One couldn’t make it up...

1/10 2015

Jenson wants to retire and Jeremy won't push the button
They are both going to upset a few people GOSH

How did JC get into the leader ship contest again?
Oh yes! A few of the MP's thought it would 'look good' for the sake of democracy...
A - more than a few 'tip of the iceberg' recriminations are going on now. NO... NO GOSH
A - cause more consternation than the expenses gravy train waiting in the siding
as opposed to crashing into the buffers...GOSH

The boys (NFL) are back in town.
And... talk of a London franchise (not team) raises its well padded head once more
A - heard this one more times than the mafia have sang along to 'My Way' GOSH

This year both 'teams' will be playing in a, rather fetching, blue, with brash blue dollar pattern, outfit.
A - in homage to the purely in pursuit of profit, who cares who wins, organisers GOSH

For most of my life it was 'there's trouble int mill'...
Now, it's, more often than not 'the markets aren't ... whatever'. GOSH

This time it's the 'equities market(s)' in particular, that are not doing so well.
A - How many of Joe Public the pleb know what an equity is; never mind, how well,or not, it's doing GOSH

In this country, much more than most,the 'ones', who some how; and, there's many ways, get richer from stocks and shares (equity) think they live in a fair country...
The 'ones' who don't; think we live in country with too much inequality...NO GOSH

The vast majority of wealth from stock; is owned ( much of it now borrowed funny money) by 'Establishment leaning, government lobbying organisations;
including some Trade Unions...
A - here's to the future... the fun has just begun...Gosh

GREECE - been pushed onto the diesel back burner...

2/10 2015

Another American shooter; this time using a silencer... the gun lobby are again manning the barricades...
A - In the land off the free and brave why can't they grasp it's why? not how! GOSH

Volkswagon are making public, the UK figures of the extent of their 'kick in the dogs doodahs deceit'...
A - In the era of spin and photoshop; us plebs have figured out not to trust any figures... GOSH

Now here's the double duplicity GOSH

The German dominated ECB, by buying volkswagon's 'old debt' ; are rescuing a 'lame duck' on their own pond.
A - This isn't just going against the spirit; it's blatently breaking the EC rules. GOSH

There's one law for the rich; and, taking the peace... a rescue using funny money...
A how long before China laughs louder ont way to bank; assuming they are not 'at it' GOSH

Russia is flexing it's military muscle...
A - what was that book published in 1949! Ah Yes! 1984...GOSH

Another day; another digital discovery. How many times have you been hacked and haven't a clue?
A - The cyber security race out paced the arms race donkey years ago GOSH

GREECE - Do many Greeks like Germans now...

3/10 2015

It's the big rugby game today...
Will the; originally caretaker, not in with the 'what happens on tour stays...' in-crowd, coach lose his job! GOSH

Rugby now has almost the same business plan as the premiere dominated football.
A - I say almost; the only real difference is the size of the spoils to be shared out.

The man who wants to be the oldest man on earth was on the radio yesterday-no old jokes please.
He's going for 140; he's covered all the angles... even reducing the chances of being hit by a bus. GOSH

If! there's any money men reading this...
Could you, or you's, work out a, covering all the angles, projected, would your kids cash it in at 100, pension plan,
Gorblimey GOSH

I've actually seen the oldest dead man on earth. He is a real stone age man -not wax- in a especially, 'fit for purpose' constructed museum in Bolzano, Italy.GOSH

He was discovered in an alps glacier that receded faster than Wane Rooney's hairline.
Don't; do not; mention global warming warning...GOSH

One of the most surprising artefacts found just below the three arrow holes in his back
was a genuine, one owner only, stone age lighter.
Used for keeping warm; not recreational drugs, is the accepted intelligentsia opinion...
A - have you got a light mate all those years ago GOSH

Cryogenics has cooled down; haven't heard of anyone being frozen lately.
Image being frozen at 60; then warmed up later to find...
Everyone has had their dna engineered to clog their poppers at 50. GOSH

GREECE A warm place; rapidly cooling towards the Germans.

4/10 2015

The hospital junior doctors are kicking off about the proposed changes to their hard earned lolly.
A - wonder what the GP's laughing all the way to bank, thanks to new labour, are thinking GOSH

These are some of the brightest, hard working altruistic people in the country,and many are
doing the banker threatening to leave... is it a soliloquy or dialogue...
A - remind me again in millions, how much the NHS litigation/compensation annual bill for silly mistakes is GOSH

The history of medicine, mainly honest, sometimes brutal, is embedled with 'all manner' of mistakes...
Here's one they have kept well hidden in the downstairs locker room.
An eminent American 'practitioner of Pyschosurgery' travelled the country giving people full frontal lobotomies... An instrument resembling a small ice pick was inserted through the eye cavity
and used to scrape bits of the front of the brain...
A - every profession/vocation/gang at any level; has the 'good, the bad, and the ugly'... It's just a job for some...GOSH

A, trouser down, whipping by any standard and already a middle class muppet is calling for change...
A - whose trying to start a class war GOSH

Is sporting finance an exact emulation of current business practice?
A - Will the coach get it right between the eyes for not getting it between the posts GOSH

Many won't give a flankers flip flop whether he is kicked over the stand or not.
Many, in an ever increasing number, will be, creatively concerned, if he gets the over the top
'parachute package for failure' pay off.GOSH

Gave myself a mountain marathon of misery the other day...
The theory of creating money by a, less than ego efficient, economist, on the crash causing bankers side...
caused the curve on my will to live graph, go flatter than a ladyboys lunchbox.

I called the witch doctor; he told me what to do...
He said now, " OO EEE OO ah Ha, ting tang, walla...GOSH

GREECE - Is a Greek doctor as good as a Cuban?

4/10 2015

There's a 'ring of steal' around the tory conference in Manchester... A - sort of, inverted, contemporary British Berlin wall GOSH

I wonder! who helped pay for the conference; don't mention the cost of 'a slang word for the' police...
Can't see those tory boys poking a gift pig in the mouth; or! can 'of spam' I! GOSH

Will many of the self bank rolled protesters end up in Jail?
The prisons are chokka; many ex servicemen and others, prefer jail to being on the street.GOSH

The 'show'conference will be, overall, portrayed by the press as an icon of integrity unified to a (wo)man.
When in reality there will be more scisms than the dna of a scandanavian scallops scrotum.GOSH

That Max - I'm a smart ---- not a smug ---- Clifford is still in jail.
If he had been knicked for telling porkies before the age of spin; not underage sex
they would have chucked the key away - or would they GOSH

What mix of arrogance and ignorance concocts contemporary conference novelty politics...
Oh what a tangled web we weave; when first we practise to deceive...

