, in the Republic of Ireland.
When the cat's away the mice will play is a really true saying.
Wanna be in a true gang GOSH

1912; The Prime Minister, Herbert Asquith was bitterly attacked in the Commons for the 'torture' of force-feeding suffragettes in prison.
1953;John Christie was sentenced to hang for murdering his wife and then hiding her body under the floorboards of their Notting Hill home in London.
Christie, 54, had admitted murder but pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.
It took the jury an hour and 22 minutes to reject his defence and declare him guilty.
More than a century later women - despite feminism being on the front foot in the war of the sexes - have still not acheived equality
Women will never pass go as long as they are not big enough to chin man physically - they are subtly losing the war of words.
Some (a few) women are big enough already.
The war of the sexes is no different to race and religion - it won't stop with eqaulity.
Wanna be in a neutral gang GOSH!

2001; Race violence erupted in Burnley, Lancashire.
White and Asian youths were involved in a series of overnight attacks on pubs, shops and restaurants.
Many vehicles were also damaged or destroyed.
In the pursuit of power racism is still 'alive and well' today on all sides of the war.
Wanna be in a non racist gang GOSH

2014; Royal aides said that the refurbishment of the Kensington Palace apartment for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, a renovation boosted by £4.5m of taxpayers' money, had made the space neither 'lavish' nor 'opulent', but just like 'an ordinary family home'.
Wonder how much of taxpayers has been spent on the marital residence of the second in line to the throne.
Do you really want to be in a we make the rules of austerity gang GOSH

2014; Britain's best-known payday lender, 'Wonga' ( head honcho is a white S. African), was ordered to pay more than £2.6m compensation after it was found to have sent threatening letters to customers from non-existent law firms.
Pre election promiseering has been going on longer than one thinks by the trying to be less nasty party.
The cant and hypocrisy is blindingly obvious
Wanna be in a 'now that I have seen the light' gang GOSH

Greece is a less developed member of the EU - hence; less multi-culturism.
How much change will mass immigration bring about.
The centre right in Greece has made a minor electoral come-back - probably on an anti-immigration platform.

WED 26th JUNE 2019

1483; Richard, Duke of Gloucester, began to rule England as Richard III, having deposed his nephew, Edward V. Edward and his brother, Richard, Duke of York, were soon afterwards murdered in the Tower of London.
In the more turbulent years of war with the French there was great competition for the 'throne' of England (which more or less - more more than less - included the riches of the UK and most of France).
Is there competition for the spoils of today - in the days when the Empire has long gone; internal competition has increased without mass death and destruction; So far...
Wanna be in a democratic gang GOSH

1939; Britain's first National Serviceman, Private Rupert Alexander, signed up for the Middlesex Regiment.
His service number was 10000001.
The second (the first world war was the first) period of national service ended in 1960
There is a clammering of opinion to bring back conscription - to give the nation more discipline; they say...
Will it ever happen soon - just another example of the rich establishment making 'tough' decisions on behalf of the poor...
Wanna be in a less rich gang GOSH

1945; Delegates from nations around the world signed the United Nations Charter, designed to help ensure future world peace.
The first meeting of the U.N. General Assembly occurred in London early the following year.
The belligerent hawks of all nation states of the world must be laughing on the way to the bank, at the UN.
One of the founding aims of the EU (then the EEC) was to prevent another war in Europe.
Perhaps, just perhaps; if the EU had remained a trading block and resisted strongly the hawkish demand of an European army; 'defence force'; Brexit would not have happened.
The future is not ours to see - if anyone tells you different; they are not in my gang GOSH

1986; Entrepreneur Richard Branson set off on his second attempt to claim the transatlantic powerboat record for Britain.
He smashed the previous record by two hours but was denied the Blue Riband by the trustees of the award because he had broken two rules of the competition; he had stopped to refuel and his vessel did not have a commercial maritime purpose.
Dickie is the man of the people who rents out an island and sued the NHS when he lost a privatised contract.
Waqnna be in a 'Ive never been a spinner; I've never spun' gang GOSH

