SUN 16th JULY 2017

 Dick Two  Prince of Wales

. On This Day 16th JULY

1377; The Coronation of Richard II, aged 10. He was king of England until he was deposed by the gang of Henry 1V in 1399.
Dick 11 was the son of Ted 11 - the black prince - not Dick 1; France and all that; two centuries earlier
The king is dead long live the king.
Today the greedy gits still squabble over and sort of share out the goodies GOSH

There are some/many who reckon that charlie - I talk to the trees... - boy, will never be king.
'I'm still waiting' - don't mention Diana; or dosh GOSH

There are some/many that reckon the present royal family is one of the most dysfunctional in the land.
The 'mishaps' are far too many to mention...
All those medals and freebies.
Never forget; the palace has all those well paid and polished pundits to the PR of establishment protocol and placate the pleb pageantry.
Wanna make a living out of my gang GOSH

In this era of electorally enforced austerity; spending all that money on 'the palaces' and not wheelchairs...
Must be the yet to be realised, grandest of gaffes GOSH

I know; lets have a poll about the Prince.
Perhaps not! in the era of austerity - and now uncertainty - all the political polls but one; got it wrong dad.
The only one to get it right received fleeting main stream recognition months after the event.
Let's not go against the non establishment grain GOSH

The international section of the royal family that grabbed Greece - deposed by referendum many moons ago -
Don't mention phil the Greek...
Are said to be back in Greece and all Agog at being welcomed back.
In this era of freedom of movement, brexit and grexit!
I've got more chance of playing polo...

MON 17th JULY 2017

 Battle of Castillon  Tesc the new Guiness!

. On This Day 17th JULY

1453; The French, under Jean Bureau, defeated the English, under the Earl of Shrewsbury.
In the last battle of the Hundred Years' War - the Battle of Castillon.
The earl - who was gettting on abit - and his son; were killed in the battle.
Scrapping for land in the name of Gawd GOSH

History has it that this last battle/skirmish, was the turning point in the hundred years war with/in France.
The whisper is; that the brit descendents of Bordeaux asked the UK king to invade and regain possession.
Post scrap there was a lot of recrimination and vengeance similar to that of viche france and les boches.
Some (don't mention GIB)'sections - for they are classless' still refer to the cloggies, froggies and krauts; in jest of course!
The krauts at this moment in time; are meant to be the EU germans no josh GOSH

France and the US seem to be getting on like a no. of houses on fire, according to the press and telly.
Two presidents - one without a party and tother could be impeached at any time - pissing in the same pond.
The french bit of the EU - or, any other susceptable nation state member - is the next target for the US - assuming Brexit is done and dusted.
Remember a dilomat lies and a squaddy dies...
The duplicitous, dodgy deliberations of diplomats is now just speculation spin - don't mention boris.
The gift of the grapple; or, the gift of the Gab GOSH

1917; three year into World War 1: The British Royal Family, in a proclamation issued by George V, adopted the name of the House of Windsor in place of their German family name of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha due to the anti-German sentiment at the time.
It doesn't matter who or what is the head of the establishment - nation states seem to be still prepared to have a 'go' GOSH

1987; Former Guinness director Thomas Ward was ordered to repay £5.2m to the brewing giants after being found guilty of illegal practices during the takeover of drinks company Distillers Group the previous year.
Remember The boss; one Ernie Saunders - too ill to serve his time - have a guiness and grin GROSH

Post banking crash - started by the greedy gits to improve UK 'competition'/wealth - no one guilty of financial skullduggery (at best) is nicked
Just pay the electronic funny money fine.
This nation state is now all white wash and cover-up.
No way for an honest citizen to go GOSH

Greek life throughout the ages has been a white wash and cover-up against the heat of the sun.
The present threat is from the greedy git men of money backed by the owner(s) of the SUN

TUES 18th JULY 2017

 Pre Secret Ballot  Secret Brexit Negotiations!