The latest: con,ruse; spiv speculation, pig in a poke, mind boggling, brain banging, pleb placating, is;
an, Independent Infrastructure Commission,
If, and ever, originally new labour, it comes about, it won't include HS2
and anything else that could be politically embarrassing GOSH

When the Newcastle/Gateshead quayside was being redeveloped; I walked along the line up of tradesmen vans.
It was a canny long way before; I came across one from the NE.
A - any geordie pretendy pleb going to stand in line for a job on the infrastructure commission, GOSH

Now what do countries with, real, strong economies have; again!
Ah yes! regional banks, that by law; have to invest in their own region, GOSH

Georgie boy Osborne - family income from posh paper - wall, not bog, you heathen numpties
has mentioned the 'reining in' of the international banking system; again.
Wonder! what Dave ex eton flashman now farmboy via oxbridge Cameron - family income from tax haven banking - thinks about that .GOSH

The father of democracy Eh...
Only one tiny snag... One had to be a male, white, house owner, with enough servants to carry the 'on message' scrolls; to have a vote...
Adonis! wasn't he a mysterious mythological greek god...
The contemporary adonis; a lord; no less; is to be in charge of this new infrastructure thingy.
A man who has sniffed around more political parties; than Carol Vorderman has sniffed around second class poser parties

6/10 2015

GOSH georgie boy reckons he and his chums are now the workers party.
The doorman from the wheel tappers and shunters club fell off his stool... laughing GOSH

He must reckon we plebs are all fully paid up members of the flat earth society
He'll be blaming that new labour lot for the banking crash next - Oh he did GOSH

If you flat cap corporals salute and doff; we'll let a few, just a few mind, wear a bowler hat;
dickie optional.
You'll have to mix it with the Russians and Arabs mind; some of us rich toffs aren't too happy about that...GOSH

Gosh... that last 'thought' was a pure; semi-illiterate, almost alliterative, allegorical attempt to alienate an awfully awful upper class establishment.
Hold it... I was a corporal in the 'there's a generals stick thingy in every privates pack' army..
I've smelt it; I've felt it; it's nowt like a bit of velvet; the ones who came through the ranks were the biggest bastards GOSH

The cheap money created and circulating in a corrupted banking system crowded out
the money available to manufacturing. When the fat cats were dragged out of the banking bag
they used the funny money and leveraging to buy up huge swathes of industry
Has the inequality resulting from the acceptance of the consequences of a corrupt banking system crowded out military 'through the ranks' commissions!GOSH

What lesson in life did I learn from the British Army?
The meat wagon went to the officers mess first; then the sargeants; then the...GOSH

While georgie boy has been dishing out the dodgy hope and slivers to the few and dope and shivers to the many.
Quite a bit has happened on the world stage; and all the 'players' on it...

Those damn frenchy plebs of Air France have carried out a full frontal assault
on the management meeting deciding on their redundancy fate.
I say old boy, "makes one damn proud to have lived there". GOSH

The Americans have, after years of secret negotiation, agreed a trade treaty with the pacific rim, Which includes Australia and Japan - no China - and represents 40% of world trade
The devilish detail has still to be ratified by the lawyers- It will only take a year GOSH

Does! this mean that the trade treaty 'TTIP' that was being, initially, concurrently negotiated secretly with Europe is now out the window.
Now what was the Mckinder concept - first mooted in 1945 by a yank - again...?
Ah! yes; who ever rules the heartland of Europe rules the world.GOSH

Them Germans don't want to rule the world; do they!
Have they got 'form' GOSH

The biggest GOSH is that book wrtten in 1949... 1984 - just a few years out.
I wonder where economists can get their hands on a cheap copy! GOSH

GREECE cant remember which world it was in...

7/10 2015

And it's a huge one concerning the context of the word secretly, used yesterday .
Secret; as in; there could be many thousands in the loop; don't mention the legal lot, illegal- not, as yet prosecuted - phone hacking...
and then it's made public to the plebs...GOSH

Fifty shades of blue!...The tory conference has at least five shades of ....
The sound bites for us plebs will narrow it down to the usual suspects:
centre right and right; compassionate or uncaring; or in the days of thatcherism wets (behind the ears) and drys - was it the right damps who got rid of her; GOSH

Dave dodgy with the tax Cameron. Now there's a fine example of a secret.
Is going to announce the building of 200,000 houses with an 'attractive' discount for the under forties.GOSH

These politicians promises are usually fanfared before; not after; an election.
A planned/ad hoc/ didn't think we would win, tactical after-thought or;
Don't panic! Mr.Cameron...A - glaring GOSH

A chum of the bankers messing politically with the housing market.
The well off, from builders to MP's, will suddenly have more offspring than Loyd George and
the rental share of the market will increase. NO GOSH

Those that caused; and those that tend to lean to the right; are all too ready to accept that
the cause of the international banking crash was the American mortgage market(s) giving loans to plebs that couldn't afford them
Do economists honestly mix up cause and effect? GOSH

The banking crash was caused by the corrupt greed of the, way over the top establishment championed, financial sector.
All they wanted to see was a free range golden goose, not the caged in lame duck quacking away. A gander of a GOSH

The housing market is an effect; not a cause.
Inequality is the reason why the young can't afford a place to live...
Wonder what effect the honesty of Corbynism will have on the UK/English economy!
A - new dawn! GOSH

Many years ago in Corfu; a house without planning permission would spring up at night.
With the hope that the authorities would 'look the other way'...

8/10 2015

Breaking News

The millions of working class numpties made surplus to requirements are...
still surplus to requirements. GOSH GOSH...use translator five times GOSH

The only true part of even dodgier dave's speech, "when I wrote this..."
He probably wrote about 1 min.30 sec. of the 45min. A - sit in silence GOSH

Dave and his gang are now the chums of the 'working' class.
Did he mention being the enemy of the 'non working mostly cos of his me, me, me, economy' class GOSH

I'm not sure... I was day dreaming about being pampered in a Huddersfield harem but the entry was blocked by an out of date harpy
In truth; I was glossing the lounge door and when I looked, Theresa - not a saint or mother - May (probably not) was on the telly.
A - You get a few more marks if you hoy a bit of the 'salacious' into your thesis .GOSH

The showcase performance of unity was truly made a lie by...
The indecent haste of the wannabe leader speeches - a if there was unity the would have waited... GOSH

The truth; It was Mathew Paris - a one term, too young, tory mp, who; actually, lived on the streets of the west end of Newcastle to experience 'The truth' who said,"people don't want to hear the truth', after he had 'knocked off early'.
Well people want to hear the truth now, Matty; alas, they aren't flocking in droves to hear dave's version of the truth. They are listening to the truth from Jeremy ( Joe would have been even better ) Corbyn. An - about time to GOSH

Many, many short years ago I was on the 'web' before it was over commercialised.
After paying a very reasonable provider fee; it really was free . There was only the original AOL
and I wonder what happened to Compuserve GOSH

There was a group called alt.writing which is still around today.
Then, it was a seemingly straitlaced, online gathering of mainly female american wannabe writers, rather messanically authoritarianlly overseen by the writer of the book that spawned 'couch Potato'.
A - I thought gosh as well GOSH

To liven it up a bit I 'asked for comment' on the phrase, If a todger taints a thousands birds...and
was instantaneously given a one and only final warning.
Receiving not one iota of support and being a bit of a busy chappie I bailed out.GOSH

A few days later, I found a number of, mostly by far, 'on my side', comments in my personal Email
Politics today is far from an upfront honest game - the more you look; the worse it gets .
A - time for a change GOSH

Will the change in Greece be brought about by self determination or the oppression of richer nations!
The EU is supposed to be about no more war and a level playing field...

