One couldn’t make it up...

November 2015

1/11 2015

Today could be Sermon Sunday...

The lords have over three times as many bishops as the Commons has Lib Dem MPs.
There are only 43 bishops; yet, 26 have a seat in the Lords.
A - who is the head of the church again? Ah yes; The Queen...GOSH

No need for politically pondering on the pew; the Lib Dems, the queen and the Church are self acclaimed middle of the road organisations.
A - all, nationally accepted and condoned; delusional about the number of actual supporters gangs GOSH

The religion most over-represented proportionately in UK politics ; is the Jewish
A - Don't tell the Germans or Arabs Gosh

Phoney Tony had the Jews on board when he publically fanfared he had adopted the Catholic religion.
Was there more catholic voters than protestant at the time GOSH

Was it deemed more dioplomatic for a man of god to go to war.
Or was it the Catholics turn to kill a few arabs GOSH

Lately; reports have had more whitewashes than a chicken sexers sandals.
Will the Chilcot report have hell and damnation for Alistair Campbell?
A - stick it up the un-elected scapegoat; not the establishment GOSH

I'll bet you a Dunstable down and outs dog's log to the well seasoned salami in a Sandringham sausage that...
Alistar Campbell is one of the legal objectors 'conveniently' delaying the enquiry report.
An armchair gory gladiator or no glory goolie GOSH.

War... don't mention the religion... GOSH

Greece forgave Germany for the 2nd world war...
Will it forgive them for the economic war - do not mention the bankers...

2/11 2015

Just another Money Monday...
The first day of toil after the day of rest...
A - get off your arse and graft GOSH - preferably like a chap from the far East

It took thousands of years for man to change from hunter/gatherers to loyal subjects.
More change has happened in the last 200 than the previous 2,000.
Doesn't time fly GOSH...Doesn't it just GOSH...

Not long ago royalty was divine.
The king was the hand of god that ruled us plebs...
We'll that's what they paid the preacher man to tell us.
A Godly gasp of a GOSH

You better believe; that we plebs believed.
Cos they got away with it...
A dont deny and do what you are told GOSH

In this country; royalty is still hanging on by it's gold painted fingernails.
Are you one of the few plebs that still worship the good Lord... GOSH

The majority of us plebs now vote to worship money! The bankers control the money...
We plebs are banker worshippers...Gosh

Not that long ago an Egyptian dynasty that worshipped banking was dis/un covered...
The statues that we 'acquired' came complete with stone hard erect phaluses- the victorians had them snapped off; so as not to arouse the masses...
A - not even Jeffrey Archer or a tory minister with a stutter of statisticians could make that one up GOSH

The commonwealth victorian era with the ring for a servant/slave button; was far from a jolly good time for us plebs.
It gave rise to the Labour party and Trade unions.
A how did they get away with it GOSH

Trade unions became strong cos the Uk was an industrial nation - the plebs were needed...
Building Societies and the TSB took off after the 2nd world war cos the banks had a tried and trusted 'modus operandi'
It was called 'rip off the Pleb' but not quite in public GOSH

World economic pressure; with a touch of national politics - not the collapse of so called communism - gave rise to the direct worship of money instead of earning it by manufacturing... It was the easy way out GOSH

This country; by a narrow majority; has recently voted to worship the bankers again...
GOSH and there's not enough data banks in the country for the GOSHES GOSH

A country that has even more reluctantly; voted to worship the bankers.

3/11 2015

The AKP have regained power with a majority in Turkey...
There's a bad moon on the rise.GOSH

Apple have to pay around 150 million quid to some firm; for 'acquiring' their algorithms...
Wonder which is the biggest earner for the lawyers; Silicon valley or the NHS! GOSH

The Chinese economy has a lot less to pay in legal overheads...
In some arab states you lose the hand in the till...
In China a head honcho loses a bit more than a hand - yet it still happens...GOSH

Tesco still haven't turned it 'round' yet; now what caused the near financial collapse. Was it the size?... Was it the business plan?...Or was it...
For many firms; the key to the executive bog is the sign of success...
Bog! I'm a pleb I can use the word bog...
For Tesco the bog was on a private jet.
A - sky high level of lolly golly GOSH

Them Volkswagen execs are good... They have more euphanisms in english for 'we are not lying bastards'; than any countries politicians.
A gosh is a gosh in any language GOSH.

Many firms have been 'at it'
With the accumulated, condoned by all colours of the of the western political spectrum, changes in business culture; do many firms actually know to what extent they are 'at it'.
A - go for it too late they've gone GOSH

Then! to contort and control the whole skip, skit, kit and conoodle; we have Quantitative Easing...
The use of nation funny money to buy back funny money assets; from international bankers who are using the funny money given to them by nations; to buy up industry and commerce to turn the funny money into real money.
Throw into the mix; the use of funny money already keeping firms afloat; tax havens and hedge funds etc,etc,etc... Are you keeping up?
No... Neither could the bankers before the last crash.

Bubbles and financial folly are usually generational; one generation to repair; the next to forget...
It's been a mere eight years since the last crash and they are at it again; with a vengeance...
The pound in a plebs pocket is mostly real money.
Are you willing to bail out the greedy gits gang again? GOSH

A nation that has had it grim for a generation; thanks to the funny money greedy git gang.
Bet the rich media owners disagree with that...

4/11 2015

This blant is; from this day; hereby and hencefourth; monikered Plant; pleb/blog/rant.
Though steadfastly, and massively, reliant on the telly and radio for most gen.
Now and again I come across a little gem...Stone me GOSH

The contents of this letter were, in error, sent to Benefit Boulevard, Byker; instead of You're kidding, Kensington
How efficient is privatisation GOSH


All correspondance of the Greek public/private education effort vill now be in German
Das/die or der new address ist:

Ya ve are a punch of vankers
Stalag stuttgart
bank is the new tank
Danke der thick as zwei planke
Deutche Mark land

Those that access this plant using those funny little telly/phone thingies would have been unable to read Novembers offering...
It was due to an unforeseeable technical glitch.
I forgot to put the NOV icon on the home page...
Now there's A GOSH

5/11 2015

Well; Russia has had a welcome to the war present...
There's no trickle down in economics or war.
Another lot gone GOSH

Death starts at Joe the pleb Public and doesn't rise through the ranks.
Except on the very, very, rare occasion...
On that rare occasion; the killer; more often than not; is a fellow countryman. GOSH

