JULY 1st 2018

On this day

1690; The Battle of the Boyne was fought on the east coast of Ireland, between the Catholic King James and the Protestant King William.
The battle, won by William, ultimately helped ensure the continuation of Protestant supremacy in Ireland. Curiously, Battle of the Boyne Day is celebrated on 12th July.
The mismatch occurred under the Gregorian calendar and 11 days were effectively lost, causing people at the time to clamour 'Give us back our 11 days!'
They'll be hanging monkeys next.
We saved a monkey once - it was a toy chimpanzee/gorilla GOSH

One time they came down the stairs quicker than they went up' on hearing that the daughter kept pet snakes.
She assured us they were non poisonous and, safely all in one closed room... Not one of the two survived...
One must of tried to escape - it was well cooked/grilled GOSH

1960; Ghana became a Republic and Queen Elizabeth II ceased to be its Head of state.
Many of the conquered nation states still wish to be in what is left of the Empire.
After Brexit and the 'hostile environment', will they turn out to be spies Guys... and galls GOSH

1967; Colour television came to Europe with a seven hour transmission on BBC 2 from the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships.
A chap from the Polish community in Wales (look you) used to work for Redifusion.
He experimented on getting the three colour guns right - his kitchen drawers were full of circuit boards.
They don't make ordinary tellies now - they are all smart...
The S. Koreans (samsung) actually sold a series of smart tv's with inbuilt wifi spies.
When captured; they promised to remotely disable the cameras and, stand 'discretely' on the naughty step for ever.
One doesn't need ones smart phone switched on now...
Nobody's watching - GONAD GOSH

Many moons ( 15 year) ago; the gruppenfuhrer insisted I take her second generation handed down from the daughter mobile on a retirement trip to the high Pyrenees - there was no signal anywhere anyway.
Having to cut short due to severe illness; I was refused the next flight (in one hour twenty mins at Bayonne airport) cos of security.
The woman behind the desk asked if I had any other means of identity!
Within seconds of that mobile being inserted into some kind of whatnot; my ticket was being printed.
There you go GOSH

2014;Tracey Emin's modern artwork 'My Bed' was sold at auction by Christie's in London for £2.2m.
The work features an unmade bed surrounded by a floor littered by empty vodka bottles, cigarette butts and condoms.
It was put up for sale by the art collector Charles Saatchi with a guide price of between £800,000 and £1.2m.
How long after the bank crash - us plebs had to cough up remember.
Us plebs are still playing catch up - Grrr GOSH

The coalition government of Greece will have the Greek plebs playing catch up for years (generations) to come, over the interim loan repayment conditions agreement.
The EU is purporting to be less lenient to the industry of Brexit bankers - even with the recent membership political changes.

JULY 2nd 2018

On this day

1489;Thomas Cranmer, a leader of the English Reformation and Archbishop of Canterbury was born.
He was Archbishop during the reigns of Henry VIII, Edward VI and, for a short time, Mary I.
He helped build a favourable case for Henry's divorce from Catherine of Aragon and, along with Thomas Cromwell, he was monarchy man.
The divine right to rule was Great GOSH

Tommy was a midlands pleb made good (became greedy) and appeared from nowhere to lead the church politically at a time of religion ruled OK.
Tommy must have made the northern prince bishops appear as a paupers.
He changed his mind (religion at the time) a couple of times and, was burnt at the stake as a heretic by the Catholics.
Even a stayer eventually goes GOSH

My favourite - most apt description of religion.
'The church was invented to give hope in the next world, to those that have no hope in this'.
JK Gilbraith; a Canadian economist turned american diplomat - or was it PJ Proby.
I'm a gnu not a Guru GOSH

1865; William Booth formed the Salvation Army at a revivalist meeting at Whitechapel.
Early-day Salvationists (teetotal) started wearing uniform, as a natural consequence of the 'army' adopting a military character.
A church army; really; a sign of the times! Never mind the greed goggles; pass the beer goggles GOSH

1940; World War II: Adolf Hitler ordered German military commanders to draw up plans for the invasion of England.
Don't mention the links between the UK monarchy and 'the mind numbing naughty nazis' George V rebranded the UK 'royal' name from Saxe Coburg to Windsor in 1917 due to pressure from the first world war - them germans again.
As soon as war starts; the truth is the first thing out the window...
Will the present era of economic warfare turn into a life of death and destruction.
Here we go... here we go again!... GOSH