9/10 2015

Phony tony lied to go to war...
Any one prepared to doubt the fact- where's that damning enquiry report when you don't really need one... GOSH

Guess where I was at the time of the cold war; call me Forest if you wish...
When the rich, and others, left Berlin; the Western Powers invited people (many hippies) from all over the world to occupy the empty properties.
A Civilian human deterrent GOSH

Any one wishing to go to war must be silly.
It seems there's quite a few nations willing to wage war...
It's usually the ones with large arms industries NO GOSH

Are we a nation, that really can't afford it, prepared to go to war again...
Notice the uniformed deterrent were not carrying weapons. GOSH

The neutral nations around the world; of which there are many.
Will be thinking if nato countries can kill people; so can the Russians GOSH

How many more Russians were killed in the last world world war.
Many more than all the rest put together; I wonder why they don't trust us... GOSH

Chin up and chest out lasses; Indian women can now be airline pilots.
It always takes a death or two to bring about change. A - girly GOSH

India is the largest democracy in the world
Hand up if you think/know it has a reliable nuclear weapon. GOSH or NO GOSH

India has a bit of a ding dong going with Pakistan; which also might have a decent nuke or two.
Hand up if you think the Us of A would, on the sly, do anything to maintain the belligerence status quo.
Now put two hands up if you cannot work out what's going to happen in SYRIA GOSH

The next phase is kicking off against FIFA ...
Ever wondered why that great footballing nation America led the race and has now got Switzerland picking up the baton and us cheering from the sideline. GOSH

Coca Cola, Mcdonalds and their big chums can't control world football like the Olympics Etc
Do they just want to laugh 'all' the way to the bank. A greedy GOSH

GOSH... now we hear the coke kiddos have the problem of the product causing obesity and they are throwing millions at it.
Remember when Pepsi came on the market and the kids of Coke lost $billions trying to fix something that wasn't broke...
Laugh...I nearly farted; they reckon it makes one do that aswell GOSH

Do fizzy drinks make you fat; do politicians tell porkies!
I wonder, just wonder mind, how much they would throw at me to say,'they don't rot your teeth; neither...
A - where's me false gnashers and girdle GOSH

A poor hot sweaty country choked chokka with corruption...
A rich cold clammy country honed to perfection by a golf full of graft...

10 /10 2015

Would you like to get 10/10 for one subject?
Or! 8/10 for most subjects?
GOSH... there's a spiffing question for a monarch...No seriously folks GOSH

There's one group of people who think they score 10/10 for everthing.
Yes! it's the establishment; which for two generations, far, far too alarmingly, includes the politicians. NO GOSH

This bbblogg waxes lyrically on what is fed to Joe pleb Public-with a bit between the lines...
Could any one think it opines orificially; after all, it's a one nation bbblogg. GOSH

My 'colleagues' in the press are of the opinion that JC hates this country...
I-litle old me- don't hate this country. I hate the people who run it though...NO GOSH...

If I were any where near famous or infamous they would tag me as a dullaly tap terrorist...
What right have these, tax haven rich, who have prostituted themselves around the world and back, people to take away my self determinism and then, kick me in the teeth by calling it democracy.
A - lost for words GOSH

You can always have a good leak; even though public loos have disappeared quicker than fit for purpose organisations.
Thatcher was a cold, uncaring bitch of a woman, but a strong resolute leader,means...
Cameron is caring, compassionate, strong resolute leader....
You can fool some of... alas, one can't fool us plebs any more old boy... A galloot of a GOSH

The 'new' CEO of 'peoples car' is to go in front of a commons committee.
He'll be quaking in his quattro... GOSH

Every thing in the garten is rosy; alles in the verkstatt vunderbar.
They have found and given the push to the 'two software engineers' responsible...
Ve haf vays of confidentiality clause not making you talk. A - Gesundheit GOSH

Will the politicans raise the, illegal by European dictat, rescuing of Volkswagon' by the German dominated European Central Bank?
More importantly; will the UK/american-ex Australian press baron(istas) allow, Joe the pleb in the loop.GOSH

The for and against Europe camps are forming temporary, loose alliances of non-political gangs.
Is this an ad hoc logical concurrence because of the referendum?
Or! a result of the pressure of the honest open transparency exerted by Corbynism?
A - gadzooks of gangs GOSH

Has Greece given in just before Spain kicks off?

11/10 2015

Another one bites the dust...
And another ones gone...GOSH

95 and counting + hundreds of lives ruined
'They' don't even know, or not saying, whether it was the lemon curds or the other lot...
You Know! the ones 'they' can't even agree the name of...GOSH

The 'killing' of people is now on the periphery of Europe.
Most people in Europe will turn the other way and hope it goes away.NO GOSH

Is it the same with equality in Europe and the western world!
Are we (joe pleb public) all looking the other way? GOSH

Have we come accustomed to the fortified police stations, the cameras, the gated communities,the fences etc
The Defences against each other. GOSH

How can we be an economically efficient nation when we have to factor in, or not, the extra cost.
The trick is, to make the pleb pay, some plebs aren't aware and some don't care. GOSH

This next bit is a lot harder to write, without swearing...
There's alot of it about nowadays...
Wonder what the posh word for; sexual gratification from public profanity,is. flipping GOSH

What's the difference between a Shetlands Outhouse; and, a Northern Power House?
In the shetlands the wind takes the smell away.
The other one just stinks.
A - I should of swore GOSH

If all the hot air generated about the 'lets placate the northern numpties Northern Power House' had been harnessed...
We wouldn't need the chinese and french build nuclear power station program...GOSH

The planned program! Just like HS2, will it ever come down the line !
The costs are phenominal... An - even greater than phenominal GOSH

The true cost of a nuclear detergent clean up is being ignored.
A - Don't mention the nuclear deterrent link; or war GOSH

The cons are split over much more than Europe.
Are Georgie boy, dave, pals and advisers; avid supporters of the banking short term erism
Getting just a little over-confused with long term planning...GOSH

Has Scotland decided; to a parish; to totally ignore the TU bashing legislation
What an interesting idea; go for it here GOSH

GREECE A lot of bad water has gone under the Greek and German bridge.
There will be more soon...

12/10 2015

There was mining families, pit boys and pitmen; and now we have pit girls...
A pit girl, is eye eye candy for the predominantly male formula one fans.GOSH

Glossing a few doors this morning...or is it the smorning?
Have bought some ear plugs; and, a naughty book, to help watch them dry...GOSH

Health warning...Sorry...
Wealth warning; that looks and sounds a lot better...doesn't it just now. Guess it does GOSH

The American banks have increased their share of the market.
The European banks have to amalgamate; to have any chance of competing... GOSH

The, German led, mainland of Europe banks, want the, chums of America Uk banks, to join the Europe rules OK gang.
A sort pre- referendum, put all your pounds and euros in one basket, friendly proposition/ultimatum GOSH

The US of A quantative/qualitive easing has put more funny money into the system than Europe...
The bankers are trying to outflank the politicians; and us plebs; Shall we bash em! GOSH or NO GOSH

A bloke called Boris belligerent buffoon Johnson has pleaded publically to ease up on the banker bashing.
A wannabe Prime Minister; some, but not me, would describe him as a blabbering bling of bloated bladder.GOOSH

Just a generation ago; boys wanted to be engine drivers or firemen...
Boris; I use boris merely for brevity; I have never been intimate with the chap, nor know of anyone that has,.
Would be happy, riding shotgun on a water cannon - what happened to them GOSH

'They' reckon it would take a life time to read all the small print on the contracts we sign.
And, another two to understand half of it. A - ever thought you were being ripped off GOSH

A TV football presenter leaked, that the England coach had let slip, that one can't pencil in Rooney next season...
It was great fun watching the pundits say anything except, the size of his back pocket wallet was hindering his ability to run

Does the football industry emulate the Uk Economy?
A bunch of foreigners, cheered on by a few english; coming over here and taking the breed out of our mouths and the pound off our plate.
A - few have scored, and an own goal for the plebs GOSH

I can hear the grass grow; wonder how the economy is doing!

13/10 2015

Thirteenth Eh! Is it lucky or unlucky for you?
Don't be stupid. GOSH

The referendum is not till the end of 2017.
Some people have referendum fatigue already GOSH

Now what are us plebs to make of this Europe huha...
Should we go? or should we stay? a - galvanising or gorblimey GOSH

History is littered with the dead champions of both sides of a fight
Do you know or even care who the chosen champions are?

