MON 15th AUG 2016

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1952; a huge storm and the resultant downpour created a flash flood in Lynmouth Devon.
34 people lost their life; 420 were made homeless and over 100 buildings were subjected to various levels of serious damage.
Much more than a galosh gush GOSH

The West country is a nice part of the world.
It is well worth a gander. GOSH

Lynmouth Devon is not to be confused with Lynemouth just north of Ashington
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Extreme weather is associated with climate change - or global warming.
In modern industrialised (service economies! Surely not.) nations; the deniers to believers is roughly the same ratio as inequality
The haves have programmed themselves to ignore poverty just like they ignore global warming.
The fossil fuel industry wouldn't be allowed to sponsor a climate change conference would they!.
Are gourmands greedy GOSH

Notice the lack of US cars on the UK roads lately.
When America set out on the $4.5 trillion cash injection to revive their national economy.
There were two main recipents; the private banks - by far the most - and the motor industry.
Will brexit see the return of American motors at the expense of the EU manufacturers!
In with the Granada and out with the Golf GOSH

The energy companies - mostly foreign owned - have made errors converting from imperial to metric.
Do not worry; companies always err on the side of the customer.
Politicians don't tell porkies ; pigs can fly and fat cats can't grin GOSH

'Care in the community' is getting less funding in nation states with capitalist free market economies under pressure.
The Americans have found a unique solution.
'Kill in the community'
No wry grins GOSH.

Everday more and more remainers are (demo)cratically questioning the referendum leave vote.
Everyday more and more leavers are becoming disgruntled.
Our society now has less glasnost and more glaring - No gloss GOSH

Privatisation of the Olympics and sport in general is now being questioned.
How much more covert privatisation of the NHS is lined up.
Us plebs can only guess.GOSH

The Greek economy is in decline.
The planned and politically accepted austerity can never pay off the loans.
The greedy gits are lined up to grab the national assets no matter what.
There will be trouble ahead.


TUES 16th AUG 2016

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1960; Cyprus became independent from the UK.
A signed agreement between The UK; Greece and Turkey.
Britain was becoming less Great GOSH

The word 'frenemy' came into being over generation ago.
It related to teenagers and the fact that many a neighbourhood friendship; was in fact merely an ' alliance of convenience'
A gathering of minds or a mindless gathering.GOSH

At one time the sun never set on the British Empire.
Well it does now.
We as a nation must now have more frenemies than any god. GOSH

List our frenemies!
It is much easier to list the parts of the world where we haven't had a belligerent prescence.
In all these periods of conflict; who has always been on our side!
The dad of jimmy jesus; GOD GOSH

Terrorism today has a proportional link to a countries recent colonial past.
The relatively very small - economically disadvantaged - German Empire was divided up at the end of the first world war.
The vast majority of german migrants went to America.
Since trying to conquer Europe militarily; Germany has had a peaceful international co-existence.
All agreement and no gore GOSH

The EU is an Empire of political production not military making.
One of the main founding principles was the prevention of war in Europe
Germany is the lead economy in Europe now - it controls the European Central Bank in Frankfurt
Which made most of the loans to Greece.

Greece is still in The EU - we are not - don't count the frenemies.
Migration is one reason for brexit.
The root cause was inequality - the haves a have-nots.
The rest of The EU has a massive - shoved under the table - problem with inequality.
Not just Greece GOSH

Greece is not just talking.
It is now well on the way to starting the legal process to recover the agreed second world war reparations that germany stopped paying.
Money makes the world go around.
Much is made of the drop in Chinese production and growth.
The Western world QE driven recovery is not doing so well.
Hands up; any pleb; who thinks that a private bank driven recovery based on more and more debt; is good for them.


WED 17th AUG 2016


1771; Jimmy Robertson made the first recorded trip to the top of Ben Nevis.
The highest; but not all say the greatest GOSH

Robbo was a travelling botanist based at Edinburgh Uni.
Many must have made it to the summit before 1771; because it was there.
Or; am I just an old romantic. Up the ben when you leave the glen GOSH

Fancy a trip!
The record for the race is 1h.25min. and a few seconds; 1984; Keswick AAC; kenny Stuart.
For mere mortals; there are three main routes to the top.
Unless you are experienced with a head for heights.
Take the tourist path; Godamn it GOSH

The lack of union strength is taking this country back into the days of 'The dark satanic mills' with a subtle twist.
Zero hours and 'self employed' are becoming the norm.
Are you some form of contemporary desensitised sucker! Give it a go GOSH

The era of mucking about with money has long reached its sell by date.
The time to start making things again is long overdue.
Making things that reward a pleb with a decent standard of living.
Change will be a lot easier than one thinks. Give it a go GOSH

Team GB is doing OK at the olympics.
Thanks to the national lottery money.
The 'Lotto' is now owned by a Canadian teachers pension fund.
The pension fund is owned by the same gang that bought Cadburys.
Participation in amateur sport in the UK is falling.
PS. put 'amateur' into your search engine. GGGGGOSH

The UK economy has now been portrayed as a 'Greek Economy'
'Greek' as in derogatory (no pun intended) - not the amount of debt - no matter which stat is used.
One of the greedy git reasons for leaving The EU was the intended changes to banking.
Some institutions tell porkies and some ouright lie - depending on the degree of desperation - not ethics or constitution.
With the present degree of obfuscation resulting from over a generational blending of public and private.
Does any one know what is going on economically - apart from; the weakest are the first ones 'to get it'


