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THURS 1st DEC 2016

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1577; Franky - was he fat - Walsingham was given a 'job for the boy' by Queen Betty the first.
A knighthood for overseeing the trial and headlosing demise of Mary, queen of scots.
The riches of a tribal/nation state being deathly decided over, by the 'royal' gangs of greedy gits.

Was franky a learned diplomat, merely selflessly serving king' and country.
Or! an opportunist religious bigot, torturer and spy, in it for the gravy gosh

What percentage of contemporary democracy - royal or not - is assisted by death and destruction.
How many missions and bases! how much! - we can't give em all gongs GOSH

There's nowt like chewing the fat - or not - over the autumn statement.
Whats in a pound rather than its value - will the pound be run into the ground GOSH

Is it to save money; would horse - is it horse - fat be cheaper!
Here's the solution; notes of different colours - vegan and non-vegan.
One could be green and t'other gravy GROSH

How accurate is economic forecasting?
How much fat has the five pound note.
Here's a forecast for you...
Your brain(wave) must have less gravity than my vegan aunty flossies floaters if you think that;
On a finite planet; technology can continue to produce a year by year increase in wealth for all.
Let the battle (game) begin - NO godamn GOSH

If Greece defaults to the drachma - will it be made from olives and/or goat fat.
There's many a UK pleb think that the Greeks are too greasy already.
That's wot the papers say.

FRI 2nd DEC 2016

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1993; NASA sends the space shuttle 'Endeavour' - made of spares from the challenger program - on its fifth mission; this journey to repair the Hubble Space Telescope.
Endeavour retired in 2011.
The latest efforts are all capsules - gravity defying rockets are so last year.
It's one hell of a costly game beating gravity GOSH

The international space station is International - ask the Russians!
The EU has its own space agency - don't mention the independent GPS satelite system and being the host of a horde of other on schedule schemes that 'could be scuppered'.
The brexit 'negotiations' are undeniably a grope into the galaxy. GOSH

The Lib Dem luvies have triumphed at the Richmond Park by-election.
Is Langley Park as rich as Richmond Park.
Is there still a park at Langley; is there still a public garden GOSH

Not one word about the runway.
The acceptance patter was all about a brexit runaway - Getaway GOSH

A tory brexit big wig has said the UK will pay to be part of the single market.
A 1922 committee crony has said, 'fat chance chubby - on your way'.
The plotters and plot thickens.
Isn't politics galvanisingly great GOSH.

More banks fined for money laundering.
Us plebs have to fill in a form - bankers are allowed to move the posts and be 'winkers'
Are plebs a major part of; or just fear; the greed game Gosh

Modern alchemy as practised by banks and condoned by both government and diddlywack divis is the greatest con/scam yet.
Have the olden day alchemists been proved right after all.
The wall lining of the large Hadron collider - An Eu hosted multi-national project; more negotiations - is turning to gold
Well a few atoms have; alledgedly.
In a few centuries time will it be nicked like Hadrians wall was wot!
No chance for the ordinary and posh plebs - there it was already gone GOSH

The Greeks built the Trojan Horse - will they build an anti-global wall.
Trump has hot aired a wall/fence.
The Berlin wall was part of the iron curtain; not so long ago.
Will the brexiters build a wall of water.
For quite a chunk of history; men - and now women - have built walls.
Does history repeat itself!

SAT 3rd DEC 2016

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1894; Bob Louis Stephenson died today - he was only 44/5
The tory well offspring - bit of a rebel - (his grandaddy built all them Scottish lighthouses) in his short lifetime wrote:

Treasure Island
The strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

And; many thingies too numerous to list - mostly sober sometimes ....
Never short of a story or poem was Bob.
Truly one of literatures greats GOSH

What! you've never heard of Louis - a literal legend in his own lunch/life time.
A damn good read is almost as good as spilling ones seed.
And; infinitely better than those computer thingy/phone games GOSH
Life isn't an artificial game GOSH

Modern man (this generation) seems intent on being algorithmed into subservience.
Wasn't it a woman who bit into the apple of Knowledge and got the blame for all evil.
Not sure! give it some google GOSH

All makes and forms of fellows financial have formulated an unfathomable froth over what is the, 'Greek Crisis'.
Blame has been forcibly flung at the Greek personality, the Greek politician and not least; the Greek pleb.
The cause and/or effect of the Greek loans have been economically analysed to the far ends of flatulence.
The Greek economy is merely the first casualty of the funny money economy created by western nation attempts to stay ahead of the world wealth game.
The international unrestricted funny money banking has now produced a game changing level of inequality - don't mention greed - in all 'developed nation states/blocks'. Bored with Greece - let's have a pop at Italy or Spain; pick on the weakest.
There's a lot of history to be written in the next few years.

