THURS 1st FEB 2018

On This day the 1st of FEB 2018

On This Day 1st of Febuary

On the road again - lost the wireless internet;
#was it win 10 or free no longer AVG?
A digital after set-up free lunch is now even harder - must get into linux more

1327; Fourteen year old Edward III was crowned King of England, but the country was ruled by his mother Queen Isabella and her lover Roger Mortimer.
Is blood thicker than water!
Or; does sex and violence rule OK?

1910 The first 80 Labour Exchanges opened in Britain to try and find jobs for the unemployed.
Today; in this economy under pressure and the age of austerity - ve haf ways of finding you work...

1984; Chancellor, Nigel Lawson, announced that the halfpenny coin would cease to be legal tender.
Its fate was sealed when it became more expensive to make than its face value.
The times they are a changing...
The treasury signed a deal with an USofA money manipulator (hedge fund and holding group)to make bitcoin
Will bitcoin (digital banking for the individual) become a legitimate currency! At the moment if it is not a new ponzi -pyramid - scam - I'll eat Paddy Pantsdown hat for him.

The interest on the loans alone has grabbed the Greek economy by the goolies.

FRI 2nd FEB 2018

On This Day 2nd of Febuary

1650; The birth of Nell (Eleanor) Gwynne, former orange seller at Drury Lane Theatre,
who became a comedy actress and later mistress of Charles II, by whom she had two sons.
A case of make em laugh in bed; as the actress said to the bishop; or,
A femme fatale feminist...
A low maintenance mama becoming a machiavellan maid on the way to high maintenance mama...
An early case of social mobility...
Ya pays your money and ya takes ya chance.
In an age of austerity; ya pays ya money and get very little chance.
Wanna be in my gang? GOSH

1901: The state funeral of Queen Victoria.
At the time of her death, her reign of 63 years and 216 days was longer than that of
any other British monarch and the longest of any female monarch in history.
(On 9th September 2015 Queen Elizabeth II overtook Queen Victoria as the longest serving monarch of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.)
'Freedom come freedom go'...
'Freedom never stay long'...
Will royalty last long after brexit and the next generation! Wanna be in the royal (giz a freebie) gang! Gosh

1972; Angry demonstrators burned the British Embassy in Dublin to the ground in protest at the shooting dead of 13 people in Londonderry on the previous Sunday, known as Bloody Sunday.
We've all (well quite a few of us) heard of 'bloody Sunday'.
How many know about the burning of the British Embassy!
In the conflict of the classes (gangs).
'Listen; do you want to know a secret; do you promise not to tell...
Wanna be in my non gullible gang GOSH

Will Greek society collapse before the British!
Room for one on top - it's gonna be close...