Fri 15th DEC 2017

On This Day 15th of DEC

 Force Feeding A suffragette  Voted For War
1913; Suffragettes caused a dynamite explosion at Holloway Prison where Emmeline Pankhurst and Lady Constance Lytton were detained.
Mrs Pankhurst was an imprisoned hunger striking militant in the cause for female emancipation - a friend of Keir Hardie; she couldn't join a socialist organisation - men only in them days
She became a conservative candidate against bolshevism and died before women over 21 recieved the vote in 1928.
Go girl GO GOSH

1958; The last steam locomotive was made at Crewe.
Engine number 92250 was the 7,331st locomotive built since the works opened.
The last steam engine to run commercially on BR lines Was in 1968.
There has been a lot of hot air under the bridge since then...
Already a small fortune has been spent on HS2 - especially the gaffers.
In this wonderful world of two forward and one back; HS2 is one hell of a misaligned national gift.GOSH

1974; New speed limits were introduced.
Speed limits on motorways would remain at 70mph , but on dual carriageways they would become 60mph and on all other roads 50mph as the government tried to curb fuel use.
Today; the freedom of driving on Uk roads is a joke, he/she glared with a wry grin.
Time to return to nationalised rail...
Let the train take the strain - not the shareholders the gain GOSH

1982; There were scenes of jubilation as the gates isolating the people of Gibraltar from Spain were opened for the first time in 13 years.
There were tight restrictions, which included a ban on any British or foreign tourists crossing.
Don't mention Ireland and borders...
When the going gets rough - the tough wil be told to go GOSH

2014; Jonathan Paul Burrows, a London hedge fund manager who regularly avoided buying a train ticket on his commute to the City, was banned for life from working in any regulated financial industries.
In total, Mr Burrows was believed to have dodged £42,550 in fares.
He was the MD of Blackrock UK; who have just signed a bitcoin agreement with the Bank of England.
He was only bannedfrom having a senior role in the finance industry by the FCA.
He could now be working for our greedy government. NO GOSH

2015; Forty three year old astronaut Major Tim Peake became the first Briton to serve a mission on the International Space Station.
He took off from Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan at 11:03am GMT, alongside Nasa astronaut Tim Kopra and Russian commander Yuri Malenchenko.
Space research is so costly; it is now shared between major nation states.
And you think that Brexit is complicated... Here we go GOSH

The greeks contribute to the EU and international space Research.

SAT 16th DEC 2017

On This Day 16th of DEC

 Oliver Cromwell  The man who would be King
1653; Following the execution of Charles I, Oliver Cromwell failed to get the Parliament he wanted and became Lord Protector, turning himself into an uncrowned king for the next four years.
He was buried in Westminster Abbey but after the Royalists returned to power, they had his corpse dug up, hung in chains, and beheaded.
Greed grabs man by more than the heir producing goolies GOSH

1773; Taxes by Britain on tea and other commodities led Samuel Adams and 150 ‘Sons of Liberty’ disguised as Mohawk Indians to hold what became known as the Boston Tea Party.
342 tea chests worth £18,000 were tossed off Griffin’s Wharf into Boston Harbour.
The War of Independence had begun.
There used to be two certainties in life; death and taxes.
Where has the taxes for some gone GOSH.

1969; MPs voted by a big majority for the permanent abolition of the death penalty for murder.
Flog that man Mr Christian - He's dead sir.
Then flog his freakin kit.
Money - or the love of - makes the world go around...
Some souls try to take their money with them into the ground GOSH.

1998; USA & Britain combined bombing attacks on Iraq after UN weapons inspectors were expelled from the country.
Despite assurances given by Saddam Hussein - he used to be on our side; wonder what happened...
The nation states that don't go to war are increasing wealth faster than those that do.
Where has all the good sense gone!

2012; Tour de France and Olympic time trial champion Bradley Wiggins was voted the 2012 BBC Sports Personality of the Year.
At the same event Lord Coe, the Olympics 2012 chief, was awarded the BBC Lifetime Achievement Award.
How much has each medal for sport cost the UK recently! If you don't believe that sport is publically over-privatised and now worships money...
You need some more gas in your gateway

2013; A Hillsborough pre-inquest hearing was told that a police video of the tragedy had an 'unexplained 10-minute gap in the middle'.
New inquests into 96 fans’ deaths would commence in March 2014 and consider the emergency services' response for the first time.
Nowadays no one except the plebs is guilty of nowt.
Remember Elliot Ness the USof A Public prosecutor that had immense difficulty in bringing the mafia to account.
Today the american prosecutors and police don't believe in DNA Evidence - nothing technical; they are trained and paid to prosecure people...
Everbody should have a hobby and gaol - sorry goal GOSH

The Greeks are in dispute with the EU over the migration into Europe problem - don't mention Merkle and the mensche
Remember the EU done a billion Euro deal with Turkey (A non member) to police the borders - resulting in Greece becoming a migration bottle neck at best.
The EU has now promised Greece help with asylum and borders...
Like Brexit the problems just don't go away.

