FRI 1st FEB 2019

1327; Fourteen year old Edward III was crowned King of England, but the country was ruled by his mother Queen Isabella and her lover Roger Mortimer.
Do we really know who is 'handling' the brexit dogs breakfast!
Politicians have one eye on the pot and t'other up the chimney.
Expect sweeping - new brush and all that - changes; no matter what happens.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1587; Under pressure from her Council, Queen Elizabeth I of England signed the warrant authorising the execution of Mary Queen of Scots.
As far as a head splitting headache can go.
Wanna be in my money is thicker than blood gang GOSH

1884 The first volume (A to Ant) of the Oxford English Dictionary was published.
James Murray was its most famous editor but he had only reached the letter T after working 44 hours per week for 35 years, so hundreds of people sent in their own contributions.
Some - usually those with a (in)vested interest overly criticise wikipedia.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1910; The first 80 Labour Exchanges opened in Britain to try and find jobs for the unemployed.
Each political party is selective with the facts (stats).
The recently 'self' employed are again being asked under pressure to work for nowt; by the 'big boys and women'.
Life is like a game of poker - the one with the most money usually wins...
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1965; Prescriptions on the NHS became free of charge and remained so until June 1968.
The NHS is now under unprecedented attack by the haves of all levels of income.
Wanna be in my Gang GOSH

1984; Chancellor, Nigel Lawson, announced that the halfpenny coin would cease to be legal tender.
Its fate was sealed when it became more expensive to make than its face value.
Some changes are necessary; however, have you noticed whatever the interest rate; the bankers always win.
No matter what happens the working man and women and women always pay.
Something to do with it's their game and they move the goalposts.
The working class can kiss my ass; I've got the fore(wo)mans job at last.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

The Greek right wing have taken over from the socialists in the EU parliament; according to the EU - don't forget that the EU is centre right controlled.

SAT 2nd FEB 2019

1914; The very first Cub Scout pack was formed in England, the first pack being in Robertsbridge, Sussex, although the Cub Scout movement was not formally founded until 1916.
By the end of that year there were 6,000 Cub Scouts and now there are 137,000 in the UK.
Girls were allowed to become Cub Scouts in 1991.
In the sixties when men ruled the world; scouts were the posh lot - the lesser well known for the working class was an institution called the boys brigade (distinct tones of the military).
Since then and prior to now; relatively well off social pundits have uttered we are all one class now.
Was this a time lapse or spin!
Now we are led to believe there are the haves and have-nots - the latest form of class warfare.
Class is associated with level of income - some people can change their level of income in a day; yet it takes over a generation to be really accepted into a 'higher' class.
There are at least 6-8 classes in the UK; if one looks for them...
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1920; The birth of Hughie Green, who became a 'household name' with his TV shows Double Your Money and Opportunity Knocks.
1940; The birth of Sir David John White OBE, better known by his stage name David Jason.
He is best remembered as the main character Derek 'Del Boy' Trotter in the BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses.
He also played detective Jack Frost on the ITV crime drama A Touch of Frost, Granville in the sitcom Open All Hours, and Pop Larkin in the comedy drama The Darling Buds of May.
Del boys (I assume biography as opposed to autobiography) is the not so well known 'Only Fools and Stories'.
We don't need another hero!
In times of war heroes are manufactured and suitably embellished - Joe and Joanna public love a hero!
A jury of good and honest men found Ken Dodd not guilty of tax evasion; despite firm evidence to the contrary.
Don't mention the state of UK footie - ask the fans.
The greedy gits are well aware of human behaviour.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1943; The half-starved remnants of the German 6th Army gave themselves up after their five months of bloody fighting for Stalingrad ended in defeat.
Forget logistics; if you live in the cold it is easier to fight and play in the cold,
Ask 'southern softies', skiers and footie fellows/fans.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1972; Angry demonstrators burned the British Embassy in Dublin to the ground in protest at the shooting dead of 13 people in Londonderry on the previous Sunday, known as Bloody Sunday.
Don't mention the 'backstop' farce.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

Greece was renowned as a have and have-not nation state before the loans to join the EU.
The loans to join were arranged (Partly in secret skullduggery) by the haves - the have-nots have been saddled with the loans to repay the loan.
Is the marginal decision to remain in the EU an educated, 'give me hope Joanna'!

SUN 3rd FEB 2019

1014; The death of Sweyn Forkbeard, son of Harald Bluetooth and Viking King of Denmark, Norway and England.
He was proclaimed King of England on Christmas Day 1013, making him England's shortest-reigning king, with a reign of just 40 days.
Many more than one person has tried to rule the world.
It's life but not as we know it, Jim.
Forget all the theories; most of science fiction comes true...
'If I only had time'
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1928 The birth, in Liverpool of the singer Frankie Vaughan.
He had than 80 recordings in his lifetime and was known as 'Mr. Moonlight' after one of his early hits.
The entertainment industry is no different to any other industry - within it there are good un's and bad un's.
As this generation comes on line; have you noticed how entertainment relies on the participation of the plebs.
Deregulation has brung about the almost worship of the talentless celebrity.
The more they earn/accumulate; the more others help them spin.
Self entertainment and the music halls will come back long before alien life is discovered; or any planet other than earth is colonised
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1949; In Britain, 23 year old Margaret Roberts (Thatcher) was adopted as Tory candidate in Deptford, but she later failed to win the seat at the General Election.
If at first you don't succeed; try try,again.
For some the love of money and the spin it gets makes the world go around.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1960; Prime Minister Harold Macmillan made his 'wind of change' speech to the South African parliament in Capetown.
He talked of increasing national consciousness blowing through colonial Africa, signalling that his Government was likely to support decolonisation.
Accepting reality! Times change!
Did dodgy dave accept reality when allowing the nation splitting referendum - even those in favour were surprised at the result.
Many of the plebs were unaware of any referendum - the result to leave was carried by those who had lost their standard of living; they were far from happy with their lot.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH.

2012; The Energy Secretary Chris Huhne resigned after being charged over allegations that he handed penalty points for a speeding offence to his then wife, economist Vicky Pryce.
2012; England football captain John Terry was stripped of the captaincy for the second time amid growing concern over his pending race abuse trial.
Two examples of society operating at what percentage of truth!
'Judge ye not - lest ye be judged thyself; or something like that...

Greece has marginally remained in the EU - is it a fairer nation state than us!
It certainly has a warmer climate than us.