. On This Day 18th JULY

1872; Britain introduced the secret ballot.
Listen; do you want to know a secret
Do you promise not to tell.
Secrecy is what makes many gangs gell NO Josh GOSH

In this era of economic pressure on the pleb.
In the era of information...
There are more data banks on you - yes you - than the banks that will 'fail' the next time; soon.
Money makes the gen go around.
The greedy gits and establishment have; and can't get enough of your gen - Josh - No josh GOSH

When I were a lad; money to lend out, had to be backed up by a certain amount of real money; held in reserve.
Today a private bank - with the nod and blessing of establishment governments - can increase the amount of money in the system by just putting your/a loan into the books.
What ever the ins and outs/nittygritty of the last crash - it was caused by greed.
When the private banks were bailed out by nation state banks; Joe Public - yes that's you and me; Mr and Mrs pleb - gave implicit and somewhat bewildered consent.
The greedy gits get first wack at this funny money - don't mention nation state quantitave easing.
Us plebs are now being bribed/brought into line; by pre and post election promiseering with funny money.
Time for change; not just the spinning out of control government; but the funny money banking system controllers too.
Society doesn't collapse like money systems...
Let's go GOSH

Greece is part of the EU rich north/poor South divide.
Europe is warming up economically and politically.
Remember the idea is jaw jaw not war war...

WED 19th JULY 2017

 Battle of Halidon Hill  Pres Gang Impression


On This Day 19th July 1333; Wars of Scottish Independence: The English won a decisive victory over the Scots at the Battle of Halidon Hill near Berwick-upon-Tweed.
The first English victory for many years, brought a great boost to the morale of little Enlanders.
Bannockburn had finally been avenged.
Wanna be in whose throw the dolly - never mind the dummy - out of the pram gang

For centuries the vast majority of combatants in any skimish/battle/conflict were mercenaries.
Then; the press gangs - laws; to get them vagabonds - were passed making impression legal...
The greatest impression was the one left by a shaped lump of wood on ones bonce - if one resisted or not!
For the good (wealth) of the nation - good gawd GOSH

When at war; it's called conscription - the peace time version was 'National Service'
National service in the UK was from 1939-1960.
The last national serviceman left the 'forces' in may 1963 - I joined the army as a mercenary apprentice in jan 1965.
One gets a lot of training in the forces - one is never directly told that; ultimately, you are being trained to kill fellow humans; sorry I mean the enemy...
Giz a legal gun GOSH

Very few - in my experience - join the forces to kill people.
The military mix is just as diverse as any other way of making a living.
Some factions of the forces do end up with a larger proportion of those with less or no hope.
Is it irony; that, one of the volunteer (mercenary) drinking songs evolved from the days of National service.
' I don't want to join the army; I don't want to go to war'
'I'd rather stay in England; in merry, merry England'
'And; fornicate me bleeding life away'
Is it any different now!
Sex and fighting! Let's hear it for the girls... GOSH

Wonder if the Greek national debt is relatively larger than the UK student loan debt.
It's a complicated world.
Where there's a political will there is a political way.
Get em up! again! GOSH

THURS 20th JULY 2017

 Battle of Sedgemoor Memorial  Brexit Memorial


On This Day 20th July
1685; A fortnight after the Battle of Sedgemoor, Lady Alice Lisle sheltered two supporters of Monmouth's defeated army at her home, Moyles Court in Hampshire.
In the morning the men were arrested; she was charged with harbouring traitors and was susequently executed.
Religion v royalty - posh gang v posh gang

Landed Lady Alice was given the 'chop' - the last women to lose her head by 'law' in the UK - by Judge Jeffreys.
Give that man his weight in gongs.
Just recently there had been a rise in royalty wearing funny gongs - don't mention funny money.
Where have all the (PR'd away) funny gongs gone!GOSH

Sedgemoor is the down south (Somerset) country seat of some greedy git.
Sedgefield was up/down north (Durham) parliamentary seat of Phony Tony Bliar.
Phony the 'socialist' war monger of the UK branch of the West v Middle East over oil; actually applied for the job of 'Middle East Peace Envoy'.
It was a no-goer; thank HUGE PUN intended GOD GOSH

Now which nation state sent a 'peace envoy' to the Balkans long before the ending of the 20 years of 'troubles' in Ireland
Somebody is taking it - don't mention the brexit negotiations.
Or is it me!
The mind boggles - pass the goggles GOSH

2002; Charles Kennedy, former Leader of the Liberal Democrats, and his fiancee Sarah Gurling, were married in the House of Commons chapel.
Charlie; originally Labour and SDP - is often regarded as the finest leader the Liberal Party never had - resigned and died early cos of a drink problem.

This was long before corporal - a right winger - Clegg and the student fees fiasco.
Vince 'somebody establishment economist' Cable is reckoned to be the next undisputed leader; as yet.
There is still time for the remnants of the phony tony career posh socialist gang to join em.
Should I stay or should I go GOSH

Will Greece stay or go.
Greece has the weakest economy and Germany has the strongest economy in the EU.
Most of the greek debt is owned by the germans.
Germany has a strong economy cos of efficient manufacturing backed up by the investment of regional banking.
Germany has regional banking by law... I understand ( I understand; is politician speak for I can't be bothered to check)
Politics is not an exact science - science is supposed to be an exact as possible science.
It is not at the moment due to the unyielding pressure of the love of money.
The Greek debt is mostly the funny money of greedy git foreign investment.
Manufacturing creates real wealth - funny money only creates more funny money...

