DEC 8th 2018

1863; The world’s first heavyweight boxing championship took place at Wadhurst, Kent, between Tom King (England) and John C Heenan (US).
The fight lasted for 24 rounds and King was the champion.
Heenan was America's heavyweight champion under the London Prize Ring, or bare-knuckle rules, but retired after his defeat by the English heavyweight.
When Britannia ruled the waves of death and destruction of the world.
A century later the British Empire started to wane and the American Empire wax - tax was the reason/excuse for the start of the war of independence in 1775.
If you don't think that the USofA is involved in the present - as yet democratic up front - conflict over Europe; you need a bomb up your bumbo, dumbo!
Will all ages and generations join the club agogo! GOSH

Whatever the venue; boxing is one - if not the - of the hardest games in the industry.
In the industry of today; proponents athletic ability is severely restricted by the bulge of their back pocket.
Don't mention drugs and other artificial aids in the industry - are we in an era where everyone is at it!

1941; The birth of Sir Geoff Hurst, English footballer.
He made his mark in World Cup history as the only player to have scored a hat-trick in a World Cup final.
His three goals came in the 1966 final for England in their 4–2 win over West Germany at the old Wembley stadium, in an era that humans did not worship money so much - an age when the division between the haves and have-nots was no way as near obvious or pronounced.
Did you notice that the UK medal count - if you win you are English; don't and you are relegated to a minor union nationality - went up with the lottery money.
The higher echelons of any 'sport' are now a middle class industry.
Play the bloody game GOSH

1965; The new Race Relations Act came into force making racial discrimination unlawful in public places.
It was still OK to be a racist in private...
This nation state has a minimum wage by legislation - which proves...
'we are not as nice as we like to think we are!
Wonder how much less black women are paid...
Let my people go GOSH

Officially; the Greek population is falling - not counting immigration camps; due to the unofficial changing policy of the EU.
Is most of the developed world in turmoil! Due to the era of information and the internationality of unfettered capitalism.
The UK plebs - rightly or wrongly - have voted in, an attempt to turn back time...

DEC 9th 2018

1783; The first executions took place at Newgate Prison.
Before 1783; public executions were carried out at Tyburn gallows, which involved carting the prisoners from Newgate Prison through the crowded streets.
The last private execution - taken from the court and hung by the neck; invitation only, for various reasons was in 1964.
Beheading for treason was not abolished until 1973.
All (any) form(s) of capital punishment in the UK were not officially adhered to until 2003 - under the EU human rights act.
Is it worth sticking ones neck out and mentioning that; MP's on behalf of the electorate voted for the end of capital punishment.
Though; no referendum was held, it's common belief that, the plebs were all for retaining an eye for an eye.
Here (shall) we go GOSH

1854; Lord Tennyson's poem, Charge of the Light Brigade was published.
The Charge of the Light Brigade had been led by Lord Cardigan against Russian forces during the Battle of Balaclava on 25th October 1854 in the Crimean War.
The poem emphasized the valour of the cavalry in carrying out their orders, even though they knew that blunders had been made by those in command.
Quote from the poem - 'Theirs not to make reply, Theirs not to reason why, Theirs but to do and die: Into the valley of Death Rode the six hundred.'
An older in time UK version of a suicide bomber!
Today in the developed world; it's reckoned that one must have mental reasons to take ones own life...
Life and death is a bit more complicated than that.
Is it a fact of life that those with a larger carbon footprint are more ready to deny global warming.
In the name of humanity I hope we don't go GOSH

1973; Talks on Northern Ireland ended in an historic agreement to set up a Council of Ireland.
British Prime Minister Edward Heath - signed to take the UK into Europe documents -, Irish premier Liam Cosgrave, and representatives of the Ulster Unionist Party, the Social Democratic and Labour Party and the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland, signed the agreement, at Sunningdale, in Berkshire.
How many deaths later did (any)one come to terms with, they were the establishment of the day talking the talk, not walking the walk.
In the name of humanity I hope we don't go again GOSH

Many in Greece hoped they would leave the centre right (conservative) controlled EU when the epic of the loans unfolded.
It is a strange mix of bedfellows that have ticked to leave the EU in the UK.

