SAT 1st JULY 2017

 Battle of the Boyne  Trading/War blocks

. On This Day 1st JULY

1690;The Battle of the Boyne was fought on the east coast of Ireland, between the Catholic King James and the Protestant King William - don't mention the help of the cloggies
The battle, won by William, ultimately helped ensure the continuation of Protestant supremacy in Ireland.
Curiously, Battle of the Boyne Day is celebrated on 12th July.
The mismatch occurred under the Gregorian calendar and 11 days were lost, causing people at the time to clamour 'Give us back our 11 days!'.
Don't mention the hartlepool monkey - or in years to come; the billion bung.
Here's a grant; you aspirational greedy gitGOSH

Can anyone deny that catholics have been second class citizens in the UK for most of the last three centuries
Grapeshot has evolved into gobshite; yet, when one gang has too much greed; graft still turns to gore GOSH

The original member nation states of the EU were predominantly catholic - except Germany;roughly equal.
The Scandandian members are christian; mainly protestant/orthodox/other.
The newer members - much smaller populations - are mainly protestant/orthodox.
The EU is still catholic overall.
Brexit has increased the ratio in favour of of catholic to proddy.
Today less and less people believe in, or the existence of, GOD No GOSH

Across the EU, belief was higher among:
the elderly,
those with strict upbringings,
those with the lowest levels of formal education,
those leaning towards right-wing politics,
those questioning the meaning and purpose to life, and
those more concerned with moral and ethical issues in science and technology.
The EU is secular - no link to any type of religious gang GOSH

The EU has four - now three - member states that are non secular - an official religion; Denmark, Greece and Malta.
There we were - the queen is the head of the church of England - gone GOSH

When UKIP was on the increase in the EU Parliament; an alliance between the UK and Poland was back room mooted.
It was unceremoniously kicked into touch when it was made public that the,
Polish members of the EU parliament were some of the most right wing people on this planet.
The Irony; not the fact that Poland is by far the most catholic member state in the EU.
The fact that Poland is in and we are out - a nation state now gurning with a glimmer of glee GOSH

Greece has a christian orthodox religion; more akin to those of the Russian influenced part of the world.
79% of Greeks still believe there is a god.
Only 37% of the UK believe there is a god - 33% believe there is some kind of force.
There are lies, damn lies, and statistics.

SUN 2nd JULY 2017

 Battle of Marston Moor  Lady Justice

. On This Day 2nd JULY

1644;English Civil War: The Battle of Marston Moor at Long Marston, North Yorkshire.
Marston Moor was the first victory of the war for the Parliamentary forces, With Cromwell's Roundhead Army defeating the Royalist Cavaliers, commanded by Prince Rupert.
After their defeat, the Royalists effectively abandoned the North of England.
The loss of the North was to prove a fatal mistake the following year, when they tried unsuccessfully to link up with the Scottish Royalists under Montrose.
All them goodies for the greedy gits gone...GOSH

HS2 is good for you.
Is a geordie just a jock with his brains kicked out?
Don't mention the SNP.
Here we go again... GOSH

1698Devon born Thomas Savery patented the first steam engine.
He described it as a 'A new invention for raiseing of water and occasioning motion to all sorts of mill work by the impellent force of fire, which will be of great use and advantage for drayning mines, serveing townes with water, and for the working of all sorts of mills where they have not the benefitt of water nor constant wind.'
The tin mines of the SW were worked out long before the era of 'coal not dole'
In this era of lurching to the political right; people are now aware that riches for all is guillable own goal

Technology is like a tick on a badgers bum.
Every so often it jumps up and takes a huge bite - yet it's there all the time in the undergrowth.
Change is inevitable - the rate of change is the enemy.
The haves can't gauge the gravity GOSH

1819; The first Factory Act was passed in Britain.
This banned the employment of children younger than 9 from working in textile factories, whilst those under 16 were allowed to work for 'only' 12 hours a day!
A twelve hour day; thats the equivalent of sending em to 'day boarding school' No need to give em gravy - never mind the goodies GOSH

