FRI 16th FEB 2018

On this day

1659;The first British cheque (£10) was written by Nicholas Vanacker and is now in the archives of the National Westminster Bank, now been sold in auction I reckon
It could have been for ten quid or 200 pounds sterling - it is thought the date is right...
The Vanackers ( good old English surname - ukippers note ) were english aristocrats - they have long ago changed their name.
This was the era when rich land owners borrowed money to keep in the game - nothing changes eh.
They are said to work so hard them greedy gits GOSH

If you don't think that greedy people don't know they are greedy...
You need another draught (pun intended) up your diarrhoea deliverer, lots of Josh GOSH

1957; The politician Leslie Hore-Belisha, minister of Transport who introduced the driving test, the Highway Code and the Belisha beacon used at zebra crossings.
The car was coming to the plebs.
Would you let your daughter marry a second hand car salesman!
Why not it's the undisputed era of spin and grin GOSH

1965; Dr. Richard Beeching outlined transport needs for the following 25 years. The report followed his 1st controversial review of the state of the railways, published in 1963 in which he said the system was uneconomic and under-used, and recommended that a quarter of the railway system should be shut down.
The last mainline official running of a steam engine occurred in 1968.
Where in the name of progress have all the steam trains gone...GOSH

Heard the one about the female of the species who came up with an efficient computerised road transport system.
She is supposed to have made a small fortune.
The Uk railways had been using a similar one for years..
Watch us greedy gits Go GOSH.

Greed of individual endeavour has all degrees and levels of 'necessity'
Inequality produce the haves and have-nots.
Are you a gourmet or gourmand! GOSH

Poverty and wealth are discernibly recognised amongst various nation states.
Greece is one of the poorest - if not the poorest - members of the EU.
Have brexiteers voted for equality as displayed by Jacob Rees Mogg and chums!
OK! the EU is controlled by conservatives; at the moment.
What's that phrase about waste water and tents again...

SAT 17th FEB 2018

On this day

1883; Mr. A. Ashwell of Herne Hill, south London, patented, Vacant - Engaged, signs for toilet doors.
Now; what did tommy crapper drop into society again GOSH

1938; A surprise item was shown at the Dominion Theatre, London - Not Carlisle.
It was the first public, experimental demonstration of Baird colour television on a big 12 ft x 9 ft screen.
Transmitted from Crystal Palace, the short program consisted of fashion plates and a cartoon.
Are them little colour telies here for good GOSH

The black and white box came about around 1927 - Brits think that a bloke called Baird (John Logie was a Jock) invented the telly - other nation states would disagree.
The plebs didn't get tv until the 1950's - thats the way capitalism worked, for him; and now nearly for her too...
In the age of misinformation; isn't being a pleb great. GOSH

1941; World War 2: The first postwomen began work in Salford, due to lack of men.
Some women say that soon; man will become superfluous to life as we know it.
Which will come first: women in charge; or, driverless vehicles.
Whatever they can get away with - who's they? if we let them the greedy gits GOSH

1958; The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) was formed in Britain.
Them Germans went totally non-nuclear last year - if they had won; would things have been different.
Is it fortune or fate that smiles on the brave or grave! GOSH

1965; The Duke and Duchess of Kent celebrated the end of 300 years of colonial rule in Gambia with 35 Gambian chiefs.
Gambia was the first African nation conquered by the British and became the 21st member of the Commonwealth.
The Empire is long gone.
Some nation state members of the commonwealth (and; not just the little ones) held a meeting recently; without any UK presence.
Will the commonwealth (trading blocks eh!) soon be gone ! GOSH

Greece - the poor kid on the block - deems it necessary to remain a member of a trading block...

SUN 18th FEB 2018

On this day

1678; John Bunyan had Pilgrim’s Progress published today.
He started writing it during his second term in prison, for preaching on behalf of the Baptists.
The baptists were sort of puritans; in the era of prey for me and I'll set you free.
This was the time of the restoration of the monarchy; the 'pensions parliament' - Charlie two paid the greedy gits to support him.
Has anything changed - Have a propa gander

1901; Winston Churchill made his maiden speech in the House of Commons.
Wonder if history was over-kind to him!
Go on have a propa gander GOSH

1946; Jolly jack tars the Royal Indian Navy mutinied in Mumbai harbour, from where it spread throughout British India.
The mutiny involved 78 ships, 20 shore establishments and 20,000 sailors.
Long live the Empire - Oh it's gone GOSH

1981; The Conservative Government led by Mrs. Thatcher's withdrew plans to close 23 pits in its first major U-turn since coming to power two years previously.
Backing off and buying off the plebs for a while is nothing new in the pursuit of a strong and stable Government.
Hand out some more gelt and gongs GOSH

2003;The Hutton (who) inquiry heard that No.10 Downing Street 'authorised' a substantial rewrite of its Iraq arms dossier before publication.
Now; lets get this strait - politicians don't tell porkies...
The word lie is actually banned from the house...
Are not our elected (and increasingly unelected) 'leaders' great GOSH

2015; RBS and NatWest banks were to allow their customers to access accounts on their smartphones using Apple's Touch ID fingerprint recognition technology.
Had your bank account hacked yet - don't mention insider information; the banks never do.
The perpetrators usually flog on your gen to third party 'organisations' that; sell on to not too bright plebs to carry out the actual dastardly deed.
They usually wait until you go on holiday; then make a quick killing.
The main banks make up the amount if it's not your fault - they are used to the scams; they happen quite regularly.
A socialist side to capitalism! - a victimless crime is very similar to a free lunch.
Are we all unintentionally in/on the game GOSH

There will be a few games to play before the Greek loans are sorted - no pun intended

