One couldn’t make it up...

September 2015

1/9 2015

The loft is nearly finished; hard work, even for a whippersnapper.
Would a whippersnapper manage! - a glib GOSH

Used windows hard disk sort out programs (sorry apps) and...
Windows didn't like it...
In the old days; you used to be in charge... A gruppenfuhrer GOSH

The Chinese growth has slowed to single figures.
Dave has just been over there touting for business. A - GADZOOKS of a GOSH

The more international trade we have...
The smaller the crumbs for the UK plebs. A SMALL GULP of a GOSH


2/9 2015

What's the difference between a bleader and a leader?
The difference between phony tony and JC. GOSH

What did the Scottish actress say to the baker?
Quiche my flan; Jimmy. GOSH


3/9 2015

She's back
Ginger Jezebel
Fleet Street Floozie
Mistress of Murdoch
Has Been Hacker
Numptie of News International

The courtesan that cantered across the cotswolds with 'Dave' on borrowed retired metropolitan police horses.
Just 'another' in a frenzy of freebies (cheers plebs) for multi-millionaires ...GOSH

She's here to defend the murdoch empire...again...
The, incompetent and not guilty... or the competent and guilty as a Lord at a love-in.
The gate of greed is never closed for those that money and...
morals; are so far apart. - GOSH

The 'many fingers and thumbs in the pie' people,are indeed a band of brothers.
I wonder; how much, and how many, she and her cronies have got on them! GOSH

Six working days now - not a &*+~# from EE by gum... NO GOSH


4/9 2015

Supposed to be re-connected by EE between 1-6pm today,
Get the pigs ready for take off...OR an own goal GOSH

EE is supposed to be a huge European outfit.
BT is in negotiations to buy it, whole kit and caboodle...GOSH

BT was given one billion pounds by our government (us suckers again) to roll out
a fast and efficient broadband network across the country.
I wonder where BT got the money to buy out EE! A - glassy-eyed GOSH

BT used to be a state owned national company but was privatised, cos it was a monopoly!
Bt is now a privately owned - with a £billion of public money under the bunker- monopoly.

Is it not great that we are all chums in Europe and America loves us...
A - who said diplomacy is full of cant GOSH


5/9 2015

EE turned up; a sub, sub firm...
Dodgy reading on my side... An expensive own goal GOSH

What's the link between the Commonwealth Development Corporation and Pleb/plod gate?
Andrew Mitchel mp ex chief whip and Sec of International Development. GOSH

A large slice of the over 11 billion pounds spent on foreign aid/annum goes to the CDC.
Then CDC was formed to help poorer countries; it's now a dodgy investment and expenses rip-off public/private finance department.GOSH

What connects cold Russia to cool Britain via DeutschLand uberalles and a skidaddling Scotland?
An sea bed oil/gas pipe line that was commissioned just before we pulled out of Afghanistan. GOSH


6/9 2015

If! you were born into the digital era; you are known as a digital child.
If! you were born before the digital era; you are a digital immigrant. GOSH

What's the difference betwen a pc/smart phone user and a Geek?
A user would say 'I'm gonna have a twenty minute bath; the geek would say, 'a 19min. 47sec bath'...GOSH

My home page has dithered off a whisker on a warlocks widdly.
It's no good trying to be a Geek when ones tired GOSH

See JC is still miles ahead in the labour leadership race/potential farce.
The also rans have changed the angle; but, they are still digging...GOSH

One word about the no. of immigrants by Angie-dont call me the Fuhrer- Merkel...
And! Dodgy dave jumps straight on the shovel.


7/9 2015

The people of America have knocked back a two tier internet; one for the rich and one for us plebs.
The Global village really rich smucks are now lobbying the EU commissioners and anyone else
who will adopt the required bent over backwards position;
it is up to us - yes; that means you - to stop them.GOSH

In the seventies the global village were a less well connected cabal of mult-nationals.
Most of the ITV and other media ads were theirs'. NO GOSH

Here is a fishy tale of how dodgy daves chums operated in the seventies.
Massive Russian fleets used to operate off the West coast of Scotland...
Massive Russian refrigerator ships transported the prawns to Spain for processing...
The prawns were then sent back for consumption, to the jocks and tourists
on the West coast of Scotland; by road, rail and sea...
Fresh prawn salad anyone! while we rip up the planet... A - GREEDY GOURMET GOSH

This was our first summer in the North East back-water for ten years.
Not very good are they; it's a good job we dont rust...GOSH

Is GREECE still there GOSH

8/9 2015

Jeremy Cor... isn't just against anti-austerity.
He has a plan; Quantitave Easing for the people; not the bankers.GOSH

The Bank of England is against it; cos it will fuel inflation.
The same B of E that couldn't see a bank crash coming, if it bounced of its bonce. GOSH

The B of E is supposed to regulate UK banking...
The crash cost every UK family 20 grand plus; everyone, except the bankers and chums, pays...
If you aint got the money; you pay a higher price; your benefits are cut...GREEDY GOSH

Sold at Blaydon rugby club car boot on Sunday...
Most interest! a calculator that looked like a mobile phone and old chargers.