Pay to the public sector is in open public discussion again.
Is it an aspirational pleb or establishment spy that brings up the divide and rule public pension squable.
In the old days before inequality; public v private pension was an issue, they always balanced out over time.
If you are a genuine minimum wage or zero hours worker; join a bloody union.
A gang needn't be greedy GOSH

Now and again the rich establishment make a huge blatent big one.
The scope of the Grenfell inquiry is up there with the best... When the establishment QC was summing up in the 'Lady Chatterleys Lover' book censorship in the 60's - written by a pleb.
'would you let your servant read this book', went down like a lead serving tray.
When one of the two ladies of the (k)night were cross examined in the Lord - no less - Lambton sex/secrets trial (60's)
'Well he would say that; wouldn't he'
Such life changing gravity GOSH

Modern Greece had a much different class structure than most developed countries.
No matter how many classes a nation state has; it comes down to rich v poor relatively.
Inequality and greed destroys democracies.
Where's me gun that fires round corners.

MON 3rd JULY 2017


. On This Day 3rd JULY

1767;Pitcairn Island was discovered by Midshipman Robert Pitcairn - what it this I see before me - an expeditionary voyage on a 'sixth rate' Royal Navy ship.
Anything above 'fourth rate' - not a ship of line - was smaller with less guns and considered a good posting cos of the 'prize money'
Where's me buccaneers - underneath me buccing hat.
Charlie 1 'exploring' and gunning for Gold GOSH

The islands are best known as home of the descendants of the Bounty mutineers (1789),an event retold in numerous books and films.
Pitcairn measures about 2 miles across and is the least populated jurisdiction in the world with only 48 inhabitants, from four main families of Bounty descendents.
'Flog that man Mr. Christian - he's dead sir - then flog his klucking kit'...
When the anti-establishment gotta go - there they were gone GOSH

Today there are 14 BOTS - British Overseas Territories; that have decided to remain in the Empire; or voted to be a protectorate.
Protectorate is a posh word for off shore tax haven - other brands are available.
The 'panama papers' firm had tens of thousand of 'secret companies' registered in the British Virgin Islands.
These small islands have more shell companies than shells.
Dodgy Dave Cameron - don't mention his dad - only had 30 bob hidden/stashed/invested offshore.
No giggling GOSH

The Falklands was retained by death and destruction
Hong Kong - the lease ran out; try getting that mother back - is Gone
Gibraltar - when England ruled the waves; tax haven? Us?? - is part of the EU; as yet.
Brexit negotiations! that will be some game GOSH

The bot - a UK; america backed; military base for the med - on Cyprus; has been cause for concern lately.
More than physical debate by Greece and Turkey - one a member and tother more than keen to get in the EU.
There may be international matey trouble ahead - En Garde GOSH

The need to keep Greece under the physical umbrella of the EU will affect the loan repayments.

TUES 4th JULY 2017

 Stars and Stripes  EU and Council of Europe Flag

. On This Day 4th JULY

1776; The American Congress voted for independence from Britain.
Terrorists never win Eh! The declaration signed by the 'thirteen states' was preceded and gained by, much more death and destruction than democracy.
We're signing; hold your guns GOSH

1829; Britain's first regular scheduled bus service began running, between Marylebone Road and the Bank of England,
Continental countries have linked transportation (human and goods) as part of an organised infrastructure.
How many UK bus/rail companies are owned by johny foreigner nation states pretending to be EU rules private outfits.
Don't mention the Germans - No Josh GOSH

1892; The General Election (1924) saw the appointment of Britain's first socialist MP - James Keir Hardie, (born in North Lanarkshire) elected for West Ham South - Where's me parachute!
In the second year of the first 'proppa' socialist government - hung parliaments and coalitions ruled OK -
Labour MP's were wearing top hats and sending their kids to private school.
There but for the grace of God go I - hold on... Isn't Jimmy Jesus and 'all that jazz' nearly gone GOSH

