WED Jan 16th 2019

1581; The English Parliament outlawed Roman Catholicism.
If only god had give us the gift to see ourselves as others see us.
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1707; The Act of Union was passed, merging the English and Scottish parliaments and paving the way for the new country of Great Britain.
1939; The Irish Republican Army (IRA) begins its bombing and sabotage campaign in England.
Many greedy git haves and some have-nots want self determination from the EU; but, are not prepared to give self determination to parts of the UK that want it...
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1982; Britain - yes the UK whatever - and the Vatican resumed full diplomatic relations after a break of exactly 447 years.
Now what year did the that pope bloke visit the UK !
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2015; US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration confirmed that 2014 had been the hottest globally since records began in 1880.
2015 Nursey and Son, who had been manufacturing sheepskin coats for 169 years, including sheepskin coats for David Jason ('Del Boy') in TV's Only Fools and Horses, closed its doors for the last time.
Nobody, organisation or nation state stays top dog for ever - it's all a matter of time...
In the era of really short termism; is it your time! Wanna be in my gang GOSH

Will Greek plebs have a better time in the future, bringing change from within a large political trading bloc!
So here's to the future; the fun has just begun!

THURS Jan 17th 2019

1648; Parliament broke off negotiations with King Charles I, in response to the news that Charles was entering into an engagement with the Scots, thereby setting the scene for the second phase of the English Civil War.
Many thought it was done and dusted in one go - many are not fully aware there was a civil war at all; at all.
Some girls will; some girls wont - some men want to go to war; some don't.
There's no irony about a speciman of the weaker sex sleep walking this nation state into war.
Want to be in my (reluctant) gung ho Gang GOSH

1784; The birth, in Todmorden - West Yorkshire of John Fielden British industrialist and Radical Member of Parliament for Oldham.
Oldham is in the midlands somewhere - a strong brexit area; I guess!
John Fielden despaired that the concerns of the poor would never be given adequate attention and he and Lord Ashley passed 'The Ten Hours Act' to ensure that women and children only worked up to 10 hours a day in factories. The rich making a tough decision on behalf of the poor plebs!
Nowadays; this nation state is supposed to have a fair democracy...
We; recently went through a phase of not voting...
It is supposed to be, in an adversarial system, that the winner wins - it is up to 'us' what kind of society we have.
If you don't do anything about it; you deserve everything you don't get.
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1945; The Nazis began the evacuation of the Auschwitz concentration camp as Soviet forces closed in.
Nearly one and a half thousand British prisoners of war were sent to the Auschwitz death camps.
Do people do things cos they think they can getaway with it - the victor writes the history.
Conspiracy, cock up and statistics are used by both sides in any type of conflict.
The people of this nation state state were against the abolition of the death penalty - yet MP's voted for the abolition of capital punishment.
You can fool some of the people, some of the time; but, you can't fool all...
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1986; The Royal yacht Britannia evacuated Britons and other foreign nationals from Aden during their civil war.
Most of the 'royal family' would have been truly against this - some members of this society want another royal yacht built instead of wheel chairs; a nation that can't/won't afford either, it is said.
Aden; 1986, an exampleof a nation state that used to have an empire hanging on by its chin straps.
The American Empire is still trying to police the world - when will they ever learn that Trump is the last throw of the dice for the American Economy/Empire.
The have-nots are not supposed to know that.
It is the haves that hang on to what they got...
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2008; British Airways Flight 38 crash landed just short of London Heathrow Airport with no fatalities.
It was the first complete hull loss of a Boeing 777, the world's largest twin jet aircraft.
The subsequent enquiry found the human pilots were not at fault - it was the by far the most from the UK humans that built the engines.
The engines were modified - the love of money makes the world go around.
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2014; Cambridge City Council said that apostrophes on new street signs would be abolished, a decision that was condemned by language traditionalists.
The naming policy also banned street names which would be "difficult to pronounce or awkward to spell" and any that "could give offence" or would "encourage defacing of nameplates".
After an intervention by cabinet minister Eric Pickles, local people in Cambridge started to edit street signs, adding apostrophes if they were necessary.
This larger than average life - some say dangerously overweight - was a conservative career politician of jewish labour voting midlands extract - parachuted into a safe Essex seat stood down in 2017.
The games people play - wanna be in my gang GOSH

Greece has had its share of game players over time.
In these turbulent times; some would say to the Greek nation state membership of the EU, 'Oi, what's your game'.

