One couldn’t make it up...

May 25 - 2015

The rt hon. Iain Duncan Smith MP for Chingford established the 'Centre for Social Justice'.
This must mean, he really cares about an unemployed Brixham butchers boy - Gosh

The UK is the fourteenth, out of 175; on the most corrupt country list.
The most corrupt are the ones the USA has the most trouble with - Gosh

The 'royal family' receive at least £30 million plus/annum from the loyal obediant taxpayers.
The queen gives less than £1000 (after resale)/annum in alms money to the poor plebs.
This proves she hates rich people and really loves the poor - GOSH

Well off economists get paid a lot of money to say the poor should take a haircut.
This proves they really must care about the plebs - GOSH

Rich bankers have a free-for-all with funny money and make a fortune in real money bonus.
The tax they pay keeps this country going you plebs - GOSH

It will be ‘hades in a hovercraft’ if a few thousand londoncentric services jobs go.
A generation earlier it was OK for millions of manufacturing jobs to go - GOSH

Inequality is now greater than when Victoria ruled - Thatcher believed in 'victorian values'.
Do not worry; in a tory recession - we are all in it together... - Gosh

June 2015

Species of animals are disappearing in front of our eyes.
Yet rich people are still allowed to kill them for pleasure - GOSH

When we had a manufacturing base we bought a house to live in.
Now; many people (does your MP?) buy a house to live off - GOSH

Police forces throughout the world are there to protect the citizens.
This year American police have already killed over 500 people - GOSH

On the 20th of June over 100,000 UK people will march against ‘austerity’.
Estimated profit to joe public? - Debatable!
On the 11th of June just over 100 ‘delegates’ attended the bilderberg conference.
Estimated profit to the bankers and chums - incalcuable - GOSH

Most 'Labour' MPs want to represent people with aspiration...
That means us poor plebs have no aspiration... - GOSH

Many years ago the 'establishment and 'TUC' promised equality for women.
This means they are pretty damn hopeless or damn good liars - GOSH

In the last ten years the no. of millionaires in UK has increased by
roughly the same percentage as the homeless - GOSH

When Trade Unions were strong we had local politicians with a passion
Now we have career politicians who just follow the money - GOSH

If! we brought back progressive taxation and scrapped all those new silly rules.
All those dodgy accountants wouldn't be able to fiddle - GOSH

The known homeless in the Uk are put in BnBs; many take to the streets.
Half of the USofA states now have large tented cities - GOSH

The PM (dave) went to ETON ; Eton has 'charitable status' .
This proves he is a charitable person - GOSH

It's sad the number of crimes and deaths the establishment have covered up.
It's even sadder that not enough people care enough to do anything about it - GOSH

The global village cons are really pushing fracking near UK local villages now...
It shouldn't be too much trouble to get rid of pro-fracking local career councillors - GOSH

Remember when kitchen sink dramas, written by local writers, were on the telly.
The only kitchen sink dramas lately, were in the holiday/second/third homes of aspirant PMs - GOSH

Top Prof loses job for criticising prince charles commissioned alternative medicine research...
Top prof loses job for criticising crying female scientists...
Mothers down the dog track; Fathers playing bingo - what a crazy world we're living in - GOSH

The Germans have regional banks which by law have to invest locally.
We Have 'The Bankers'. Siemans now owns the little bit of Parsons still standing... - GOSH

Educacion...Eduucation... Edeeucasion...Education is now an industry.
Free schoolzand academies cost more than ordinary LA schools... - GOSH

The digital era has enabled establishments to carry out mass surveillance.
Thanks to micro-miniaturisation the Digital Industry is, and will be, the most wasteful industry ever... - Gosh

When you have a society controlled by the rich - most of the poor don't seem to mind; if they have a few bob to spend...
When you have a society controlled by the rich - and the poor have no money to spend...
It won't be Santa Claus coming to town. - GOSH