AUG 8th 2018

On this day

1296; The Stone of Scone, on which Scottish kings had been crowned for centuries, was seized by King Edward I of England.
Teddy 1 was the offspring of Henry 111 and Eleanor of Provence - a prime example of skullduggery and warmongering greedy git; ask the Jews of England!
The pursuit of power corrupts - absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Knuckle under you less than total greedy gits GOSH

1834; The Poor Law Amendment Act was passed in Britain.
Local parishes no longer cared for the poor - welcome to the workhouse.
Ever thought you've been here before!
There are those that 'take a lend' at all levels of 'society'.
Could you sleep on a clothes line - the historic equivalent of the 'Gig' economy.
Here's a cliched truism...
It never ceases to amaze me how, MSM commentators of all kinds - even those that profess/purport to be on the 'side' of the poor, make allegedly neutral remarks from the relative safety of well paid employment.
Walk a mile in my shoes - or, are you just an I'm alright ghoul!GOSH

1958; In Britain, Columbia Records signed a 17 year old singer called Cliff Richard.
In those days; many of the household/rented small flat names of yesterday to come worked for the 'Man'.
They daily bashed away in small booths, writing rapid rise recordings for corporations.
Footballers were on a - club rules OK - max wage and how much in nation state currency could one take 'abroad'!
Things have changed since deregulation; individuals have prospered; however, the inter/multi national rules OK.
There is no inequality if one is on the lucrative side of the game.GOSH

2002; The UK's biggest undertakers Co-op funeral services, reported that bereaved families preferred pop songs to hymns at funerals.
Unusual choices requested included 'Another One Bites The Dust' by Queen and 'Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go' by Wham!
The Co-op is now owned by American Equity investment (hedge funds).
Long before the, last throw of the dice 'Trump'; long before the massive debt created by 'Quantitave Easing', America bought up the British funeral Industry.
The know all there is to know about the dieing game Game GOSH.

Will the Greek economy prosper or die!
The Greeks like the Brits are at the economic 'T' junction...
Up the plebs - the greedy gits will stick it right up; if you let them...

AUG 9th 2018

On this day

1721; Prisoners at Newgate Jail were used as 'guinea pigs' to test vaccines used against disease.
In those days the greedy gits were directly involved...
My life is much more important than a plebs - never mind a convicted criminal.
The more the money the less the gamble.

The testing of anything used (most likely; still is on the QT) to be a fiddle job for squaddies.
Here's a few bob... what could possibly go wrong, he cliched.
Nowadays it is done for the nation state/man and woman kind.
If; you, believe that, you need some more drugs for your dilemma.
Aren't our fellow humans great! GOSH

1870; The Elementary Education Act was passed.
It gave compulsory, free education to every child in England and Wales between the age of five and 13.
The plebs are less aware of legislation in the era of information, than they were in the age of Victorian values.
Legislation is sneaked through now - no wonder politicians and the controlled establishment are not/dis liked.
Private schools and their charitable status are one of the designer definitions of division.
I went to a grammar school - it was there...
Our offspring went to private school - she was awarded a scholarship; we paid next to nowt.
If! you don't think that greedy git policy fosters division; you, need some more gallantry in your grit

1963; ITV transmitted the first edition of the pop music programme Ready Steady Go to rival the BBC's Top of the Pops.
The battles between public and private broadcasting began; the BBC - including the online overtures - won.
The BBC used to be the 'darling left' of the establishment...
Is the BBC now over-neutral in its impartial bias!
Many (if not all) of the department heads are now more than right of centre.
You will be in my gang GOSH

1971; During 'The Troubles' in Northern Ireland, British security forces launched Operation Demetrius.
Hundreds were arrested and interned, thousands were displaced and twenty were killed in the violence that followed.
The good friday agreement (right wing negotiations were kept secret for years) brought a cessation of the 'troubles' and relative peace.
At one of the peaks of the troubles; we - yes us - sent a peace envoy to the Balkans.
If only that goddamn god, had given us the gift to see ourselves as others see us.
Post Brexit; there but for the grace of God...

Will the Greek pleb; through no (very little indeed) fault of their own; become the whipping boys/girls of the developed world.

AUG 10th 2018

On this day

991; At the Battle of Maldon (Essex) the English were defeated by a band of inland-raiding Vikings.
After the battle, Archbishop Sigeric of Canterbury and aldermen advised King Aethelred to buy off the Vikings rather than continue the armed struggle.
The result was a payment of 10,000 Roman pounds (3,300 kg) of silver.
Take the hit; them plebs will pay.
In this era of almost instant information - must we plebs play the game!

