THURS 16th - WED 22th FEB

THURS 16th FEB 2017

 Pluto moon Trump witch doctor

1930; the ninth planet was accidently discovered - from earlier photographs - by Clyde Tombaugh - they called it Pluto.
Poor Pluto became a dwarf planet in 2006 and is now astronomically considered not even be a planet anymore.
Have you ever been downgraded by a *&^^¬** git GOSH

Our planet - Mother Earth - is constantly changing; how fast is up to us/you.
So is the Solar System - part of space - it does/actually change; not just mans understanding of it.
Us mere mortals on earth can't even agree on the name - some call Pluto; Plutoid.
Nowt to do with a lack of gravitas - evidently something to due to the lack of gravity GOSH

One of Pluto/Plutoids moons is suspected to be able to support life - in time to come.
Not base metal to gold; but, gases to water - who are we to disagree!
Perhaps the colonisers of Mars will be able to nip along to Pluto for a quick chew on the grape GOSH

One of the leaders of this planets new/old world/Uk called the new President of the USofA
Here's a transcript.
I called the witch doctor; he told me what to do.
He said now,"Oo ee oo ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang".
"Oo ee oo ah ah ting tang walla walla, let's have a bang in my gang" GOSH


Greek witch doctor

Greece has roughly twice as many real doctors/1,000 people as the UK and USofA.

FRI 17th FEB 2017

 WK Kellog Fast Food

1906; an american multinational food manufacture was founded today as the Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Company.
The boss was a kid called WK Kellog.
Wonder what the co. is called today - Have a guess GOSH

Wili started as a brush salesman for his dad; then went to help out in a religious health care complex owned by his bro. - they were called sanitoriums in them days.
Both bros came up with the 'cornflake'; Wili - after a bit of a hoohah - left and started up the Co Kellogs.
Breakfast foods brung in the gravy GOSH.

In 1934 Mr Kellog was rich enough to start the Kellog foundation with a donation of £1 billion in todays money.
Foundation cons (tax) are not a modern money creation - Ask Bill Gates Gosh.

Until recently all breakfast cereals were considered as health foods.
A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down...
Bro John was a doc trying to find a cereal substitute for meat
The irony; the kellog boys were seventh-day adventist; who were practising vegetarians.
There but for the grace of god go I GOSH

Sugar is one of the main additives that make food taste nicer.
Sugar also helps to prolong shelf life.
Sugar makes one fat and unhealthy. The kellogg kids; as one of the early experimenters/innovators; were up there with the greatest NO GOSH

Your - yes you - sweet tooth is providing the profit that greedy gits use to lobby parliaments.
And; on it goes... One must keep ahead of the game GOSH

My profound apologies for the quality of yesterdays freakin photoshopped photo of Donny Boy.
Will his presidency turn out as good! GOSH

We - fairly or not - get the politicians we deserve.
When the going gets tough; the rough get going GOSH

Grumpy Trumpy has compared the BBC to CNN.
If the greedy cons have an iota to do with it - they will give it a good go GOSH

Greece is in the mediteranean - The mediteranean diet is reckoned to be good for one.
Less porkies ( including the politicians!) than us!.
Mopre diciplined; or less kelloggs and crisps than us.
The faster the country the faster the food.
Low fell has more take-away litter than Toronto, Tunis, Taiwan and kebab.

SAT 18th FEB 2017

 USofA Art place Marbles in UK

1872; The Metropolitan Museum of Art opened today in New York City.
The big boy of - or girl; if you must - of the USofA and; in the world top ten.
All garland and no graphite GOSH

Name an american painter, off the top of your tin; apart from: Pollack and Warhol.
Being a young country; the Usof A is a bit of a blank canvas in the school of classic painters/artistes.
Even when oil was discovered in the states they found much more material uses than daubing it on/around dioramas.
Fine art in the USofA is purchased not produced by the natives.
Let's pinch and buy the culture with our lovely lolly, GOLLY GOSH

Not so long ago; the 'best' paintings, were owned by public galleries/institutions.
In the turbulent times of today; the 'best' are owned by individuals.
Once sold and bought at the NY branch of Sothebys/Christies - they now increasingly change hands privately.
Money isn't racist - fine art can even be bought by an immigrant gringo GOSH

Deals done by individuals can/tend to be dodgier/illegal than deals by nation states.
A free-loading phenomina of the tax haven/dodging, funny money manouevering, world in which we now live/exist.
Laughing all the way to the banksie - for some; life really is a giggle GOSH

That; politicians of nation states aid and abet this 'new world order' with - as yet - contrived impunity
Is one - before your very eyes - reason why democracy is giving Trump a go GOSH

Can the democratic right ever be wrong!
Let's have a scrap and give the winner a GONG GOSH.

