DEC 16th 2018

1653; Following the execution of Charles I, Oliver Cromwell failed to get the Parliament he wanted and became Lord Protector, turning himself into an uncrowned king for the next four years.
He was buried in Westminster Abbey but after the Royalists returned to power, they had his corpse dug up, hung in chains, and beheaded.
Judge ye not; lest ye be judged thyself - does that come from the bible!
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1773; Taxes by Britain on tea and other commodities led Samuel Adams and 150 ‘Sons of Liberty’ disguised as Mohawk Indians to hold what became known as the Boston Tea Party.
342 tea chests worth £18,000 were tossed off Griffin’s Wharf into Boston Harbour.
The War of Independence had begun.
One of the indeed most surprising 'facts' hidden in the history of the land of the free...
Many of those that wore the robes of the Ku Klux clan were direct descendants of Scottish migrants.
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1916; A public display of Baden Powell's new book 'The Wolf Cub's Handbook' was held at Caxton Hall, Westminster, nine years after the foundation of his Boy Scouts Association.
The 'boy scouts' and the working class version, 'The boys Brigade' both had military undertones - though many are quick to strenuously deny it.
Don't mention the 'Salvation Army'...
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1969; MPs voted by a big majority for the permanent abolition of the death penalty for murder.
Yet the majority of plebs and people were in favour of retention...
Don't mention the present day disconnect between politicians and the people. Wanna be in what kind of gang GOSH

1998; USA & Britain combined bombing attacks on Iraq after UN weapons inspectors were expelled from the country, contrary to assurances given by Saddam Hussein.
Iraq and its oil used to be one of the best friends of the developed world.
The government of the UK purporting to be left wing went to war and ignored the huge demonstration against war.
The nation state that was in decline was well on the way to deep division.
They (who) say that we get the politicians we deserve...
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2013; The UK paid more than £27m in aid to China last year.
China, which has poured billions into its flagship space programme, has a GDP of £5.2 trillion compared with Britain’s £1.5 trillion.
Space exploration is so expensive that it is now a consortium of Russia, America and to a lesser extent, the UK.
Having said that; those nation states, private enterprise and the EU go their own way.
BT which supplies the establishment technological equipment imports the 'gear' from China.
Long gone are the days when the British Empire sent a gun boat up the Yangste
It was not so long ago the Beijing was called Peking...
The times they are a changing...
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2013; A Hillsborough pre-inquest hearing was told that a police video of the tragedy had an 'unexplained 10-minute gap in the middle'. New inquests into 96 fans’ deaths would commence in March 2014 and consider the emergency services' response for the first time.
Will most of the real truth finally emerge when the protagonists have left this earth.
Power corrupts...
Justice must be seen to be done...
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Is the public dissemination about the Greek loans being suppressed by most of the MSM with an undeclared interest!
You can call me a cynic; however, I see myself as a realist.

DEC 17th 2018

1843; A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens, was published
The book not the much older songs/music about Xmas.
Charlie Dickens became famous for writing about poverty...
His dad was incarcerated in a debtors prison.
Mr 'Dickens' became a celebrated rags to riches in real life.
Charles Dickens was a sort of socialist with an everlasting empathy for the poor.
He died of a stroke aged 58 - life and death could be described as 'hunky gory' GOSH

1933; Members of the public were allowed to walk through the recently completed Mersey Road Tunnel, prior to its opening to traffic.
Will Global warming bring an end to the plebs 'love affair' with the car.
If the national restructuring of transport is not bought about fairly; it will certainly be a cause/course of conflict.
And you thought the present division was a bit hunky gory! GOSH

1968; An 11-year-old girl (Mary Bell) was sentenced to life in detention after being found guilty at Newcastle Assizes of the manslaughter of two small boys.
It was said that she strangled the boys, aged four and three, 'solely for the pleasure and excitement of killing'.
There' nowt as queer as folk.
For some amongst us life is indeed; just gory.

1954; The British Petroleum Company (BP) was formed.
Originally formed with oil from Persia (now named Iran) BP is a multinational owned by the UK and various international investment companies - mainly American funny money.
1976; Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates rejected Opec's recommended 15% oil price increase and chose to impose a lower price rise of 5%.
Most plebs cannot appreciate the vast amounts of money involved in Fossil fuels...
Wonder if it's the carbon footprint haves who are holding back the change to renewable energy; that is inevitably necessary to the defeat of Global Warming.
Will it be a peaceful transition; or bloody and gorey GOSH

2014; Birmingham was named as one of the top 10 cities in the world by travel handbook company Rough Guide.
It was the only UK location on the list.
Bet ya most black brummies belligerently disagree
To some; life is a somewhat gory GAS GOSH

Wonder what percentage of the Indigenous Greek population think that life is a GAS GOSH