Whats common and different between Boris Johnson and a zero hours worker?
They both have roughly three jobs; and, will say almost any thing to anyone. Gosh

Boris earns thousands and hopes to become Prime Minister of one of the largest economies in the world.
The zero hour hoping to be honcho earns a few bob and has very little hope at all.
A - are they both a guise of a GOSH

Boris; an economic immigrant, of white Russian stock, is in Japan banging on about the bullet train and how clever those Japanese guys are.
The next generation of bullet train will be the equivalent of; 14 minutes from London to Edinburgh. A - have we the wrong type of leaves on the line GOSH

Remember Concorde! well I'm going to remind you.
Some years after it was grounded; the chief test pilot admitted that the pilots didn't like flying it because it was like taming a bronco not riding one. My word(s) GOSH

That wasn't the reason the joint Uk/France enterprise never took off.
There just wasn't a big enough market, to subsidise the prestige of flying from Europe across the pond to the states... A lame in its own lunchtime duck! GOSH

All of Europe has a much more efficent transport infrastructure than us.
Why! because of economic planning at a national level for the nation...
Our 'Adam Smith' inclination towards transport has made 'men' richer; but the Nation poorer.
A - then three come at once GOSH

Do you know which side of Europe Boris is on!
He's certainly not on the side of 'us plebs'. A - bit on the side but not bacon GOSH

Have the Western bank sanctions against Russia affected the Chelsea football club!
Are Abramovich 'the millionaire from nowhere' and Johnson just up front faces...
A gathering of Gallants or Gonads GOSH

Did Russia offer a bail out loan

14/10 2015

What carries less weight than a politicians promise?
A career politicians promise.
A - quite a few of them knocking and whinging about GOSH

Which side is the press and most of the BBC on; New, or even newer up to date Labour?
Turkeys dont vote... and those with plenty merely pander to the plebs. A - glib gloss of a GOSH

Read - thanks to Positive Money - the Canadian Uni chaps 'expose' of the men who rule the world; the international bankers and chums.
Read about it years ago when Newcastle library was owned by us plebs.

It's now owned by the Japanese and leased to us by some kind of PFI mortgage deal(some would say sscam).
The libraries that we still own are being slowly, but surely, closed down. GOSH

Mark Carney is Canadian. Ex Goldman Sachs and now Governer of the Bank Of England.
Goldman Sachs are international funny money bankers having a revolving door cherry picking relationship with American Government(s)

Looks a bit conspiracy theory, Eh!
I'll be trying to tell you that some plebs join secret societies to be charitable; next... A greedy gang of a GOSH

If Loyd George was my father; Is Bill Gates my uncle?
Are you just a unit of consumerism in the age of IT and spin? GOSH

Are you being controlled and don't realise it!
After all we're just another brick in the banker built wall. A - GOSH or no GOSH

It was a Canadian Uni that used to teach the wannabe geeks by reverse engineering Windows code.
One year, they abruptly discovered that one third of the new OS, had been totally lock down protected; and Bill gates became the richest man in the world again.
A - gold mine of a GOSH

Don't believe in 1984...
Don't believe that Samsung were caught building cameras into the latest generation of wide screen tellies and had to 'disable' them. A - truth is stranger than fiction GOSH!

Many Goverment departments that bend and shape us are now privatised...
Don't mention Facebook, twitter and Google. The algorithms... I said don't mention GOSH

Greece has massive youth unemployment - the youth are supposed to be leaving the country.
Spain has even more youth unemployment-is it kicking off for a Sprexit...
Should all the younguns of Europe go to Germany for a better life or... Stay at home and do something about it...

15/10 2015

Picking the hound up today.
No puns or euphan...we've got the daughters dog for at least eight days.
A - barking no growl of a GOSH

He's a cross; shih tzu/cocker; I think the cocker was on top; rescue dog.
He pulls like a husky, runs like a collie and, you can see him think. GOSH

One autumn early morning, warming down across a Hamsterly field, a collie appeared from nowhere and started rounding me up.
It's quite unnerving; even when you realise what's going on.
A - Friendly! with a menace in its eye...GOSH

When the old, no panic, admonishing the dog and apologising to me, old dear, owner came closer into sight and sound. It, aware of, yet ignoring her, moved right in and started phsysically guiding me.
A - would it nip me GOSH

An old, ex working rescue dog, a novel and unique to me, but not to her, experience.
The dog wasn't sabre rattling; it was only doing what man had trained it to do.
A - are we aware what's really going on GOSH

Clint - I wanted to call him Rarph - is a hard working chinese/english gun dog.
I wonder if dodgy Dave and his pals would sign him on as a mascot!
A - considering the increasing polarisation:; they just might GOSH

The NHS is safe with us was a tory election promise.
Yet report after report proves otherwise. A - were you suckered GOSH

Do you, like me, think that this country is falling to bits.
Do you, have to be as careful as an Auchtermuchty auditor.
A - Or as crafty as a Canary Wharf wise guy.GOSH

We are seeing an unprecedented assault on the Public Sector.
Is it dogmatic Ideology; or, is most of the funny money in the system even more funny than they let on.
A - it's not funny or is it GOSH

Why did America invade Iraq if fracking at home provides enough energy for the foreseeable future.
A - they reckon crude oil can leave a nasty taste in the mouth GOSH

No chance of finding oil; but,finding friends by the day.

16/10 2015

The Europe for and against camps have some pretty strange Champions
The usual establishment suspects, and some new faces; not one poor pleb among them GOSH

Will the majority of us plebs be better off in or out of Europe?
Here's next weeks lottery numbers; no kidding
usually any five between 1-50 and don't forget the 'lucky' stars GOSH

We often hear the opinionated rough estimates of the wealth created by the 'in and out'.
Now; if, I had a database of the no. of jobs depending on trade with Europe...
A decision would be easy GOSH

The construction industry had a blacklist data base for nearly a generation...
Like Under-cover cops, Lance Armstrong and Hillsborough the truth was delayed for years by money.
They'll all be paying out soon GOSH

Both left and right are against Europe for differing reasons.
Both left and right are for Europe for differing reasons.
Two gangs against each other, and, another gang; with another gang watching and waiting;
and you thought Syria was complicated GGOSH

Fracking Brews
The sound of silence; not in the news, but they haven't gone away.
The international 'gang of robbers' (I meant to write band of brothers) by law, their law;
have the rights to anything and everything under your land.
_ uckers and Suckers GOSH

Where's the monopolies commission when one needs a good pint?
After the biggest merger in history there's now only three big boy brewers in the world.
A - slurp and suck that GOSH

Pst and hic
There used to be four breweries in the NE.
Put a monkey on naming the still going smallest one...

Spotted this sobering theory/truism ont web.
The hops used to brew beer contain female hormones...
That's why when we're drunk...
We can't drive and talk a lot.
Something free can be of real value now and again A - not really sorry girls GOSH

Can pigs fly! the spooks have gone public... again...
The Chinese nuclear power stations will/could be a threat to national security.
Spooky Eh! GOSH
Never heard them coming out of the shadows when BT started using cheap Chinese mainframe equipment for government installations
Money; and how much; makes the world go around...GOSH

Wonder which gang the spooks drink with?
Next time I'm in a working mans club I'll see if I can spot one.
A - just joking JOSH.

GREECE Needs the tourist drachma more than ever now...
Oh! I forget; it's in the Euro zone.
There's nowt like throwing a moose in the moossaki...

17/6 2015
The Americans are delaying pulling out of Afghanistan by a year.
If! you can't take a bully out; you have to step in for a life time.
Why does everybody except goverments know that GOSH

A diplomat lies for his country and a squaddie dies for his country.
A - did I just make that up GOSH

Bank charges are back on/in the cards.
Wonder what colour warning and testing of the water it is this time!