SUN 17th DEC 2017

On This Day 17th of DEC

 Humphry Davy  Ortwin Hess
1778; The birth, in Penzance, of Sir Humphrey Davy, English inventor of the safety lamp for miners which allowed miners to work safely in the presence of flammable gases.
Davy refused to patent the lamp, and its invention led to him being awarded the Rumford medal in 1816.
The medal has been awarded every alternate year since 1800 by the Royal Society for outstandingly important discoveries by a scientist working in Europe.
For some it were life and death - the prescence of gas. GOSH

The vast majority - by far - to be awarded the Rumford Medal are British.
In 2000 a brit bloke called Wilson Sibbet won it for:

"In recognition of his research on ultra-short pulse laser science and technology.
In his work on streak cameras, he first demonstrated the technique of sub-picosecond chronoscopy whereby the cameras, by synchronous repetition, can function as oscilloscopes.
He conducted pioneering work on coupled cavity modelocking, and his discovery of the technique of self-modelocking led to the commercialisation of sub-picosecond pulses over a wide tuning range.
He also exploited diode-pumped solid-state lasers in nonlinear optics for frequency conversion by demonstrating the world's first all-solid-state optical parametric oscillator"

And you thought the camera on your smart phone was good GOSH

The smart phone is the epitomy of the progress of modern man - whoops; and woman now.
We now have the novelty culture of shopping malls in place of churches.
Who/what/where! do you worship? said the agnostic atheist - Me.
Has God Gone GOSH!

Washing machines now have smart chips connect/ed/able to the Internet with Wi Fi.
How much of a smart chip does one actually use; yet pay for...
Do you know where you are going GOSH

AI and digital technology were once an aid to industry.
They are now the DUP telling the tories what to do - the tail waging the dog.
Since Newcastle quayside had raiway lines and scrap dealers in the loading/un... sheds they have been experimenting with driverless vehicles.
99% perspiration and 1% inspiration.
We are now told/leaked that all manner of robots are coming.
Do you know where you are going to! Robots are made by men/women for progress/greed GOSH

In 2016; Ortwin Hess; a German Brit won the Rumford medal for:

" his pioneering work in active nano-plasmonics and optical metamaterials with quantum gain." GOSH
Ort is a Uni research scientist - he has been to Germany, Scotland , America, and now London.
University research labs are sponsored by Industry - the are privatised in everything but name.
If one wants an 'independent' report on anything from fracking to freaking; go to an Uni Pro. bro.
They - including the establishment - still swear by god GOSH

Now that alchemy has been proven once again - not to work.
The banker;greedy gits will be after the Greek national Assetts with greater venom.
There are some/many that say, Brexit is the bankers last stand in England/UK. Who am I as a pleb to disagree...

MON 18th DEC 2017

On This Day 18th of DEC

 Joseph Grimaldi  Fat Cat Banker
1559; Queen Elizabeth I of England sent aid to the Scottish Lords to drive the French from Scotland.
If/when borders go up, will the Scots, Welsh and Irish drive on the right and lean to the left.
Will the plebs be left (no pun intended) with the greedy gits GOSH

1779; The birth, in London, of Joseph Grimaldi, English creator of the original white faced clown.
And; you, thought he was one of those funny faced foreigners.
He was introduced to the stage at Drury Lane at the age of three and began to appear at the Sadler's Wells theatre.
As Music Hall became popular, he introduced the pantomime dame to the theatre and was responsible for the tradition of audience participation.
'Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right
Here I am stuck in the middle with you' As the EU negotiator grinned, 'it's not me in the goo'.

1989; The Labour Party abandoned its policy on trade union 'closed shops' in line with European legislation.
In this era of haves and have-nots... who voted for what! The working class want jobs that are well paid - the greedy gits want low paid jobs for all the plebs.
Both brexit belligerent bedfellows bang on about sovereignty.
The greedy git gang already have 'kick the pleb in the teeth' legislation in the fracking pipeline.
It's all up for grabs, he giggled with a gargoyle gargle GOSH

2012; The Queen attended a historic cabinet meeting at Downing Street, the first monarch to do so since 1781.
Later, Foreign Secretary William Hague announced that the southern part of the British Antarctic Territory, an unnamed area almost twice the size of the UK would be called Queen Elizabeth Land.
Trading blocks are a thing of the future - protectionism on a grand scale.
The days of the empire and the British gun boat are long gone...
One mans sovereignty is another mans pay deduction - damn; forgot those still lower paid women again.

