SAT 23FEB 2019

1820; British police uncovered 'The Cato Street Conspiracy', planned by Arthur - insurgent/terrorist/radical/ pre-communism communist - Thistlewood, to assassinate Cabinet ministers.
Five of the eighteen conspirators were publicly hanged outside Newgate prison on 1st May 1820, six were transported to Australia for life, and the rest were either rewarded or released due to their status as spies, agent provocateurs, or men who had turned King's Evidence.
Add the fact that ARTY was coerced and done in by a police 'spy' - now called an undercover cop - and, we have an exemplary example of it it all been done before.
The times they are a changing - alas; time, is running out since article 50 was triggered by a divided UK
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1945; World War II: The German town of Pforzheim was almost completely destroyed in a raid by 379 British bombers.
About one quarter of the town's population (over 17,000 people) were killed in the air raid.
The town was thought by the Allies to be producing precision instruments for use in the German war effort and to be a transport centre for the movement of German troops.
Long before war between anything on this planet starts; the truth is the first thing out the window.
Innocent non combatants that die are now called - ever so conveniently - collateral...
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1953; In Britain, an amnesty offered to World War II deserters brought in applications from more than 3000 servicemen.
Time is indeed to many, a great healer.
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1963; Peter Hicks, a farmer who electrified his car to ward off traffic wardens in London's Covent Garden had to wait nine months before police returned his electric device and told him they would not be prosecuting.
Judging public opinion EH!
Judge ye not; lest ye be judged thy self.
The police - whether one likes it or not; are paid by and aligned to the establishment - are supposed to reflect public opinion.
All institutions/organisations are run by and for the people within them - they are supposed to be controlled by the rest of society - it is up to us 'humans' what kind of society we have.
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2012; Taxpayer-backed Royal Bank of Scotland announced a full year loss of nearly £2bn, further fuelling the debate about bankers' pay and bonuses.
Nevertheless, £390m in bonuses was still paid to RBS's 17,000 investment bankers.
What's it all about...
Can you deny that the means of production and producing wealth have now moved to the East of this planet.
Can you deny that the developed western economies are now top heavy.
Too many chiefs and not enough indians used to be an oft used phrase.
Can you deny that there are too many creaming it off the top - time to get back to basics; however; not, the John major/don't teach your granny how to suck eggs version.
Is your/nation state/trading block carbon footprint bigger than mine!
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2014; The oldest known survivor of the Nazi Holocaust, Alice Herz-Sommer, died in London at the age of 110.
She was an accomplished pianist and music teacher and a film about her life was nominated for the best short documentary at the Academy Awards.
Born into a Jewish family in Prague in 1903, Ms Herz-Sommer spent two years in a Nazi concentration camp in Terezin.
If you believe that a pro-palestinian is an anti-Semitic; think on.
What has the nation state of Israel got in common with the nation state of America!
The latest example in time of the oppressed becoming the oppressors
If you do not know that the state of Israel is over represented in the developed world; you need some more munitions in your mitzvah
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The UK is the nation state that has challenged politically the Economic trading bloc of the EU.
The non establishment citizens of Greece are giggling less than gallantly at the vainglorious struggling of politicians of all nation states to describe the present divisiveness.
Do we deserve the politicians we get!
The politicians certainly think so.

SUN 24th FEB 2019

1303; The Battle of Roslin - a battle of the First War of Scottish Independence.
The war itself lasted from the invasion by England in 1296 until the legal restoration of Scottish independence with the Treaty of Edinburgh - Northampton in 1328.
It took time in them days...
As a Northern member of the Labour party; I've nothing against Scottish Independence - go for it.
People forget that we would have a Labour government if the jocks reverted back to the Labour party... Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1909; Suffragettes attempted to break into the Houses of Parliament.
The police made 29 arrests.
1920; Lady Nancy Astor, ( an american toff - the first woman to ever hold a seat in the House of Commons), became the first woman to speak in Parliament.
Many believe she was an anti- feminist foil The first woman MP elected was a member of Sinn Fein - she did not take her seat.
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1971; Commonwealth citizens lost their automatic right to remain in the UK under the 1970 Ted Heath tory government's new Immigration Bill.
A climate of fear is nothing new - nor is extremism in politics.
Teddy boy started official negotiations for Britain to join the EU.
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1999; Home Secretary Jack Straw published the McPherson Report into the police handling of the murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence.
The Metropolitan Police were criticised for what the report called 'institutionalised racism'.
In times of a nation state being under economic pressure ( what pressure if you are doing alright ) Extremism and racism increase.
Pressure for some was just starting to take unspoken in public hold in 1999.

The Greek economy is under far greater pressure in the developed world than ours.

MON 25th FEB 2019

1913; English suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst went on trial for a bomb attack on the home of David Lloyd George, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
A female socialist if ever there was one
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1953; An inquest heard that the Princess Victoria, a ferry which sank off Belfast drowning 133 people had met 'a howling gale and an horrific rolling sea that attacked the ship from all sides.'
When the decision was made to turn back towards Stranraer a huge wave forced open the stern doors on the car deck, buckling them in the process and flooding the car deck which caused the ship to roll over and sink.
193 people lost their lives - many to hypothermia - when the UK owned ferry 'Herald of free enterprise' sank in shallow water just off Zeebruge in 1987.
The cause was initially put down to human error - and quickly moved onto corporate manslaughter - many changes in design were made.
P and O is now part of DP - a multi-national group; part of the ultra rich 1% that is really safe in more ways than one - the times have changed.
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1955;Britain's largest ever aircraft carrier, the Ark Royal, was completed.
She was the fourth ship of that name to have served the Crown.
The latest UK aircraft carrier is clouded in controversy - cos of the cuts.
The life and use of the latest 'defence toys' will be decided long after the dogs breakfast of brexit has - if ever - been digested.
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The maritime future decisions of Greece will be subjected to less waves than the UK...