DEC 10th 2018

1541; Thomas Culpeper and Francis Dereham were executed for having affairs with Catherine Howard, Queen of England and wife of Henry VIII.
When the cats away the mice will play... or
A much different ending to getting your end away...
Capital punishment was abolished by establishment MP's cos it was found not to be a deterrent/detergent.
Now about this nuclear deterrent/detergent! MP's are off the team at the moment cos; in a divided economy under pressure, they are rightly seen as Haves.
Are you a greedy git GOSH

1868; The first traffic lights were installed, outside the Palace of Westminster in London.
Resembling railway signals, they used semaphore arms and were illuminated at night by red and green gas lamps.
A female entrepreneur was briefly on the panel of dragons den for coming up with a computerised system for more efficient road haulage.
Hold on; didn't the railways have one many generations previously...
Now what decade did Newcastle Railway Society start going on 'trips' by bus,again!
We all think we are good drivers; I got my first speeding ticket at the age of 67...
Was that a lack of awareness due to age; or a sign of the times! Loneliness and mobility are just two of the more negative aspects of todays society! Other nation states have more efficient national infrastructure and (had) more cohesive societies!
Are you a greedy git! GOSH

1991; The leaders of the 12 EC (27/28 and counting) nations agreed on the treaty of Maastricht, pledging closer political and economic union.
The UK signed and it came into force in 1993; one of the contentious points about the present debate is; plebs do not know the consequences of leaving the EU.
This divided over the EU nation is not aware of the full facts - it is a matter of opinion; now under establishment debate.
Are you a leave or stay - turn back to which time - greedy git GOSH

2001; Prime MInister phony Tony Blair backed Home Secretary David Blunkett (sacked) over his call for ethnic minority groups to make more effort to fit in with the British identity.
Yeah; like our predecessor establishment did in the era of the Empire.
Have you noticed how the younger generation are less racist...
They only want to be like me or you - when they stop wanting to come over here is the time to really start worrying.
Are you a greedy git GOSH

Greece - like all nation states - has their share of greedy gits...

DEC 11th 2018

1877; English photographer Eadweard Mubridge won a long standing bet for a millionaire by proving that a horse's four feet are all off the ground simultaneously once every stride.
He used multiple cameras around the track, each taking a single frame via a series of trip wires.
Technology has advanced a bit since then...
I'm a technophile luddite - you try conning a rich communist...
Having said that; I was ripped off once...
It was one of those everyone is a winner online/flyer thingies.
Each and every entrant was guaranteed a free cross channel ferry ticket.
I weighed all the angles up and entered to the tune of 3or4 quid.
The prize came through the post - a foot passenger ticket; worth about 1 pound to the punter.
Only the boundaries of humanity know what the negotiated bulk purchase price was...
Here we go - never again GOSH

1895 The death, at Much Wenlock in Shropshire of William Penny Brookes.
He was an English surgeon, magistrate, botanist, and educationalist especially known for inspiring the modern Olympic Games, the Wenlock Olympian Games and for his promotion of physical education and personal betterment.
The physical well being of the nation is being questioned again - something about plebs and fat cats.
Even the overfitness of the paid elite...
If one is not physically motivated; there is only one way to slim.
Don't diet; dieting is just a lucrative con game...
Eat less of what you like and move more...
It does not matter how much - however; the more balanced the diet and the more movement the better.
At this time of year they get quite busy - them gyms no JOSH GOSH

1914; In the Battle of the Falklands, all British ships survived whilst four German cruisers were sunk.
The latest Falkland war was nothing to do with sovereingty...
It was all to do with the mineral rights of nearby Antarctica.
Soon all remnants of the Empire will be gone GOSH

1967 Concorde, the world's first supersonic airliner, was rolled out of its hangar for public viewing for the first time.
The technical hitches or internationality were easily overcome through time...
Not a big enough market was the reason for the demise of Concorde
The same for HS2 - who on earth wants to get to and fro from the midlands to London twenty min.quicker.
As long as it is in the interests of the present fat cats not to have a system of fairer regional investment; this nation state will carry on its ever waning journey to the dogs.
Here we go GOSH

1975; An Icelandic gunboat opened fire on unarmed British fishery support vessels in the North Atlantic Sea, heightening the 'Cod War'.
1979; Rhodesia reverted to British rule after Parliament passed a bill to end 14 years of illegal independence from Britain.
1986; Church leaders condemned a radio campaign about Aids for 'condoning promiscuity'.
As a nation state we haven't a clue where we are going - alas; here we go GOSH

2005; A huge fire continued to burn at Buncefield oil depot near Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire.
It was the largest of its kind in peacetime Europe and the noise of the explosions could be heard as far away as the Netherlands.
Other nation states have disasters - we don't...
Not even now God is gone GOSH

Will the Greek economy eventually overtake that of the UK - even with just the sun and relative lack of other natural resources!

