SUN 23rd JULY 2017

 Wimbledom  Where's the Cream


On This Day 23rd July
1901; Tennis player Tim Henman's great-grandmother (Ellen Stawell Brown) became the first woman to serve overarm at the All England Tennis Club.
Tim (who) Henman learnt his trade on the private court of the family home owned by his uncle and; daddies own grass court
Timothy; best place ever, semi-finalist made more than a few bob out of being the England no 1, for a few years.
Forward, forward; back and slash...
We're in the big time...
You empty the gash GOSH

Tennis was a bit hard pressed for talent; this year, at wimbledon.
Bring back the retired and semi-retired, politically accepted old boys and girls; but, not the drug cheats.
One can make a canny living by just turning up...
John - you cannot be serious - McEnroe was paid £200 grand for a fortnights comm(o)ntating by the BBC.
Inequality brings out two meanings of the word graft GOSH

Sport - all sport; including the pastime wanna-bee's - is now as international an industry as commerce/banking/making a buck.
Plastic - or amost any other nation state - Brits are most welcome - you fill my wallet; and, I'll fill yours.
It seems that; very few of those raking it in, are aware ( or choose to be oblivious ) of the inequality of income of the nation state economies of today.
Don't mention the footie.
How long can they cream it off the top - the investors, the 'interested' and the gifted GOSH

Greece is not known as a nation state that 'supports' sport to help the balance of payments.
Tourism will take generations to pay - if they agree to pay - off the loans.
Time to get back to basics... As John - ex circus boy - Major, said when inequality was well into taking off.
Wonder what happened to him!

MON 24th JULY 2017

 The window tax  BuckingHam Palace Windows


On This Day 24th July
1851;The window tax in Britain was abolished.
The window tax was introduced in 1696, - to counteract coin clipping - instead of the very unpopular idea of income tax.
Houses of all sizes were built with bricked up windows.
The king is in the counting house; counting out his groats GOSH

Throughout history; all, and any, types of taxation have been tried - taxing times Eh!
Nowadays; tax has had more changes than education.
How much tax one pays is now is opaquely viewed through the greed goggles NO GOSH

The Uk is now going through a period of a culture where it's deemed fair game to pay as little tax as possible.
Anything they don't tax; we can tax lesser
We can tax anything lesser than you...
It's formed a huge rift; the tax free gift. GOSH

Not paying tax at all levels of society has brought about inequality and a polarisation of political opinion.
Inequality becomes a too heavy burden when the rich take too many tough decisions on behalf of the poor...
The saxe-cobergs are in the counting house...
Sorry! The windsors are in the wendy - funny money - house; eating brotchen and honey.
The fire guard for plebs is long gone; in an economy under pressure; is it time for the 'royal' guard to go GOSH

Private banks are making the market decisions that affect the Greek loans and economy.
Time for change - money and politics.

TUES 25th JULY 2017

 The canal  PLacate The Pleb MAP


On This Day 25th July
1795; The first stone of the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct was laid.
The aqueduct carries the Llangollen Canal over the valley of the River Dee in Wrexham in north east Wales. It is a Grade I Listed Building, a World Heritage Site and is the longest and highest aqueduct in Britain.
Well worth - scared of heights or not - going GOSH.

Uk canals were built as the infrastructure to/for the industrial revolution - don't give the Romans an early mention.
The smaller ones were soon seen off by the railways - the vast majority of canals were owned by the Railway companies.
In less than two centuries - how many generations? - they were built for profit and gone GOSH.

