Become CEO

The vast majority of them fall into two types : Ruthless rogue and lovable rogue. Without question, the lovable type are just acting and in truth are the most ruthless.
A CEO has the same psychological profile as a sociopath at best and the worst of them are life serving Psychopaths. ( you can use a dictionary - most CEO s will have to).The company and pursuit of profit are their over-riding primitive amoral endeavour - these people make Phony Tony Bliar seem like that fellow flowers of coop banking fame.
Unless you are the rich offspring of someone super rich you will have to genuinely start at the bottom (no pun intended). If you do start at the bottom; it's best to find - or let them find you - a rich, or group of rich people, to mentor you.

Ps. You would do well to take some kind of:
Business course.........preferably one with more slaver than a politicians promise.
Acting course..............preferably not the one that taught Gordon Brown and George Osborne to smile.
Economics course......preferably one to the right of Ghengis Khan and Margarat Thatcher.
Spin Doctor course.....preferably the same one as Vlad the Impaler.
Tax Dodging course.....take your pick there's thousands of great ones out there.

Give it your best shot if you think you have the right characteristics.