Thurs 24th AUG 2017

On This Day 24th AUG

 Border town of Berwick EU member Map

1482 The town and castle of Berwick upon Tweed were captured from Scotland by an English army.
The border town has remained English ever since.
Castle is the key word - every castle has a keep
Lets hang on to what we got...GOSH

Berwick; due to its border position has had more interest re referendums than the rest of the nation.
Re. the EU and Devolution it is very much the same as the rest of the UK.
Just call me Scott English said the man/woman from Berwick - as he gave a backward glance GOSH

1814; British forces captured Washington DC and set the White House on fire.
Wonder what happened after that... 200 year and how many generations later; is the USofA still our special chum.
Forget 'trump' - take your time and chew some gum GOSH

1967 Two penguins from Chessington Zoo were taken on a day trip to a local ice-rink to cool off during sweltering London temperatures.
In the early seventies; an aspirational greedy git had to put heaters in the 'houses' of imported predators built on the old wooden big dipper site at Seaburn.
The next year, both the business and animals that survived were gone GOSH

1985 Five year old John Shorthouse was shot dead in Birmingham after armed officers stormed into his house looking for his father - a suspected armed robber.
He was asleep.
Obviously an adrenline assisted 'accident'...
'Nowt to do with me', said the powers to be...
A generation later we are being leaked, 'give em all a gun' GOSH

2014 The death, aged 90, of Richard Attenborough, who championed the British film business for more than 60 years as an actor, director and prolific movie-maker.
He won two Academy Awards for directing and producing Gandhi in 1983.
Dickie was from the generation of 'lovies'- no Josh GOSH

Over the years the British Film industry has recieved various amounts from the Arts grant. Nowadays many arts are funded from the national lottery...
One of the first ever lottery grants was for the sports pavillion at Eton.
Where's ya money gone! GOSH

Greece has a border with Turkey; don't mention immigration - Greece is in; Turkey is trying to get in...
Greece has a population of 11.5 million.
Turkey has a population of 78 million.
The UK has a population of 65 million.
If; Greece comes out with the UK - will Turkey be allowed to overcome the negative political factors.
Other economic considerations may be available...

FRI 25th AUG 2017

On This Day 25th AUG

 GENDER PAY GAP 2014 Greek Bonds

1804 Alicia Meynell rode Vingarillo over a four-mile racecourse at York to become the first recorded woman jockey.
She was in the lead most of the way against only one other contestant, but lost.
In any field of conflict between man and women; women are still taking a hiding to a percentage.
No matter what men say - until women are big enough and have big enough gangs to chin men - it will always be so.
Go on have a go GOSH

1931; Ramsay MacDonald formed a National Government - of conservatives; and a few from his own labour party. Gosh - Ram was one of the founding members of the labour party - where does one start.
In the second year of the first proper labour government; labour mp's were wearing top hats and sending the offspring to private school.
This was the era of coalition and the establishment putting out the message that labour socialists didn't know how to 'rule'
The pole - with the inbuilt help of the establishment press - has always been greasy.GOSH

2010; Gareth Williams, 30, an MI6 worker was found in a holdall in the bath at his central London flat.
The body in the bag...
Police believed that he may have been murdered two weeks previously.
More secrets - I spy with my little (wink to the right!) eye - than a James Bond spoof.
Just another game - hold on; to some people life is a game GOSH

Robots controlling road traffic is back on the road in a big way - this time it's trucks.
The political decision to run down the railways and heavily increase road haulage was made for individual gain.
Ask that bloke called fowler - the minister of transport.
Ecologically - just one of the pluses - time for long distance freight to be returned to a nationalised railway system; for the good of the nation.
No more trains full of gravy GOSH

In 2001 the party in power was the Greek equivalent of new labour.
They arranged the loans - bond swaps - with Goldman Sachs to hide the original loans that got them into the EU; financially.
The present Greek government is centre left (J Corbyn style) propped up by a centre right/liberal coalition.
All western developed nation states - perhaps! not Germany - are in a state of political and economic limbo.

