One couldn’t make it up...

JAN 24/1 to 31/1 2016

SUN 24/1 2016

The politicians aren't happy with BT.
BT mustn't have made a donation to dodgy daves mob...GOSH

Have you heard of Arriva...
It used to be part of the Cowie empire based in Sunderland
It is now owned by the national rail company of Germany.
Deutsch Bahn (DB AG)is a private company owned by the German state.GOSH

DB is the owner of 6 train operators, many bus services, stacks of non emergency ambulances and...
T&W METRO...which; is run by nexus (combined local authorities)
Any spare gelt goes to Germany no JOSH

DB AG is a multinational spread all over Europe Except... France.
The French had the sense and ability not to entertain them! cos
They have an even bigger state owned multinational called SNCF
NO Gaelic or Garlic GOSH

There are roughly 20-28 rail operators in the UK...
The varying no. depends on the no. of franchises and the business operations (shenanigans) of the owners
The UK operators all have three things in common:
They took advantage of privatisations - dont mention the subsidies.
Psst... wanna buy a cheap housing association property...GOSH

The are nearly all multinationals financed to some extent by private banking; and...
they have money making 'interests' other than transport...
All aboard GOSH.

They pretend to be UK outfits; but, have a parent company (at best).
The cost of your ticket; isn't the fair price of the journey...
Your ticket to ride supports the multinational - whatever its nefarious interests.GOSH

Did you vote as an individual?
The price of your ticket will include the cost of lobbying
On your behalf... Of course - the subsidy pays for it GOSH

But! Heh; you work for a train company and use a car...
You're one step ahead of the game - you drive a car that is made in the UK (Japanese).
Let's hang on to what we got GOSH

Nissan is only in the UK for the European market...
Multinationals can move a hell of a lot more faster than a Controlled councillor.GOSH

Is it not strange that a state controlled/owned foreign company can run a private train set better than we can.
The truth is; of course... they can't.GOSH

Plebs and multinational train sets go together like...
A horse and carriage GOSH

Back to the donkey and cart for the plebs...
If the German bankers get their woeful way

MON 25/1 2016

Todays plant was going to concentrate (try) on the letter 'Q'; cos this website is called 'cardsandquirks'.
'Quirks' without 'cardsand' in front doesn't get to the top of the search engine.
There used to be cards on this website - was I lucky or not! GOSH

The politicians (greedy gits/posh plebs and plebs) are not happy with charities targetting the 'old and vunerable'
Will the massively overpaid CEO (head honcho) put his/her hand up...or... will some representative spin doctor/volunteer medic; try the classic 'we weren't fully aware what was going on'.GOSH

The bankers were the first to come out with this (truth/half truth/lie) placate the plebs patter.
That was years ago - it's all gone quiet over there...GOSH

Seb Coe (a lord of the realm - no less) as second in command of the Athletics Industry/business association...
Was desperate enough to say the 'I wasn't aware' patter...
No one believed him - yet he still got the top job...GOSH

Now! Adidas says adios to athletics early... (sue me sucker)
Moral high ground; or cute business ethics...GOSH

The banking game was never sponsored by big business - depite being best of chums...
The bankers got governments to sponsor them Gosh

Have the plebs forgotten the 2007/8 bank crash - and the bail out...
It's 2016; the greedy gits and some posh pleb politicians have their heads up even further up now...GOSH

The banks haven't been split - many can't remember when the vast majority of money in the banking system...
Went to supporting the majority of people; who made things...GOSH

The 'placate the pleb patter' is; the whole system is too complicated; to split the 'casino banking'
Sadly; this is a funny half truth...GOSH

The B of E (governments) can only calculate the amount of funny mmoney in the system...
They didn't want to see the crash coming - never mind; had the ability to stop it...A historic GOSH

The real sad truth is...
The establishment is even more; the problem - and not the answer...
Don't mention the DEBT...
I said."Do not mention the debt". GOSH

The Greek plebs must be even bigger suckers than us.