THURS 18th AUG 2016


1868; Pierre Janseen - French - spotted a gaseous element during a solar eclipse
1895 it was named as helium by a Brit and two Swedes
Helium is the second most abundant element in the universe - never mind the galaxy GOSH

It is rare on earth - it is not extracted from the atmosphere.
It is sort of dug out of the ground GOSH

Helium is the gas that fills balloons; makes ones voice funny; and is now filling airships again.
The one in the picture is nicknamed the flying bum.
For things that fly; in size; it is the greatest. GOSH

Liquid helium is mostly used in cryogenics.
The most common form is a gas NO GOSH

Politicians like to gas.
Well they used to.
They now prefer the spinners to represent them more and more.
The elected politicians are now less garrulous.GOSH

It is all spads and spin.
Lobby; lobby; lobby, it's a rich mans world.
The new form of establishment government.GOSH

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) set up in 1945 to foster and monitor international economic growth;
Dominated by america.
is now being found to be 'incompetent' with the handling of the Greek loans.

Culture of complacency
Ad hoc practices
Inability to understand the economic mechanism of the Euro zone.

Are just some of the words used in a godamning report.
Greece is now being sacrificed to protect the Euro - no one is guilty; yet!


FRI 19th AUG 2016

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1612; three women from Salmesbury Lancashire - little old England - went on trial for witchcraft.
One of the most famous trials in British history.
A tale of family intrigue, personal aspiration and innocence in the brutal era of the reformation.
Don't mention GOD again GOSH

Three women were subjected to trial on the evidence of a fourteen year old girl.
The case collapsed when it was discovered; the girl was being coached by a catholic priest.
An interested party trying to keep the family silver in the control of catholicism.
They were found not guilty GOSH

Others were not so lucky.
Two men and eight women were hung after a single trial for witchcraft.
True tales are plenty; of burnt alive and ducking stools.
The more history has to hide; the vaguer it becomes.
He was real wasn't he! Gandalf GOSH

The phenonema of using witchcraft to get ones wicked way had long gone by the twentieth century
Or; had it just transformed into more subtle forms.
The Shrewsbury 24 is a tale of pleb v power in the courts.
The establishment using the resources of the country to protect itself.
The greedy gangs formed a greedier gang GOSH 24 trade union building site pickets were charged with:
conspiracy to intimidate
Unlawful assembly
At three seperate trials.
6 were given prison sentances and 18 were given suspended sentances of various lengths.
Sending people to gaol for political reasons will turn out, eventually, to be an own goal GOSH

The same firms are nowing paying out compensation for operating an illegal blacklist.
Lives of families ruined by greedy gits wearing the greed goggles GOSH

Using; courts, illegal blacklists, overt secrecy, and over zealous under cover coppering, politically for personal gain.
Is this country well on the way to becoming another E Germany? NO JOSH GOSH

Will a financial wizard save Greece! or;
will the wicked witches get their evil way.


SAT 20th AUG 2016

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1920: the first commercial radio station BMK (now WWJ) began broadcasting in Detroit Michigan.
WWJ Newsradio is part of CBS Radio, a division of CBS Corp.
CBS is a multi national, multi media corporation - this year it offered $ 700 million worth of shares for sale to the punters.
It is not only who buys em; but, where they get the money from.
Without mentioning Quantitave Easing and the US 4 trillion dollar debt.
You have a guess GOSH

Today the US has about (over) 3,000 radio stations - most of em just play music on the internet to Americans; cos of copyright etc.
Alaska with a pop. of 739,318 has 17.
Montano with a pop. of 1,042,646, has only 4 radio stations
Texas with a pop. of just short of 28,000,000 has 161.
California witha pop. of 39,497,345 has 221.
Socio-economic reason may apply.
Not many have gold in the name - a few are charity and hobby - most of them are going for gold. NO GOSH

The UK has hundreds of local radio stations may of them hospital and charity.
The UK has around 40 national radio broadcasters.
No matter which way one angles the stats - the BBC comes out on top by a distinct decibel
The BBC gives the goat to many an entrepeneur - to this day it is still by far the greatest GOSH

The BBC was originally owned by the UK radio manufacturers led by Marconi.
The BBC became a state organisation in 1922; and ever since has been a goer GOSH

75% of private radio broadcasting is owned by just 2 companies: Global - described as a UK family firm - a family with more close friends than face book.
Bauer - described as an European multi-national family owned outfit - is currently run by Yvonne Bauer; a German, single, billionaire said to value her privacy.
Go to companies house not google GOSH

Remember product placement and subliminal advertising - one was banned; alledgedly. The BBC is being subtly subverted before our very eyes.
The method; human replacement.
If he aint one of us; he better get going. GOSH

Does the BBC licence money fund the lobbying of parliament!
I doubt it; in the human interaction of today; however, anything goes GOSH

Just like the NHS; the US has no equivalent of the BBC.
In life there used to be two dead certs; Death and Taxes We all still die; but taxes!
That you don't know what you got
til it's gone.GOSH

Greece has over 1,000 licenced radio stations for a pop. of under 11 million souls.
The government closed some down; but, even more are operating now.
The national state owned and run, tv and radio organisation (hellenic - ERT )was abolished by the conservative government in 2013.
It has been reinstated by the present socialist coalition government; and is going strong.