One couldn’t make it up...

July 2015

Lately every government has had a Prescot or a Pickles (a working class foil).
It seems that this gang of greedy gits has taken the gloves off. - GOSH

Since global village; England football team performance - C*** - well not very good at best...
Since global village; England polo team plays for first time since 1939 - GOSH

It's funny how when this lot want to make cuts; the stats are always found to prove they can...
They couldn't not be possibly lying! could they? - GOSH

The advertising game tells as many lies as the politics game.
A bloke called sorrel earned $27 million + last year; for telling plausible porkies - GOSH

'Should I go or; or should I Stay'?
The bilderberg lines of communication will be white hot over Greece (greasing a few palms) - GOSH

We are consistently told that 'the markets' are the most efficient way for anything to be run.
Yet! CEO`s and their chums; are consistently paid more, for making less profit - GOSH

Well! Tony boy; you, your inner circle, and your tory chums took us to war and took the money.
Your dodgy accountant pals won't have factored in the true cost of inequality evoked terrorism. - GOSH

Estimated number of UK people ripped off by global village pay-day loan bankers - 4 million.
Estimated number of Greeks that have had enough of global village bankers - 8 million - GOSH

The bankers didn't know what they were doing...
The supermarkets didn't know what they were doing...
The UK universities will be next... unbridled greed is a wonderful phenomena... - GOSH

To appreciate how many of the Greeks feel; walk a mile in the shoes of the UK underclass.
Many people in the UK won't admit the UK has an underclass. - GOSH

How often do you hear an anti establishment economist or lawyer on the the mainstream media?
Invariably; it's always the pro-greedy people proffering a supposedly neutral opinion! - GOSH

The chance of an 'innocent' being on the US terrorist list is negligible...
The facebook algorithm doubles the chance to 1 in 2000 - and you'll never know. - GOSH

Remember when the death of a serviceman was announced and lamented at every PM question time.
Most of these armchair warrior MPs have forgotten them already... - GOSH

The underclass that 'we' created is being increasingly, unfairly, 'taken advantage of'.
People who repeatedly take a good kicking eventually fight back - no GOSH about that.

Hitler came to regret the persecution of the Jew that helped invent the atom bomb.
Israel will come to regret the persecution of the Palestinians.- GOSH

A USofA uni professor has researched the ending of an internet Trolling row(debate).
They end just after the 'Nazis' are first mentioned... - GOSH

The tories say the housing bill is designed to help the...(plebs)
50% of indigenous UK people cant afford a new house the size of a rabbit hutch.
This bill is just another nail in the coffin of the underclass. - GOSH

So! Greece now has a radical left wing government - BBC.
Not a fair, seeking less inequality, government - semantics or propaganda? - GOSH

Top Gov. (tory) aid says Firms, that can, should pay the 'living' wage.
Gosh! this means that all along they have just been a bunch of greedy gits. - GOSH

Greece hasn't voted against Europe and the European markets.
It has voted against the global village and the fat cats who run the markets... - Gosh

Greece is now going to talk to the member countries individually.
What a 'top tactic' - nay; 'brilliant strategy'. - GOSH

Well! we now have a new succinct phrase for the English Language.
'Doing a Greece'... GOSH

Many a little englander MP has said, "This is the greatest democracy in the world".
If! it was... It wouldn't need all the fences, cameras and armed guards. - GOSH

Georgie boy is now going to take Three years to (save) £12 billion.
Put another way; he has to find 12 million people to take one thousands pounds off. - GOSH

From omnishambles to placate the pleb.
This budget 'fellow' must think we plebs are thick... - GOSH

Great budget for pensioners(I wonder who they vote for!) - bad budget for the young...
The poorer pensioners will have to help their younger family members (relatively - no pun intended) even more now. - GOSH

The pre-election promises have given orrible oik osborne less room than a foursome of ferrets down a rich toffs trousers.
The smoke and mirror tweaks have only made the poor poorer overall. - GOSH

