WED 1st FEB - WED 8th FEB 2017

WED 1st FEB 2017

Sydney1788  Sydney Now

1709; today Brit sailor, Alec Selkirk was rescued after being marooned on a desert island for 5 years.
The story inspired the novel Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe.
Was the first draft a voyage of individual graft! GOSH

Published ten years later; to say the first ever novel wasn't an international hit.
Is the equivalent of denying the existence of the bitch from Grantham GOSH

Islands have a greater sense/feeling of independence/security than land mass nations
Nowt to do with demographics; influenced by democracy backed up with death and destruction
A different sort metabolism - getaway gosh.

How brexit will affect the world and our relation with it will take a generation of time.
Will our leaving prevent the next nation in the EU queue joining - go on have a guess! GOSH

The EU has strict (alledgedly) economic conditions which every member nation must rigorously stick to.
As world economic conditions change - so does man/woman
The irony of brexit is that EU politics will now have a greater relative influence than money.
The fun is starting - will The EU get rid of the funny money.

THURS 2nd FEB 2017

twin Tunnel  Chunnel

1918; the Twin Peaks tunnel opens in San Fransisco - the longest tram tunnel on/under the planet at the time.
The tunnel was dug with a knife and fork compared to the technology of today.
Tunnels are like most peoples lives - at times a bit of a grind NO GOSH

China has more tunnel miles than most of the rest of the nation states on the planet.
Have to dig deep now! The longest tunnel in the world is the Swiss rail tunnel - 57km long; hard got and has the name Gotthard. GOSH

One tunnel not talked about much now; is the Euro tunnel (chunnel)
The chunnel construction cost almost twice as much as the original estimate and only survived with a huge loan.
The chunnel public/private financing is one of the most complex engineered deal/thingies ever made.
An international intertwining of greedy gits after the goodies.GOSH

Goldman Sachs, Citibank and the Deutches Bank came to the rescue in the next time of trouble.
It's called financial restructuring - not funny money and gallons of greed GOSH

One way a bank makes money is through mergers and acquisitions.
Acquisitions and mergers by the banks through the banks for the banks.
The French Channel Ferry company was bought out by the 'Paris based' Eurotunnel and disappeared.
From a going concern to gone GOSH.

HS1 is the high speed link from London to the chunnel.
After brexit will the londoncentric HS2 to the midlands - past Birmingham, it's merely playing placate the plebs - ever get through the tunnel.
The bigger the scheme the greater the pay off for the greedy gits - now NO GOSH

How much longer will the plebs let the greedy gits play the game GOSH

Greece hasn't got many tunnels; the greedy gits are lining up to undermine and collapse the national economy.
Then pick up the pieces with their lurched to the right hand only.
Time for real change - not placate the pleb.

Fri 3rd FEB 2017

Durnstein Castle Durnstein Castle


1194; Dick One, king of england was released from Durnstein castle after a ransom was paid to the fifth Duke of Austria Or was he! Was he not handed over to Henry VI, the holy Roman emperor who back pocketed the huge ransom.
You leave the country for five minutes and...
The victor writes most of the history - have a gander GOSH

Here is the stuff of UK layered legend historically.
Crusades, kings and Robin Hood was a right b'stard on the left.
Historians and gaffers don't make gaffes GOSH

The crusades were Christian (catholic) military attempts to capture the 'holy land' (Jerusalem) from the muslims (saladin)
Dick one lived most of his short life in France (ruled half of it). John his real life 'Bro' was real.
Robin Hood - the outlaw; rich to the poor 'n' all that - didn't appear in legend/myth until 300/400 year later.
The whole thingy was just a modern perception of mans gangs of greed GOSH

History - a very important period - is being acted out now.
Change is inevitable - over the time of man, the greatest change has been the rate of change .
Are the chidren of the digital age being pressurised into unwanted change as us digital immigrants die off.
Slow down you're going too fast - it's two/too forward one back now.
Onwards and upwards said the greedy gits. GOSH

The Greek empire were the front runners at one time - now like phil the Greek; they just take a back seat in the world theatre.
When the people at the back sit up; they can see what's going on.

