THURS 9th - WED 15th FEB

THURS 9th FEB 2017

Volleyball An Arse

1895; A sporty bloke by the name of Bill G Morgan fashioned a game called 'Mintonette'.
A still minority sport now refered to as volleyball.
How it was originally called making money near a net is anyones Guess GOSH

Perhaps Bill was a truly prescient forecaster.
All sport now is about money - as much as possible - sport is now business on an industrial scale.
A natural progression or a sign of athletic ability in economies under pressure - don't mention drugs - going for gold as the only goal GOSH

In 1964 volleyball made it into the Olmypics and; became increasingly popular.
The not least popular version being beach volleyball.
The reason for the mass of male onlookers gives rise to a less than wry grin GOSH

The split in the UK labour movement has now been clandestinely moved on/into the brexit scenario by the Media.
Many reasons - job racism, etc - are proffered/debated as to why we are leaving the EU.
The one overiding reason for leave; it was a protest vote - up yours Jimmy NO Josh Gosh.

In or out; the split in the Labour Party was long overdue.
Which - now out of the house independent - politician, put it more than succinctly.
'They - labour and Con - are now the two cheeks of the same arse'.
Oh yes! it was Mr Marmite of the left and enemy of the MSM; that godamn gadgee Galaway GOSH

Who are you to disagree; he said with glee; galosh GOSH

Will Greece return to the Drachma and stay in the EU.
It is one feasible option enabling the paying off of the the loans arranged by the banksters - rhymes with gangsters Most of those who voted to stay in the EU will have never heard of the drachma.
The Greek government is a coalition of 'real' - as oppopsed to the UK - left of centre politicians kept in power by a few breakaway conservatives.
Does one think they will be closely following the ins and outs of brexit!

FRI 10th FEB 2017

US of a After Paris Treaty Melting Pot

1763; the treaty of Paris is - don't mention 1783 - signed by GB. France and Spain; 'formally' ending the seven years war.
Jaw jaw; after war war; spin after chin; gob after gun GOSH

The two/three things that keep us 'human' animals on the planet earth going:
Gattle(ing gun)GOSH

One can count on the fingers of one hovering haunted hand, the number of uninterrupted years of peace on this planet.
Sex; or some form of sex; is essential to ensure the survival of the human species.
Talk or grunting is/has been an essential part of the before and after act/process
Unfortunately the same can be said of fighting/war.
My gun is bigger than your gun GOSH

One of the main reasons for the formation of the EU! To prevent another war in Europe - the concept and jaw jaw in earnest of the EU started just after the first world war.
It is not a thing of modern history.
Am I just a silly idealist; shouldn't the prevention of war be global GOSH

In this era of instant communication; man is increasingly aware of material inequality.
The divisions of division are deliberating over the devices of destruction; again.
Let's not hinder the gathering of the gangs GOSH

At this time in history; inequality within the boundaries of nation states is the result of the rich having no physical boundaries - it's called globalisation.
Conflict within nation state boundaries is well on its' wonderful way - the jaw jaw of
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

Beyond the boundaries of nation states - as the world adapts to trading blocks - there is increasing belligerence.
As someone who engaged in the sport of fencing; Im well aware of the term, 'sabre rattling'.
. When actually fencing/fighting; one seen the opponent/world through a fine mesh.
En guarde GOSH

The latest talks re. the Greek loans are going on right now.
The two protagonists; IMF and the ECB - run by germans; who made the bulk of the loans - are at differing 'interest rates' of the loan(s) to pay off the loan(s).
Know what I mean, Hal, Henri and Heindrich.
This is what it's all about ALf, Alfredo and Alfonso.
The rich making decisions that affect the poor.

SAT 11th FEB 2017

US of a After Paris Treaty Melting Pot

1826; (UCL) University College London is founded; aka London University, as a secular alternative to the religious Oxford and Cambridge.
Give em some books without the bible and God GOSH.

