THURS 17th AUG 2017

On This Day 17th AUG

Spy cam Lense

1836; The Registration Act, the compulsory registration of births, deaths and marriages was introduced in Britain.
Today; the establishment is 'trying' to play catchup in the microtechnicological advances spewed out in the cybor wars.
Live by the free market - die by the free market; there they go GOSH

Wonder if one can claim for silicon security cameras on 'the benefit' - it used to be coal not dole.
Oh I rhetorically forgot - the higher up the establishment the more the freebies forever.
The MP's are at it again - claiming for everthing from ground rent to a grope.
In the era of insatiable inequality; for some greed is good GOSH

1992; It was announced that 9 pigs were to take part in Britain's first pig race in Bellingham.
The favourites in the race were Lester Piglet and Miss Piggy.
'Pigdog' 'the flyer' and 'bacon butty' were non-runners.
Whatever next! racing trains full of gravy GOSH

2000 Prince William passed three A-levels: geography, biology and history of art.
He secured a place to study history of art at the oldest university in Scotland, St Andrews.
Many old etonions went to Oxford - perhaps billy boy wasn't that good at geography.
The old adage of, 'it's not what; it's who' got their lines crossed and nearly sent him to the gorbals GOSH

 Post Polo Royals

The Greek royal family - related to phil the greek; remember - are cravingly back in Greece.
Greece is a republic; confirmed by referendum clear majority in 1974.
The reign of international royalty was superceded by the wealth of multinationals many many moons ago.
All nation states in the EU that are not republic - a minority which will be even less after brexit - are constitutional, well PRed, monarchies.
The ones that hang on to royals; are considered to be less than well developed economically.

FRI 18th AUG 2017

On This Day 18th AUG

Castlerig Circle Eton Toffs

1882; Castlerigg stone circle, close to Keswick in Cumbria, was designated a scheduled monument.
Praised by architects for its beauty and its natural environment, archaeologist John Waterhouse declared it 'one of the most visually impressive prehistoric monuments in Britain'. More than a bit like wigan pier - dont bother...
Unless you're well into druids and/or the early bronze age; they still for certain don't know - Don't go GOSH

1941; Britain's National Fire Service was established.
Ever since the national strike of 1978 (7-8 weeks against a labour government) reform (cuts) has been the chief ingredient of the national v local game. NO GOSH

The differential (Pay) between pleb and hierarchy was intentionally increased to smooth the passage of 'Austerity'.
The same strategy applied to other public institutions'organisations - ethusiastically grasped by the private sector - has led to the inequality experienced by plebs and ignored by 'the elite' today.
Time for - don't mention division - for inequality and austerity to go GOSH

1959; The intended route of the M1 was altered to save a forest.
If you don't think that the proposed route of HS2 won't be 'controversialised' to save a country seat.
You need another tunnel for your toxins.
Despite the millions already earned/yet to be earned; the HS2 gravy train won't get on the ground GOSH

1998; Pilot Peter Diamond was jailed for 2 years for helping businessman fraudster Azil Nadir (Polly Peck company) escape 5 year earlier.
'Don't let the buggers grind you down' was the inscription on the back of the watch given to nadir by tory NI minister Michael Mates. Azi boy had been a tory party donator; his mate mike resigned, despite insisting of owt or nowt was he not guilty gggGOSH

New labour took over in 1997; a bunch of clean living guys and dolls.
After a number of 'resignations' it soon became clear; that, other brands were avaiable when it came to 'graft' GOSH

The true greed of the Greek loans is yet to surface in a big way.
The media barons must be suppressing the facts in a bigger way.
You can't say that...
Some bankers must be wearing brown trousers under the grey pin stripes.

SAT 19th AUG 2017

On This Day 19th AUG

The witch Trials Radio Caroline South

1612 Three women from the Lancashire village of Samlesbury were put on trial, accused of practicing witchcraft.
It was one of the most infamous witch trials in English history as all three were acquitted.
The law against blatent catholicism - pray with me or I'll break more than your knee...