Have the Greeks lost their marbles!
They are called the Elgin marbles cos Lord Elgin, at the heyday of the British Empire, bought/bribed them off Turkish officials, Greece occupied by the Ottoman Empire at the time.
The UK gov. bought them off Elgin in 1816, when the arguing began, and, put them in the Britsh Museum
65% of the historic artifacts from the Parthenon are displayed in European museums.
The democratic Brits turned down the offer of arbitration by UNESCO.
The UK argument - the marbles are Athenian, not Greek, and are better of in a Uk museum in the context of world history

SUN 19th FEB 2017

 Locomotion rolling stock

1804; the worlds first steam engine hauled a number of wagons at an iron works in Wales.
Richard Trevithick was a titan in his own train of thoughts - he wasn't called Dick the Thick.
The in thing at the time was steam generation. NO JOSH GOSH

Dick came up to Newcastle and worked on improving ever more efficient colliery engines.
Everything was 'private in them days' - have them days gone GOSH

In 1825; a bloke born in Wylam (near the toon of newcastle), via Willington Quay, ended up in West Moor.
A stationery steam engine brakeman for the private pits - don't mention the 'other jobs' or the long months in Montrose - fixed the engine at Killingworth pit and the rest is cliched history.
George Stephenson; inventor/designer of 'Locomotion' which pulled the first 'public' passenger railway was a grafter GOSH

Since 1825 the UK rail infrastructure has seen a number of changes.
All of them not driven by steam or diesel/electric engine; but, money.
The railways were nationalised for 50 years - the last twenty requiring serious subsidy cos of intentional cuts.
The railway was privatised to end the subsidies.
If you dont think the railways of today are heavily subsidised; you need less grout in your groove GOSH

Since privatisation there have been too many changes to 'our' railway system.
The steely irony of, 'if it ain't broke; don't fix it' comes to mind.
'When the train is in the station'
'Please refrain from urination' - has much more gravity GOSH

This government is now producing - with tax payers money - two Barrels.
One for us plebs to bend over; and,
A huge one full of straws... Get a grip GOSH

The Hellenic State railway was founded in 1920.
In 1971 the railway was modernised and renamed the Hellenic Railways Organisation.(OSE) = (BR). The state owns and runs the whole kit and caboodle apart from the Athens rapid transit system.
It still owns a large share of the Athens transit system.
The owners of the dodgy debt will be making privatisation plans.

MON 20th FEB 2017

 Alamo Battle Morris Dancers

1836; the Battle of The Alamo began today.
Many - most - Americans are more familiar (prefer) with the movie myths and legends than the facts.
The Alamo was a mission built by the Spanish and garrisoned by the Mexicans after the home rule revolution.
It was taken by the English speaking immigrants that were allowed to live there by the Spanish.
It was retaken by the Mexicans after the battle.
The Alamo in its later years was a place of death and destruction.
Stick that up your peace pipe and gurn GOSH

There's an old geordie CIU clubland joke, ' I felt like the doorman at the Alamo'
Cock up and conspiracy made the Alamo just another ego egging killing ground GOSH

A ton of tortillas have gone down the tubes since then.
Today; Trumps 'wall' - where there's a will, there's a wall - will! only be a few k from Alamo City.
Will Trumps toyboys bus in bricklayers from Mexico - pronounce the x as a h ; like what they do in the movies - to build the blighter!
Will it ever get off/on the ground !