1991; After campaigning to prove their innocence for 15 years, the 'Maguire Seven' were cleared by the Court of Appeal of running an IRA bomb factory in England.
Mass hysteria affects justice aswell.
Wanna be in a 'no man is perfect; but, some are more perfect than others' gang GOSH

2014; David Greaves, 43, who took two cash tills and three plasma televisions from The Railway pub in Accrington, Lancashire, lost his stolen goods when two other opportunistic thieves took them as he went back to steal more.
Greaves was sentenced to nine months in prison, suspended for 12 months. There are those that argue; supended sentences are a joke - justice must be seen to be done.
Capital punishment does not act as a deterent to killing - ask those on death row!
Politicians got rid of the death penalty; despite the will of the ordinary people.
Politician have kicked more than a 'can' down the road since the referendum.
Wanna be in an alliance of the future and not the sovereign past GOSH

Greek citizens and other nation states of the world only want the same privileges and perceived standard of living as you and me...
Who am I to disagree - but some do!

THURS 27th JUNE 2019

1450; Irish born Jack Cade led a 40,000 strong demonstration march from Kent to London to protest against laws introduced by King Henry VI of England.
Cade was later beheaded for treason.
1497; Cornish rebels Michael An Gof and Thomas Flamank were executed at Tyburn, London.
The rebels had marched on London to protest at King Henry VII levying a tax to pay for an invasion of Scotland as they believed that this was a northern affair and had nothing to do with them.
Is life any different today; except the value of life is still (as yet) marginally better than in them sad bad old days
Wanna be in a time for good change gang GOSH

1899; Indian born English cricketer Arthur Edward Jeune Collins, aged 13 and often known by his initials A. E. J. Collins, achieved the highest-ever recorded score in cricket.
He scored 628 not out over four afternoons but, despite this achievement, Collins never played first-class cricket.
He was killed in action in 1914 during the First Battle of Ypres.
A tragic representation of the cost of immigration; then.
The grapes of the BE. have long since withered on the vine - with global warming will English wine become cheaper!
The India premier league is now the most lucrative in the world - at one time every mining town/area in Britain had a well kept cricket pitch/club.
As society takes two forward and one back...
What kind of gang GOSH

1957; A report by the Medical Research Council found the link between smoking and lung cancer was one of 'direct cause and effect'.
Smoking (whatever) is a young persons game...
I used to smoke; I stopped on my 50th birthday 21 years ago - when going through the withdrawal phase I said, - More than once - 'if I had 6 month to live; I would start smoking again'
I wouldn't not long after, and now.
The experts - as opposed to pundits - (who) reckon it takes 10 year for the effects of smoking to get out of the system.
It must be an economy under pressure the spews out the growth of vaping amongst many ages.
Vaping - recently given the OK by the experts - starts many/some onto the 'tabs'
Wana be in a smoke/vape free environment gang GOSH

1967; Barclays Bank (Enfield branch) opened Britain's first cash dispenser.
In less than two 'new' generations; 'they' -the greedy gits - are trying to do away with cash altogether.
In this age of digitalised 'individual endeavour'; slow down we're going too fast.
Don't mention bitcoin...
Wanna be in my 'time doesn't pass quicker; we just get slower' gang GOSH

2012; 'The Belfast Handshake', the first historic encounter between the Queen and the former IRA commander, Sinn Féin's Martin McGuinness, who went on to become Northern Ireland's deputy first minister.
(Prince Philip's uncle, Lord Mountbatten, the Queen's second cousin, was assassinated by the IRA who blew up his fishing boat in County Sligo in 1979.
The things some people do for the love of money; EH!
Don't mention the 'backstop' being relegated to 'trivial' in the for the good of the nation tory tussle for leadership/unelected PM.
Do you really want to be in a greedy git gang GOSH

2014; The mummified body of Anne Leitrim, who was in her 70s, was discovered in her flat in Bournemouth, where she had lain undiscovered for six years.
Her remains were finally found when bailiffs visited the property to collect unpaid debts.
Two forward and how many back!
Wanna be in a love life(people) not money gang GOSH