1814; The chief engineer at the Killingworth colliery, George Stephenson, unveiled Blücher - named after a prussian general; cos it was fast moving!
This steam powered locomotive that could haul eight carriages loaded with 30 tons of coal at a speed of 4 mph.
The railways were built/innovated to move coal in the North east of England; during the Industrial revolution.
Coal is still abundant underground in The UK - the movement of UK underground coal is long gone. NO GOSH

Georgie boys 'Rocket' won the rainhill trials and it became the hauler of the Liverpool to Manchester passenger railway.
Mr. - now - Stephenson, was one of the brains behind the building of the track.
Similar problems were encountered in constuction of the L to Mr railway as that of the HS2 - to be or not to be - don't mention the landowners.
The owners of trains; not the drivers and staff; wear the greed goggles NO GOSH

The majority of the UK train sets are owned by bolding companies controlled by foreign - mostly European - governments - rules for the 'rich' are made to be broken.
Who will end up - it stops in the midlands; not the North backwater - owning HS2!
Don't mention energy - lifes a don't let them know gas gosh

GREECE Will Greece remain in the EU and become over the top owned by foreigners!
Scotland is owned by foreigners and is desperately divided to remain in the EU trading block.
The SNP is more than ready to start land ownership 'reform'.
Devolution isn't 'only' about oil and allegiance to England - don't complicate things now...

WED 26th JULY 2017

 Womens Cricket  The Bonds Will Save Us


On This Day 26th July
1745; The first recorded women's cricket match was played near Guildford, Surrey, between teams from Hambledon and Bramley.
Don't think they were pit villages...
Wonder if the the silly mid-on wasn't a fish filleter from Farnham... Let's hear it from the Girls GOSH

Remember when the UK baddies - many stole to eat - were shipped off to the penal colonies.
Two generations later they were back over here beating us at almost everything - especially cricket.
In those days the girls didn't get much of a game GOSH

In Life women are smaller and less powerful per pound than men.
A good bigun always beats a good little'n.
In sport; women will never beat men until they are bigger and stronger.
Even with women in charge 'selectively'; there's still along way to go girl.NO GOSH

UK/Brit sport was in national decline until a generation ago.
In the days of this economy under pressure - the times they are achanging.
A generation ago sport survived relatively alone.
Now the the middle income class and above have taken over everthing from comedy to kayaking -don't forget the curtseying...
The establishment has seen fit to throw money at everything physical except footie.
Oh! I forgot; how many premiership clubs did the establishment of any colour defer the payment of tax.
In the safety of the tax haven; what's good for for goose is good for the - don't have too close a gander GOSH
Time to give someone else a go GOSH

The Greeks have reached a deal on the loans deal - don't mention the germans.
They say that Greek national bonds are back on the market...
Fancy a punt!
The Greek government is coalition propped up by a small group of breakaway right wingers that don't even call themselves liberals.
Greek politics is as polarised as any other nation state in the western world - the planet probably; to a large extent.
The unions - the plebs are not happy...
Watch this space...

THURS 27th JULY 2017

 The Grexit Gang  The Leader

On This Day 27th July
1586; Sir Walter Raleigh brought the first tobacco to England, from Virginia.
Wally was known for puffing and puddles - he certainly knew where to put his tongue for a bung.
From proddy landlord under betty1 to catholic greedy git via spy under Jimmy1.
An opportunist who lost his head; for the love of dosh GOSH

1663; The English Parliament passed the Second Navigation Act requiring that all goods bound for the American colonies had to be sent in English ships from English ports.
Before Grexit the EU knocked back a trading deal with pre Trump America. TTIP; the trans atlantic trade and investment partnership; took {legal) power from democracy and gave it to corporations.
If! any pleb leaver trusts foxy and the gang - don't mention the other two say anything to anybody modern day raleighs...
Greedy geek and seedy beak - yes doris and boris They need another another plane to the exit plan - gadzooks GOSH
1694; The Bank of England was founded by act of Parliament.
The bank was owned by the 'stockholders' until it was nationalised in 1946.
The last three governers of the bank done - roughly/exactly as trading goes - ten years each.
The present gov. 2013 - is a canadian who used to be a boss in the Goldman Sachs money mob.
A multi-national global gob GOSH

The head greedy gits at Goldmans made eough to retire at forty years of age and were shunted into the highest levels of the American government establishment. The yank central bank is private; according to the latest legal judgement.
For the sake of the plebs - don't mention trump - the bank pretends to be run by the government GOSH.

