SAT 16th FEB 2019

1659; The first British cheque (for £10) was written by Nicholas Vanacker and is now in the archives of the National Westminster Bank.
It took 50 years before counter-forgery measures were taken.
Never ever forget that money is merely a means of exchanging wealth - the rich are encouraged and advised to invest in other things - do not mention the UK enterprises in off shore investment.
And; definitely, do not mention the internationality of investment aided and abetted by the present era of digitalisation - hardware has hit the buffers; it has been software for a while now!
The cheque is dead;long live the cheque...
Wanna be in my greedy gang GOSH

1927; The birth of actress June Muriel Brown, MBE.
She is best known for her role as the busy-body, chain-smoking gossip Dot Cotton in the long-running British soap opera EastEnders.
Just another character cog in the little Englander machine of money making mentality!
People tend to take what is put in front of em - ask the industry of football; don't mention the industry of education and others.
You will be in my gang GOSH

1957; Death of the politician Leslie Hore-Belisha,(Liberal turned Tory) minister of Transport who introduced the driving test, the Highway Code and the Belisha beacon used at zebra crossings.
1965; A 2nd report from British Railways' Board chairman Dr. Richard Beeching outlined transport needs for the following 25 years.
The report followed his 1st controversial review of the state of the railways, published in 1963 in which he said the system was uneconomic and under-used, and recommended that a quarter of the railway system should be shut down.
Was dickie a mere dunderhead of a dupe! Or, a member of a greedy gang relentlessly grinding away at the nation state for individual endeavour!
HS2 isn't good for you...
They call it lobbying today.
Wanna be in my Gang GOSH

2005; The Kyoto Protocol that aimed to slow down global warming took effect, but the US and Australia refused to support it.
The America of Trump has pulled out of the latest agreement to attempt the reverse of global warming
The worried younger generation while demonstrating against global warming have been told to get back to school and let those in power take care of it.
The hotter it is, the more easier it is for pigs to fly - pigs with lipstick on.
Will we as a nation state kick more than one can of spam further down the road!
Wanna be in my already smelt the corruption of coffee GANG GOSH

Greece as a nation state is already in a much warmer position on this planet of ours.
Will a nation state as divided as us stop kicking the can before us!

SUN 17th FEB 2019

1874; Conservatives, under Disraeli, won their first majority since 1841.
They (some) say we are an a new era of politics - we are not; it has all been done before, if one looks!
In the present period of the political class being out of favour; you can bet your last ... (Whichever currency takes over - it wont be the pound sterling) that politicians of all levels will be having a good look.
Wanna be in my - it's getting hotter - Gang GOSH

1938; A surprise item was shown at the Dominion Theatre, London.
It was the first public, experimental demonstration of Baird colour television on a big 12 ft x 9 ft screen.
Colour television was rented out to the masses in the 1960's...
Transmitted from Crystal Palace, the short programme consisted of fashion plates and a cartoon.
They don't make colour tellies now - they are all 'smart' now.
Samsung had to disable the internet spy in the telly and promise to not do it again - your mobile does not have to be switched on...
If; you, don't think that our fellow humans will take any technological advantage; you need another chip in your international take-away.
Wanna be in I'm watching you gang GOSH

1959; Queen Elizabeth gave Marlborough House to the nation, as a Commonwealth Centre.
Just one of the many royal 'residences'
Are we all 'really' in the greedy git Gang GOSH

1972; The British parliament voted to join the European Common Market.
' So here's to the future; the fun has just begun'
Wanna be in 'which' gang GOSH

Will a Greek Pleb have a better future than a UK (what's left - no pun... - of it) pleb!
Answers on a postcard to a self determinist near you...