MON 4th FEB 2019

211; The death in York, (formerly know as Eboracum), of the Roman Emperor Septimius Severus whilst preparing to lead a campaign against the Caledonians.
He left the empire in the control of his two quarrelling sons.
The leader of the Back water part of the Empire is dead.
Long live his offspring!
Wanna be in my gang Gosh

1911; Rolls-Royce commissioned their famous figurehead ‘The Spirit of Ecstasy’ by Charles Sykes.
He used Lord Montague’s mistress, Eleanor Thornton, as his model.
60 years later to the day, Rolls-Royce was declared bankrupt due to a disastrous contract to supply aero engines to Lockheed.
The British government came to its rescue.
One of the reasons, why haves voted to leave the EU - self determination.
Will the pendulum swing or; we have done all that!
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1975; Edward Heath withdrew from the Conservative party leadership after losing the first-round vote to Margaret Thatcher.
Was this the opening round of the tory split (EU v America) which led dodgy dave to having a referendum.
Never mind a referendum - what about the right to have one in a 'democracy'!
Wanna be in my (more knowledgeable after the event) gang GOSH

2012; The death, aged 110, of Florence Green, the last surviving veteran of the First World War from any country.
Is war like inflation - as soon as the next generation forgets...
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

2014; A new international study showed that British workers have the shortest retirements in any major EU country, despite significant improvements in life expectancy.
Us little and large Englanders are living longer; aren't we!
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

2015; An online fund, launched by Katie Cutler after the mugging of a Tyneside pensioner, was halted with donations totally £330,000.
Her 'Help Alan Barnes' online donation page was launched after the frail and visually disabled 67-year-old had been attacked outside his Gateshead home.
Richard Gatiss (25) was later arrested and given a four-year prison sentence for assault.
The establishment said (reckon) dick was a devil on drugs
The human world - as we know it - is divided into hawks and doves
Shall we hang em!
Both; or, which one GOSH
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

The human 'race' is at a sort of crossroads over Climate change.
Greece will go along with any EU decision...
Will we as a nation state now side with the flat earth believing American establishment!

Tues 5th FEB 2019

1782; The Spanish defeated British forces and captured the island of Minorca.
Bet you a paella to a pastie that the Spanish regain Gibaltrar; now that we are soon to leave the right of centre controlled EU>
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1852; The embankment of the Bilberry reservoir in West Yorkshire collapsed, releasing 86 million gallons of water down the River Holme and into Holmfirth.
It caused 81 deaths and is recorded as the 23rd most serious, worldwide, in terms of loss of life from floods and landslides.
No one expected the twin towers to collapse - never mind Brazil; if you think that GB is immune to such man made disasters; keep on drinking something a lot stronger than water.

1954; Britain opened its first atomic power station, at Harwell.
Every nation state that uses Nukes as a 'deterrent' has nuclear power stations.
Every nation state that plods on without em will see off the nation state that has them.
The hidden cost makes them indispensable financially - don't worry, the next or one after that, will pay up for em.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1967; A ban by the Musicians' Union, 'in the cause of decency', stopped The Rolling Stones' latest record Let's Spend the Night Together, from being performed on television.
The 'group' that recorded 'hope I die before I get old' is still going strong - expect another 'Frank Sinatra' style come back at a venue near you...
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1996; Two British supermarket chains (Safeway and Sainsbury) became the first to stock genetically modified food when they sold GM tomato puree.
Do you know where you are going to...
Capitalism is the undisputed champion of GM food and all its international 'funny' innovations.
At the beginning of the era of information and digitalisation; 'GIGO' was the in'word' of those in the industry.
Garbage In Garbage Out...
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

It was a sort of socialist PM of Greece that done the loan repayment deal with the EU - at the cost of privatisation.
The main holder of the debt was the Germans - the non payment of war reparations was brought up in the negotiations...
The nation state of Greece marginally chose to repay the loans and remain in the EU...

WED 6th FEB 2019

1685; Charles II, King of Great Britain and Ireland( lost the jocks), died - aged 54 of liver disease - after several days of revelry with his concubines and his favourite mistresses.
Charles acknowledged at least 12 illegitimate children by various mistresses, but as illegitimate children were excluded from the succession, he was succeeded by his brother James.
On his deathbed Charles asked his brother to look after his mistresses and told his courtiers: 'I am sorry, gentlemen, for being such a time a-dying.'

Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1840; The Treaty of Waitangi was signed, giving Britain sovereignty over New Zealand.
Just as Australia doesn't talk about deadly spiders and other dangers; New Zealand doesn't let it be known that is a middle class country that the young find boring.
Many of the Oz's over here are from New Zealand...
The name of the two islands is the English version of the original dutch...
Great place to visit - terrible to live there.
WAanna be in a Maori gang GOSH

1995 The National Trust for Scotland banned foxhunting on any of its land.
In February 2002 the Scottish Parliament voted by eighty three to thirty six to pass legislation to nationally ban hunting with hounds.
The Act came into effect on 1st August 2002.
In September 2004 reports that of the ten Scottish hunts, nine survived the ban, using the permitted exemption allowing them to use packs of hounds to flush foxes to guns.
The arrogance of affluence is a large factor in the open resistance to change.
Scotland is unique in the fact that most of the land is owned by foreigners - mostly companies in secrecy; many of them English.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

2017; Queen Elizabeth II became the first British Monarch to reach her Sapphire Jubilee.
The Royal Mint marked the 65th anniversary of her accession with a range of specially designed Sapphire Jubilee commemorative coins, with the Royal Mail issuing a Sapphire Blue £5 stamp.
Never mind the oil - how much of Scotland does the royal family and supporters own!
They - who - say that the tartan kilt was originally English...
Wanna be in my gang

Land ownership in the nation state of Greece is one of the most disputed - if not the most - on the planet.
This will legally defer the privatisation program that was marginally agreed to with the loan repayment deal.