FRI 21st JULY 2017

 Auld Lang Syne  US interstate migrants 1936


On This Day 21st July
1796;Robert Burns, the Scottish poet, died aged 37, at home in Dumfries.
He is buried in the family mausoleum in Saint Michael's Cemetery, Dumfries.
Never heard of him!

"Auld Lang Syne" "To a Mouse" "A Man's a Man for A' That" "Ae Fond Kiss" "Scots Wha Hae" "Tam O'Shanter" "Halloween" "The Battle of Sherramuir"
What! you've never heard of 'Auld Lang Syne!
Best sung, well served with a scotttish twang, on new years eve with a gang of fleetingly non-garrulous goby gits.GOSH

Rabbie was the human reason behind burns night - haggis, hugging and hooch.
Burns night has strong link to freemasonry.
Mr Burns was a strange mix of a man.
There are more politically 'left' leaning masons than 'right' leaning philanthropist greedy gits GOSH

'On yonder hill there stands a coo'
'I think it's gone - it's no there noo.'
This - and other variations - is not attributed to Rabbie Burns.
It often is; ask the Bill mcgonagall gang GOSH

Dying young is an occupational hazard of the innovatingly talented - especially those main stream musicians.
27 is the infamous age - john lennon was shot aged forty.
The price of fame for many is too great GOSH

The length of the queue at x factor (and copy cats) auditions is a sign of the desperation in todays economy.
For those who profit and those who stare aghast; no matter what side of the inequality scale; life's a gas GOSH

The hypocrisy of migration is in the headlining media again.
'When you stop bombing our country; we'll stop coming to yours' is a modern up to date truism for economic migrants.
The EU with 'false' open borders also bombs nation states.
Life for immigrants and plebs in greece must be an oily gas.

SAT 22nd JULY 2017

 The Longbow  The Long Shot


On This Day 22nd July
1298; The English used longbows for the first time, when they defeated the Scots at the Battle of Falkirk.
The Scottish pikemen were cut to pieces by Ted one's archers.
A nation state that has a flourishing arms industry tends to use em more than a nation state that hasn't.
If the UK public building industry was subsidised half as much as the arms industry; we wouldn't have a housing shortage.
There isn't one you say - what! you must be a 'landlord'...
Giz a gattling, gravy guzzling gob gun GOSH

When dodgy dave - how much has the family(s) got stashed offshore - was in opposition; he was more than fond of using the phrase, 'broken britain'
Seven years after gaining electoral power the greedy gits are still occasionally blaming the slightly less greedy gits of 'new labour' for the state of the economy.
They sort of had a point - how many properties has phony tony (and chums) got now - bet even the accountant(s) don't know...
The greedy gits won't be able to blame labour soon.
The careering party parachuted-in 'patronising the posh and privileged' part of the labour party will soon be long gone. NO GOSH

We never hear much about 'broken brexit'.
The brexit boohoo has more holes than in Inverary vicars vest...
The lack of political pernickiety sticks out like a Hailsham hunchbacks haversack.
Talk about a brexiteers breakfast - never mind the ticking clock; was that a GONG GOSH

2014; A National Audit Office report found that the Home Office did not know if more than 175,000 people who had no right to be in the UK had left or not.
All had been refused temporary or permanent migration but their whereabouts were not known.
They could be here; they could be there
Those bleeding economic migrants - they seek em every bloody where
Don't worry Ukippers.
After Brexit gets its ugly way
Want a job - just stand and stare.
The greedy git goggles will reduce the glare! GOSH

The international banker boys (and girls; to some extent) are now queueing up to leave the UK.
The basis of a good economy is, making things efficiently; not manoeuvering and manipulating money (funny).
There is one good reason for brexit - Let my bankers go...
. The sad fact - Brexit or not - they should be long gone NO NO Nein Non Niet nix GOSH

The Greek for no is oxi.
The Greek plebs were not given the chance to say oxi to the loans.
They were arranged with more than skullduggery by the international bonus boys.
The loan to pay of the loan was arranged in secret between the then right wing government and the 'bankers'
Long before the blame the plebs economy was found to be wanting - by most of the world.