DEC 1st 2018

1604 William Shakespeare's tragedy Othello was presented for the first time, at The Palace of Whitehall in London.
The palace was the main residence of the English monarchs in London from 1530 until 1698.
Seven years to the day, Shakespeare's romantic comedy The Tempest was also presented for the first time, and also at the Palace of Whitehall.
Ask a pleb brexiteering have-not if a successful have is part of the establishment today!
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1762; The birth of Spencer Perceval who was later assassinated in the House of Commons.
To date he is the only British Prime Minister to have been assassinated.
Just very recently in time have schools and old fogies had high fences.
How long has downing street been a gated, guarded fortress.
A reaction to the 'troubles' and wealth moving eastwards...
Wanna be in my gang gosh.

1765; Parliament enacted the Stamp Act on the 13 American colonies to help pay for British military operations there.
The act required that many printed materials in the colonies be produced on stamped paper produced in London, carrying an embossed revenue stamp.
The rest; as they should say, is capitalist history with death and destruction backed up to the hilt form of democracy.
Not all Gemans were Nazis or Americans capitalist - yet; they complied with complex complicity.
Hence the American phrase; democracy isn't perfect; but; it's the best we've got - is it just an elaborate excuse!
Wanna be in my tax haven gang GOSH

1927; Betting tax was first levied in Britain.
Two days later the bookies went on strike at Windsor in protest.
When I were a lad in the early 60's betting shops were illegal...
The bookies runner used to have a fiddle job of flogging duty free capstan full strength - which at the time was a free perk of the pleb (et al) in the royal navy.
Now; what was the name of the American fictitious public prosecutor who had extreme difficulty in bringing anyone to account, cos everyone and their dog was at it! Ah yes; Elliot Ness.
Wanna be in my turn of the time GANG GOSH

1990; The UK's deputy Prime Minister, Sir Geoffrey Howe, resigned after disagreements over the government's European policy.
It is true that most/many of the public only get to fleetingly know who was in the cabinet; after, they have resigned.
Used to be in which Gang GOSH!

The citizens of Greece are no different to the plebs of most other nation states.
Many; at most times, blend with the trend and go with the flow...

DEC 2nd 2018

1769; Britain's first cremation took place, in St. George's burial ground, London.
Mass cremation is very new phenomena in time - humans were believed to be buried intact so they could more easily reach the next world.
That group that sang, 'hope I die before I get old' is now very old and still going strong.
. The cheapest way to go can be found on the 'www'...
They pick the cheapest Crem. near to you and send the relatives the ashes.
A burial plot is now part of the greedy git land grab industry.
Those that work in the gig economy have no chance at all.
They cannot afford to live and can't afford to die.
Go on deny it, the brexit denying generation. No Josh GOSH

1816; The Spa Fields Riots.
A large crowd, who had gathered to demand political reform, decided to march on London.
Demonstrations are planned in advance - riots are more often than not, spontaneous.
Establishments tend to ignore demonstrations; riots put the fear of god into most haves.
God is in an extended period of being on the back burner - people now worship the shopping mall.
Life and death is a game; are you ready to go GOSH

1907; The Professional Footballer’s Association was formed, after a meeting at the Imperial Hotel, Manchester.
Football wasn't Londoncentric then; and now...
Despite the Brits having invented the 'Game' is far from being UK centric.
All sport is now an industry - play the goddamn game GOSH

1929; Britain’s first 22 public telephone boxes came into service.
The red phone boxes have become a British icon and many can be found in tourist cities.
The 'mobile' now rules OK.
If you are born into the era of the mobile; you are a digital child.
No bias now; anyone born before the mobile is a digital immigrant.
Each generation has its own pluses and minuses...
Is society now too intergenerationally introspective.
Immigrants have always influenced the younger generation.
A young person thinks an old person is a fool.
An old person knows a young person is a fool.
I was born into the first generation that devolved power down to the young.
Play the game GOSH

1998; Conservative leader William Hague sacked his leader in the House of Lords, Lord Cranborne, for going behind his back to negotiate a deal with the Labour Government over the scrapping of Hereditary Peers.
The best laid plans of mice and men - don't you dare forget the women now!
Play the representation of power game GOSH

1999; The United Kingdom devolved political power in Northern Ireland to the Northern Ireland Executive.
Is it not funny peculiar that leavers demand back English sovereingty and self determination from Europe; yet, wont give self determination to the nation state of Scotland again.
Play the accountancy anything goes; not the political game.

