One couldn’t make it up...

FRI 1st of July 2016

1903; the first Tour de France was won by an Italian.
France has won 36. Belgium has won 18. the UK only 3.
Ireland won it in 1987 - we didn't win it until 30 year after Norman - not normal - Tebbitt said. 'on yer bike'.
Perhaps we couldn't afford all that lycra gear GOSH

Bradley 'wiggo' Wiggins won it in 2012...
Even more famous; cos of winning four french - in the same year; only person - prestige races. Don't mention the seven olympic medals four of them gold GOSH

A Brit by the name of Tommy Simpson - the top Brit - died on a hill climb in 1967.
Amphetamines and alcohol were found in his body...
It is rumoured that in them days; a few stiff brandies was the gift from the gods...GOSH

Lance - anabolic - Armstrong - the most infamous 'rider' was stripped of his seven consecutive wins...
Drugs made him a fortune and lost him a fortune - $75 million sponsorship in one day.
The drugs race is proportional to the increase in money in sport.
Apperently; to get it into gear; one must be on the gear... GOSH

Boris! belligerent buffoon or brainy behemoth!
Much is being mouthed about the shock leader race resignation.
There is one reason and one reason only - Money...
Gold gravy and greenback. GOSH

The rich old school tory land owners will lose a fortune cos of brexit.
The annual farming grant can be almost £3 billion - depending on exchange rate...
Many of the greedy gits will lose more than a £million - for doing nowt.
A million of almost real money which helps the kids and near family who own the established UK Businesses.
Don't mention paying for the hounds and hunting gear...GOSH

The cost of HS2 is being questioned again...
Not because of the fact of the cost ; of, only knocking 20 mins. for 20 people, off the journey from Birmingham to London.
No! cos; the route of the HS2 goes through the greedy git homelands.
They are getting a train; and losing the gravy GOSH

The Greeks get a canny wack for agriculture and fisheries from the EU.
Wonder how many Greeks get a fortune for doing nowt?
Will they be able to stop the national assets being ripped apart - like ours have been !


SAT 2nd of July 2016

1937; Amelia Earhart flew into trouble over the pacific and was never seen again.
Despite the size and technology; planes can still disappear today.
When it's money v man; man gets the blame...
There they were gone GOSH

In 1974 BOAC and BEA combined and became BA.- a nationalised outfit After a period of fierce competition with British Caledonian...
BA was privatised in 1987 and took over B. Caledonian the same year
A subsidised - by the plebs - venture by the greedy git gang GOSH

BA merged with Iberia in 2011 and became IAG - International airlines group.
In 2015 Qatar Airlines bought 10% of BA.
Were going to have fun in the city
The square mile was being girded with gold GOSH

Mergers and acquisitions is one of the ways that bankers make their money.
Riches without a gamble GOSH

Privatisation was jobs for the banker boys paid for by the plebs.
Don't mention the bail out...
Socialism for the rich; capitalism for the plebs The house of commons - both sides - became a gangway for the greedy GOSH

And! now; is the EU protest vote a case of...
Throwing the baglady out with the bag.
Corbyn must whatever! GO GOSH...

Jeremy Corbyn doesn't need to be a leader or messiah
He represents honest democratic change...
He has got us plebs galvanised GOSH

UK politics is now in turmoil; like Greece - a similar situation - with less loans alledgedly. The bankers have the potential funny money control of greece; Greece still has the national assetts.
We have an untenable ratio of funny money bankers to real wealth; and, our national assetts have been ripped apart.
Change in both countries is inevitable...


SUN 3rd of July 2016

1767; Pitcairn island was discovered by 15 year old midshipman Bob -I'm not a yob - Pitcairn of/on HMS Swallow.
In those days - as now - one swallow could be the start of a binge...
Pitcairn is in the middle of the Pacific ocean - it's harder to find than a Glasgow grape. GOSH

This group of four tiny islands is famous for; the 'mutiny on the bounty' - it really happened - not just a film...
The pitcairns are still an overseas territory with the Queen as the Gov GOSH

The Pitcairns are so remote and run down; they are not even a UK tax haven...
Most of the worlds islands ( including the UK )that have had, and still have, anything to do with the UK; are tax havens.
Not forgetting the many on shore, such as: Switzerland, Andora, Monaco, luxembourg and the host of fellow friends in funny finance.
The nearest mainland big one to Panama is Guatamala. GOSH or NO GOSH

Wonder how/why Panama got pinkied - the smallest of fingers.
Tax evasion and avoidance is such a huge international game - was it cos dodgy dave had 30 grand there?
If dodgy dave hasn't got more than ten times x ten - at least - that amount hidden away...
I'll show what I can't shove my elbow up; in Fenwicks window...
while eating all the homburgs in Hamberg and all the guns in Galveston.GOSH.