TUES 26th FEB 2019

1797; The Bank of England issued the first ever one pound note.
Printed on watermark paper with a vignette of Britannia on the top left hand corner, the hand-signed white £1 notes were withdrawn in the 1820s.
Overtime; the value of a nation state means of exchange of wealth has gone up and down - due to competition; wherever it comes from.
As a person who was once paid in cash in a brown paper envelope; I am an individual well aware of the changes in the banking industry.
With thatcherism came deregulation in the developed banking world - the UK became a world leader.
A world leader in the plebs being caught by the short and curlies...
All change was dependent on the plebs being dominated by the banking systems.
Self determinism was the given reason for not adopting the Euro - the main reason for retaining the pound sterling was the profitability of the banks.
Time for change...
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1995; Barings, the country's oldest merchant bank, declared bankruptcy after discovering that Nicholas Leeson, the firm's chief trader in Singapore, had lost approximately £625 million of the bank's assets on unauthorized futures and options transactions.
Many reasons have been mooted as to how he got into such debt on behalf of a private bank.
Never ever forget when alongside a nation state printing funny money to 'get ahead' the investment game has winners and losers'
The investment side of banking is no different to the workings of a casino.
Those that sat back and enjoyed the proceeds had no idea of what was going on - by the time they almost fully understood the rapid change; it was too late - time to print more funny money.
Time for the rapid change to making things again.
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2015; 27 year old Lance Corporal Joshua Leakey from the Parachute Regiment was awarded the Victoria Cross, becoming the first living VC recipient of the Afghan war.
We don't need another hero - or, should we invest in more war!
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Greece is not known for its modern heroes - it has also adopted the Euro.

WED 27th FEB 2019

1560; The Treaty of Berwick which would expel the French from Scotland, was signed by England and the Protestant noblemen known as the Congregation of Scotland.
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1776; Pitt the Younger resigned his commission in the army rather than fight America.
Not so long ago N. America was a colony and Canada was still being fought by the nation state colonisers.. Every developed nation state had an Empire...
The now small nation state of the UK has still to reap the seeds planted by the largest Empire ever on this getting smaller planet.
Careful what you wish for...
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1907;London's main criminal court, the Old Bailey was built, on the site of Newgate Prison.
If I only had what kind of time...
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1991; The Gulf War came to an end with the liberation of Kuwait & the retreat of Iraqi forces.
Many nation states were once exploited - frenemies become the enemies.
Wanna be in my nation state gang GOSH

2002;Spike Milligan, Irish comedian and writer died, aged 83.
After the death of his friend Harry Secombe from cancer on 11th April 2001, Milligan said, "I'm glad he died before me, because I didn't want him to sing at my funeral."
On his headstone is inscribed "I'Duirt mé leat go raibh mé breoite", which is Irish for "I told you I was ill."
He was the favourite comic of Prince Charles who wrote a letter congratulating Milligan on winning a Lifetime Achievement Award, whereupon the comic, on live TV, jokingly labelled the Prince a "grovelling little bastard". Mr Terence Milligan was born in India and refused English nationality; despite serving in HM forces for six years.
He became Irish; lived much of his later life in Australia; however, he died and was buried in England.
It is more than rumoured he said, 'I would like to thank... Hold on I done it all myself...''
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2014; An 'unreserved apology' was issued by the government to the family of 47 year old Sheila Holt from Rochdale who was sent a letter encouraging her to find work, even though she had been in a coma for two months.
She was sectioned under the Mental Health Act in December after struggling to cope with the government’s controversial new back-to-work scheme and had a heart attack on 17th December.
Wonder what Spike would have said about the contemporary culture of ...
Wanna be in my 'austerity' has gone too far Gang GOSH

Would Greece have been better of as a nation state that didn't join the EU and Euro!
Many banking pundits are now nailing their colours to the mast.
For a pleb in a divided nation with international borders; only time will tell...

THURS 28th FEB 2019

1874; Arthur Orton, who claimed to be the long lost heir to the wealthy Tichborne estate in Hampshire, was found guilty of perjury after a trial of 260 days, the longest trial in England.
He was sentenced to 14 years’ hard labour, as the real Sir Roger Tichborne had perished at sea in 1853.
Was Arty boy the first attempt at becoming the 'new' nouveaux rich.
There's nowt as queer (in the best possible way) as folk.
You can't con an honest man - or to put it colloquially; you can't kid a kidda, kidda. The more the perceived reward; the greater the lie...
At what point does a lie become the truth in mans - and womans now - interaction.
Ask the leader of the western developed world; or, is it/he the last throw of the dice for the UsofA economy.
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1925; The birth of the actor Harry H. Corbett.
In the early 1950s, he added the initial "H" to avoid confusion with the television entertainer Harry Corbett, who was known for his act with the glove-puppet Sooty.
A chance meeting with writers Ray Galton and Alan Simpson, who had been successful with Hancock's Half Hour, changed Corbett's life.
He is best known for his starring role in the popular and long-running BBC Television sitcom Steptoe and Son.
Early in his career he was dubbed 'the English Marlon Brando' by some sections of the British press.
Everthing used to be big in America - in the era of information; everything is smaller; apart from the cons.
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1931; Having left the Labour Party, Sir Oswald Mosley formed the "New Party" which he said was dedicated to turning parliament "from a talk-shop into a workshop".
The party later evolved into the British Union of Fascists.
All of the many battles were fought mostly by the British working class - a minority were of Jewish extraction.
It really has all been done before.
Wanna be in my confusingly together gang GOSH

The Greek nation state is just as confusingly divided as ours - except, they voted to narrowly remain in the EU trading bloc.
Is it the economy stupid!