The armchair warrior politician; so reluctantly solemn and tough in public...
So flippant and cowardly in private; sacrificing someone elses life.
Would they get away with it if there was a God GOSH

The Collins dic... word of the year is binge-watch.
Me and the gruppenfuhrer went on a 'binge-watch'; when we returned to this green and pleasant land.
Well it's green and pleasant for some GOSH

We sat in a quayside bar and watched all the gangs of drunks go past.
A non stop procession; Eye opening entertainment,if ever...
Everbody should have a hobby; drinking; not watching GOSH

I was once off work for long slow 15 month with a shoulder injury.
The economic recovery is even slower; the slowest on record GOSH

There's such a lot of crap come out about the UK economy.
No party has ever left office and openly admitted they have left the country in a worse state...
Are we going down the tubes?
It's always, 'next year' when the plebs head (new name for a pub!) pops above the seat.GOSH

There is no logical reason on 'earth' why economic growth can be sustained for all.
The question is can the rich nations stay ahead in the race.
The greedy git gang will always pay a few bob to fix the race NO GOSH

All the rich western (and other) nations have the same economic policy.
Give a fools fortune to the bankers - they call it Quantitative Easing...Gosh

This internationaly condoned 'plan' of the rich, is working for the rich; but, not the pleb...
All the rich nations - yes all - are experiencing the harsh reality of rising inequality... GOSH

GREECE The main media keep stummm about the real economic facts of, 'the Greek trip to hell on a handcart'.
Is Greece at the tipping point above the dump?

6/11 2015

In a recent survey:

63 Buckingham Palace unwanted pressie polishers were asked their thoughts on Sunday Surgeries.
62 replied.'they still make us go to church! can't see why they shouldn't...GOSH

37 Royal Shakespeare Company dressers were asked, 'What's your favourite costume'?
They all replied, " that suit with bells on both sides of the trousers ; so the bankers and politicians could have a leg each".
A - ding dong GOSH

92 female fortune tellers were asked if they would ever see fracking in their own backyards.
The unanimous reply, "Go frack yourself"...Gladly GOSH

17 readers of the Fortnightly female were asked if they had ever been skinnydipping.
16 fluttered coyly,"Gosh no... but, who wouldn't want to lose a few pounds and them bankers have had their hand in the till for for years".
A - guarded greedy GOSH

648 old comedians and comediennes were asked what makes them laugh!
The free taxi trip from the house of lords to the bank, they sniggered.
A - some of us are gods GOSH

14 council street light workers were asked if they had a bright future.
The questioner woke up seeing stars...
A - gazing GOSH

29 million voters were asked if they had ever seen a politician coming out of a bakers with a pasty.
41 million replied, "No, but I've seen them coming out of the butchers with a load of old tripe".
A - gourmand of glossed over glazing GOSH

46 new labour MP's were asked what would they do if they lost their seat.
46 obliquely intimated, "We already have lucrative positions as 'prison inmate painters' lined up - we've been con artists for years". A - gurning gadfly GOSH

3 million under employed youths were asked, "Would you rather have a part time job in the city or a full time job in a sperm bank"!
A banker or a banker!
The choice is great GOSH

76 canary wharf cleaners were asked if they have an off shore account.
75 replied, "what happens on cruise stays on cruise - can't afford one anyway...
A - go forth..... GOSH

When 304 tory mps were asked if they have ever taken a sexy selfie...
274 replied, Gosh what an affront to human, parliamentary and democratic dignity... Ps .. How much without the head?
A - cross my palm with gold GOSH

When 6 million Greeks were asked, " what is the difference between a tank and a bank"?
More than half replied, "about seventy bleeding years"

7/11 2015

Straight from the Indian Summer into an Irish Autumn
The weather some of us plebs have to endure...
It's a good job in the grand design...; that we don't rust...What ho! GOSH

In the era of information and openness there seems to be even more duplicity and democratic dodginess.
The establishment still think we plebs are; numpties as thick as Glastonbury glue sniffers snot. GOSH

There has been a 'security threat' in the Sinai peninsula ( a huge poor chunk of Egypt that backs onto Israel) for years
The US and our spooks were aware of the 'recent flare up' but didn't tell us plebs or the Russians...
When will they ever learn? when will they ever... GOSH

Dodgy dave is going to make it 'a legality' for everyone to have access to the internet.
At the same time severely restricting access to the law for us plebs.
Is this man truly a sorcerer; a man with the midas touch; or; just a lying Git GOSH.

There's a patently obvious pattern emerging; and even a Billericay beggars blind bulldog can spot it...
It's not spin anymore; it's a torrent of one sided slaver. A ginormous gush of a GOSH.

The NHS is the try it on template...
Here's £10 billion is roared out from the roof tops...
Give us £20 billion in efficiency savings is whispered from the wilds of Wannie...
And; the massed ranks of rich are waiting.... GOSH

Will Mr. Mourinho have to sign on...
The western banks are sanctioning Russia; has Jose been abandoned to face the flak...
A - before facing the flak; always floss and gloss GOSH

The 'working rich' in most countries have no fear of failure - they still get paid a fortune for failure.
The Redcar 'roughuns' and many of the 'gosh I'm a pleb now' that supported them will have to sign on.
If Mr. Mourinho signs on'; I'll give my pension to the Eric Pickles Pasty Appreciation Society.
A numb gumming GOSH.

How many Greeks sign on? The bankers are enjoying a sustained spell of not needing the workers.
Now how can they get as few as possible signing on...

8/11 2015

The games people play...