Boris - now the abandoned and belittled bufffoon of brexit - was a bum - in the nicest possible way - chum to the bankers.
The new breed; that were 'alledgedly poliotically' distant to UKIP - not the old school and rich landowners aligned to the 1922 committee; that seen him so career crushing off.
Done in by the guardians of the real greedy gits...GOSH

The behind the scenes plotting of the - time to go; old hat - new labour centre right is...
the naive machination of the muppet - compared to the scaringly scholarly scheming and ruthless skullduggery of the tory rich.
Honesty and openess is the way of us plebs...
Well time to give it a go GOSH

Mankind and woman... love a secret...
Will the Greek left wing socialists take part in any under the duvet dealing with the bankers - it;s the bankers game not the politicians.
Wonder what's Greek for whistle blower - probably whistle blower...


MON 4th of July 2016

1862; over 150 years ago; Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was published.
Anybody forgot the author - think of the largest island of the outer hebrides!
Or! a fictional tv detective Remember the gryphon...No...GOSH

Alice... is an enigmatic mix of logic and fantasy - a genre!
Like politics; one has to read between the lines...
A strange blend of gush and guff...GOSH

The PLP of new labour - not much different to new and old tory - is meeting with the newly elected leader today
Hoping to hammer out a compromise...
What the blairites wont openely admit; is that Jeremy Corbyn represents a new democratic movement - label it what you will!
The westminster cosy cartel - the bankers bubble has burst...
All over Europe the gang party politic of the posh is going GOSH

Dodgy daves chum ; Georgie - just as oik as posh - boy, is trying/pretending to save the UK economy by making the UK even more of a tax haven for the rich.
A platitude for the plebs and another raft for the rich!
Almost weekly dodgy dave reels off factor after factor of proof that they have 'fixed' the economy.
Never mind brexit; if it isn't broken don't fix it...Expletive beginning with G GOSH

The unnerving -now totally exposed- truth - for some; is that the EU economy was doing OK for the rich; and pulverising the poor.
World competition has polarised western politics in an unfair fashion.
The pressure for change is now even greater GOSH

Hang on Greece - the good guys are coming...


TUES 5th of July 2016

1996; Dolly the sheep was the first ever mammal to be cloned from an adult cell - she lived for seven years.
The Shetlands shepherds and shepherdesses circle changed their theme tune to 'Hello Dolly', golly GOSH

The fourth of july 1776 is also Independence - from the British Empire - Day; for America.
The 24th of june 2016 was Independence day of the devoluting UK from the EU.
Decisions of grandeur and gravity! GOSH

The 4/7 is also the start date for the leader of the greedy gits election - and possible unelected PM of the UK.
Remember; what's his name - G.Brown; alledged (figment...)alternative - yet unelected PM - to Phony Tony.
Not quite the gift GOSH

Those in the race are an egotistical, clique encouraged, lobby loving lot...
All gas and gob for the country - or just the greedy GOSH

Theresa May:
Elected in 1997 - after two failed attempts elswhere - to the newly created seat of Maidenhead (Royal) Berkshire.
The tories answer to blairs babes - pushed as the one nation woman of the people; however,...
Married to a banker; info has disappeared - many rumours re. G4S; now works for huge US investment banking firm.
Definitely members of the greedy gang GOSH

Michael Gove: A Jock; with the safe seat of Surrey Heath since 2005...
A further than centre right neoconservative...
Should appeal to a few of the right wing; sneaks freaks and geeks GOSH

Andrea Leadsome; who: Elected to the new- boundary change -seat of South Northhamptonshire in 2006...
Persuaded to stand for leader by the old school tory grandees - probably the ones that seen off Boris.
One of the bankers - less grace than greed GOSH

Stephen Crabb: A welsh working class hero - I've got the foremans job at last...
A Jock; took his welsh seat in Pembrokshire from new labour by 607 seats in 2005.
More chance of moving sidewards than upwards - believes in the old fashioned God GOSH

Liam Fox:
No chance; too foxy - a real 'working class' doc who turned to spinning for the gelt GOSH

Greece has more mainstream parties the we have...
Party leaders could change quicker than the drop of a plate or loan deal.