That calculator was picked up, opened, and closed even quicker, Twenty plus times.
Obviously a thriving second hand mobile market.NO GOSH

It was Marx that said capitalism would grind itself to a stop...
Up till now; something has always come along to keep the whole thing going. GOSH

Railways, cars, tv's, computers, and now mobile phones...
I wonder what will come along next...GOSH

The longest running live theatre show; the Mousetrap; over 25 thousand performances.
The shortest; alistair campbells( the chum of phony tony) one man show; only one. GOSH


9/9 2015

99 is one short of 999
I reported a crime once; a blatent driving collision con.
The bizzies were not interested at all, at all; are they (at the top) fiddling the crime figures?
You bet your disappeared bobby on the beat; they are. A - NO NO GO TO JAIL THEY ARE FULL GOSH

It seemed to get worse when the solicitors letter from Byker arrived...
They backed off immediately; when I said on the phone "we'll see who the sucker is in court".GOSH

The insurance 'game' was a dupliticous farce...
Nice country- shame about the people. GOSH

Remember Chukka whatshisname, the early labour leadership runner...
An expensive brandy socialist is obviously harder to swallow than a champagne socialist. GOSH

Or! is chukka; just another mandelson caught early?
The times they are a changing A - GLEEFULL GOSH

Let he who is without guilt cast the first stone.
JC appears to have no guilt to many, many 'Labour voters NO GOSH

The 'hard working' queen is in the news(you cant do queen never mind prince of darkness jokes now)
The hardest work the 'royal family' do; is lift their benefits cheque every year. A TAX PAYERS ALLIANCE GOSH

Many members of the really greedy gang have no real allegiance to the royals...
The royals are wined and dined cos they bring a bonding permanence to the Rich establishment


10/9 2015

Ireland is getting even uglier again; it's strange; the things done under the name of religion.
They don't come anymore religious than the mormons, alledgedly...
Yet most of their very substantial income comes from gambling-they own much of the Las Vegas real estate.

Lady Chatterly's Lover is in the news; must have been another reprint.
The first unexpurgated reprint was published in 1960; it made 50 shades... look like 'Noddy Goes To Town'. GOSH

The book, first well censored print in Italy, 1928, written by the son of a miner, was about sex between the wife of a first wold war invalided upper class man and a commoner.
Summing up at the attempted banning trial; the silk for the prosecution; said, " Would you let your servant read this book"GOSH

This was 1961; I kid you not...
The jury of twelve good men and true; told the rich people where to get off...
Sales took off- every school in the land had a number of well earmarked editions... ONE HELL OF AN OWN GOAL GOSH

The world economic forum reckons the Chinese economy will stabilise at 7% growth for the fore-seeable future.
These markets wallahs must really be chums of us plebs after all... EH what! GOSH

Wonder who'll win on saturday...mmmm!

GREECE At a cinema near you soon GOSH

11/9 2015

Sovereignty! Eh... those to the right (a divided right) are always banging on about THEIR sovereignty...
The very same greedy gang that have sold everything off to the rest of the world. A - ONLY IF YOU DIDN'T KNOW GOSH

The london tax office buildings are owned by a Bermudan tax haven firm...built on sand...
I wonder how many times them buildings have been traded! GOSH

Proud to fight for and defend your country?
You have to rely on Belgium for the ammunition of the less than trusted rifle you carry.GOSH

The list goes on and on and on...
It's a crazy world and this country is one of the craziest... A - people have caught on GOSH

If I said this georgie boy was elected cos he promised to pay off the national debt; and
he said, he is well on the way... and, I said, he's a lying git...Who would you believe?
Even if you believed me... you would back georgie boy if you were doing OK. A - there's nowt as queer as folk GOSH

The cons are asking for police volunteers now...
I personally volunteered to drive any banker to the airport- not even a hint of a job... GOSH

George boy increased the minimum wage to appease and placate the plebs
The cost to the public purse was to be zeroed by the tiny new tax on the bankers. A - BIT of A GOSH

The bankers are now saying they won't be able to pay the tax...lift to the airport anyone!
I wonder who are georgies best chums; the bankers or the plebs. A - GLARING GOSH

The game is well and truly up for the bankers; yet, they still pay themselves huge bonuses.
The directors etc are still getting huge rises, whatever their results for the shareholders.
Who is georgie going to rob; peter or paul? with an enconomy under pressure he can't pay them both...GOSH

Where can you find a tory spy?
Certain ukip, and all JC meetings. NO GOSH

Where can you find a police spy?
Trade Union meetings.


