AUG 23th 2018

On this day

1305 Scottish patriot William Wallace was hanged, beheaded, and quartered in London, and his body parts were later displayed in different cities.
His barbaric murder came as a result of Wallace's efforts to free Scotland from the occupying English forces.
Is being blacked the today equivalent of hung drawn and quartered.
Ve Haf vays of keeping you in my GANG GOSH

1617; The first one-way streets were introduced in London - never mind the affluence; what about the effluence.
I once strayed into the one way system of the old Inner wall part of Avignon, in my trusty old rover.
I spent less on the rover in 14 years than 14 month on the now old peugeot.
A bus lane here; a bus lane there - it was - somewhat; I imagine - like a computer game.
Talk about the cost of built in obsolescence - where have all the rovers gone!

1962 John Lennon, founder-member of The Beatles, married his childhood sweetheart Cynthia Powell. 1965 Security guards at a Manchester TV Studio hosed down 200 Rolling Stones fans who broke down barriers while waiting for the band to arrive for a performance.
The emancipation of the young began well before the streaming of self indulgence appeared on the scene.
Partial power was passed down to the younger generation! NO Josh GOSH

1977 New, smaller pound notes, were introduced into the UK.
Almost everything consumable is now smaller than the time relative price - everybody is after your money in an economy under pressure.
Everything is delivered as a bargain to Betty and Billy...
Who cares in this age of inequality; if more and more have to sleep on the ground. GOSH

Money makes the world go around; or, is it the love of money...
Money is the means by which we exchange wealth.
The latest bail out of the banks was socialism for the rich.
The plebs took the easy way out - we don't need no revolution.
GOD and Poor Plebs were off the menu, when inequality became the name of the game GOSH

The Gorbals was the poorest area of Glasgow in the fifties and sixties.
A group of near down and outs formed a form of cooperative and started doing jobs for each other.
They progressed and opened a sort of community area/shop for themselves.
As soon as they started to conveniently use tokens as an exchange of labour; the big banks - all British at the time - used the law to have the cooperative self help gang closed down.
Did they disintegrate or did a smaller structure attempt to go underground GOSH!

As the means of producing wealth moves from the west to the east, the number of have-nots in the most developed nation states of this planet is on the increase.
As this nation state is about to enter a period of confusion backed smuggling; my heart is with those that have thrown the baby out with the bathwater.
Alas my head is not...
Here we go; but, which gang GOSH

Holidays in Greece are cheap today.
Present political economy dictates that the relatively well off have-nots of the UK will have to go into further debt to 'afford' a holiday abroad.
As yet; time is a great healer...

FRI AUG 24th 2018

On this day

1200; King John of England, signee of the first Magna Carta, married Isabella of Angouleme in Bordeaux Cathedral.
The historical jury keeps coming up with different versions of Johny.
Was Robin Hood a myth based on fanciful fact of folklore!
He certainly was an imposing part of the love/hate affair with France - since the Normans - migrated violently from Scandinavia - conquered England in 1066.
The Northern rebel gangs of the Barons didn't cuddle up to the catholics of Europe and history has them in debt to the monarchy of John boy.
Wanna be in my greedy gang!

1662; The second statute of the Act of Uniformity required England to accept the Book of Common Prayer in religious service.
The christian church of England was to return to the way it was before the civil war and the puritans About; 2000 clergy refused to comply with the act, and were forced to resign.
'Pray for me and I'll set you free', said the monarchy backed church with a touch of pious glee.

1682; Englishman William Penn, an early champion of democracy and religious freedom, received the area that is now the state of Delaware, and added it to his colony of Pennsylvania.
Not unofficially/officially an area of the bible belt - which allegedly was responsible for the Election of Dunny Trump to the office of president.
Mainly mid west and southern state main stream protestant baptists of British descent - good God GOSH

1814; British forces captured Washington DC and set the White House on fire - about 30 year after the war of independence ended.
Don't mention 'Us' Brits being at war still with America.
Colonies heh! Who'd have em! Here we/they go GOSH

1981; American Mark Chapman was given a 20 year sentence for shooting John Lennon in New York.
Chapman has applied for parole every two years since 2000.
All the applications have been rejected.
Many states still have the death penalty - most rural and religious states reinstated the death penalty in the 19 seventies.
In the rest of the world; is death and the christian religion a dying game GOSH!

