TUES 16th Jan 2018

On This day the 16th Jan 2018

 British Museum   Elgin Marbles

1759; The opening of the British Museum, at Montague House, London.
Access often depended on who you were and who you knew.
Permission had to be given by the librarian and only 10 people an hour were allowed in.
Its permanent collection numbers some eight million works and is amongst the finest, most comprehensive, and largest in existence.
It illustrates and documents the story of human culture from its beginnings to the present day.
Apart from some exhibitions, it;s free - visit with Glee GOSH

1859; The National Portrait Gallery opened to the public in Great George Street.
There were only 56 portraits and viewing was by appointment on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
The National Gallery is free apart from some exhibitions - give us a grant GOSH

1870; Britain's first woman doctor, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, passed the final exam of the Medical Faculty of the Sorbonne and became a fully qualified MD.
The medical profession still reflects the gender pay gap today...
It matters not if one is heterosexual or gay GOSH

The Elgin Marbles are still in the British Museum.
Wonder if the EU will now help us lose our marbles...

WED 17th Jan 2018

On This day the 17th Jan 2018

 A Revolution!  Lakes a world heritage Site

1648; Parliament broke off negotiations with King Charles I, in response to the news that Charles was entering into an engagement with the Scots, thereby setting the scene for the second phase of the English Civil War.
The delaying allusion of democracy defeating death and destruction...
Wanna be a mercenary in my gang GOSH!

1746;‘Bonnie Prince Charlie’ and his Highlanders won the battle of Falkirk.
It was to be their last victory in the 'forty-five' Jacobite uprising, as three months later they were defeated at Culloden. A period of division between internationally backed religious gangs in the name of the pursuit of power.
More or less similar to devolution today...
A period of confused allegiance to hanging on to what we got GOSH

1784; The birth, in West Yorkshire of John Fielden British industrialist and Radical Member of Parliament for Oldham.
John Fielden despaired that the concerns of the poor would never be given adequate attention and he and Lord Ashley passed 'The Ten Hours Act' to ensure that women and children only worked up to 10 hours a day in factories. Poverty is alive and well today...
They got away with it then, the same reason applies today - people look the other way...
The working class can kiss my ass; I've got the right of the foremans job at last...
But; let's not clash, the plebs can have the gash

1896; The Daimler Motor Company (Coventry) was registered as the first British car manufacturer.
In the buying and selling of UK firms - the uk pleb has no input whatsoever - unlike many more successful 'advanced' nation states ( in or out of Large Trading Block )
How many car companies do we own now!
The delusion of democracy and division - aren't plebs great GOSH

1907 Alfred Wainwright, whose books for walkers did much to popularise the Lake District, was born, in Blackburn, Lancashire.
In 1952, he began the task of walking every fell in Lakeland and recording his walks with pen and ink drawings.
It took him 13 years to climb the 214 fells, travelling on foot or by public transport from his Kendal home, as he never learnt to drive. His ashes are scattered on Haystacks, Cumbria.
Most people in advanced nation states have heard of Wainright and the Lake District.
One of the better parts of this planet; and not just the scenery - go GOSH

Has some nice scenery - not as good as the lakes...
The lakes is known for water - most water companies in England are now foreign owned.
Bugger Brighton and Brexit.
Both nation states are due change...

THURS 18th Jan 2018

On This day the 18th Jan 2018

 Henry Morgan  Nigel Farage

1670; Henry Morgan captured Panama.
Morgan was a privateer who made a name for himself during activities in the Caribbean, primarily raiding Spanish settlements.
The privateers were private people or ships, authorized by a government to attack foreign shipping during wartime.
It was a way of mobilizing armed ships and sailors without having to spend public money or commit naval officers.
Morgan was one of the most notorious and successful privateers of all time, and one of the most ruthless.
PFI's in total collusion with government - what could possibly go wrong - give that man a gong GOSH

1779; The birth of Peter Mark Roget, English doctor and lexicographer, who produced his Roget's Thesaurus in 1852 after 47 years’ work.
It was originally called 'Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases Classified and Arranged so as to Facilitate the Expression of Ideas and Assist in Literary Composition.'
The key board is mightier than the crayon - have you got a thesaurus! Digitalistion has inculcated most into the same game GOSH

1788; A British fleet of eleven ships and 800 convicts landed at Botany Bay, Australia.
They created the first British penal colony, in Port Jackson - Sydney.
One of the best 60/70's jokes ever - Alexis Sayal at the Oz customs control...
Custom Official, 'got any criminal record!'
Reply, 'I'm sorry; I didn't know you still needed one'.
Every generation the ties with Australia loosen - they'll soon be gone GOSH

1976; British Labour MPs Jim Sillars and John Robertson launched the Scottish Labour Party (SLP) to campaign for greater devolution for Scotland.
Scottish Devolution in the UK is now well on its way.
Don't mention oil, land and Brexit - there's not much press patter in the valleys.
The plebs can't wait in the Glens GOSH

2014; UKIP councillor David Silvester blamed the recent storms and heavy floods across Britain on the Government's decision to legalise gay marriage - he was suspended...
In times of inequality; is it surprising that the ugly alliance of the right becomes more vociferous.
The passion for patriotism increases with the strength of numbers.
I personally find it hard to digest that the majority of UKIP tend to defer to Conservatism.
Vote for me; trickle down will make you free...
Heh He He with a grand dollop of Glee GOSH

The at best centre right German government is back in the coalition game.
The German banks hold the largest chunk of the Greek debt.
German greedy gits v Greek plebs - has Grexit taken a step nearer!

