SAT 8th JULY 2017

 Man of Peace  Man of War

. On This Day 8th JULY

975; The death of Edgar the Peaceful or the Peaceable who was King of England from 959 to 975.
He was the younger son of King Edmund I and his Queen, Ælfgifu of Shaftesbury.
King at sixteen - come quick there's trouble in't greedy git gang - a reign of peace...
Some nation states can plod on avoiding war - not enough citizens want the gore GOSH

At the height of the 'cold war' between the East and the West.
Many of the more affluent Berliners left for a safer and longer life.
Peaceful - some say hippies - people from all over the planet; were allowed/invited into the empty properties.
Not to promote a greater chance of peace - in the event that it did kick-off; citizens from as many nation states as possible would die and the 'nation state' would have to become involved.
Wanna really be in my gang GOSH

The arms race evolved into; we've got more nukes than you.
Many were just bluffs;
'Ours not to reason why'
'Ours but to do or die'
Gangs and grief GOSH

Today is Durham Big Meeting Day - it's once again a grand do...A Gala GOSH
It is more than rumoured that Ronnie - or was it Reg - Kray used to listen to the bands and made a donation.
In this era of inequality; the description; ' a less than benign bonanza of booze, bands and belligerence' would come out of a mouth that cuts across all classes/levels of income.
Just like brexit; the democratic vote to end a way of life was close.
Democracy rules OK - I'm no sheep or goat GOSH

When the UK coal industry was being run down by gradual closure; and, we were importing coal.
The Japanese were buying 'our' coal and storing it under the sea close to shore.
A sort of offshore investment waiting for technology.
Wonder how many miners have offshore tax accounts.
Wonder if the bankers are still getting grants GOSH

Plebs still graft in the arms industry...
Despite/cos of the technology of today; it is still a 'call to arms'.
Do not worry we are only selling em tabards and radios...
Don't you dare giggle GOSH

The UK arms industry is privatised and subsidised - there is a magic money tree.
Don't mention the houses lobby; with all them under the cover grants, they can afford to be Gobby NO GOSH

Even countries that are relatively poorer than us can afford subsidies.
Who gets them is the secret.
Who! are you!

SUN 9th JULY 2017

 David Thompson  Greek Soup Kitchen

. On This Day 9th JULY

1811; Explorer David Thompson (who) posted a sign at the confluence of the Columbia and Snake Rivers (in modern Washington state, America), claiming the land for Britain.
Thompson was a British-Canadian fur trader, surveyor and map-maker, who, over his career mapped more than 3.9 million square kilometres of North America.
He has been described as the 'greatest land geographer who ever lived.
Land geographer must be a posh word for land grabber GOSH

David was the son of welsh migrants who moved to Westminster - the area; not that place all them lobbyists hang around as a day job.
He took a seven year apprenticeship with the hudson bay company in North America; aged fourteen.
Davie boy defected to the opposition; after promotion to surveyor - the North West Company - cos of the HBC policy of drink trading.
Fur - yes that stuff on animals backs - was the original gold GOSH

The local Indian population were the work force
Trading not trapping was the big boys game.

The mother-in-law was a Cree - the 13 year old wife was 'metis' (mixed race; classed as aboriginal today) they had 13 kids and he took the whole family on some of his travels.
The mariage lasted until 'death us do part' - 58 years He became a land owner; got into debt; became blind and died penniless.
Just another brick in the wall! He was buried in an unmarked grave... GOSH

1917; The loss, at Scapa Flow, of the British battleship Vanguard.
It was one of the most tragic accidents in the history of the Royal Navy and was caused by an internal explosion of cordite.
All but two of the 845 men on board at the time were killed.
Air Plane crash investigaters reckon for an accident to happen nowadays, all the holes in the cheese must line up! They are employed mostly by the airline operators...
If one looks through the holes at the Grenfell tower; one sees the word austerity.
Nowt to do with you - it's someone elses grave GOSH

The Germans have sort of OKayed the EU and IMF loan to pay off the loan instalment.
The German election is in september - hold on to your hute