SAT 4th FEB 2017

Plastic Plastic waste

1909; Belgian Leo Baekeland announced the creation of bakelite; in America - the first synthetic plastic.
By the early forties bakelite was used to make everything from useful/gimmicky gadgets to guitars. GOSH

Nowadays, Bakelite and the many derivatives are 'antique' - we now have better modern plastics.
Isn't technology great GOSH

Or is it!
Bakelite was an irreversable process; like thermosetting, today we also have thermoplastic and biodegradable.
Thermoplastic can be used again and again - but isn't; it's made for gain GOSH

Most modern plastics begin with 'Poly' and are made from oil.
Nearly all things once made from natural materials are now made from polysomething.
Biodegradable plastic costs an arm and a leg.
The first greedy git to come up with a cheap one; in todays economic climate, won't have a heart of gold GOSH

Many years ago I read about the fish in the London water supply system turning into hermaphrodites.
The reason; the drinking water was being recycled at least six times.
I/we/they could be right; I/we/they could be wrong ; I never heard of anyone getting a gong GOSH

The latest; scare/expose/green rubbish revelation, is that we are eating plastic.
Over one billion of tons of plastic have been discarded/dumped since the 1950's.
The fish in the sea are eating discarded synthetic plastic; and, we are eating the fish.
Think there's something fishy about this fact!
Tie an old fashioned plastic bag over your head, around your neck, and; have a good/quick gander GOSH

The word plastic is derived from the Greek language.
Greece manufactures anything in plastic from pipes to pergodas.
One has to play the game.
The top exporter of plastic products is China - $18 billion; 27% of total exports.
Germany is next - $7.8 billion; 11.8%...
UK - $1.5 billion (2.3%) is eleventh out of the top fifteen.
Comparatively, Greece doesn't even turn up...

SUN 5th FEB 2017

Belgium EU Map

1885; today king Leo of Belgium made the Congo a personal colonial possession.
1908; control of 'The Congo' was taken by the Belgian state. In 1960; the Congo - rich in natural resources - became totally independent; and renamed 'Zaire'
A bit by the ballot box but more by the gun GOSH

Uptil the 1830's Belgium had been under the cosh and part of the near neighbour nations for generations.
Belgium still has three different languages - French Dutch (Flemish) and a Jargon of German no Josh GOSH

In 1980; despite/cos of the regional variations; Belgium consolidated into a federalised state .
To this day because of regional differences and the changing world economy ; Belgium is under constant political reform.
Just like all nation states; grabbing the gravy has ongoing moving the goalposts gravitas.

Apart from size - like it or not - Belgium is a nation state very similar to the UK.
The only difference is the timing in the past - as for the future.
A grabbing we (all of us!); we will go. GOSH

Belgium - see above - was one of the founding members of the EU and is pliable to what ever the form or shape.
Brussels is more or less the physical capital of the EU - don't mention Nato.
Here's to the future; the fun has just began GOSH

Greece is on the periphery of the EU; both geographically and economically.
Will it be politically.
Belgium is at the very centre of the EU; geographically, and politically - is it economically.
At the moment the 'Uk' is millions of country miles and kilometres away politically and economically and;
only 33.7 Km or 21 mile geographically.
A lot closer than Greece or not!

MON 6th FEB 2017

George Vl Prince Charles

1952; George V1. king of the UK died today and the eldest daughter betty ll took over the reigns.
Georgie boy only became king when his bro. 'ted the head 8' abdicated to marry some floosie with the AKA wallis simpson.
This is when the phrase 'take the money and run' first began to be used extensively by all class of world citizen.
The phrase now applies to all types - one doesn't have to be green - ; not just royal greedy gits GOSH.