In the era of religious warfare other less than fortunate brands of witch were hung.
The ducking/cucking stool was a 'weapon' in the war/battle of the sexes.
On the side of man; with the help of god GOSH

1897; The London Electric Cab Company began operating the electric-powered taxi cabs in London's West End and the City.
They had a range of up to 30 miles, and a top speed of 9 miles an hour.
The cabs prove uneconomical and were withdrawn in 1900.
100 and 20 year later - if it wasn't for the oil lobby - electric cars would be on the go GOSH

1919 Afghanistan gained full independence from Britain.
100 year later we - yes that means you - are still mucking about in the region.
We are led to believe that it is an international non death delivering battle for the hearts and minds - dont mention the minerals.
Iraq has nowt to do with oil and gas GOSH

Nation states are going on like neighbours with a boundary spat.
Man (and woman now ) are supposed to be less belligerent - where's me browning, is now where's me barrister and bomb.
Law and arms are now lucrative industries - is today it's all gob and gun! GOSH

1969; The British Army went into Northern Ireland.
What could possibly go wrong - give which man a gong GOSH

1989 The offshore, North Sea pirate radio station, Radio Caroline, was raided and silenced by the British and Dutch governments.
However broadcasts resumed on 1st October of that year and continued on low/moderate power until fuel for the generator ran out.
Radio Caroline currently broadcasts 24 hours a day via the Eutelsat satellite and Internet radio.
An Irish greedy git started Radio caroline to grab a bit of the action controlled by the greedy git US of A record companies.
Presenters among many were:
Tony Blackburn - still going...
Simon Dee - became tv presenter; hit the rails, and became a bus driver...
Spangles Muldoon - stayed in various rebel radio outfits and is long gone GOSH

Governments don't like losing establishment control of radio or any media.
Caroline came into direct conflict with radio luxemborg - the establishment OKayed broadcaster to the young.
In the politically polarised world of today - control of the UK media is becoming more complicated than the propaganda emanating from the Middle East.
There's such a lot up for grabs - NO josh GOSH

The greedy gits will be after the Greek media - you've gotta make a penny or two...
In the battle for hearts and minds - don't mention money

SUN 20th AUG 2017

On This Day 20th AUG

UK Steel Pant EU debt

1913; Harry Brearley of Sheffield cast the first stainless steel.
Britain used to be the world leader during the industrial revolution.
Since; various nation states have successfully competed...
Now; China is the - undisputed by far - leader in the Game GOSH

Much of manufacturing in the UK is not owned by the nation state - It is owned by other nation states.
Many reasons/excuses have been put forward for the decline in UK manufacturing industry.
Usually the haves blaming the have-nots and vice versa.
There are three kinds of economy: Command
The mixed economies are ahead by manufacturing miles - have a gander GOSH

Other factors are historically quintessentially English:
The north south divide - if more heavy industry had been down south...
Central banking - if we had regional banking and investment by law; like them germans. no josh GOSH

The recent lurch to the right and a market economy has dropped the UK and the USofA - the main proponents - right in it.
Just smell the polarisation and political division of recent voting...
Are people ready to have a go - giz a gun GOSH.

Many explanations for the brexit vote have been proffered.
Sovereingty and racism are two - yeh and Iraq isn't about oil
The close leave vote came about cos people/plebs want a decent job - don't mention the global village
Time for change; or, life will become an even deadlier game GOSH

Many are unaware of how close the Greeks were to defaulting on the loans and leaving The EU.
If it wasn't for brexit; there would have been a Grexit.
The EU as a institution/organisation/trading block came up with the present repayment deal.
It was american bankers who secretly arranged the loans to hide the original loans.
It is not over til the fat banker loses - as far as we plebs are concerned.

MON 21st AUG 2017

On This Day 21st AUG

John Parr Grave Big Ben

1914; Private John Parr became the first British man to be shot and killed during World War 1.
Official registers showed that he was 20 years old but, like many young soldiers, he had lied about his age and he was just 16.
Only the good die young - usually not by gun GOSH

1970; the UK voting age was reduced to 18.
Up til 1970 men could lie and die for their country; but, only be mature enough to vote at 21.
The biro was mightier than the gun GOSH

1976 Mary Langdon became Britain's first female firefighter when she joined the East Sussex Brigade.
Women have served their king/queen and country in non combat roles, on and off for centuries
1989; women were allowed to be combat pilots in the Air Force.
1992; the girls were allowed into all regular military units.
2016; women were allowed into all units engaging in close combat; in the UK military.
Give the girl a gun GOSH

1988; More flexible licensing laws allowed public houses to stay open 12 hours in the day, except on Sunday.
Somebody called thatcher playing placate the pleb.
The 24 hour drinking was pre election promiseering to the students by new labour for the 2005 general election.
The law was passed in 2005.
Those against 24 hour drinking predicted a UK version of Sodomm and Gomorrah GOSH

2017; Restoration work will halt the chimes of Big Ben from noon today.
The chimes are to be silent for four years - health and safety; they reckon.
No they won't; odds are, they'll get someone in with an amplifier and a dinner Gong GOSH

The Greeks are now on austerity package 14.
The international debt holding bankers would stop all public clocks in Greece - for a few Euro.
For those who have to take the brunt of 'austerity'; time will pass slowly...