Have the Greek 'socialists!' with a mandate against austerity, decided to hang on to the coat tails of capitalism???
'It's the same the whole world over
It's the rich that gets the pleasure - It's the poor that gets the blame
Ain't it all a... - GOSH

Much is being made of the Chinese stock market crash - It's an internal bubble caused by the new affluent greedy class.
All that will happen is; you will see a few less rich Chinese, over here on holiday, for a couple of years.- GOSH

When one talks of 'social mobility'; what does it actually mean?
The working class can kiss my ass
I've got the foreman's job at last. - GOSH

In this era of inequality.
Even; charities, have been 'privatised', and become ruthless. - GOSH

Which political party do librarians vote for?
It doesn't matter - there's not many left now... - GOSH

In times of conflict; the 'intelligentsia' are fond of saying. "the books are being burnt"...
Progress can take (needs), 'a good kick in the teeth', now and again. - GOSH

All political persuasions have said, "The NHS is safe in our hands"
Some bastard (most of them) has been lying.- NO GOSH

Tax avoidance and evasion have a similar relationship to The oldest profession.
One side of the 'takes two to tango' relationship is rarely prosecuted. - GOSH

Why do I think that gov. info is profit driven, not care driven.
I, really, must be an old cynic. - Gosh

It's lucky seven years since we plebs bailed out the bankers.
We should thank our lucky stars; that dave and his chums; are still our chums. - POSHGOSH

The bankers out of the bottle now...
One of the conditions of the Greek bail-out is-------Wait for it-------- privatisation - GOSH

At national level; It's Centre Right v Real Left...
At European level; It's bankers v Politicians... - GOSH

Thatcher's rhetoric, "Is there such a thing as society", has it become a truism?
Well; there's:- high... low... good...bad...divided due to inequality...
Take your pick, Pal!... but hurry up... - GOSH

What kind of society does Harriet (hottie hormoan)Harman want then!
So! It's OK for toffs to breed as many right wing offspring as they wish.
But! the plebs will be restricted to two per family/couple/person... - GOSH

You can't get a horse designed by a committee through the eye of a needle.
But! dave and his chums will get anyone earning £30 grand + through immigration. - GOSH

The rich can't exist without the poor - the poor can exist without the rich
Everyone can't be rich... - GOSH

dave is going to increase the number of drones against ISIS ( Whoever whatever)
The use of drones has the same political impact; as the use of minor nuclear weapons... - GOSH

Greece; has signed bailout agreement 'X' - Which!, is worse for them, than bailout agreement 'A'.
Some people think it's all over... BBBaby you ain't seen nothing yet... - GOSH

The germans bought most of the national bonds that were issued by Greece.
The german bankers (global village - bilderberg - greedy gits...get the message !)
would sidle into daves 'bully boy' club like a panzer through pease pudding. - GOSH

What! Have I (we) learnt about the 'career politician' socialist president of La Belle France?.
He has been given, or claimed, the credit for keeping the 'European Union' intact.
He is really just another 'phony tony' - A phony Frankie... GOSH

France and Germany (there's much nastier in the EU) have very similar levels of inequality, to us.
How! can I write the above! Got the T-shirt mate... Got the T-shirtS mate...half a gosh

15/7-early morning - too early
The plot for Grexit thickens - really thickens...
An International Monetary Fund leaked document has stated that this bail-out agreement
is about as much use for Greece, as chucking a drachma into a florentine fountain... - GOSH bankers eh!GOSH

The Greek negotiating team were not aware of this damning document before signing the agreement. - GOSH GOSH GOSH...

The European Central Bank is based right next to the Deutsche Bundesbank in frankfurt.-
The german state bank owns most of the ECB, which made the loans to Greece.
German private banks lost heavily in the 2007 fiasco, and like us and the USofA
won't readily admit how bad off they really are. - GOSH - BLOODY BANKERS EH!

