THURS 23rd FEB 2017

 Cato st. executions  Crystal Ball

1820; ever heard of the 'Cato Street Conspiracy' - a 'group' against the harshness of the victorian oppression/repression
Of the eighteen taken into custody: five were hanged; five/six sent on an eternal working holiday in Australia; And
of the rest; one was a definite police spy and some/how many turned kings evidence.
Was democracy even more dodgy in them days of mostly unseen censorship and suppression of anti-goverment gangs GOSH

What occured before and during the trial is shrouded in secretive mystery.
The execution of the five 'conspirators' was most public - not just a deterrent; but
Entertainment also - 'people' payed a small fortune for a good view.
Did I mention the were hung for 20 mins and then beheaded with a hand knife.
Let's have a gander at those ghastly grisly soon to be goners GOSH

Are the social conditions that brought about revolutionary 'conspiracy' alive and well today
Alive and well; with, or without the social welfare that will ensure the continuation of inequality.
No matter how better off nation states have become over time - inequality is and always will be relative.
The trouble is the ones who can't/won't see inequality are the 'have' not the 'have-not' gangs.No GOSH

It used to be death and taxes - the two certainties of the vast majority alive.
Now; those who don't pay taxes or less tax are living much longer.
In these days the people/plebs have to rely more on the state - it's a matter of life and death.
The pleb is dead - let the pleb go GOSH

Even an establishment preacher in a well policed pulpit can see the present government policy.
A retrograde piecemeal patchwork of desperation - not persuasion.
It's not just the left who are hanging on to the coat tails of capitalism.
Lurching further to the right is an ever increasing no go NO GOSH

Between 1821 and 1832, Greek revolutionaries fought a war for Greek Independence from the Ottoman Empire.
Will the Greeks vote for indepenence from the EU empire.
Will the brexiteer brit plebs be better off?
The futures not ours (plebs) to see.

FRI 24th FEB 2017

 Cato st. executions  Crystal Ball

1909; women in long dresses attempted to break into the house of commons - 29 of them were arrested.
As long as women believe in: contacting the dead, crystal balls, are smaller and vote for war to a man;
They will never achieve the same - or more likely, more - grandeur GOSH

1920; lady Nancy Astor became the first/second woman to sit/speak in parliament.
Nancy was the divorced daughter of a Virginian slave owner - one of many female American immigrants that married into the UK aristocracy.
How many of these married into money women would pass the soon to be immigrant earning level of today.
Sex and fighting - the ill gotten gains GOSH

1923; the flying Scotsman (A3) started running between London and Scotland.
After a £4.2 million refit the scotsman is back to mainline running (in england).
In ten years time will HS2 be a goer GOSH

Mallard (A4) - designed by Sir Nigel Gresley - A1 to A4; just a few of the many - was a hobby duck breeder - holds the world steam train record of 125/6 MPH.
Just one 1/2 MPH more than the germans. NO JOSH GOSH

1971; Commonwealth citizens lost the automatic right to remain in the UK
A law passed by tory Ted - the teeth - Heath.
A lot of water has passed under and a lot of bridges have been bombed since those days of economic desperation.
Nobody move or the nigger gets it GOSH

2017; Labour lost the Cumbria by-election to the greedy gits - how many more alien nuke workers more and hospital workers less.
Let's hang on to what we got - the future eh!
The tories now claim to have fixed broken Britain by being the party of the working class.
If you trust a tory; you need a bigger shovel for your chute - you grim galoot GOSH

1981; charlie boy and somebody called lady Di announced their intention to wed.
The divorce and death rate are on the increase in this ever crueler country
Give the plebs a lonely funeral and the greedy a gong GOSH

The electronic creation of money by the center right ECB hasn't worked; say the American banker creators of even more funny money.
Give me hope joanna...
Brexit and/or a possibleGrexit has caused one hell of a heady dilemna.
Don't mention loans - even in the UK.

SAT 25th FEB 2017

 Queen Betty 1  The Unelected PM

1570; QE the first was, excommunicated by the pope; for giving catholics a 'hard time'
The protestant christians were taking over from the Catholic christians.
The church has more factions than a ruling - in power - political party.
You betta be in my gang GOSH

Phoney Toney changed gangs from CofE to Catholic; alledgedly.
He also changed control of the Labour Party from working class income to middle class income.
From conviction politics to control by professional politians complete with polished porkie.
As the economy shrunk the voter preferred skunk; it helped turn a blind eye to the 'excesses' of all greedy git gangs

And; now posh and pleb by income; are fully - more - aware of the declining economy; an era in UK history that will be noted for inequality.
The plebs by seemingly prefering the porkie are creating more inequality by hanging on to what they got.
Shove the truth; I want the pound; I prefer to hold my blinking(their) ground.

Another woman ( daughter of a CofE vicar ) is in 'charge' of the country now.
Another Queen ( Betty two ) now rules the country.
Both unelected; with a mandate from the have-nots; to leave the EU.
You can't kid a kidder, kidda; the haves of any, and all, factions, are holding 'their' ground.

The money men meet this monday; to agree another loan to pay of the Greek loans.
The IMF wont give the go ahead unless some of the existing debt is written off.
The Germans - who hold a huge amount of the existing debt - are not willing to agree.
The MSM ( mainstream media - the haves ) are putting it about that the Greek Socialists are splitting over the EU.
Never forget; the Greek socialist government is a coalition; propped up by a breakaway tory - far from fascist; we hope - group.
Oh what a tangled web we weave; when first we pratice to deceive...