2012; Under a Freedom of Information request a draft report from Transport for London (TfL) showed that the Hammersmith Flyover, used by 90,000 vehicles a day, could have experienced a "sudden and catastrophic collapse".
Salt water from repeated gritting had rotted internal steel cables yet the road remained open for several more weeks.
'When I were a lad' routine maintenance was as common as almost full non pub grub sellers of intoxicating liquids.
Every organisation employed a maintenance man that could fix almost everything on site.
Society is now playing the (expect another one) Grenfell game GOSH

Is Greece paying the modern game better than the ancient games - despite the economic division of modern nation states

DEC 3rd 2018

1868; Gladstone became Prime Minister for the first time.
He won office for three more terms. Bill started off as a tory and became a liberal.
He believed in free trade and votes for the working class - his period of twelve years spread over thirty as PM was at a time when the British Empire was still expanding.
Bill reduced taxes; yet, was not against slavery - his dad owned over two thousand.
A meaningful man of the people or just another mixed up liberal demagogue.
A period of never mind pass the grog; the pleb was all agog GOSH

1926 In an episode as puzzling and intriguing as any in her many novels, Agatha Christie disappeared from her Surrey home and was discovered on the 14th December staying under an assumed name at the Old Swan Hotel, Harrogate.
She said she had no recollection of how she came to be in Yorkshire.
More people have become (in)famous after disappearing; than one thinks! Us plebs love a great mystery, conspiracy, sighting of whatever, etc.
Don't mention untold riches - the plebs are in a period of all agog GOSH

1936 The Royal Family cancelled all engagements as news broke of Edward VIII's determination to marry divorcee Wallis Simpson.
A constitutional crisis indeed!
The Queen must have a male heir - it is called primogeniture.
Despite all the advances made by the weaker sex, the male chauvinist pig is still doing a jig. no josh GOSH

1984; British Telecom was privatised.
The shares immediately made massive gains.
Was privatisation a means of buying votes.
Is the rooster coming home to ...
Some people have egg on their chin.
Who's next eggonella agog GOSH.

1988; Junior Health minister Edwina Currie provoked outrage by saying that most of Britain's egg production was infected with the salmonella bacteria.
She was sacked for causing unnecessary public alarm - and; don't mention the other reasons.
Later, she was proved to be right about the eggs.
Edwina is still around today trying to make a few bob on the radio.
I can succinctly describe Mr's whatnot in one word 'Gattling GOB' GOSH

Most Greeks know how to live; they do the opposite to the UK tourist.
Wonder if they have a 'mediterranean diet' in the land of the brave and free.

DEC 4th 2018

1795; The birth of Thomas Carlyle in Ecclefechan, Dumfriesshire.
The philosopher, writer, historian and teacher was considered one of the most important social commentators of his time.
Born into the Jock clergy; a young Tommy gave up the clergy to become a full tome philosophical writer.
Plugston of Undershot - was his name for a victorian captain of industry - was he pushing the envelope or passing the whatnot on the left hand side...
In the battle for the hearts and minds; is brexit now more complicated than ever...
Never ever forget that one of the founding aims of what has now evolved into the EU; was...
To prevent another war in Europe.
War is like inflation - the banking crash was a newish form of inflation for the few - as soon as the next generation forgets.GOSH

1798; British Prime Minister William Pitt the Younger announced the introduction of Income Tax to help finance the war against France.
It is mooted every now and again that the proceeds of charities and taxes should be reversed.
I would vote for that - are you a greedy get GOSH

1948; George Orwell completed the final draft of the book Nineteen Eighty Four which was published on 8th June 1949.
Apart from the dates in time; some of his prophecies are already true; some are still to be fully realised.
Do you know where you/we are going GOSH

1952; At least 4,000 people died in a week, from breathing difficulties, during a severe London smog.
Is global warming hidden under the man made words of smog!
Do you know or care where we are going GOSH

1961; Birth control pills became available on the NHS.
Man has over time made a good living from life and death.
In this period of western individual endeavour; has life become cheaper for some.
The NHS is now still up for grabs - the NHS used to be a great leveller.
Do you know where you are going GOSH

2008; The Bank of England cut interest rates by one percentage point, from 3% to 2% - the lowest level since 1951.
The move followed a dramatic cut in November in an attempt to help the slowing economy.
When I were a lad I used to be paid cash in a small brown paper envelope - change is now firmly in the hands of the greedy gits - a period of the working UK human being held by the short and curlies.
No amount of manipulating and manoeuvering a nation state money will prevent power moving eastwards.
Perhaps a large trading bloc can.
As Humankind explores space; does he know relatively less about his own planet!
Do YOU know where YOU are going Gosh

Is the Greek nation state more aware than the UK nation state.
At a time in history when most nation states are divided almost equally - the Greeks despite their difficulties - have chosen to remain in a large trading bloc.
The trouble is - don't mention the 'troubles' - no matter how complicated it gets; people will go their own way.

