FRI 23rd FEB 2018

On this day

1820; British (UK) police uncovered 'The Cato Street Conspiracy', planned by Arthur Thistlewood, to assassinate Cabinet ministers.
Five of the eighteen conspirators were publicly hanged outside Newgate prison on 1st May 1820, six were transported to Australia for life, and the rest were either rewarded or released due to their status as spies, agent provocateurs, or men who had turned King's Evidence.
A skirmish between the haves and have-nots ( Oppressors and oppressed ) in a time of the plebs getting it cos of an economy under pressure.
Previously, to deter the plebs; dissidents were hung drawn and quartered - this gang of revolutionaries was just hung for ages then decapitated.
Now we have democracy (haven't we) death and destruction have (haven't they) Gone GOSH

In the 1820's many nation states across Europe were in a 'state of unrest' due to hard times.
The brexit breakfast is nothing new when inequality comes around.
Nor; is the use of spies, agent provocateurs and plebs grassing for lenient incarceration sentences.
The modern equivalent are called undercover cops - there's nowt as queer as folk and the intelli gentsia No Josh GOSH

2012; Taxpayer-backed Royal Bank of Scotland announced a full year loss of nearly £2bn, further fuelling the debate about bankers' pay and bonuses.
Nevertheless, £390m in bonuses was still paid to RBS's 17,000 investment bankers.
There is one law for the rich and one for the poor and another for the bankers - let's hear it for the middle of the road plebs just hanging on.
A clear case of placating the pleb to disguise greed...GOSH

The era of manipulating money internationally is now in its debilitating death throes.
Deregulation and the relaxation of rules has led to inequality.
Too many people are creaming it off the top...
Time to return to making things - no Jings or Josh GOSH

In this era of perceived instant innovation (relatively in time) time to get back to some good old fashioned elbow (G)reece.

FEB 24th 2018

On this day

1303; The Battle of Roslin - a battle of the First War of Scottish Independence.
The war itself lasted from the invasion by England in 1296 until the legal restoration of Scottish independence with the Treaty of Edinburgh - Northampton in 1328.
'On yonder hill, there stands a coo'
'I think it's gone, it's no there noo'
If! history repeats itself - and, surely it does; Scottish independence is due soon.
Who are you to disagree! GOSH

1909; Suffragettes attempted to break into the Houses of Parliament. The police made 29 arrests.
1920; Lady Nancy Astor, (the first woman to ever hold a seat in the House of Commons), became the first woman to speak in Parliament.
She was not the first female MP -the honour goes to an Irish Republican who did not take up her place in parliament.
History again GOSH

Nancy was a yank who married into American money - divorced - and married into the nouveaux rich peerage of the UK.
She was a con job - far from hoi polloi.
She was persuaded to stand down by the gentlemen of the era; when she became dysfunctional.
History burping again GOSH

1950; Clement Attlee was returned as prime minister, but with a single figure majority.
Yes the UK electorate voted for the (keep it under the covers) alcoholic killing machine known as Winnie to his conveniently expeditious chums.
Don't mention the magic money tree...
Clement was an earl with many similarities - too many to list here - to Jeremy - Jeremy who!
Both as leader - and PM - of the Labour Party had to reluctantly accept compromise.
Here we go again GOSH

1999; Jack Straw; labour Home Secretary at the time, published the McPherson Report into the police handling of the murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence.
The Metropolitan Police were criticised for what the report called 'institutionalised racism'.
This was the era of semantic innovation in the era of spin and grin of the blairites and political opposition
Instititionalised racism was a new one - could it have been invented by a civil servant!
The vast majority were merely reincarnations...
Is!' economic with the truth' one - there are many many more...
Go on, have a go GOSH

Who knows the future of Greece - your guess is as good as mine.

FEB 25th 2018

On this day

1570; Betty or brenda I was excommunicated by Pope Pius V.
He declared her a usurper for her severe persecution of Roman Catholics in England.
It was the last such judgment made against a reigning monarch by any pope.
The rest is bloody history - wanna be in my gang! GOSH

1897; The birth of Peter Llewelyn Davies, the namesake of Peter Pan.
The author, J. M. Barrie publicly identified him as the source of the name for the title character in his famous play Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up.
This identification as 'the original Peter Pan' plagued Davies throughout his life.
The 'fictitious' character was -it's said - based on one of Barries' brother; an apostrophe for pedants.
Pan; of course was a minor Greek god that played the pipes - J M barrie was a jock that moved to London and became a bit of a con socialite before finding fame and becoming foster father to the, tragic to be, davies boys...
Despite being married for a while; the jury is still deliberating as to what type of gang GOSH