THURS 7th FEB 2019

1812; Charles Dickens, English journalist and novelist was born.
He is considered the greatest novelist of the Victorian period.
He created characters such as Oliver Twist, Nicholas Nickleby and David Copperfield and amongst his other works were The Old Curiosity Shop, A Christmas Carol, Great Expectations, Bleak House and many, many more.
Was Charlie Dickens a true socialist or just pandering to the market of the times!
He certainly pandered to the conditions set out by his well off sponsors - he was no rebel.
A hero to the working(non) class!
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1837; The birth of Sir James Murray, Scottish lexicographer.
He was the primary editor of the Oxford English Dictionary from 1879 until his death in 1915
Jimmy boy was the eldest precious child of a lower middle class family that moved to London to find fame and fortune.
He became an academic leader of like minded men...
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1886; While building a cottage for a prospector in the Transvaal, South Africa, an Englishman, George Walker, found a clear streak of gold.
It became the richest gold reef in the world.
Very few indeed make it rich as prospectors in a precious metal rush - those that supply the picks and shovels become rich.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1873; The birth, in County Down, of Thomas Andrews.
Andrews was the naval architect in charge of the plans for the ocean liner RMS Titanic.
He was travelling on board the Titanic during its maiden voyage when it hit an iceberg on 14th April 1912 and was one of the 1,517 people who perished in the disaster.
Titanic's engineers, who battled below decks to try and keep Titanic afloat are commemorated on this monument in Southampton - the cap'n went down with his ship
An era when advanced nation states were well into class distinction.
Women and children first was the golden rule; however, apart from many of the crew - most of whom had signed at the last minute - the rich were the by far greatest number of survivors...
The Titanic was supposed to be unsinkable and carried life boats for less than a third of those aboard.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1964; The Beatles pop group arrived in New York at the start of their first tour of the United States.
It was John Lennon that said in 1966, 'we're more popular than jesus now' went down relatively unnoticed in the UK; but created a cacophony of kaleidoscopic commotion in the USofA.
Johny boy was more than a bit of a rebel.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1992; The European Union was formed.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

The nation state of Greece was just a tourist destination to the advanced world before it joined the EU.
Is it now just another tourist destination!

FRI 8th FEB 2019

1587; After 19 years imprisonment, Mary Queen of Scots was beheaded for treason at Fotheringhay Castle, Northamptonshire. She had been implicated in the Babington Plot to murder her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I.
1601; Robert Devereux, the 2nd Earl of Essex, rebelled against Queen Elizabeth I.
The revolt was quickly crushed.
Essex was found guilty of treason and was beheaded on Tower Green on 25th February 1601, becoming the last person to be beheaded in the Tower of London.
Wanna be in my godly gang GOSH

1855; The 'Devil's Footprints' mysteriously appeared in southern Devon when trails of hoof-like marks appeared overnight in the snow.
. Houses, rivers, haystacks and other obstacles were allegedly travelled straight over, and the footprints appeared on the tops of snow-covered roofs and high walls, as well as leading up to and exiting various drain pipes with a diameter as small as 4 inches.
And! you (we) thought that aliens in crop fields were innovatingly good GOSH

1886; A peaceful demonstration by unemployed people started in Trafalgar Square and turned into a riot with looting in Oxford Street and Pall Mall.
Many peaceful demos end in death and destruction - the ways of the world or, there's nowt as queer as folk!
Wanna be in my greedy grabbing gang! GOSH

1972; The Albert Hall management cancelled a Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention concert because of the ‘obscene lyrics’ of one of their songs.
Fans demonstrated outside the hall.
The age gap or haves against have-nots!
Different minds have different explanations - obviously a complex mix.
Wanna be in anyones gang GOSH

How much and what angle the pundits take over with the withdrawal of the French ambassador (by the establishment) to Italy after the right wing of the Italian establishment met with the Gilet Jaune of France, will bring a new course to the dogs dinner of brexit.

SAT 9th FEB 2019

1540; The first recorded horse racing meeting in Britain; held at the Roodeye Field, Chester.
Chester Racecourse is, according to official records the oldest racecourse still in use in England and it is also thought to be the smallest racecourse of significance in England at 1 mile 1 furlong long.
Roodeye, means land of the cross - not to be confused with the crooked spire at Chesterfield
Racing is the sport of Kings - and now a queen rules the roost; is racing in the deep water of the doldrums.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1846; The birth, in Stafford, of Whitaker Wright, an exceptionally wealthy, but corrupt, English mining company owner.
In; 1904 he was convicted of fraud and given a seven year prison sentence.
He committed suicide immediately afterwards by swallowing cyanide in a court anteroom.
Society has more than one main fault - undoubtably one of the main ones is, society always goes for the easy target.
It is now still easier for a 'baddie' to leave this less than godly earth; than it is for a 'goodie'.
Wanna be in my Gang GOSH

1942; World War Two: Soap rationing began in Britain.
Did all levels of income - don't mention the 'royals' - become dirty overnight.
Is it not the ultimate in irony that the nation state that tried it on twice militarily; is now, the disputed lead economy in this supposedly peaceful planet.
Now what's German for, 'never mind the quality; feel the width'
Wanna be in my fairer Gang GOSH

Germany is the main holder of Greek debt.
Unpaid war reparation was more than once raised in the negotiations to repay the loan(s) which enabled Greece to become an EU member.
Germany was persuaded politically to save the EU and agreed to the extended loan repayment deal - not financially.
As part of the deal; Greece now has to privatise its national assets.
To say that the EU is centre right controlled; is a certain understatement.

SUN 10th FEB 2019

1306; In front of the high altar of Greyfriars Church in Dumfries, Robert the Bruce murdered John Comyn, his leading political rival, sparking revolution in the Scottish Wars of Independence.
What; the bloke who watched a spider, a Baddie! prepared to kill for power!
In the relatively benign era of today; the triggering of article 50 to leave the EU will hasten devolution.
Wanna have a bit of my job lot, no josh jimmy No GOSH

1355; The St. Scholastica's Day Riots began in Oxford when University students clashed with townspeople in a three-day street battle, following a dispute about beer in The Swindlestock Tavern.
64 students were killed and 30 locals.
The dispute was settled in favour of the university with a special charter.
Annually thereafter, on 10th February, the town mayor and councillors had to march bareheaded through the streets and pay to the university a fine of one penny for every scholar killed.
The penance ended in 1825 when the mayor refused to take part.
Oxford Uni was/is backed by the establishment and the Kings gang.
One of the early recorded incidents between the haves and have nots - which ever way you look at it.
Wanna be in my non burning the books gang GOSH

1824; The birth of Samuel Plimsoll, British politician and social reformer.
He devised the Plimsoll Line, to thwart unscrupulous ship owners who regularly overloaded their 'coffin ships'.
His safe loading line painted on the ships acted as a regulation for the weight that ships could safely carry
The rich making tough decisions on behalf of the poor has always been a time immemorial problem.
Them plebs not 'prepared' to die for us...
Wanna be in what used to be a God given gang GOSH

2013; The Department for Transport announced that TV advertisements, which have been shown since the 60s, with characters such as Tufty the squirrel and the Green Cross Code Man would no longer be broadcast because of 're-prioritised' budgets.
In the battle for hearts and minds; another example of austerity being its own enemy.
The nasty party is dead; long live the nasty party...
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

In this western developed world of today ; individuality, in whatever form, is on the back foot - have you noticed how everything is becoming the same - Greece has exactly the same problems/conditions as us.
Except; they have marginally decided to remain in a large trading block.
Do you know where you're going to!