1987; Moors murderer Ian Brady offered to assist police searches of Saddleworth Moor for the first time since his conviction.
1996; Weather experts predicted that global warming would have the effect of moving Britain 100 miles south in the next 25 years, bringing summer droughts and winter rainstorms.
The continuing conflagration of Saddleworth Moor is down to drought.
Is it surprising that some seemingly intelligent people of all persuasions deny climate change.
Everybody should have hobby - they are more often than not, greedy and gobby GOSH

Greece is already in a warm part of the planet - wonder if imposed austerity will increase the temperature even further!

JULY 3rd 2018

On this day

1767;Pitcairn Island was discovered by Midshipman Robert Pitcairn on an expeditionary voyage commanded by Philip Carteret. The islands are best known as home of the descendants of the Bounty mutineers (1789), an event retold in numerous books and films.
Pitcairn measures about 2 miles across and is the least populated jurisdiction in the world with only 48 inhabitants, from four main families of Bounty descendents.
No man is an island...
Ask big bucks Branson - all spin and grin... The individual ownership of this planet is still on the increase.
One can hire Bransons whole island, for how much! Time for change; isn't inequality great GOSH

1938; LNER locomotive No.4468 'Mallard' achieved the world speed record for steam traction.
A maximum speed 126 mph was reached between Grantham and Peterborough.
Mallard was designed by Sir Nigel Gresley and was in service until 1963, when she was retired, having covered almost one and a half million miles and is now at the National Railway Museum in York.
Was Gresley that great GOSH.

Them Germans were only 1/2MPH behind - how many Brits know that...
I could be on the wrong tack/track; I could be on the right.
Politically I'm certainly far from right.
The present remnants of all 'royalty' can all be directly linked to Germany.
Today Germany is on record as being a democratic republic leading the wealth creation of the EU.
The elected centre right coalition government of Germany (inequality inducing) is now crossing swords over immigration.
Have we! an out of touch constitutional monarchy, complicated things/matters with a protest vote (are we really that racist as a nation) for Brexit.
Don't mention internal devolution, inside/outside the tent and ritual relief.
No wonder this is time of individual empowered interest in space travel.
The time is right and I'm moving/hanging on...
Gravity and/or Grolsch GOSH

1974; Don Revie was appointed manager of the England football team.
He used to be Boss of Leeds when they were a top dog football club.
In this era of everybody is, every other way but loose, after your money; deregulation has made due diligence as scarce as a conservative with a conscience - and I mean that with sackfuls of sincerity folks.
Does death and destruction soon follow a dearth of due diligence.
Will it kick off! Here we go GOSH!

Which way will Greece (a nation state with a relative huge Immigration problem) go, if the EU divides over freedom of movement!
You ain't seen nothing yet!

JULY 4th 2018

On this day

1776; The American Congress voted for independence from Britain.
Born on the fourth of July...
Shall we poison or hang the indigenous population.
Size,slavery and, suck that said the american empire after the rape and pillage of their own adopted land.
Fast forward...
What have the nation states! of America and Israel got in common?
The oppressed have become the oppressors over time.
Baddies and goodies or vis versa; easy come easy go GOSH

1879;In the Anglo-Zulu War, the Zululand capital of Ulundi was captured by British troops and burnt to the ground, thus, ending the war.
What was that film again! latest rifle against short stabbing spear and home made off the shelf shield.
Is it not strange that the last two empires on this planet; formed and relying on death, destruction and dodgy domination insist/demand that they are the most democratic.
All the world cup is a stage...
Play the game GOSH

The Election of Trump is the transatlantic equivalent of the protest Brexit vote.
Did the bible belt really get Trump elected!
Are we Brits really racist!
Play the increasingly complicated to some game GOSH

1892; The General Election saw the appointment of Britain's first socialist MP - James Keir Hardie, elected for West Ham South - born in Scotland, proving that 'the best thing to come out of Scotland was the A1', as a lie.
'See you Jimmy' died in Glasgow, was a real socialist, a trade unionist and supported feminism in later life.
I am a trade unionist and socialist.
We were on a 56 hour week in the late seventies - we went on strike for 7-8 weeks, and won, with a Labour party in government.
Trade unionism is on the rise again - you better believe it...
Play the 'life's now a bitch unless you want to be rich' complicated! Game GOSH

