FRI 8th DEC 2017

On This Day 8th of DEC

 UK National Park  A Greek National Park

1542; The birth of Mary Queen of Scots, Scottish Queen who ascended to the throne when she was just 6 days old and was crowned nine months later.
A rebellion led to her abdication and later Elizabeth I imprisoned her for a plot to restore the Roman Catholic religion and to take the throne from her.
After 19 years in custody, Mary was tried and executed for treason.
The King/Queen is dead... all perjorative pun intended.
Wanna be in my gang! No; you're a goner GOSH

1863; The world’s first heavyweight boxing championship took place at Wadhurst, Kent.
Between Tom King (England) and John C Heenan (US).
The fight lasted for 24 rounds and King was the champion.
Heenan was America's heavyweight champion under the London Prize Ring, or bare-knuckle rules, but retired after his defeat by the English heavyweight.
Man - and now increasingly women; a minority of both sexes truly believe in 'Mars and Venus; an all that - Still has a love affair with sex and violence
Give that man/woman a gun GOSH

1965; The new Race Relations Act came into force making racial discrimination unlawful in public places.
If! there is not a problem; Why is legislation passed!
Don't mention the minimum wage in many so called developed countries.
Pass the laughing gas - I need a giggle GOSH

2011; Defence Secretary Philip Hammond announced an end to the ban on women serving on submarines.
Female officers would begin serving on Vanguard class nuclear-powered submarines towards the end of 2013 and on the new Astute class submarines from 2015.
Sex and violence - a whole new sort of different future for sons of seadogs and daughters of the depths.
Submarines never used to come a cropper in recent times - especialy those with/without nukes on.
Change doesn't always mean gain GOSH

2013; Northumberland National Park and the adjoining Kielder Water and forest park, were declared Europe's largest "dark sky park".
The award recognises the profound darkness that makes nearly 580 square miles of the county an ideal territory from which to stare up at the night sky.
Kielder water was constructed to supply water to the heavy industry of the north.
It is now a tourist attraction... - don't mention HS11.
Don't you dare mention the lack of 'flood' infrastructure.
If I only had time to wash off the crime/grime GOSH

Greek has 10 national parks - the UK has 14.
Germany - the economic lead/innovator of the EU has 16 national parks.
National parks are a recent phenomina in the history of Man/Woman.
The land used to be all - yes all - private.
The planet is dying - long live the poacher and gamekeeper...

SAT 9th DEC 2017

On This Day 9th of DEC

 The Tyburn Gallows  An American death room

1783; The first executions took place at Newgate Prison.
Prior to this, public executions were carried out at Tyburn gallows, which involved carting the prisoners from Newgate Prison through the crowded streets.
For almost 6 centuries capital punishment was carried out in public...
Execution was a spectator sport - stands were built so one could pay.
There but for the grace of god Go ...GOSH

The 'Tyburn tree' could at one fell swoop,accommodate a no. of unfortunates.
One could be hung by the kneck for crime, treason and being in the wrong religious gang GOSH

There were worse ways of meeting ones maker in public...
Hung drawn and quartered was reserved for those who had made the big time...
The method of death was supposed to be a deterrent.
Often a gory gradient to your God GOSH.

There are some - an increasing no. - today; that believe capitalism is a slow form of capital punishment.
Those that believe in capitalism will strongly disagree.
They are now embarrassingly struggling with the selective statitics.
The times they are a changing... Wanna be in whose gang GOSH

Tax evasion, money laundering and things financial were at one time; part of organised crime.
Today; the manipulators of money 'haven't done anything wrong'.
What goes around comes around - bitcoin used to be in the domain of the vilains.
The B of E have signed a 'thingy' with an american private investment outfit to prepare for bitcoin becoming a mainstream currency.
Slow down we are going too fast he uttered aghast GOSH

The Greek loan(s) problem pales into a pimple on a porcine peckah; relative to Brexit.
Some have nibbled at the dogs breakfast - we are now moving on to dinner; WOOF

SUN 10th DEC 2017

On This Day 10th of DEC

 Catherine Howard  And Violence

1541; Thomas Culpeper and Francis Dereham were executed for having affairs with Catherine Howard, Queen of England and wife of Henry VIII.
Tommy and Frankie lost their heads much more to do with sex and violence than religion.
Despite the preponderance of religion throughout the history of man -and now women - religion has been, and always will be, a reinforcement of the pursuit of power.
Wanna pray for my GOD GOSH

The best description of religion - a canadian/american economist come US diplomat.
'Religion was invented to give hope in the next world to those that have no hope in this world'
Pray for me and I'll set you free, said the servant of god in the garden of glee GOSH