All the worlds a stage
All the men and women are merely players
The world has more hams than porkies...? GOSH

Do us plebs play more games with sport now; than we used to?
To those in power; the pursuit of profit through sport; is a deadly serious game.
Sport is now a facsimilie of capitalism; the reputation - and theirs - must be protected at any cost...GOSH

The athletes organisation(s) now make the footballer's greedy git gangs look like pay day amateurs.
They've been at it anyhow and anywhere - even money laundering...
More than a generation ago; a top African long distance runner used to turn up everywhere with the same battered suit case; All it contained was his prize money; in cash... GOSH

Not so long ago it was technology being stacked up ready for release to the market...
What is stacked up now?...Corruption...A - giddy great grunt of a GOSH

Spin the pleb; has been the establishment (the paid establishment), favoured and all flavour, game of the last generation.
Now; more and more of us, are standing still and looking the establishment right in the eye...
They aren't in the posh seats watching the game; they are in the back room hospitality suites with the greed gogg9/11 2015les on...GOSH

Economics can be a funny game; subject to the whim and whatfore of us mere mortals.
When thatcherism started worshipping the monetarist theories of Friedman (the modern architect of austerity) Another group grew simultaneously out of the Mitford Institute of Technology...
A - where's me abacus GOSH

They were called the Proportional Representationalists; they believed that economic practise should pre-empt and adjust accordingly to the supposed reaction of the plebs.
The group rapidly disintergrated when everyone from lift laggers to lawyers started charging them an extra 10% up front.
A - give me the dosh you gonad GOSH

That was an era when governments had some control over there destiny.
Now the tail is wagging the dog; the bankers are in charge...
Shall we hang em! or stay on our knees in worship?... GOSH

Once a country with a different church and culture...
Now it has the same bankers that we have...

9/11 2015

A manic monday for me so it's a c word for you...
A - he's gabbling on again GOSH

Climate Change is consistent yet many still deny...
Cows, cars, coal and all things carbon require control...
There 'will not may' be trouble ahead GOSH

The Cloggies are coming...
The hills are alive to the clump of Cloggies.
There's cloggies here, there's cloggies there....
A - Europe is awash; a galosh of a GOSH

Sometimes! is there more Cloggies abroad than in Holland.
The Cloggies speak better English than you and get a tax break for an empty house.
Say no more... GOSH

The Clogs speak English a lot cos their own language is so terrible on the ear, and...
They are accredited with the first ever International bank.
So! it's their fault GOSH

Cancer is refered to as the big 'C'
The Uk has the worst survival rate in Europe...
Is it our NHS GOSH

C is for closet conservative - or The Phony Tony Mob.
'Representing the aspirational' is the divisive battle cry of the remnants, as they silently keep digging a hole in the 'middle ground' of retro politics..
A - use your gob to get a job... GOSH

Credits and cuts begin with c.
The back room boys have advised the quiet assassin to back off with the universal credit cuts>
The other departments are now going to get it right in the neck NO GOSH

Crikes...Now it's the turn of those who think they are not plebs to get it...
Or! not get it; get it; GOSH

Control of the underclass plebs by the rich is easy; but,control of most of the plebs!
One can control some of the plebs some of the time...
It's not just the climate warming up GOSH

Clanger begins with c; as in 'I see'
C U Jimmy... A Gaelic GOSH

Corfu is a Greek island.
Is it easier to be poor on a warm sunny island?

10/11 2015

The USof A has a 'Democratic!' government at the momement...
Yet! it is having a 'from the side pop' at anything and everything foreign.
The targets are stacked up higher than the - dont mention Lance - corruption. GOSH

Is it something to do with the true cost of Iraq oil and the x+y $ trillion (yes, tear in the eye trillion) Debt.
Is the American economy and dollar as sound as a pound?
Is the pound as sound as a pound?... lets make a few more; just to get by... for now... GOSH

Will the huge raft of American trade treaties, the commercial consequence, of cheap Chinese labour drift across the oceans...
Or flounder up the potomac without a paddle. A gorge of a GOSH

Not so hidden; among all these tantalising, trick or treat, treaties, is the right of US of A corporations to sue everybody and his dog
Even governments GOSH

Some will sign!.. some right the dotted line...
The West will stutter in the luxurious lounge of lawyers litigation
While China laughs all the way to the Industrial bank - A bank with real money GOSH

That's it; that's the plan; theres nothing up the satin sleeve, except the last chance hotel...
A nuke or two, or three or four, or more...GOSH

The rich - the international rich - are planning to ride out the storm...
How many plebs will be left on deck to be washed away - who's counting GOSH

And; what of us little englander plebs!
'Here I am stuck in the midle with you' GOSH

Dodgy dave and his chums (the bankers +) will deal with anyone for a quick buck
The Yanks; the Chinese; the Europeans; even the Russians...
Anyone except the plebs - Sucker GOSH

The rift in the ranks of the rich during thatcherism was only two faced - Europe v America.
Thatcherism was the start of inequality; Blair continued the contrived control and now...
Dastardly dave and, greedy git gang, are here to pound you into the ground GOSH

Though there are now more teams in the game; there are still only two players.
The international rich and the poor pleb.
Are you going to hang onto the coat tails of this money manoeuvering crazy capitalism...
Look the other way and try to enjoy the ride.
Roll up... Roll up... Roll up... there's a one born evey minute...GOSH

A country where fewer plebs will be born

11/11 2015

Armistice day - the day to celebrate the end of scrapping...
There's an app out now for one to arrange a scrap at a venue near you...
Don't believe me... one or two Byker teacakes will change your mind. Get it or you will GOSH

12/12 2222 is the next time in (our! - of course it's just our) history when the numbers all line up.
Do the numbers in banking add up today?
The rich establishment like to control the money and fighting - sit! pleb gang GOSH

Money makes the world go around...
Money doesn't grow on trees...
Are two of the phoniest phrases ever GOSH

Get rid of money and the world won't stop - Obvious
Money actually does grow on trees - not so obvious
Everything we do - no matter how far removed - depends on the food we grow on this planet. No gourmet or gourmand GOSH

When the international establishment have their regular meetings to create wealth for themselves...
They are worshiping the creation of money - they are not worshiping the land GOSH

Not so many moons ago the American Indian used to worship the land.
I wonder who used different forms of money; then resorted to a superior form of fighting; to get rid of them.
Will progress be two small steps forward then a huge one back...GOSH

The banking crash of 2007/8 was inevitably caused by the creation of funny money; not real wealth.
Electronic money is merely the latest sneaky form of inflation - a disguised inflation that lasts a while for the few
Then us plebs have to cough up but can't spit it out. goddamn GOSH

Here's the real rub of the cant and hypocrisy
Within national boundaries we are told that the system doesn't work
However internationally and nationally - through their banking system - it does...
The rich and the governments that support them really are laughing all the way to the bank. GOSH

We were told; they know what they are doing just before the last crash...
Nothing has changed - the bubble is getting bigger - BANG GOSH

We are told that a country can't go bankrupt...
Greece has - was it the bankers and chums... or! us plebs...
Don't; Do not; mention the Germans...