12/9 2015

Only left wing; sorry, let's be factual here...
Only labour MPs have been put under surveillance by the met. police
This proves beyond doubt; this country has a right of centre establishment, operating above democracy.GOSH

A tory minister for the police, standing in for the home secretary admitted the police guilt...
'It's only a small number of rogue police; this country has no stasi' GOSH

There is an ongoing enquiry... a full, redacted, report will be published in xyzzzz years time...
Please send all tenders for supply of whitewash to 'the upper establishment somewhere in London. A -GLAZED GOSH

The tory minister-MIKE PENNING- brags about being on an FBU picket line;
from leftie firefighter to tory minister...
Methinks the witness lacks credibility m'lord... GOSH

Is this the plot for a movie of some sort?
Alas; it's real life contempory Britain. GOSH

GREECE - snap election on the 20th of this month GOSH

13/9 2015

The cons are crying out for volunteers
I've just volunteered to get rid of them ASAP. A real GOSH

I've just joined the Labour Party...
Not a three quid special; the real, unwaged £23/annum standing order, bog standard membership.GOSH

There's a number of ways to join; phone-no one answered; download a form-requires a part privatised stamp... I joined instantly on line; no questions asked...GOSH

Am I on a data base; must be!...
Phony Tony and his mob; many from the NE backwater, had a secret one called EXcalibur...
I'm still yet amazed by the games people play...A conspiracy GOSH

I've flirted with 'joining' a No. of political parties; since my full time return.
They all have one thing in common; give me your money...
The price of politics has increased... the cost of professionalism v passion. A glaring GOSH

Many MP's and pundits are dumbfounded by the extent of the success of JC.
Perhaps! No; no perhaps... because they lack his candour, honesty and integrity...
Many, many people have had enough of the spin, duplicity, cant and hypocrisy of the greedy people.
And a about time too GOSH.

The right wing 'Wannabe' comedi(ans - ennes) have labelled the Left leadership 'Tom and Jerry'.
'Tom and Jerry' was, still is, and will be one of, if not, the best, cartoon ever made...
A Gadzooks of an own goal GOSH.

GREECE- the show is on the road - arrives at an ampitheatre near you soon GOSH

14/9 2015

Didn't get a Sunday adverts; sorry paper...
Went to the toon, shopping with the gruppenfuhrer and ended up on the hoy...

Unaware of the reaction to the election of Jeremy Corbyn; let me guess...
Rebel, economy, drop in the polls, unelectable, insanity... and that's just the 'labour' lot.
A - right kick in the glutes of a GOSH

The MP's are collectively at it again; it's just like the expenses...
They just don't get it. A why do I have to say GOSH

The cant on the economy.
Remind me again, who was in power leading up to the tory initiated banking crash; Mrs balls.
A Gazumping great GOSH

Let me remind you where your rejected as an MP husband is.
Harvard; studying 'stability in economies' A gargantuan grunt of a GOSH.

One doesn't need a masters in economics from an American upper establishment uni to be
The UK chancellor.
An abacus used with a democratic honesty and integrity will suffice.NO GOSH

85% of a talk sport phone-in think the English premier is the best league in the world.
On me head...anywhere between the white lines mate; easily pleased GOSH

Most students; epecially 'Business and Management' have never heard of the 'global village'.
A gobsmacked ' I wonder why ' GOSH

GREECE my palms with silver GOSH

15/9 2015

A lot has happened over the last few days.
Has the timing been a fluke; or was the realisation of the UK political polarisation inevitable.
A glimpse of a GOSH

The young and or apolitical; just striving to have a decent life...
Won't realise that both parties have returned to their roots; inequality has forged out a difference.
A why does it take so long GOSH

The Labour party has started the journey back to representing the working class...
The conservative party is trying to return us to slavery...A get back int' mill, mine or manacles GOSH

The anti TU law was passed by 33 votes- the've only got a majority of 12...
They can't send us to Australia and the prisons are full...A do not go straight to gaol GOSH

One doesn't have to know the 'link' between inflation and interest rate, or Debt to GDP ratio...
One just needs to know that these millionaires whose drives cost more to maintain than most houses,
are cantering across the cotswolds on borrowed retired police horses, that your taxes paid for,
while cutting public services and benefits of those that need them most.
A - they really are taking the piss GOSH


16/9 2015

Went to a local quiz; name the 20 richest football clubs in the world.
A disarming of old dears got the most. GOSH

The even greater gosh...
Newcastle and West Ham were on the list. A No kidding GOSH

The team on the divi step is one of the richest in the world...
The toon army must think somebody's having a laugh. A Ten-nil GOSH

The two porn barons -look... give us your money- have one of the richest...
Yet; West Ham's new ground is being subsidised by the old dears and the rest of us taxpayers.
A whoa this can't be right GOSH.