TUES 22nd AUG 2017

On This Day 22nd AUG

Loch Ness Monster Greek Unemployment

565; St. Columba, reported seeing a monster in Loch Ness.
It was the first reported sighting of the monster.
An Irish catholic spreading the early christian word to the jocks.
Every few years 'Nessie' pops up in a puff of publicity.
Some believers haven't been on the mead or gin no Josh GOSH.

1788; The British settlement in Sierra Leone was founded, the purpose of which was to secure a home in Africa for freed slaves - many were resold; twenty quid each - or join the navy
The ones from England went first - Brit slave owners were handsomely compensated by an act of parliament - even some well off plebs had black slaves...
The means to make money trickled down - never the actual money
Sierra Leone has been a typical 'banana' republic.
Some say thanks to the hypocrisy of the Brit greedy gits NO GOSH

1922; Irish republican Michael Collins, the founder of Sinn Fein, was assassinated by extremist republicans in County Cork. A death shrouded in unexplained mystery, thrown about by the Civil war.
When the killing starts; anything goes GOSH

1998; The Republican terrorist group the Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) announced a 'complete ceasefire'.
The political/violent struggle for Irish independence has had as many splits/factions as the house of commons; over recent history.
Hush - keep it quiet - it's bad for pary politics...
He gratuitously grinned.GOSH

2014 'Upton Chippie' in Gainsborough, which uses a coal-fired range and a 66 year old batter recipe, was listed alongside the finest restaurants in Britain in the Good Food Guide.
Its first owner, Kathleen Longden, ran the shop for 55 years, before being succeeded by family members.
They 'who' say that family businessess are coming back...
Or is it just the enforced 30 bob self employed; convenient stats for the hanging on greedy gits GOSH

The Greek (and other) Economy already has massive youth unemployment.
If you think that further austerity will kick start family start-ups; you need another hole in your doughnut...
Wonder what workhouse is in Greek!

WED 23 rd AUG 2017

On This Day 23rd AUG

 the William Wallace Trial Justice must be seen

1305; Scottish patriot William Wallace was hanged, beheaded, and quartered in London.
His body parts were later displayed in different cities.
His more than a bit barbaric murder came as a result of Wallace's efforts to free Scotland from the occupying English forces.
Justice must be seen to be done - courtesy of the incumbent greedy gits.GOSH

1617; The first one-way streets were introduced in London.
The Highlands and some secluded parts of the UK still have one way roads with passing places...
Where's me horsie gone GOSH

1839 Britain captured Hong Kong as a base as it prepared for war with China.
The ensuing 3 year conflict was later to be known as the First Opium War.
Drugs have been used as an excuse for the lads and lasses of numerous nation states continuing prescence in Afghanistan.
No gee or josh GOSH

1997; the Hong Kong lease expired - it went back to China.
Even today some residents (usually of Asian extraction) are not happy with China in charge.
No need for concern - they will get over it...
Where's me colony gone GOSH

The conservative establishment doesn't mind rich immigrants or poor immigrant workers.
As long as they are under their control!
In any nation state/trading block; everyone can't be a greedy git. NO GOSH

2010; Publisher Harper Collins and the BBC began a court battle over a book that revealed the identity of Top Gear's The Stig, to be the former Formula Three driver Ben Collins.
'who', even the petrol head said.
Henceforth Collins was always referred to by the Top Gear presenters as 'Sacked Stig'
'Wanna be in my gang' said the gang of (trying desperately not to appear greedy) greedy gits.

2012; Former ( he voluntarily returned - thinking he would be fined) fugitive Asil Nadir (71) was jailed for 10 years for the theft of almost £29m from his Polly Peck empire more than 20 years previously.
The company collapsed in 1990 after a Serious Fraud Office investigation.
Remember the Michael Mates - an establishment greedy git - gift watch, with the 'don't let the bastards grind you down'
Asil was ground down and sent down.
By a bloke dressed in a wig and funny gown GOSH

2016; Mr nadir was transferred to a Turkish Jail; to save taxpayers money...
Later that same year, he was spotted in a N. Cyprus restaurant.
Justice must be seen to be done - courtesy of the incumbent greedy gits GOSH

Cyprus is predominately Greek.
Cyprus is the med equivalent island, of the Ireland off the coast of Britain.
The islands have two things in common; British occupation and fighting...
The UK still has military bases in/on cyprus - to protect/look after, UK interests in the area.
Cyprus and Greece are in the EU.
Turkey; the nation state that invaded Cyprus is fervently trying to become an EU member.
It is complicated before Brexit, said the democratic Brit!