DEC 18th 2018

1559; Queen Elizabeth I of England sent aid to the Scottish Lords to drive the French from Scotland.
Overtime teams change; and, in a lifetime, any one individual can be on the team or off the team; at times.
To complicate matters one can be in the loop; or out.
Want to know why that bloke that lived about 4 centuries ago - how many generations is that - can't be shaken by a spear.
For what is a rose! it smells as sweet by any other name.
All the worlds a stage; and, all those on it are players...
Or; words to that effect mean, the same over time
It is no help that the nation state that once claimed we are all the same class now; is beset with the present deep division.
It goes some way to explaining why, the present establishment didn't see it coming.
Wanna be in which Gang GOSH

1792; Radical political writer Thomas Paine was tried for treason - where'd he go muskie - for publishing 'The Rights of Man' in which he supported the French Revolution and called for the abolition of the British Monarchy.
How many have heard of this English born American who was a man of the people against royalty and religion.
Not many in dear old blighty at all; as his writing aided and abetted the American revolution.
Even today; Yankees are not all bad...
Just as deregulation of all thing financial by thatcherism; is the election of trump, the last desperate throw of the dice for the American economy!
All Empires wax and wane - wonder who first said, 'every dog has his/its day'.
Those that once made an easy living from the British Empire are now competing for the good scraps of a nation state with an economy under pressure.
Wanna be in which Gang GOSH

1916; The Battle of Verdun, the longest engagement of World War I, ended after 10 months and massive loss of life.
23 million shells had been fired and 650,000 were killed.
War is very similar to inflation; as soon as the next generation forgets.
1989 The Labour Party abandoned its policy on trade union 'closed shops' in line with centre right European legislation. Banking crashes are a form of inflation for the many and not the few.
Which bring us on to socialist Jeremy Corbyn.
He's the leader of one half of a divided nation now; he has to accept compromise.
Politics is a trade off between passion and professionalism - has passion taken the back seat lately! My English heart is with the leavers; alas, my multinational head is with the remainers - Just.
Wanna be in my Gang GOSH

The nation state of Greece is divided roughly equally - reading between the lines; so are almost all the members of the EU.
You know it don't come easy...
My instinct of self preservation and the way that the world appears to be going says that, we will be better off in a large trading block - even though I'm economically out of the game to a large extent, now.

DEC 19th 2018

1606; English entrepreneurs set sail in the Susan Constant, the Godspeed, and the Discovery to establish a colony at Jamestown, Virginia, the first of the thirteen colonies that became the United States.
The mayflower carrying the persecuted puritans didn't arrive until 1620 and asked permission to land from the original pioneers.
Were religious people complicit in the death of the American Indian - it seems they were; the oppressed became the oppressors.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH.

1924; The last Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost was sold, in London.The Silver Ghost is considered the most valuable car in the world. In 2005 its insured value was placed at more than £22 million.
By 2011 it was valued at almost £37 million.
Rolls Royce Makes cars plane engines and, is in the the arms industry.
The company was nationalised; went into liquidation and was privatised.
The car is now owned by BMW; the aero engines depend on investment by TATA and the whole kit and caboodle comes under the auspices of a holding group.
The company is still listed on the footsie as a UK multi - your guess is as good as mine; who actually holds shares in the 'holding group'.
Like tax; everything to do with wealth is made as complicated as possible.
A not unusual example of the haves and have-nots in the world of international markets.
1932; The BBC World Service began broadcasting, as the BBC Empire Service.
1972; Frank O'Farrell lost his job as manger of Manchester United, following a 5–0 defeat to Crystal Palace. George Best, once again, announced his retirement, on the same day.
Not a good week for United.
Nobody or any institution stays top dog forever - here we go again...
Wanna be in my GANG GOSH

1972; Ugandan leader General Idi Amin gave British workers an ultimatum; to accept reduced pay or be expelled.
Most of the non indigenous population were Asians with British passports - they migrated to Britain...
Now about this brexit and the wane of the British Empire
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1984; Britain and China signed an agreement in Beijing, in which Britain agreed to transfer full sovereignty of Hong Kong to China in 1997.
Now about this brexit and the wane of the British Empire
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2014; The death (aged 70) of Mandy Rice-Davies, famous for her role in the 1960s 'Profumo affair' that almost toppled the conservative government in 1963.
She was the one that said, 'well he would say that; wouldn't he' and caused more than a brief titter, around the courtroom.
Sex and procreation made the world go around long before money became the easy way to exchange wealth.
Wanna be in my GANG GOSH!

The Greek government has voted to end austerity - guess the creed of party who voted against it.