1914; The birth of John Arlott, cricket commentator for the BBC's Test Match Special.
The BBC referred to his 'wonderful gift for evoking cricketing moments'.
In the old days many a pleb miner played cricket - like it or like it not, cricket is now well and truly a minority sport.
A not often aired classic case of not what you know but who...
I know your different; I'll not mention my gang GOSH

1982; The European Court of Human Rights ruled that corporal punishment in schools (if it was against the parents' wishes) was a violation of the Human Rights Convention.
It is illegal to stick one on an adult; yet okay to smack a child - without leaving a mark of course.
Children must be seen and not heard.
Children can be beaten; but, not seen to be beaten...
Give that man -or woman - a bandage and a gun GOSH

Long before the Brexit 'breakfast' is digested; the establishment will have many a day in court deliberating over 'our' law - there's one law for the rich and another for the poor; for the last generation or two the bankers and money chums have made up their own laws.
Don't mention the divisions that will be proffered by those dastardly devolutionists.
You aint seen nothing yet - are you a greedy get! GOSH

Greece; if I assume correctly, will remain under the jurisdiction of EU law for at least the next generation to come.
This will give it more time than us to produce wealth as to argue about how to produce wealth.
Don't mention the relative size of a leavers carbon footprint - agreements not laws...

FEB 26th 2018

On this day

1564;The birth of Christopher Marlowe, English dramatist and poet of the Elizabethan era.
He was the foremost Elizabethan writer next to William Shakespeare.
The ratio (battle) between the arts and sciences in unis raising its ugly antennae in an economy under pressure is a sure sign of change to come.
Will it be different this time! now that education at all levels, has become an industry.
Let my students Go GOSH

1952; Churchill told the House of Commons that Britain now had an atomic bomb which it intended to test in Australia.
Ever wondered about the 'often stated' special relationship with the UsofA!
One would think that no Europeans had immigrated to the 'Americas'.
International and culture borders have changed over time.
Let my borders go GOSH

What's the difference between a 'nuke' power and a 'non-nuke' power.
None over time...
Let my rockets go GOSH

2002; Mayor of London Ken Livingstone - his two years on the labour party bench ends soon - confirmed that motorists would be charged £5 per day to drive into London on weekdays.
The carbon footprint has slowly been covered by the sweat - some say graft - of individual endeavour.
The carbon footprint of the planet dictates individual and nation state wealth.
Forget that and no god will save you - you die...
Let my people go GOSH

Polls in Greece have the new party (new democracy - centre right) ahead in the polls; polls Eh! - after 10 politicians from the centre left coalition become embroiled in an international OK drugs corruption HU Ha.
Main party followers are all pro EU - apart from the still a minority by far, far right.

FEB 27th 2018

On this day

1560; The Treaty of Berwick, which would expel the French from Scotland, was signed by England and the Protestant noblemen known as the Congregation of Scotland.
What the French in Scotland - don't mention the 100 years war; or, the 'Normans'.
How much of North of the border is made of Granite Gosh.

The present division in the Union is nothing new...
I once knew a bloke from Berwick - he had schizophrenia.
He was (is I think) called 'Scott English'.
Those that are in the pursuit of power are not averse to mind games GOSH

1735; The death of John Arbuthnot, English satirist and creator of 'John Bull', the character that symbolized Britain.
Bull dogs are trying to make a comeback - are they are dying breed...
We used to have a more than proud Westie - allegedly a Jock dog that came over after the roman wall went into ruin.
The French bull dog and pugs seem to be the in breed.
A subconscious sign of the times of division, perhaps!
Mongrels are in and last longer - keep breeding with a grin GOSH

2002; Spike Milligan, Irish comedian and writer died, aged 83.
After the death of his friend Harry Secombe from cancer on 11th April 2001, Milligan said, "I'm glad he died before me, because I didn't want him to sing at my funeral."
On his headstone is inscribed "I'Duirt mé leat go raibh mé breoite", which is Irish for "I told you I was ill."
He was the favourite comic of Prince Charles who wrote a letter congratulating Milligan on winning a Lifetime Achievement Award, whereupon the comic, on live TV, jokingly labelled the Prince a "grovelling little bastard".
Many a true word is spoken in Jest...
To what extent are you a groveller GOSH

2014; An 'unreserved apology' was issued by the government to the family of 47 year old Sheila Holt from Rochdale who was sent a letter encouraging her to find work, even though she had been in a coma for two months. She was sectioned under the Mental Health Act in December after struggling to cope with the government’s controversial new back-to-work scheme and had a heart attack on 17th December.
The - not just a one off - inhumanity of digitalisation and greed GOSH

Greece is no different to any other Nation State; in a trading block or not.
It's a battle between the haves and have-nots in a time of change.
History has seen it all before - it usually ends up with people getting hurt.
Are you hurting!