MON 19th FEB 2018

On this day

1819; British explorer William Smith discovered the South Shetland Islands, an archipelago lying about 75 miles north of the Antarctic Peninsula and claimed them in the name of King George III.
Bet that causes a bit of bother later on.
Why does the greedy gits invest so much in the Falklands!
Its a staging post for mineral wealth exploration etc in the Antartic -nowt to do with defending nationalism; it's all to do with the future pursuit of wealth via geology no JOSH GOSH

1910; Manchester United played its first game at Old Trafford.
The using of footie followers is one of the unacceptable faces of capitalism.
Everybody should have a hobby - it's a shame some are so gobby and greedy GOSH

1960; Prince Andrew, Duke of York and second son of Queen Elizabeth II first seen the privileged light of day; today
And; you, thought Charlie boy was bad!
Grandy (greedy and randy) Andy is the often unpublicised, unacceptable face of royalty.
Go on; have a propa gander GOSH

1976; Iceland broke off diplomatic relations with Britain after the two countries failed to agree on limits in the ‘cod war’ fishing dispute.
Iceland jailed their bankers for causing the crash (the start of the pirate party ) and elected a centre left government- we didn't...
Iceland has an anti- establishment 'Pirate party' having won 10 seats (14-15% of the vote- roughly the same as the ruling coalition of left and right.) at the last election
Iceland is a member of EFTA; and, is considering a referendum to become a member of the EU.
The panama papers revelations seen off the greedy git prime minister and brought in an Independent Party PM.
There he was gone GOSH

2001; A five-mile exclusion zone was placed around an abattoir in Essex after a suspected case of foot and mouth disease was detected.
By the end of March the disease was at its peak, with up to fifty new cases a day.
At first the authorities (who) were flummoxed as to how quickly foot and mouth spread!
The fact that livestock was traded 3 or 4 times - often just across the valley - during their lifetime wasn't given much space/airing in the Main Stream - greedy git owned - Media.
The final case was reported on Whygill Head Farm near Appleby in Cumbria on 30th September.
And; after much wealth destruction - are you insured - there it was gone GOSH

The EU has lent a few billion (about 7) Euro to the Greeks.
So much for the greedy gits wanting the loans sorted as soon as possible...
Wonder if it's anything to do with Merkels greedy git mob losing a lot of seats in the German election

TUES 20th FEB 2018

On this day

1437; Jimmy I, King of Scotland, was assassinated by a group of increasingly dissident greedy gits of the same extended family, led by the earl of Atholl.
The crown went to his son, Jimmy II.
The king is dead - long live the king.
In the ever so lasting era, pre cant and hypocrisy of democracy, death and destruction ruled OKAY.
Up north was it even grimmer GOSH

1472; Orkney and Shetland were pawned by Norway to Scotland in lieu of a dowry for Princess Margaret, daughter of Christian I, the King of Norway and Denmark.
As the wife of King James III of Scotland she was the Queen Consort and the mother of the future King James IV of Scotland.
The links with European royalty were to become even stronger after the act of Union - no not the marriage; the Act...
All the worlds a a stage, all the men and women merely players... forget the rest - what you can't forget cos you didn't know the rest.
They only like plebs to know so much; them greedy gits GOSH

1938; Anthony Eden resigned as British foreign secretary after the prime minister Neville Chamberlain decided to negotiate with Italian Fascist leader Benito Mussolini.

 Peace in our time

Many of our politicians - no matter what persuasion or colour, often get it wrong.
Unfortunately in the present era of me me me, tough decisions means the plebs are going to get it by not getting GOSH

Wonder what the present whipping boy will get...

WED 21th FEB 2018

On this day

Lost it...GOSH

THURS 22th FEB 2018

On this day

1797; Over 1,000 French troops attempted to invade Britain and landed at Fishguard, but were soon captured by the brave ladies of the town.
No other foreign force has managed to invade mainland Britain since.
Since When - after Brexit will we be able to repel an invasion alone; don't mention death by a thousand cuts.
Bringing back conscription - surely not privatised - doesn't seem so sublime to the ridiculous.
Where have all the young men(and women)gone GOSH

1903; The Liner Etruria owned by Cunard, arrived in New York with a copy of the first newspaper ever published in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It featured news reports transmitted from Britain by wireless while the ship was at sea. Marconi, the inventor of wireless telegraphy, was one of the ship's passengers.
Today we are in the digital era of spin and grin and 'fake news' - free net papers are funded by mainly plebs. If! you don;t think that the greedy gits influence the content of the media you need another exit for your effluence.
Where has all the (oh! it's back) gonnerhear gone GOSH

1944; World War II: Allied American aircraft mistakenly bombed the Dutch towns of Nijmegen, Arnhem, Enschede and Deventer, resulting in 800 dead in Nijmegen alone.
In the age of information, is there such a thing as collateral!
We'll be convicting and killing innocents next.
Death is part of life grinned the righteous and the greedy gits GOSH

1995; Prime Minister John Major and Irish Prime Minister John Bruton, presented a 37-page framework document intended to guide the peace negotiations over Northern Ireland - don't mention Mo Mowlam.
Will death and destruction return to Ireland after Brexit!
Smuggling will... Never mind cross border - from Grimbsy to Galway NO GOSH

2006; At least six men staged Britain's biggest ever robbery, stealing £53m from a Securitas depot in Tonbridge, Kent.
The've got it wrong again Dad...
The biggest ever robbery was the 2008/9 banking crash>
The finest example in history ever; of, Socialism for the rich
Not one of the big boys in the manoeuvring of money game has been goaled NO JOSH GOSH

Will a war with Turkey materialise - both nation states are certainly sabre rattling.
Greece is in the EU...
Turkey is trying to get in...
Is it just jaw jaw about an EU defence force!
An internal political war re drugs and corruption is reaching boiling point!
The loans are on the back burner...