WED 9th AUG 2017

Newgate Prison  Real  wealth growth 2009

On This Day 9th AUG

1721; The inmates (prisoners) at Newgate Jail were used as 'guinea pigs' to test vaccines used against disease.
1960'S; UK military person - mostly army squaddies - were paid extra money to test 'drugs/antidotes'.
What could possibly go wrong said, and insist, the establishment cheer leaders.
Here's a good dose; here you wont be a goner GOSH

1870; The Elementary Education Act was passed. It gave compulsory, free education to every child in England and Wales between the age of five and 13.
Education in Scotland has always been slightly different to that of the rest of the UK.
A, to this very day, right to free public education to any and all that wish for it.
As each generation accepts and adapts to the prevailing economy - so has Scottish education.
Never forget that Yorkshire - whatever the administrative boundary - still has a larger population than Scotland.
Stick that under your bonnet and give it a kiss from Glasgow. GOSH

1971; During 'The Troubles' in Northern Ireland, British security forces launched Operation Demetrius.
Demetrius was the Greek goddess of grain - mother earth.
There have been quite a few demetrius's throughout man's time on earth - there has never been a 'Joe Bloggs' operation.
Hundreds were arrested and interned, thousands were displaced and twenty were killed in the violence that followed.
The NI 'troubles' are one of the finest examples of the '_ _ _ _' that emanates from pseudo religious, tribal colonialism.
Are the 'troubles; still ongoing GOSH

1999; Charlie - hic - Kennedy won the race to succeed Paddy - pants down - Ashdown as leader of the Liberal Democrats.
The latest 'leader' is Vince - who; no old jokes now - Cable; who took over from that religious bloke that disappeared up his own exhaust by not answering the (any)question.

It is now around ten years since the latest banking crash.
They (the professional pundits) are now warning of another imminent crash; based on too much debt.
Forget the 'blind ignorance' and duplicity of hedge funds, aided and abetted by an abundance of international technology.
The cause of the crash was unbridled greed.
The 'banks' - money manipulators - were bailed out by the plebs.
Socialism for the rich...
They won't get away with it again GOSH

It wasn't socialists that arranged the greek loans - debt It was socialism that got the blame...
And now the Greek plebs (may) have to repay for the loans by austerity.
Society in the form of gangs picks on the weakest - while the less weaker watch.
Whether it be nation states, trading blocks, or the local bobby...

THURS 10th AUG 2017

Keep it in The Family  Wine from wonga

On This Day 10th AUG

1842; Britain passed the Mines Act - forbidding women and children from working underground.
It took a tragedy - 26 young people dead - to bring about 'change'.
This was the time of the British Empire and the industrial revolution - good old victorian values; eh! what!
We didn't know - honest guv... GOSH

History has a lot of people hanging around - we was only following orders.
The whigs and cons of the victorian era were the equivalent of new labour and tory today.
The much the sameness led to further and greater inequality.
Democracy rules OK; but the establishment rules the guns GOSH

The act ended females in the mines - men (boys) over the age of ten still had to do their bit.
In 1860 the age was raised to 12.
Life's a bitch unless you're rich...
Doff your tifer and down you go GOSH

One of the arguments that led to the passing of the act...
Women worked stripped to the waist - men and boys could see their bits...
Such victorian gallantry GOSH

In the early 1960's the establishment tried to ban the publication of'Lady Chatterlies Lover'.
A novel by a working class mining family lad; about a posh woman having it off clandestinely with a lower class game keeper.
The case for the prosecution collapsed spectacularly when the toff chappie for the establishment, said...
Brandishing a held aloft copy to the working/ multi class jury, "would you let your servant read this book".
A classless! gaffe GOSH

1961; Britain applied for membership of the EEC - the European Economic Community.
We joined in 1973; along with Ireland - Ireland left the UK (the british empire) in 1922 - officially in 1948...
The EU has caused more splits the the stopping of the weathering of wood in economies under pressure.
We/us are due to leave soon - Ireland is staying in...
Will other bits of the UK stay or go GOSH

2003;The temperature in Britain exceeded 100° F for the first time.
101.3 °F (38.5 °C) was recorded in the hamlet of Brogdale near Faversham, Kent.
Wonder which generation will see the growing of grapes north of Gobernuisgeach - in Scotland near Gordonbush GOSH

Greece averages about 90 F during the summer - hot enough to cultivate the vine.
'Heard it through the grapevine' (a motown recording) is rumoured to have originated in America.
Greece is still in the EU - we are out!
Will we do a desperate deal with america and import cheap american wine until climate change - no whining now...