FRI 19th Jan 2018

On This day the 19th Jan 2018

 Rouen  Richmond

1419; Rouen surrendered to Henry V in the Hundred Years' War, completing Henry's reconquest of Normandy.
It was 1066; remember, when the Normans - who were descendants of the vikings - conquered and changed the whole of England.
The love/hate relationship with France has lasted centuries longer than the 'special relationship'.
Don't mention that tapestry and borders, begorra gosh.

The reality of Brexit is yet to be fully experienced by the plebs of the UK.
Sovereignty and freedom! hold on; didn't most of the jocks and real Irish vote to remain in the EU.
The duplicity of division over the EU is yet to be honestly delivered.
Talk about going underground and overboard.
It's not so much a case of, let's hang on to what we got...
The reality is, if we don't do anything about it - we deserve everything we don't get.
Play the - it might go away - game GOSH

The almost universally accepted reason for the marginal Brexit vote was the disenchanted working class.
The very same people who voted narrowly to accept conservatism and austerity for the last few generations.
'Bend me shape me ( and ignore me) anyway you want me'...
'you got the power to turn on the light' Play the stalemate Game Again GOSH

One of the main criticisms of the EU is that the officials are unelected democratically.
If you think that this nation state is run by elected politicians;
You are in need of another fiddle for your flatulence.
Play the game GOSH

What ever happens economically! politically the EU can't afford Grexit just after Brexit.
The irony is; brexit will bring about change within the EU.
Have the Brits had another baby standing in the shadow!

SAT 20th Jan 2018

On This day the 20th Jan 2018

 Simon de Montfort  Plastic rules OK

On This Day 20th January 1265; England's first Parliament met at Westminster Hall in London, convened by the sixth Earl of Leicester, Simon de Montfort - there' a good old Anglo Saxon nobs name for ya
An attempt at a period of peace after a sustained scrap for the wealth/land of the UK.
The first talk the talk instead of the walk the walk! The first spin - he proffered with a wry grin GOSH

1356; Edward Balliol abdicated as King of Scotland in favour of Edward III and in exchange for an English pension - it was his dad that founded Balliol college Oxford
Keep it in the French/Scottish/English bastard family.
He spent the rest of his life living in obscurity and died in 1367, at Wheatley, Doncaster.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH!

1783; Great Britain signed a peace treaty with France and Spain, officially ending hostilities in the American Revolutionary War (also known as the American War of Independence).
Let's be chums for a while...
I Don't Want To Join The Army I don't want to join the army I don't want to go to war I'd rather hang around Piccadilly Underground Living of the earnings of a high class lady I don't want a bayonet up me arsehole I don't want me bollocks shot away I'd rather be in England Merry merry England And fornicate my fuckin' life away (cor blimey)
A salt of the earth song - give that man a gong GOSH

1850; The opening of the Penny Savings Bank, to encourage thrift amongst the poor.
A national bank that was floated in 1986.
Mutual Building Societies came about cos the banks were ripping the plebs off.
The greedy gits privatised anything and everything.
What could possibly go wrong with socialism for the rich.
Inequality is only a temporary glitch. GOSH

The Greek loans and brexit have been put on the back burner.
Lets talk about plastic instead.
Cosmetic changes to the plastic credit card are being made on the quiet.
Placate the pleb...
The whole of the advanced world is living in/on debt - the greedy gits rely on debt and credit remaining plastic - not real
Plebs are just putty in the grasping palms of the greedy - are you man or manipulated!

SUN 21st Jan 2018

On This day the 21st Jan 2018

 Edward Jenner  Hedge Fund Manager

On This Day 21st January
1799;Edward Jenner's smallpox vaccination was introduced.
His work on vaccination prevented him from continuing with his ordinary medical practice.
Supported by his colleagues and the King he petitioned Parliament and was granted £10,000 for his work on vaccination.
In 1806 he was granted another £20,000 for his ongoing work in microbiology.
In 1979 small pox was officially gone from this planet.
Strains of small pox are still alive and well in USofA and Russian labs.
Wheres the cow pox gone GOSH

1846; The publication of the first edition of the Daily News, edited by Charles Dickens.
It merged with the Daily Chronicle to form the News Chronicle in 1930, and was ultimately absorbed by the Daily Mail in 1960.
Monopolising the media is the name of the game.
Many plebs and toffs are still up to playing the Game GOSH

2008; Black Monday on the world's stock markets saw the FTSE 100 have its biggest ever one-day fall.
European stocks closed with their worst result since 11th September 2001, and Asian stocks dropped as much as 14%.
They are now at a record high in history...
The higher the share index the greater the inequality in all nation states.
Some plebs - they should know better - but; who am I to disagree - trade shares to make a living.
Making necessary things produces wealth; in the developed world far too many are creaming it off the top.
Where has my standard of living gone GOSH!