He (JC) can't sing and won't dance...
Though he will have been well coached not to...
It won't take long for 'dave' to lose it... A garrulous GOSH


17/9 2015

What to bang on about about! Cyber crime is up...
The police have been asking the baddies in the nick for help.Gosh

Thats assuming the police are the goodies!
Cyber crime is up cos; the greedier people are; the more easily conned they are...Gambling GOSH

What hurts the most?
Being hit by a 19 tonner full of gold bars; or a 19 tonner full of electronic money
A - go on answer; you can't jump out of the way gosh

Cant and hypocrisy...
A, or is it an, euthanism for lying.

The governer of the bank of england has publically stated the JC will make the poor poorer.
J Corbyn- one of the few parliamentarians with honesty and integrity- elected champion of the poor
is either a misguided nincompoop or a con man... infinitum... GOSH

The conservative appointed governer of the bank of england is supposed to be apolitical and nuetral.
Remind us plebs again, where Mark Carney (The Gov) was at the time of the banking crash, A - glimpse of a GOSH

Oh yes! A senior executive at goldman sachs (you couldn't make that name up) one of the main architects of the 2008/9 banking crash.
Senior execs at goldman sachs make enough money to retire at 40 then become US government advisors...
And; now we have one over here... A - how greedy can one be GOSH

It's not moving funny money; it's making things that makes the world go around.
Was it Jeremy Corbyn that aided and abetted the bankers or was it that 'they are all the same' lot...
A - only if you didn't know or refuse to believe GOSH

Oh! nearly forgot... GREECE GOSH

18/9 2015

The greedy bankers are dropping hints again...
Rise in the interest rate and bank charges. GOSH - Well not really

Do not worry kidda; they are reluctantly doing this for 'you' and therefore the national economy.
Oh no they are not... A what the hell does this toerag know about it GOSH.

The banking system reserves are funny money; they are not real units of currency or whatever...
They are after your 'real' hard worked for money so they can take off the brown trousers...
A - Only a if you don't believe this GOSH

What's a middle class income media worker got in common with a working class pleb?
Nothing diddly squat zilch... a - no glib of a GOSH comment...

What has the owner(s) of a 'pound' or similar shop got in common with people who have to shop in one?
Nothing diddly squat zilch...I'll bet you a real pound GOSH

Many people of all 'persuasions' are lining up to have a pop at the recently elected labour leadership.
Media pundits, I've voted labour all my life, I'm a reluctant tory voter, the list goes on...
A - get them up GOSH

As yet, the daemonisers have all stopped just short of calling them insane...
Wait till the gloves are off GOSH

In this contempory, far from religous world, does it still boil down down to good and evil?
Now what were the rulers and supporters of the roman empire still calling them selves just before the collapse?
Ah! Yes! 'The goodies' and not the ones that were ont telly GOSH

GREECE - should I go or should I stay GOSH

19/9 2015

The rugby world cup has just up and undered off.
Will it be as profit driven and global village dominated as the Olympics? A - Gong of A GOSH

Will it have extravert wannabee volunteers like the Olympics?
Memories Eh! A - where's that Olympic legacy gone GOSH

Remember when Scotland -yeah Scotland- had a team in the rugby league world cup...
The only, I repeat,only, link to Bonnie Scotland was the south sea island coach...
He was a direct descendent of his great great grandmother who had a link to one of the...
A - Wait for it GOSH

Mutineers on the Bounty.
A - some people think that was just a film GOSH

Has the pursuit of profit made any difference to sport?
When athletics was 'amateur' the winning competitors at gateshead Stadium used to go in with one hold-all...
And; come out with two or three GOSH

In those days, pole vaulters had to carry their own poles...
The leaving winner of the pole vault was slapstick at its finest GOSH

If there's one thing that demonstrates sports woeful pursuit of profit; and comedy into farce; it's...
All those expensive empty red seats at Wembley. Own goal GOSH

This country now has more hospitality boxes than home grown boxers.
A country that prefers hospitality to hospitals! A fat cat and up yours GOSH

For minor sporting events, plebs (if they know someone who knows somebody) can have access to the boxes...
But; not the freebies.
Hospitality is the new justice; it must be seen to be done. A - get in the Gallery GOSH

Real posh people have hospitality tents - not boxes; would I get rid of them!
You bet your Uncle Percivals polo: pony, stick and saddle sniffing kit, I would.
A - gadzooks of a knight of the garter gratuitous GOSH

GREECE will the greedy germans take over GOSH

20/9 2015

What has a S/Shields cafe full of young brats got in common with westminster lobbying?
What a racket. A - punning GOSH

Lobbying makes the expenses scandal look like window shopping at poundland.
The new labour lot never took it on...I wonder why? A gobsmacking get thee behind me satan GOSH

