Film Star

The last time I went to a cinema...wait for it...was a free matinee preview of "The Towering Inferno". I've seen a few ont telly; more often than not, as a last resort. Actors don't impress me much - many of them get paid for nowt.
Film actors,known as stars, can really earn mega bucks. The film industry, at one time, was the single biggest dollar earner for America and is mainly run by persons of Jewish descent. Now you know why The USA has such a fondness for Israel. America actually paid off the national debt of Egypt to stop a war with Israel. I tell you this to give you some idea how big the film industry is.
Top male film stars earnings make top footballers and top female stars look like the poor country cousin.
Unless you are related to or, know someone, really! well, you will have to hover around Hollywood as a waitress (and/or waiter), or similar jackass of a job, and flash your best attribute. This is a recognised and accepted behavioural interaction of advanced societies - I believe it's called, "having one foot in the gutter but still looking up to the stars".
If ! and the odds against you, are, like the competition, well stacked, you are one of the selected few, you will pass on to the audition stage. Tinsel Town thrives on rumour - The casting couch is fact... Many,of either sex, pass the casting couch and end up on the sex sofa - you have been warned!

Pop star
Awfully good looking and have a great voice, the public will throw their money, other things, and even themselves, at you.
A very good living can still be made in the pop industry - that's why it's so competitive.
Not so good looking, cant sing, but have some kind of musical talent, or the ability to bluff talent, you can still make it by joining a group.
Whether solo or group the really rich ones wrote their own songs.
Bob Dylan was not good looking and one of the worst singers ever, he made it to the top by writing great lyrics.
Here's one line he wrote just after he had became noticed; " some men can rob you with a fountain pen"
Be careful on your way to the top!!!