SAT 26th AUG 2017

On This Day 26th AUG

 Roman Empire The British Empire

55BC; Julius Caesar crossed the English Channel for his invasion of Britain.
Friends, Romans and Ancient Brits/Anglo/Saxons/Norse/French/Poles and whatever - they are just the light coloured skin ones, let's have a few beers!
2000 years ago - it only takes two generations to forget death, destruction and inflation.
Where's ya daddy gone...

1819; Prince Albert, (Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha) and consort to Queen Victoria, was born in Bavaria.
He alledgedly persuaded Victoria towards more progressive views in some areas, took a keen interest in the arts, and organized the Great Exhibition of 1851 in the Crystal Palace.
If there's one set/group of humans that has readily adapted throughout the ages; it's the royals...
Followed closely by politicians - a nudge is as good as wink; what stink! There's no business like the business of greedy gits.GOSH

1967; The arrival on the planet of Michael Gove, former Secretary of State for Education and Conservative Party Member of Parliament for Surrey Heath - somewhere safe down south.
He is also an author and former Times journalist who remains on friendly terms with proprietor Rupert Murdoch.
It is called old boy networking - it's surprisingly easy; though they do not publicise; to link the members of the greedy git gang GOSH

2001 It was announced that thousands of patients facing long delays in British hospitals could have the chance to be treated abroad in a Government bid to reduce waiting lists.
If you don't think the NHS is being starved to induce privatisation - secret or not -
You've got the smallest aspridistra as a gland GOSH

The Greek migration misery is set to increase as other EU nation states get the go ahead to return the death defying desperados to the first EU country they landed on.
Don't forget the EU - a german idea - paid Turkey; a non EU nation state with strategic borders; to take/stop slow the flow, of economic/all immigration into the EU.
Politics and money go together like short term markets and greedy git grabbing.

SUN 27th AUG 2017

On This Day 27th AUG

 Paradise Lost Life Style Lost

1660; John Milton's books were burned in London, because of the author's attacks on King Charles II.
Seven year before Paradise Lost was published - he was totally blind and had to dictate the Epic poem; how many books!
A well off bloke not on the side of greedy gits GOSH

In the latter half of the 60's I took part in a fencing display on the ramparts of Chepstow Castle - dressed voluntarily as a cavalier.
Young gifted and wrong.
That now shameful, easily influenced, part of my early life soon got the gong NO GOSH

1896; The start (and end) of the Anglo-Zanzibar War.
It was the shortest war in world history and lasted for just 38 minutes.
Britain has chinned more foreingers than any other nation state on the planet.
The nation that boasts it helped bring democracy to the world backed it up with death and destruction.
The gattling gun behind the gattling gob GOSH

1900; Britain's first long distance bus service began between London and Leeds. The journey took 2 days!
Long before the first motorway.
The greedy gits are now trying to appease the plebs by throwing a few bob at transport - a fast train here; a fast train there...
The only way to improve the transport structure is to nationalise it...
Throwing money down a grate; won't make the country great NO GOSH GOSH

1984; Bernard Youens, died aged 69 today.
British character actor, best remembered for his portrayal of the workshy, beer-swilling Stan Ogden in Coronation Street from 1964 until his death - did he die on the job!
Whatever next in the era of cheap tv; serials about bailiffs and benefit cheats.
I know; let's get some more greedy gits into the BBC; he wryly grinned with furtive glee...GOSH

1995; The Rugby Union authorities announced that the amateur game was turning professional.
The all encompassing market economies - don't mention banking - were further imposing inequality on the western world.
Life became great, if one was in the right game GOSH

Greece used to be a nation of haves and have-nots.
Having enjoyed a generation of as good as it gets democracy; will the loans and resulting internationally imposed austerity return the Greeks to a nation of haves and have-nots.
The plebs in Greece are fast losing faith in their so called socialist MP's.

mon 28th AUG 2017

On This Day 28th AUG

 Treaty Border Secret backend of bulk carrier

1640 The Scots, under Sir Alexander Leslie, defeated royalist English forces under Lord Conway at the battle of Newburn near Newcastle.
Newcastle was then occupied by the Scots in the English-Scottish wars.
Northumberland and Durham were owned by the jocks - they controlled the coal and were actually paid by charlie one.
Coal was the black gold GOSH