Lobbying even undermines the 'top down' farce of this contemporary corrupted form of democracy.
Jeremy... Make this a 'one person one vote' country. A - go for it gosh

The right wing are still not sure how to take on this resurgence of the 'Left'
They keep digging away at, what they think is, any subtle angle. A - no unexpected GOSH

I've made up a new word for the subterfuge of the cant and hypocrisy of not so hidden agenda.
Scant... A keep on digging suckers GOSH

What kind of North East would you like to see?
New shutters for the shops; or no shutters at all? A - nearly spelt it wrong GOSH

GREECE - a hot sunny country that relies mainly on shipping and tourism.
GREECE a country whose plebs had no idea they were being ripped apart by the bankers.
CUBA A - hot sunny country that is soon to be ripped apart by the bankers GOSH

21/9 2015

Just another manic monday!
Or! are the days nearly all exactly the same now? Does it matter about a GOSH

Sunday was the day of rest; some people even went to church...
Is your body clock behaving like a bunged up then back to the wall backside? Is there more 'illness' about! or; is it propaganda to reduce the NHS bill! A - geriatric JOSH

"Not much happened over the weekend", said the actress to the bishop.
"Oh yes there has", said the porn star to the shareholder. A - you can't say that GOSH

The international rugby has caught up with international football.
No easy games now; the rest of the few in the world are catching up...
Is the money of the global village a leveller for the few and a destroyer of the many?

Was it a protester or mentally challenged, that sneaked into one of the petrol heads play pens?
They'll certainly keep it quieter than one of those cars they pretend to race in. Give it some GOSH

This country is now going to rely on China And France to supply 'our' nuclear power stations...
Fourth/fifth richest nation - more in the 30 bob bracket... An - ungalvanising Grid of a GOSH

Germany has gone nuclear free. What have countries with a nuclear industry got in common...
The nuclear detergent; it only takes 'one' misteak. A - and you're off with a bang GOSH

Japan is the exception...
Some thing to do with the last world war... A - bloody big bombshell or two GOSH

There's a place near the world class lakes that once tendered to store the rest of the worlds nuclear waste.
Japan refused; cos of the international furore it would get, as the storage facilities weren't up to standard.
A - really warm glowing, couldn't make it up, took a year to find out GOSH

A no less than a general - - has been 'removed' for publically stating that the army would mutiny against a JC prime minister.
And you thought we are the world champion of democracy...An establishment belligerent buffon shot in both feet GOSH

GREECE - The plebs are back in with a coalition! almost back to square one - let the fun begin again...
Inequality is dividing most of the Western world... NO GOSH

22/ 2015

GOSH - It really was a MANIC Monday...
The cracks are showing and the wheels are coming off...A - it's all gone quiet over there...GOSH

A 'c' 'd' team player, uni chum of 'Dave the _ _ _ _' is trotted onto the 'BBC' and, surrealistically defends the boy...
After all the right wing,still ongoing, attacks; the BBC is still 'part' of the establishment!
A - £million/presenter/no taxing questions... GOSH

Official statement from the government (yes! they are in government) ; " No Comment ".
Who do these people think they are! Royalty... A - suppressed snigger of a GOSH.

The net went full of it with nettie humour.
Here's, if not the only, one they missed. A gadfly of a GOSH

What's the difference between Eton and Hill Billy High?
At Eton they tell and play with porkies;
At Hill Billy High they eat them after they've played with them... A - more than boom boom GOSH

Is! dave between a rock; and a was 'it' a hard or soft or vice versa, place?...
Buying elections with donations or... A - The mind boggles gosh

The establishment can't 'find' the identity of the General who was going to get the lads to chin Jeremy.
Yes! and, they can't spell peedough... A - it's no good making it up now chaps. GOSH

Here's a good GOSH.
I was in the army......... you should have read the discharge report...GOSH

I didn't join the army to kill people; but, I knew a squaddie who had killed 32 people.
He was in the catering corp. A - the old'uns are the best bomb bomb GOSH

This one is a bit near the knuckle joint; if, you are squeamish - look away now.
A - so none of you are squeamish GOSH

A squaddie son of a Shetlands farmer confessed to, regularily gowking an apple and warming it up in the oven.
A sort of knuckling down to nature... Surely; infinitely more natural than what dave and his chums got up to GOSH

So! my 'Genny boy' you have stuck your true colours on your chest alongside those dodgy medals.
When JC gets elected very few of the 'salts of the earth' 'lions led by donkeys' will be on your side... NO GOSH

GoSh; it really has been a manic monday for the establishment; pensions and the peoples car tomorrow...
Will it be a tumultous tuesday GOSH

GREECE - it's all gone quiet over there...
The daughter and hubby are holidaying in greece next month... A - not our man in moscow; a more down to earth 'my girl in Greece' Gosh

23/9 2015

'The lights are going out all over Europe'; start of the second
- yes the second, as in two in two generations - world war.
The lids are coming off capitalism all over the western (and other parts) world; start of ......what!
What's actually in the tin of squirms; isn't the tipping point.
Apart from the greedy gits - people are realising it doesn't do what it says on the tin. A - at Last GOSH

Mainly the USA and US are the main military architects of the present mass migration; the two,
none and least, most against taking any in.
Europe will remember this; we will pay the price in the future. NO GOSH and no doubt.

