JULY 16th 2018

On this day

1439; Kissing was banned by henry V1 in England because of the Plague.
The bubonic plague or black death is still around today in less advanced parts of the planet.
A highly infectious disease which attacks the immune system...
It couldn't return to the green/now white and pleasant land of the UK! Could it!
Good God GOSH.

1945; The leaders of the three Allied nations (Winston Churchill, Harry S Truman and Josef Stalin) gathered in the German city of Potsdam to decide the future of a defeated Germany.
Today in 2018 the leader -some/many say morally bankrupt - of the western world is traveling most of the planet in an attempt to rescue the American economy.
Are you aware of the size of USofA debt!
America owes the Chinese economically emergent nation state quite a few renminbi/yuan.
Most of the debt is owned by the American government - they electronically printed/created it; they called it by the new name of Quantitative Easing and, gave it to the bankers and chums - the greedy gits NO GOSH GOSH

Since the banking crash; debt ( personal; as in pass it to the plebs ) throughout the world has almost doubled.
All nation states on this planet have a certain amount of debt - apart from those that do not operate with a modern banking system.
The western developed world is living on/trying to stay ahead of the game with debt.
Even the Germans have debt - they also have a massive manufacturing industry fueled by a regional banking system.
Quantitative Easing (life; as we know it for most; goes on) was carried out in America by a democratic president - don't mention the UK economy with the off the books PFI (a conservative innovation that off-springed from deregulation) and officailly condoned tax dodging
The election of a decidedly dodgy republican president is the last throw of the deluded dice.
Has the land of the free and brave (no pun intended) got one foot on the grave GOSH

The Russian economy; after ditching communism; and its Empire was; in the doldrums until it discovered the natural resource of Oil. Will the oligarchs of oil and other privatised industry hasten the coming of the use of non fossil fuels in the developed parts of the planet.
The haves will desperately cling/hang on to what they got...GOSH

At this moment in history; oil and derivatives are fuelling modern economies.
The use and security of use of oil are the elephant in the room of the wars of today.
Trump has just been banging on about the pipeline from Russia to Germany.
The war in Afghanistan was due to end with the laying of an undersea pipeline from Russia to the UK.
(Scotland - it was closer and cheaper)
A pipeline constructed by massive machinery made in Germany.
One wonders why politicians are economical with the truth.
'Listen do you want to know a secret'
Play the - how many people are already playing - game GOSH

2001; Prime Minister Tony Blair acknowledged that public services could not be transformed totally within the coming Parliament.
Will whatever (organisation) writes the history; have him known as,'Phony Tony Bliar' Play the goddamn game GOSH

Time for the Greek plebs to stop playing the game.
The Trump gang are saying that Trump is playing/speaking the honest game.
No giggling now - or ever!!!

JULY 18th 2018

On this day

1872; Britain introduced the concept of voting by secret ballot.
The secret ballot is the same as the minimum wage.( 1989 - prior; there was a system of wage control)
Does a nation of corrupt belligerency, need them!
Wanna be in my gung ho gang GOSH!

1901; The water supply was turned off in Manchester as a heat wave hit the U.K. with the temperature reaching 35 degrees Centigrade.
Will the impending hose pipe ban in the N. West of England be implemented on the 5th of AUG.
The irony is that after privatisation in 1998; United Utilities was a Brit outfit and, was listed on the LSE.
Do you (does one) think that after privatistion; the share dividend doubled; or not! United Utililities is now part of the U.U. group PLC.
The group took on a massive loan from the EU bank; has its fingers in more pies than tom thumb and, is listed on the American stock exchange.
Do you know whether your water and waste is coming or going GOSH

Kielder Water was constructed before privatisation; as part of the national infrastucture to supply water to the heavy industry of the north of England.
It is now owned by the Northumbria Water group which is owned/operated by a Hong Kong multi-national registered in the Cayman Islands.
Where has all the water - and almost everything else since deregulation - Gone GOSH

1920; The unveiling of the Cenotaph War memorial in Whitehall, London to commemorate the war dead. It was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens and takes its name from the Greek words kenos and taphos meaning empty tomb.
How many war graves are occupied by dead women!
Women can now officially die for their nation state, and soon, trading bloc by any other name.
In conflicts to come! will women just be gender benderingly cremated.
Here have all the people of any age and sex gone! GOSH

1975; Former British MP John Stonehouse was flown back from Australia to face charges relating to his attempt to falsify his own death.
He was sentenced to seven years for fraud - he was out after two; good behaviour and heart attacks.
He was captured in OZ - not long before, plebs were sent to OZ for life; for nicking a loaf of bread.
Is there one law for the rich and another for the poor!
Isn't the return of inequality Great GOSH

How long will the British pleb adapt and adopt, to austerity.
Roughly the same as a Greek pleb!