DEC 12th 2018

1908; The start of the first Australian Rugby League tour of Britain.
The seven-month tour was almost a disaster due to small gate-takings.
Today rugby league and almost all mainstream sport depends on the money from TV.
Which in turn depends on the internationality of the market.
Anyone who is doing alright from the markets; believes markets - the more deregulated the better - are good GOSH

I was brought up as a lad when rugby league had a regular saturday afternoon slot on the BBC.
Football was played; by all who depended on the money; on a saturday afternoon.
The BBC seen off the privately led ITV; which evolved into direct competition.
The BBC commented regularly on how in a 'banana' republic, the captains of the coup headed straight for control of the Main stream Media.
Is the nation state that once controlled the largest Empire ever realised on this planet fast becoming a banana republic!
Let my royalty go NO GOSH

1988; The first satellite pictures were beamed to London's betting shops to allow them to watch the races live from many race courses.
In the 'good old days' betting shops were illegal; gambling was illegal but condoned by the establishment.
When gambling - in whatever form - was made legal officially; bookies used to lay off and change odds by phone
Today in the era of information; odds are changed automatically by computer - the bookie always wins; ask that minority mormon religion that invests in Las Vegas.
Is gambling becoming an addictive problem to the society of today!
YOu bet it is...
As each generation gets on with its own life; will you still be unpleasantly surprised how much help gambling gets from 'GOD' GOSH

2013; Daniel Severn, a 27 year old burglar who had 80 convictions for 32 court appearances was jailed for two years and four months.
The court heard that Severn became trapped while trying to raid someone's house and ended up with his head resting on the toilet for an hour and a half, with one foot trapped in the window that he had used to gain entry.
When he had tried to call for help he dropped his phone in the bath.
Severn was told 'It would be funny if it were not such a serious offence.'
Laugh and the world laughs with you; cry, and you cry alone.
The developed world is still going through an extended period of overzealous laughing by the haves.
That mysterious man invented by humans; is influenced by humans...
The have-nots will get little or no help from Which/What ever GOD GOSH

2014; A 20 year study of the Darwin Awards that reviewed the most foolish way people have died, found almost 90 per cent were 'won' by males.
And women want equality!
Good - more women go to church - God gosh

The humans have-nots of Greece have a much more perilous future ahead than us plebs of the UK!
They have marginally chosen to stay in a large trading bloc.

DEC 13th 2018

1847; Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë (under the pseudonym Ellis Bell) was published, as was Agnes Grey by Anne Brontë (under the pseudonym Acton Bell).
In choosing to write under pseudonyms, the sisters drew an immediate veil of mystery around them, and people speculated as to the true identity of Currer Bell (i.e. Charlotte Brontë), and Ellis and Acton Bell.
'If I ruled the world'
In those days man ruled the world; with the help of a man made god GOSH

1973; The British Government ordered a 3 day working week following an Arab oil embargo and industrial action by the country's miners.
This nation state backed thatcherism long before the plebs were aware of fossil fuels being the main cause of global warming.
Ten year after the banking crash - caused by the deregulation of thatcherism; go on just try and deny it - the tax contribution of the city is still brought up.
How many times must the miners pension fund be raided to bail out the polices of this present gang in charge!
The plebs had very little qualms about letting the miners go.
It is now time to let the short term bankers go GOSH

1976; The first oil was brought to Britain, by tanker, from the North Sea Brent Oil Field , located 116miles north-east of Lerwick in the Shetland Islands.
Man ( and increasingly women ) has had a history of going to war within and against other nation states over economy driving oil.
Oil and gas fields which straddle the international boundaries between the UK and Norway are more than likely to come up for grabs on the near future - now about this Norway and how many pluses.
If it wasn't for the offshore oil fields; Scotland would have been an independent nation state; how long ago!
Resorting to international (any law) law takes a back seat when nation states go to war.
The present polarisation makes a very good argument for; not if, but, when we go GOSH

2002; The enlargement of the European Union.
It was announced that Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia would become members from 1st May 2004.
As a pleb my heart is with the leavers; but, my head is with the remainers.
OK the EU is right wing controlled - ask theresa; the leader of the nasty party; 'trying' ever so hard not to be now - however it is an increasing in size trading block in an ever changing world - change will come from within.
Here we (who) go GOSH

2014; Earls Court Exhibition Centre in London, a conference and events venue since 1887, closed for the last time.
The final concert was by the Bombay Bicycle Club, an indie rock band from London.
I performed (somewhat reluctantly) at Earls court in 1969. We were there to build a bridge as quickly as possible - I was a sideshow distraction.
We took on one of the navy gun crews in training - at a time when competition often evolved into open physical conflict.
However; I digress, one night in this other world, a NAFFI girl was held by two stout tars on two tables - against her will.
The queue to kiss her bare backside for charity was seemingly endless.
In this era of emancipation; I hope all your days aren't gray...
Have a soon to be better good'n GOSH

Will GREECE as a divided nation; yet still a member of the EU; have less gray days than the 'UK'!

