'A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves'

How do we as a nation get rich?

Pay attention now - some people would pay a lot of money to have privileged access to this type of information.

Taking into account all the future variables such as population growth, natural resources,technology, climate change and political machination; the solution is so simple - Oh so simple.
Have a mixed economy with progressive taxation run by politicians accountable to the electorate.
This isn't Utopia or fools gold - it's the fairest and most efficient way to run a nation; any nation.
What we have now, the global village domination, didn't come about naturally, because of improved technology, better transportation and the invisible hand of market forces. We were led down the garden path to the global village by the 'world bank', 'the world trade organisation and the 'IMF' because the controlled capitalism of the previous two generations wasn't rewarding enough for the greedy people. Emergent nations were only given loans if they toed the line. This line was drawn by rich nations dominated by America and Britain and championed by the divine duo of Thatcher and Regan. The strictest condition of a loan and entry to the club was privatisation. Entry to the club was selective across the planet.
Ah, you cry, "a crazy conspiracy theorist". Refer back to the quiz, to see the new owners of our gas, electricity, and water etc. The members of the select club are there before your very eyes.
I'm a firm believer of cock up and conspiracy - the conspiracy led to the cock up of the banking crash.
Economics is low down the graph when it comes to being an exact science - add in a touch of politics and it can go way off the graph.
To claim the free market philosophy that un-bridled individual endeavour, guided by the invisible hand, is the best way to create national wealth is evident nonsense. These people have been living the lie and the dream - the dream is they cant believe they have gotten away with the lie.
Karl Marx pure economic theory predicted that capitalism would fail because it would just simply grind to a stop. In practice, until now, something - such as the car,tv and mobile phone - has always come along to keep the whole thing trundling along.
Uncontrolled international capitalism financed by leveraged money banking led to the near collapse of the British and American economies and made worse a cyclic world recession The British reliance on manipulating money with its inbuilt service economy instead of manufacturing coupled with a compliant parliament and disenfranchised electorate has only delivered inequality on a grand scale.
Other modern economies have followed the 'Neo-liberal' free market route, but none have let themselves be ripped apart as much as 'The UK' - they have kept some control over their own utilities, and grabbed most of ours.
In a world of finite resources, utilities are too important to be left to the forces of a free market - and not least forgetting the cartel rip off factor - gas water and electricity should be re-nationalised as soon as possible.
The national transport infrastructure should be modernised and improved as soon as possible - guess what would be the quickest and most efficient way - nationalisation of course.
Bring back progressive taxation - the rich will fight crook, line and lawyer to stop this one - some would even give you ten years for daring to think of it. Taxation - or the lack of it - is a farce in this country and, many of the other international free market club members. A simple all encompassing progressive tax law and proper company accounting would get rid of all the hidden taxes and tax fiddling - and provide enough money for the NHS and other vital services. Its not beyond the wit of man to complicate tax laws and condone evasion - it shouldn't be beyond the wit of man to do the opposite.
These two simple changes are enough to bring about an efficient richer economy for everyone.
The economics is simple - now lets bring in the human factor.
The global village thrived because of the centralisation of power and banking to the capital cities of the club members.
The politicians - remember Regan and Thatcher - made the foundations for the global village; Now the monsters within have taken over and contemporary incumbent politicians of all major parties are unwilling to, or incapable of, controlling the monsters.
In theory; the solution is simple - get rid of them.
Despite the banking crash, the expenses fiasco, the lying, the lobbying, the cheating, the arrogance, the jedwood factor and on message gang culture,the electorate failed to get rid of them at the last election. There was a sort of political anti-establishment vacuum and we were left with a coalition 'let's carry on as before' government and an opposition playing the 'lets pander to the polls game' and pretend to be different.
Scotland was more decisive - inequality bolstered the rise of the SNP and accelerated the dash to independence. Since the last election many protest, groups,organisations and semi-diverse mini parties have appeared in the political arena - as yet, no one has been capable of unifying them into a potent political force.
When the true nature of new labour was revealed in 1988, sensible trade unions and members of the labour party began to leave in droves and the Lib Dems gleefully grasped the political opportunity.