MON 11th FEB 2019

1531;Henry VIII was recognized as supreme head of the Church of England.
1542; Catherine Howard, the fifth queen consort of Henry VIII, was confined in the Tower of London to be executed three days later.
Henry learned that Catherine had had several affairs before their marriage and had Parliament declare it treason for an unchaste woman to marry the king.
Due Dilligence, then as now. was a matter of fact denying opinion...
How did that bloke who was invented to give hope in the next world, to those that have no hope in this become the 'imaginary' leader of so many cults.
If only god had gave us the gift to see ourselves as others see us.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1971; Eighty-seven countries, including the UK, the United States and the USSR, sign the Seabed Treaty.
It outlawed nuclear weapons on the ocean floor in international waters.
. Yeah; and like nukes, pigs can fly; even better nowadays.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1993; Queen Elizabeth II and the Prince of Wales both volunteered to pay income tax and capital gains tax on their private income.
The Queen also took over civil list payments to junior members of the royal family.
It wasn't long after this that betty became the richest woman in the world - don't mention charlie increasing rents to pay for the tax.
If you deny that the 'royals' have an offshore presence; you want to be in their gang.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

Greece is a republican democracy; it used to have a royal family.
The present economic climate has ( with the covert blessing of the EU) seen the return of the Greek 'royals' to Greece after living in Denmark and England - don't mention phil the greek.
Before the Russian revolution (1917) the royals had a pan european presence - do not mention inbreeding

TUES 12th FEB 2019

1554; At the tender age of 16, the ‘nine days queen’, Lady Jane Grey and her husband Lord Guildford Dudley were beheaded; he on Tower Hill, she on Tower Green, after being implicated in the Wyatt's rebellion.
The rebellion arose out of concern over Queen Mary I's determination to marry Philip II of Spain, which was an unpopular policy with the English.
The little englander island mentality was alive and well
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1733; Englishman James Oglethorpe founded Georgia, the 13th colony of the Thirteen Colonies, and its first city at Savannah.
The 12th of February is known as Georgia Day for its historic importance to the state.
Bet the locals weren't happy about the immigrants.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1809; Charles Darwin, English naturalist and author of The Origin of Species, was born, in Shrewsbury.
He established that all species of life have descended over time from common ancestry, and proposed that this branching pattern of evolution resulted from a process that he called natural selection.
He published his theory with compelling evidence for evolution in his 1859 book On the Origin of Species.
By the 1870s the scientific community and much of the general public accepted evolution as a fact.
The bible belt of America is a trump stronghold; some are members of the flat earth society/club.
There's nowt as queer as folk...
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

It is not just Greece and the rest of the relatively divided developed world that have haves and have-nots.

WED 13th FEB 2019

1692;The massacre of the MacDonalds at Glencoe, for not promptly pledging allegiance to the new king, William of Orange.
The massacre began simultaneously in three settlements along the glen - Invercoe, Inverrigan, and Achnacon, although the killing took place all over the glen as the fleeing MacDonalds were pursued.
Thirty eight MacDonalds from the Clan MacDonald of Glencoe were killed and another forty women and children died of exposure after their homes were burned.
There are differing versions of this historic fact...
Wanna be in my bloody gang GOSH

1948; The Science Museum in London announced that it would return the Wright Brothers’ biplane, Kitty Hawk, the first to fly, to the Smithsonian Institution.
It had been sent to England in 1928 by Orville Wright when he found that the Smithsonian had labelled another plane as the first capable of sustained flight.
Will the UK have the sustained resolve to hang onto other artifacts 'acquired; from the rest of the world; as a non EU member!
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1975; British mineworkers' leaders agreed to accept the coal board's latest pay offer of up to 35%.
1978; Tomorrow's World presenter Anna Ford was officially announced as ITN's first female newsreader.
1987; London’s property boom resulted in a 5ft 6in x 11ft broom cupboard opposite Harrods being offered for sale at £36,500 - over £600 per square foot.
The times they are a changing - just some of the often too rapid change experienced by one generation!
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

Greece as a nation state has experienced a hell of a lot of change since it became a member of the European Economic Community in 1981.
The EEC became the EU in 1983 after the Mastricht Treaty - an oft chewed bone of contention by little England brexiteers.

THURS 14th FEB 2019

1400; The death of King Richard II at Pontefract Castle, Yorkshire.
History reckons that the king was either intentionally neglected until he starved to death or that he was cruelly murdered in the dungeons.
Pontefract Castle was once the most important castle in the whole of Yorkshire.
The once huge castle was intentionally destroyed by Parliament and the will of the locals as it had been a long-time a magnet for trouble, death and despair with armies regularly pillaging the castle and generally pillaging the town as well.
Wanna be in my gang gosh

1556;Former Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer, was declared a heretic.
He was tried for treason and heresy after Mary I, a Roman Catholic, came to the throne.
Although he apparently reconciled himself with the Roman Catholic Church, on the day of his execution, on 21st March 1556, he dramatically withdrew earlier statements and was thus a heretic to Roman Catholics and a martyr to others.
Hero or zero - one mans humour is another mans tumour - by gad what a cad!
Just! another ecclesiastical episode in our nation state mostly everlastingly ever so long period of death and destruction.
Is a large trading block the new religion or not!
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1946; The Bank of England was nationalised by the Atlee (socialist) government.
That by 'jings' Jock, Mr. Brown came into town and distanced completely the BofE and government.
The present head honcho is an ex top employee of investment - and any other way to make money - bankers Goldman Sachs - once described as a vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity by an agnostic/athiest...
Income tax came about to fund another war...
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

The EU has 'mentioned' that the reforms (privatisation) aren't happening quickly enough.
The political masters of the EU will have a more diplomatic approach.
Will Greece remain in the EU!