1947;The 'Indian Independence Bill' was presented before the House of Commons, proposing the partition of the Provinces of British India into two sovereign countries – India and Pakistan.
Both nation states claim a nuclear capability...
If you think that these two countries haven't been slapping each others head since then!
Don't mention the midddle east and 'economic' refugees...
Take off your whatever goggles, have a good gander, and play the non isolationist game.GOSH

2014; Former News of the World editor Andy Coulson, was sentenced to 18 months in prison after he was found guilty of conspiracy to hack phones.
Andy; was director of communications for Prime Minister David Cameron, he had to resign - it was anonymously named 'the coulson effect'.
Are we/they still well into an era of, 'climate of corruption'!
Play the 'whatever level' game GOSH

Greece owes the vast majority of known loans to the EU and the American led IMF.
The loan repayment to the EU is allegedly a done deal - The IMF loan is yet to be sorted.
99% of the nation states on this planet are in debt; mostly now due to the whatever way increase in funny money. Since the last banking crash, most of american debt is owned by the American government - quantitative easing; some call it the time dollar.
If you don't think that politics(gangs), influenced strongly by greedy gits, makes the world go around...
You need more/less grit in your guzzle GOSH

JULY 5th 2018

On this day

1295; Scotland and France formed an alliance, the so-called 'Auld Alliance', against their common enemy - England. This was the start of almost 2 centuries of the Scots continuing battle(s) for independence from England.
Independence was all about money - in them days it was all mercenaries and merchants.
Today it is allegedly about mind over matter - 'democracy' not death and destruction.
Pass the French wine; no spin with gin NO JOSH GOSH

1610; John Guy, English merchant adventurer and politician, set sail from Bristol with 39 other colonists, bound for Newfoundland.
He became the first Proprietary Governor of Newfoundland and led the first attempt to establish a colony on the island.
They (historians) reckon that this was the first foray(peaceful at first) of the British Empire.
Wanna be in the have his guys for garters Gang GOSH.
The future equivalent will be the relatively safe colonisation of the planet Mars.
Will it have national or privatised bars! Will it have battles and immigration! Here we go GOSH

Newfoundland is part of Canada - a landmass bigger than the USofA; yet about one tenth of the population.
Canada is an Ex UK 'nation state' with a fairly strong french influence - over time many non indigenous residents have migrated over the border to the USofA in search of a better life.
It also owns (teachers union retirement fund investment) The UK 'national' Lottery - Branson bid for it
As climate change exposes and makes more readily available the nation state national resources; will the nation state build a wall!
And/Or, offer ten quid ( inuits and metis go free - one can't call em Eskimos or indians now ) travel to a new life on Mars!
Here we (who) go GOSH

1991; The Bank of England closed down UK branches of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International over allegations of fraud.
The extent of corruption at all levels in the era of information - known to the few in the establishment loop - is yet to be made public to the remaing 'Honest' plebs.
In an economic war; the truth is the first thing out the well blocked up and dogs dinner disappearing bank window.
Do you want to digest! or, is life now just a jest! NO Josh GOSH

Is inequality as great in Greece as it is in the UK.
Life soon will be no 'joke' for many in Greece - when austerity really kicks in.
# Enjoy yourself; enjoy yourself - who gives a hope in hades!

JULY 6th 2018

On this day

1189; The date of accession of Richard I (Richard the Lionheart).
In English law the phrase 'time immemorial' means a time before legal history and beyond legal memory.
In 1275, by the first Statute of Westminster, the time of memory was limited to the reign of Richard I, beginning today in 1189.
Eye Eye, I'm watching in the name of mankind grinned GOD! GOSH

1483;England's King Richard III was crowned.
He was the last king of the House of York and the last of the Plantagenet dynasty. His defeat at the Battle of Bosworth Field was the decisive battle of the Wars of the Roses.
Dick the turds remains were dug up in a Leciester church car park; remember! Was he really a man of God GOSH