Mon 10th JULY 2017

 Walls are Borders Great Wall of China

. On This Day 10th JULY

138; The death of the Roman Emperor Hadrian who ordered the building of a wall across northern England to keep out the 'barbarian Scottish tribes'
Is it a goinsidings (HS2 is an overpriced appeasement to devolution) that Trump Rhymes with Gump.
The wall to keep out the mexican/south American peons is now going to have solar panels to reduce the cost.
They'll be having a 'sponsor a migrant scheme' next - every dishwasher must bring a real brain surgeon...
Watch how; and where, you go GOSH

Migration has occured throughout time.
Mass migration occurs when some nation states try and bomb the brains out of the belligerent 'bastards' who live or operate in nation states that have oil.
Change the regime and watch em go.

Less than a generation ago the US/Mexico border points had huge signs on the US side...
'Would you employ a man for 50 cents/hour'.
They were adverts for factory plots in Mexico.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

Less than a generation ago a black African bishop said,...
When the white man came to Africa; he brought with him religion and we had the land.
Now we have the religion and the white man has the land
Times change - time for change; or...
Let's hang on to what we got...GOSH

1958; Britain's first parking meters were installed, in Mayfair, London.
Life's a bitch then somebody loans you the money to 'buy' a car.
Do not worry; they/we will build more roads in a roundabout way.
Might as well - can't afford a bloody house.
Is it still worth it to get your gonads in gear GOSH

Greece has voted against the latest bailout offer - the Euro is down.
There will be winners and losers in the world currency trading markets.
Life lasts 70+ years - let's hear it for the short terminism of the boys...
Anybody moves and the poor pleb gets it.
The Greek plebs are bearing the brunt of mass migration compared to us Brits.

TUES 11th JULY 2017

 Busy Station Not Busy Station

. On This Day 11th JULY

1656; Ann Austin and Mary Fisher became the first Quakers to arrive in America and were promptly arrested.
Five weeks later they were deported, back to England.
1607; - pick a day - The first english colonies in america were populated by persecuted protestants followed by migrants of various degees of (christian) faith.
1682 - one sunny day - Bill Penn; a Quaker; founded and kick started Pennsylvania.
If Ann and Mary had been male or transgender...
If you think you are religiously big enough or hard enough; come and have a go GOSH

1848; London's Waterloo Station was officially opened.
With over 99 million passengers 2015-2016.
It is Britain's busiest railway station.
If one looks at the national passenger stats it becomes opaquely, obliviously obvious that HS2 Is based on projected financial return; and not, improving the rail network infrastructure.
What else did we expect from greedy gits GOSH

1987; War veterans returned to the scene of the bloodiest battle of World War I to commemorate its 70th anniversary.
The fields of Passchendaele in Belgium claimed the lives of 250,000 troops of the British Commonwealth between July and November 1917.
It is now 2017; any veterans left to remember!
When will we ever learn! Back into the trenches with a grizly gurn!
It takes two to tango!
Heh Ho; let's go GOSH

2013;Greenpeace protesters climbed to the summit of London's Shard, the tallest building in western Europe at 1,016 ft and then unfurled a blue flag with 'Save the Arctic' written on it.
A US oil firm has just announced a huge investment program to compete against US shale.
Life's - or is it a death - an oil based gas GOSH

Greece gets the 7. something billion Euro loan to pay off the loan which is part of the loan; today.
Somebody goes on a key board and there it goes gosh.
This is all private with government! condonement.
If cash goes; plebs will really be grabbed by the short and curlies.