1868; The first traffic lights were installed, outside the Palace of Westminster in London.
Resembling railway signals, they used semaphore arms and were illuminated at night by red and green gas lamps.
Now the overcrowded, overcontrolled roads are rotting; is the time to return to rail.
HS2 is bad for you; don't forget all those National services grids GOSH

1991; The leaders of the 12 EC nations agreed on the treaty of Maastricht, pledging closer political and economic union. In 1991, the cons were in power under the leadership of John Major.
John Major was publicised as the working class circus boy tory come good by the popular press...
He was in fact, a grammar school educated tory since teenage years life long member of the tory party.
It was Johny boy who called members of his own cabinet. 'a Bunch of Bastards'.
Not just a split; but, a well choreographed chasm over The EU; diguised by the brexit backing media manipulating rich boys on the block.
Who in hindsight are you to disagree no GOSH

Not even the most benigningly beligerent of brexiteers thought they had a hope in Hull or sulk in Sunderland chance of attaining the leave vote.
Power to the plebs - what did the self preserving pundits know about nowt. All manner of memes are propounded for beginning of Brexit.
Do some plebs really have an aspirant post passion pursuit of self determination in an economy subverted by the culture of greed.GOSH

Is Brexit all about the haves and have-nots of all classes of income!
As someone whose heart is with the have-nots and head firmly in the Europe camp.
The EU is a physically close economy of scale trading block - forget the sex and violence...
Who are you in the near future to disagree GOSH

2001; Prime MInister Tony Blair backed Home Secretary David Blunkett over his call for ethnic minority groups to make more effort to fit in with the British identity.
Just like the Brits fitted in with the nation states of the Empire.
The EU in future will be more of a pal than the commonwealth.
Wanna be in my gang! GOSH

The Germans hold most of the Greek debt by far.
Greece - a nation state conquered by the Germans - is still in the German dominated EU.
Will German politics do a trump - despite/cos of the economics v migration!
The fun has just begun...

MON 11th DEC 2017

On This Day 11th of DEC

 Welsh POW Monument  Should I GO
1282; The death of the last native Prince of Wales - Llewelyn ap Gruffydd, prince of Gwynedd.
The present one - less luck and more skill; the last - is called Charlie; Charles to the greedy back-end lickers...
Married to bring about heirs for the richest benefit scroungers in this green and pleasant land.
Where has the princess gone GOSH

1688; James II fled to France, never to return and was forced to abdicate after William of Orange had landed in England on 5th November.
Don't mention the battle of the Boyne and the present division(s) in the Emerald Isle.
The EU fiasco is an unexploded bomb - bring on the Gore! GOSH

1975 An Icelandic gunboat opened fire on unarmed British fishery support vessels in the North Atlantic Sea, heightening the 'Cod War'.
The UK fishing industry was one of the most vociferous leave gangs in the brexit campaign.
If you; my fisherman friend; think everything is now going to be hunky dory; you need another form of nepotism in your net
The big time brexit donors - don't mention tax free - have a lot more grunt than you're guppy Iceland is one of the nation states queueing up to join the EU trading block.
One of the few nation states to imprison the economy crashing bankers.
Just waiting to get the economic entry conditions right...
Funny how ours ended up with no guilt - socialism for the rich - and even more gold GOSH

Greece and Turkey have 'difficulties' - it is known as Cyprus.
Greece and Cyprus are EU members - Turkey has had entry delayed again.
Greece has ten times as much wealth as Cyprus - Cyprus has a British military base - don't mention Gib.
The UK is one of the wealthy big boys of the EU-as yet.
The combined wealth of the EU will affect trade deals.
Brexit will have an effect on all EU negotiations - you aint seen nothing yet...

TUES 12th DEC 2017

On This Day 12th of DEC

 Guglielmo Marconi  Richard Branson
1896; Marconi -an Italian Noble - gave the first public demonstration of radio at Toynbee Hall, London. On the same day, in 1901, Marconi carried out the first transatlantic radio transmission from Poldhu, Cornwall, to St John’s, Newfoundland, a distance of 1800 miles.

120 years later; technology seems to be advancing in desk job leaps and bounds.
Or is it gadzooks GOSH

The 'signs' are there - have a look; but please don't swear.
Innovation is how much perspiration and how much inspiration.
IT. depends on micro-miniturisation for progress.
How big can humans get trying to get smaller.
The big boys have to rely on slave labour and 'tax to stay ahead of the game.NO GOSH

Not so long ago the technology was stacked up ready to be 'launched' onto the market.
Nowadays they are just like politicians; dismally trying to future talk talk the walk walk.
If you disagree; you need another tonic for your tablet.
He discharged with digital Glee GOSH