In the sixties UK; long before them tiny little tellies became popular. ther was a TV program called 'Elliot Ness DA'
Elliot - not so 'old' boy - Ness was the public prosecutor who had very few successful prosecutions in the era of USofA prohibition and 'corruption'
When ever a society is under pressure; most prefer to stay below the radar and innocuously with a touch of serendipity' Grab what they can... Democracy is like a huge fleet of humongus ships - it takes what seems a lifetime to turn around.
He, grudgingly grinned, with a finely gauged grain of gurn GOSH

The loan repayments ( mostly to the EU ) are on hold - an interim agreement...
All kind of psychological debate/discussion tinged with lobbying is going on.
Never forget! it is mans greed that leads to war.

WED 5th JULY 2017

 The Glasgow Gorbals  THE QE11 Flats

. On This Day 5th JULY

1295;Scotland and France formed an alliance, the so-called 'Auld Alliance', against their common enemy - England.
Does one think it was somewhat similar to that of today!
A sort of touch and go GOSH

1817; The first gold coin sovereigns were issued in Britain.
In the 1960/70 the 'gorbals' of Glasgow - a high rise devastatingly poor area - started up a self help scheme.
As soon as they acquired a meeting place/cafe and stated using tokens to barter trade Etc...
The big six banks had them declared illegal and they disbanded...
Hence the phrase, 'As thick as Glasgow glue sniffers snot' - one of mine; think what you will.
Here's some of the Gang GOSH:

Jimmy Boyle (b. 1944), convicted criminal, novelist and sculptor.
Ian Brady, (1938-2017 born in the Gorbals and named Ian Duncan Stewart); notable as the Moors murderer.
Frank Bruno, the boxer, moved to the Gorbals to live with his partner in 2012.
Paddy Crerand (b. 1939), football player and MUTV pundit (Celtic and Manchester United)
Frank McLintock (b. 1939), football player and pundit (Arsenal)
Tommy Docherty (b. 1928), football player and manager (Celtic, Preston North End, and Chelsea)
Carol Ann Duffy (b. 1955), Poet Laureate of the UK.
Ralph Glasser (1916–2002), born here; psychologist and economist, writer of a three-volume autobiography, beginning with 'Growing up in the Gorbals'
Alex Harvey (1935-1982), musician
Alexander Watson Hutton (1853-1936), a teacher and sportsman; considered the Father of Argentine football, as he established teams there.
Lorraine Kelly (b. 1959), television presenter, journalist and actress.
Helena Kennedy (b. 1950), Labour member of the House of Lords.
Sir Thomas Lipton (1848–1931), grocery mogul, founder of Lipton's Tea, and perennial contender for the sailing world's America's Cup.
Benny Lynch (1913–1946), boxer, became the British, European and World Flyweight Champion.
John Maclean (1879–1923), socialist politician; stood for election in the area in the 1918 general election.
Hugh MacColl (1861–1915), footballer, founder and first captain of Spanish Sevilla F.C. in 1890; this is considered to be Spain's oldest football club solely devoted to association football.
Michael McGurk (1958—2009), born here and moved to Australia, where he became a businessman; he was murdered outside his Sydney family home.
Gerry McLauchlan (b. 1989), formerly resident of Bishopbriggs, former footballer with Brechin City and Ayr United John Martyn (b. 1948), musician.
Robert Millar (b. 1958), cyclist, the first and only English-speaking "King of the Mountains" champion in the Tour de France (1984).
Allan Pinkerton (1819–1884), born and raised in the gorbals; he achieved fame in the United States by establishing Pinkerton's detective agency.
Phil (b. 1937) and Derek Shulman (b. 1947), born here, these brothers became musicians; performed with the 1970s British progressive rock band Gentle Giant - who.