FRI 15th FEB 2019

1901; Winston Churchill entered Parliament for the first time, as MP for Oldham - aged 26-27.
MPs of the period were unpaid and Churchill was 'forced'(born into an aristocratic lifestyle) to take a speaking tour in order to fund his tenure.
He was attracted to the Hughligans - back bench Conservative rebels of the day.
Greedy fat cat; or, opportunistic poundshop profiteer - never ever forget that the victor always writes the history...
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1928; The death of the statesman and Prime Minister H. H. Asquith - a liberal politician born into a middle class Yorkie family.
During his time in office (1908 - 1916) Asquith attempted to introduce home rule in Ireland, provoking fierce opposition in Ulster and amongst the Conservative opposition.
Civil war over the issue in Ireland was only averted by the outbreak of the First World War in August 1914.
The politics of the first world war done him in...
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1955; The newly elected Tory Government unveiled plans to construct 12 nuclear power stations in the following decade, at a cost of £300 million.
Not counting the hidden cost; nuclear energy is the most expensive form of energy production.
In the present climate of global warming and austerity 'it' still gets a good press.
Never ever forget that nukes are made from nuclear waste...
Wanna be in my living in the past gang GOSH

2015 Investigators uncovered what is thought to be the biggest ever cybercrime, with more than £650 million going missing from banks around the world.
British banks were thought to have lost tens of millions of pounds after a gang of Russian based hackers infiltrated the bank’s internal computer systems using malware, which lurked in the networks for months, gathering information and feeding it back to the gang.
The illegal software was so sophisticated that it allowed the criminals to view video feeds from within supposedly secure offices, as they gathered the data they needed to steal.
Who knows what in the era of digitalised information!
Wanna be in my gang

Greece is a less developed nation state in the world of cybercrime - it is also a believer in god.
Does the good Lord love a Luddite!

SAT 16th FEB 2019

1659; The first British cheque (for £10) was written by Nicholas Vanacker and is now in the archives of the National Westminster Bank.
It took 50 years before counter-forgery measures were taken.
Never ever forget that money is merely a means of exchanging wealth - the rich are encouraged and advised to invest in other things - do not mention the UK enterprises in off shore investment.
And; definitely, do not mention the internationality of investment aided and abetted by the present era of digitalisation - hardware has hit the buffers; it has been software for a while now!
The cheque is dead;long live the cheque...
Wanna be in my greedy gang GOSH

1927; The birth of actress June Muriel Brown, MBE.
She is best known for her role as the busy-body, chain-smoking gossip Dot Cotton in the long-running British soap opera EastEnders.
Just another character cog in the little Englander machine of money making mentality!
People tend to take what is put in front of em - ask the industry of football; don't mention the industry of education and others.
You will be in my gang GOSH

1957; Death of the politician Leslie Hore-Belisha,(Liberal turned Tory) minister of Transport who introduced the driving test, the Highway Code and the Belisha beacon used at zebra crossings.
1965; A 2nd report from British Railways' Board chairman Dr. Richard Beeching outlined transport needs for the following 25 years.
The report followed his 1st controversial review of the state of the railways, published in 1963 in which he said the system was uneconomic and under-used, and recommended that a quarter of the railway system should be shut down.
Was dickie a mere dunderhead of a dupe! Or, a member of a greedy gang relentlessly grinding away at the nation state for individual endeavour!
HS2 isn't good for you...
They call it lobbying today.
Wanna be in my Gang GOSH

2005; The Kyoto Protocol that aimed to slow down global warming took effect, but the US and Australia refused to support it.
The America of Trump has pulled out of the latest agreement to attempt the reverse of global warming
The worried younger generation while demonstrating against global warming have been told to get back to school and let those in power take care of it.
The hotter it is, the more easier it is for pigs to fly - pigs with lipstick on.
Will we as a nation state kick more than one can of spam further down the road!
Wanna be in my already smelt the corruption of coffee GANG GOSH

Greece as a nation state is already in a much warmer position on this planet of ours.
Will a nation state as divided as us stop kicking the can before us!

SUN 17th FEB 2019

1874; Conservatives, under Disraeli, won their first majority since 1841.
They (some) say we are an a new era of politics - we are not; it has all been done before, if one looks!
In the present period of the political class being out of favour; you can bet your last ... (Whichever currency takes over - it wont be the pound sterling) that politicians of all levels will be having a good look.
Wanna be in my - it's getting hotter - Gang GOSH

1938; A surprise item was shown at the Dominion Theatre, London.
It was the first public, experimental demonstration of Baird colour television on a big 12 ft x 9 ft screen.
Colour television was rented out to the masses in the 1960's...
Transmitted from Crystal Palace, the short programme consisted of fashion plates and a cartoon.
They don't make colour tellies now - they are all 'smart' now.
Samsung had to disable the internet spy in the telly and promise to not do it again - your mobile does not have to be switched on...
If; you, don't think that our fellow humans will take any technological advantage; you need another chip in your international take-away.
Wanna be in I'm watching you gang GOSH

1959; Queen Elizabeth gave Marlborough House to the nation, as a Commonwealth Centre.
Just one of the many royal 'residences'
Are we all 'really' in the greedy git Gang GOSH

1972; The British parliament voted to join the European Common Market.
' So here's to the future; the fun has just begun'
Wanna be in 'which' gang GOSH

Will a Greek Pleb have a better future than a UK (what's left - no pun... - of it) pleb!
Answers on a postcard to a self determinist near you...

MON 18th FEB 2019

1478; George - Duke of Clarence, impeached for treason by his brothers Edward IV and Richard III, was, (so legend decrees), secretly drowned in a butt of Malmsey wine at the Tower of London.
The allegations 'may' have originated as a joke, based on his reputation as a heavy drinker.
However, a butt was equal to 105 imperial gallons, enough to easily drown a man.
A body, believed to be that of Clarence was later exhumed, and showed no indications of beheading, the normal method of execution for those of noble birth at that time.
Wanna be in my god given keep it in the family gang GOSH

1946; Sailors of the Royal Indian Navy mutinied in Mumbai harbour, from where it spread throughout British India.
The mutiny involved 78 ships, 20 shore establishments and 20,000 sailors.
Many say the somewhat real beginning of the end of the British Empire!
An Empire ruled by democracy said the rulers - run by death and destruction, said, the ruled...
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1981; Mrs. Thatcher's Conservative Government withdrew plans to close 23 pits in its first major U-turn since coming to power two years previously.
The power of people, or the power of love!
M. Thatcher said more than once, that her greatest achievement was, Tony Bliar.
Is this nation state conservative at heart; or, was it just an extended phase of natural progression that produced the haves and have-nots.
It was thatcher who said, 'is he one of us' - the first public sign of the split in the tory party.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

2003; The Hutton inquiry heard that No.10 Downing Street authorised a substantial rewrite of its Iraq arms dossier before publication.
Politicians were under suspicion then - in a divided UK is it right that the relatively well off more than glib - trying desperately not to be to the masses - political class of all levels is off the team and not even in the dressing room! Is it a case of we were only following orders; or, we were only playing leap frog, as she lay between the lily white sheets with nothing on at all!