Greece - a not so developed member of the EU - abolished fully the peacetime death penalty in line with an EU Directive.
The far right golden dawn wanted the death penalty for immigrants that committed violent offences - they failed miserably; to gain power.

SAT AUG 25th 2018

On this day

1537 The Honourable Artillery Company was formed.
It is the oldest surviving regiment in the British Army, and the second most senior.
A nation state of any size has a defence force.
The British defence force has caused death and destruction in more nation states than any other on the planet - even America.
Never ever forget the American population descends originally from white Europe - desendents from Britain are still the most numerous.
The East India company had its own squaddies.
Gotta guard the global goodies GOSH

1804; Alicia Meynell rode Vingarillo over a four-mile racecourse at York to become the first recorded woman jockey.
She was in the lead most of the way against only one other contestant, but lost.
A woman jockey won just recently...
The sport of kings and Queens is now economically challenged.
Women can now fight for their nation state.
Official mass war graves have only male corpses rotting away.
Let's hope it stays that way - in the name of any god GOSH

1919; The world's first international daily air service began between London and Paris.
No blacks dogs or Irish.
Laker airways was the first outfit to fly em cheap without making em weep - pile em in all year to win; it was callously crowded out - despite out of court settlements - by nation state international capitalism.
Ryan Air is the latest economy airline - f(l)ights originally subsidised by smaller airports in the middle of nowhere looking for punters money.
The true cost of flying Ryan is now on the increase.
You can fool some of the people some of the time...
And, now Brexit...
Shall we go; shall we go; shall we go! GOSH

1942 The Duke of Kent, youngest brother of King George VI, was killed in a plane crash during a war mission to Iceland.
He was the first member of the Royal family to be killed on active service???
The last monarch to lead his gang to war was George the second - he was a ' genuine German from the house of Hanover - he only got the England (UK)job cos catholics were excluded by the latest law.
Alliance for wealth was the name of the Game GOSH

1988 The first GCSE results were published.
The latest 'A' level results have just been published.
Exams in education, and education itself have always been argued over.
Not least; the 'arts' v 'Science'.
Education has been the main factor of producing wealth long before automation.
Today we rely too much on a service economy and eduction has become an industry controlled by market forces.
The time to get back to the sciences is long over due...
Shall/will we go here we go GOSH

The Greek economy is now mainly controlled by the money men of the international service industry.
Time for change.

SUN AUG 26th 2018

On this day

55BC; Julius Caesar crossed the English Channel for his invasion of Britain.
The Roman Empire lasted longer; but, wasn't as big as the British Empire.
The Italian Nation state isn't doing as good now.
The hanging on in there Commonwealth will readily adopt and adopt the good bits; like others have done before them.
We think they are our chums; just watch em go NO GOSH

1676; Sir Robert Walpole was born.
He was a Whig politician who became the first Prime Minister.
He was also the first Lord of the Treasury and the first Chancellor of the Exchequer.
A whig was a liberal opposed to the tories - a whig was a rich man who believed in a constitutional monarchy; not an absolute monarchy.
As wealth and power (and religion) changed from parliament and monarchy through time, the whigs blended into the Liberals.
Recently known as the U turn tossers and lying layabouts - where have the Liberals and chums gone GOSH

1819; Prince Albert, (Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha) and consort to Queen Victoria, was born in Bavaria.
Bavaria is a not bad part of the planet - Mr Hitler had his eagles nest there.
He persuaded Victoria towards more progressive views in some areas, took a keen interest in the arts, and organized the Great Exhibition of 1851 in the Crystal Palace.
It was also the time of the workhouse and victorian values.
Thatcher wished a return to victorian values...
Is inequality relatively greater now - many; getting fewer all the time; tories would take us back in time.
Will we go GOSH

1967; The birth of Michael Gove, former Secretary of State for Education and Conservative Party Member of Parliament for the Surrey Heath constituency.
He is also an author and former Times journalist who remains on friendly terms with proprietor Rupert Murdoch.
A true tory on the side of Brexit.
My sides are splitting - such men mean to laugh all the way to the bank.
A mixed bunch of opportunists...
Do the plebs with the protest vote really know where they are gladitorially going GOSH

2014; Manchester United signed winger Angel Di Maria from Real Madrid for new a British record transfer fee of £59.7m.
How many firms were fined for paying less than the minimum wage - the tories will reluctantly pay the hidden subsidy.
How long will us plebs take whatever is going! GOSH

Wonder if the likes of Michael and Murdoch ( does he call him Roop ) really think that the Greek economy is turning!