Not! NOT, forgetting the knock-on effect of this risk to german 'exposure' (not just financial)
A retired (RETIRED) IMF official has unofficially, more or less stated
This 'could' be the sabre rattling before the 'unleashing of the dogs of war' - BLOODY GOSH

But! we couldn't have another war; could we?
Ask; Dave, or Tony, and his unelected chum Alistar - GOSH

When one looks back over the history of time.
Mankind's (and you women) most common traits are: sex and fighting.- A ROUGH EROTIC GOSH

The SNP has stopped the unleashing of the 'hounds of the hunt'.
Some real socialists were wondering if the SNP had done a runner. - Gosh

This government - some would say,'cabal of greedy gits'- has declared war on the Trade Unions.
Now; right now; is the time to get rid of any Union Leaders who aren't up to the fight. - Obvious GOSH

Today; the Rt Honourable Jeremy Hunt (no jokes please)- Secretary of State for Health - will,
from one side of his mouth, reiterate,"The NHS is safe in our hands".
From the other side of his mouth he will smirk," You will never get your hands on our safe when we
privatise the Effer; SUCKERS". - RIP GOSH

A conservative spokes person today denied there were any plans to privatise breathing.
"However; if there was a shortage of breath, we could, make a few bob out of it",he kerchinged.
A greedy grasping gasping GOSH

The proposed Anti-TU legislation is akin to making slaves of the UK workforce.
The people who proposed this legislation are the descendants of the persons? who
received compensation when slavery was abolished. - A far from gob smacked GOSH


You! you leftie noberoonies rarely pee me off.
Incessantly bleating about inequality - golly, crikes; you, you hoi- polloi haven't a jolly jumped up clue.
Daddies had to buy me a four bed pad on the outskirts of kensington becaues of those oligarchs and arabs.
We old families simply cannot keep plebs are not the only ones who have had to down-move.
It is not just the noise from endless subterranean extensions and million pound macho motors.
Them bloody foreigners are money laundering a jolly golly pile more than we old english banking families would ever jolly dare.
You spodgy beastly plebs have never had it so spiffing good... If any of you dare to get near a polo club; I'll get the younger nouveaux heirs to give you the most wicked wedgie...
Then mater will have you simply plucked and squashed like a tick on a terrorist's tiny todger. OK...Yah

Esmerelda Cringeminge-Worthy - aka,

Lady Melons of Mayfair (step-daughter in waiting)


Gosh... One didn't know one could comment on this site yet...

Mr MARK CARNEY - used to be a big wig at aptly named goldman sachs. One of the main players in the banking crash.
And! now the governor of the bank of england has again hinted that (the) interest rate will have to rise - GOSH

It' supposed to be a committee that makes this decision.
But! one must heed the 'GOV' appointed by a global village banker led government. - GOSH

This government has already upset the young who have no chance of getting a mortgage.
Now they are doing their best to upset the young who have a mortgage. - GRAND GOSH

Wonder if there's anything going down in Greeece!
Remember one of the bail-out conditions is privatision...
One thing is certain in todays 'good old blighty'
The privatised industries will certainly rip you off... - Expensive GOSH

How Far is a million miles?
It's roughly the distance between the North East back water and the global village. - GOSH

So! the royal family were nazi sympathisers...
The 'sun' has the same modus operandi as Mr Max Clifford...had.
Chuck in a few titbits to keep the clientele (plebs) on side... - A scoop of GOSH

Are you getting fissed off with media superlatives?
I blame Richard and Judy
Everything on their show was the best thing since mechanically sliced bread. - A steady on GOSH

The Beach Boys 'surfing USA' was an almost exact musical replica of Chuck Berrys 'Sweet little sixteen'.
Chuck berry never said a word... Was this a different era; or national racism? - GOSH

Chuck Berrys 'brown eyed handsome man' was originally 'brown skinned handsome man', but changed on advice.
Was this a different era or blatant racism? - GOSH

Chuck Berry was, and is, a middle class black American.
Racism is on the rise again in America. - GOSH

A white (middle) class UK citizen couldn't run a blacklist of UK white workers
Could he?
If white workers are on a blacklist - What chance does a black (wo)man have. - Golly... Gosh