12/11 2015

Some of the gang of greedy gits are not 'not at all' happy with Dodgy daves demands on Europe
They wanted to hear the prelude to an eulogy not ,'please sir can we have some more gruel' GOSH

Who are these people who desparately want us out of Europe; and, will risk a divided party to do so.
They are real power behind the not so up front faces you see in parliament...
The old school tories: the landed gentry, the bankers and chums, the corporate controllers, the public school schemers, the royalty regulars.
All sublety supported by the media old school barons. Give us the dosh GOSH

The often 'silent'; 1922 committee of acolytes ( old english for arse licker) are not natural Eurosceptics.
The most common thread by far is the link to America by all things financial.
A - we've got the dosh and we want more GOSH

The same gang that bangs on about sovereignty in the UK; yet...
The same greedy gits that have profitted immensley from the sale of the only parts of the UK that we plebs really owned...
The utilities and nationalised industries...
A gasp of greed GOSH

The public heart and soul of this country is now spread - legs akimbo - across the parts of the world with a few bob to spare.
The want to be posh pundits of economics adopt and embrace the theory of international trade at the drop of an embargo...
Alas... no other rich country has been ( for whatever reason ) ripped apart as much as the UK
A - much of it's gone; It's about time we got it back GOSH

Who actually makes a 'good' long term living out of the English football industry?
The rich clubs are owned by foreigners (mostly yanks)
The players and coaching staff are mostly foreigners
The agents, medics and legal lot etc, are in comes from foreigners.
I wonder where most of the profit goescreasingly becoming foreigners...
The tv money that keeps the whole thing going GOSH

Oh! I forgot; the few English that run the thing make quite a few bob...
The National Sports Council has just reduced the football grant...
It seems that less people in the UK play football now... GOSH

Parents don't despair; send your kids to a uni that charges more to foreigners...
Education in the UK is now an Industry that churns out degrees...
An industry in an economy that cant afford it...GOSH

If your kid can't make it in football; try the X factor...
Or! The house of commons are always on the look out for zero hour contract cleaners with a degree.GOSH

In or out of Europe; every international trade treaty that relies on cheap labour means a lower standard of living for us plebs.
What's the easiest way to increase your lot in life!
Join a Trade Union and make it stronger.
That was a non political party opinion on behalf of the pleb party GOSH

A country now owned by the bankers.
Wonder how much of the UK is now owned by the bankers...

13/11 2015

Seen any Russians from Rothbury to Rowlands Gill.
Nor Have I.

There's thousands (whole communities) living in London
The vast majority have one undeniable thing in common
They have an awsome rump of roubles in their rucksacks - wonder how much gold GOSH

Seen any Arabs from Annick to Appleby.
Nor Have I.
There's thousands (whole communities) living in London
The vast majority have one undeniable thing in common
They have an awsome rump of riyal (and dirham) in their rucksacks - wonder how much gold GOSH

The Arabs, and Russians to a lesser extent, depend on the price of oil...
Oil is traded in dollars...
Next year the oil rich arab nations are introducing their own currency; the al Khaliji, to compete with the dollar.
Stick that in your pipeline and pump it GOSH

The Russians and Arabs find the London Climate most agreeable - compared to theirs.
By far the main reason they are in London is; in all areas economic, the gang of greedy gits that run this country, have bent over backwards and then some more , to accommodate them.
Even the dullest duck head from Bournemouth to Berwick is aware of the 'trade links in oil and arms' between the 'UK'and the oil rich arabs.
There's a seabed pipeline from Russia to Scotland - not England.
It was commissioned the month before we 'publically' withdrew from Afghanistan.
A - that might raise a good gurn GOSH

An independent Scotland with control of the Offshore and pipeline...
Puts them Nukie subs in the thirty bob bag... GOSH

Last year the Americans started 'hating' the Russians with a vengance...
Canary Wharf has more than a fair share of Yank banks...
Will Chelsea football club float into the tubes down the Thames...GOSH

Next year the Yanks will have to compete against the new Arab currency; with a vengance
Will they use more 'electronic money to afford it GOSH'.

Dodgy dave has danced with the Chinese and is now dating the Indians.
Not the best chums of the Americans...
Will national politics be the undoing of international trade? GOSH

The levels of inequality in the emerging nations is fast approaching the levels in the rich...
In the future will it be gladiators or garlands GOSH

And! amid all the international trading and wrangling; what is to become of us plebs in the 'powerhouse'...
Are we even in the powerhouse without coal a - generation of JOSH GOSH

Will the placate the plebs line ever reach Manchester - never mind Newcastle.
Will the greedy git gang give the North (the real north) a go...
Or! a good'n in the goolies GOSH

There's always bee keeping, tourism and the uni's full of three year foreigners.
Now don't be too aspirational or greedy GOSH

A country well and truly grabbed by the goolies.

14/11 2015

Last time it was civilians on a Russian jet.
This time; civilians in the posh part of Paris...
Were they all just innocents in the game! GOSH or NO GOSH

Imagine you came home to find your house flattened; with your family in it...
Would you just put it down to unavoidable circumstances...start drinking; and,reluctantly join the local militia...
Some become suicide bombers. You better believe it GOSH.

In the days of old when knights were bold; men fought hand to hand; and, could smell the blood sweat and fears...
A few of the rich fellows actually turned up to join in...GOSH

Since them days; we have the arms race and the rat race.
The rich rats run the arms race from the back; way,way back...HSOG or HOGS

Remember Ronnie; Reagan not Kray; one of the many US presidents to be shot by an American.
Don't mention the 'Star Wars' or the 'Psychological Warfare department' set up by the influence of Nancy 'where's the ouija board' Reagan.
A - now you see it; now its gone GOSH

Nuclear weapons are a result of the arms race...
Nukes and the cost aren't the decision of democracy; They by-pass democracy...
Get stuck in lads (and lasses now) ... I've pressed the button... Armageddon GOSH

A large chunk of innovation are spin offs from the arms and space race.
The perfect robot won't be a royal butler; it will be a trained assassin that can shoot round corners.
A ray of hope; more like a ray gun GOSH

Just below the Nuke in the arms race; comes the drone.
A hyrid of human and technology; a death drone.
A kill someone in a Syrian suburb from a concealed cupboard in Colorado.GOSH

A never mind the collateral this is some cosh of a game GOSH

This escalating conflict involving most of Europe has lasted over a generation now...
A Europe formed to prevent war; yet seemingly more than willingly to wage war on others.GOSH

When the chinning has stopped and the chin wagging begins; in the differing cultures; who will be seen as the greatest hero?
The anonymous man with the joy stick and monitor; or, the suicide bomber.
A - who made the biggest bang in the gang GOSH.

