DEC 23rd 2018

1688; As part of the Glorious Revolution to overthrow King James II of England (James VII of Scotland), the KIng fled to Paris 'On This Day' after being deposed in favour of his nephew, William of Orange and his daughter Mary.
'The king is dead...'
'Blood is thicker than water'... Throw in the heady mix of the guise of religious lust for power and the mix becomes toxic indeed.
How much is the church over represented in the establishment of today!
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1888; The birth, in Hull, of the film magnate J. Arthur Rank.
He was founder of the Rank Organisation, now known as The Rank Group Plc.
Bet you thought he was American - the man whose name became euphemistically associated with 'bad' and 'onerism' was English through and through.
While not 'upper' class; J Arthur was born and bred into a wealthy family of rank-hovis floury 'Victorian Values' His British organisation competed with the USofA film industry - of which it is said, it would take more than a lifetime to watch every American film ever made.
Bollywood now pays more than Hollywood - so does the IPL; it used to be centred on the summer sound of willow on cherry.
The times have changed; never mind achanging...
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1956; The United Nations Emergency Force took over in Egypt after British and French forces withdrew from Port Said and Port Fuad, thus ending the Suez Crisis.
What percentage of the UK population are aware that the withdrawal was due to pressure from America.
How many people know that the Arab v Israel war ended cos the jewish dominated American establishment/government paid off the Egyptian national debt.
Man/Woman does not know where he has been; never mind going...
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1987; The first ‘Scrooge’ award by the Low Pay Unit was made to a Wiltshire stable-owner who paid a qualified groom only £28 a week.
The runner-up was a doctor employing a telephonist for 30p an hour.
The prize was a copy of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.
If you don't think that a 'hostile environment' helps foster the slavery of today; you need another arsehole for your affluence.
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2013; Former MP Denis MacShane was jailed for six months for expenses fraud after admitting submitting 19 fake receipts amounting to £12,900.
MacShane said 'cheers' as the sentence was delivered, before adding, 'quelle surprise' as he was led from the dock.
He became the fifth MP to get a prison sentence after the 2009 expenses scandal.
Mr. McShane was supposed to be a socialist on the side of the pleb (unwashed) masses.
This was when the word 'redact' became popularised in the English Language.
Despite the publishing of a leaked, unredacted disc - which was drip fed to the masses by a bias national daily - most UK citizens were unaware to the true extent of establishment corruption.
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2014; Ashley Stansfield, 48, a prisoner released on licence, was sentenced to spend Christmas in jail after he was punished for taking a job which started at 6.15 in the morning, 45 minutes before his night-time curfew expired. Rules is rules - this sort of thing happens more than one thinks.
Do all nation state establishments have more than their share of 'Jobsworths'!
The trouble is; they don;t think that they are in that Gang GOSH

Has the Greek nation state got its share of 'jobsworths'!
One genuine criticism of the EU, the inhabitants of this planet are all becoming the same; quicker...

DEC 24th 2018

1914; World War 1 - Not a shot was fired, as German & British soldiers played football & handed out drinks, cigars & souvenirs.
It was possibly the most poignant moment of the 'Great War' & for several days afterwards the two sides appeared reluctant to fire on the men they had met face to face.
Will we ever learn from history of the futility of war?
Not as long as the shareholders of the nation state arms industry are dieing (not) for war!
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1650; Edinburgh Castle surrendered to troops commanded by Oliver Cromwell.
1814; The war of 1812 between the US and Britain was brought to an end with the signing of the Treaty of Ghent.
Many are not aware that the 13 colonies that fought against the UK in the American war of independence (1775-1783) were allied to France.
The abdication of Napolean brought about 'The Treaty of Ghent'
War used to be about land and the resulting trade treaties at the end of war.
Don't mention the Germans and 'lebensraum', and; one of the main aims of the EU is the prevention of another war on the mainland of Europe!
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1914; A German monoplane dropped a single bomb on Dover, the first ever to be dropped on British soil. It landed on a rectory garden lawn and blew out the house windows.
1979; The first European Ariane rocket was launched. It had been officially agreed upon at the end of 1973 after delicate discussions between France, Germany and Britain.
The project was Western Europe's second attempt to develop its own launcher, following the unsuccessful Europa project.
Space research is too costly for individual enterprise - proper research and exploration is too much for individual nation states as this planet is subjected to man made warming.
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2013; Several thousand passengers were stranded at Gatwick Airport following stormy weather.
The airport said electricity sub-stations on the airfield had flooded with water from the River Mole.
Will establishment politicians be given much airspace to drone on about the latest Gatwick 'incident'.
The forces of law and order have released the 'persons of interest' without charge.
Before this extended era of individual enterprise caused an increase in litigation; they used to be called suspects.
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2018; Christmas Eve - Because of ongoing major conservation work on Parliament's Elizabeth Tower, the bell of 'Rochdale' Town Hall replaced the usual chimes of Big Ben on BBC Radio 4 news bulletins.
The Rochdale bell was selected, in part, because it uses the same 'Westminster chime' as Big Ben.
Despite the recent and planned (innovative) changes man/womankind are still creatures of habit!
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Will the UK pleb go through a similar economic war on leaving as the Greek pleb agrees to repaying the loans on staying!