Recent relevations (The key players are now dead:of course) have proved that undercover cops aided and abetted the top UK industrial employers to operate a secret anti TU black list.
GOSH - We couldn't be living in a police state... Could we! -
You have nothing to fear; but fear itself, - GOSH

When I had a double paper round; the further from the centre - the cheaper the house -, the less frequent the stops became.
The estate next to the pit; almost exclusively catholic; had no newspapers delivered at all.
Are! the 'troubles' in Ireland, kicking off again? - GOSH

Have you met 'tailgate tina', recently?
Tina - more often than not - will be: any age, divorced... two kids and a dog, and desperately trying to forge or temper a family saving career in an ever increasing hectic world.
I can understand being on someone's shoulder in a foot race; but, in a 100 bhp+ modern motor.
Cut it out, 'TINA', it's not clever, and usually ends in tears. - GOSH

Well, 'georgie boy', I understand you are Prime-Ministerial material now - laugh, I nearly far...
How's plan 'A' going now? - you've been lucky with the business cycle, so far...
Business, at a national level, has never ever been truly independent of Government -
and you should know; with all them lobbyists heads stuck well up your back-end.
Though! tis folly of the finest, to forecast...
What are you going to do when, most of us plebs, start rejecting the 'global village'? - Gosh

Some economic commentators (market manipulators) are saying it appears to be all over in Greece.
Oh no it isn't.
The Greek people haven't yet, fully realised, the consequences of the changes, they are 'required' to make. - GOSH

Is your hibernate validator contra ajax/cgi, synco-meshed in an eco-cognitive gradle?
One can get paid a lot of money if one even vaguely understands half of the above.
The coding geeks are not just pushing the envelope - it's the whole bleeding parcel... - GOSH

When a SUPER market reduces the size, increases the price and, all the mistakes are in their favour.
Do not worry. Do not take it personal. It is just business; understand. - GOSH

Librarians (what librarians), hairdressers and under 12 chymney sweeps,
are now going to be trained to take the pressure of the NHS.
Something for the weak 'end' sir!... Something for the piles madam!... - Gargantuan GOSH

Isn't life strange!
When an out of luck on the bottom of the pile pleb claims for a child... It's taxpayers money.
When a cabinet multi-millionaire claims for a breakfast or prat stick... It's manna from heaven.
- GO sh..

Are the UK police as divided as the nation?
Not quite yet... Soon though... Soon... - Hello Hell GOSH

Public sector department, after department, is found lacking, or not fit for purpose - never a private sector...
Now, if one took a proper gander! - GOSH

22/7 A day for the diary
GOSH - a great: gadzooks, gorblimy, gross, gargoyle's gonad of a GOSH.
Has georgie-boy and the gang been on the gin?
Have they gained succour, from the seeming (as yet) success of their global village chums, with Greece
Can a government gazump the citizens?
T(he)y now want to make 20 billion pounds of cuts by 2020.
Go for it georgie-boy...Go for it... - GOSH


Are you a labour party activist/member?
Does your constituency MP (parachuted in) have a different dialect?
How many 'suits' in your set up, are new labour envoys ?
This is how the centralisation of power works in reality...
Paranoia or gleaned information! I could be wrong... I could be right... - GOSH

The labour leadership fiasco is ripping the labour party to bits...
The tory twits will be next - who let the dogs out? - Gosh

The greatest democracy in the world; for the last two generations, has merely been...
A conduit to fame(soon to be infamy) and fortune. - GOSH

One good thing! has come out of the Greek (as yet) capitulation.
The proof - beyond doubt - that the European Union, run by the centre right,is...
An avid advocate of the global village (bankers) - No GOSH there, at all...