DEC 20th 2018

1192; Richard the Lion-Heart was captured and imprisoned by Leopold V of Austria on his way home to England after signing a treaty that ended the Third crusade.
If you think the crusades were about religion - you need another sackful of sucrerie in your sermon.
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1910; The British General Election produced a tied vote, with the Liberal Party and the Tory Party each winning 272 seats.
A period of political parties being very similar - the socialist (mostly) was a minority government elected in 1924.
The second Labour government was a coalition of Labour and Liberal in 1929...
Before the era of information were politicians less prone to open division! Wanna be in my a bit secret Gang GOSH

1926; The birth of Sir Geoffrey Howe, British politician.
He was Margaret Thatcher's longest-serving Cabinet minister, successively holding the posts of Chancellor of the Exchequer, Foreign Secretary, and finally Leader of the House of Commons and Deputy Prime Minister.
His resignation on 1st November 1990 was widely considered to have precipitated Thatcher's own downfall three weeks later.
Howe had stood as leader against thatcher - the split over Europe almost became widely known to the UK PLeb all those years ago...
Wanna be in my right wing Gang GOSH

1979; The introduction of Britain's Housing Bill - forcing local councils to sell their houses to any tenants who wished to buy them.
It is not the 'lack of housing' that is the problem today.
The problem is who owns the present stock; in this extended era of individual endeavour; there are people living on the streets.
Up yours; if you are not in my Gang GOSH

1984; The Summit tunnel fire; the largest underground fire in history, as a freight train carrying over 1 million litres of petrol derailed near the town of Todmorden, in West Yorkshire.
The UK is not exempt large scale tragedies/incidents - there are many who believe we are...
Wanna be in my good nation state Gang GOSH

2004; A gang of thieves stole £26.5 million worth of currency from the Donegall Square West headquarters of the Northern Bank in Belfast, one of the largest bank robberies in UK history.
This is what happens when the dogs of war take advantage of a period of death and destruction
A so called 'Backstop' could be all it takes to re-awaken the 'troubles' and over 3,000 deaths
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

The biggest Greek bank robbery is the terms of the Greek taxpayer paying back the loans to private investors.
Loans that were made to Private Greek Banks without the knowledge of most Greek plebs.

DEC 21st 2018

1844 At 8:00 p.m. On This Day, the Rochdale Pioneers commenced business at their co-operative, now a museum , on Toad Lane, Rochdale, thus starting the Co-operative movement, often referred to simply as the Co-op.
As each generation comes to terms with its own environment - as time goes by! what is actually different.
When I were a lad the Co-op was huge and took care of all colours, creeds and times of life.
It was a sustained era of 'no contracts' and loyalty was rewarded.
In this era where every one and his/her dog is after your money; the coop now has a political movement and a few old souls deperately hanging on to the coat tails of the cooperative society - which is mostly owned by USofA hedge funds.
Funds made up by the American (democrats as well) government which the funny money community (bankers etc) were given to save the USofA economy.
It is up to us plebs what kind of society we live (exist) in - time for change!
Wanna be in my gang GOSH.

1846; Robert Liston, Scottish surgeon, used anaesthetic (ether) for the first time in a British operation, at University College Hospital, London, to perform an amputation of a leg.
Liston was known as 'the fastest knife in the West End' at a time when speed was essential to reduce pain and improve the odds of survival of a patient.
The medical profession is no different to any other; there are good guys/galls and bad.
Doctors are like worshippers of Gods - even in the 'old days' they had a more affluent level of lifestyle than plebs.
Today 'laughing gas' is being sold over the counter as a death dealing addictive drug.
In the age of deregulation; boosted by austerity, do you know where you are going to!
Time for radical change.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1872; The Challenger expedition, when HMS Challenger, commanded by Captain George Nares, sailed from Portsmouth.
The scientific exercise covered almost 70,000 nautical miles, laid the foundation of oceanography and more than 4,000 previously unknown species were discovered.
The expedition was hailed as 'the greatest advance in the knowledge of our planet since the celebrated discoveries of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.'
Was this voyage of discovery helped or hindered by Darwins, 'The Origin of the Species', published in 1859.
Will humans be more like daleks when they colonise Mars!
Will humans still exist!
Time for inevitable change.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1962; President Kennedy and Prime Minister Harold Macmillan agreed that the UK would buy nuclear missiles from the US to form a multilateral NATO nuclear force.
Since those days; the EU has been narrowly rejected by the have-nots of the UK.
Being a pleb at heart; my instinct of self preservation is to go with the less than perfect EU trading block.
No one stays 'top dog' for ever - ask them footie fellows and females.
The hybrid communist controlled capitalism of the Chinese economy has now taken overtaken Russia as the 'auld enemy' of the once omnipotent American Empire.
Times have already changed.
Wanna be in my gang!

It has been such a long time since Greek culture ruled the world - with the help of force; of course.
Has the Geek pleb got a better mind; or, a longer memory, than the UK pleb; by staying in the EU!