Greece has become the latest victim of developed nations manipulating money.
The less developed the nation state; the less debt and money manipulation.
It is up to us what kind of society we have.
Heh Ho; Heh Hoh; it's off to work we go - buddy can you spare a dime - how much!

MON 22nd Jan 2018

On This day the 22nd Jan 2018

On This Day 22nd January
719; The death of Sir William Paterson, Scottish trader, financier and co-founder of the Bank of England.
Paterson was instrumental in the movement for the Union of Scotland and England, culminating in his support of the Act of Union - 1707.
If; it wasn't for the land and oil; the English wouldn't give two hoots mon; about the sweaty socks.
The Brexit vote and more precise; the post brexit effect on the Scottish economy, will bring about devolution sooner or later.
Where's them haves and have-nots smugglers gone GOSH?

1901; Queen Victoria died, aged 81, at Osborne House on the Isle of Wight. At the time, her reign was the longest in British history, spanned 63 years and saw the growth of 'an empire on which the sun never set'.
If you think that the sun hasn't set on the British Empire and the world hasn't moved on...
You need to take off the greed goggles and have a proper gander GOSH

1955:Joe Davis (who) recorded the first official maximum snooker break of 147 in an exhibition match at Leicester Square Hall.
Snooker is like freedom - it comes and goes; it never stays long...
It is sometimes ephemeral; but, it's never long gone GOSH...

1972; The United Kingdom, the Irish Republic and Denmark joined the Common Market.
Inequality rules OK...
Wonder who will go first - going going GONE GOSH

2015; Survival expert Ray Mears, who was due to make at least £10,000 as a speaker at the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show was sacked.
He chose caravans as one of his pet hates on the TV show 'Room 101'.
We all make mistakes...
Is it the love of money or integrity that makes the world go around! Bugger the penthouse let's go to ground GOSH

2017; Peter Maddox's (who) bright yellow Corsa car was targeted in the Cotswold village of Bibury.
Vandals! who broke the rear window and scratched ‘move’ on the paintwork.
In 2015 people had started to complain on social media that the car was constantly ‘photobombing’ their photographs of the quintessentially English cottages on Arlington Row, Bibury.
The cottages appear inside millions of colourful UK passports.
In April 2017 a convoy of 100 yellow cars drove through Bibury in an act of solidarity.
Mr. Maddox's replacement car is grey.
Wanna be in my playing at home Gang GOSH

Greece was used as a cheap holiday nation state first by the Brits; then them bloody EU foreigners.
Greece upon joining The EU tried to drag itself up by the chin straps - it is up to the Greek people what happens.
The Brit economic immigration problem! to the Greek; is village to modern city proportions...
Will nation states pull their political punches or use their economic weight to decide the future...

TUES 23rd Jan 2018

On This day the 23rd Jan 2018

 Queen Elizabeth 1  Prince Harry  Up yours Mummy

On This Day 23rd January
1570; James Stewart, 1st Earl of Moray, and regent for the infant King James VI of Scotland, was fatally shot by James Hamilton, a supporter of Mary Queen of Scots.
It was the first recorded assassination by a firearm.
The arms race has been going on since long before the wheel and fire.
My gender neutral gun is bigger than your gun GOSH

According to the quiz pundits the most dangerous job in the world is, USofA President.
One in eleven American presidents have been assassinated.
Live by the gun; die by the gun GOSH

1571; Queen Betty I (the daughter of Anne Boleyn - she got the chop off Henry; remember - and; you thought Harry had problems) opened the Royal Exchange, London, as a bankers’ meeting house.
It was founded by the financier Sir Thomas Gresham.
A mere 400 year later in the era of inequality - there's one law for the rich and NO law - with the progressive complicity of politicians - for the bankers and chums.
Wonder why brexit happened - next they'll be electing a Donald Grump GOSH

1900;Second Boer War: The defeat of the British at the Battle of Spion Kop, a steep terraced hilltop.
Many football grounds in the English Premier League and Football League, have one terrace or stand 'Spion Kop' or 'Kop' because of the steep nature of their terracing.
Kops used to be owned by British Greedy gits.
Many deaths and changes later; Uk football is no different to any other business.
The owners don't lose money - the club or business does.
Many footie fans keep insisting on scoring own goals GOSH

2015: The owner of the mobile network 'Three' confirmed that it was in exclusive negotiations to acquire O2 UK from Spanish telco Telefonica for £10.25bn.
It would have made the combined Three and O2 operator the biggest in the UK, with a 41% share of the market but the deal was blocked in May 2016 by the European Commission.
The privatised BT was given £one billion to 'roll out' broadband across the country (UK).
Hows your (con)tract going GOSH

Greek technology and banking industries are miniscule compared to the present EU main players.
The tortoise and the hare...