MON 22nd AUG 2016

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1849; Austria attacked Venice with pilotless balloons
The first air raid in history!
Were they filled with laughing gas - and the Venetians didn't get the joke!
The first drones; 137 years ago GOSH

Just another era of scrapping for power in Europe.
The national/empire! borders were very different in those day
Wonder if that bloke was involved.
What's his name again. Oh yes; God GOSH

Venice accumulated massive wealth as a trading city.
Due to the unique position at the head of Adriatic sea
Today tourism rules OK.
Venice today is not a place for the weak walleted
An Olympic gold won't get one long in a gondola.GOSH

A beer in venice is much more than a beer in spain or Austria.
And; a bit less than the most expensive country in the world.
Which is - the innuits have a drink problem - Greenland GOSH

Which country doesn't have a drink problem nowadays!
Don't mention the gin houses of victorian Britain.
A town quite close to Ben Nevis has the tills programmed to make it impossible to sell hooch before 9am.
We were just stocking up the motorhome - Honest to glen gordon GOSH

Many tourist destinations are the proverbial marmite.
Venice isn't - It is still worth seeing.
Unfortunately many are precluded due to inequality.
Inequality is increasing rapidly throughout the western world.
Can you see it - pass the greed goggles GOSH

Venice is twinned with Wolverhampton.
Wolverhampton has three/four canals.
Venice has 150 and a lagoon GOSH

The Greek city of Thessalonika has a cooperation agreement with Venice signed in 1999.
It also has a cooperation agreement with Nuremberg.
Wonder which agreement the escalating loans disagreement will affect.


TUES 23rd AUG 2016

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1521; Scandivadian scrapping seen a posh pleb (Gustav 1) take over Sweden.
The present king of sweden is called Carl Gustaf XV1 - his dad was called Gustaf Adolf; whose dad was called Gustaf V1 Adolf.
Part of the Sax-coburg clan by inter breeding - I mean marriage.
There has been a few Gustavs GOSH

The present Gustaf has more gongs the our royal mob put together.
From Bettys' gang alone he is:
Stranger Knight of the Order of the Garter (963rd member)
Royal Victorian Chain
Honorary Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order
And; Honorary Admiral, British Royal Navy (seniority: 25 June 1975) He's a gongy old gustaf GOSH

Sweden is almost twice the size of the UK with a pop. of just under 10 million.
Only 15% of Sweden is in the artic circle.
It is in the EU- but kept the Krona - It is not in NATO.
But tends to spy for NATO now and again. GOSH

Sweden is known for ABBA, heavy metal bands - name that tune -, Bjorn Borg - don't mention Wilander and Edberg.
Ingemar Johansen - who - skiers, Zatalan Ibramovic, a couple of Gunnars and Frederik Ljungberg GOSH

Sweden is known for Volvo, reading newspapers, sexual revolution, Sony ericsson, Alfred Nobel, renewable energy, Ikea, Electrolux, and all them Gustavs against immigration GOSH

Germany is Swedens largest trading partner - followed closely by the US.
Which links us to Julian Assange and Whistleblowers. Julian is often described as a Journo - no josh GOSH

Mr. Assange is a code cracker and the founder of Wikileaks.
Ed Snowden is the US computer geek who released info about Fvey spying on Germany and others.
No direct link to wikileaks.
Ed is currently on a forced sabatical in Russia.
Could be in Grozny GOSH

Wikileaks gets the gen from whistleblowers and hacking and is run by volunteers.
It is rumoured that Wikileaks was hosted in Sweden until 2010 and now uses tor.
Sweden started extradition on charges of rape and Molestation in 2010. The US says it has no interest in Julian Assange GOSH

J A is still holed up in the Ecuador Embassy in London England.
The UK police bill is around £12m - the Met stopped the 24hr guard last Oct; alledgedly.
Yesterday the embassy had an attempted break in.
Things are getting grave GOSH

The cost of a Uk Olympic medal - about £4 million.
Don't mention the inequality gap GOSH

The immigration problem is escalating out of control.
The islands are chokka blok.
A Hungarian politician has suggested hanging pigs heads along the border to deter muslims.


WED 24th AUG 2016

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1759; MP, philanthropist, and top slavery abolisher; Willie wilberforce was born in Kingston upon Hull today.
K. upon Hull isn't part of Hull - it actually is Hull - a city on the River Hull with a pop. of 250,000+
It has a footie team; still in the premiership - despite controversial foreign ownership.