Of the 56 Prime Ministers to date: 42 went to Oxbridge - 27 Oxford; only; only, 14 Cambridge
The vast majority at Christ Church, Oxford and Trinity Cambridge - protestant christian.
A gift - via man - from the gods GOSH

David Cameron was the 19th PM to come from eton via Oxbridge and 13 of his first front bench came from the old school. Westminster school sends more posh people to Oxbridge than all the UK comprehensives put together.
The now international - once again money based - elite establishment - that couldn't/didn't see the bank crash, brexit or/and Trump coming.
One has to take ones eye off the ball when grabbing the gravy GOSH

Would/could a 'socialist' PM that was educated at a posh private school and Oxford really represent the pleb working class.
Could/would he, when judged responsible by an electorate for the death of millions; turn to a slightly different (catholic) GOD GOSH

In days of old the establishment was religiously married to the church.
Today; the establishment merely has a convenient prenuptial agreement with the church due to the relative decline of man worshipping GOD GOSH

In the era of inequality; class warfare is now on the increase.
An economy that can't afford the inceasing no. of degee level wages is destined to doom.
Who are the young to pray to for the realisation of their dream level of wealth.
Give me hope Joanna... NO josh GOSH

Universities in Greece have to be public - Government run as opposed to private.
However; this does not prevent private collaboration with foreign institutes - the vast majority European.
Guess which country has by far the most 'collaboration'...
Ours of course - cough up for the course; of course.

SUN 12th FEB 2017

US of a After Paris Treaty Melting Pot

1809; the sixteenth President of the US was born in a one room log cabin on a farm in Kentucky.
Abe Lincoln was president from March 1861 until he was assassinated by an undercover/spy actor in april 1865.
Known as honest Abe - hold on; a politician without porkies; espacially one with a funny tie and goatee GOSH

Abe; best known for the Gettysburg address - all men are created equal - and the abolition of slavery; is regarded as one of the finest Presidents of America.
Hold on; wasn't he just a moderate tory; who knew how to play the greasy pole game GOSH

Today the President of the USofA has a funny tie and a comical comb over instead of a goatee.
Lincoln unified a nation during and after a civil war.
Trump might divide a nation and cause a civil war.
By kissing a rich mans arse and conning a poor mans baby.
Never mind the gulf; here's the gold GOSH

The trump administration is already openly stretching creditability much greater than the no boundaries bonus bankers.
Is a riot of no rules or regulations route to riches; a road to equality!
'Let the devil take tomorrow; for tonight I need a friend'.
Recent history - will it take future history - has proved that the Trump Triumph will prove to be a no go gosh

The rich gits are playing good cop bad cop with the plebs of Greece.
The IMF is the good cop and the German/French banksters the bad cop.
A sort of satirically ironic version of any body moves and the nigger gets it.
A game of pass the 'parcel' plebs only - nowt to do with us rich gits.

MON 13th FEB 2017

a bridge over troubled waters Irony of the RICH

1979; 1979 not 1799; an intense windstorm - gusts of over 100mph - sank the pontoons of the Hood Canal Bridge; Washington DC.
Pontoons were cheaper than towers...
It took three years and a huge dump of dollars to rebuild.
No need to get windy over a few gusts GOSH.

Spot the Trident Nuke Sub going through the moveable section!
Mankind - yes; that's you me and the women - seems volutarily immune to their ability to destroy the planet.
Do not worry; the world is safe in our hands; we are not glands GOSH

Money - or the love of money - makes the world go round; a song from my favourite - a very short short list - musical; Cabaret.
Since 'Cabaret' set in pre-war nazi Berlin pushed the 'envelope' a whole pandemic of parcels have been pushed into the public pocket.
The price of progress - a politicians promise - that's how it goes. GOSH