WED 12th JULY 2017

 Jewish Migration  World Trade

. On This Day 12th JULY

1290; Jews were expelled from England by order of King Edward I.
What comes around; goes... GOSH

1543; England's Henry VIII married Catherine Parr, his sixth and last wife, at Hampton Court Palace.
Catherine was the fourth commoner Henry had taken as his consort, and she outlived him.
She was also the most-married English queen, having a total of four husbands.
Everybody should have a hobby/trade!
What comes around; goes...GOSH

1910;Charles Rolls, aged 32, pioneering pilot and co-founder of Rolls-Royce, was killed when he crashed his biplane in a flying competition in the Southbourne distric of Bournemouth.
Rolls-Royce is now owned by the Germans.
The vast majority were sold in America - now China.
Not one production line motor; posh or pleb; is now owned by a Brit. Plastic or not.
It raised more than a wry grin when dodgy dave used to bang on about the 'British' Motor Industry.
While the greedy gits of England/UK were hanging on to the remains of the Empire; the UK manufacturing base, buggered off abroad.
What comes around; Goes...GOSH

The petrol heads at Silverstone are now at loggerheads with the F1 outfit.
A belligerent bloke called Bernie sold his F1 shares to CVC - a group of banker/hedge type people controlling more/less holding companies than the Blackstone group.
Don't forget that a subsidary of the blackstone group has just signed a deal with the BofE (supposed to be owned by us plebs as a nation state) to grab a share of the private digital market.
CVC have the same business plan as the Sears group had to shoes.
They want to control everything in the game from brake shoe to bonus - brexit...
What comes around; GOES...GOSH

Actually talking face to face with English woman living in Greece.
Before Brexit; Grexit was the German led EU pressure patter.
After Brexit; how much do you Greeks need.
Money makes the world go around... Public personae - private patter! Who am I to disagree...

THURS 13th JULY 2017

 Gibraltar  EU Expansion

. On This Day 13th JULY

1713; A treaty signed between Great Britain and Spain at Utrecht ceded Gibraltar to Britain in perpetuity.
If I could turn back time...
Gibraltar is an anachronism - I said,
Baby, Baby Baby; you're out of time...
Britain no longer rules the waves.
Ya can't see the burials at sea - not like them war graves; Make mine a Grosh GOSH

The latest UK/Engish aircraft carrier is - for whatever reason;usually money - is kitted out with US fighter planes.
Our... strike force is under strict US control - a joint venture within the special relationship; you say.
If it wasn't such a divisive gaff; one could giggle GOSH

Ukippers are fond of a Trump led divided America - are most Brexiteers in a relationship with the USofA!
The westmorland helicoptor fiasco forced into the public arena the division of the tories over the EU v the USofA.
Even the tory think tanks are publically split; today.
We have been asked to swallow the economic theory that wealth trickles down to us plebs - well we've spat that one out.
Information is just the same - Knowledge is power, is patently more personal nowadays; or does one need an enquiry...
That miltary base tax haven will soon be long gone GOSH

While the divide west dithers and withers on the vine - do you really like them funny tasting micro brewery beers - do rollies taste as good as them proppa tabs!
That huge hybrid of capitalism and socialism; China, rolls triumphantly on, and on
Isn't world inequality great GOSH

1967; In the heat of the mountain stage of the Tour de France, British cyclist Tony Simpson, 29, collapsed and died.
In them days it was brandy; nowadays it's blood transfusions...
Don't ask Lance - and others - what's your money makes the wheels go around game!GOSH.

In the early sixties I had a Cooperative wholesale Society - CWS - bike; Copper, Wire and String.
Did we have stronger legs cos the state of the art bikes had only three gears GOSH

Do we as Brit plebs have a stronger economy now that the Coop - nearly the whole kit and caboodle - is owned by Yank holding company type banks - don't mention the hedge funds and leveraged buy-outs...
The 1% left in UK (con) trol is purely political.
The sad - now realised - fact is that for the last generation; our politicians of all persusions; have deemed it Ok to Give 'it' a go GOSH

2016; Theresa May, the former Home Secretary, became Prime Minister after David Cameron resigned (24th June) following a referendum that voted in favour of leaving the European Union.
'Do you know where we're going to!
'Here we go -repeat with feeling - Here we go GOSH

Pick on the weakest!
Do Greek plebs have less idea then UK plebs!