An up front fee on every current account or hidden charges on dodgy or unlucky, captive clients/custumers! The banks are against up front fees.
Wonder if they would accept hidden up front fees. Greedy or not GOSH

Bankers!!!! The lawyers can make decisions affecting the masters of the universe If! you trust the whole motley crew ; shove your elbow up what you would show in Fenwicks window.
A some of us are all in it together GOSH.

They (who they) are going back to the moon.
Is some organisation looking for someone with integrity and truly independent!
They are going to bring back the man in the moon. A starglazing GOSH

The housing market is always tossed around by the media as an, if not one of the most, important economic indicator.
My generation bought a house to live in, not off.
Was it an easy mortgage then GOSH

Just before the Building Societies were privatised; if your parents had a few bob and changed societies... I know a man... who knows a man... and the solicitor got a few bob for arranging...GOSH

Thatcherism bought votes by selling off the council houses.
Dodgy dave and chums are now trying to buy votes by selling off the housing associations.
The inequality gap increases GOSH

A good strong economy only comes about by the vast majority, not some people, having a decent income. A generation ago, we were made aware not to expect a job for life; two or even three 'careers' would be the norm.
A graft if you can get it GOSH

Now many plebs have to have two/three jobs at the same time.
Some people have more jobs than a Junta hit squad and can't afford a car never mind a mortage.GOSH

Not long after, I heard a posh voice in the radio, passionately preaching the advantages of renting instead of buying.
Was it ironic that she had to cut short the air time...
She had an appointment to arrange a mortgage for her son...GOSH

Land owners in Greece won't want to leave Europe.
They get a fortune/acre for doing nowt.
Many rich old fellows in dear old Blighty are paid over a £million per annum for sweet FA. Lobby groups queue here please...

18/10 2015

England playing Pakistan in Abu where; bizarre cricket and bizarre crowd...
Three camels, two kebab carousels and a cartel of corporate cowbys on the kerching.
The taxi drivers don't know where the cricket ground is GOSH

Apple has to pay Yank Uni a fortune for knicking microchip technology.
The lawers are laughing t' bank with the ongoing 'sue the blighter' culture.

IT (phones) the present world economy driver, are nice big fat earners for the lawyers
Is,litigation at any cost, a sign of todays western economies under Pressure GOSH

The pressure in Northern Ireland is building up.
The bomb disposal boys are busy... A gang bang of a GOSH

Some people have invested $30.5 million in a firm promoting a/their digital currency
Nobody tell the hackers GOSH

Today; 79 honest C of E vicars wrote an open sermon to anyone that would goddamn listen...
OK; weave made a few mistakes and Bernie made off with some of our consecrated cash...
We mean; one mans testament is another mans investment...we don't want women examining the books
These offshore churches just aren't recruiting enough plebs for us...
We know the bishops in the lords all have new pads... Talk about a holy war - we part timers are patching the vestments so one can't see the holes in our vests.
A what kind of a GOD GOSH

The chaps in the greedy gang who caused and turned the other way not to see the oncoming crash;
are now forecasting the Chinese growth figure will be fiddled up...
A kettle calling the pot... You wouldn't credit default swop it GOSH

The top dog ( a communist cur to many on the right) of China is to visit 'Manchester' GOSH Where do you start GOSH

How do you succinctly summarise the salient...
A, one nation tory, short term risky plot to rule us plebs for ever! GOSH

Ps a much more later GOSH

You got rid of most of the NHS dentists and kicked us in the teeth.
You got rid of working tax credits and kicked us in the belly.
You reduced the child tax credits and kicked us in the ........
A - are you social cleansing or just itching for a fight? GOSH

What has the establishment got in common with supermarkets?
They don't make mistakes but we always pay for them.
A they've got us by the G......Gosh.

Many of the immigrants landing on Greek islands are heading for Germany...
The anti immigration 'debate' in Germany is kicking off...

19/10 2015

Many moons ago there were 4/5/6 shoe shops at the top of Northumberland St.
The were all owned by one family firm; the Sears group; a UK cobbler, not the tallest tower in the world chicago mob.
A watch where you're walking GOSH
In the sixties us plebs became aware of the job destroying power of multinationals...
A Massive 'I'm backing Britain' campaign began...A - there was more union jacks than the falklands GOSH

One Sears was a UK national firm and the other an American based multi-national.
Both groups had similar business plans and practises; the UK public weren't aware the shoe shops had one owner...GOSH

What did they both, most importantly, have more in common; they were both family owned, retail and manufacturing outfits.
They had power; the investment banks kow towed to them GOSH

Almost two generations later; is it really any different?
You bet your sweet sweatshop shirt against the Euro/Yen and dollar; it is. GOSH

Todays multi nationals are now huge, more than half the world, domineering corporations.
However; size doesn't count... so they say GOSH

The relationship between business and banks has changed.
The banks now control the means of producing wealth and the 'governments' that once had a say.
The tail is now wagging the dog. GOSH

Banks now have 'leverage divisions' and 'separate companies' to manipulate and manoeuvre the funny money into business, not banking, since the crash.
The establishment is still laughing all the way to the bank with funny money and all the way home with real...
Corruption is the new business plan... Just another greedy GOSH

The Greeks aren't laughing about the funny money that bought them out.

20/10 2015

Breaking News or Naked Brews

Notice the establishment and politicians patter; see how they spin.
The Chinese growth is dodgy and what about the ghastly human rights record....
Not; my chum chuck at chase manhattan has a few well cleansed dollars to channel (y)our way.GOSH
Does one have to spin it to win it.
A GOSH not Gyrating JOSH

Does the trickle down theory work with patter still?
It sure does't work with real or funny money. NO DOSH GOSH

Transparency seems to have kicked off...
Do the gang masters of the masters of the universe need a few plebs on message?
A - well frosted glazed GOSH.

What was the real cause:
Devolution; Europe; the Chinese visit; the 'international' trade gang; the bankers and chums; Corbynism!
Have all the holes in the cheese lined up at the right time for something good to happen? GOSH

The joined and blending rifts and cracks are a just bit more clearer now...
Which gang will guild your future. A lolly golly GOSH

An ex health minister labour lord has resigned (doesn't need the 3 hundred quid a day, now) Or did he join to change things and he changed!
He certainly wasn't short of a few bob while he short changed the plebs...GOSH

If! he was a socialist; would he have resigned when new labour started privatising the NHS.
Or! is it us plebs that can't see the bed pan for the patter. Empty that GOSH

New labour hijacked the labour party by stealth and wealth.
Excalibur, the 'secret' database; was it real or myth!
If some chum of phony tony has a covert copy; most papers would make it a 'nice little earner'
A - no GOSH at all...

Corbynism is an, up-front, in your face phenomenon(the last word took longer than the sentance)
Is it a chance to pave your street with gold instead of the streets of London.
A - there's still some gold not funny money left GOSH

All the other gangs have ganged up against Corbynism...
A return to the 'old' ways will send the(ir) gravy train into the buffers.Gosh

'Patriotism is the refuge of scoundrels' is three hundred years old now...
Tell that to the Germans, French and other countries that now own vast tracts of the UK economy
Thanks to the Establishment backed bankers. A - choice of swear word GOSH

Pst - tell Sid; about the Chinese... Pst two
What does a UK high maintenance mama,or any mama, prefer!
An Englishman with no balls or, a sperm bank...