DEC 5th 2018

1766; James Christie, the founder of the famous auctioneers, held his first sale in London. Christie's main London salesroom is on King Street in St. James's, where it has been based since 1823. My long gone dad was a sucker for them public auctions; in which 'associates' were planted in the audience/crowd to 'encourage' the punters.
Is an organisation like Christies responsible for selling the dream to the plebs.
Christies is certainly guilty of taking advantage of the division between haves and have-nots. The auction house made a fortune just recently; when it sold a Leonardi (original- they hope) for 420 million pounds sterling.
Previously it went for £45 in 1958 at sothebys. One now has so much filthy lucre; one takes ones chance after such a quick online glance GOSH

1913; Britain forbade the selling of arms to Ireland.
Did the greedy gits stop selling arms to the island of Ireland!
Was it a case or not; of - I'll never forget the dirty get; she hit in her handbag - in your own nest.
Is it a fact that the nation states that have the most debt; now have the largest arms industries - don't mention division.
Like people who have lost loved ones in direct conflict; some people who have lost loved ones to economic domination have long memories.
Some people are in for a huge shock when they try to turn back time - let's forget the grime GOSH

1973; During a petrol shortage, the tory ted (don't mention taking us into the EEC) government imposed a 50mph speed limit to save fuel.
Are the 'have' controlled MSM spinning the reasons for the French fuel riots.
In reality it is the UK equivalent of the poll Tax...
Let the greedy hang on to what they got GOSH

2013; Reforms in Chancellor George Osborne's Autumn Statement included that those in their twenties would have to work until they were 70, under sweeping changes to the basic state pension.
The present retirement age for a state pension is 67 - one can oficially retire at 62 if one is skilled enough to do so.
Just one of the tough decisions made by the rich on behalf of the poor - the office bound Civil Service 'person' who was responsible for the graft a bit longer scheme; retired a bit earlier with a huge pension.
Women(many) want equality; the retirement age can be easily accommodated.
One of the proviso's of the loan repayments; will no doubt, be an increase in a pleb working life.
Do you think I have guessed right!

DEC 6th 2018

The Feast day of Nicholas, popularly known as Santa Claus.
He is the patron saint of children.
The name Santa Claus is a phonetic alteration from the German Sankt Niklaus and the Dutch Sinterklaas.
The international continental influence of the celebration of Christmas.
The word christmas means the birth of jimmy jesus - gods' rep that is celebrated as coming down to earth
Whether one believes in the religious or early pagan origin of 'christmas'...
It is now celebrated as less religious and more dedicated to the children of most of this planet.
Is the future of this planet a trade off between those with power and the next generation - NO JOSH GOSH

1421; Henry VI, youngest King of England to accede the throne (at 296 days), was born.
A fine example of the old using the young in days gone by.
The king is dead...
Long live the king...
Is the age of democracy that much different to the much longer age of death and destruction.
You can't kid a kidder; kidda.
Here (where) we go GOSH

1897; The world's first fleet of motorised taxi cabs started operating in London.
Many cities now have hireable pedal power - an entrepreneur has hinted at push/electric power scooters.
Is an electric fleet of taxi cabs long overdue in 2018.
Electricity is supplied by power stations - the problem is so global GOSH

1921; Irish independence was granted for the 26 southern states that became known as the Irish Free State.
Six counties which formed Ulster (Northern Ireland) remained as part of the UK.
In the era of information is the 'troubles' still down to tribal religious reasons/ego's or economy.
The fun has just begun - has it ever really stopped - again GOSH

2005; David Cameron beat David Davis to the leadership of the Conservative Party.
Many political leaders appear from nowhere...
Now; anyone with half a head is aware of the names at least.
What percentage of the population knew that at the time; that the former is a dedicated remainer and, the latter is a smiling dedicated leaver.
Have politicians taken 'in or out' to the far end of flatulence!
In or out; Here we go GOSH

The 'socialist' PM has made over 400 reforms to the Greek economy/way of life.
Since the original loans - made by a right wing government to qualify for entry into the EU - Greece has gone from one of the lowest tax nation states to one of the top payers of tax.
My head is with a large trading block; so is the nation state of Greece - just.