Now in 2014 the leader of the largest trade union - Unite - has delivered an ultimatum to the labour leader of the opposition, 'if you don't win the next election we will leave the Labour Party'.
Many generations ago the Unions formed the Labour party. For the last generation the politicians and, patricians of any persuasion have been unable to put the blame for anything at national level on any union - simply because those unions still affiliated to the labour party have just been hanging around uselessly, like a redundant dockers danglers. Have the unions,and that strange beast, the disillusioned student that was falsely promised a seat on the gravy train of graduation, raised their heads and seen the light! Are they prepared to put their timid torsos on the track - who will stop the train?
Isn't it strange - or is it - that this novelty consumer society in which we live has now spewed out novelty politics.
The party loosely - very loosely - described as left of centre has ditched the goal of full employment and a right wing coalition - you wont believe how far right - have now promised to go for full employment. Not until after the next election though. Funny; talk about laughing all the way to the bank - even a Bulgarian beggar outside a bank would laugh at this one. How will they even know when we have full employment? Trust me - I'm not a paid statistician - the employment figures have been fiddled more than the crime figures.
There are only two ways in an industrialised modern economy to attain full employment:
1. Slavery
2. Pure Communism.
The well paid - by American corporations - think tanks, imported at the end of the controlled capitalism, era to teach our leaders to appear neutral,and emulated by Thatcherism, just weight the argument in your favour by 1-2%, must be holding their heads and gasping," Whoah... this is the politics of desperation indeed".
Some in our country would welcome the return of some form of slavery - you could call it the 'Really Big Society' - If a right wing government ever sets a course to pure communism, I'll donate my pension to the carlton clubs richest member.
Just who! are these novelty politicians with their novelty hybrid policies in a novelty consumer society trying to kid.
Are they getting away with it because our society prefers to keep the kids happy with a new computer game in the room upstairs, than pay for the potholes to be fixed?
The political elite, their corporate pay masters and their sub-serviant paid followers were rumbled -and about time to - at the last low turnout election and the result was a hung parliament. Now the pre-election promiseering has begun already
Who will you vote for?
Now the vote or not vote debate has started already.
Will you cast a vote?
- Now a recession and a changing world are really affecting living standards and savings are dwindling for ever increasing numbers, people are watching the politicians more than the politicians and mandarins are watching them.
Will their be a real alternative to the Global/Westminster alliance which has had both main parties. and the liby Demo limpets, still fervently hanging on to the coat tails of this money manipulating contemporary form of capitalism.
As yet there seems to be no single political force large enough to bring about real change. So! who should you vote for in the soon to be here national election!!!
'No man is an island', now Britain is no longer great it has returned to being a relatively small player on a large planet and go with the flow. America has been undisputed top dog dog with the Uk as its most obvious 'biggest chum' since the second world war - 'but! the times they are a changing'.
The US of A - like all empires - used its wealth to control and influence the rest of the world with relative degrees of success.
Are you wondering why America is so interested in the Ukraine! look and learn!
Change is inevitable - the secret is to calculate the speed of change.
I never thought that I would see the demise of The US of A in my lifetime - The Americans are no longer 'Top Dog'.
Countries - like firms - spend a great deal of money ; mostly, very well paid advisers , protecting acquired assets, and investing in, future wealth.
How did America take all those well oiled eyes off the ball and not see the oncoming financial crash? The Wall Street led banking crash severely damaged America - however; the national and international policies that caused the crash have done the more serious longer lasting damage.
The obsession with free market economics and a libertine philosophy propped up by banking,services and the Information Technology sun rise industries was supposed to democratise the world and bring prosperity to all. Instead, the 'Global Village' has produced greater inequality to those both inside and outside;and left the builder with the greatest debt in history. Is there a town in America called 'Irony'?
Most of that national debt (just like the UK - the private individuals that ran up the debt passed it on to the nation) is owned by China in the form of bonds.
If a country with the largest debt has the largest army it needn't pay that debt - who on earth is going to make it!
Now; America - the home of capitalism - is complaining that china isn't playing fair and wants it to devalue the yen so America can be more trade competitive.