The present GOV of the BofE; Mr Mark Carney was appointed by one - now gone - Gerge Osborne
Yes the chum of dodgy dave - remember him.
The present UK establishment is still just a mutual merry-go-round of money manipulation.
Most of whom have the brown trousers on at the thought of real change.
Time for change - we are all agog GOSH

Footnote - no pun intended.
I once rang up the BofE; just after a Gordon Brown became Chancelor - remember him; no giggling GOSH

I went through three levels of management - wonder if they have a PR gang now...
At each level the patter was the same, 'which media/paper? Where did you get this number?'
The number was printed on the annual BofE pink paper which used to be issued to any library that wanted one.
Where have all the libraries - keep in/on line now - gone GOSH

It is not just the establishment forces that have a policy of, keep em too busy to be inquisitive.
There used to be a saying, 'there's a generals baton in every squaddies knapsack'.
Wanna really be in my gang GOSH

The Greek economy solution is a strange, yet to be tested, mix of politics and money (greed). The union plebs are far from happy...

FRI 28th JULY 2017

 Pot Chips  A computer Chip

On This Day 28th July
1586; Thomas Harriot was credited with bringing the first potato to Britain, ahead of Sir Walter Raleigh.
Tommy was one of the educated members of Mr. - Head over Heels - Raleighs gang.
Tom was a bit more than the definition of a drummer - some one who hangs around musicians - he was a greedy git, almost in his own right.
He was an investment of the aristocracy - sorry! funded by the greedy gits.

Wonder who will fetch to the green and pleasant land; the first chlorinated chicken/mucked about too much with food, from America!
Probably some foxy fellow of a porkying politician; discretely backed by some greedy guys NO GOSH

1858;Fingerprints were first used as a means of identification by William Herschel, who later started up a fingerprint register.
Don't mention DNA - yankie lawmen - at all levels - don't believe in DNA evidence cos they are trained to bring people to justice
Shall we hang him or just give him/her a good grilling GOSH

Any way! fingerprints, faces, and your iris are now available as a security for smart phones.
Use a password aswell - everyone; not just those connected to systems with something worth nicking - is now being advised.
Offline computers are now the tool against hacking - cyber wars are now that bad.
One doesn't need a monitor to spot the irony - give that guy/gal a gong GOSH

Technology is no different to any other way of making money ; they will invent digital dosh next! - except; in the wrong hands it exponentially expands inequality.
Inequality is increasing faster than innovation; he wisely guessed.
Is technology in the wrong hands - have a cross my palm with siver/gold Guess GOSH

2008;A huge fire destroyed the historic Grand Pier at Weston-super-Mare.
It first opened in 1904 and suffered fire damage in 1930 that led to its closure for 3 years.
Following the 2008 fire, which completely destroyed the pavilion, the pier was rebuilt at a cost of £39 million and reopened on 23rd October 2010.
A fire is like fat - it's a lot easier ( and less costly ) keeping it off; than getting it off.
Many fires are caused by greed No GOSH

Non profit deposits in Greek banks increased in june - it is alledged.
How much does a greek pleb keep under the concrete floorboards.
Faith hope and charity in the banks; just before a loan deal and bond issue.
Does one think someone is taking it!

SAT 29th JULY 2017

 Wiberforce House in Hull  Empty Posh Pads

On This Day 29th July
1833; William Wilberforce died today, English campaigner for the abolition of the slave trade in the British Empire.
He died a month before the Slavery Abolition Act was passed.
The Wilberforce Monument is in Kingston upon Hull. His birthplace is now a museum.
A rich independent conservative leaning philanthropist that strongly believed in the international power of a protestant GOD GOSH

Wonder what political persuasion he would be today! An 'independent' member of the house of Lords.
You know! that house where many turn up for the company and exies; not the house of the good lord GOD GOSH

1913; Jo Grimond, British politician and Liberal party leader was born today.
1938; Dennis the Menace first appeared in the 'Beano' comic - it's still going today.
A comic full of jokes and a party full of jokers - who said that! It was me; can't you rip roaringly read!
Wonder what rhymes with read - Ah! yes; seed and greed GOSH