Slavery is older than recorded history and is still going on today.
Owning one slave is laziness with greed.
Owning more than one slave is greed with laziness.
Man had greed goggles long before glasses NO GOSH

The UK became involved in the slave trade as early as the 16th century.
And; soon made a fortune from it.
A real long arms length business made it easy to look the other way.
Just give me the groats GOSH

Then as now; wealth didn't trickle down through the economy.
Was slavery itself a down through classes goer! GOSH

Slavery was abolished - in most of the British Empire - in 1834; ta to Willie (the whigs) and chums.
Not forgetting rebellion by the slaves themselves.
Abolition didn't happen overnight.
Slave owners were compensated grandly GOSH

Parliament voted through a package of £20 million compensation - a huge sum; at least 1.5 billion quid today.
46,000 brits owned slaves; from merchants and bankers to vicars; and, even posh plebs had the odd one.
Slavery was illegal in Godalming but not Granada GOSH

Slavery in the UK today is usually the exploitation of foreign workers by whoever.
Slavery in the UK is still illegal - but; so are a lot of drugs and other thingies.
The condoning and profiting from slavery only needs one qualifying attribute.
Greed GOSH.

The Olympic lot - TEAM GB - are back.
Now that plebs money has been used to Identify the 'elite'.
Big - nearly typed bog - business will move in and use sponsorship to make big money.
The end game of the game GOSH

The original Olympic Games are said to have been held in Greece over 2,700 years ago. Amateur!
The church, spivs, and sponsors were alive and well in those days.
Anyone for change - I dont mean old dodgy dekadrachm.


Thurs 25th AUG 2016

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1875; Mattie Web became the first person to swim across the English Channel.
On the mainland of Europe it will more than likely be known as 'La MANCHE' again.
When you got to go - thanks to inequality - you gotta go GOSH.

Mattie was only 27 when he swam the channel in under 22h. - having give up his job as captain of a steam ship 2 years earlier.
He became a professional swimmer and merchandised his own name after adulation from the public.
He died at the age of 35; attempting to swim the whirlpool rapids below Niagra Falls.
Now you see him: there he was gone GOSH

To date; 2064 people have successively swum the channel; 687 in relays; 1377 solo.
The fastest,6.55; the slowest 28.44; 8 people have died trying.
Fancy a go GOSH.

To set foot on a foreign country - even within the EU - officially one needs a passport.
Will Channel swimming be part of the Brexit negotiations; clause XWYZ.123
Wonder if any lawyers have swum the channel with a more that wry grin. GOSH

The result of the EU referendum is being more and more contentiously brought into the public domain.
Want some bother over brexit bro!
Gannet or go-along; it's gonna get some gander.GOSH

The UK national debt is now conservativley - no pun intended - estimated to be £1.6 -T- Trillion.
The UK personal debt is now conservativley - no pun intended - estimated to be £1.4 -T- Trillion.
The interest rate change in the UK, and much of the western advanced world,is now a political decision - not economical
The result of inequality and greed NO CHANCE OF A GOSH GOSH

All these figures/comparisons are made by the same financial (experts) that failed to see the crash coming.
Who owns who's debt is very important - it's a bit harder finding any realistic figures.

Greece is considered to be the poor man of the EU.
The Greek debt is said to be owned mostly by the ECB - or is it!
The ECB is under the Auspices of The World bank and the IMF - no one is guilty - no one has done anything wrong.
America and China have massive debt.
China is said to own a huge wedge of US debt.
China is new player in the world big money league.
Does China own most of its' own debt.
The general rule; the more advanced the country the greater the debt.
The love of money makes the world go around - don't mention tax havens and moving goalposts.


FRI 26th AUG 2016


1920; the 19th amendment to the US constitution gives American women right to vote.
'the right to vote'; in some countries voting is compulsory:
15 nation states/bits of; actually enforce compulsory voting
Australia and Argentine; Brazil and Belgium.
One canton in neutral Switzerland.
Even Uraguay GOSH

16 have the law; but, don't enforce:
Check out the map.
Includes Gabon and Greece GOSH

Some countries have tried it and gave up.
mostly members of the EU mainland.
There it was gone. GOSH

Women in the UK - after a long struggle - were given equal voting rights with men in 1928.
Women over 30; with property or married to a man with property were given the right to vote in 1918.
Being a suffragette was no josh GOSH

A psephologist studies elections
A psephologist is much more likely to be employed by a 'private' firm than any political party.
The portrayed scenario is now achieved by the distorted view of someone wearing greed goggles. NO GOSH

Which brings us on to lobbying - the influencing of a parliamentary vote.
Lobbying makes the expenses scandal seem like a billionaires charity donation
Lobbying in the UK is now a ruthless £billion+ game per annum.
The rewards of lobbying must be so incalcuably great GOSH.

Lobbying is not new in politics.
The unprecedented scale of lobbying is.
One of - if not the - reason for the derogatory deduction of, 'they are all the same'.
Time - long overdue - for many in the Westminster Village to go GOSH

Investors - share holders - are finally waking up.
Thanks to BHS, Sports Direct, the Banks and others
It's time we had a mini Armaggedon GOSH

There is no rush to get out of the EU.
A new UK version of the EU Human Rights Act is being rushed through.
By the greedy git gang NO GOSH

Greece has a compulsory voting law - but doesn't enforce it
Around 60% turnout returned a left wing/right coalition government - hence the loan default deadlock
66% turnout - the highest since Blair - expected a hung - no pun... - returned a majority tory government.
Voter turnout throughout the world is in decline.


