MON 8th Jan 2018

On This day the 8th Jan 2018

 Soup Kitchen   Food Blank

1800; London opened its first soup kitchens for the poor - the poor!
Charities and churches are associated with 'food banks' - the contemporary equivalent.
In the latest recession; charity and food banks have been growth industries - with the church playing catch-up...
If it's regionally grim up North; if one has to be a 'client' of a food bank - how grim can it get GOSH
1940 World War II: Britain introduced food rationing.
Restaurants were initially exempt from rationing, but this was resented, as the rich could supplement their food allowance by eating out frequently and extravagantly, so new rules were introduced.
One rule for the rich and another for the poor - they'll be having perks for parliamentarians next.
How dare they even deliberate openly as to whether joe the pleb public likes em or not.
Life is not a gallant game - I'll just have a quiet giggle GOSH

2015; Oldham Athletic abandoned a controversial attempt to sign the convicted rapist Ched Evans.
Claiming that a backlash from sponsors and death threats caused it to withdraw the offer.
The American businessman owners must be such sensitive souls/ghouls GOSH

Food banks are back big time for the Greeks - relative to the unemployment rate.
The establishment led banks rule the roost even before the real asset stripping begins.
Vote for me and I'll set you free.
Some who are food bank 'clientele' in the UK are in regular employment - I really wish I was making this up...

TUES 9th Jan 2018

On This day the 9th Jan 2018

 William Pitt   Greek PM

1799; Income tax was introduced into Britain by William Pitt the Younger, to raise funds for the Napoleonic War - not another war/election...
The rate was two shillings in the pound.
Is he one of us - keep it in the family When there's give and take - when you're on the take one has to give...GOSH

Scrapping for empires costs money - let the plebs pay their way.
Welcome aboard mercenary - you're in the forces now...
Cough up or we will give you a gun GOSH

2014; Clerkenwell fire station was closed today.
Near to King's Cross in London - built in 1872 - it was the oldest fire station in the UK.
Austerity is way over the top now.
The present greedy git gang are on the take but finds itself dogmatically unable/resistant to give.
It is now stuck in a self devouring incestuous circle of flog to cut - instead of give and take...
Time for a change of game Gosh

Too many plebs in Greece have already given - the greedy gits are not abashed to be on the take.
No matter what happens in the imminent EU nation state elections; change is inevitable.
Brexit has prevented Grexit.

WED 10th Jan 2018

On This day the 10th Jan 2018

 Doing in the Dutch   EU Future!

1806; Dutch settlers in Cape Town surrendered to the British following the battle of Bloubergstrand.
In the Anglo-Dutch Treaty of 1814, Cape Town was permanently ceded to Britain.
South Africa used to be part of the commonwealth - it became a Republic in 1961.
Don't mention: Apartheid, diamonds, gold and fifty shades of gravy GOSH

The love/hate/trade relationship in the era of death and destruction holding sway over democracy will only be a rough guide at best; to the future.
What you disagree - the days of sending a gun boat are not that long gone GOSH

Post Brexit Britain will be accelerated - democratically; or any other way - into Pound/50pland.
What you disagree - the best outcome will be a divided, dishonest deliverance into dodgy democracy.
A once proud nation state will degenerate into a gang of opportunistic unisex budgie smugglers.
One forward and two back here we go GOSH

1985; Eight people died and dozens were injured when an explosion destroyed a block of exclusive flats in south-west London- Putney .
The blast was compared to a 50lb bomb going off and caused an estimated £250m worth of damage in addition to the loss of life.
In the present 'worship the shopping mall' society; material artifacts are worth more than anothers Human Life to those with a few bob under the bunkah.
Don't mention Grenfell GOSH

Massive trading blocks or a return to nation state economics.
The futures not ours to see - that doesn't stop greedy gits trying to influence the future.