Greece has just signed a fossil fuel deal with Israel - at the same time the EU is starting a renewable energy campaign.
The games people play EH!
Life is still a gas GOSH

FRI 28th JUNE 2019

1491; The birth of Henry VIII, King of England and second son of Henry VII.
He married six times, beheaded two wives, broke away from the Catholic church to form the Church of England, executed Catholics who failed to recognize the church and executed Protestants who complained that he should execute more Catholics!
Yet he still managed to remain a popular king.
He and his gang had the ruthless streak and knew how to play all the cards.
In the era of the internet; can it still happen!
Wanna be in a knowledge is power gang GOSH

1829; The first policeman to be murdered in Britain was Constable Joseph Grantham in Somers Town; London.
. He went to the aid of a woman involved in a fight between drunken men and when he fell, all three proceeded to kick him to death.
Drunken violence and gangs go together like love and marriage...
Very, Very few - drunken or not - footie club supporters act as individuals.
Wanna be in a gang GOSH

1914;Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife Sophie were killed by a Bosnian Serb nationalist during an official visit to the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo.
The killings sparked a chain of events that led to the outbreak of World War I.
Wars are like inflation - as soon as the next generation forgets!
Electronic funny money is a disguised form of inflation...
An attempt to stay ahead by the western world in the race for wealth - which has merely resulted in inequality.
No one stays 'top dog' for ever
Which gang GOSH!
When we sent a 'Peace Envoy' to the last of the 'troubled' times - another battle in the war of the struuggle for wealth - Balkans; the rest of the world must have thought, 'them Brits are really extracting the urine now'.

1991; Margaret Thatcher announced that she was to retire from the House of Commons at the next general election.
The former prime minister, who held her Finchley seat for more than thirty years, said she intended to remain in politics and wanted to go to the House of Lords .... and she did!
New labour took over from a divided tory party - let the spin really begin.
M.Tharcher actually said that her greatest achievment was; Tony Bliar
New labour actually helped rather than hindered the achievment of the present inequality.
What percentage of the present establishment sponsered Labour Political Party division is sitting career politicians as opposed to establishment 'lords'
Wanna be in a trade off between passion and politics gang GOSH

2014; The death of Eric Whalley, aged 74, former player, manager, chairman and 'saviour' of Accrington Stanley, who guided the club back to the Football League.
Accrington Stanley folded in 1963, reformed in 1968 and returned to the Football League in 2006 after Whalley took over running the club in 1995.
'Time goes by so slowly' oh no it doesn't.
The clock is ticking for everyone and everything - some people and organistions can't hear it...
Wanna be in a short term time capsule Gang GOSH

Greece - like most of the Member nation states off the EU - is a divided nation.
The UK with its ever so strange bedfellows indeed is divided over the EU and America - America is the - as yet - timeless, short term opportunistic home of capitalism.

SAT 29th JUNE 2019

1620; After denouncing smoking as a health hazard, King James I of England banned the growing of tobacco in Britain.
As the planet takes two forward and one back; it has all been done before.
It is more efficient to grow tobacco in a warm climate; some people will take a chance on global warming...
Wanna be in an everybody is after your money gang GOSH

1801; Britain held its first population census - producing a population figure of 8,800,000.
In 2018 the last 'estimate' - despite the increase of all science - was the figure of just over 66 million people in the UK
Giving rise to the 'there's' too many people gang and resurgence of the far right.
Wanna be in a 'theres not enough love to go round' gang GOSH

1855; Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper was first published, a result of the publisher's anger over the Crimean War and a desire to express it.
1871; The Trade Union Act was passed, giving trade unions legal status for the first time.
The shape of things to come - no pun intended...
Wanna be in a everybody - socialism is on the back foot - should have a hobby gang GOSH

1905; The Automobile Association was set up by motorists angered by police harassment and to warn drivers of speed traps.
The AA is now owned by an international consortium of private equity - everybody is after your money.
Wanna be in a time for change from within gang GOSH