How long is it since Greece had a hero?

15/11 2015

The cost of war in pure economic terms is stupendous.
The plebs of the Western democracies are now realising the real extent of the human cost.
A grieving GOSH

Most countries; be they democracy or dictatorship; are split between hawks and doves...
Split between haves and have not...
In a war the plebs lose and the winners are the greedy gits GOSH

As a pleb; who and why am I actually fighting?
An 'axis of evil'
A 'holy war'
A 'war to future-proof my pension'
A 'war to provide a land of milk and honey for the kids'
Another war to end all wars GOSH

In modern peace; very little wealth trickles down.
In modern war; death very rarely reaches the top.
The captain doesn't share the spoils among the crew now GOSH

For most of my adult life this country 'my country' has been at war...
Will this war; a corporate war without national boundries ever end?
It will only end if us plebs want it to...
A grieve or glorify GOSH

A country that flourished under socialism without war for most of my adult life...
A country now being ripped apart by the corporate bankers and chums...

16/11 2015

Life goes on; a temporary blip for most... another date for the diary...
There are those who count the cost of a tragedy; be it public or private sector, before the dust has settled.
The bang and count the beans gang GOSH

'Cobra' has met again-under emergency conditions...
'Lions and Cobras' - still the land of Kings; not the land of reality.
Let's still play the game GOSH

Never mind the cost to cuts; a few more bods are needed in security here...
The vast amount of the cost will be spent on their security - not ours.
That's how it goes GOSH

The cost of war is reserved and ring-fenced; a ring of 'stainless' steel fence...
The deregulation and false accounting practice that helped make the rich richer; will,no doubt be assidously applied.
Don't mention the war; as in the corruption by greed GOSH

The true costs of military privatisation have never been aired on the mass media.
Remember when the Iraqi army suddenly collapsed and the baddies started winning...
It was a ghost mercenary army - whoever was given the money was on the make...
The truth out the window! - on another planet GOSH

In the British Army it used to take seven men to put one man on the front line.
Wonder what the ratio of a mirage bomb to a suicide vest is!
Who cares... there is only one of them that kills indiscriminately - isn't there GOSH

War is a form of addiction to those who make a profit from it...
They won't want to give it up...
Let's grieve but not give it up for the heroes GOSH

Do countries with large arms industries create a market?
Are our politicians influenced by the profiteers of war?
Ask Phony Tony in War or Peace GOSH

Has a decent defence budget... It won't stop the bankers... or will it...

17/11 2015

There's some that say the American war reserve budget is greater than the rest of the worlds put together.
Statistics Eh! I'm far from certain of the figures; However. I'll wager a triage trainee nurse's night out to a thousand trident technicians Tequila and tapas take aways,
that the amount is large enough, twice over, to provide enough medical aid for the rest of the world.
A bare arms and grin GOSH

Cock your colt, if you remember the western(cowboy) film(s) where the gun runners hide the rifles in a wagon on a hill.
Times change EH ! GOSH

Colonel North (In the marine corp at the time) was a modern gun runner; He organised the sale of arms to Iran, to fund a war against a socialist S. American government; without congressional approval.
He was put in prison; then soon (very soon) released on appeal... Justice; must be seen to be done; unless you threaten to spill the can of squirms...GOOSH

How t(he)y done it was revealed in a book by a UK 'one off' author.
The owner of Astra Fireworks; his son was the only UK pilot killed in the First Iraqi war.
A - book out of grief GOSH.

The licence for explosives is exactly the same as the licence for fireworks...
The arms ready for shipment were stored in depots as fireworks...
A - banger and a gun GOSH

The extent of the corruption - and the covering up - of this contemporary conflict is slowly being revealed.
An American inspired and led conflict; all to easily followed by other rich! nations; usually the ones with large arms industries.
Arms full of greed GOSH

Meanwhile; other economic entities within national boundaries, are, relatively peacefully, becoming stronger.
Can you name one or two GOSH

Is the Greek economy big enough to make a loud bang?

18/11 2015

The green bench warriors in the commons are winding themselves up for another vote on war.
A few MP's have been in the forces...
That's OK then...We know what we are doing...We will be safe in our beds GOSH

All people in power, military or civilian, operate on the old 'need to know' rule.
The sound and now sight bites plus the pre-news supposition of the popular mass media?
Does it really and reliably inform us plebs of the facts- it gives us some idea...
Or is it 'their idea' Gosh

Is it true! it's all about oil...
So! as a pleb; going to war saves me 'a pure guess' about 10p/annum...GOSH

Religion is always mentioned... the most common adjective in the conflict.
Me-or is it'I'- and the vast majority of people in this country only ever get anywhere 'near'religion when we marry or die.
Why should I be afraid of another mans religion? GOSH

Tell us the truth about this escalating conflict...
Then see if I vote for war or not GOSH

When the terrorist is at the door...
Liberty and freedom go straight out the window.
It's a form of 'collateral damage' that is necessary...GOSH

Often quoted, is the nearly getting old dear from Doncaster...
'You've got nothing to fear; if you've got nothing hide'.
What's all the fuss GOSH.

They are after the freedom of information act; in the guise of fighting for freedom.
A law to be rescinded for their sake not ours...GOSH

In all things digital; its retrospective...
They only tell us when they are captured...GOSH

In the era of information; 'Knowledge is power' rules OK.
Want to buy a data base on your neighbour...

GREECE The bankers have all the databases on Greece.

19/11 2015

It used to be the seven year itch; or seven years bad luck...
Now it's the seven year report; delay is nearly OK...
Never is better GOSH

The HBOS report is due out today...
Don't mention the delay.GOSH

The cause of the downfall was sprawled all over the spreadsheat.
The magic beans were all on one side of the bag; the wrong side... HBOS was up to its kneck and over your head in debt due to borrowing. NO GOSH NOW GOSH

Due to deregulation and greed the money mine was fast on its way to worthless and worse.
Those that knew; said nothing; and those that did say something were ejected from the money mine.
The funny money mine became an even funnier money mine. NO GOSH AGAIN GOSH

Can you remember a voluntary workplace whip-round to save the bankers and chums
You can't... cos there wasn't one...
A sort of socialist one degree to the left of phony tony saved them on your behalf.