1997; a well off entertainer called Elton John - no eton toilet jokes please - released a best seller.
'Candle in the Wind' topped the charts for 14 weeks in many countries and the only single to beat it in sales was 'White Xmas' by a bloke called Bing- No bosh GOSH

The rewritten version was a tribute to princess Di - at her funeral.
If anyone thinks that charlie boy - the male heir to betty ll - didn't marry Di to breed male offspring.
You definitely need another non-retaining route in your rearing to the royals.
Should Charlie be king - give the gonzo and all his gang; the gong GOSH

The dad of Charlie Boy is Phil the Greek.
The Greek royal family is trying on a clandestine come-back.
The sport of kings - horsie racing to the plebs - is on the wane.
The sport of polo is on the wax.
The 'royals' will bend to beg a buck - the more the world moves to the right; the less they have to bend.

TUES 7th FEB 2017

George Vl Prince Charles

1812; Charles John Huffam Dickens; the victorian novelist, was born in Portsmouth,Hampshire - down South - today.
Dickens was essentially a man leaning to the left social commentator; when thatcherism was advising the return to victorian 'values'; over 100 years earlier, the Dickens' novels were, in real time, drawing attention to the level(s) of inequality brought about by 'victorian values'.
A sign of the times - the boy done good GOSH

Is the level of inequality today as good/bad as it was 200 years ago.
Forget about relativity - It depends which end of the social strata one hails from.
The Establishment class couldn't/wouldn't see the banking crash, brexit, trump and other obvious signs coming.
After each realisation the rich adopt and adapt by merely moving the goalposts.
Let's hang on to what we got... NO GOSH

Charlie Dickens was more than a bit of a thespian - much of his income came from live readings of his own (stuff).
A man oft on the telly of his time.
Despite them little telly/phone things; TV is still a huge junk of the MSM (main stream media).
What was once spin is now fake news - an up to date example of attempting to move the goal posts.
Don't mention own goal GOSH

In victorian times it was spin and gin.
We have recently gone through the spin and grin phase.
Now us plebs are on the fake news and (5% owned by the 1%) alcoholic strong foreign fizzz phase.
I don't care what gargle as long as it's Gargantuan GOSH

One of the best/memorable days of my life was a family sailing trip around a bit of Corfu in the late seventies.
A converted fishing to tourist boat - space for fifty; only seven passengers and two crew.
After getting out the ouzo (2x 5 litre containers) the cap'n gave up and we just visited his up the coast relatives.
Real people with - the help of tourists - time to live real lives.
We returned two hours late and bounced a no. of times before berthing.
A more than slightly different version of spin and grin.
Hurray; hurray; it's a holi holiday.

WED 8th FEB 2017

Space Station Question mark

1974; three US astronauts return to earth after 85 days in the US space station, Skylab.
Wonder if they seen that bloke up there - you know; GOD GOSH

The International Space Station was launched in 1988 - it's international cos of the cost.
It's in low orbit and can be seen by the human eye - have a real good gander GOSH.

The space station is run/maintained by 5 nations and been visited by 17 - mainly the USofA and Russia.
The ESA (European space agency) has the UK as one of the main members - don't mention article 50.
The ESA is now more in tune with the Russians than the Yanks due to the increasing secrecy and isolationism - before trump - do not mention the dollar - if you do you're a goner GOSH

The Space station now needs renewing.
The word on all levels of atmosphere is; the Russians are up for it; the yanks have put it on hold.
Don't mention the funny money of quantitave easing and/or the dodgy dollar.
I said don't mention the dollar - if you do you're a goner GOSH

Our new! chums to be! won't save the pound at the price of the dollar .
The US and UK economies are being driven by debt.
Making things properly; not manipulating money; is the only way to long term prosperity.
While the greedy bank backing establishment of the developed world refuse to learn.
The plebs of all nation states are starting to Gurn GOSH.

The plebs in Greece have been gurning for a while now.
People won't grin and gurn it for long.