THURS 11th Jan 2018

On This day the 11th Jan 2018

 Uk lottery   Trip to Mars

1569; The first state lottery took place in England.
Lots were sold at the West Door of St Paul’s Cathedral.
The church is a dead cert - god is not a gamble GOSH

National lotteries continued until 1826 when it was felt that " the lure to gambling held out by lotteries is a great moral evil, helping to impoverish many and diverting attention from the more legitimate industrial modes of moneymaking."
Stop gamboling and get down to some serious graft GOSH

1879 The start of the Zulu war against British colonial rule in South Africa.
Not a lot of people know that...
Know what! tot...
The victor writes the results and rules - the pleb gets the Gruels GOSH

1954; All Comet airliners were grounded.
The day before, 35 people had died in a mysterious crash off the island of Elba.
In 1953, another Comet had crashed inexplicably near Calcutta when 'it fell out of the sky for no apparent reason’. The cause was finally traced to a structural fault, with serious consequences for British aviation.
Flying is the safest form of transport ever invented.
Invest in me and I'll fly you free; said the wanna be fat cat with grinning Glee GOSH

2014; Three Britons made the shortlist of just over 1,000 who want to take part in the Dutch project 'Mars One'.
It hopes to send 24 people from around the world on a one way trip to settle on Mars.
after going through a seven-year training course, commencing in 2018.
'Mars one' is owned by The 'Interplanetary Media Group run by a cloggie.
The group has two bits; a not for profit one and a 'for' profit one.
If you don't think that the two shall never meet; here's a one way ticket to wherever you want to go.GOSH.

Wonder if many Greek gladiators are queueing up for a ticket to ride...

FRI 12th Jan 2018

On This day the 12th Jan 2018

 Octovia Hill   Mark Thatcher
1895; The National Trust was founded by three Victorian philanthropists - Miss Octavia Hill, Sir Robert Hunter and Canon Hardwicke Rawnsley.
Can one be forgiven for the un-endearing vision of the couple next door in a middle of the road situation comedy.
No godamn giggling GOSH

Octavia Hill was concerned about the poor availability of open spaces for poor people.
She campaigned against development on existing suburban woodlands, and helped to save London's Hampstead Heath and Parliament Hill Fields from being built on.
The National Trust is now the largest membership organisation in the United Kingdom - claims more members than all the political parties put together and one of the largest UK charities by both income and assets. If you live in the North of England and can't afford to travel - are you a gypsy! - forget it.
English heritage has a few nice ruins open to the plebs.
You'd be better of spending your limited income on a nice its grim up north gym - no josh GOSH

1950; The British submarine Truculent collided with a Swedish oil tanker Divina, in the Thames.
The two vessels remained locked together for a few seconds before the submarine sank, resulting in the deaths of 64 people.
An inquiry attributed 75% of the blame to Truculent and 25% to Divina. Truculent was sold and broken up for scrap in May 1950.
If you don't think that the public sector is even more run down today - you need another gland behind your greed goggles GOSH

1982; Mark Thatcher, son of the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, went missing in the Sahara while taking part in the Paris-Dakar Rally.
He was rescued two days later, and it turned out that he had lost his way.
The incident provoked a tidal wave of jokes and cartoons making fun of his sense of direction.
In this era of inequality; do you have a clue where you are going - guffaw GOSH

Brexit is supposed to be about self determinism.
Can Greece more or less default on the loans and remain in the EU.
Ya pays ya money and takes ya chance - will the Greeks have a better chance not paying!

SAT 13th Jan 2018

On This day the 13th Jan 2018

 Last survivor   IRAQ oIL
1842; Dr. William Brydon, an assistant surgeon in the British East India Company Army during the First Anglo-Afghan War is famous for being the only member of an army of 4,500 men and 12,000 civilians to survive a massacre after the army's long retreat from Kabul.
He safely reached the British sentry post at Jalalabad, Afghanistan 'On This Day'.
The episode was made the subject of a famous painting by the Victorian artist Lady Butler, who portrayed an exhausted Dr. Brydon approaching the gates of the Jalalabad fort perched on his dying horse. The painting is titled Remnants of an Army.
Wonder how many have died for regime change - sorry; protecting the faith - in Afghanistan...
Giz a gun GOSH