21/10 2015

What's the difference between Fagin and George Gideon Oliver Osborne?
Fagin was happy with a pocket or two...
A - gander of a GOSH

What's the difference between the son of a baronet and the son of a barista ?
One says "what kind of coffee Mr pleb"...
And, the other "You for coffee pleb". A - well ground GOSH

What's the difference between money and funny money?
Money is what keeps us plebs going...
Funny money is what keeps the bankers going...
A - it really is time we stopped them laughing and giggling GOSH

Russia went into Afghanistan and lost thousands of lives; for what.
America and the the UK went in when Russia pulled out; more loss of life; for what.
Tell me again, tony, why we went into Iraq... don't mention Lybia or Kuwait
Queue; wait; is that what the 'arms' boys do!
A gattling gun GOSH

Why do politicians tell porkies...
Politicians will stop telling porkies when us plebs stop listening to them. Gush GOSH

Now; everybody and his hound of war is in Syria...
A - get your guns out for the lads...GOSH

What has this blant (Blog/Rant) got in common with new labour?
We have both dropped a Ball.
A goolie GOSH

The female part of the pair is secretly shouting; by the sound of silence...
Her and the gang will be digging away in the dark of the back garden...
A - grave GOSH...

Is politics really that complicated?
If! If; one is a career politician... there's no goddamn GOSH about it GOSH

This country got the son of Thatcher; then the son of a bankerman
Canada has elected the son of Trudeau just in time... A - who! from the plebs GOSH

I; as an individual, often have trouble keeping all the balls in the air
Live by the keyboard; Die by the keyboard GOSH

I always thought that politically, Canada was just the little big brother to America; It seems not!
Within one day in office; he's told Obama, Canadian jets are coming out of the middle east.
A - get down and get with it GOSH

Want to win friends and influence even more people? Mr Trudeau...
Get rid of your all your corrupt bankers ASAP .
A - we are all agog GOSH,

Oh! and one more thing Mr.Trudeau...
Pull Mr. Mark (ex goldman- we invented banking corruption - sachs) Carney out of the B of E ASAP. A go for it GOSH

Have the Greeks got any gold to pave their streets? A foreign funny money pavement; how long will that last!

That labour lord - there's a truely fine example of an oxymoron - has only resigned the labour whip. He's worked for more 'privatise the NHS' firms than Alan Milburn...
Another pseudo socialist in the really greedy git gang.

22/10 2015

The IRA are still alive and kicking...
Our 'lot' - the UK establishment, are blind or expeditously looking the other way Gosh

The politicians of Southern Ireland will have to compliantly jump into bed with an
unelected cabal of self serving criminal subversists...
Now! where have I seen that scenario before!...
Oh yes! most of the western world and the bankers. Gosh

The deal is done and dusted; the state visit is merely the cerimonial show.
A - what manner of dodgy 'do in the pleb' dealing has gone on behind the more than half closed doors. GOSH

Hold your hods: hasn't China just done a titan of a trade deal with Australia...
and the Germans...and most of Africa...
They'll be trying to join the British Empire next...Oh, I forgot the sun has set...Over the yardarm... let's go on the hoy...GOSH
Everybody sign on the dotted line...
Trade deals are the new carbon footprint...GOSH

Before the ink has dried; the Gov of the B of England (supposed to be neutral-just reminding ya)
is technically, as opposed to politically, advising us plebs to stick with Europe.
What message was he garbling when his yank bank was selling worthless 'credit default swops' to the Deutschland Uberalles bank And...
using his own banks hedge funds to bet against them.
You couldn't make it up GOSH

Historical foot note - bank notes were ancient history. It was all done electronically - now you see it now you don't.
What's a credit default swop! not even the alchemist(s) who algorithmed it really knew...
Banking was a un-regulated, lucky dip, feeding frenzy. The ones ahead of the game knew what they were doing-well mostly...

Thatcherism wanted to run the economy like a family shop...
Dodgy dave and georgie boy want to run the economy like an investment portfolio; now the banks have crashed...
A - you gamble while we gambol GOSH

It sticks out like a hunchbacks haversack; that, the plebs who make thing have been done in. Again
You can't say that... Oh yes I can... the pantomime season is early...GOSH

Got an email from the contemporary suffragettes, a donation to further the cause!
Replied by comment; What's the point... All the female MP's, bar one abstention, voted for war...
Still waiting for riposte...the good girls are coming GOSH

The police chopper that crashed on the Glasgow pub was a 30 bob job - no black blame!
Man is always to blame; the one with the most money gets the least blame. GOSH

A teenager has hacked into the email of the CIA CEO GOSH GCHQ and an inkwell of irony.
It's not beyond the wit of man or the gumption of a geek to encrypt all things digital...
Governments knock it back cos their spooks won't be able to 'hack' you.GOSH

Do you know where the dark web is?
It's just under the ouija board; they'll be back in soon. A - Ghostly GOSH

A country shrouded in ancient mythology.
The German led ECB prefer the myths not the truth about the Greek modern economy.

23/10 2015

Well! the greedy git gang have reduced the child tax allowance
In less than a generation there will be less plebs to vote against them.Gosh

Working tax credit changes are policed precisley by your fellow workers on behalf of the Greedy gits.
The minimum wage increases are policed........By Who precisley GOSH

The buy to let tax changes will affect the poorer rather than the richer.
If you are a pleb landlord get a proper third job instesd of living off your mates. GOSH

Every - not just the above - change has the less than subtle flank attack.
Even a pleb on a plateau of platitude can work out the attack is from the RIGHT.
A - guerilla of a GOSH

I was strugggling how to get into this one at first...the day trip to manchester...
Chinese investment will help reduce the Deficit

It's alright... I'm OK ... the giggling fits gone.
! maths to the muppets... Do they really think us plebs are as thick as westminster wallets.
A - and they have more think tanks than the Germans had panzer divisions; ganz GOSH

Londoncentric Russian and Arab, easy come oil (whatever! must be clean cos it's well laundered) based, investment has merely been inflationary.
You try and tell me that arab football investment in Manchester has created wealth and not inflation.
Not another own goal GOSH.

The Northern Powerhouse! I always thought that Manchester was in the midlands.
It couldn't be anything to do with georgie boy - tell me who done your makeover and I'll get him for ya - having his constituency chaise longue a few miles away. Or! could it GOSH

Tatton; twixt Manchester and the cotswolds; remember Hamilton and Bell, is a posh part of the world by anybodys standards.
Tatton makes Darras Hall look like any one of the Wear valleys finest...
A - posh or not posh GOSH

Imagine extending the metro to Corbridge via Darras Hall...
I'll bet a return day trip to Transylvania or South of France to a walk in Walker park, that the nationally divisive and regional inequality inducing Hs2 is doomed.
A - never mind the millions the 'toffs chums consultants' have cost already GOSH

In the sixties/seventies there existed a book called; 'The Black Pudding Republic'
It was written by a 'geordie' businessman and opined that the North of England would be better off as a separate economic entity.
A - and inequality existed then but nowt as much as now GOSH.

It's the 'new kids on the block' welcome to the labour party at Gateshead Rugger club; sorry rugby football club; tonight.
Many will be the old boys, and girls, returning.
Will it be an all agog GOSH

Greece has experienced and adapted to change much slower than many countries.
They'll experience instant change if the bankers get their greedy way.