FRI Jan 18th 2019

1486; After 30 years of civil war the Royal Houses of Lancaster and York were united by the marriage of Henry VII to Elizabeth of York, the eldest daughter of Edward IV.
Was this a case of sex stopping deathly violence.
Mankind (Including women) gets tired of war and starts to talk.
The pundits of the MSM (main stream media) are going to the far end of flatulence by claiming we are in unprecedented times over the almost 50/50 split over membership of the EU.
It is not beyond the wit of man to find a peaceful solution to the present political predicament.
As someone who is firmly on the side of the have-nots; I believe the unexpected (on both sides) result would not have come about if it wasn't for the present inequality.
The solution isn't easy; but, reducing inequality drastically is the well sought way forward without the semantics.
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1788; A British fleet of eleven ships and 800 convicts landed at Botany Bay, Australia.
They created the first British penal colony, in Port Jackson - Sydney.
Compare the land of the brave and the free to the land of the people who were transported as criminals -many of which were convicted for desperately trying to eat properly. - don't mention sport. In the much smaller world of today - not least due to global warming - whatever the politics both nation states are literally on the far side of the planet.
Our nation state nearest trading partners are - like it or like it not - the; some say unelected politically members of the EU,
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1884; Dr. William Price, a vegetarian nudist who believed in free love and herbal remedies, was arrested for cremating the body of his infant son, Iesu Grist (the Welsh for Jesus Christ), in front of onlookers on a Llantrisant hillside.
Price was arrested and put on trial by those who believed that cremation was illegal in Britain.
However, he successfully argued that there was no legislation that specifically outlawed it, which paved the way for the Cremation Act of 1902.
Not having a written constitution makes it easier for those that earn a living in/by law to luxuriate in legislation.
Wanna be in a 'have' gang Gosh

1976; British Labour MPs Jim Sillars and John Robertson launched the Scottish Labour Party (SLP) to campaign for greater devolution for Scotland - don't mention Wales or the Island of Ireland
There you/we/they go GOSH!

The Greek nation state has a lower standard of living, more problems and just as split over the EU as us.
Yet; they are still members of the EU.
My heart is with the leavers; but, my head is with the remainers!

SAT Jan 19th 2019

1661; Thomas Venner was hanged, drawn and quartered in London.
Venner was a cooper by trade but also a rebel, the last leader of the Fifth Monarchy Men, who had tried, unsuccessfully, to overthrow Oliver Cromwell.
He subsequently led a coup in London against the newly-restored government of Charles II.
The coup lasted lasted four days before the Royal authorities captured the rebels.
Was Tommy - never heard of him; have you - the first semi/professional/man of principle rebel without a cause.
Or; was he an early example of a pro establishment propaganda!
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1813; Sir Henry Bessemer, who gave his name to a process for converting cast iron into steel, was born, in Charlton - Hertfordshire. With capitalism the one with the most money eventually wins - just like poker and any other form of gambling.
A generation ago when the makers of Brown ale had their own - far from unsubstantial - brewery; it had its own pub with no tills.
Just outside this free pub was a well padded wheelbarrow to take anyone off the planet to an awaiting taxi/whatever.
The only way a 'shop floor' worker got to use the wheel barrow was to save the Brewery money; or a lifetime service...
Both a reward and pleb pacifier - the rich are far from averse to using the poor to increase their personal wealth.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

2013; A piece of music that was composed by waiting for bird droppings to fall onto giant sheets of manuscript paper received its premiere at the Tate Liverpool art gallery.
Artist Kerry Morrison said that the music represented the role that birds play in the environment.
Was the 'artist' using no.2 to take the no.1
All forms of art are like beauty - it; lies in the eyes of the beholder.
In this era of inequality; some people have too much disposable income.
When one is busy eking out a living, one rarely/never sees the laws of supply and demand applied publically to the acquisition of modern and ancient artifacts of wealth...
The only way is up.
Are prices still going up!
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

2014; The death of former British athlete Sir Chris Chataway, at the age of 82.
Chataway, who broke the 5,000m world record in 1954, is also remembered as the man who helped pace Sir Roger Bannister to break the four-minute mile barrier in the same year.
Chataway was named the first-ever BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 1954.
Man and now women, have always used their bodies for individual endeavor - many in team games.
Since Chataway and Banister; sport has gone through its plebs phase - long gone is the gifted 'amateur' ask them from the Australian nation state...
As wealth moves away from the developed world; sport has become a money/drug driven industry.
Have you seen the green shoots of change!
Wanna be in my Gang GOSH

Are the seeds of change being sown in Greece; before global warming.
Some trump card America is playing by coming out of any carbon footprint increase agreement

SUN Jan 20th 2019

1265; England's first Parliament met at Westminster Hall in London, convened by the Earl of Leicester, Simon de Montfort - what; the same foreign owned Leicester that against all the odds, won the premiership footie.
All them generations later; only two or three, perhaps, have not been the rich making tough decisions on behalf of the poor!
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1850; The opening of the Penny Savings Bank, to encourage thrift amongst the poor.
Make em poor; but, not too poor - if we make em too poor, we won't be able to make em poor.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1958; Members of the British and New Zealand teams attempting the first surface (with some air support) crossing of the Antarctic, met up at the South Pole.
Someone once said that we should explore our own planet before space.
Exploration depends on innovation; and, innovation depends on inspiration - a relative few are lucky; many are not.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1986; France and Britain finally decided to undertake the Channel Tunnel project, promising that trains would run under the Channel by 1993.
When it eventually opened, on 6th May 1994, it left Eurotunnel with debts of £925m a year late.
The finances of the Channel tunnel are only slightly easier to follow than the panama papers fiddle - remember they are not doing anything wrong.
Have you seen that P take meme; no drugs and tunnel closed.
Is it true or not that the French used French labour and technology; we used world wide firms and the French had to wait for the English/Uk to breakthrough.
Wanna be in my 'little englander' gang GOSH