MON AUG 27th 2018

On this day

1660; John Milton's books were burned in London, because of the author's attacks on King Charles II.
Theres lies damn lies and statistics...
Isn't it them contrite commies that are supposed to burn the books...
The vast majority of us driven by believing what we want to believe.
The mass electorate don't get dizzy with spin and are too busy fornicating to be flummoxed by fake news.
Austerity is now delivering inequality faster than a self employed, zero hours, desperate deliveroo.
Why else would a government pretend to play the game of placate the pleb.
Could this be spin! pass the gin... No Josh GOSH

1900; Britain's first long distance bus service began between London and Leeds.
The journey took 2 days!
It is vocally intended for HS11 to eventually reach Leeds - Leeds has some 'reet' posh shops.
I'll shove my elbow up what I should show in the window of any hanging on in there department store; if, HS11 ever gets off/on the ground GOSH

Baby, you can drive my car...
Many will be unaware of the battles between road and rail - many nation states have a sensible balance.
The thatcher Tory minister of Transport became the President of the road haulage association.
Lobbying and the revolving door has been around since that bloke called Jimmy Jesus overturned the money tables at some market. The present minister of transport is Jo Johnson - brother of Boris; both eton and Oxbridge. and well into banking.
Don't mention long and oh so short career politicians.
Wanna vote for any old gang GOSH

1950; The BBC transmitted the first ever live television pictures across the Channel.
The BBC began its world radio service in 1932 for the English speakers of the British Empire.
Ever since; it has been conspicuously in the background of the battles for the hearts and minds of men.
The BBC seen off the ITV in a war of market forces - Some/how many say cos of the licence fee.
The corporation is now funded by the licence fee, a subsidy - the vast amount of which goes to the world service - and the money from market forces.
The increase in the London private jet game can be part explained by the 'employees' of BBC market forces.
The BBC - whatever the true political persuasion has been controlled/influenced by the Party in power - some say the mood of the nation.
Wanna be in my white, working, middle class income gang GOSH

1976; The Labour MP John Stonehouse resigned following his conviction for theft and fraud.
A career politician on the side of socialism whose failed business escapades lead to his faked death and disappearance.
There's a market in socialism.
Here we go GOSH

1995; The Rugby Union authorities announced that the amateur game was turning professional.
How much!
I can remember the Amateur Athletics Association before meetings were held in almost full stadiums; not city centres.
The odds on pole-vault winner at Gateshead Stadium arrived carrying his own pole and one hold-all...
He left struggling with his pole and three hold-alls.
Records and inequality have moved on a lot since them days.
Giz a decent job and less of the Gob GOSH

1984; The death (aged 69) of Bernard Youens, British character actor, best remembered for his portrayal of the workshy, beer-swilling Stan Ogden in Coronation Street from 1964 until his death.
All levels of society have someone who take 'a lend'.
Unfortunately/deliberately at the moment, 'anyone moves and the poor pleb gets it'.
Give that greedy git a GONG GOSH

What's a Greek urn!
Just like the UK pleb; a lot less than he recently used to...

TUES AUG 28th 2018

On this day

1833; The House of Commons approved the Abolition Act, introduced earlier by Thomas Buxton, abolishing slavery throughout 'most' of the British Empire.
Tommy Foxwell Buxton was a well off (he took over from Wilberforce) C of E reformer who was strongly influenced by the over religious quaker movement.
As society takes two forward and one back; the blacks are taking one for the team at the moment.
At this moment in time neither has white pleb got it so good.GOSH

1906; The birth of Sir John Betjeman, poet, broadcaster, a founding member of the Victorian Society (today a organisation of charitable status supporting listed buildings ) and a passionate defender of Victorian architecture. Starting his career as a journalist, he ended it as one of the most popular British Poets Laureate to date and a much-loved figure on British television.
Noticed how recorded history has little time for the baddies...
Those that write the history have suppressed the 'not one of us baddie'; and, till recently been on the side of the goodie GOSH