Fri 11th AUG 2017

Swiss non EU mountain  Greek EU Snow Resort

On This Day 11th AUG

1858 The Eiger in the Swiss Bernese Alps was climbed (there's no way to walk - dork) for the first time by Irishman - not the empire clinging N. bit - Charles Barrington accompanied by professional swiss guides Christian Almer and Peter Bohren.
Did he do it 'cos it was 'there' or for the Kudos and money - he mustn't have enjoyed the feat...
After the ascent, Barrington returned to Ireland and never visited the Alps again - for gain. GOSH

He turned his attention to training a famous racehorse, 'Sir Robert Peel', the 'horsie'- as an Irish police inspector 'spud murphy' descibed Shergar as it was being transformed into burgers - won the first Irish Grand National in 1870. Mr. Barrington made a few coppers out of the horsie named after the first English bobby.
Charlie B was an Irish opportunist entrepreneur - was the going good GOSH

Switzerland is a nice part of the world - if you like watches, hotels, huts and hills (or just hills) go there - it's well worth a visit...
One will need a bit more than a few bob - which brings us on to banking.
The Swiss - a small nation state - still has its own currency...
Is not a full member of the EU - but the banking sector speaks German No Josh GOSH

Has Swiss banking more 'skullduggery' than UK banking - who knows; and, not enough people care at the momemt.
The one glaring, staring out, even from those little telly phone things ...
Swiss banking is long term - The UK is short term.
We both are and have, tax havens galore GOSH

The irony; the EU is more concerned over 'democratic' changes to banking than non member states.
Should us plebs go or stay - Oh! we're going GOSH

The Swiss - albeit it much smaller - have a much higher standard of living per head than us Brits.
The street walkers have well groomed alsatians - so I'm told...
Fancy going GOSH

Greece; still an EU member nation state; has mountains - it has snow sport resorts despite the sun.
The biggest mountain in this moment in history; Debt.
Many of the generation that voted for brexit will not have heard of/remember the EU food mountains and wine lakes.
The days when the EU (EEC) was a fledgling democracy.
Democracy is far from perfect - It is still preferable to death and destruction; no matter how bad your lot.

SAT 12th AUG 2017

Pair of Heroes  EU Sponsored immigration Sign

On This Day 12th AUG

1762 King George IV was born.
Everyday a Joe or Jackie Bloggs is born...
We plebs don't need another hero.
'Royalty' in this green and pleasant land is being run down - metaphorically!
Will the next hero foisted on us plebs be a 'geek' bot!
It's all part and droned parcel of the ceaseless greedy git game.GOSH

1848 George Stephenson English civil engineer and mechanical engineer ran out of steam today.
He greatly assisted the building of the first public inter-city railway line in the world to use steam locomotives, the Liverpool and Manchester Railway which opened in 1830.
George was born in wylam and lived in Killingworth and was considered (adopted - and adapted by the victorian greedy gits ) a Geordie NO josh GOSH.

The acts of parliament were passed to allow the movement of coal in the industrial revolution.
The carrying of passengers was a non establishment innovation.
HS2 originated out of an act of parliament.
It was an act of desperation to placate the plebs; and, a most useless attempt to kick start a failing economy by a way 'out of touch' establishment hierarchy
This present lot are far from great - they are really starting to grate - pass the Grosch; GOSH

The time to return to moving freight - and, not or people - on an efficient national rail network is long overdue.
It ain't gonna happen until the greedy gits are gone NO GOSH

2003; BBC journalist Andrew Gilligan answered questions from the Hutton Inquiry over his report that the government 'sexed up' a weapons dossier on Iraq.
The government was new labour and the protagonists; the dastardly duo of Blair and Campbell.
The aftermath of 'Iraq' is/has escalat(ing)ed - nowt to do with oil and minearal wealth; black gold GOSH