A mixed bunch - would you have a 'selective' gargle with this gang GOSH

The Bank of England has just signed a deal to delve into 'digital' dosh with the Blackstone group
One of, if not the biggest private equity gangs on the planet.
Firms/outfits like blackstones are supposed to be publically funded investment companies - everything from hedge funds to fracking.
If you don't think that these private firms haven't got got first grab at the privately produced 'Quantitave Easing'
You need another. lense in your blacked out greed gogles GOSH

At this moment in history
Who knows how to hedge their bets! Them leveraged buy-out come in sets Yes it's them greedy gets - NO Guess GOSH

The president of blackstone has advised that the EU will have to expel Greece and Portugal from the Euro zone for the EU to survive.
The backstone group are investing in Greece.
An economic war between the US dollar and the Euro is game on.
Will the one with the most funny or real money win.
Never forget that the US money men were instrumental in arranging the secret loans to pay the loans arranged by the Greek greedy gits.
The plebs won't get it again - will we!

THURS 6th JULY 2017

 Judge ye not  Older than God

. On This Day 6th JULY

1189; The date of accession of Richard I (Richard the Lionheart). In English law the phrase 'time immemorial' means a time before legal history and beyond legal memory.
In 1275, by the first Statute of Westminster, the time of memory was limited to the reign of Richard I, beginning on 6th July 1189.

If you are not (rich or belligerent) ; everyone needs to be a 'bit' of a lawyer nowadays.
Before this era of litigation and 'my learned friend' we used to mainly trust each other-
One didn't sign a contract...
In this age of inequality if you are in debt; dont be a dummy - there's plenty of online advice.
It's no defence, 'I heard it through the grapevine' GOSH

The appellation, 'Barrack room lawyer' is 'time immemorial' in the forces.
If you knew your rights and stood up to the uniformed establishment at any level...
You had little chance of a gong GOSH

An artist with the name Warhol was audited by the US taxman (IRS) from 1972 until he died.
He made the print, 'vote McGovern' and huffed that Mr. 'nice' nixon.
The only president to be impeached and made 'infamous' the addendum/suffix, 'gate' GOSH

National insurance is not a tax and is subjected to the 6 year limit.
All forms of tax are as complicated as the prevailing culture requires...
In the period of sustained inequality; the more that is earned onshore; the more that goes off-shore.
The more the money manoeuvering; the more the momentum - there(where) it goes GOSH

2014; From 4:30am cash could no longer be used on any of London's 24,500 buses, in a move that Transport for London (TfL) said would save £24m a year.
A prepaid or concessionary ticket, Oyster card or a contactless payment card would be needed to travel.
We know where you're going GOSH

All manner of 'men after money' are are trying to 'improve' a living from the Greek loan scenario.
Digital dosh will save em... - what a load of tosh; doesn't deserve a gosh.
A greek island is said to be trialing a bitcoin system to improve business and tourism.
A parallel digital currency has less chance of saving them than the head geek of the Greek orthodox church.

FRI 7th JULY 2017


. On This Day 7th JULY

1575; The Raid of the Redeswire took place at Redesdale in Northumberland.
It was the last major battle between England and Scotland.
Most of the Battles were 'skirmishes' between cross border local lads in gangs led by greedy gits GOSH

The biguns - in which quite a few died - were to do with fighting the French.
Much about mercenaries and the arms - far from primitive at the time - race
Giz a gun GOSH

In days of old there was much preparation and prolonged jaw jaw before war war - between the few; Alas.
In these times of instant communication nothing has changed - apart from a few porkies.
Keep your forces young and hungry for a quicker kick off.
'Young men 'think' old men are fools
Old men 'know' young men are fools'.
Not another war for gold GOSH

Inequality is leading to real borders; again
Borders around and polarisation within...
Not just The UK, but most of the world.
It couldn't - could it! Kick off again GOSH

While the world plebs are watching the western instigated middle east skirmishes over the oil - don't mention immigration.
Wouldn't it be 'funny' if the next conflagration was kick started by Greece v Turkey.
Never! never ever! forget, that one of the main founding reasons of the EU was the prevention of another war in Europe.
War is similar to inflation - when the next generation forgets...