1994; Thousands of shops throughout England and Wales opened legally for the first time on a Sunday, following a change in the Sunday trading laws.
Many men of the cloth were not happy all year round bunnies.
A significant sign of the times they are a changing.
The best description of this planets worship was by a Canadian come American economist/diplomat
'The church was invented to give hope in the next world, to those that have no hope in this'.
The displayed solidarity of those that worship Islam is merely a means to an end.
Must one be religious to be a goodie! GOSH

2016; The last remaining 22 branches of BHS closed, bringing an end to 88 years of British retail history.
The department store’s collapse in April led to the loss of 11,000 jobs, affected 22,000 pensions, sparked a lengthy parliamentary inquiry, and left its high-profile former owners potentially facing a criminal investigation.
The company had 164 stores throughout the United Kingdom at the time it entered administration, and 74 international stores across 18 separate nation states.
Get in line the planet has went on line.
Man/woman always takes the easy way out.
Remember (no) when the captains of British Industry destroyed it by downsizing.
Now we have on line everything contracts and 'BREXIT' in an economy under even more pressure.
Capitalism fails; but something always comes along to rescue it; and, the whole thing starts over; again.
If; this is what you vote for; this this what you get NO GOSH

The Greek economy is under even more pressure than the Economy of the UK.
The Greeks have roughly the same ratio of plebs as us but are still members of the EU.
Time for change - where do we go from here!

WED AUG 29th 2018

On this day

<1782 The British battleship HMS Royal George sank off Spithead with the loss of more than 900 crew while repairs were being carried out beneath the ship's waterline.
Commissioned in 1756 under another name; it was the biggest of the time and undergoing routine maintenance.
An airline accident investigator said, 'that for an accident to happen; all the holes in the cheese must line up'.
Working on water is one of the - if not 'the' - most dangerous of occupations known to the human race.
Don't mention the weather...
A French fisherman bought our French home - soon after, his vessel went down; all hands lost.
Around the UK those that go to the aid of those at peril on the sea are all volunteers; to a man, and now a few women.
The RNLI is under pressure financially - all charities are in an economy that puts on a greater burden due to electoral choice.
Is that the alarm! here we go .... GOSH

1833; Legislation to settle child labour laws was passed in England.
The legislation was called the 'Factory Act'.
Orphans and poor kids were employed by 'master sweeps'; the masters were compensated for each apprentice.
An unspoken part of the victorian values that a certain M. Thatcher wanted the UK to return to.
All 'climbing boys' and a few girls suffered serious medical setbacks when reaching the age of 20.
Hope I die before I get Old...
As the true cost of mans/womans quest for wealth is realised by future generations!
When will the electorate ever learn!
Inequality is the name of the present game.
Here We go again.GOSH

1997; Britain's Northern Ireland Secretary Mo Mowlam invited Sinn Féin, the political arm of the Irish Republican Army (IRA), to all-party talks on Northern Ireland.
If you think that the 'other side' didn't hold secret talks...
You need another pair of protective panties for the posh paedo that doesn't exist.
Aren't establishment deniers great GOSH

2013; Lorry driver Ethen Roberts was jailed for five years and three months after admitting causing the deaths of two people when his lorry toppled on to their car on the M62 in West Yorkshire as he read a text message.
Investigators found that Roberts had sent and received almost 100 messages to and from the same friend in the three days leading up to the crash, all when the lorry's tachograph showed that the vehicle was being driven.
When mobiles and texting first started; I was nearly 'taken out' by a young girl/woman on a country road less than two mile from where lived.
I swerved off road; she lost it and rolled into a field.
She was OK - I angrily left her with a passing male motorist.
We are all good drivers - aren't we! GOOD GOD GOSH

Greece is a less developed nation state and has a less advanced road infrastructure than the UK.
The population of Greece is about one fifth of that of the UK.
No matter which and every way one looks at the stats (Lies, damn lies - its all we have got).
We have a lower death rate due to driving.
Do we care about an early death more! Or, Are we just better drivers!