Just over a short/long generation ago; the American side of the border was festooned with huge advert stand alone billboards.
On which - can't remember the pic - would you employ a man for 'x cents/hour' with a phone number below.
The opportunity for an American to own a purpose built cheap labour factory across the border in Mexico.
In the land of the free and the brave - not as indingenous brave - times change.
One man's border is another mans wry grin GOSH

The USofA and Israel have a lot in common - don't mention the borders...
What were once the different generation oppressed have now become the same generation oppressors.
Just one entangled problem in an ever increasingly complicated world.
And; who has their assetts invested in covertly chanelling change - the greedy grab at anything gits NO GOSH

As yet; Greece is still in the EU.
We are soon not to be in the EU.
Yet; geographically we are and always will be in the EU zone.
The EU is an economic enemy of America.
Trump loves brexit.
DH Lawrence was a mining stock pleb who made his money from pre porn pushing the envelope.
He was also a philosopher - 'a man in the middle is in for a hard life indeed'.
Let's face the music and dance.

TUES 21st FEB 2017

 Identity Card  Greek ID Card

1952; - seven year after the end of the second world war - the tory government abolished the identity card - to set the people free.
Vote for me and I'll set you free - the people were freed; they were full of glee under the gloss GOSH

Now under the guise/threat of terrorism; electronic identity (citizencard) is back on the front burner.
The 2006 act by a labour government was repealed in 2010 by a right wing coalition outfit - it's not the card; it's the data bases.
If one has nothing to hide...; is the acquiescent murmur of the compliant pleb.
The plebs have already given control of their dodgy dosh to the banksters - what could possibly go wrong - again GOSH

Old dears would be safer in their beds if everyone, except the controllers, lost their freedom.
We was only playing leap frog as...
Heh ho! let's go GOSH

1961; the Beatles made their first appearance at The Cavern Liverpool - another 291 followed.
The present cavern is a tourist attraction on the other side of the street.
The Beatles made quite a few bob in their brief ten years as a group.
The rate of tax on the last few bob was an amazing - at the time it wasn't - 97%.
Very few - apart from the rich - didn't disagree; it was called progressive taxation.
50 year ago; was life good GOSH

In 2014 a BBC DJ/TV host - paid £700,000/annum out of the licence fee + undisclosed private earnings - tried to fiddle his tax bill.
He claimed to have lost £1 million in one year, as a self employed second hand car dealer - don't mention the failed keep it quiet court injunction
The top rate of income tax in 2014 is 45%
Mr Moyles was voted best 'DJ' by 'Sun' readers - more shocking than shock jock.
I believe he now less than infamously works for Radio X - Who.
There he was almost gone GOSH

On this sam(n)e day in 2014 a scouser footballer signed a contract with the American owners of Man U.
Aged 28; Mr Rooney signed a five year contract for roughly £300,000/Week - don't mention the off-field earnings.
Is this an obvious example - 45% top rate of tax; living wage less than £300/week - of inequality!
Or! am I just an envious Guy GOSH

The Greeks - and many other nation states - have a national ID card.
One can use one's passport if caught - for whatever reason - short.
Is it all about control? The EU was suposed to give freedom of cross border movement.
All EU members have national ID cards - except Denmark and us!
During the WW2 UK government workers had different colour ID cards.

WED 22nd FEB 2017

 Map 14 Century  UK Map

1371; BoBII Of sweaty sock land started the Stuart/Stewart mob/clan/dynasty today.
Bob was a descendant of Bob the Bruce; The son of Bob was one of the bosses at Otterburn and Nevilles Cross.
A prolonged period of national/internation (us and the Jocks) scrapping for land/wealth.
Bob was nobled by the Jock nobles and lost control of the country.
Plebs on the differing sides of greedy gits. NO GOSH

Bob was buried at the monastery of Scone.
Heard of the 'stone of Scotland' - the stuff of legend and reality.
The stone; at westminster for years; is now back in Scotland; and so is devolution.
Let my people go GOSH

The referendum on the EU - yes or no - has more than fragantly flavoured the flotsom for generations.
Plebs on the differing sides of greedy gits GOSH

Dave - yes the dodgy one; his dad was the titan of tax havens; this time round in history; if you believe the cameron family has only worth £3 hundred grand 'invested'- Wayne Rooneys weekly; remember - one needs another hole in ones hoopla.
Agreed to hold the referendum; - and, Why!
Cos the cons were split and ripe for ripping apart - if no referendum was yielded - by the anti Eu greedy gits.

Politics is now such a game GOSH.

Don't bring the Greeks into the situation.
Is it really everyman and woman for him/her self.