1842; Britain passed the Mines Act - forbidding women and children from working underground.
Coal was the fuel that powered the wealth of Britain.
When the male mine workers went on strike in 1984; for almost a whole year.
They were subjected to many forms of opposition by thatcherism...
Judicial/ economic/physical/climatic/ and spin...
It wasn't thatcherism that beat the 'working class' - it was the national split in the unions.
No ballot was the excuse, for...
A substantial chunk of the midlands coal field workers to keep on producing coal.
The UK plebs voted for thatcherism.
The irony of today; one of the largest referendum vote leave results came from the Midlands area.
The nation voted for thatcherism - and the son of thatcher; bliar - and has ended up with inequality.
Play the game GOSH

1897; The founding the the RAC - the Royal Automobile Club - originally known as the Automobile Club of Great Britain.
The RAC used to be owned by the members - whatever their class or income...
The greedy gits in charge turned it into a 'foundation' and charity.
When it was sold off in 1991; the charity was paid a bribe.
Today the RAC is owned outright by a large multi-national American private equity outfit - the Carlysle Group.
If you don't think that American capitalism used 'Quantitave Easing' to acquire international assets.
Don't mention democracy backed up by death and destruction and the 'time dollar'...
You need a good gallon of gravity behind your internationally made grill GOSH

1911; British MPs voted to receive salaries for the first time.
Half a generation before the first Labour MP was elected.
In the second year of the first Labour goverment; some elected on the platform of socialism were wearing top hats and sending their sons to Eton.
Today; the greater the inequality - the less the trust between public and politician.
Don't mention the next expenses and lobbying scandals...
Play the game GOSH.

1961; a tory government under Harold Mcmillan applied for membership of the EEC - the European Economic Community; founded by the 'treaty of Rome', 1957.

The decsion was much derided from both/all sides of the house.
The UK entry into the EEC was knocked back by French post war leader, Charles de Gaulle.
Britain couldn't piss inside the tent.
Jouez the game GOSH

The UK joined the Eu 16 years after being invited; in 1973 - the same year as Ireland and Denmark.
It joined the EU under the Ted - the tory with the teeth - Heath
The ERM was the pre-runner to the Euro - remember when a tory chancellor tried to save the pound.
I would have kicked the UK out when we refused to join the Euro.
The dominance of 'services' in the UK economy is the main reason for the relative decline.
The sooner we get back to making things; the better.
Play the game...

2003; The temperature in Britain exceeded 100° F for the first time when 101.3 °F (38.5 °C) was recorded in the hamlet of Brogdale near Faversham, Kent.
In 2018 UK temperatures were 10 degrees higher than normal.
The longest and hottest heatwave for 5 year.
Climate change or weather!
The effect of climate change; after a slow build up - is forecast to be sudden and disastrous.
We have been warned ...
Play the game GOSH

Greece became a member of the EU in 1981 and was one the the first to adopt the Euro currency in 2001
A much secret report was commissioned on the economic effect of Greece leaving the EU.
Greece is still an EU member - despite being financially worse off at the moment.
The EU is as much political as Economic...
We - due to the protest vote of national inequality - are not members now.

AUG 11th 2018

On this day

1858 The Eiger in the Swiss Bernese Alps was ascended for the first time by Irishman Charles Barrington accompanied by guides Christian Almer and Peter Bohren.
The Eiger is a short walk/train ride from Grindelwand - a tourist part of the planet.
If one wants to see how imposing a challenge the Eiger is; have a quick butchers at the 'Eiger Sanction'
Barrington - took the easy way up - returned to Ireland and never visited the Alps again.
He turned his attention to training a famous racehorse, 'Sir Robert Peel', that won the first Irish Grand National in 1870.
Wonder if he was sponsored by Walkers Crisps and Guiness!
Grindelwand really is worth a visit - the whole area/country is expensively great...GOSH

1897 The birth of Enid Blyton, English author.
Her estimated 800 books have been translated into nearly 90 languages with 8,000,000 sales, over roughly 40 years.
To date est. 2-4 billion from all forms of entertainment; making her the top selling writer along with Shakespeare - according to many.
Wordsmithing is extremely competitive - very few make a living from writing 'fiction'; never mind achieve greatness.GOSH

1968; The start of National Apple Week in England.
The Beatles launched their new record label, Apple - they were a pop group for only ten year.
They changed western culture and made a relative fortune - before the 'discontented rivalry' of Paul McCartney caused them to break up.
Will (c)rap and other recent genre be more popular than 60's music; as time goes bye...
I doubt it - all we are saying is give peace a glance...GOSH

1975; The Government took ownership of British Leyland, the only major British-owned car company.
After privatisation under the free market rules of recent history; what has the UK pleb got left...
Other EU member states - have despite the rules - have hung on to their national industry; they are now called multi-nationals.
The inequality brought about by the internationality of UK business - condoned by (just) the electorate - has fostered the leave vote.
Yes the EU is run by the rules of the centre right; however, each and every member state has less inequality than us.
Do we really know where we are going!