As someone who grew up in the era of, 'the customer is always right'; it appears that now the customer is always wrong.
We are now in the era of the individual is right.
An individual with corporate backing is always right and richer...
The working class can kiss my ass; Ive got the foremans job at last - one has to gigle GOSH

In these turbulent times of inequality and polaristion, the haves won't admit to an economy under pressure.
Nowt to do with us - the plebs will pay.
Some plebs won't admit they are even paying.
When the rich play placate the pleb - ease up on the austerity - and money is tight; they will cut convenient corners. If one single 'thing' will destroy the globe; it is the over-ruling excess of globalisation. NO GOSH GOSH

The future of Greece as a nation state in Europe will play an important role in the future sustainability of this planet.
Brexit and Trump are protest votes delivered by the despe/aration of the have-nots.
A Russian spokes/person has already said, a 'war would sort things out - or words to that effect'.
What else could possibly go wrong.

TUES 14th FEB 2017

 How far coan one phone Valentine Card

1876; Alexander Graham Bell filed a patent for the telephone.
On the same day; so did a bloke by the name of Elisha Gray.
Some second class posers still say."give me a bell"
They've just barely heard of Bell and haven't a clue about Gray. GOSH

A tale of skullduggerry and lawyers, which Mr Bell eventually won in court.
Exactly the same thing is happening with them little tellies of today.
Suing each other is endemic among mobile phone manufacturers and kindred technology companies today.
Lawyers lunches (three course; with fruits of the vine) is factored into the price of almost every digital device made.
One can't have technology without gravitas and grape.

The mobile with all the bells and whistles is the latest 'thingie' gadget.
People pay hundreds for and use 30 bobs worth of the technology
And 30 bob is what the child slave labour price is to make em.
And; when the rich get it wrong they still have enough 'cash' to earn a gong.GOSH

The Rabbi Yaacov Deyo claimed to have invented speed dating today in 1998.
St valentines day was originally a christian holiday but has been associated with romance/commerce/ a few bob in the bank for around 600 long years.
The Deyo and chums patent application was refused - other forms/ways/brands are available.
'You can't hurry love' Gove GOSH

The Eastern orthodox church had their own saint who looked after those in love.
Just recently the Greeks have made 'friends' with the commerce of St valentines - thanks to globalisation.
Man - and woman - will regret 'becoming, all the same' - who are you to disagree.

WED 15th FEB 2017

 ENIAC A Big Super Comp

1946; one of if not the first electronic computer - ENIAC; Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer - came into use today.
Fiananced in secret by the US army; intended use to improve trajectory of artillery shells; the first real programs were dropped in for the thermonuclear bomb At a cost of nearly £6.4 million in todays dosh GOSH.

In 70 year computers have come quite a way.
In size they are much smaller; however, in power. it is the well cliched, 'sublime to the ridiculous' greater GOSH

The house office desktop and the muppet mobile have more bite than the original all purpose computer.
Smart phones are in; desktops - though much the better machine - are out.
The original small mobiles were a better technical 'phone' than that of whistle and bells of today.
Smart phone, head down zombies are a real recognised threat on the streets of today - Grrr GOSH

Super computers are the term for the big boys.
The Chinese aren't wearing the flip flops now - they have the fastest at the moment; and nearly 6x as many as the UK.
Super comps can move numbers around many times faster than a bankster can move funny money.
They have spent a fortune on technology to make money - the greedy gits GOSH

When dodgy dave was in opposition - remember when us plebs paid for all them little on-message machines
He persistently put the phrase 'broken britain' in the frame.
Now his gang/mob - including a coalition with far right of centre suckers - have been in power for 7 years; Britain really is Broken.
The debt has doubled and when the cuts kick in in april.
Britain won't be great - it will be grate NO GOSH

Greece hasn't got a super computer - we in the UK have 18
All figures algorithmically crunched to the nearest integer.
Germany has 32; the Chinese 109 and the yanks 199 - if they all work.
Some greedy gits think we are still a super power - GOSH