SUN 26th FEB 2017

 Early Pound Note Money Makes The World Go Around

1791; the first ever printed on paper pound note was issued by the Bank of England.
They were watermarked and hand signed - a boyo called Bill Booth was hung in 1812 for forgery!
The Kings of England didn't call in the coins of the realm and send them out a bit lighter in the good old days of gold GOSH

The white one pound note was discontinued in the 1820's - bank notes became totally printed.
Countries - nation states - with 'limited' international cooperation - controlled money until the 1980's
In 1986 - due to foreign competition 'thatcherism' deregulated the London stock Exchange.
No rules; no gloves; anything goes GOSH

Current accounts went into the melee'd cooking pot.
Control of money went 'private' - with the advent of electronic money; the gamblers ( bankers ) lost control
In 1995; Barings, the UK oldest merchant bank went bust - Nick of the naughty step lost £625 million gambling.
The old boys in charge didn't have an inkling or clue - big hand for the old greedy guard GOSH

The new labour lot; couldn't wouldn't didn't, heed the warning and grasped the greed graciously.
In 2007 the whole banking kit and caboodle went bum over breast and us plebs bailed em out.
Socialism paying for the new form of capitalism.
Keep on reducing the benefits not the bonus; and greed GOSH

Electronic money, and now digital banking; are still covertly controlling money.
Serfs had to hold onto the realms of cuckolded kings.
Do plebs really have to hang on to the controlling contemporary coat-tails of capitalism -
The manipulative and often malicious, manoeuvering of made up funny money.
In the job lot of present humanity are we all now greedy gits gosh.

In an unremarkably nondescript 10 metre mall leading to the tourist information centre in a town in deepest Bavaria.
There is/was an automatic vending machine - it was flogging: a tiny - ah mean tiny - cross on chain to a what ever takes a females' fancy.
Price: 200 Euro - 2,000 Euro.
They were all gadgets of pure gold. GOSH

Will Greece return to the Drachma yet stay in the EU - or any expedient permutation - ask a banker; sorry a politician.
Will Scotland leave the pound if it stays in the EU.
The RBS ( Royal Bank of Scotland -alledgedly the biggest in the world ) is losing loads 'of' money.
Why doesn't it just print - sorry; digitally dosh up some on a dodgy data base; like it used to.
Oh! sorry; us plebs are supposed to own it now.
One mans humour is another mans tumour - sorry! it really is a lot funnier than that.
Let's laugh at the music and dance.

Mon 27th FEB 2017

 Berwick Greece and Turkey EU!

1931; Sir Ed Mosley formed the 'new Party' - to turn parliament from a talk-shop to workshop.
Ed - ex tory party - left the labour party to form the 'New' party which evolved, one year later; into the british union of fascists.
If the left don't get ya then the right one will.
Glory or gory GOSH.

Mr Mosley also started up a uniformed militia section - punch on the nose friendly - known as the 'Biff Boys' led by an ex England RU Capitan.
This is probably when the last of the mainstream political supporters (left and right) made their excuses and left - no pun intended.
This aint no giggle; we don't like guns Gosh.

Prior to Ed - the arm - leaving; the labour party conference narrowly rejected the 'mosley memorandum'...
How to reduce unemployment in the great depression.
In 2003 an apolitical party 'The New Party' started up in this green and pleasant land.
When the right or left don't proffer the hand; stay in the middle and grab a gland.

In a political stalemate do men (and now women)of malevolent mettle stay in the middle - and then drift to the right.
As wealth moves from the west to the east; will the busines cycle increase or bust for generations - will inequality increase!
If you don't believe the developed world has lurched to the right economically and politically to compete against the developing world.
You need another exit in your effluence extraction plant.
The rich gits are struggling - give em a grant. GOSH

Greece has a rising, ruthless, right wing gang - It is called Golden Dawn.
Neo fascism has no links to Germany right.
Armed private militia will be patrolling the Texas Mexico border next - oh! they have been for years gosh

They are still in patter mode over the Greek Loans.
It is rumoured that the Greeks are to ask for a further loan on thursday - which suggests they are planning to remain in the EU.

1560; the treaty of Berwick was signed by England and the protestant noblemen (greedy gits) known as the Congregation of Scotland.
The French catholics were kicked out - just like that; there they were; Gone GOSH

Berwick is a ----- place; seen better days - some like it, some dont.
Has Berwick got more arches (don't forget the town wall) than Windsor Castle?
If you think so - you need another outlet in your retail; you gibbering gourmand GOSH

A schizo called Scot English used to live in Berwick.
Rumour has it that he's about to return.
Bugger Brighton and Berwick.
What goes around comes around; then goes again GOSH

1776; the youngest ever UK PM to be; resigned his commission rather than fight America.
The era when commissions and constituencies were bought and not fought.
A case of; your're in the masons now; not the army - don't mention God GOSH

If! you know a tory - or know some one who knows one - ask that person, or yourself, about pitt the youngers 'Poor Bill'.
Get that boy up the chymney, Mr. wannabe - "he's dead sir".
Then get his five year old brother/sister up.

2014; An 'unreserved apology' was issued by the government to the family of 47 year old Sheila Holt from Rochdale
who was sent a letter encouraging her to find work, even though she had been in a coma for two months.
She was sectioned under the Mental Health Act in December after struggling to cope with the government’s
controversial new back-to-work scheme and had a heart attack on 17th December.
Judge ye not...
'Must be a skiver', said the system; with such a wry grin GOSH

The decision on the Greek loans is due later today, said the news anchor with no news.
Persons in the media are pawns of the establishment - wether they like it or not.
Turkeys don't voluntarily vote for Xmas...
The Greeks have already rationalised (cut) their media.
Xmas is coming - the goose aint getting fat; for more and more people.
The good times are coming... soon