MON 18th FEB 2019

1478; George - Duke of Clarence, impeached for treason by his brothers Edward IV and Richard III, was, (so legend decrees), secretly drowned in a butt of Malmsey wine at the Tower of London.
The allegations 'may' have originated as a joke, based on his reputation as a heavy drinker.
However, a butt was equal to 105 imperial gallons, enough to easily drown a man.
A body, believed to be that of Clarence was later exhumed, and showed no indications of beheading, the normal method of execution for those of noble birth at that time.
Wanna be in my god given keep it in the family gang GOSH

1946; Sailors of the Royal Indian Navy mutinied in Mumbai harbour, from where it spread throughout British India.
The mutiny involved 78 ships, 20 shore establishments and 20,000 sailors.
Many say the somewhat real beginning of the end of the British Empire!
An Empire ruled by democracy said the rulers - run by death and destruction, said, the ruled...
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1981; Mrs. Thatcher's Conservative Government withdrew plans to close 23 pits in its first major U-turn since coming to power two years previously.
The power of people, or the power of love!
M. Thatcher said more than once, that her greatest achievement was, Tony Bliar.
Is this nation state conservative at heart; or, was it just an extended phase of natural progression that produced the haves and have-nots.
It was thatcher who said, 'is he one of us' - the first public sign of the split in the tory party.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

2003; The Hutton inquiry heard that No.10 Downing Street authorised a substantial rewrite of its Iraq arms dossier before publication.
Politicians were under suspicion then - in a divided UK is it right that the relatively well off more than glib - trying desperately not to be to the masses - political class of all levels is off the team and not even in the dressing room! Is it a case of we were only following orders; or, we were only playing leap frog, as she lay between the lily white sheets with nothing on at all!

The centre right gruppenfuhrer of the EU has congratulated the left leader on coming to agreement over the old dispute of the region now called New Macedonia.
So the young can jointly thrive together in the future; is the diplomatic reason/excuse.
It is no coincidence that the coalition PM of Greece has had to realign/change his cabinet

TUES 19th FEB 2019

1674; England and the Netherlands signed the Treaty of Westminster, ending the Third Anglo-Dutch War.
A provision of the agreement transferred the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam to England and it was renamed New York.
He who fights and runs away; lives to fight another day.
Pick your enemy!
The days of Empires are long gone - ask the still trying to hang on Americans.
In this era of the greedy trading block; would a rebel nation state revert to war-war, instead of jaw-jaw.
The Marshall plan to take it easy on the Germans came about after a war.
Wanna be in my gang!GOSH

1957; The beginning of British TV's first medical soap opera series 'Emergency Ward 10' which ran twice a week for 10 years.
Many in the medical profession/vocation are in the greedy git gang.
What is supposed to be a nation state institution has/is actually being sued contractually by 'private enterprise'
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

2001; A five-mile exclusion zone was placed around an abattoir in Essex after a suspected case of foot and mouth disease was detected.
By the end of March the disease was at its peak, with up to fifty new cases a day.
The final case was reported on Whygill Head Farm near Appleby in Cumbria on 30th September.
Tourism and farming were severely affected.
It was not widely publicised, that the establishment was initially flummoxed at the rate of spread.
Then they came to the conclusion that each animal was being traded two/three times in their truncated lives.
A prime example of society taking two forward and one back.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

The young of Greece were subjected to hand foot and mouth disease in 2012 - a virulent infection.
Did the banning of British beef by the EU hinder or help the 'brexiteers' !

WED 20th FEB 2019

1472; Orkney and Shetland were pawned by Norway to Scotland in lieu of a dowry for Princess Margaret, daughter of Christian I, the King of Norway and Denmark.
As the wife of King James III of Scotland she was the Queen Consort and the mother of the future King James IV of Scotland.
Did the islanders become aware, 'how long later'.
Long before the days of old when knights were bold.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1757; The birth of John Fuller, better known as 'Mad Jack' Fuller, although he himself preferred to be called 'Honest John' Fuller.
As Squire of the hamlet of Brightling, in Sussex he was well known as a builder of follies, but was also a philanthropist and a patron of the arts and sciences.
He was eventually elected as a Member of Parliament but was a noted drunk, which led to a number of 'incidents' in the Houses of Parliament.
His parliamentary career is probably most noted for his staunch support of slavery and in one such debate he claimed that West Indian slaves lived in better conditions than many people in England.
In 1811, a pyramid-shaped building was erected in the churchyard in Brightling, as a future mausoleum for John Fuller.
And; there he was buried, in 1834.
The planet is going through an extended phase of looking the other way to the cant and hypocrisy of bullies living off the sweat of another mans - and now increasingly womans - labour.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1947; Lord Louis Mountbatten, cousin of King George VI and a hero of World War II, was appointed the last Viceroy of India, on the same day that London announced that the British would leave India by June 1948.
What is seen as the biggest democracy in the world has never had a famine since - don't mention the 'breakaway' Bangladesh; something to do with religion.
In the same year he was granted the title of Baron Romsey.
The family coat of arms 'In Honour Bound' is in Romsey Abbey, where he is also buried.
The royals get medals for merely visiting places - more often than not, commonwealth nation states...
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1990; Environmentalists attacked the Government of Margaret Thatcher for proposing to spend £12.4 billion on new roads.
As global warming gets ever so earth destroying closer is your carbon footprint bigger than mine.
Will electric cars be enough to nullify the ozone stripping effect of flying.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