DEC 14th 2018

1896; The Glasgow Underground Railway was opened by the Glasgow District Subway Company
This cable operated choo choo outfit was constructed in an era of unbridled competition.
Since then the railways have undergone many changes...
Even during/after a brief spell of nationalisation they were subjected to profit.
Other nation states treat their own railways as an essential constituent of the national transport infrastructure - they treat ours as a way of making profit.
For our nation state to compete in the future our transport will need modernisation and a national structure.
To do this requires nationalisation - a fair system not for profit.
The train leaving platform x is not on time and it certainly isn't carrying goods GOSH
PS. Without a concentrated international effort; the Glasgow underground will soon be as hot as the London Tube.
1920 The first scheduled airliner disaster in aviation history occurred when an airliner with six passengers and two crew took off from Cricklewood Airport, London, for a flight to Paris.
Barely airborne, the plane crashed into a house in neighbouring Golders Green, killing the crew and two passengers.
The others escaped from the wreckage.
Despite the publicity of multiple deaths; flying is still claimed to be the safest form of transport.
The fear of flying is put down to a form of mental illness.
The institutions that used to house the severe mentally ill were knocked down and the land used for the building of houses for profit - more than a generation ago.
Mental illness is now treated as the arm and leg away distant poor relation.
In the battle for hearts and minds; it is time for change...
Here we go GOSH

2011; Thomas Cook, the world's oldest travel agency announced that it would close 200 UK branches over the next two years as part of its UK business turnaround plan, 125 more than previously announced.
Tommy Cook has a statue outside Leicester Railway Station where Cook began his pioneering tour business in 1841.
The Thomas Cook group - after a brief spell of German control - is now owned by an american investment company, a British Insurance investment company and a chinese billionaire; in that order.
All short termist profiteers in an ever increasing rate of change.
Selective facts or nuances is how the greedy gits can make claim to the highest employment rate ever.
The fact that some of the employed have to use food banks is now interpreted or ignored depending whether one is a have or have-not.
Give me hope Johanna - is that man made god really gone GOSH

Many of the EU nation states - not least the Greeks - are regarded as inferior by the Great British belligerent; whatever the class, creed or level of income .
Is; 'If only god has give us the gift to see ourselves as others see us' merely temporarily suspended.

DEC 15th 2018

1913; Suffragettes caused a dynamite explosion at Holloway Prison where Emmeline Pankhurst and Lady Constance Lytton were detained.
If; you are not prepared to do anything about it; you deserve everything you don't get.
Nobody or anything stays top dog for ever...
If you think that some feminists will stop at equality; you need another organ on your transplant.
Here we go GOSH

1958; The last steam locomotive was made at Crewe.
Engine number 92250 was the 7,331st locomotive built since the works opened.
Was this the end of the end begining or the beginning of the end of Britain (now known as the UK - no giggling) as the workshop of the world!
Don't mention the Empire or deregulation; please don't...
Is the election of Trump, the last desperate throw of the dice for the American economy!
There's nowt as queer as folk; in any sense of the word.
Here we go GOSH

1974; New speed limits were introduced. Speed limits on motorways would remain at 70mph , but on dual carriageways they would become 60mph and on all other roads 50mph as the government tried to curb fuel use.
This was all to do with international economics; global warming wasn't even on the hidden agenda in them days.
What percentage of politicians and plebs are daily aware that less developed nation states are now suing developed nations for sustained damage due to Global Warming.
If some of the greedy gits get their own way; will we literally go GOSH

1987; A company in Bedford became the first to be fined (£500) for failing to register personal computer records under the Data Protection Act.
People - some of em actually vote - are too busy getting on with their lives to be familiar with the latest playing catch-up amendments; never mind the early origins.
Where's me data gone; there it goes GOSH

1993; The British and Irish prime ministers John Major and Albert Reynolds signed the historic Joint Declaration for Peace which they hoped would end 25 years of bombing and murder in Northern Ireland.
Just another chapter in the continuing saga of death and destruction of this nation state.
Never forget that at the bloody height of the troubles; we as a nation state sent a peace envoy to the Balkans.
A fine example of, set a thief to capture a thief; or
To see ourselves as others see us - don't mention the backstop.
In the too secret world of international relations; a diplomat lies and a squaddie dies.
So heres to the future; has the fun just begun GOSH

2004; The Home Secretary, David Blunkett, resigned after an email implicated him in using his Government position to grant favours to his ex-lover.
2014; Jonathan Paul Burrows, a London hedge fund manager who regularly avoided buying a train ticket on his commute to the City, was banned for life from working in any regulated financial industries.
In total, Mr Burrows was believed to have dodged £42,550 in fares.
A period in modern history of 'we are all the same'
The yanks had a period tv program about a public prosecutor who had great trouble in successfully bringing anyone to account; cos everyone was at it.
How long does it take to turn around a huge modern day ship!
The time for change has been around for a while now.
Let's keep on going GOSH

Will Greece keep playing the game as a member of a large trading block.
It's looking that way - a less than brave prediction ! EH !