1995; Lisa Clayton, from Birmingham, became the first British woman to sail solo around the world from the northern hemisphere. Her voyage, in a 39 ft sloop, Spirit of Birmingham, took 285 days.
2001;The government announced that a memorial fountain in honour of Diana, Princess of Wales, was to be built in London's Hyde Park.
2010; The England football team returned home after being knocked out of the second round of the World Cup by Germany.
England ultimately lost 4-1, suffering their worst defeat to date in a World Cup finals match.
In 2014 England were eliminated at the group stage of the Fifa World Cup for the first time since 1958, with just two goals scored.
It was their worst goal tally since 1950 and the worst World Cup showing in the history of the national team.
A rise in international capitalism has seen a similar decline in the national status of the UK.
Has one noticed the direct relationship between, 'banging on about a subject/discipline and earning a living!
With the stronger sex on the back foot in the vast majority of diciplines; will the weaker sex take full advantage!
Wanna be in a what's new gang GOSH

We are just about all the same now as the world gets smaller and destroys itself - Greek plebs have exacty the same problems as the rest of nation states - no matter what flavour the current alliance of time...

SUN 30th JUNE 2019

1643; The Battle of Adwalton Moor (also called Atherton Moor not far from Bradford) in the English Civil War.
The Royalists, under the Earl of Newcastle, defeated the Parliamentarians.
Both sides of the three wars were made up of a mix of combatants - some paid to fight, some forced, and some to preseve the status quo.
It is accepted that religion played a large part of the division at the time...
Foreigners - mostly paid - were attracted in large numbers...
Then as now; the main reason for division - I reckon - was individual preservation of the status quo.
Wanna be in a Gang GOSH

1837; Punishment by pillory was finally abolished in Britain.
Some in any nation state would gladly welcome its return
Do you really want to be in that gang GOSH

1894; London's Tower Bridge was officially opened to traffic by the Prince of Wales.
After the ceremony the bascules - balanced moving road part - were raised to allow a flotilla of ships and boats to sail down the Thames.
Most low level bridges are constructed to allow the passage of ships.
Charlie has as much chance of being king as the return of the shipping trade to the rivers of the UK
Wanna be in a some dreams are never realised gang GOSH

1954; A total eclipse of the sun spread from America, through Europe and on to Asia.
A dark shadow moves across the earth...
Will the next total eclipse be seen first by the nation states of the EU or Asia! Wanna be in a nobody stays top dog for ever gang GOSH

1956; ‘I’m Walking Backwards For Christmas’, written and performed by arch-Goon Spike Milligan, entered the British singles chart - reached no.4 - ..... six months after Christmas.
The talented man - who said it as he seen it - who had 'I told you I was ill' inscribed on his headstone died an Irish citizen - despite wanting to be English.
Wanna be in a times they are changing gang GOSH

1969; In preparation for his investiture as Prince of Wales the following day in Caernarfon, Prince Charles spent the night - just the one - at Ruthin Castle - now a hotel.
It is alleged that 'the man who would be king' was a friend of Mr. Milligan.
Wanna be in an establishment gang GOSH

1997; Britain handed Hong Kong back to China at midnight, when the 99 year lease expired.
After the recent media reported activity; its all gone quiet over there.
Or has it!
There is strength in numbers; in people as well as in currencies.
The hybrid economy of china now owns most of the USofA debt.
How can the USofA realistically enter into a trade war with china; without reneging on the debt.
As power moves eastwards China is playing the long term game.
The home of capitalism is playing a short term game.
What kind of gang are you in GOSH

1998; Violence erupted at the inquiry into the 1993 murder of the 18 year old, black teenager Stephen Lawrence when the five suspects left the courtroom.
It was suggested that the murder was racially motivated and that the handling of the case by the police and Crown Prosecution Service was affected by issues of race.
The report of the enquiry labelled the Met Police as institutionally racist...
Once again racism - in any form - is being brought to the front burner.
Wanna be in a 'when will we ever learn...'gang GOSH

Is Greece less racist than the UK! Cut them deep and it has its share.

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