An important event leading up to the British civil war(s)
Anybody moves and the pleb gets it...
Royalty trying to infuence religion in the pursuit of power and greed

1996 The divorce of Charles, the Prince of Wales, and Princess Diana was finalized in a decree absolute.
Under the terms of the divorce settlement, Diana was stripped of her 'Royal Highness' title.
The old cuckold and camilla will still try to be king and Queen - the establishment will protect itself though.
There you go GOSH

2013 Leeds businessman Lee Beaumont who became tired of 'cold calls' offering to help him reclaim payment protection insurance (PPI), or install solar panels, set up his home phone as a premium rate 0871 number.
Companies who phone him now spend 10p per minute on calls, from which he receives 7p.
The number of 'cold calls' to his 0871 number fell by 66% in one month.
In a greedy economy under pressure; cold calling will soon be back again NO GOSH

2016 The last remaining 22 branches of BHS closed, bringing an end to 88 years of British retail history.
The department store’s collapse in April led to the loss of 11,000 jobs, affected 22,000 pensions, sparked a lengthy parliamentary inquiry, and left its high-profile former owners potentially facing a criminal investigation.
164 stores throughout the United Kingdom at the time it entered administration, and 74 international stores across 18 separate territories.
There they go gone GOSH

It was Ted - no giggling - Heath who first bitcoined the phrase, 'the unacceptable face of capitalism'.
BHS and Phil my boots Green are the up to date fashion of, 'the unacceptable international face of cpaitalism'.
There won't be any real change with an establishment administrated by greedy Gits NO GOSH

As the brexit negotiations evolve into a new intensity of hybrid delayment discussion.
The UK establishment is now sweet talking the Greek shipping community.
Secret! negotiation! secret my backend of a bulk carrier.

TUES 29th AUG 2017

On This Day 29th AUG

Sink or Swim It's not that warm

1782; The British battleship HMS Royal George sank off Spithead with the loss of more than 900 crew and female visitors.
Repairs were being carried out beneath the ship's waterline.
The ship was angled over using the cannon to expose the necessary repair area.
The officer in charge was absolved - rotting beams collapsing under stress caused by the 'heel' was blamed.
An era of establishment without guilt! GOSH

Not so long ago disasters were blamed on human folly - nowt to do with the gear and share price.
Subsequent enquires proved it was the equipment...
Nowadays; when human error was to blame, enquiries are delayed for a generation.
The 'elite' getting it wrong! give that man/woman a gong GOSH

1833; The 'Factory Act(s)' - child labour laws - was passed.
It was ignored until the factory inspectorate was formed in 1833.
Who really ruled OK in them days; the greedy gits.

In contemporary UK; childhood is increasingly ever shorter...
Parents under pressure or greed GOSH

1918; 6000 policemen went on strike for better pay.
A further succesful strike in 1919 led to the formation by law of the police federation and striking banned.
In the nation state of today with an economy under pressure, despite the new labour induced terrorism; the increasing number of have-nots see the police as an establishment tool.
Federation Fool or Ghoul GOSH

1997; Britain's Northern Ireland Secretary Mo Mowlam invited Sinn Féin, the political arm of the Irish Republican Army (IRA), to all-party talks on Northern Ireland.
The peace process which had been started by the previous greedy git government culminated in the 1998 good friday agreement. Mo Mowlam - one of the very few new labourites to spaek up against the Iraq war - died from cancer aged 55 in 2005.
There she was - like many others of all ages - Gone GOSH

2011; Private security firm G4S sacked two members of staff who tagged the false leg of 29 year old Rochdale offender Christopher Lowcock.
Allowing him to remove it and flout a court-imposed curfew for driving and drug offences, as well as possession of an offensive weapon.
If only I was making this up.
The truth is stranger than fiction - Isn't privatisation great; no electronic tag gags GOSH

Is a living on the street Greek pleb better off than the equivalent Brit pleb.!
Well it is warmer and; most nation states are much more family orientated than us Brits - especially the Brit greedy gits.