2013; The death, aged 84, of the criminal Ronnie Biggs who was part of the gang which escaped with £2.6m from the Glasgow to London mail train on 8th August 1963. Biggs was given a 30-year sentence but escaped from Wandsworth prison in 1965.
In 2001 he returned to the UK seeking medical helpp, but was sent to prison.
He was released on compassionate grounds in 2009 after contracting pneumonia.
The standard of living for most isin the UK now still below that of 2008 - the year of the western developed world banking system rescued bu the plebs crash.
Most nation states have jailed bankers for various 'crimes' - the UK establishment have merely fined the offenders - the fines were paid in funnny money; don;t mention tax havens...
There are many who reckon that greedy git brexiteers are leaving the EU to keep the UK bankers going NO GOSH

The full scandal of the Greek loans fiasco is yet to go public.
People will slowly dissappear both sides of the new border.
As to the UK - you aint seen nothing yet...

TUES 19th DEC 2017

On This Day 19th of DEC

 The Virginia Fleet  Offshore Oil Platform
1606; English entrepreneurs, backed by the Virginia company of London - an outfit founded by royal money to establish colonies in the americas - set sail in the Susan Constant, the Godspeed, and the Discovery to establish a colony at Jamestown, Virginia, the first of the thirteen colonies that became the United States.
The discovery - 20 tons -was not much bigger than one of the Titanic lifeboats.
Such small craft and all that (pun intended) Graft GOSH

The much religiously maligned and persecuted pilgrim fathers (European puritans) set sail from Plymouth on the Mayflower (60 tons) in 1620.
The early settlers suffered much hardship...
Anyone for Mars - go on it will be great GOSH

What has America got in common with Israel.
The persecuted - not necessarily the poor - have become the persecutors.
Many nation state fish - big and small - now cross the big pond...
As each generation passes; the relationship becomes less special.
De/in spite of Trump and Brexit; the gap across the pond will become greater...GOSH

2003; Libyan leader Gaddafi agreed to allow weapons inspectors into Libya 'immediately and unconditionally' to oversee the elimination of its arsenal of chemical weapons.
Lybia was part of an Italian empire until the 2nd world war.
What has Lybia got in common with Iraq!
The both used to be our 'chums'; but, more importantly, they are both oil rich nations.
Isn't fracking a quality of greedy life and death to the poor Gas GOSH

Greece is not an oil or natural resource rich nation.
Oil accounts for 40% of EU energy - ever heard of the the EU oil directive!
It's to do with maintaining emergency supplies for a certain period.
The EU has a transition period for coal as an energy source.
Norway - not a full member of the EU - supplies a huge amount of oil, gas and hydro elctric energy to the EU.
The UK is/was an energy source rich nation - many say that this lessening abundance - relative to other members of the EU - of energy has been squandered.
If devolution does come about; the Scotlanders will own the oil and gas fields - according to international law.
Many nation states have gone to internal war...

WED 20th DEC 2017

On This Day 20th of DEC

 H H Asquith  Seb Kurz
1910; The British General Election produced a tied vote, with the Liberal Party and the Tory Party each winning 272 seats.
The Liberals formed a coalition with the Irish (Ireland)
The Labour party was just getting started and only contested 56 seats - gaining five.
Any reforms such as Tax; were blocked by the house of lords - conservative dominated; life peers and women were not allowed until 1958.
Sons of guns GOSH

1928; The England cricket team scored a record 636 against Australia in Sydney, including 251 scored by Walter Hammond.
England won the Test match by eight wickets. England dominated the ashes in the 19th century - they have done less than well ever since...
Success in world sport; like the empire are long gone
Let's hang on to what we got...

1928; Harry Ramsden started his fish and chip restaurant in a hut at White Cross - Guiseley, west yorkshire. It soon became the most famous fish and chip restaurant in the world - despite! curry becoming the national dish.
In 2012 the restaurant - Ramsdens had gone into administration - was acquired by the fish and chip chain 'Wetherby Whaler' and they gave this name to the new restaurant.
These fish fryers are still a family firm - a small family firm with 5 goers in Yorkshire.
Since the global village the vast majority of large family firms have gone GOSH

1990 The Maerdy Colliery, employing 320 men, closed. It was the last remaining coal mine in the Rhondda Valley
An area which once produced 9 million tonnes a year, and where more than 50,000 miners had worked in 54 pits.
Heavy industry was sited near the coalfields...
Before mechanisation the Co Durham coalfield had over 300 working coal pits.
There are many who claim that the battles against the miners were political; not green economics.
Wheres me means of earning a decent living gone GOSH