JULY 19th 2018

On this day

1545; The Mary Rose, the pride of Henry VIII's battle fleet, sank in the Solent with the loss of 700 lives.
The ship was raised on 11th October 1982 to be taken to Portsmouth Dockyard where she is undergoing conservation in the Mary Rose Hall - next to the 'victory'.
The navy used to be top dog - it isn't now.
Tell that to the marines!
The 'navy' used to make more for the nation than the Gravy GOSH

Will there always be an England!
This island of ours is becoming smaller - not because of immigration or political inclination.
Sea levels are rising cos of Global Warming.
How big is your carbon footprint!
You and your offspring don't give a tom tit; cos you're one hell of a greedy git GOSH

1919; Following Peace Day celebrations marking the end of World War I, ex-servicemen, unhappy with unemployment and other grievances, rioted and burned down Luton Town Hall.
During the riot, 'people' broke into Farmers Music Shop and dragged pianos into the streets for dancing and singing, including, ironically 'Keep the home fires burning'.
The mayor at the time, Henry Impey,(who) was smuggled out of Luton never to return.
We've danced in the street at a music festival in La Rochelle - the bands were all black; many with improvised,or multiple-hand instruments, transported on super market trolleys.
The was just before the perceived/or real mass immigration of today.
The further down the food chain; the more the improvisation and trolleys.
Most - but not everyone- were sort of jiving... NO Josh GOSH

The wealth and power on this planet are slowly changing...
Some individuals in the developed part of the planet now experience catastrophic almost instant change.
There is no rule that any nation state has the right to stay 'top dog' for ever.
Any developed nation state that follows the sustained path of inequality, does so at its own peril...
Are we really now all greedy gits GOSH

1986; English boxer Frank Bruno was beaten in a heavyweight world championship contender fight by American Tim Witherspoon.
Big Frank -I fought him harry - Bruno had one hell of a body for brawn but not the brain.
The art of physical confrontation for entertainment has had the big gloves on for just over a century.
Now all bets are on and the gloves are off...
A bit economic pressure and, do we know where we are going GOSH

1999; An academic study revealed that four million children in Britain were living in poverty.
Today; in this nation state, the greedy gits state that there are more people working than ever before.
Some families that have to resort to food banks are actually working.
Don't believe me - your kids are okay...
Let's get back to Victorian values - don't think about them workhouses and sleeping on 'clothes' lines. Poverty is relative...
List all the qualities of inequality.
There but for the goddamn Grace ... GOSH

Is Greece more unequal than the UK!
Inequality is now no different than multi-nationals - borderless.

JULY 20th 2018

On this day

1685 A fortnight after the Battle of Sedgemoor, Lady Alice Lisle sheltered two supporters of Monmouth's defeated army at her home, Moyles Court in Hampshire.
In the morning the men were arrested; she was charged with harbouring traitors and was subsequently executed.
The last woman to lose her head on UK soil.
Alice had been married to a royalist and had become a landed lady after his early death in Switzerland.
He had fled there and probably thought he was safe.
Leaving the EU trading block will be somewhat similar - at first a period of professed empathy; quickly turning to infamy - infamy, infamy; the've all got it in for me...
Are you an in the gravy gambler, or; a rebel vote with glee! Gee NO JOSH GOSH

1885;The Football Association legalized professionalism in football under pressure from the British Football Association.
Jimmy Hill has had almost every lucrative job in the game/profession of footie...
It was the players union that got rid of the max. wage; Jimmy Hill was one of the PFA negotiators.
The lot/remuneration of the footie playing fellow - and now female - has waxed and waned over time.
Top footie fellows - not women - can now earn/make a relative fortune...
Have you noticed that only two - maybe three - players; no matter what the position, can get consistently any where near the goal.
Football is a team game; on and off the pitch, and don't mention the dressing room.
Club accountants now manage the money; not managers the players.
If! you don't think that this reflects life as a greedy git knows it...
You need more/less cyber secure governed gadgets in your goals GOSH

1944; World War II: Adolf Hitler escaped death after a third attempt on his life when a bomb exploded in Rastenberg.
Not all germans were nazis - hitler was no where near to god GOSH

1990; An IRA bomb blew a 10-foot hole in the London Stock Exchange.
The IRA was attacking the cathedral of all forms of cash...
Did the UK voted to worship money in an uneasy realisation of an economy under pressure before the deregulation, that was supposed to put the Great back into Britain.
Come on let's follow the greedy gang

2003; The BBC confirmed that weapons expert Dr David Kelly, found dead two days earlier, was the source for reports that the government had 'sexed up' an Iraq dossier.
Whatever the circumstances - cock-up or conspiracy!
A whistleblower had paid the ultimate price; and, change came about...
Time is a great healer - we also forget...
Have we really got to go again GOSH

In the early seventies; I 'had' to go for a no. one to a hanging on to a living Greek family business loo.
It was certainly a no matter how drunk/merry eye opening, nose closing experience.
This was the era of Greece having two classes - the haves and have-nots.
A generation later; the international gang of greedy gits will bring about the return of those conditions.
Let's hear it for the pleb tantalising tourist traps...