1981;The Prince of Wales married Lady Diana Spencer at London's St Paul's Cathedral.
Over 700 million viewers around the world watched it live - they reckon!
Early rumours that the marriage was in trouble were more than heirsay...
Ask the present - pun intended - wife; do dysfunctional families on benefits grate GOSH

1993; Charges were dropped against two youths accused of murdering black teenager Stephen Lawrence.
To cut a long story shorter than a black youths life.
An 'enquiry' found the British Police Force was 'Instituitionally Racist'.
As western economies - us and the US - strain under ever increasing pressure and political polarisation...
'anybody moves and the black person (nigger) gets it' - No JOSH GOSH

2010; A luxury car valued at £1.2m was clamped outside Harrods in central London after being illegally parked.
The Koenigsegg CCXR (one of only six ever made) was released for £70 as the parking fine was paid within 14 days.
The rich are getting richer selling off - anyway they can - the posh bits of the UK.
Time for change - inequality will soon be long gone NO GOSH

Huge chunks of the Greek economy are about to be cherry picked - don't mention Our NHS...
If! the rich get their greedy way.
Time for international change.

SUN 30th JULY 2017

 The Persecuted Quakers  HS2

On This Day 30th July

1718; William Penn, English Quaker leader and founder of the American colony of Pennsylvania died.
Bills dad was a navy admiral with land in Ireland; Bill Pen knocked catholic heads together for his dad...
Charlie two didn't like quakers; nor did the puritans of the Ollie cromwell gang
The Quakers ended up in America - dont mention the quakers that were german NO JOSH GOSH

What has America got in common with Israel - apart from the film industry!
The persecuted have become the persecutors.
Wanna be in my gang!GOSH

1900; London Underground's Central Line was opened by the Prince of Wales, with a two pence (tuppence) fare for all destinations. The prince of wales ( ted V11 ) was the son of Queen Vic and Albert - the saxe-coburg gang that had relations all over Europe.
Ted V11 was only king from 1901 to 1910 - he started off the PR of public appearances.
He wanted to stay in the royal greedy git gang

The Cheap Trains Act 1883; A penny or less per mile, exempted the railway companies from tax; was passed to help people get to work outside of the overcrowded cities.
Wonder how much a season ticket commute into the overcrowded cities is in 2017.
HS2 is good for you - Gangway gangway GOSH

The Greek railways are an independent state controlled set up.
Bet you a Japanese bullet to a UK rocket that the greedy gits will be after railways under the loan deal conditions.

MON 31st JULY 2017

 Daniel Defoe in The Stocks  EU pay for migrants to return

On This Day 31st July

1703; English novelist Daniel Defoe was made to stand in the pillory, as punishment for offending the government and church with his satire, 'The Shortest Way With Dissenters'.
The plebs and lower echelon establishment pelted him with flowers instead of the customary harmful and noxious objects and drank to his health.
Bet the nobs and esses were mad enough to crush a grape GOSH

The essence of satire is that not everyone gets it.
The rationale of the electoral results of today are obfuscated by those that have it.
It's not that they don't get - they don't want to get GOSH

1917; The start of the Battle of Passchendaele (the third Battle of Ypres - World War I) as the British attacked the German lines.
The battle lasted until 10th November 2017.
Killing - like not paying tax - became the culture...
It is reckoned that there were 260,00 casualties on each side - No names; no pack drill
Lloyd George called it one of the greatest disasters of the war - "No soldier of any intelligence now defends this senseless campaign."
There they were; gone GOSH

Wars come about when the next generation forgets.
It's still OK to have an inbetween series of away games GOSH

1950; The first self-service store in Britain, (Sainsbury's) opened in Croydon. The baptist church could be building a 17 storey block of flats; 18% affordable - sorry apartments - in Croydon.
Wonder if they have factored in the cost of concrete fire safety plans.
A 22 storey converted tower; for renting has a planning application in...
UK supermarket history reflects the 'economic' changes in recent global business practice.
If you have the time - have a gander GOSH.

A book by the sacked socialist Greek Chancellor is to reveal the texts, re. a temporay Grexit; between him and the supposedly socialist Prime Minister.
The Greek Migration Minister fears that the proposed cuts will seriously affect his department.