1535; Sir Thomas More was beheaded on London's Tower Hill for refusing to accept Henry VIII as head of the church.
He lifted his beard from the axe, on the basis that it had committed no offence(s) against the king!
It was relative easy to lose ones head in them days...
Here (it) we go in the name of God GOSH

1553; Mary I acceded to the throne, becoming the first queen to rule England in her own right.
No feminism,Pankhurst pranks or women rule OK. The king is dead; long live the Queen - it's the greedy gang rules... Bodicea was only briefly boss bitch off a bit of britain in the celts v roman occupiers war(s) - Hadrians wall was started in AD 122; 60 year later. It is recognised that the romans had many gods and the celts were druids.
In the time of Mary it was christian v Catholic...
Today there are many among us trying to make it Christian v Muslim...
Again in the name of; The Good Lord; GOOD GOD GOSH

1557; King Philip II of Spain, consort of Queen Mary I set out from Dover to take on France, which eventually results in the loss of the City of Calais, the last English possession on the continent.
Mary I never saw her husband again.
Absinthe (green fairy) makes the tart go longer...
This time Catholic v Catholic in the name of (Greed) GOD GOSH

1892; Britain's first non-white MP was elected when Dadabhai Naoraji won the Central Finsbury seat.
Dad; a liberal, religious, freemason from the nation state of India, was narrowly elected for the North London constituency in the UK parliament.
His main economic argument; Britain was bleeding India dry...
Today a considerable chunk of The UK is owned by non indigenous people from foreign nation states (including Indian) - the Empire is dead...
Long live the Empire.
Is this the racist bit of the Brexit protest vote v the lets hang on to what we got Gang! I say this as an agnostic athiest goddamnn socialist whose heart is leave; but head is remain. Don't forget that goddamn pretendy word * for greed gangs; God GOSH

* Euphanism - however it is trendily spelt/spelled - is derived from Greek.
Is the plebs planet really becoming smaller in the age of information!

JULY 7th 2018

On this day

1575; The Raid of the Redeswire took place On This Day at Redesdale in Northumberland.
It was the last major battle between England and Scotland.
There had been many battles between the Englanders and Schotlanders More of a skirmish which the jocks won on points; which quickly turned into jaw jaw;not war war.
Is the differences over the EU a modern Jaw Jaw skirmish! Here we go again!GOSH

1981; The Church of England decided that divorcees would be allowed to re-marry in a church ceremony.
Was the synod staying ahead of the game; or, just keeping up!
The UK was now a million miles from victorian social values.
As the developed world worships the shopping mall; todays equivalent of the victorian workhouse is well and truly back.
Not again GOSH...

1990; England goalkeeper Peter Shilton played the last of his 125 games for his country in the World Cup third-place play-off against Italy in Bari.
Mr. Shilton, a lad from Leicester, was on the telly just very recently.
Is he Racist!
Definitely more than undertones of a Ukipper.
Does he play his own game; or one of the temporary breakaway gaggle of the greedy git gang Gang! GOSH

2004; Fred Dibnah, Bolton in the midlands born steeplejack, steam enthusiast and later TV presenter, went to Buckingham Palace to receive an MBE from the Queen - who!
He (who) initially planned to drive his beloved traction engine into the palace grounds, but was refused, as the Royal Parks Agency feared that its weight would damage the surface of The Mall.
Mr Dibnah; a Lancashire lad, appeared on the box a quite a few times; Quote...
'The lad from London used to come up in an old sports car; I Had my battered old land rover'. 'They phoned me up to see if it was OK to make a second series'... 'The lad from London ( BBC or ITV; producers assistant!) appeared in a brand new sports car; I still had the battered old land rover'.
Wanna be in which game playing gang!GOSH

2013; Andy Murray won his first Wimbledon title and ended Britain's 77-year wait for a men's champion with a victory over world number one Novak Djokovic.
The Scot won 6-4, 7-5 and 6-4.
Is it not funnier than the tax dodging money that is now desperately being manoeuvered back into the mainstream banking system, that...
A jock Wimbledon champion is more than welcomed into the UK. fold.
Yet; a Glasgow glue sniffer is not...
Play the rich can move the goalposts game GOSH

While many plebs in the UK are struggling to 'play the game'.
The international game in/on Greece is becoming even more complicated - especially for the plebs.