TUES 26/1 2016

What's that pleb cliche again!
'Talk the talk... but; don't walk the the walk'
Gorblimy GOSH

Dodgy dave and chums have been well and truly captured on tax...
Only a half wit (Pick a person you don't like) would attempt any form of denial
A gape of a GOSH

Tax is a very important ingredient in the cake, or pie chart, of inequality.
In lifes' rich tapestry - more and more are having to make clippy mats...
A gourmet and gristle GOSH

Did you know that axminster carpets - with the help of westminster wallets...
Is now owned by private equity - the banks.
A HS Train of gravy GOSH

More real money from the aspiration of the poor; directly to the replenishment of the rich.
The journey of wealth from the gold flecked wallpaper as thick as carpet; to the clippy mat of poverty
Is as long as it has ever been in history.GOSH

Is the journey the other way; even longer!
The greatest irony is...
The more the rich countries try to extract wealth from the poorer countries...
The more the number of clippy mat makers making the journey increases.
We've lost the goat let's gallivant GOSH

Most of the world is in the game...
Inequality is the name of the game GOSH

Dodgy dave and the gang are intent on playing the inequality game with a ferosity unseen for over one hundred years.
With such a small majority in a 'democracy'!
Is this! arrogance (or greed) beyond comprehension...
Gimme... Gimmme...Gimmeee A GOSH

A meek Greek won't inherit his country; never mind the earth...

WED 27/1 2016

Society has a lot of secrets...
Wonder how many secret societies (we) have! GOSH

The more economic pressure a society has...
The more the civil service becomes a secret service...GOSH

Society has a lot of open secrets.
Technology - the bankers couldn't have carried out the big con without it -
is undergoing the laying bare of the secrets by the second.GOSH

Bill Gates the boss of microsoft is usually first; and never lower than second; on the rich list...
Not so long ago the technology was stacked up ready for marketing...
Now It's just the marketing stacked up.GOSH

The latest operating system 'windows 10' is being given away for nowt.
It has run out of novelty and innovation and to compete with the opposition...
It is selling your secrets...GOSH or NO GOSH

You (we) are being tracked, trawled and trained by the tyrants of the transistor.
Not just online; anything and everything we get up to is being influenced, recorded; and traded...
Chips are now cheaper than chips GOSH

You have nothing to hide...
Oh yes you have...
Diphthong that... divi.GOSH

The young are born into it...they blindly take to technology; like..
a high mantenance mama -or man- to money.
The gadget gadgie GOSH

Thanks to technology; we know that...
Inequality is increasingly being experienced by all nations on the planet.
They can't all be in the fight club...Can they!
Is Information technology - owned by fewer and fewer by the day - the main driver of the world economy!
Or! is it just an innocent bystander watching the scrap - as the greedy gits would have you believe...

It was many moons ago that Marx prophesised the 'theory' that capitalism would just grind itself to a halt.
Since then the world has lurched to the right and...
Capitalism - to use the old word - in its many forms (including the so called communism); hasn't stopped...
It's just having 40 winks - ask the bankers GOSH

Whats a Greek urn?
For christ (who) sake don't ask them losers...

THURS 28/1 2016

Girl in international tennis 'circuit' comes good and is adopted publically by UK.
If same girl had earned a few dollars more - would have been adopted by US of A.
Corruption in tennis 40 - plebs time span 0...
Knock that over the net a few times...GOSH

Looks like the footie bubble has burst...
Some clubs are still paying too much for 'unwanted' talent; to placate the plebs.
Are you cancelling your hiked up sky subscription; to watch 'the over here and overpaid' not even doing just enough now.
Everybody should have a hobby GOSH

Has your house got a revolving door - what! you can't afford a house now...
The revolving door is the link between politicians and 'the money'.
Revolving doors exist; even in backwaters like the NE - not just London.GOSH

Lobbying firms control the revolving doors.
Entry is restricted to the establishment...any establishment
You vote! - sorry pal; establishment only; that's how it works - sucker or pleb GOSH

Plebs that vote are not only; not in the game; they are not even allowed to watch the game.
The big game is held in secret - the bit you see is the thirty bob mob...
Is this a bob a job josh GOSH.

Now and again the big hitters lose it and draw attention to the game...
Dodgy dave lost it in the commons and named; blair, brown and darling as workers for the big american investment (casino) banks.
Wonder if they are on the 'door' or counter staff! GOSH

Many - too many to list - new labour leviathans, leapt like lords, through the revolving door.
Many - as I write this - are queueing up...
Don't worry; some will leave the queue, temporarily, to represent you...
The toon must win the league sometime...GOSH

The right are now fond of accusing the left of 'not making hay while the sun shines'.
If! the 'plan' to make the sun shine is working...
Why; are they, grabbing all the grain while the socialist sleeps. GOSH

More and more people are realising...
It's austerity for us - and party time for them...GOSH

The tories are all for the working man...
The pigs are flying over the initiation ceremony again GOSH

Have the Greeks got any plates left...
To smash at party time.

FRI 29/1 2016

The google tax story has more legs than the chinese army.
The right wing think tanks have even brought out the reserve expendables to 'defend/deflect'...
Google it GOSH.