Alas! this is the American problem - it hasn't painted itself into a corner, it has simply ran out of paint,and soon wont be able to sustain the largest army in the world.
After the near collapse of the Eastern block economies America has kept its beady eye on Europe as well as the rest of the world.The US of A - though they'll never admit it - has clandestinely tried to hamper the success of the European Union - have you noticed the investment and special relationship with those on the political periphery of Europe: Ie The Uk and Scandanavia.
The EU became a larger and stronger economic force some ten years ago; and now China has surged through and became the World 'top dog'.
There used to be a saying,"If America sneezes the world catches cold"; now, America - mainly because of debt and out-sourcing manufacturing - is so interdependent on China, that if China coughs, America will catch Asian flu.
America is now prepared to invest in the Ukraine to make it part of the EU instead of Russia.
This isn't a remake of the cold war against the - now resurgent - 'old enemy'. The Russian arms industry supplies weapons to China. Investing in the Ukraine gets the EU on side and in theory weakens Russia and therefore China.
International events have great influence on national policy. American foreign policy - and that of its chums, yes that's us and much of the richer western word - over the last generation has weakened it economically and therefore militarily. If you can't afford to feed a modern army;it doesn't march.
America Germany and France have already resorted to protectionism on a scale large enough to boost their industries and reduce unemployment. The Uk wouldn't be out on a limb in the western world if it abandoned this,now obvious course, of divisive and wealth reducing for the majority, free market philosophy.
Now electoral change is apparently happening in the UK - the truth is indeed stranger than fiction.
An emergent anti-establishment political party, led by a public school educated, ex investment banker has captured the hearts and minds of the disillusioned and disenfranchised.
A party, initially and primarily merely, formed to bring the UK out of Europe has adapted and seized the initiative.
Life is basically about gangs - whether they be bankers, drug dealers or vicars. Certain voices in the commons representing the 'very rich gang' who support the 'really rich gang' are already openly (as opposed to secretly) hinting at an alliance with the new gang on the block- UKIP.
Is this the politics of desperation and division within; however, this strategy has been well thought out and is certainly not some ad hoc knee jerk reaction. If UKIP Joins the rich, the rich win - if UKIP declines the invitation to join, the mere invitation will cause division in UKIP because of the diversity of the supporters.
Whatever the future has for UKIP , these political machinations are an obvious sign of impending possible change.
I joined a gang; a gang which, despite its differences, stuck together and rewarded me with a better standard of living for most of my working and retired life - for that gang I still have an intense loyalty.
That gang was the FBU - the FBU is part of the TUC - the TUC is affiliated to the Labour Party. The Labour party leadership and the vast majority of its MPs were compliant in the formation of the 'global village' and the more than willing architects of its consolidation and the inevitable banking crash.
The labour Party further restructured the law, interest rates and fiscal policy to aid and abet the institutions that brought about the banking crash. To compound and worsen the crash they refused to repeal the anti trade union laws of Thatcherism. Stronger unions would have been able to direct some of the cheap, too readily available,circling in the incestuous system, money back into manufacturing instead of banking - manufacturing creates wealth not funny money.
At this very moment, the weak and divided unions have the political opportunity to bring about change - not total change; but enough change. The threat to leave the labour party (after) the next election is merely, indecisively whispering, "UKIP if you want to - We'll be asleep".
Some, in the TU movement - gang - are leading in the right! direction and some have already started to bring about real change.
I'm not an activist; I can't hear you; you should be shouting your message now, in a strong unified voice. Like the accountants and economists write off the failures, forget the chorus of charismatic confusion and collusion that was the message of the last generation. Am I not hearing The TUC because of the - lets call it selective - media, or because; some union leaders - as are the politicians - are part of the problem and not the solution.
As a member of the public, I have no way of gauging the ratio of :
Union leaders prepared to be gladitorial for change.
Those prepared to sleepwalk their cosy careers into oblivion wrapped in the warm duvet of division.
The spies - for every gang has spies.
Whatever the ratio; the time is right now - both nationally and internationally - for change. If; the unions fail to unite now and bring about change - there may be trouble ahead.
Don't vote for me ; I can't set you free - but; a well organised gang can.