The banks were nationalised to save the financial sector not us plebs.
And! now the bankers have got them back on behalf of us plebs.
We plebs really are suckers... GOSH

Those in charge of the yankee doodle dollar are once again hinting at an interest rate rise.
How's your mortgage getting on? which bank actually owns your house?
Do you really know or care GOSH.

The bankers move the goal posts...
Due to deregulation; the goal posts are just a pile of coats...
The banking system is now worse than before the crash...
The funny money isn't working; for the plebs. NO CHANCE OF A GOSH... GOSH

The RU is right behind the football now...
Sack the English coach and bring in the foreigner... The Australian dollar at the expense of the English pound now.GOSH

Aldi and Lidl have doubled their share of the UK market...
Can't remember seeing a Tesco in Germany GOSH

Wonder how big the financial game is in Greece?

20/11 2015

The US of A health firms have been ripping americans off.
The same firms that are paying dodgy dave and chums to access the NHS.
But! you're in good health-you don't give an enema up a non aspirationalists aspidistra
You won't be a 'fore your time' goner GOSH

The 'pick of the plods' gang has went public re. the effect of cuts on national security.
These are the bods who are well paid to go along with the cuts.GOSH

The depth of these intended cuts won't just jeopardise our safety...
They will destabilise the very society in which we exist...
Who needs terrorists with friends like dodgy dave.GOSH

Just after the last election result; the smug interviewer retort to the voiced disbelief was...
'Are you saying the British voter is wrong'! GOSH

The cant and hypocrisy of the gov. required 'changes' in 'cyborspace' to combat terrorism is now out of orbit and flying over the cuckoo nest.
Does one really want the equivalent of the curtains open with the light on; and,
walking down the high street naked...
At least you'll have somewhere handy to keep your smart phone warm...GOSH

The only ones to gain will be establishments and commerce (don't mention the bankers)
The baddies will just bolt on another app quicker than an MP doesn't answer the question.
A gibberish GOSH (the MP not me)

Looks like the super 'light through a prism' computer attempt has gone into a dark place...
Nil desperandum... numptie; the Quantum computer is now a 'work in progress'
Control of atoms is in; control along a wire is so last year...Gosh

The quantum theory is the brain equivalent to the polarisation of economic inequality...
Imagine; thinking in French to write something in German; with your eyes shut...
And then it gets complicated...just a little gander GOSH

The cure for cancer is always just round the corner; when the investors need appeasing.
I wouldn't start saving up for a quantum computer just yet...
Hold on! didn't they manage to wake frankenstein up...A Giant Josh GOSH

The funny money monster is at the door...

Sat... 21/11 2015

A lot of plebs aren't happy about Dodgy dave getting his own private jet.
He might get one of those the tesco big bananas have to flog; on the cheap
One of his high maintenance mates might give him one for can't say that... Oh yes I can
Wanted... one medium sized, wide-bodied, patter merchant mover - no selfie sticks...or flying p....
Anyone know a good giver GOSH

Phony tony used to fly around a bit - well if one is the peace envoy for the middle east...
As long as the tax payer gets his(her) moneys worth...
I wish I was making this up GOSH

An American citizen is released seven years into a thirty year solitary confinement stretch - spying on America for Israel.
This spying/diplomacy game will be as complicated as taking on the axis of evil next...
Do not despair; the media will leave no body in bag or stone unchurned...GOSH

The Rugby Union have taken on a foreigner as national team coach - it's OK; he's white, speaks English. And; he's not a Jock, Taff or Gypsy...
Are we really so lacking in talent in this green and pleasant land!
Going...Going... GOSH

Hold on to your hat with corks on! just had a beaut of a brainy...
Let's cut out the claptrap and cant of the placated pleb, squeezed middle and rotten rich...
Let's have a foreign Prime Minister next year. Goddammit GOSH

The Rich Russians and Awesome Arabs could spin up; with their new pals; the landed gentry of the south, as referee.
The well controlled councils up north can doff the cap of capitulation under the banner of expedient obediency.
Good game...Good game GOSH

The conservative 'back' benchers of Britain bang on about sovereignty.
It's their close family and chums who flogged off Britain...
Flog that man; Mr Christian.
He's dead sir!
Then flog his effing kit...
Is there any more gravy GOSH...

More than seven (lucky for some) years after the event; the HBOS enquiry committee; 'recommend'; yes recommend...
That; some, of those responsible, never work in the city again...
Some cynics; would ask; Are they judging themselves GOSH!

The bankers are trying hard to get Greece up for sale.

Sun 22/11 2015

Well! It seems that everyone except us plebs is getting a pay rise.
The MPs: 11%... The directors well over that/annum for the last few years...
Those just under in the grabbing order-a few bob less- it's your turn next...
The grandees of greed indeed GOSH.

The MPs dont mind how much a greedy git gets; they are part-time; soon to be full members of the greedy gang.
There used to be establishment rules about that sort of sycophantic sucking-up.
I think someone sold them...GOSH

Now and again above the hue and cry of the hunt; comes the thin veiled plea, 'we want it now not tomorrow'.
Like the expenses (better now - there's nowt like being judged by your peers) they are just not getting it...
They are taking it though...GOSH

If the mob of money and mendacity are paying less tax too; don't mention the benefit...
Will inequality increase faster or slower? GOSH

Us plebs just have to take it on the chin; and, other parts of the body...
Hang onto your hovel; they are pretending to like us again...
The banks and building societies are colluding to arrange mortgages for the plebs.GOSH

The Building societies came about cos the banks were ripping us off.
The Trustee Savings Bank came about cos the banks were too posh (rich) for plebs...
They say we plebs felt uncomfortable in banks for the posh GOSH.

The Northern Rock was one of the first society/banks to get into 'difficulties'
The Rock was posh - sorry, I meant it only gave out mortgages above a certain threshold.
A - posh or not posh Gosforth GOSH

Even when building societies were 'proper'; they weren't 'doing anything wrong'
If your parents had a few grand and 'transferred' the mortgate was on the table next morning.
Nobody loved a poor pleb then; what's it like now! GOSH

The price of building has been relatively constant to income for most...
The price of land - even to the North of the 'great divide' is ridiculous...
Phony tony questioned the very existence of the 'Watford Gap' Who says there is no disconnect GOSH

Even if (and they will be) the figures are fiddled inside out through the smoke and mirrors...
If the poor pleb hasn't enough income; he or she ain't gonna own a home of their own.
Welcome to the treasure dome...GOSH

We nicked some of the old Greek treasure...
The bankers are after most of the modern...