Will the UK align more as a global warming chum of America.
Greece as a member of the EU will tend to follow any directive - self determinism will take a back seat to the capitalist collective.

THURS 21st FEB 2019

1431; In a trial demanded by the English, French heroine Joan of Arc was accused of heresy before the judges in Rouen.
1437; James I, King of Scotland, was assassinated by a group of dissident nobles led by the earl of Atholl. The crown went to his son, James II.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1916; World War I: The start of the Battle of Verdun in NE France - just one of many.
It was the longest and one of the bloodiest engagements of World War I and continued until 16th December.
Never ever forget - many do - that one of the founding aims of the EU (then the EEC) was to prevent another war in Europe.
Since then; many members have dabbled in wars with other nation states on this once wild and wonderful planet.
None - not one - has been as belicose as us Brits.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1988; The grave of Boadicea, the warrior queen who fought the Romans in Britain nearly 2,000 years ago, was located by archaeologists under Platform 8 at King’s Cross railway station.
British Rail said they had just refurbished the platform and anyone wanting to dig it up would have to come up with a strong case.
And they did!
Would the fragmentised rail infrastructure of today - many train sets operated 'within the rules' by other nation states of the EU - be as accommodating, for whatever reason!
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

Mixed up in the Greek loan repayment deal, is the selling off of Greek national assets.
Many Greeks are far from happy about it - Greece is still a member of the 'centre right' controlled EU.
Many of its leaders go to the far end of flatulence to prove they are just 'ordinary' people - but; thats life to the unwary.

FRI 22FEB 2019

1797; Over 1,000 French troops attempted to invade Britain and landed at Fishguard, but were soon captured by the brave ladies of the town.
No other foreign force has managed to invade mainland Britain since.
The French force was in fact led by an Irish/American; was subjected to many a calamity at sea, and the fact that it was defeated, should be taken with a pinch of welsh womanhood.
300 years ago the power of love was alive and well; but, womens lib!
The fact that we are an island and oil - which according to international law will be owned by an independent Scotland - wasn't harvested until a couple of generations ago; are we really worth invading!
Economics now rules politics OK.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH !

1944; World War II: Allied American aircraft mistakenly bombed the Dutch towns of Nijmegen, Arnhem, Enschede and Deventer, resulting in 800 dead in Nijmegen alone.
The Dutch love the Brits - the vast majority speak English better than an Englishman/woman - cos we were the Nation State that liberated them in the second world war.
The Americans had a reputation of being long range snipers that used the power of unlimited fire in the field of fire; by the UK 'Defence Force'.
When asked why no British personnel had corroborated the use of rendition by the Blairite led establishment; a UK union leader less than jokingly quipped, 'whenever anybody hears an American plane approaching; they dive for cover'.
The Brit/Dutch love affair will fade even more with Brexit.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1995; Prime Minister John Major and Irish Prime Minister John Bruton, presented a 37-page framework document intended to guide the peace negotiations over Northern Ireland.
The ending of the 'Irish Troubles' was signed off in 1998 and written into the British/UK constitution - it is thought we don't have a written constitution - as somewhat legally binding.
The Americans claim a large mouth/hand in the deal; naturally!
The negotiations were swung into peace mode by the forthrightness of a complex socialist in the Bliarite Establishment; it is claimed by the UK.
Mo Mowlam later died of cancer - no tantalising tears now.
The Irish border is now, one of - if not the biggest - main contenders of the parliamentary debate.
As each and every new angle is mooted daily by the media; the border is placed more and more on the back burner.
Life and death is an - if you are lucky - afterthought!
Wanna be in my gang.GOSH

Is Greece as a member of the EU more pals with the us than the Trump led Americans!