SUN 4th DEC 2016

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1937; the first issue of the kids comic, The Dandy, was published today.
The first to use speech bubbles instead of underframe captions.
The Dandy tried digital and now it's just gifts GOSH

The Dandy (Korky the Cat and Desperate Dan) great rival was 'The Beano' (Dennis the Menace).
Rival; it was the same publisher.
The gangs are now even greater and greedier. NO GOSH

Football seems to be going through a sustained paedo and greedo phase.
Those portrayed as mere mortals blessed with the gifts of the gods are now exposed as pervs and greedy gits GOSH

Such a nice boy as Mr Messi; can't be given a 21 month term in a Spanish place for bad lads.
He can't be a tax fiddler; can he!
Wonder how much he can afford to spend on the appeal.
What percentage of footie fans will give a gargantuan gargoyles goolie GOSH.

How much longer can the dandies dress for the beano.
These turgid times of inequality must soon be going, going, gone GOSH

In 2012 the Greek debt was 360 billion Euros.
In 2015 it was reduced to 315 billion dollars
Notice the change from Euros to dollars.
Cost of transferring electronically that amount of money! 40 dollars.
All figures as rough or as smooth as a bankers bonus.

MON 5th DEC 2016

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2006; the 'little black dress' worn by Audrey Hepburn - there's a good old working class name for you - was sold for
The 'dropping to bits multi-col dress' worn by lady gaga; was rebutchered last week for £24.50/kilo or £11.14/lb to a dogs brexit.
No one is sure (especially the food standards 'agency') whether it's horsemeat, Angus from Auchtermuchy or Aberdeen Angus GOSH.

One would like to think, 'you can't make this up' - however, someone must be
There's a lot more to come from the era of, 'isn't inequality great' GOSH

A dress can cost as much as an address.
Things are getting grander again.
Go on have a good gander GOSH

More people now work for agencies and get paid less, than ever.
People who 'own' or 'invest' in agencies can get mortgages on property.
People who are employed by agencies can't - on the whole.
The gap is getting greater - Grosse GROSH

Who lent money to the Greeks!
Greece owes:
4.3 billion Euro to the bank of Greece
11.5 billion to private Greek banks
13 billion to foreign banks and other 'investors'
49 billion in various bonds to miscellaneous investors.

The bail out; guestimates-who knows:
The following amounts are classed as 'part' of the bail out:

20 billion to the European Central Bank
25 billion to Spain
37 billion to Italy
42 billion to France
32 billion to the European 'branch' of the International Money Fund (IMF)
34 billion to other Eurozone countries
And last; by no means least
56 billion to Germany.

The original and subsequent loans; were skullduggeredly arranged by that great USofA bank Goldman Sachs.
Head honchos from G Sachs can be found in the higher echelons of American government.
Wonder if Trump - I'll get rid of the slump - knows many of em.
Our current boss of the treasury used to 'work' for Goldman Sachs.

TUES 6th DEC 2016

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1897; the first licensed motor taxis appeared on the streets of London.
They weren't black cabs; they ran on electricity - named after the inventor; Bersey taxis.
From Hackney to Hansom the hosses were soon gone GOSH.

London was full of it - the horse pollution had to go GOSH

The first London petrol taxi was French - formidable (read with a French accent) for 1903.
Over 100 years later we have the first efficient emissions free hydrogen fuel cell/battery taxi.
Or one could soon opt for the OPTI in 2025 - sat nav and driverless.
Prefer a 'chat with the driver' it will be programmed - lifes a gas GOSH

At this rate of dodgily devolving devolution
London will remain full of it for generations.
Pass the gravy and gavel GOSH

Are brexiters in business, blindly beligerent to; or, incapable of grasping the concept of neoliberal block trading.
It's too late now.
Will the law lords - not many poor kids on that block -:
Collectively moon at the thought of
A revolution.
Lawyers and lolly Golly GOSH

The tory twits are now going to try 'regional' private railways.
A vain attempt to dogmatically defy technology and plain old common sense
If I could turn back Grime GOSH

The Gov of the BofE/treasury has been banging on about the ten lost years for the plebs.
Any bozo with half a brain was well aware of the consequencies of inequality, well over a generation ago No GOSH

Will Greece leave the EU.
Will Italy leave the EU.
Did We go too soon.
Will the greedy gits, with the blessing of the eastablishment, hang on to too much of what they have got.
Will it be a barrel of boisterous belligerence/laughs if they do.

WED 7th DEC 2016

1909; A Belgian born Yank in Yonkers (NY) chemist called Leo Baekland; came up with the Bakelite process.
The first thermosetting plastic - never heard of it you plastic pleb!
Don't mention pollution or the growth of gall GOSH

Polyoxybenzylmethylenglycolanhydride, was well endowed with current and heat resistance.
Ir was used to make everything from gramaphones and girly gadgets to guns GOSH

Many things invented by man are not bio degradable and involve hidden costs.
Easy street plastic is just one of the problems encircling civilisation by the gonads

Will nuclear fuel generation cost us more than the generation of funny money from nowt.
The greedy gits profit immensely from the mess; and
The plebs are left to clear up - here's the gash GOSH

Pensions are a prime example of late.
Us plebs are going through an extended period of 'Con'
Where's your standard of living!
There it goes - It's gone. NO GOSH

Greece is no different to any other nation state; as regards the ratio of greedy gits to plebs.
Too many plebs subverted by the lure of greed and deference - not mythical gods; false gods
Hear, speak and see; no evil.