Mon 23/11 2015

Can you remember when you could control your computer - now it controls you...
The more user friendly it becomes - the more control it has...
One great geek of a GOSH

The digital game is just another business - business is just like poker...
The one with the most money usually wins...
It is now a rich geeks game GOSH

Despite dominating the market(s) the big boys are still huge bubbles...
They have been nurtured with funny money...
Funny money only makes the world go around for so long GOSH

Them fellows in the footie seem to be winding down early for Xmas...
Would you work over the hols if you had a £300 xmas pud soaked with a £200 bottle of brandy lit with a £100 note any day you wanted!
Stop salivating you greedy GOSH

Them footie fellows from fields afar don't like the cold snaps.
We are told they don't like the brandy snaps as much as us Brits...
Must be like that old romantic Rooney; the size of the wallets in their back pocket are slowing them down.
Let's have an own goal GOSH

Wonder how the footsie is doing?
Wonder how much funny faith the footsie has...
A gazump of GOSHES...

Greece has a national team of part timers - will the German bankers buy them with funny footie money!

Tues 24/11 2015

How's your tax do-da's doing? OK YAH!
Here's a few basics on the pro's and cons...
It's a gruel game GOSH

The pro's - the people who work in the tax offices - calculate 70 odd billion pounds sterling.
The cons -the 'people making the cuts'- reckon it's 'only' 22 billion pounds sterling...
The amount lost to the country for the years 2013/1014; cos of tax office cuts. GOSH

Whatever the true figure; a taxman's (boo) wages are worth roughly five times as much in gold to the country...
That's even if you factor in:
A pleb pays his tax in real money...
A banker and his big boy chums pay in funny money...
Still with me...GOSH

Read that bit again...
The cons admit to; and are prepared to; lose £22 billion over two years...
One really does wonder why - don't mention the privatisation trials. GOSH

One mans - and woman now - steroid; is another mans haemoroid.
Steroids are the new phone hacking...
They are both supposed to be illegal... GOSH

The amateurs now have as much a problem with steroids as the professionals.
It now seems anybody and everybody wants a better body...
Elephants have huge bodies - there's one in the rooom ...GOSH

The amount of legal aid is being cut - most of a barristers income is from the legal aid pot.
The prisons are full and minds are empty...
The next growth industry; brushes for under the carpet sweeping... GOSH

Will the attempted privatisation of Greece be swept under the taverna table!

Wed 25/11 2015

What rhymes with gump, slump, dump, plump,clump and comb over?
It's trump; of course; or should it be off course... A - gobsmacked global GOSH

Will a bloke who can't even run; be in the race?
If he didn't own the stadium; he wouldn't be anywhere near the track...
A - gargoyle grin of a GOSH

A large part of this world has moved to the right.
Is it now ready to lurch even further to the right...
If the right don't get ya...then the left one will...GOSH

Next time you go to the USofA; visit one of the many (too many) 'unemployed; lost house' tented cities.
Or; if you think they don't exist; go to one of Donald Trump's magnificent buildings...
A - vainglorious or goofy GOSH.

Is it going to be warheads or whistles?
There doesn't seem to be many plebs prepared to blow the whistle...
Will we be keeping our heads down in the trench GOSH

The women politicians said it would be different; then; en masse voted for war.
Is there any difference between a high maintenance man and a high maintenance mama!GOSH

We are back to 'tough choices' now the bottomless war chest has been opened again...
A new strip for the windsor polo team; or another food bank we have foodbanks...
You don't care; you have more chance of getting in the polo team;
than going to a food bank...
Haven't you just GOSH

Do Greek foodbanks have greek alphabet soup - or is it just a modern myth!

Thurs 26/11 2015

Dave Ditches the Dogs Dodahs of Dogma.
Wonder what the Sun's headline will be...
Cowardly Cur Cancels Cuts...Under the cosh GOSH.

Are Dave and Georgie boy even dodgier now?
Frayed so my friend...
Are the giveme giveme gang now giving GOSH!

Some of the cuts are merely; effectively frozen...from next year...
The damage is already done... and; still to be done...
Even the posh plebs have now seen the dope and shivers behind the soundbites of smoke and mirrors.
Will they have another change of mind next year GOSH

Phony tony bought, with your tax payers money, the special paid advisers, into the already expanding Westminster bubble.
What on this weird and wonderful world have the gang of greedy gits spads been saying!
Give me a rise and I'll say anything you want to hear GOSH.

Have the shire tories temporarily burst into the westminster bubble...
'Look! you are now destroying our way of life - never mind the nice little earner as a councilor we will lose'
Think of the also greedy GOSH.

Undeniably; without the dodgiest danger of doubt...
The answer is the ubiquitous, ever ongoing, mix of cock-up and conspiracy -
Will we ever learn the near enough ratio...
Will the Freedom of Information Act morph into a super injuction... .... ... ...
One can't even think... GOSH; GOSH

Most change has unintended consequence...
Many of the posh plebs that voted in the greedy gang; are now realising that
a chunk of the vote swaying protected pension...
Is given to the up against it offspring - don't mention the unpaid baby sitting...
Life can be a bitch when one is trying to be rich GOSH

I'm thinking of starting a pay day loan company...
Any one want to borrow some sense - It's not gullible gush GOSH

The UK has more than 120 'think tanks'- do you think that's a lot?
Think Tanks are not to be confused with lobby groups...
They are both confusing when admitting to who funds them.
Especially the right wing ones GOSH

Greece has less than twenty think tanks.
Wonder what they think about taking on a loan to pay off a loan... a pay day loan... no less.
Was it a left wing government that took on the original dodgy loan!
Some South American just refused point blankly to pay off their loans from the US of A.