SAT 27th AUG 2016

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1776; General George Washington (Ex Brit) was beaten by Gen. William Howe (a Brit) at; what is now known as Brooklyn, New York.
Georgie boy was a: slave owner (including white), hedonist, opportunist freemason, leader of the 'continental' army, married into wealth, single party state disciple; who became the First president of America.
A gallivanting gourmand in a gang - yet still one of the greatest! GOSH.

The US and The UK have a multitude of contemporary links.
Not least of which; Banking.
Banking is king/lynch pin of the 1% who own all the wealth.
You knew that; Godamn it GOSH

The US banks were over here quicker than a HS2 bankruptcy.
Quicker than the collapse of the Northern Powerhouse con.
After the deregulation of all things financial brought about by thatcherism.
Financial alchemy became the holy grail GOSH.

Banking culture - emulated by multi-nationals - has conceived a number of euphenisms for corruption.
Those who make a living out of the game - and the back-up team of politicians - self delusionally deny any wrongdoing as a 'that's life' necessary evil.
All western economies are now driven by debt - which is just another form of inflation.
The resultant inequality - sadly condoned by most classes - means the poorest in society are taking the hit.
The times they are a changing - when the going... GOSH

Here are just three of 'our' links with America:
Phony tony bliar represents Morgan Stanley internationally - Alledgedly $2m/annum- £200,000 a shot on the speech circuit.

Nigel farage was the guest speaker at a trump rally - A modern day wannabe G. Washington if ever there was one.

Mark Carney - the present Gov. of the B of E - was a head honcho for Goldman Sachs; whose board room boys retire early and become advisors to the US Gov. No matter what the political persuasion.

Do not mention Greece. Gosh

The Greek loans are now infamous in the battle of the haves and have-nots.
Goldman Sachs arranged large loans - some secret - to the Greek - more than centre right at the time - state.
At the same time, another gang in the G. Sachs setup were selling financial products - skullduggery at best - which undermined the value of the Greek loans and increased the cost.
Nice work if you can get it!


SUN 28th AUG 2016

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1963; the longest floating bridge in the world opened today.
7708ft; the new one between Seattle and Medina in Washington; april 2016
All pontoon with a bit gantry GOSH

The US has just ended the longest period of Quantitave Easing ever.
The theory; buying bonds, giving money to private financial institutions; will increase share prices and stimulate the economy The US government now has a debt of $4.5 trillion - some call the debt assets.
The UK goverment now has a debt of a mere £375 billion by printing electronic money.
The European Central Bank (ECB) had a target of at 'least' 1.1 trillion Euro.
Money movers are just great GOSH

Desperately mucking about with money does not work for the economy as a whole.
The trickle down theory is balderdash - the greedy gits see to that.
The present gov and private banking strategy has increased inequality to such an extent.
The EU referendum said let's go GOSH

Natural disasters occur frequently and take lives randomly.
Man is programmed to muck about with the environment to enhance living
Nature with the help of man doesn't take many prisoners.

The Greek plebs didn;t take on the loans.
Will they end up paying for them!


MON 29th AUG 2016

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1831: Mr Mike Faraday discovers electromagnetic induction - you know; transformers and generator thingies.
It was also the start of mans attempt to defy gravity using elecricity.
Man against nature again GOSH

The linear motor - a more efficient round one - laid out flat; was thought of in 1840.
The technology is taking a bit time.
The japanese are the world leaders - the wheel-less bullet train can now do over 300mph - experiment.
Against or with the grain GOSH

High speed trains are intended to take over inter-city flying! more eco friendly.
We in little England are havin an economic laugh with HS2.
Our 'leaders' must be on something made with grain GOSH

Linear motors are now used in rockets, lifts and fairground rides.
Wonder if the mixed technology and the human touch are the cause of crashes.
It is a fundamental feature of the Planet - Gravity GOSH

The japanese economy - which has a substantial wedge of US investment - despiting mucking about with interest rates and QE is still at best in the doldrums.
The Aisan Rim; pacific tiger economy, was said to come about on the back of western technology.
Are economies now leap frogging in an ever decreasing time span; and/or under the concise control of the inequality generating 1% in collusion with nation state governments.
Too many hanging on to the greddy gits GOSH

Ed Balls has described The JC leadership as a 'leftist utopian fantasy'.
Ed - busted flush; flustered blush - Balls; was supposed to be studying why nations go bust at Harvard.
He has published his; warts an all, memoirs in time for the labour party conference.
Ed Balls, the chanc(el)or that didn't see the crash coming, and doesn't want to see the inequality that his brand of 'socialist' party helped bring about.
A gore man or Gourmand GOSH

Is Greece back in with the greedy gits! - Or is it just hands on deals to grab the Greek national assets.
Mr. mandelson - remember him; see what else he got up to as a socialist - bumped into Georgie - boy Osborne on board a rich mans yacht, off some Greek Island.
Sir Dick Green (BHS) has his new super yacht anchored off Corfu.
Is it true; he said, he would sort out the pensions if; the enquiry into his family skullduggery was dropped!