One waits for a diplomat, then, not a one... cos of the cuts. A - are diplomats dodgy GOSH

Boris; another arrogant Eton toff who knows what's good for you, better than you do, is bothered about pensions
A - he even thinks he knows better than me.GOSH

If you think that Boris is an upfront guy without 'Hidden Agendas'
Book an appointment for the 'need a few more holes in the body operation' now. A - Gaping GOSH

Not so long ago the 'all the same' establishment asked the captains of commerce to solve the pension problem(s).
The, mainly, money men came up with a universal basic private pension scheme and were laughing up their well slavered sleeves;
Until, subordinates in the greed chain, rather embarrassingly, brought attention to the fact that;
The insurance industry wouldn't entertain the many people below a certain wage level; ie, no disposable,or very little, income
It just wasn't profitable enough...
A - they really are on a different planet... really couldn't make it up GOSH

The Viginia Waters Ramblers have done an up to date cover of the Proclaimers hit...
It's called 'If I could walk 500 yards' GOSH

Volkswagon can't be lying cheating bastards... Can they!
The makers of so many people friendly models dont seem so friendly now...
There is no cause for concern. The CEO is putting things right; after they were captured and not before.
Hold on! Is that Adolf doing a hand brake turn in his final resting place? A - yes! you guessed, grave GOSH

The whole of the Western world (don't mention the bankers) can't be at it! Can they?
We'll be calling horse meat steak and killing people in hospitals next... Mark my words GOSH

Dave and his camp are still stummm; you're a rich man dave... sue the swine...
A - the spin doctors wil be grafting like Gladstonbury groupies trying to cover this one up GOSH

It is going to take a much larger economy than the Greek to sort, the global village
and the lesser affluent supporting gang of greedy gits, out
I wonder if there's an economy big enough around near you GOSH

That New! labour lot are conspicuous by their absence of GOSH didn't see that one coming...
The've stopped digging the shaft; they will be now trying a bit of secret undermining on the straight and level, before drifting away.
A - politics is a minefield if money takes your eye of the bomb GOSH

24/9 2015

GOSH ... the politics- not politicians- are really kicking off now...
Let's have glimpse of our national game;
Dear old Blighty v expensive new trading zone... A- lack of ----

Remember the mp expenses fiasco...
The uncovering of this under-covered dash for cash was started five years earlier, by an American Woman...GOSH

A generation ago a book uncovering the 'wealth' in the UK was written by an Australian women.
A - it wasn't a top seller, into film. GOSH

The 'landed gentry', whose wealth came from the Empire, were the the richest
followed by 'close family' who owned most of industry and commerce.
It was this gang that got rid of Thatcher; it will be this gang that gets rid of dave. A - on yer HS2 Gosh

As addictive as it is; having a pig in a poke at dave is just a minor level of the end game.
The really rich gang are moulding the crack; before cracking the mould...GOSH

The really rich have had enough...
They have decided he is dead meat... A sorry about the dead meat GOSH

Have the rich offspring and cousins had enough of the new noisy neighbours in their London pads?
Will they metaphorically have to move back in with mom and dad. A - real life downsize for many plebs...GOSH

Some pundits want a return of Grammar schools and the resultant integrated social mobility to solve the present problems
The really rich gang have always been able to control social mobility; or who and how many get rich. A - NO GOSH

Dave is one of the nouveau tax haven riche spawned out of thatcherism; not, of the 'old rich' school.
The old rich have decided that the political timing is right for an internal war.GOSH

In any war the truth is the first thing out the window.
Dave tells porkies - no pun intended - some won't want to chuck him out! A - great guy of a GOSH

Both left and right are split and the battle lines are being drawn; drawn in a much smaller England...
Should be fun... A - giggle of a GOSH

GREECE - a bloke from Greece is on the bbc tonight...
A - the games people play - the bbc must BE neutral GOSH

25/9 2015

Little england and the world! Eh.
So much happening; let's try the peoples car, power and immigration. A - don't mention the war GOSH

The ones who stand to lose the most at volkswagon are fighting back already
It seems all the car manufacturers are at it... A NO GOSH from me and a NO GOSH from him GOSH

Who else is at it? In the age of spin... is anything real anymore... A - the wheels are coming off the Western world wagon GOSH