Most Greek plebs - much worse off than the UK pleb - haven't much of a clue; apart from the impending 'austerity'- yet they are still in the 'at least' centre-right German led EU trading bloc.
The economic advances which made the Global village possible - distance and scale of numbers; will have to be tempered/tweaked somewhat drastically to control Global warming...
The economic top dog is dead - long live the top dog.

AUG 12th 2018

On this day

1848; The death of George Stephenson English civil engineer and mechanical engineer who built the first public inter-city railway line in the world to use steam locomotives, the Liverpool and Manchester Railway which opened in 1830.
A statue of George Stephenson can be seen at the York Railway Museum.
This just hanging on government is perilously playing placate the pleb by throwing more money at HS11 than nurturing the NHS.
HS11 - how much to write it off - will enter the railway museum without ever getting off/on the ground GOSH

1944 The first PLUTO (Pipe Line Under the Ocean) supplying fuel across the English Channel to the Allied forces in France, went into operation from the Isle of Wight.
A sizable chunk of the population of all nation states will be quite surprised at the number of 'plutos' linking our nation to others - even across/under the pond.
Ever roamed with your mobile across the mainland of Europe and been ripped off! - until the EU lowered prices.
The UK mobile network is linked to the rest of Europe by a seabed hardwire system!
The most recent and, most politically somewhat sublimely sensitive at the moment, is the seabed pipeline linking Russian oil and gas directly to the UK.
It comes ashore in Scotland and; came online, just before/after the bulk of the UK military force was withdrawn from Afghanistan.
The least surprising fact; it was constructed using massive state of the art machinery, made in Germany.
Play the diplomatic economic Game GOSH

1949; Big Ben ran at its slowest for 90 years as flocks of starlings took roost on the minute hands, slowing it by four and a half minutes.
'Big Ben' is part of the Uk palace of political power - the whole kit and caboodle is being refurbished at a cost of; how much is too much, in the era of austerity.
In the age of the free market rules OK; Londoncentric is slime-washed american chicken feed.
Let's really go alone and Global...GOSH

1997; The British Tourist Authority came under fire for dropping the Union Flag from its publicity material.
There was an against the multi-national; I'm backing Britain campaign in the 60's.
Will it be a stand alone; 'I'm backing England' by the bargain loving Brit, in the future.
Should/will the (trade) 'union' head ultimately control the heart in the politics v professionalism game. GOSH

Greece - a country at present under the combined cosh of 'capitalism' - will it go alone!

AUG 13th 2018

On this day

1814; The Cape of Good Hope Province became a British colony when it was given over to the British by the Dutch for £6 million.
An area of Africa - fought over between us and the dutch more than twice - became part of S. Africa.
Remember apartheid - any of your ancestors receive sustenance from the B.Empire; in the Victorian value workhouse, upwards.
It is called 'the trickle down effect' today.
The only trickle you will see is the one due to lack of infrastructure and climate change.
Have you bought a house on a flood plain for gain! GOSH

When the Newcastle side of the Quayside was being 'refurbished/rebuilt; all the tradesman vans were lined up along the main road.
Very few of them were from the N.E. - there was one from Southhampton...
One of the main reasons for the success of the German economy - they have regional banks which by law must invest in their own area.
We - yes us - have the Londoncentric, internationally owned/invested in, clearing banks and the services industry.
Where have all the regional, mutual building societies, gone...GOSH

1908 The tenor Enrico Caruso was fond of posing in his many motor cars but never learned to drive.
On 13th August 1908, in London, his wife Ada Giachetti eloped with their chauffeur.
Was she keeping her eye on the ball!
The female of which species is deadlier than the male - which gender is larger and keeping all those war graves warm...
Sporadically feminist girl; go Girl GO! GOSH

1991; The Prince of Wales resigned as the patron of Scotland's National Museum over a competition to design a new building.
The, misunderstood, different planet, leader 'to be' of a constitutional monarchy, chucking out the dummy!
1997; Following worldwide press speculation, Diana, Princess of Wales issued a statement insisting she had no plans to marry Dodi Al Fayed.
Ask Mary queen of Scots and her sort of sister Betty One; where have all the male heirs gone! GOSH

In the more recent old days, European monarchies interbred...
Ask Phil the Greek!