The elected and, un-elected, representatives of the EU are in favour of TTIP.
An agreement to improve trade between America and Europe.
One partly hidden, and the most insidious, clause; is the enabling, of large corporations to sue Governments.
Lawyers and politicians; have one over riding common trait; they follow the money...but;
not many will admit it - NO GOSH


Listen in; you plebs
This is the last time I'm going to tell you.
The Establishment - not forgetting the church,god bless - especially the upper echelons...
Were all, sort of, born into office - the higher born the better...
There is no corruption or perversion - so how can there be any cover-ups...
Among the hallowed and righteous ranks... So! defer, you divvies, defer; dodge, deflect, disengage, delay, duck and dive - GOSH

Justice; now, ever increasingly, costs money
The poor have no money.
The vast majority of the poor have no access to justice. - GOSH

Many people are against foreign aid; for various reasons.
Want to know why this greedy government has increased foreign aid!
The vast bulk of the money is used to promote privatisation for personal profit.
The CDC has been effectively privatised. - GOSH

Here's a public information broadcast...
Are you having trouble with your weight! Fattie?
Do you really want to lose weight?
No need for any fancy diet or drastic action...
Just! eat a little bit less and exercise a little bit more.
Unless you are silly!!!...It matters not; what you eat, or what kind of exercise.
Just do it! easy innit... a gourmand GOSH

What have Tony Blair and Tom Jones got in common?
One; just can't seem to get rid of them...
History; will judge T. Jones as an, average/good, life time performance; and,
Phony Tony as one of the biggest fakes ever... Definitely no GOSH

Much is being made of the labour split.
Don't forget; the tories are also split asunder. - A great! GOSH


Throughout the course of time; countries adopt differing identities within their national traits.
At the moment; this country has the persona of...
A thoroughly unscrupulous second hand car dealer.
Not; if, you are doing OK, of course - NO GOSH
I'm sorry; I'll write that again...

My sincere apologies to second hand car dealers.
For you are truly saints; compared to investment bankers.
Not one politicians promise to rein in the bankers has been realised.
The truth is they are now 'at it' again...
Just as much as before the crash. - No GOSH

At times of inequality; pundits (usually rich ones) bang on about social mobility.
Here's how it works in an economy under pressure...
The upward mobility that you achieve; takes the mobility scooter off a disabled person.
Go for it, Jimmy... - GOOSH

How can one tell when the owners of a million pound a metre yacht have gone ashore?
The gang plank is out and...
There's two fresh faced, young, unpaid, sycophants strategically sat in tiny deck chairs...
To stop any plebs getting on board. - Golly GOSH

Never forget!
The poor can live without the rich.
But! the rich; can't exist; without the poor...
You don't want to be rich! Do you?
Ps. Want to buy a better hot tub? - GALLOSH

When you are on a zero hours contract; sitting at home waiting for the phone...
Forget you are a stat in daves employment figures; and, try this little quiz.
See how many firms, you can name that have re-located or been snapped up by the global village!
We had to; to survive! you do understand. - Gosh

Just in case you have not heard; here's concise definition of what the global village is.
It consists of bankers and large corporations...
The bankers, with government blessing, create money electronically; then give it to the large corporations... This money is then 'laundered' by, the buying up of smaller firms.
Nice work if you can get it!... You; ain't gonna get it; sucker. - GOSH

Think! about it; or try doing it; a physical job, properly and competitively, after the age of 65.
You will then realise, to some degree; what, a disabled person experiences for all their life.
What kind of person, aided and abetted, by a cohort of seated civil servants, would make others work after 65, and;
Take money of an, already poor, disabled person?
A cabinet of millionaires of course - a gang of greedy gits sitting on their fat arses. - GOSH

A few years a go the royal (well before the recession) PR dept. was in fine flow.
It magnificently stated that, prince charlie boy was doing 150 public engagements/annum;
Therefore, grafting like an Auschwizt oven attendant.
Turns out he was doing three a day travelling by helicopter.
These royals seem to have a thing about choppers. - GOSH

Seems that some guy from Tow Law; head of the social mobility commission.
Has concluded that even among the young it's not what! but! who! you know.
Yeah! and bankers are greedy.
This will be one Alan Milburn - ex new labour socialist MP - ex secretary of state for health.
Who now works for the cabal of mostly American firms trying to privatise the NHS.
- A get thee gone GOSH.