America; purporting to be the chief chum of Europe is having a right pop at its leading economy.
While; at the same time negotiating a trade treaty that will give huge corporations the legal right to sue governments.
A - is this what democracy is all about? what's it all about Alfie! GOSH

Boris-is he legitimate- is now using pollution in the new london runway debacle...
The ' leader in waiting!' of the blue party that sort of vaguely announced it was giving up its green committments and credentials
The hypocrisy of the cant... A - jesus christ I nearly swore there GOSH

Power! Eh! who wants it? the chancellor 'georgie boy' has used his power to decide that China and France
are now going to build our next generation of nuclear power stations.
He's borrowing money( cheap labour ) off China and expertise off France...
A keep building up the deficit you promised to reduce GOSH

Is the french connection just to appease Europe?
A - will we end up as part of Europe or part of the Chinese Empire GOSH

The channel tunnel wasn't a race, was it...
The french trained up frenchmen to build their side; we ...
Power... A another big kick in the plums of the UK, or soon to be England, young plebs GOSH

Long gone are the days when a country could invade another and live off the plundered wealth for generations.
The west has sold the rest, tellies and things... A - can some of em really speak english( with a dodgy accent though )now GOSH

Mass migration is the almost instant karma for the belligerent folly of western domination-
don't, do not, under any circumstances mention the war(s)
World regional inequality causing millions to seek better lives in countries with even greater inequality
isn't the greatest irony... GOSH

The trickle down effect is the greatest trick of irony.
Remember when they said making the rich richer would make the poor richer too.
A - they are still laughing all the way to the bank GOSH

Has anyone heard ' you couldn't make me up Bush' and phony tony, or dave and goergie boy promise a room to an immigrant?
The trickle down effect will work with migration... A - us plebs will bear the brunt, Grunt of a GOSH

The trickle down will become a torrent; if you let it...
Are you still bending over Suckers GOSH

GREECE - what's a grecian urn - even less if they privatise...

26/9 2015

Some people are not happy hookers with the rugby world cup song.
Homeless Harry from Hull will lose a few hours over that one tonight. GOSH

I wonder what songs are troubling dave at night...
I'll be your non dom divi from the dorchester a - get out of that one GOSH

How you're gonna keep em 'away' from the farm now that the've seen oxbridge!
A - all characters are fictional... and this is not any form of envy; especially penis GOSH

Reading between the lines...
Has HS2 roaring towards those country piles helped flush out the fox hunting set.GOSH

These chasms of collateral damage aren't just about...
Knighthoods and nimbyism with the inbred arrogance of financial independence.Gosh

What's it really all about!
It's the economy...Stupid No GOSH

Alas; it's not the national economy... it's me, me, me,...but I'm doing it all for you.
The gang - including the phony tony chapter - of greedy gits
have ripped this country apart with an unfettered feeding frenzy
A still hungry GOSH

The political set, corporations and those doing OK; are happy with calling it cheating.
It's about time that enough people call it corruption... A - go on GOSH

GREECE I wonder if there's much cheating over there!

Dear ex CEO of Volkswagon and chums around the world,
I, stopped smoking many years ago ; Or did I...

27/9 2015

So! European governments (establishments) knew about diesel pollution four years ago
How long has this semi-secret trade war with America been going on GOSH

Facebook has Europes data base in the north of Sweden cos it's eco friendly;
Europe is far from happy about The US of A using the data base to spy...
Sweden is trying to extradite; what's his name again... Julian Assange A - spooky GOSH

Greenpeace reckon that by 2020, data bases will account for 5% of all generated power.
A - should we get rid of data bases or volkswagon GOSH

Remember all those world wild charity fund raising events; not one country has coughed up the full promised amount.
A - it's not just dave that tells porkies in the age of spin GOSH

As a 'real' socialist would you trust the words of a man kicked out of a government cabinet for corruption, twice...
A man who was caught on the yacht of the richest banking family in the world, the same time as the future tory chancellor
The 'prince of darkness' mandelson; really has the arrogance of an old school tory.
A - Are you still falling for his duplicitous drivel GOSH

The ukippers are openly appealing for a broader unification...
The corbyn camp are achieving it naturally, without fear or favour. GOSH

The volkswagon ceo resignation pay off package; close to 60 million Euro.
A - go get em JC GOSH

The London football team of the Russian with one of the biggest yachts in the world...
Could only manage a late draw with the bottom of the divi team owned
by one of the biggest spivs in the UK GOSH

Has Ibramovitch taken his eye off the ball!
Or! is he just concentrating on money laundering now GOSH

The pope is touring America.
Some (c)rap artistes have more followers than the pope in the US of A GOSH

GREECE - Is it still there GOSH

28/9 2015

The European Central Bank is going to buy volkswagons 'Old' debt using funny money.
You put your new debt in
Take your old debt out
you put it all together
and you shake it all about...
A - I wish I was making this up hell of a GOSH

The ECB; based in Germany, case you forgot; is going to bail out Volkswagon, based in germany
A - what's wrong with that if you are a greedy git GOSH

The ECB quantitave easing program, initiated for nations in the EURO zone
is now blatently propping up the global village.
When the 'know nothing' CEO spends his package, the funny money,
magically made up by a bunch of bankers, become real
A rich mans smoke and mirrors is corruption to a poor man GOSH

Who are these bankers?
It's not the same bunch that are taking the pissalot out of Greece; Is it!