JULY 21st 2018

On this day

1403;In the Battle of Shrewsbury, King Henry IV defeated rebels led by Henry 'Hotspur' Percy from Northumberland.
It was the first battle in which English archers fought each other on English soil and demonstrated the deadliness of the longbow.
Today the equivalent is the drone.
Drones can be any size and do almost anything besides killing people.
The american military ones are operated like a computer game in an often windowless room.
The pleb very junior rank operators are/have! sued their government for phsychological damage.
This isn't publically put on to a drone and deliberated over...
'We' decide the rules when you join the gang GOSH.

1931; A Bill (a private members bill,introduced by a labour MP - defeated by 167 to 89 ) proposing the voluntary sterilisation of the mentally defective was defeated in the House of Commons. Sterilisation has/is used voluntarily and compulsory to control the population of this planet.
Winston Churchill and other prominent figures of all political persuasion were strongly in favour of Eugenics.
Scandinavian countries actually passed laws - now rescinded - don't mention the nazis of Germany.. No Josh GOSH

It seems that the more we learn about the mind; the more mindless some that seek power become.
Theres nowt as queer (old, very old, meaning) as folk; by gum GOSH

1972; 'Bloody Friday' bombings by the Provisional IRA around Belfast in Northern Ireland killed 9 and seriously injuring 130. In all, 22 bombs were detonated.
The atomic clock of the planet is ticking - time waits for no man.
Will the electronic timers be dug up and start silently ticking again...
Whatever happens over the dogs breakfast/now dinner of Brexit.
Let/watch my smugglers go GOSH

1994;Tony Blair, was confirmed as the new leader of the Labour Party following the unexpected death of John Smith.
In 1997/8; I rang up the treasury after just momentarily catching the spending plans of the chancellor (George - american loving disaster to be - Brown) ont' telly.
The treasury - even more in them days; if; that is possible - was the cliched law unto itself.
To whom it may at any pay grade concern - I got the phone number from the pink paper which every library was by law, obliged to have, in them days!...
The money man of the son of thatcher planned to spend less on the public sector and infrastructure than the previous tory government.
The desertion of the labour party by those socialists that believed in a mixed economy led to the re-insurgence of the Whig/liberal/lib Dem political middle of the road reforming party.
The bliarites ruled OK - everything was to be good in the garden GOSH

It wasn't just the continuation of the deregulation of money.
It was the grasping of the novelty culture and placate the plebs of the free market that led to the present level of inequality.
The one way ticket of a free market has now spawned the deep division of 'Brexit' in Britain and Trump in the land of the free and brave.
In the desperation of the economic downgrading of the western developed world on this ever changing planet; are we really all in this together!

If! Greece prospers as part of a trading bloc in the future!
Will International Marxists start spinning in the graves!

JULY 22nd 2018

On this day

1844; The Rev. William Archibald Spooner, Anglican clergyman and warden of New College, Oxford, was born.
He was famous for 'Spoonerisms' in which letters are switched to produce such expressions as - 'It is kisstomary to cuss the bride, 'a well-boiled icicle' and ' Come into the arms of the shoving leopard'.
Since then, all manner of aspirant wordsmiths have adopted, adapted, plagiarised and cunningly contrived spoonerisms and all the other facets of grammar on this planet.
Today; in our nation state under economic pressure, the change over from human to digitalisation is almost complete...
The keyboard is mightier than the the crayon.
The computer and algorithm have taken 'human' interaction to the cliched whole new level.
As an 'older' denizen of this now desperate nation state; I can say that sound (just one aspect) reproduction - except at a very expensive level indeed - is not as good as it used to be.
Do not mention the ( now manufactured anywhere on the planet; ta to...) the mobile thingy.
I said don't...
As each generation goes with the flow of change.
Do we really know where we are going! GOSH

1991; British prime minister John Major unveiled the government's Citizen's Charter aimed at improving public services.
In 2018 what can one say.
No gagging; just have a gargantuan giggle GOSH

2012; Bradley Wiggins, aged 32, became the first British cyclist (pedal pusher) to win the Tour de France. He finished with a winning margin of 3 minutes and 21 seconds.
In the fifties a Brit bloke called Simpson died on one of the tour de France climbs...
It is more than alleged that he - and others - had taken a few large shots of a good brandy - not to make him randy...
Has one noticed that many top athletes of today; have - are officially allowed - to take some form of treatment for Asthma.
Is life today all cyber, arms and drug races...
Is life lived at a faster pace - join the race!
Go with the ever faster flow - see if you start to glow GOSH!

Wonder if modern Greece has as many supplements and stimulants as we Brits.
They (who) reckon the original Greek 'games' were naked and quite 'competitive'.
One had to make a 'better' living in them days!