2014; Dr. Michael Ramscar and a team of scientists suggested that the brains of older people only appear to slow down because they have so much information to compute, much like a full-up hard drive.
“The brains of older people do not get weak. On the contrary, they simply know more.”
Another myth ; 'time passes quicker, when you get older - is not true; we just get slower...
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

The latest escapade of Phil the Greek fully demonstrates the arrogance of the affluent.
Expect the rich supporting establishment to go into overdrive over this one.

MON Jan 21st 2019

1799; Jenner's smallpox vaccination was introduced.
His work on vaccination prevented him from continuing with his ordinary medical practice.
Supported by his colleagues and the King he petitioned Parliament and was granted £10,000 for his work on vaccination.
In 1806 he was granted another £20,000 for his ongoing work in microbiology.
The medical profession is no different to that off others - it is staffed by humans.
There is nowt as queer (in the best possible taste) as folk
The society that you want has to be fought ( in the best possible taste) for...
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1807; Streets in London were first illuminated by gaslight when Pall Mall was lit up.
The East End and Peckham are not as posh as Pall Mall. The gas lamp - candles tended to be blown out by wind! - was superceded ( what kind of a pedant are you GOSH) by the electric lamp and all its many forms.
Many inventions were made in the sticks - London seen the proliferation...
Hence; it has always been true that the streets of London are paved with gold; and, lit by money.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1925; The birth of the comedian Benny Hill, in Southampton, Hampshire.
One of his biggest fans was the silent film star, Charlie Chaplin.
Benny - a single multi-millionaire; think what you will; real life penny pincher- (family history of clowns who followed the money while eking out 'a living') died in 1992 not long after his (in)famous television show was axed.
The times they are achanging...
Wanna be in my one man gang GOSH

2008; Black Monday on the world's stock markets saw the FTSE 100 have its biggest ever one-day fall.
European stocks closed with their worst result since 11th September 2001, and Asian stocks dropped as much as 14%.
There are some that are saying another banking crash is due.
Automated systems and technology are not responsible for these set backs in individual endeavor - it is humans and the love of money.
As wealth moves away from the developed nation states will global warming temper human Greed!
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

The Greek economy relies much less on banking than us and - albeit marginally - prefers to stay within a large trading bloc.

TUES Jan 22nd 2019

1719; The death of Sir William Paterson, Scottish trader, financier and co-founder of the Bank of England.
Paterson was instrumental in the movement for the Union of Scotland and England, culminating in his support of the Act of Union - 1707.
It was late in life that I discovered that many in the Ku Klux Klan were direct descendants of Scottish immigrants.
Heard the one about two Scotsmen fighting over a penny - make up your own ending.
Is it supreme irony that Brexit will not only mean the end of the union; but, lead to losing Gibraltar and the Falklands - it is the surrounding wealth and wealth generated - nobody except relatives gives two hoots about the people.
It is a very long time since I've deliberately tried to frighten anyone - bugger Bognor and global warming
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1901; Queen Victoria died, aged 81, at Osborne House on the Isle of Wight.
At the time, her reign was the longest in British history, spanned 63 years and saw the growth of 'an empire on which the sun never set'.
Betty 11 is now the longest living constitutional monarch,
It has become popular to describe families on benefit as dysfunctional - surely the 'royal' family takes the short and long bread biscuit.
The King is dead; Long live the King; ask Charlie,
The times they are achanging
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1972; The United Kingdom, the Irish Republic and Denmark joined the Common Market.
Since then there has been a concentrated effort to leave.
Those in the leave gang were ever so pleasantly surprised at the referendum result to leave - an understatement?
Many - often complex; not least right wing racism - reasons have been proffered.
This nation state would not have voted to leave if it hadn't this level of inequality - other members have more equal societies.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

2015; Survival expert Ray Mears, who was due to make at least £10,000 as a speaker at the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show was sacked after he chose caravans as one of his pet hates on the TV show 'Room 101'.
Is this career camper (no pun intended) any different to a career politician.
There is a saying, 'we deserve the politicians we get'.
How many politicians on £77 grand/annum + thousands in expenses, voted to take 30 quid a week off those in wheelchairs; said/say, 'I became a politician to change things'.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

The Greek public debt is rising again - a statistic or bankers bias.
Rumours that a Greek guy fawkes plot was averted during the EU approved proposed agreement to name part of the former Yugoslavia, 'North Macedonia', nation wide demonstrations.
The Greek coalition government voted for the EU backed 'PRESPA' Agreement.