24/10 2015

The great philosophical question of the Twentieth century?
Canned laughter; does it do what it says on the tin? A galvanising GOSH

The great economical question of the ...
Are the manufacturers having a laugh; like the bankers? An even greater GOSH

Cars have been caught, vacuum cleaners are less than clean and the digital industry is disengenous.
No doubt you can come up with many more; just off the top of your head. A don't mention the directors GOSH

Spotted(on telly) that Yanis bloke; you know the 'marxist' man in charge of the Greek money, that resigned after Six months.
"The Greek left wing 'lost'; when the ATMs started running out of money"... There was no alternative money supply.
A no dosh GOSH

This Blant is late cos he has A BLOG
Yanis describes himself as a mathematician/game theorist, accidental economist, and; erratic marxist European
A - that's a mouthful in anybodys game GOSH

All fascinating stuff if one is 'that subject';sensitive; and there's no charge; ma boy!
Ta; Yanis; for reminding me that Keynes - a toff - hated us plebs; but believed, with a passion, in investing in us plebs.
A keynes saved capitalism but he's out of fashion now GOSH

The name Yanis reminds me of living in France... Don't mention Germany or Austria
Seefeld is a Austrian tyrol, cosmopolitan, (posh to us plebs) family ski resort; just a half hour over the hill hump away from the, one road up, hotel that hosted the Bilderberg conference one year.
A - were we plebs disrupted that year GOSH

The thing about Seefeld was... there was, no houses for sale... not a single one.
Never mind Amarillo; we'd found Utopia - but couldn't afford it Gosh

One day, town trotting up to feed the one remaining lamma, we came across a huge sign; flats (sorry apartments) for sale. Ring a Munich number
Donner und blitzen; the gruppenfuhrer had us marching on the mayors office quicker than you could say Blitzkrieg.GOSH

"Who told you about these apartments", said the mayors secretary with an angry anglo/gestapo accent
They were a local pleb, assisted purchase scheme; like they have in the lakes; and supposed to be a secret GOSH

Forget Yanis... for now.
Yanick and annick; and buy or rent in Europe tommorrow

25/10 2015

Are countries at the centre of Europe any different to the UK?
They used to be less than a generation ago - four generations are now alive at the same time GOSH

All of them are trying to hang on to their cultural identities.
While the central bank that holds the purse strings sucks them in and blends them down.
A Gluten free glutton of a GOSH

In the battle for hearts and minds; the statistics of a plebs greatest purchase; the house; are often used.
Thatcherism wanted everybody to own their own home;
then we are told that the Brits have an over the top obsession with ownership - the germans are happy to rent...
Now dodgy dave needs to buy votes by selling off the housing association stock...GOSH

Yanick et Annick are the names on a personalised nameplate on the gate of a street of semi's in a french village/town.
Across the road is a medium size estate of mostly detatched, individually built and owned, family houses.
In the land of a chateau every few kilometeres; a French family, and European, home is now their castle. GOSH

Europe, including Germany, has a massive problem with inequality; like us; it chooses mainly, to ignore the fact.
No! I haven't been on the happy baccy and stumbled on the stats; I've got the T shirts...GOSH

Inequality, more often than not, stares you right in the face when the GPS (top of the range, all the bells and whistles, cost a fortune, which sex can't navigate) sends you the wrong way... It sends you the wrong way cos the Yanks are switching the satelites off - money makes the world go around...
I wonder how the European satelite system is progressing.GOSH

Is there any real difference between us and the rest of Europe?
Yes; it's not the currency and our false sense of sovereignty...
They have managed to hang onto their family and national values much more than we have.
A - gathering of a GOSH

When the ink dries from every one signing trade treaties with any one; what will be different?
Just the small print... The corporations will be able to sue the countries GOSH

Hasn't gone away; it's kicking off in Portugal now.

26/10 2015

The Labour party members call Georgie boy Osborne,'the prince of darkness'
I always thought that the master of machiavellian mendacity was a bloke called Mandelson.
A - mother of misleading if ever there was one GOSH

It seems they've been seen plotting together in one of the pro Europe camps-no pun intend...
Are they penning a tome of their adventures together on the Rothschild/Russian yacht.
No josh and plenty of dosh GOSH

The Rothschild/Russian, almost royal, yacht stateroom has a sign above the door...
'Abandon ye hope...all who enter'
The entitled two tome is titled 'A SALE OF TWO TITTIES' A - go on have a little titter GOSH

Let us the western church is a flustered blush...lets call a tit, a tit...
It was a Woody Allen film, " These things usually travel in pairs...
A - now above a girdle GOSH

These two have always been 'a pair' traveling the same path...
If there had been true opposition to the 'centre right' of the western world; the banking crash would never have happened.GOSH

Russia is off the chum list of America; so, the UK now has to borrow off CHINA.
China owns most of American debt... The west must be doing great!!!
A - could be making this up GOSH... Wish I was GOSH.

If! the yen joined the rouble; would they call it...
The Youble; you in deep trouble now mate...GOSH

Greed producing funny money; which in turn, fuelled/fooled the greedy; caused the banking crash.
We plebs bailed them out, remember; now, year on year the cost is increasing.
Here's another one right in the goolies GOSH

The same thing is happening again.
And, don't mention the tax GOSH

The creation of Electronic money, which is increased in number but not in value by alchemy, and controlled by the same bankers that caused the crash; is being used to buy up western commerce and industry.
Here we go again; a huge ever increasing gang creaming it off the top, with mergers and acquisitions that are about as useful to unit labour costs as the house of commons is to comedy.
A - get your rubber necks out for the crash. GOSH

Will the customers of talk/talk, walk/walk?
A - not even the sun will have thought of that one GOSH

There's many a myth put out about, about non state hacking...
A gang of ungainly, greedy, geeks terrorising for gain GOSH

One tactic is merely ringing up an organisation - there's a one born every minute.
Many a hack comes about from insider information - a don't tell anybody GOSH

Hackers come from all walks of life...
Some do it cos of ideology - don't tell the establishment GOSH

It's not only the Greek plebs that are hacked off.

27/10 2015

Software mistakes can cost the city a lot of real money
Duff software has cost the public sector a fortune.
When a bank goes down it could be a hardware upgrade with a bit dodgy software...
They never tell the truth GOSH

The Volkswagen software was fraud on an unbelievable scale.
Will the Germans have enough funny money for Volkswagen to laugh it off! GOSH

The software was simple - if the steering wheel wasn't turned with the road wheels running
the catalytic emissions thingybob was turned on full- ie test conditions... One model couldn't have been a mistake; never mind all of them...GOSH

We used to have motorhome with a 3L renault diesel engine.
On those trips to Switzerland; was I assisting people to die too! A grave GOSH

It seems it took the Yanks a year to go public; and the European establishment knew about it for years.
Rumour has it that others will soon be queueing up for the pre-emptive public confession.
We'll need a more than a few more holy fathers if all the bankers confess.GOSH

If bankers were prosecuted like hackers-now there's one for the bucket list.
We'd have to borrow quite a few bob off the chinese to build all the jails. A - Gaol of a josh NOT

Many people welcome the Chinese with less warmth than a Cowdenbeath cremation.
Why do we need a 'Chinese money swop for Chinese cheap labour', if all the large UK firms are awash with money!
Somebody is telling porkies - it's usually the establishment and politicians NO GOSH.

Ever get that feeling that someone is taking it...
The rich have tapped directly into our bladders. A goosh of a GOSH

The establishment - anyone and everyone who thinks they are doing OK - are, always banging on about JC splitting the left.
Oooh Lordy... It's a start...Keep up the grafting like a Chinaman work, lords, ladies and gentlemen;
A - little giggle of a GOSH

The friends of frankenstein uni mob are having another 'neutral' pop at Europe for being anti GM.
GM might have won a couple of battles; but, nature always wins the war.
A - cliched cloche of a GOSH.

Careful now... this year it's sugar, and now, red meat gives you cancer...
Georgie boy will have the bean counters on it already...
NHS and Welfare up... pensions down... come on come on, time is money... I want answers.
A greedy - if ever there was one - git GOSH

Do you want a long and healthy life?
Just eat less of what you like and exercise more...
See you at the pearly gate GOSH

Who has the more sustainable life style?
A Greek fisherman or a German banker!