WED 6th of July 2016

1483; Richard 111 - yes 'tis him; dick the turd - was crowned king of england.
An era when england really was little; with the obligatory serfdom and royal garlands of glory GOSH

Dick only got the job when they found out, the next in line - Eddie V - was a bastard...
A real one - not a euphemistic git GOSH

Remember the heir apparent of today - yes charlie boy - had married Diana; to belt out some next generation heirs...
Charlie met Camilla in the 'royal carriage' for tea and tother; when it had been 'parked' in a secluded siding, overnight.
Were they having a half of a right royal get together GOSH...

The local, not 'royal', detective was given a hard time - no pun intended - and had to move on; when he refused to clean up the evidence from the track; the next morning...
Not all defer to the gladrags gloss and glengarry glitter GOSH

Three London property investment firms have stopped withdrawals; cos of a 40% rise in prices since 2009 and the plunging pound reaction to the brexit blessing
This is the equivalent of trying to stop the old fashioned 'run on the bank'
The con artists and spinners are at it again...
Never mind the gains; feel the girth GOSH

Markets don't depend on 'confidence'; they are all underwritten by the sweat of a plebs brow.
The recent trend of by-passing the worker; and, money men (and women) creating enough wealth to placate the pleb has long pased its sell by date...
The markets; on shore, off shore and redundant ralphies rickshaw; have merely produced an abundance of funny money; not real GOLD... NO GOSH.

Who killed the Economy?
Mr. Blobby in the Lobby with a funny money hobby.
We are now in the era of funny money producing fools gold...
Were's me mechanical or electronic grab GOSH

The money that was lent to Greece was more real than the funny money now demanded in repayment.
That is why the giving up of the real national assetts of Greece is included in the repayment negotiations.
Don't Defer Greece. DEFAULT...


THURS 7th of July 2016

1928; sliced bread was sold for the first time...wonder bread!
Otto Rohwedder's slicing machine cut the mustard and even wrapped up the cut loaf.
Otto was a second generation german/american born in Iowa 1880; and trained as a jeweller.
He flogged three jewellers shops to finance the machine that brought home the gruel GOSH

The best thing since sliced bread! Chips...
Not chicken and chips - computer chips....
Now; integrated circuits with billions of transistors are part of chips
Small! think way beyond granular GOSH

The CPU - central processing unit - is the brain of all things digital...
Smart phones and tablets - the latest electronic pusher and puller of economies - use different CPU's to the PC.
There's a new kid in town - and he's getting the gravy GOSH

The smart phone telephone bit is not as good as the second generation mobile phone.
Technology and novelty have always been two forward and one back...
Know what I mean Harry ...and Gari GOSH

All things financial are frenetically unforeseeable due to brexit.
Non as much as the 'invest me and I'll set you free' greedy git gang.
Perhaps a good dose of western world de-privatisation will settle things down...
Wonder if little england will be pulled or pushed by the large trading blocks.
Some times being on ones own can be hard graft...GOSH

Where do you stand on network rail platforms?
The UK - including Scotland; independent or not - railways will be the easiest to nationalise...
Wait until the franchise runs out - cost; nil...
Many of 'our' train operators are European state run/controlled outfits.
The mind boggles with/without the glazing goggles GOSH

Some men; condemned and damned; deny til death...
The denizens who resort to the depths of death and destruction don't recognise 'denial'.
It's wrong to kill in your country - It's OK to kill for your country.
Don't mention the ill gotten gains GOSH

The bankers are coming... to Athens
The campbells are Glen Coe.
The campbells were a mix of highland clan and ??????? mercenaries from the English Fort William.
The bankers are a mix of Greek haves and international greedy gits.