THURS AUG 30th 2018

On this day

1146; A conference of European leaders outlawed the crossbow.
It was hoped that by banning the weapon, wars would eventually end.
Despite the prohibition, crossbows continued to be used until the 16th century, when they were replaced by firearms.
One of the founding aims of the EU (EEC originally) was to prevent another war in Europe.
Soon the UK will be out of the EU.
Never ever forget that the UK establishment females voted almost to man for war on the side of the Americans against IRAQ.
In recent times the UK has always been the piggy in the middle between Europe and America.
I - yes me - think that most of those engaged in the scallop wars with the French are brexiteers.
The fishing industry is a minnow compared to the banking and services game.
If the men of the sea think that they will receive the same backing as the banksters...
They can rename their fleet, 'suckers of the sea' complete with a net bulging with gore or glee

1791 HMS Pandora, was sent in 1790 to search for the Bounty and the mutineers,
She - after capturing 14 of the mutineers - sank; after having run aground on a reef on the return to Blighty voyage.
Most of the 'mutineers' got away with it; leading a life and death on islands of paradise.
It was a life and death; but not as we/they know it, Jimmy.
Most experienced an early death; many of the descendants are alive today.
Despite the men from the UK being an unarmed diplomatic minority; an inbuilt arrogance of superior race was the reason for the early bath - whether they deserved one or not.
A colony without death and destruction gone wrong - sound the bloody gong GOSH

1936; The record for crossing the Atlantic was gained by the liner 'Queen Mary', winning the 'Blue Riband'.
The Empire is now well and truly gone - many Brits from all classes/level of disposable income; still refuse to believe the fact.
The planet has moved/migrated on - racism rules a lot less now.
Time to stay ahead of the game by accepting it.
It is not a matter of which way, bit how soon shall go GOSH

Will Greece - a less developed and warmer nation state with a much greater debt/person - soon surge ahead of us.
Que sera sera...

FRI AUG 31st 2018

On this day

1848; Accurate and scientific ' state of the weather' reports were first published by Charles Dickens's newspaper - The Daily News. Mr Dickens was the first editor (briefly) of the daily paper produced to be a radical rival to the right wing morning chronicle.
The 'daily news' was bought by the owners of Cadbury - Quakers who campaigned compassionately for the 'workers'
Less successful quakers were the first oppressed (migrants) minority to colonise America.
Cadbury - the female head honcho is remunerated how much! $21m/annum is now owned by American based multinational Mondelez - a capitalist culture grabbing all arm of Kraft. After merging with left leaning publications the publication was 'merged' many moons ago into the daily mail - you are joking! NO JOSH GOSH

The owner of the daily mail - like the vast majority of UK publications is owned by a pro establishment tax Exile.
Many buyers of the now supposedly competing with the digital big boys daily mail are, high - and aspirant - maintenance Mammas,
Papers are businesses that have totally captured the contemporary deregulating culture of capitalism.
Every merger means less jobs; more wealth for the 'arrangers' in the services sector; and most importantly, more power to the international greedy git gang. NO GOSH

The daily mirror is said to have been a supporter of the Labour Party since the second world war.
The bouncing Czech - Cap'n Bob Maxwell; ask a mirror pensioner - once owned the Daily Mirror.
The mirror is now a mere 'bit' of a 'holding group'...
There's a market in socialism.
Let my people go GOSH

1962; Mountaineers Chris Bonington and Ian Clough become first Britons to conquer the north face of the Eiger. The 13,040 ft. climb took two days and was one of the fastest ever.
Within three hours of reaching the summit they were back in their hotel room.
Did They let the train take the strain.
Sometimes there is no pain without gain. GOSH

2013 BT turned off its dial-up internet (DUN) access service.
The best dial-up modems despatched data along telephone lines at speeds of up to 56 kilobits per second compared with most broadband technologies that work in the megabits per second range.
In 2010, the last year for which figures were available, an Ofcom spokesman said that about 800,000 people in remote areas still used 'dial-up'.
Did Privatised BT use some of the huge amount of money - given by the government to roll out the much faster broadband across the UK - for international loss making business forays; then put UK prices up disproportionately to recover.
Broadband is now part of the national infrastructure - The UK speed is way behind that of our main competitors.
Those in the know (surely not them experts of gove ) reckon that future targets will never be met.
Capitalism; for some is all gain GOSH

Greece has a much slower broadband speed than the UK - then again; it is a lot less of a developed nation state; EU member or not.
It is reckoned that we are rated as around 35th on the planet for broadband speed - behind most EU members and America; but, faster than China and Chile.
Please don't mention National infrastructures and privatisation.