Google is a strange mix of private money and public shares...
Google is now owned by a holding company.
A wonder why GOSH

Google is purported to be run by the obligatory 'boys next door'.
Remember; cantona the man u player in bother; and portrayed as down to earth and renting a room in a semi...
At the same time he was having a £million house built in France...
Imagine an ad with flying pigs playing cloud spin football...Goal GOSH

Google is one of the top five tech companies in the world.
Google is the best co. in the world at 'not paying tax'.
A multi-tude of goshes GOSH.

Google is one the the top 5 biggest spenders on lobbying in the world.
Googles' UK executives are frequent users of the revolving door to 'our' establishment.
The door to dodgy dave and georgy boys greed git gang is well and slewly oiled...
You won't be able to nail that; googling it GOSH

Google became the 'gold mine' with the search engine on the internet and...
Diversified into all things using kinds of money other than profit - Basket and egg GOSH

Google owns Gmail; it is free - including! the adverts.
Google claims that 'no human' ever sees your emails..
Unless it concerns the adverts.GOSH

I use Gmail - but I block the adverts.
Free programs - just as good as the 'professional'- can be found on the 'Mozilla' site.
Give it a google GOSH.

Google is on the; keep the internet free and open set up; chaired by the founder of the internet- Tim Berners Lee.
Bit! exactly; like dodgy dave and the gang saying, they are all for a free NHS...
And; privatising it behind your back. GOSH

Wonder how much gen one would get; if one googled.
Greek bank loans.

SAT 30/1 2016

The coop bank is now 70% owned by yank hedge funds.
It is seperated from, but part of! the Coop group...
Doesn't look good GOSH

The new 'ethical' majority owners are converting the bonds into shares...
This means mutual ownership is out the window... and worse.
Hazel -huge telly/ new labour - Blears is one of the new kids on the 'board'
Elvis has more chance of making a comeback - It's gone GOSH

They are selling off the stores to liddle and aldi.
See how I nearly wrote lidle and fiddle there...
The pharmacies and farms to their friends in fiefedom.
The hedge funds will sell off the good bits; funny money what is left, up to the top of a fat cats corset;
Then flog it off... the gluttony of greed GOSH.

The word on the streets paved with gold is...
They are going to'buy' another bank in trouble; on the cheap
With a bit of well remunerated advice from the 'chums' in the city; of course...
Same planet - different world; for the bonus boys...GOSH

And all done in less time than it takes...
A pleb to find another zero hours contract - without a contract - job...
In the real money economy GOSH

Nigel ( is! the clue in the name ) Lawson - the chancellor of city thatcherism.
One of the chief architects of inequality...
Has come out with a 'placate the plebs' belter...
A 'good un'; translation for the posh plebs.GOSH

Is Nige a whistleblower!
Anyone seen him on the hoy in consett club!
In the queue at fatfield fish shop; Or...
Is he still knocking back the double malts in a posh London private club.
A grand guzzle GOSH

Change the label - corporation to sales tax...
Us plebs; must be thick!
The pigs have left the trough and heading for the airfield again...
A getaway GOSH

The migrants are a bigger than the money story.
The bonus boys will be grafting away in the background.
Constructing the gravy train to Greece.

SUN 31/1 2016

The skirmishes are turning violent and actually being plebugated by the 'mainstream media'
Are the 'marchers'; differing idiologies, or just slightly different income groups/gangs!
Somebody, somewhere; on behalf of the establishment, will be working it out, to the person/pound stirling
A guardian of GOSH

Of course; the answer is a strange mix.
The 'mix' is the cement of society...
Alas! the greater the economic pressure - the weaker the cement...
A gooy GOSH or the goo going GOSH

Is it not strange! that when the bayonets are attached and the bombs armed.
It - the multitude of factions - always breaks down to the haves and have-nots
Just two gangs GOSH.

Migrants were the focal point, and Dover the site; of the latest conflict/skirmish.
All - put em up dude - do s' are 'portrayed to the public as...
Knuckle dragging neo nazis v the cage fighters of socialist softyism.
Is it just a training/recruitment exercise for the many - or already the two gangs GOSH

Migrants - what ever the shade - are the result of inequality.
Migrants don't want to come here for the benefits...
They come to the UK cos it's much easier to get a job...
Gis a go GOSH

Much easier; than all the other western countries...
All the reasons lumped into one - the UK has greater inequality...
A 30 bob job in the UK is better than a 300 pound bomb...No Gobsmacking GOSH

The greatest irony is not the fact that the have-nots have the most to lose from migration.
It is the fact; that the haves in the UK; are the ones dropping the bombs.
Garner that into your goulash of gastronomic gonads GOSH

The clock is still ticking for Greece.
Is it a time bomb!