The RBS has just been caught 'fiddling' around with (y)our current account figures.
I wonder where the skinny bloke that disappeared after the crash is
converting his funny money into our real money GOSH

The Saudi's have pulled billions out of world wide investment
Have they told their well spoilt offspring to stop spending as much in London...
A - dave and georgie boy won't be too happy about that GOSH

Is the global village now up for sale?
The young can't afford the mortgage, even if they did want to buy it GOSH

GREECE - I've already mentioned it ...Pay attention now...

29/9 2015

Gosh it's titialating tuesday again...
Heard the one about...
Major, Johnson and Cameron walking down a country lane...
They come across an unfortunate piggy, rather invitingly, stuck in a gate
John 'circus boy' Major says, "if that was Edwina; I'd give it some...
Boris 'economic immigrant' Johnson says. " if that was anyone except wor lass. I'd...
Dave ' tax haven hypocrite' Cameroon says, " Crikey, I wish it was dark;
A - go on you know you want to have a quick snort GOSH

The German fraud bizzies are going to take 'a look' at the Ex CEO of Volkswagon.
Will they use a sherlock holmes magnifying glass or a FCA round the wrong way telescope GOSH

Remember the city watchdog; the financial services authority-a dwarf whippet without a mouth never mind teeth-
Changed to the financial conduct authority after the crash. A NO give me your money GOSH

When private equity cherry picks a commercial/industrial organisation using funny money; they call it rebranding.
When a small and/or family business is asked; how they are doing; they all reply, great GOSH

When Jeremy |Corbyn was young; he once went to an ugly bug ball with beer goggles on...
When Dave Cameron was young; a three bag bagman from Brixham spotted him stuffing 47 krugerands into a church poor box and never told a soul.
A - How fast: not; am I spinning; GOSH?

Stem cell not much of a cutie failed xy and z factor wannabee found selling water filters on Mars denies...
Being bankrolled by sugar daddy/privately financed research lab and denies saying,
' there's no inequility cos I can't spAwll it ' Gosh

Heard this, funny looking, far right of centre, bloke spinning on about 'mandiavelli' and the old labour party...
Turns out; he was phony tonys political secretary...
A - I really wish I was making this up GOSH

GREECE glistens in the sun...
Why do we call it an Indian summer and not an Irish Autumn!
Why do we call it a butterfly and not a flutterby!
Why do we call it the British Lion and not the British Badger - every other country adopts an indigenous animal.
A - too goshed to gosh GOSH

30/9 201

Wondering what to write...
Guess who 'saved the day'. A - He's not a god but thinks he is GOSH

Mr. Mark 'canook' Carney, ex goldman sachs, governor of the B of E, outgemmed,spun,whatever...
"The weather, cos of climate change, is going to negatively affect economic output... A - Get your galoshes on GOSH

This, from a man with a carbon footprint, four times the size, of a
pleasure cruiser fleet full of south sea island fishermen,
Him and georgie boy are having a giggle GOSH

When I were a lad you one couldn't miss those trucks with the elephant trunk regularly maintaining the drains
Fast forward - councils now have to queue up to hire one for an emergency. A - dont mention the grit or wrong leaves GOSH

Don't, ever mention that new labour porky who told porkies - sorry about mentioning porkies dave.
About, that Gloucestershire posh farming area that flooded cos they stopped dredging and relied on the 'eco systems'GOSH

I'll bet you a flooded road to a police having a pee in the park.; that
If you muck about with nature and spend all the money on a 'high maintenance mamas' instead of infrastructure,
Mother nature will sneak up and take a huge chunk out of your backend. NO GOSH

GOSH... A man of learning from a midlands brick built playpen as opposed to an oxbridge ivory tower is
invited by neutral BBC radio to make comment on the Jeremy Corbyn speech...
" came over as caring and sharing; but I'm unaware of any MP who isn't caring or sharing"
A neutral! or newtroll! spin GOSH...

Here's some plain patter or speaking...
At this stage of the battle lines being drawn; there's one succinct phrase to sum up the JC Speech...
'The working class can kiss my arse; I've got the forman's job at last'. A - Not a glimmer of a GOSH

GREECE - On one side of Kos the water is really calm, on the other...