28/10 2015

Cuts! georgie boy has his chopper out; the bobbies are losing the beat Ha Ha...
There is no cause for concern; crime is down; the photoshopped figures prove it...
One has to larf not giggle GOSH

The bobby on the beat was more of a deterrent against social crime than real crime.
The wild west is coming quicker; to an area near you GOSH,

Many many moons ago the Met city fraud squad obligingly admitted that fraud under one £million would not be investigated.
There's one set of stats off the doomsday books...
A - bring back the bent bowler not the bobby GOSH

Cyber crime is up; they must be swopping the boots and cars for keyboards.
Hello...Hello... hello...Oh no they are not...There's no cash for cars or keyboards.
A - you are not going down; the prisons are full GOSH

Online banking scams are up by 40% and 70% won't see a cent
Get hacked and they - the bankers - have to cough up; get scammed and you are on your own kid.
A gullible GOSH

The hackers are coming.....
One can now order and buy a 'database' on anyone.
The dark web is coming into the light... GOSH

What kind of novice numpty falls for a scam?
I was sort of; sort of,...I was scammed once.
A - giddy when you think about it GOSH

How can someone as careful as an Auchtermuchty Auditor!
Be taken to the money launderers by a gang with less compassion than an Audit Commission accountant's calculator. A - who's gullible now GOSH

It was a; by royal mail delivered flyer, lucky draw, like on the telly thingy...
If! you ticked the box you were guaranteed a cross channel ferry ticket...
A low percentage pay out gamble come-on - What could possibly go wrong GOSH

I kept that ticket, as a reminder; for ages...
It was a foot passenger ticket; value: One pound sterling.
A - walk away from that one sucker - be careful out there GOSH

I like to think that was the only scam I fell for; there was another...
A one that nurtured the culture that led to the 'banking crash'.
The make you well endowed endowment mortgage GOSH

There was only one large bank that actually crashed.
We plebs bailed out the bankers remember. The greedy git gang GOSH

One country didn't bail out the bankers; it let them crash and took the hit.
Everyone a haircut for a few years; but, no shaven heads for the plebs.GOSH

Iceland has jailed over twenty bankers for a total of over seventy years.
Do the mainstream media draw attention to that fact! GOSH

Will the 'hoi polloi',the great unwashed of Greece have to have their heads shaved!

29/10 2015

Managed to pop into Gateshead library when passing...
Now there's a relative haven of tranquility in a modern world.
Even when the brats are off GOSH

No bumping of gums and rattling of keyboards.
Much better designed than that monstrosity to money across the water.
A - anyone for cake and coffee GOSH

Oh, I forgot to mention that damn over-sensitive automatic door.
It opens and closes like a politicians letter box waiting for the expenses cheque.
Some management muppet jobsworth will have an excuse for it NO GOSH

Have you noticed that all new hospitals now funnel you past the 'nice little earner' facilities.
Where in the NE is the most ludicrously blatent example of this dodgy design concept?
AH! yes, the International Airport... A not so much as give us your money; more a stand and deliver GOSH

The reason why I call us plebs, plebs; is cos of plebgate.
A book by a 'neutral' ex tory MP is attempting to exonerate Mr -previous form of an arrogant temper- Mitchell.
A - glazing over gloss of a GOSH

Mr Mitchell didn't deny using the word pleb; until he had seen that the video tape evidence; couldn't prove that he had.
Shall we hang him!...
A - what kind of a jest josh is that GOSH

The cost/value of alternate medicine is taking it's turn again...
I/we have passed through Lourdes a couple of times; a convenient route to the Pyrenees; no less no more NO GOSH

Outside the launderette was parked a large totally black coach from the North of Scotland.
It was customised to carry a max. of six of the, religious or not, less than quick and almost dead.
A - how expensive can not wanting to die be GOSH

Most people; for whatever reason; prefer not to believe in or hear about Lourdes and similar concepts.
Relative poverty in the UK...let's look the other way...GOSH

Which song is sang the most?
Happy Birthday...
Many have tried to claim the royalties; It's attributed to a black woman from the deep south of N. America.GOSH

The best thing out of Scotland is the road...
The best thing out of America is the music... A gong of a GOSH

Whats a Greek urn? we nicked most of them years ago!
Will the Germans nick most of their money?

30/10 2015

Some top professional rugby clubs aren't playing the game with the salary cap
It seems one can get more under a top hat than a flat cap and even more again under a French beret GOSH

What! you've never heard of a rugby salary cap; hats to caps man; give that (wo)man a hospital pass
Rugby is like football now... who wants a few bob for an England cap!
A - pack of greedy gits now GOSH

Most team games are games of two halves; two is a very important number in the developed world.
A - two fingers of red eye and a two tier intransient on the take society.
A - no tosh Gosh

The Chinese can have two kids now...
Dodgy dave and the gang have decreed that the Uk poor can only have two kids now.
A - we have more in common with the Chinese than we think...GOSH

Two tier television was induced into society by Murdoch via thatcherism many years ago.
Not two tier by quality but price; A have and have not a sky box/aerial GOSH

Many of this generation were raised unaware that this country once had two party politics
They were unaware of the irony that two political parties blending seamlessly caused the present two tier division.
There's two differing parties again now...Will they make one nation again GOSH

The police branch of the establishment now want all your internet 'data'.
The usual, it's for your own good platitude, is once again being wheelie binned out. No, short word for effluence, GOSH

One of the greatest ironies ever is the phrase 'social media'
The internet is commercialised; it's the 'commercial media' with a platform to 'so called' socialise GOSH

The rich gangs behind the internet want a two speed, two tier internet
And! you thought it was governments trying to control the net.
Hold on! them bankers and goverment wallahs aren't chums are they GOSH

There's two laws prevalent in most of the western world...
One law for the rich...and; one law for the poor...
And! who are you to disagree GOSH

Greece Spain Portugal... Who's next...

31/10 2015
GOSH I was wrong!!!
They are not looking for the man in the moon.
I've seen it spin a couple of times; but, the man...

The moon is going to be the staging post to mars.
Not a station; but as a training ground to colonise mars.
An off the planet GOSH

It seems that mars was habitable billions of years ago.
It's not beyond the wit of man, or 'robot', to do it again; take a few million earth years though (rough estimate)
Has your dna got bent robo cop writen all over it GOSH

We are doing this for humanity; the whole world has agreed; no one can own, nor ever own, any part of the universe.
Yeah! the G20 will have spent four minutes on that one; and, Madacasgar never even got the email.
I wonder if Toney Bliar and George Flush signed that one off. GOSH

It's going to happen they (the space community) have a promised annual budget.
Wonder who will pay; the 'I want a yacht next month mob; not a space station for the kids'; or us plebs.
Now there's some concise cant, hypocrisy and irony of the banking industry for you...
Was it a scientist who bought the one way ticket to mars - or a pleb GOSH

America is releasing all the druggies (takers not pushers) from Jail- like ours they are bursting.
Will the money saved; go on the space program or special forces in Syria.
A - when they discover some kind of oil on Uranus GOSH

Going to mars won't be everyones cup of kryptonite - especially if you have a kid with cancer.
The space program is like undercover policing; it's always there in the far background; now and again the light shines on them.
A - what's on the other side of life; not the Telly GOSH

Space is the sort of high life and policing is the low life.
A - hold on; one can't put police and low life in the same sentence
On present and past form - Oh yes I can; should'nt be a GGGGOSH

The philosophical and scientific reasoning behind colonising mars is; no species lasts for ever.
Life goes on - or does it!
In the meantime; it's up to us plebs what quality of life we have now - the more of us the better
A - never in a million years GOSH

A place where mythical gods once ruled the universe...
Real Gods wanted now on English earth
Zero hours only - don't call us we'll call you - sucker...