AUG 14th 2018

On this day

1040; King Duncan of Scotland was murdered by Macbeth, who then became king and ruled for 17 years.
Do many still think that Macbeth was merely a machination of the mind of that bloke called Shakespeare.
Play the game GOSH

1852; The first public lavatory was opened, on London's Fleet Street.
The greedy gits have hinted that private premises that rely on public participation for the generation of wealth should allow free public access to the 'loo'.
Ask those that are privy to access of camera surveillance if; when you gotta go! you gotta go GOSH

1908; The world's first international beauty contest was held at Folkestone, Kent.
Men, worshipping/ogling the female form is off the menu, at the moment.
A sign of the times; or the febrile face of in the face feminism.
Men are from mars; women are from venus - go girl; go

1930 The 'cautious' (!) use of contraceptives was approved by the Church of England.
How on earth did man/woman kind manage before relatively modern contraceptives were used - the still rising...
Advances in contraception are one the main reasons for the emancipation of women.
'Boys will be boys' has been one of forms of catholic contraception since Jimmy Jesus came into the mind of man.
No giggling on the go GOSH

1969; The first British troops were deployed in Northern Ireland to restore order.' Operation Banner', as it was named, was initially to be a limited operation but it lasted for 38 years.
Battens - a fancy pick helve - a 30 bob job in Germany, were sort of secretly made by other squaddies to quell any disturbance.
Many are well aware of the humane cost; but, what is the economic cost.
The same goes for the fight for oil - sorry; fight/crusade against the 'axis of evil'.
Are all developed nation states establishments truly blessed with greed GOSH

2013; Mark Sutton, the 42 year old British stuntman who parachuted into the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony dressed as James Bond, was killed in a wingsuit flying accident in the Swiss Alps.
The 2012 stunt had shown 'James Bond' being summoned to the Palace before skydiving with the Queen (fellow stuntman Gary Connery) into the Olympic stadium with Union-Jack emblazoned parachutes.
I was going to be a stuntman; but, I fell down the stairs on the way to the audition.
Risking your life/well-being for nowt is much more fun - some people need a gun GOSH

The Mackinder concept - who ever rules the heartland of Europe; rules the world, was first originated by an Englishman - a book not a newspaper.
The web/internet claims the theory to be American...
Halford - yes a christian name of the victorian times - must have either migrated or really influenced the USof A establishment.
Have a go Joe - but not GI. no josh GOSH

We are soon to become a 'non' member of the EU - Greece would be a target too obvious to attack economically.
The trump gang have chosen a hopeful EU entrant to attack - Turkey...
The central bank of the EU is really the target - they will politically and economically ride out the intended hit.

AUG 15th 2018

On this day

1842; The first regular British detective force was formed as a division of the Metropolitan Police, under the joint command of Inspector Pearce and Inspector John Haynes (who).
In 1878 it became known as the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).> There can't be baddies in our frontline pro establishment defence/semi-military force; can there! It was the Met that was labelled 'institutionally racist' by an independent in/enquiry.
Power corrupts... Who is watching the watchers - especially the undercover/overpaid kiddas.
Even in an economy under 'no' pressure, there are baddies and goodies GOSH.

1872; The first voting by ballot in Great Britain took place in a by-election at Pontefract, when Hugh Childers, a Liberal MP and minister was re-elected.
I can understand why some people have lost all faith in a politicians promise - its not so much as an era of concentrated spin...
Or; the expenses and lobbying - they are not all the same (career politicians) now - there is a choice.
Some people - for various reasons - have never ever voted.
If; you don't go to the ballot box; you deserve everything you don't get GOSH

1941; Corporal Josef Jakobs was executed by firing squad at the Tower of London at 7:12 a.m. making him the last person to be executed at the Tower for treason.
Jakobs was a 'german; german spy captured on landing by parachute - every other spy - including two brits - was hung in a civilian prison.
Capital punishment was abolished by parliament in 1965 - 1973 in N.Ireland.
Losing ones own life was supposed to be the deterrent that stopped someone from taking a life.
The british population at the time - and many/some still do - believed in an eye for an eye...
It wasn't the first time - and it won't be the last - that the electorate is unhappy with the elected representatives.
The times they are a changing - let all career politicians go GOSH

1987; Caning was officially banned in British schools (excluding independent schools).
Was retaining the option of corporal punishment - and a charitable status - more to do with discipline than the accumulation of wealth.
Don't do as I do; do as I say.
How many shades of grey GOSH

1988; Glasgow passport office started to issue the new EEC passports. It was the first office to be computerised to dispense the burgundy coloured documents, which replaced the traditional blue ones.
Reception to them was mixed.
The entry to England queues for non nationals at heathrow airport were down to the computers, said a pro establishment/keeping my pay grade home office career lackey.
The firm that comes up with the software for your individual data held by the government is De la Rue - still allegedly a UK multi-national that was awarded the ten year contract to print our nation state passport and currency for ten years in 2009. The UK/Brit passport is to be blue again and made/printed in France.
A UK multi-national just hanging on! Or multi-national business rules OK Here/where we go GOSH

Is it all done and dusted with the loans fiasco made by the EU and others to the Greek economy.
It will probably kick off again politically; with the Trump trade wars stirring things up.
Just another angle in the pursuit of power and the resulting wealth.