1893 The birth of a new political party in Britain when James Keir Hardie and others formed the Independent Labour Party.
It was an action that worried the Liberals, who were afraid that the new party might, at some point in the future, win the working-class votes that they traditionally received.
The last Independent Labour Party MP joined the Labour Party itself in 1948.
And now! the western developed world has moved to the right of Thatcherism...
A strange blend of deference and greed,GOSH

1964; Capital Records grudgingly released the first Beatles record, ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’.
Released in the US to, as they said 'see how it goes’.
It became their fastest selling single ever. Within only three weeks, a million copies had been sold.
The certainty of capitalism is so crude - heh Jude NO JOSH GOSH

1993; American, British and French planes bombed a series of targets over southern Iraq.
The action was taken in response to repeated Iraqi breaches of the 'no fly zone' implemented after the end of the Gulf War in 1991.
Wonder if those three nation states have a reason for the axis of evil regime change.
Can't be anything to do with oil in the GULF GOSH

Wonder if Greece wil become part of the 'Axis of Evil' if it defaults on the loans repayments!

SUN 14th Jan 2018

On This day the 14th Jan 2018

 W H Preece   Robocop
1878; Queen Victoria watched a demonstration of Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone.
A demo by W.H. Preece at Osborne House on the Isle of Wight.
Preece called it 'Signalling through Space without Wires'.
Preece was the UK (welsh) equivalent of Alexander Graham Bell.
A few generations later and more than a few words over the waves; the latest leading form of communication costs about £1,000 a go. GOSH

1937; The first Gallup Opinion Poll was conducted in Britain.
It was the invention of the American George Horace Gallup who founded the Gallup Institute in 1935.
Opinion polls have been less than accurate and much less than independent lately.
In this era of inequality if you don't think that comparison sites are less than bias - you need another sinkhole on your search engine sucker... uck uck and go GOSH

1896; The first public screening of a film in Britain, at the London headquarters of the Royal Photographic society.
Wonder if what the butler saw will have a successful modern equivalent...
It takes two to make a goer GOSH

2013; Music and DVD chain HMV appointed an administrator, making it the latest casualty on the High Street and putting 4,350 jobs at risk.
Quote from retail analyst Neil Saunders - "In the digital era, where 73.4% of music and film are online .... there is no real future for physical retail in the music sector."
'Video killed the radio star'...
The bots are coming... Again Gosh

Technology is taking jobs and lifestyles -not those bloody foreigners.
It is up to man and woman what kind of (sucker) society they want.
Will robocop built by independent robot really be on your side of humanity!
In the era of the brave new world; there may be trouble ahead...
Lets face the force field and glance.GOSH

More austerity (cuts) have been narrowly voted for by the coalition socialist government - conditions of the loan repayment agreement.
Elections are due in 2018 - there are some that want the ongoing strikes made illegal...

mon 15th Jan 2018

On This day the 15th Jan 2018

 Brit Museum   Elgin Marbles

1759; The opening of the British Museum, at Montague House, London.
Access often depended on who you were and who you knew.
Permission had to be given by the librarian and only 10 people an hour were allowed in.
Its permanent collection numbers some eight million works and is amongst the finest, most comprehensive, and largest in existence.
It illustrates and documents the story of human culture from its beginnings to the present day.
Apart from some exhibitions, it;s free - visit with Glee GOSH

1859; The National Portrait Gallery opened to the public in Great George Street.
There were only 56 portraits and viewing was by appointment on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
The National Gallery is free apart from some exhibitions - give us a grant GOSH

1870; Britain's first woman doctor, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, passed the final exam of the Medical Faculty of the Sorbonne and became a fully qualified MD.
The medical profession still reflects the gender pay gap today...
It matters not if one is heterosexual or gay GOSH

The Elgin Marbles are still in the British Museum.
Wonder if the EU will now help us lose our marbles...