FRI 27/11 2015

The end of this year will be seen as the true polarisation of English politics.
Bring on the games GOSH

The big boys in this world wide battle - yes; just another battle in the war - all have:
Nukes, nuclear industries to feed the nukes;
Huge armies, with even bigger arms industries
And a belligerent bag full of profit pursuing protagonists; cheering on the gang of greedy gits in power.
A - we are too busy (whatever) to believe GOSH

Oh!... did I mention they all use a canny few barrels of oil.
If you don't think this huha is about oil...please leave the room now; sir... or madam
Has anyone gone GOSH

I mention sir... cos of one of the most/least surprising psycho... experiments ever...
USof A citizens were yanked off the streets and asked to give electric shocks to someone behind a screen
(an actor - no more; no less)
It wasn't Jeremy Beadalesque - it was research for real! GOSH

Some kind persons had the voltage up to 1/2 - just for a laugh; of course...
However; when told to, by an 'official', a surprising number of joe bloggs ramped up the voltage...
There's nowt as queer as folk GOSH

So it's OK for an elected politician to say; 'one can't kill in your country'; but; 'it's OK to kill for your country'
Give the politicians the boots and bayonets; that's what I say...
Go on... lead from the front... Go on GOSH

For many of our chums in 'defence'(NATO); war is the last thing they want.
Their successful economies are not geared up for war.
There's more chance of dodgy dave and never been bonnie prince charlie going on the front line...GOSH

A few bombs here... a few bombs there...
Four; now ex, members of the US air force are suing the american government for Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.
The killers in the cupboard... the deliverers of the drones of death; are now flying over the cuckoo nest.GOSH

Have you read or heard that the USofA is now almost self sufficient in fracked oil.
'Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive', Wally Scot (tish oil)

The Frackers are coming?...

Pst...Wanna buy or plunder some olive oil...

SAT 28/11 2015

Just another seismic saturday...
Just noticed; saturday is almost a connundrum for 'talkin crap'
Is he taking 'it' GOSH

The frackers are coming!!!
Cuadrilla is King; the mother of all frackers?
They can make things gush GOSH

This 'plant' (pleb/blog/rant) is written off the top of my head; with a little help from the mass media sight/sound bite
I'm cheating on this one; Ive done a bit drilling underneath the surface...GOSH

CHeating! is there more cheating now we have an economy under even greater pressure?
Is there more? or just more refined? are we going on the hoy more, after going on the fiddle?
Were them bankers cheating by fiddling the funny money - A greedy grasping GOSH

When cuadrilla arrived on the (some would say seismic) scene they were Australian.
Now! they are good old English boys drinking local real ale and eating network rail pasties GOSH

Cuadrilla is one of a number of companies set up to exploit European shale gas; owned by a parent company registered in Bermuda.
The Aussies own 40%; the investment groups (yankee/world bankers) 40%; the rest by the management team...
Cuadrilla parent company has had more directors in seven years than NUFC has had in seventy.
And! is yet to make a profit. Glib Gloss GOSH

Cuadrilla is on the front line cos it pretends to be English...
Feel another rip-off coming on - don't lie down yet GOSH

Since one of dodgy dave's chums has reversed the change that devolved decisions to local planning...
The French firm 'total' have bought 40% of the licence for drilling in the midlands...
Most 'areas' are to be exploited (on our behalf of course) by our American chums GOSH

When Gordon (who) Brown made the infamous light and limited touch speeches - more than enthusiactively endorsed by dodgy dave
It wasn't just the bankers laughing all the way...
The commercial and industrial 'big boys' made fortunes by not factoring in the true cost of environmental and human damage.
Have us plebs a few bob for them as well...Cough up GOSH.

The no. of jobs is euphemistically 'talked up'
As are the extractable volumes... What's a few porkies among chums.GOSH

Four of the big six UK energy providers are foreign.
One UK 'owned' is multinational and the other is a 'trader'...
More money out of the club/valley/country GOSH

A more than a few huge firms have been at the 'false accounting'
The truth usually comes out cos of whistle blowing...
Has your 'way of earning a living' been at it GOSH

The largest provider of food on the table in the UK have been 'at it'
American investors in Tesco - a multi national - are taking a class action lawsuit cos of false accounting.
Is there a mass of real money available; but, not being invested!GOSH

Will shale gas keep us plebs warm...
Or, a few rich gits even warmer.GOSH

The bankers think it's a gas - taking Greece to the cleaners.

SUN 29/11 2015

Much is made of 'tax and the next generation' - not much fuss; by some; of climate change and the next gen...
The irony is; a slow warm build up then straight into an ice age...
How big is your carbon footprint. A - Galosh of a GOSH

The fight game is a funny game...
New winner of title; £3 million - old loser of title; £9 million... realistic estimates...
Still! a good game? GOSH

A 30 bob English striker is showing the £30 million players how to do it.
Wonder what he is worth to the marketing men...GOSH

Seems Louis Hamilton has the same problem as Weighin Rooney.
The size of the wallet in the back pocket.GOSH

How does almost everyone at NUFC...
Do better when they leave GOSH

Do you know how and where the foreign aid budget is spent!
Some of it is wasted - some of it is spent directly in the pursuit of profit {privatised!)
Much of it centres around areas of conflict - I wonder why...
Many believe this goverment is spending more on malls in Malawi
Than engineering in England...
Wonder what will make Britain great GOSH

The Greek economy needs a bit engineering- - dont think the bankers will do it.

MON 30/11 2015

Drax power station is the biggest single generator of electricity in the country...
Sounds like dracula's offspring - It's the, seemingly innocent, name of a nearby village...GOSH

The Drax group is now 'owned' and run by American bankers with a few brits on the power station board
The power station is floated on the New York stock exchange...
It has had a few owners since privatisation...Most privatisations have GOSH

Some one from Drax has let slip that there won't be enough power generation in the near future.
When the Gov. announced it was going nuclear with the China/France package it stopped the clean coal research subsidy (biomasse) to the Drax group...Gone GOSH

A huge Yorkie power station is now a tangled web of multi-national corporate/banking/tax haven manipulation.
lacking a few chums in the UK government GOSH

Should we light a candle and pray for them... Or keep the candle for when the lights go out. GOSH

Fear not there is a number of rather large mobile genies strategically sited in case the lights going out...
We are going to power the country like we fight a war - make it up as we go along...GOSH

Alas! this is how the whole country is now being run - make it up as we go along...
No other country has essential sevvices run like ours...
The free hand is grab and run...NO GOSH

The tax office is run from a tax haven; the private banks are running the Bank of England.
Do we know who is running the rest; 'on our behalf of course' GOSH

One thing is certain in this 'economic climate' - there are too many plebs...
Let's get rid of a few at the bottom GOSH