FR1 14th JULY 2017

 Uk Waterways  Thinker at the gates of Hell

. On This Day 14th JULY

1766; The official opening of the 137 mile long Grand Union Canal (Britain's longest) that links London to Birmingham.
More than half of the navigable canals today are run by the Canal and River Trust - it used to be British Waterways.
Canals and time change over time - 'Trust' is a posh word for the enabling of privatisation.
Many NHS groups are called 'trusts'
Never trust a greedy git

In the UK and much of the western world; it is the culture to be a bit over greedy at the moment (in history)
Some call it a state being insanely selfish without self realisation.
I just made that up - Who am I to disa-gree.GOSH

The COOP used to be owned by the 'members' - who owns it now?
US greedy gits NO gGOSH

The theory is that; the canals were privately built and now will be charitably operated and rescued.
If! you believe that; you need another lock on your liquidiser.
In the localised world of today; money is the name and greed is the game GOSH

The canals were built for profit and so will the HS2 - if! it ever gets on the road.
Like the canals; HS2 will stop at Birmingham - It will never reach Leeds...
Other nation states can readily grasp the concept of the economic value of a National Infrastructure.
Is it just us Brits that are habitually conned into short time profit over long term gain GOSH

1867; Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel demonstrated dynamite for the first time, at a quarry in Redhill, Surrey.
Us brits and big bangs - dont mention the banking even bigger bang.
It is said the Mr. Nobel regreted the 'invention' of dynamite...
It is said that Mr. Oppenheimer regreted the invention of the atomic bomb...
It is yet to be said by Mr. Politician, 'I regret not admitting to being a greedy git'GOSH

2017; today might be the day that; enough people realise that they don't have to be such greedy gits GOSH

Will the Greek plebs be worse of due to the 'austerity' imposed by the terms of the loan repayments; than... The Brit Plebs under the price of Brexit!
Inequality is the name of the game - at the moment

SAT 15th JULY 2017

 A Place of Power  THe King is in...

. On This Day 15th JULY

1207; King John expelled Canterbury monks for being in the gang of the Archbishop of Canterbury.
The Archbishop was the dodging diplomat - remember a diplomat lies; and a squaddy dies... - between King John and Pope Innocent III, which led to the issuing of Magna Carta in 1215.
A signed document which gave more power to the 'establishment' while the King and Church 'deliberated'
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1381; John Ball, a leader in the Peasants' Revolt, was hanged, drawn and quartered in the presence of King dick the turd II.
The peasants - peasant; the older version of 'pleb' of the day; due to inequality - revolt
later came to be seen as a sign of the beginning of the end of serfdom in medieval England.
Wanna be in - I'll pay you the minimum wage;if I have to - my gang GOSH

1685; The illegitimate son of Charlie II - divine right and all that; it was his dad that got the revolution chop - (the Duke of Monmouth) was executed for rebelling against James II.
His head was then put back on his shoulders so that his portrait could be painted.
Ask a poor pleb if it's OK today for a politician to have a portrait at taxpayers expense.
Some have spent money on a statue...
The just don't/won't get/git.........GOSH

1966; A West Indian, refused a job at Euston Station was later employed, after managers overturned a ban on black workers.
It is no modern day myth that boarding houses had signs 'No Blacks or Dogs' in the early sixties.
In todays nation state world of politics/gangs; would the 'unwritten sign' be,
'No Jocks, Geordies or Gypsies - selective blacks/whites only'
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1977; The government announced a 10% pay restriction on wages to help curb inflation.
This was a labour government that survived a vote of 'no confidence' with the help of the then Liberal party.
'The government is more concerned to cling to office, than it is to seek the verdict of the people'...
A quote from a one Margaret Thatcher.
That was nearly two generations ago when the sun had set on the British Empire - and other Empires.
There they were gone

Now that Nation states are in the process of forming trading blocks via political alliance - not war.
'It's the same old song, with a different singer since you came along...
We've had a sustained period of multi-national driven 'us and them'
Now it's the era of openess and realisation.
Time for the greedy gits to go GOSH

Greece is the economic poor relation of a trading block in an ever increasingly complicated world.
Will they be hanged! or, harangued! and/or...