The richest man in the world - Bill Gates of Microsoft - started his own business with a little help from his friend. He wasn't working class - but he knew how to work. He was interested in computers and programming from the age of thirteen. His company took off when he wrote the disk operating system for personal computers.
MS DOS evolved into windows and Microsoft have been a near monopoly ever since. IT has been one of the biggest growth industries for years.
Many people have become rich writing computer programs that don't work. The NHS On line is one of many examples. Computer technology, both software and hardware, is slowing down and will soon hit the buffers. Many small businesses fail,just look around, they fail for a variety of reasons - too many to list here.
Small and medium firms are just like gold rushes. Few actually find the gold mine, but the ones who supply the picks and shovels make a very nice living, thank you very much. If you want to start a successful business it's imperative ( that's a word people in business speak ) that you find the elusive, cliched, niche in the market or something completely original. Many businesses are started up and bought out by the big boys (and women) to prevent competition.
The Dragons Den is a popular tv program. The format of this program is: Life's a pitch - then you almost marry one.
The denizens of the den have two things in common.
1.They demand a Kings ransom to help you get rich.
2. They have all tried various enterprises to get rich and failed, then finally succeeded.
Their strongest common trait is not their business acumen but the desire to succeed and enjoy the ensuing riches.

Business is very similar to poker - the one with the most money usually wins; not the one with the best hand.

If you have a great idea and the iron will to succeed, go for it; just be careful you don't end up as another skiing or shooting holiday for the pick and shovel suppliers.