DEC 25th 2018

440; Church leaders agreed to fix the date of the birth of Christ.
Previously some people had celebrated it in May, others in January.
Umpteen generations later the commercialisation of Xmas is almost complete.
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1652; The Puritan government ordered all Churches to remain closed on Christmas Day.
All of a sudden, life's not so rich-then you don't worship one.
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1800; The first Christmas tree in Britain was erected at Queen’s Lodge, Windsor by the German-born Queen Charlotte, wife of George III.
She brought the idea over from Germany where the first reports of Christmas trees go back to 1521.
Wonder what the present pack on be benefit think of brexit...!
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1914; The Christmas truce between British and German troops continued.
At 2 a.m. a German band went along the trenches playing Home Sweet Home and God Save the King.
When I blow this whistle, let's be chums for a while.
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1932; King George V made the first Royal Christmas broadcast to the Empire.
Queen Elizabeth II made her first Christmas broadcast in 1952, and her first television Christmas message was broadcast in 1957.
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2010 The body of landscape architect Joanna Yeates was found, covered with leaves in Failand, North Somerset. A post-mortem examination determined that she had been strangled.
The police initially suspected and arrested Christopher Jefferies, Yeates' landlord, who lived in a flat in the same building.
The 'shall we hang him' o press reporting on of the case led to 'substantial, undisclosed libel damages' from eight newspapers being awarded to Mr. Jefferies.
If the love of money makes the world go around; gossip helps it spin that little bit faster...
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The Greeks don't have Xmas trees - houses (most) have a traditionally wooden bowl with a piece of basil suspended therein.
Each to his own - it is certainly a cheaper version...
The shape of things to come! Perhaps...

DEC 26th 2018

1874; Boxing Day was officially recognized in Britain as a Bank Holiday.
The name originates from the custom of Christmas boxes being given to a lord's serfs and dates back to the middle ages.
Was it known as duel day or disagreement day through time!
In this era of haves and have-nots will it become known as disengagement day or top up day!
Now's the season to be jolly; have another slug and keep the lolly.
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1900; A relief crew arrived at the the lighthouse on the Flannan Isles, in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, only to find that the previous crew of three lighthouse keepers had all disappeared without a trace.
The mystery has never been resolved, but rumours and myths still abound.
An early sort of shooting; or, copy cat 'misguided' heroism!
Wanna be in the wrong gang at the wrong time Gang! GOSH

1988; Crash investigators uncovered wreckage which they hoped would hold the key to the Lockerbie air disaster of 21st December.
Two men, said to be Libyan intelligence agents were later put on trial for planting the bomb. 2001; A man captured as he tried to ignite explosives hidden in his trainers aboard an American Airlines jet was identified as Richard Reid, a 28-year old unemployed British citizen.
This year there was a meme on the internet which aptly sums up this planets present relationships...
'When you stop bombing our country; we'll stop coming to yours.
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2013; More people accessed the BBC iPlayer on tablets than on computers for the first time, after thousands had unwrapped new devices for Christmas.
Over the festive period, there were 1.96 million requests for Doctor Who's Christmas special The Time of the Doctor, in which Peter Capaldi arrived to succeed Matt Smith.
Young men think old men are daft...
Old men know young men are daft.
I have never been into 'Dr who';but, I can remember watching one episode of 'Quatermass' from behind the sofa(settee). I've got a top of the range tablet - I can remember when the technology was stacked up ready to bring onto the market - some; a (lot) was brought onto the market before it was ready.
The digital child will slowly adapt to the slow down in the rate of change that is coming down the line.
How long has roger the robot been around now.
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In economics there is a concept of 'The scale of Economies'.
Will the Greek economy fare better as a member of a large trading block in the impending future!
I less than jokingly describe myself as someone to the left of Karl Marx.
Have I been subverted; or just going along with the flow!

DEC 27th 2018

1836; At least 8 people were killed at Lewes, Sussex, in Britain's worst avalanche disaster.
Yes; a build up of snow in south of England.
Weather change is used as an argument by those who do not believe in global warming.
The build up of man made/used gases is climate change - not weather change.
Those who are somewhat belligerent non believers are usually childless, large carbon footprint, greedy gits. NO GOSH GOSH

1918; A British sovereign welcomed an American President to Britain for the first time when King George V and Queen Mary met President and Mrs. Wilson at Charing Cross Railway Station and then escorted them to Buckingham Palace.
A state banquet was held at the palace and President Wilson visited Carlisle, his mother’s home.
Was this the rekindling of the 'special relationship'! how many generations after the war of independence and three generations before the first awareness of global warming!
The Americas and the rest of the world are much further away than the main land of Europe.
Every second and metre count!
Are you in a gang of greedy gits GOSH

1945; The World Bank and International Monetary Fund were created with the signing of an agreement by 29 nations...
Not long after the end of the second world war and before men and woman became aware of Global warming.
We now live in an era where the developed world wealth has been hijacked by the haves.
There is no reason at all why us wealthy nations can be guaranteed a year upon year increase of national/individual wealth.
Will the next world clash be caused by emerging nations refusing to accept the limitations of climate control.
The times they are achanging...
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1965; Thirteen people were killed when Britain's first North Sea drilling rig (Sea Gem) capsized.
Was this the first incident to draw attention to old and new war of profit v people.
The word 'whistleblower' was first used in this battle of the rich making decisions that affected the lives of the poor.
Mostly the great British public became accustomed to the spin and looked the other way.
Much is made of the 'Norway' solution to the 'dogs breakfast' of brexit.
Norway has, according to accepted international law its fair share of north sea oil fields.
Without complicating international independence and oil...
Is the bloodthirsty viking domination of much of the UK still responsible for the short terminism accepted by many of the English plebs!
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1975; The Sex Discrimination and Equal Pay Acts came into effect in Britain.
Is it the irony or humour of the UK culture that in reality, laughs at legislation.
Don't mention the ignored legislation re. Whistle blowing.
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Is it the hearts or minds of the Greek population that have narrowly agreed to remain in the EU!

DEC 29th 2018

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