2004; A gang of thieves stole £26.5 million worth of currency from the Donegall Square West headquarters of the Northern Bank in Belfast, Northern Ireland, one of the largest bank robberies in UK history.
The biggest bank heist was the 2008 crash - it cost each family in the country - and counting - around £23,000.
If you don't think the bankers didn't even run the gauntlet.
You need some more bull in your bank - not gold GOSH

It is reckoned by the EU that the extreme right leader of the minority party propping up the socialist government of Greece is a chum of the new Austrian far right coalition leader.
The EU reckon they can work with anybody.
Neo-liberalism with a touch of centre right; or, nazis and neanderthals!

THURS 21st DEC 2017

On This Day 21st of DEC

 Pentonville 1842  Greek Prison
1842; Pentonville Prison, Islington, was opened.
Pentonville became the model for British prisons.
A further 54 were built to the same design over six years, and hundreds more were built throughout the British Empire.
The Uk has the highest prison population in the EU.(2016)
Every body should have a goal GOSH

The UK and UsofA old empires have the highest incarceration figures in the so called developed world.
Don't mention all them tax havens...
Democracy by death and destruction and putting (some go in to get off the streets) em in Jail NO JOSH GOSH

1844; At 8:00 p.m. On This Day, the Rochdale Pioneers commenced business at their co-operative.
now a Museum, on Toad Lane, Rochdale.
Once a great British institution; the coop bank; is now controlled by USofA hedge funds.
The Coop group has agreed to hand (on a plate of patronised poverty) it's remaining 20% Stake in 2020.
We are ethical members of the Coop bank; having switched from Barclays after the crash.
By 2020 we will be long gone...

The coop bank is just one of the casualties of modern free market business.
Everyone has heard of D. Trump - ever heard of the time dollar.
The 'time dollar' is the electronically manufactured funny money of America; engineered to save the USofA economy; before trumpism so rudely interrupted.
This funny money - collectively with other western world banks - has been used to buy up foreign wealth creation; the coop bank was one of them.
Never mind where all the money come from - where on earth has it gone GOSH

2012; The youngest female drivers faced 'significant increases in their insurance costs' after a ban on different car insurance prices for men and women.
A European court ruling the previous year found that gender discrimination in insurance was against the law.
One of the attempted greatest changes after brexit will be employment law - not racism!
If you don't think that behind the Brexit business; the greedy gits aren't plotting and planning to make changes to improve their own bank balance - in the name of the national economy of course.
You need some more guts for your girdle.GOSH

Clashes between demonstrators and the Social coalition establishment police are increasing at house repossession auction buildings.
Homelessness is on the increase in the UK - it is not; if you are a greedy git.

FRI 22nd DEC 2017

On This Day 22nd of DEC

 UK Pantomime 1842  Brexit Pantomime
1716; Lincoln's Inn Theatre in London put on England's first pantomime which included the characters Harlequin, Columbine and Pantaloon.
We've all heard of Harlequin - not to be confused with 'jester'.
Columbine was the female that Harlequin 'historically' fancied...
Pantaloon was the greedy git father/ buffoon of the totty columbine
Wonder how long the Brexit pantomime will run - many generations will be long gone. NO GOSH

1919; The Government of Ireland Act of Power (Home Rule for Ireland) came into being.
It was signed by King George V. Ireland was divided into two parts, each with its own parliament.
The best laid plans of mice and men...
Don't mention Afghanistan, Iraq and others without giggling GOSH

1951; The birth of Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, 6th Duke of Westminster.
Until his death on 9th August 2016 he was the richest person in Britain, with a wealth of £6.7 billion.
Inequality in the 'democratic' UK is now reaching levels that once were only history...
The rich don't care; and,
less than covertly...
The poor are starting to glare NO GOSH

2014; Six people were killed by an out-of-control bin lorry in Glasgow.
A 'Fatal Accident Inquiry' into the incident showed that the driver (58-year old Harry Clarke) had a history of health issues including fainting and dizziness dating back to the 1970s and that he had lied on his HGV renewal application form.
All levels of income lie to make a living...
There's lies, goddamn lies and statistics, he grinned gallantly...

What is the difference between a bin lorry driver lying and a cabinet minister lying? Nothing at all when death is involved.
'People are dying in the dead end street'
Again; GOSH

Greece Has a higher crude death rate than the UK.
Germany; surprisingly has a higher death rate than Greece.
The nation state in Europe with the lowest death rate; Ireland.
There's something about the Irish...