The centre right gruppenfuhrer of the EU has congratulated the left leader on coming to agreement over the old dispute of the region now called New Macedonia.
So the young can jointly thrive together in the future; is the diplomatic reason/excuse.
It is no coincidence that the coalition PM of Greece has had to realign/change his cabinet

TUES 19th FEB 2019

1674; England and the Netherlands signed the Treaty of Westminster, ending the Third Anglo-Dutch War.
A provision of the agreement transferred the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam to England and it was renamed New York.
He who fights and runs away; lives to fight another day.
Pick your enemy!
The days of Empires are long gone - ask the still trying to hang on Americans.
In this era of the greedy trading block; would a rebel nation state revert to war-war, instead of jaw-jaw.
The Marshall plan to take it easy on the Germans came about after a war.
Wanna be in my gang!GOSH

1957; The beginning of British TV's first medical soap opera series 'Emergency Ward 10' which ran twice a week for 10 years.
Many in the medical profession/vocation are in the greedy git gang.
What is supposed to be a nation state institution has/is actually being sued contractually by 'private enterprise'
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

2001; A five-mile exclusion zone was placed around an abattoir in Essex after a suspected case of foot and mouth disease was detected.
By the end of March the disease was at its peak, with up to fifty new cases a day.
The final case was reported on Whygill Head Farm near Appleby in Cumbria on 30th September.
Tourism and farming were severely affected.
It was not widely publicised, that the establishment was initially flummoxed at the rate of spread.
Then they came to the conclusion that each animal was being traded two/three times in their truncated lives.
A prime example of society taking two forward and one back.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

The young of Greece were subjected to hand foot and mouth disease in 2012 - a virulent infection.
Did the banning of British beef by the EU hinder or help the 'brexiteers' !

WED 20th FEB 2019

1472; Orkney and Shetland were pawned by Norway to Scotland in lieu of a dowry for Princess Margaret, daughter of Christian I, the King of Norway and Denmark.
As the wife of King James III of Scotland she was the Queen Consort and the mother of the future King James IV of Scotland.
Did the islanders become aware, 'how long later'.
Long before the days of old when knights were bold.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1757; The birth of John Fuller, better known as 'Mad Jack' Fuller, although he himself preferred to be called 'Honest John' Fuller.
As Squire of the hamlet of Brightling, in Sussex he was well known as a builder of follies, but was also a philanthropist and a patron of the arts and sciences.
He was eventually elected as a Member of Parliament but was a noted drunk, which led to a number of 'incidents' in the Houses of Parliament.
His parliamentary career is probably most noted for his staunch support of slavery and in one such debate he claimed that West Indian slaves lived in better conditions than many people in England.
In 1811, a pyramid-shaped building was erected in the churchyard in Brightling, as a future mausoleum for John Fuller.
And; there he was buried, in 1834.
The planet is going through an extended phase of looking the other way to the cant and hypocrisy of bullies living off the sweat of another mans - and now increasingly womans - labour.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1947; Lord Louis Mountbatten, cousin of King George VI and a hero of World War II, was appointed the last Viceroy of India, on the same day that London announced that the British would leave India by June 1948.
What is seen as the biggest democracy in the world has never had a famine since - don't mention the 'breakaway' Bangladesh; something to do with religion.
In the same year he was granted the title of Baron Romsey.
The family coat of arms 'In Honour Bound' is in Romsey Abbey, where he is also buried.
The royals get medals for merely visiting places - more often than not, commonwealth nation states...
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1990; Environmentalists attacked the Government of Margaret Thatcher for proposing to spend £12.4 billion on new roads.
As global warming gets ever so earth destroying closer is your carbon footprint bigger than mine.
Will electric cars be enough to nullify the ozone stripping effect of flying.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

Will the UK align more as a global warming chum of America.
Greece as a member of the EU will tend to follow any directive - self determinism will take a back seat to the capitalist collective.

THURS 21st FEB 2019

1431; In a trial demanded by the English, French heroine Joan of Arc was accused of heresy before the judges in Rouen.
1437; James I, King of Scotland, was assassinated by a group of dissident nobles led by the earl of Atholl. The crown went to his son, James II.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1916; World War I: The start of the Battle of Verdun in NE France - just one of many.
It was the longest and one of the bloodiest engagements of World War I and continued until 16th December.
Never ever forget - many do - that one of the founding aims of the EU (then the EEC) was to prevent another war in Europe.
Since then; many members have dabbled in wars with other nation states on this once wild and wonderful planet.
None - not one - has been as belicose as us Brits.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1988; The grave of Boadicea, the warrior queen who fought the Romans in Britain nearly 2,000 years ago, was located by archaeologists under Platform 8 at King’s Cross railway station.
British Rail said they had just refurbished the platform and anyone wanting to dig it up would have to come up with a strong case.
And they did!
Would the fragmentised rail infrastructure of today - many train sets operated 'within the rules' by other nation states of the EU - be as accommodating, for whatever reason!
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

Mixed up in the Greek loan repayment deal, is the selling off of Greek national assets.
Many Greeks are far from happy about it - Greece is still a member of the 'centre right' controlled EU.
Many of its leaders go to the far end of flatulence to prove they are just 'ordinary' people - but; thats life to the unwary.

FRI 22FEB 2019

1797; Over 1,000 French troops attempted to invade Britain and landed at Fishguard, but were soon captured by the brave ladies of the town.
No other foreign force has managed to invade mainland Britain since.
The French force was in fact led by an Irish/American; was subjected to many a calamity at sea, and the fact that it was defeated, should be taken with a pinch of welsh womanhood.
300 years ago the power of love was alive and well; but, womens lib!
The fact that we are an island and oil - which according to international law will be owned by an independent Scotland - wasn't harvested until a couple of generations ago; are we really worth invading!
Economics now rules politics OK.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH !

1944; World War II: Allied American aircraft mistakenly bombed the Dutch towns of Nijmegen, Arnhem, Enschede and Deventer, resulting in 800 dead in Nijmegen alone.
The Dutch love the Brits - the vast majority speak English better than an Englishman/woman - cos we were the Nation State that liberated them in the second world war.
The Americans had a reputation of being long range snipers that used the power of unlimited fire in the field of fire; by the UK 'Defence Force'.
When asked why no British personnel had corroborated the use of rendition by the Blairite led establishment; a UK union leader less than jokingly quipped, 'whenever anybody hears an American plane approaching; they dive for cover'.
The Brit/Dutch love affair will fade even more with Brexit.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1995; Prime Minister John Major and Irish Prime Minister John Bruton, presented a 37-page framework document intended to guide the peace negotiations over Northern Ireland.
The ending of the 'Irish Troubles' was signed off in 1998 and written into the British/UK constitution - it is thought we don't have a written constitution - as somewhat legally binding.
The Americans claim a large mouth/hand in the deal; naturally!
The negotiations were swung into peace mode by the forthrightness of a complex socialist in the Bliarite Establishment; it is claimed by the UK.
Mo Mowlam later died of cancer - no tantalising tears now.
The Irish border is now, one of - if not the biggest - main contenders of the parliamentary debate.
As each and every new angle is mooted daily by the media; the border is placed more and more on the back burner.
Life and death is an - if you are lucky - afterthought!
Wanna be in my gang.GOSH

Is Greece as a member of the EU more pals with the us than the Trump led Americans!

SAT 23FEB 2019

1820; British police uncovered 'The Cato Street Conspiracy', planned by Arthur - insurgent/terrorist/radical/ pre-communism communist - Thistlewood, to assassinate Cabinet ministers.
Five of the eighteen conspirators were publicly hanged outside Newgate prison on 1st May 1820, six were transported to Australia for life, and the rest were either rewarded or released due to their status as spies, agent provocateurs, or men who had turned King's Evidence.
Add the fact that ARTY was coerced and done in by a police 'spy' - now called an undercover cop - and, we have an exemplary example of it it all been done before.
The times they are a changing - alas; time, is running out since article 50 was triggered by a divided UK
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1945; World War II: The German town of Pforzheim was almost completely destroyed in a raid by 379 British bombers.
About one quarter of the town's population (over 17,000 people) were killed in the air raid.
The town was thought by the Allies to be producing precision instruments for use in the German war effort and to be a transport centre for the movement of German troops.
Long before war between anything on this planet starts; the truth is the first thing out the window.
Innocent non combatants that die are now called - ever so conveniently - collateral...
Wanna be in my hawk or dove gang GOSH

1953; In Britain, an amnesty offered to World War II deserters brought in applications from more than 3000 servicemen.
Time is indeed to many, a great healer.
Wanna be in a turn back time Gang GOSH.

1963; Peter Hicks, a farmer who electrified his car to ward off traffic wardens in London's Covent Garden had to wait nine months before police returned his electric device and told him they would not be prosecuting.
Judging public opinion EH!
Judge ye not; lest ye be judged thy self.
The police - whether one likes it or not; are paid by and aligned to the establishment - are supposed to reflect public opinion.
All institutions/organisations are run by and for the people within them - they are supposed to be controlled by the rest of society - it is up to us 'humans' what kind of society we have.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

2012; Taxpayer-backed Royal Bank of Scotland announced a full year loss of nearly £2bn, further fuelling the debate about bankers' pay and bonuses.
Nevertheless, £390m in bonuses was still paid to RBS's 17,000 investment bankers.
What's it all about...
Can you deny that the means of production and producing wealth have now moved to the East of this planet.
Can you deny that the developed western economies are now top heavy.
Too many chiefs and not enough indians used to be an oft used phrase.
Can you deny that there are too many creaming it off the top - time to get back to basics; however; not, the John major/don't teach your granny how to suck eggs version.
Is your/nation state/trading block carbon footprint bigger than mine!
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

2014; The oldest known survivor of the Nazi Holocaust, Alice Herz-Sommer, died in London at the age of 110.
She was an accomplished pianist and music teacher and a film about her life was nominated for the best short documentary at the Academy Awards.
Born into a Jewish family in Prague in 1903, Ms Herz-Sommer spent two years in a Nazi concentration camp in Terezin.
If you believe that a pro-palestinian is an anti-Semitic; think on.
What has the nation state of Israel got in common with the nation state of America!
The latest example in time of the oppressed becoming the oppressors
If you do not know that the state of Israel is over represented in the developed world; you need some more munitions in your mitzvah
Wanna be in my up yours gang GOSH

The UK is the nation state that has challenged politically the Economic trading bloc of the EU.
The non establishment citizens of Greece are giggling less than gallantly at the vainglorious struggling of politicians of all nation states to describe the present divisiveness.
Do we deserve the politicians we get!
The politicians certainly think so.

SUN 24th FEB 2019

1303; The Battle of Roslin - a battle of the First War of Scottish Independence.
The war itself lasted from the invasion by England in 1296 until the legal restoration of Scottish independence with the Treaty of Edinburgh - Northampton in 1328.
It took time in them days...
As a Northern member of the Labour party; I've nothing against Scottish Independence - go for it.
People forget that we would have a Labour government if the jocks reverted back to the Labour party... Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1909; Suffragettes attempted to break into the Houses of Parliament.
The police made 29 arrests.
1920; Lady Nancy Astor, ( an american toff - the first woman to ever hold a seat in the House of Commons), became the first woman to speak in Parliament.
Many believe she was an anti- feminist foil The first woman MP elected was a member of Sinn Fein - she did not take her seat.
` Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1971; Commonwealth citizens lost their automatic right to remain in the UK under the 1970 Ted Heath tory government's new Immigration Bill.
A climate of fear is nothing new - nor is extremism in politics.
Teddy boy started official negotiations for Britain to join the EU.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1999; Home Secretary Jack Straw published the McPherson Report into the police handling of the murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence.
The Metropolitan Police were criticised for what the report called 'institutionalised racism'.
In times of a nation state being under economic pressure ( what pressure if you are doing alright ) Extremism and racism increase.
Pressure for some was just starting to take unspoken in public hold in 1999.

The Greek economy is under far greater pressure in the developed world than ours.