Here's some on the ground well earthed local knowledge - pedants call it empiricism.
Marconi is said to have started up on the banks of the Tyne - there was a place in Gateshead after the establishment of the London company...
When the Quayside - Newcastle side; gateshead was known as the dirty street leading to Newcastle - still had storage sheds occupied by local scrap merchants and long not used railway lines; the still waste ground near the Ouseburn was used as a driverless vehicle test track.
Let my people go...GOSH

When the quayside was redeveloped - one side more than tother; friendly competition EH! The vast majority of the 'trade' vans were not from the NE.
One was from as afar as Southhampton...
Don't mention the global village and Brexit...
How many know/think about Grexit GOSH

Quay sera the future's not ours to see!
Even in a digitalised democracy; if you are not prepared to do anything about'it'
You deserve everything you don't get NO GOSH

GREECE Grexit didn't happen - it still could.
Brexit makes Grexit even more unlikely now.
Such are the political ways of man/woman...

WED 13th DEC 2017

On This Day 13th of DEC

 Francis Drake  David Davis
1577; Francis Drake set sail from Plymouth with his flagship Pelican, plus 4 other ships and 160 men, on an expedition to the Pacific.
His other ships were lost or returned home shortly after the voyage began but the Pelican, renamed the Golden Hind, pushed on alone up the coast of Chile and Peru.
Continuing northwards, the California coast was claimed in the name of Queen Elizabeth.
He crossed the Indian Ocean, rounded the Cape of Good Hope and eventually returned to Plymouth on September 26th 1580 with treasure worth £500,000.
He became the first Englishmen to sail around the world and the Queen knighted him aboard his ship at Deptford, on the river Thames.
Gallivanting and worse for Gold GOSH

1847: Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë (under the pseudonym Ellis Bell) was published, as was Agnes Grey by Anne Brontë (under the pseudonym Acton Bell).
In choosing to write under pseudonyms, the sisters drew an immediate sweet mystery of life around them, and people speculated as to the true identity of Currer Bell
(i.e. Charlotte Brontë), and Ellis and Acton Bell.
The female sex didn't gel NO JOSH GOSH

1867; Twelve people were killed when Irish terrorists blew up the outer wall of Clerkenwell Prison, London in an attempt to rescue a jailed colleague.
Don't mention brexit a border gates gGOSH

1904; The first electric train came into service on London's Metropolitan Railway.
Let the train take the strain and the HS2 gaffers all gain GOSH

1939; The Battle of the River Plate, the first naval battle in the Second World War and the only episode of the war developed in South America.
Action by Royal Navy cruisers HMS Exeter, HMS Ajax and HMNZS Achilles of the New Zealand Division, drove the great German battleship Admiral Graf Spee to seek shelter off Montevideo in Uruguay for repairs to its fuel system.
Captain Hans Langsdorff of the Graf Spee scuttled his damaged ship rather than face the overwhelmingly superior force that the British had led him to believe was awaiting on his departure.
On 19th December, he committed suicide, over the Graf Spee's ensign, as a symbolic act of going down with his ship.
That Graf caused some grief GOSH

1973; The British Government ordered a 3 day working week following an Arab oil embargo and industrial action by the country's miners.
You aint seen nothing yet - Are you a greedy GET GOSH

1976 The first oil was brought to Britain, by tanker, from the North Sea Brent Oil Field. Located 116miles north-east of Lerwick in the Shetland Islands.
If devolution goes ahead; the Scots will own the oil by international law.
Sod the war the English might go to war Again Gosh

2002; The enlargement of the European Union.
It was announced that; Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia would become members from 1st May 2004.
The UK joined in 1973; under a conservative government led by Ted Heath - is not in the Shengen area; and, never adopted the Euro
No shoulder shruggin or giggling GOSH

Greece joined the EU in 1981 - only a few bankers and politicians knew about the loans.
Greece has adopted the Euro and is in the Shengen Area.
The Shengen area is a no border no passport control area.
6 EU members are not in the Shengen zone - they control their own borders. Freedom of movement of workers is something quite different.
The UK and Ireland are not in the Shengen zone but allow freedom of movement.
There are some (many) that say the agreed Uk Brexit deal so far; is not legally enforceable.
It is not over till the fat lady from the EU sings.

THURS 14th DEC 2017

On This Day 14th of DEC

 Prince Consort  Price Consort
1861; Prince Albert, consort of Queen Victoria died, at the early age of 42 of typhoid fever.
His death plunged the Queen into a deep mourning that lasted for the rest of her long life.
The Prince laid the foundation stone of the Royal Dock at Grimsby which once had the largest fishing fleet in the world.
The plebs of the English and Scottish fishing industry are going to be some of the most disappointed after Brexit is sorted - when!
Where's me living gone GOSH?