Rural and urban mobile speed camera traps are usually instigated by 'locals'.
The majority of people caught are, 'locals'. - Gosh.

Have you seen a mobile camera trap lately? could be the cuts!
This was a road rage rant on behalf of 'Anarchy Rules the Road - OK' - GOSH

Are you bored! looking for a retro hobby!
Were you born with a normal looking, yet; indisputably not working, head?
The KKK are openly (no hoods! but; uniforms and flags) on the march again.
Get your package ticket from ; 'Right Knackers R Us .con' - GOSH

Had a trot across - from North West to East - 'the toon', last week. Spotted the huge masses of student accommodation.
University education has become an industry - many are foreign students!
However; can the UK economy cater for this increase in aspiration!
Or; will it merely increase inequality! - GOSH - will they be able to spell - GOSH

In the twenties; it was the 'Jarrow March'.
In the sixties; It was a book 'The Black Pudding Republic' that shone a miners lamp on the Great North/South Divide.
In the noughties Phony Tony Bliar (seat in the NE remember) questioned whether there was such a thing as the Watford Gap
The truth is (many with larger than life egos; regard it as a quaint myth) that, when we had coal and heavy industry; we were regarded as plebs.
Now the coal and industry have gone, we have become unwanted plebs.
Have no fear... the Northern powerhouse will provide Salvation...
Another putrid promise from an even more putrid politician - I'm afraid. - GOSH

The blue party, has thrown into the skip, any pretence of being green.
Does intensive individual aspiration (greed) make one blind!
Or! do they expect the good lord to appear in a modern miracle and save the planet. - GOSH

Do your under keks smell like an old hua's handbag?
Do your armpits smell like a Bratislavan brothel?
Yes! then stop using all those cosmetics that even most tarts(sorry women) don't need...
Women don't like smelly! men - they like the smell of man...
You'll be able to afford another couple of pints... - GASH

The streets of London are paved with gold...
The corridors of westminster are clouded in corruption...
Do most politicians think they are doing nothing wrong - has corruption become a way of life?
To bring about devolution; lobbyists should be enforced to set up stalls on Newcastle Quayside.
Oh! in the interests of competition - some would have to pretend to set up on the Gateshead side. - A let's not grovel GOSH

Chinese shares have dropped drastically again...
Never forget! these 'markets' wallahs get up to all kinds of skullduggery behind the scenes.

Remember when The Building Societies took off because the banks were ripping us off! No!
Well that's what happened - trust me; I'm not a banker!
It's been 8 (yes 8) long years since the crash.
The solution; Socialism for the rich bankers and capitalism for the poor plebs...
There's still no sign of the re-emergence of the building societies...
It shows how strong the grip of the global village have around the area where your court and shirleys grow.
It's up to you to make them lose their grip - they won't volunteer... A gonad of a GOSH

Last week I had a tiny trot in the countryside and passed a rabbit warren.
I heard one of them say, "Them humans are a funny lot; when they are caught in the full glare of the headlights ; they just stand and stare" - GOSH

Police numbers are down - and! crime is down...
Yet! Police overtime pay is at its' highest ever.
There's two very interesting ways of interpreting the above - Ain't life grand GOSH

The army(troops/forces/whatever) are down by 20,000...
Now, some! are talking of using troops at the tunnel/ferry.

Some join the army to kill people - Oh yes.
Some join as a vocation/career...
Many join; cos it's a job!
The officer and gentleman class are actively encouraged to be aware of 'The International Scene'.
The troops; - many will have heard of 'Calais'- will just do what they are told. - No GOSH

In days gone by, when combatants killed each other, they could see, smell and taste the fear.
Now! one can have a day at the office, on, effectively, a computer game; And kill people...
Drones; are responsible for much collateral damage.
A representative usually comes ont telly and expresses grave concern and regret...
Do they really mean it? Ask bomber Harris! - GOSH

The economics of war; we think it's worth it...
The accountancy of terrorism:
Cost of terrorist funeral... 30 bob - if that...
Cost of squaddie funeral... £30,000+ and counting... - A grave GOSH.