MON 25th FEB 2019

1913; English suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst went on trial for a bomb attack on the home of David Lloyd George, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
A female socialist if ever there was one
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1953; An inquest heard that the Princess Victoria, a ferry which sank off Belfast drowning 133 people had met 'a howling gale and an horrific rolling sea that attacked the ship from all sides.'
When the decision was made to turn back towards Stranraer a huge wave forced open the stern doors on the car deck, buckling them in the process and flooding the car deck which caused the ship to roll over and sink.
193 people lost their lives - many to hypothermia - when the UK owned ferry 'Herald of free enterprise' sank in shallow water just off Zeebruge in 1987.
The cause was initially put down to human error - and quickly moved onto corporate manslaughter - many changes in design were made.
P and O is now part of DP - a multi-national group; part of the ultra rich 1% that is really safe in more ways than one - the times have changed.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1955;Britain's largest ever aircraft carrier, the Ark Royal, was completed.
She was the fourth ship of that name to have served the Crown.
The latest UK aircraft carrier is clouded in controversy - cos of the cuts.
The life and use of the latest 'defence toys' will be decided long after the dogs breakfast of brexit has - if ever - been digested.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

The maritime future decisions of Greece will be subjected to less waves than the UK...

TUES 26th FEB 2019

1797; The Bank of England issued the first ever one pound note.
Printed on watermark paper with a vignette of Britannia on the top left hand corner, the hand-signed white £1 notes were withdrawn in the 1820s.
Overtime; the value of a nation state means of exchange of wealth has gone up and down - due to competition; wherever it comes from.
As a person who was once paid in cash in a brown paper envelope; I am an individual well aware of the changes in the banking industry.
With thatcherism came deregulation in the developed banking world - the UK became a world leader.
A world leader in the plebs being caught by the short and curlies...
All change was dependent on the plebs being dominated by the banking systems.
Self determinism was the given reason for not adopting the Euro - the main reason for retaining the pound sterling was the profitability of the banks.
Time for change...
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1995; Barings, the country's oldest merchant bank, declared bankruptcy after discovering that Nicholas Leeson, the firm's chief trader in Singapore, had lost approximately £625 million of the bank's assets on unauthorized futures and options transactions.
Many reasons have been mooted as to how he got into such debt on behalf of a private bank.
Never ever forget when alongside a nation state printing funny money to 'get ahead' the investment game has winners and losers'
The investment side of banking is no different to the workings of a casino.
Those that sat back and enjoyed the proceeds had no idea of what was going on - by the time they almost fully understood the rapid change; it was too late - time to print more funny money.
Time for the rapid change to making things again.
Wanna be in my less greedy gang GOSH

2015; 27 year old Lance Corporal Joshua Leakey from the Parachute Regiment was awarded the Victoria Cross, becoming the first living VC recipient of the Afghan war.
We don't need another hero - or, should we invest in more war!
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

Greece is not known for its modern heroes - it has also adopted the Euro.

WED 27th FEB 2019

1560; The Treaty of Berwick which would expel the French from Scotland, was signed by England and the Protestant noblemen known as the Congregation of Scotland.
Wanna be in my - are you really religious - Gang GOSH

1776; Pitt the Younger resigned his commission in the army rather than fight America.
Not so long ago N. America was a colony and Canada was still being fought by the nation state colonisers.. Every developed nation state had an Empire...
The now small nation state of the UK has still to reap the seeds planted by the largest Empire ever on this getting smaller planet.
Careful what you wish for...
Wanna be in my contemporary gang GOSH

1907;London's main criminal court, the Old Bailey was built, on the site of Newgate Prison.
If I only had what kind of time...
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1991; The Gulf War came to an end with the liberation of Kuwait & the retreat of Iraqi forces.
Many nation states were once exploited - frenemies become the enemies.
Wanna be in my nation state gang GOSH

2002;Spike Milligan, Irish comedian and writer died, aged 83.
After the death of his friend Harry Secombe from cancer on 11th April 2001, Milligan said, "I'm glad he died before me, because I didn't want him to sing at my funeral."
On his headstone is inscribed "I'Duirt mé leat go raibh mé breoite", which is Irish for "I told you I was ill."
He was the favourite comic of Prince Charles who wrote a letter congratulating Milligan on winning a Lifetime Achievement Award, whereupon the comic, on live TV, jokingly labelled the Prince a "grovelling little bastard". Mr Terence Milligan was born in India and refused English nationality; despite serving in HM forces for six years.
He became Irish; lived much of his later life in Australia; however, he died and was buried in England.
It is more than rumoured he said, 'I would like to thank... Hold on I done it all myself...''
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

2014; An 'unreserved apology' was issued by the government to the family of 47 year old Sheila Holt from Rochdale who was sent a letter encouraging her to find work, even though she had been in a coma for two months.
She was sectioned under the Mental Health Act in December after struggling to cope with the government’s controversial new back-to-work scheme and had a heart attack on 17th December.
Wonder what Spike would have said about the contemporary culture of ...
Wanna be in my 'austerity' has gone too far Gang GOSH

Would Greece have been better of as a nation state that didn't join the EU and Euro!
Many banking pundits are now nailing their colours to the mast.
For a pleb in a divided nation with international borders; only time will tell...

THURS 28th FEB 2019

1874; Arthur Orton, who claimed to be the long lost heir to the wealthy Tichborne estate in Hampshire, was found guilty of perjury after a trial of 260 days, the longest trial in England.
He was sentenced to 14 years’ hard labour, as the real Sir Roger Tichborne had perished at sea in 1853.
Was Arty boy the first attempt at becoming the 'new' nouveaux rich.
There's nowt as queer (in the best possible way) as folk.
You can't con an honest man - or to put it colloquially; you can't kid a kidda, kidda. The more the perceived reward; the greater the lie...
At what point does a lie become the truth in mans - and womans now - interaction.
Ask the leader of the western developed world; or, is it/he the last throw of the dice for the UsofA economy.
Wanna be in whose gang GOSH

1925; The birth of the actor Harry H. Corbett.
In the early 1950s, he added the initial "H" to avoid confusion with the television entertainer Harry Corbett, who was known for his act with the glove-puppet Sooty.
A chance meeting with writers Ray Galton and Alan Simpson, who had been successful with Hancock's Half Hour, changed Corbett's life.
He is best known for his starring role in the popular and long-running BBC Television sitcom Steptoe and Son.
Early in his career he was dubbed 'the English Marlon Brando' by some sections of the British press.
Everthing used to be big in America - in the era of information; everything is smaller; apart from the cons.
Wanna be in what - just hanging on - gang GOSH

1931; Having left the Labour Party, Sir Oswald Mosley formed the "New Party" which he said was dedicated to turning parliament "from a talk-shop into a workshop".
The party later evolved into the British Union of Fascists.
All of the many battles were fought mostly by the British working class - a minority were of Jewish extraction.
It really has all been done before.
Wanna be in my confusingly together gang GOSH

The Greek nation state is just as confusingly divided as ours - except, they voted to narrowly remain in the EU trading bloc.
Is it the economy stupid!