Albert was of the sax-coburg clan - German/European royalty who were top dog not so long ago.
Albert was a prince consort - not the king.
Victoria was the queen of england and empress of India - she only got the job cos she survived her three elder brothers.
Victorian values was what thatcherism wanted to take us plebs back to.
Back to the gin palaces and workhouses - read all about it!
We are almost there...
If you don't think that the royalty of today believe in divine rule!
Your gooy gloop is up to the gunnels NO GOSH

2011; The UK jobless total reached a 17-year high in the three months to October, hitting 2.64 million.
Youth unemployment, which covers 16-24 year olds, hit its highest level since records began in 1992.
Calculating employment/unemployment figures is similar to economice - not an exact science.
Anyone who tells you different is being selective...
The present greedy gits in 'power' fondly repeat that, today there are more people in employment than any other time in history.
They are being selective with the truth -did you know that the word Lie - or any direct derivative - is verboten in the houses of parliament.
Many who work in the gig economy of today are also customers of the benefit system - don't mention Mp's and royalty - and; some are clients of the unmentionable food banks.
In an economy under pressure; lets hang on to what we got! GOSH

2012; Yorkshire, beat the bids of Florence and Edinburgh to start the Tour de France.
Yorkshire took the Grand Depart to its heart. Day 1 started in Leeds on 5th July 2014 and took in the town of Skipton. The day's stage continued through the Yorkshire Dales National Park and Ripon, before ending the day in Harrogate.
Amanda Stavely is a born and bred well off Yorkshire lass - don't mention the Duke of York - she now lives in Dubai and has a place in Park lane.
The negotiator of the sale of NUFC works for the Middle East oil wallahs.
The sword of truth and trusty shield of British fair play was a fixer for the arab oil oligarchs - before he served 7 months of a 18 month prison sentence in a custodial institution; for perjury.
The footie fans of the 'toon' really ought to be queezy of Qatar ...
Not so much as out of the frying funny money pan and into the fire...
More; out of the boot room and into the bog - all puns intended...
Where's me goalies gone GOSH

The boys of the black stuff have control of footie clubs throughout the developed world.
The Greek super league is owned mostly by Greek shipping company owners and one Russian - a chum of Mr putin.
Greek football is presently going through a phase of gambling and tax evasion uncertainty that makes the past - Still suing each other - owners of hearts; seem like saints.
The loan arrangers/fixers will be waiting to pounce...

Fri 15th DEC 2017

On This Day 15th of DEC

 Force Feeding A suffragette  Voted For War
1913; Suffragettes caused a dynamite explosion at Holloway Prison where Emmeline Pankhurst and Lady Constance Lytton were detained.
Mrs Pankhurst was an imprisoned hunger striking militant in the cause for female emancipation - a friend of Keir Hardie; she couldn't join a socialist organisation - men only in them days
She became a conservative candidate against bolshevism and died before women over 21 recieved the vote in 1928.
Go girl GO GOSH

1958; The last steam locomotive was made at Crewe.
Engine number 92250 was the 7,331st locomotive built since the works opened.
The last steam engine to run commercially on BR lines Was in 1968.
There has been a lot of hot air under the bridge since then...
Already a small fortune has been spent on HS2 - especially the gaffers.
In this wonderful world of two forward and one back; HS2 is one hell of a misaligned national gift.GOSH

1974; New speed limits were introduced.
Speed limits on motorways would remain at 70mph , but on dual carriageways they would become 60mph and on all other roads 50mph as the government tried to curb fuel use.
Today; the freedom of driving on Uk roads is a joke, he/she glared with a wry grin.
Time to return to nationalised rail...
Let the train take the strain - not the shareholders the gain GOSH

1982; There were scenes of jubilation as the gates isolating the people of Gibraltar from Spain were opened for the first time in 13 years.
There were tight restrictions, which included a ban on any British or foreign tourists crossing.
Don't mention Ireland and borders...
When the going gets rough - the tough wil be told to go GOSH

2014; Jonathan Paul Burrows, a London hedge fund manager who regularly avoided buying a train ticket on his commute to the City, was banned for life from working in any regulated financial industries.
In total, Mr Burrows was believed to have dodged £42,550 in fares.
He was the MD of Blackrock UK; who have just signed a bitcoin agreement with the Bank of England.
He was only bannedfrom having a senior role in the finance industry by the FCA.
He could now be working for our greedy government. NO GOSH

2015; Forty three year old astronaut Major Tim Peake became the first Briton to serve a mission on the International Space Station.
He took off from Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan at 11:03am GMT, alongside Nasa astronaut Tim Kopra and Russian commander Yuri Malenchenko.
Space research is so costly; it is now shared between major nation states.
And you think that Brexit is complicated... Here we go GOSH

The greeks contribute to the EU and international space Research.