England are losing the ashes! again...
How many times have we won them (anything) lately?
Strange! or not! how tossing the coin; can be more controversial than; tossing the dwarf.- GOSH

Are you an overworked squaddie or policeman?
Fear not! the politicians and arms dealers still love you.
Well! they say they do... - A GOSH... you must be joking.

While we are on about porkies - the ones that come 'out' of mouths... not in...
The word lie cannot be used in the palace(s) of westminster.
Alas! the place has more words for lie; than the eskimos(sorry innuit) have for snow! There's a whole industry of irony here. - a great galoot of a GOSH

Surely! this is the one place in the UK to have the greatest concentration of 'LIES' ever.
Sadly! no! much, more than sadly!! For over a generation now there has been another place.
'New' labour party HQ.
NO gosh - A huge gonad - gosh!.

Swearing; Effing swearing in public, is commonplace now.
It is classless,sexless and, because of overuse, totally pointless and useless.
Selective, abundantly meaningful, effing swearing, still has an important use in any language.
Used properly, it can be effectively used to show an intense reaction -
orally though, and never in the written word.
My 'effing swearing' is, almost exclusively, reserved for, and at, 'New' Labour. - Gosh

Other political parties: Tory to Trotsky-ite; have, without doubt, an aura of subterfuge and mendacity.
However; history will record the era of the reign of 'new labour' as 'the dogs doodahs of duplicity' -
One hell of an Effing GOSH

What has the UK most in common with the old East Germany?
Secret police. - An unbelievable, undercover GOSH

Only 15% of hand washers are as eco-efficient as dishwashers(them white things that look like clothes washers)
The dishwasher was invented by a woman.
Necessity is the mother of invention. - Gosh

That 'thing thatcher', aided and abetted by the UK electorate, wanted to take us back to 'victorian values'
Next time (if) you go to the seaside; have a gander at all the BnB's, hotels and flats...
Many of these were built as private residences in the victorian era - many with bells to summon the servant(s) - .
Have we gone from 'a load of bells' to a 'load of balls'?
Pun intended yvette (career and new labour - GOSH) - you,ve got very,very little chance. GOSH

It has done it again; just lately, every time I keyboard the date, in numbers, in, a '- early' appears, as if by magic.
Yet! when I look behind me, there's nobody there; and I still have to delete it. - Gosh
Ps... I use the free notebook++ wp, on a desktop - still much better and definitely cheaper
than the freaky phones, tantalising tablets, and amazingly over complicated microsoft stuff.

One of the 'B team' head honchos at microsoft, many years ago, had a fancy dress birthday party
at a posh hotel in Venice and paid for his chums.
Rumoured cost: Half a million dollars. - GOSH

It is rumoured - no! much more than rumoured - that 'Apple' are sitting on a $200 billion fortune; and, not investing.
Apple and Microsoft are just two of the big boys in the global village - all aspects of profitable business (especially what was once the public sector) are now owned by the big boys.(they let the odd women in - mainly for PR) - Not Really a GOSH; unless you are a hermit.

But! what do you care! you are a grafter! right... you are living the dream...
You will struggle on with your 30 bob business;(offence intended to them that take it)
Things could be, and will be, better; but, you are doing OK. Yeah... - a bit! of a grumble Gosh

The truth is;
You have more chance of ending up on the streets than achieving, anywhere near, head honcho status and income. - GOSH

The big boys are ruling the roost - and the politicians that you voted for!
Are sitting on the roost - right next to them. - a shouldn't be a GOSH

It's been ten years now (went abroad); since my wife and I, had a 'June July August' in the UK.
The NE average temperature hasn't been much above ten. - gosh

Still! looking on the bright side.
In many years to come; I'll be able to leave my new shorts and jesus shoes to someone, in my will... - GOOSH

GOSH - It's the last month of summer! already.
They say that the time passes quicker when you get older...
Oh no it doesn't. You just get slower... - GOSH