An establishment enquiry has just 'found' that Bliar is not guilty - no case to answer - of nowt or owt.
If there is no political will to prosecute the perpetration resulting in death and destruction from deliberate lying!
Tax havens and the all pervasive trickle down effect will last as long as the people give power to the greedy gits GOSH

The phrase, 'you can't con an honest man' comes to mind.
When the going gets greedy - the greedy get going GOSH

Migrants - some are economic; some just want to live - and the movement industry are now finding new ways into the promised land.
The Greeks are still stuck with a massive migration problem.
The throwing of money at the problem by the EU establishment has far from worked.
The migrancy mess is turning into a right (of centre) dogs dinner.
The problem is aiding and abetting the increasing political polarisation of the western developed world.

SUN 13th AUG 2017

Much Wenlock  Olympic Spoof Cartoon

On This Day 13th AUG

1809; William Penny Brookes, English surgeon was born in Much Wenlock in shropshire.
He was especially known for his promotion of physical education and personal betterment.
The Olympics were once known as the Wenlock Olympic Games GOSH

Sport - professional and a quite a chunk of amateur - is now an industry.
An industry subjected to corporate sponsorship - the plebs will pay.
The hidden price of privatisation brought about the democratically accepted neoliberalism of the western - and substantial other bits - developed world.
Play the game GOSH

1908 The tenor Enrico Caruso was fond of posing in his many motor cars but never learned to drive.
On 13th August 1908, in London, his wife/partner/singing coach, Ada Giachetti drove off with their chauffeur.
Poor boy - don't mention the money - makes good GOSH

1977 Members of the National Front (a far right, racial nationalist, political party) clashed with anti-NF demonstrators in Lewisham.
resulting in 214 arrests and at least 111 injuries.
Racists have never gone away - you're not racist! are you?
History alleges that many members of the KKK were of Scottish clan descent.
Racism is still rife, still attractive to some, and hidden under political guise GOSH

1991 The Prince of Wales resigned as the patron of Scotland's National Museum.
A squabble over a competition to design a new building.
His sister is still the patron of Scottish rugby.
One must still keep ones finger well in the PR pie of Greed GOSH

2012 If Yorkshire was regarded as an independent country, it was calculated that it would have finished 12th out of the 204 competing countries in the medals table at the Olympics!
The county won seven gold medals, two silver and three bronze.
Many a Yorkshire person is a brexiteer, against EU global corporationalism.
Public money has been thrown at the industry of international sport.
If you have one of them little telly phone things; keep connected and watch it go NO GOSH

Greece held the original olympics.
It can be surprising - one mans fact is another mans tact - to what extent history regards the original games as 'amateur' yet still 'sponsored'; depending on the toing and froing of the national wealth.
Professional athletes eh! who would have em - don't mention them footie fellows...

MON 14th AUG 2017

OLD Loo  A Loo With a View

On This Day 14th AUG

1040; King Duncan of Scotland was murdered by Macbeth, who then became king and ruled for 17 years.
And! you thought that bloke with the shaky weapon made it all up... Gazooks GOSH

1852; The first public lavatory was opened, on London's Fleet Street.
Yes, them journos have always been full of it.
A generation + ago every local authority used to maintain a network off public loos.
Now there are just stategically placed in tourist zones ones.
Where have all the good loos gone...GOSH

Toilet humour graffiti used to be the steam equivalent 'schooling' of the web connected mobile...
Usworth park -long gone - public pissoir was where I spotted/heard of...
'Here I sit broken hearted'
'Paid a penny and only ......'
The corridor of the ladies loo in what used to be nicknamed the fish bowl had this little gem.
'My mother made me a lesbian'
'If I give her the wool; will she make me one'
Even the girls liked a giggle with a gargle GOSH or No GOSH

Gateshead high street used to be called the dirty lane/street leading to Newcastle.
One of the pubs still open, had this directive unofficially taped to the wall in the gents loo.
'Please do not piss on the floor'
She was sacked...
A sign of the times; or a mind wriggling giggle GOSH

1945; Japan surrendered to the Allies, ending World War II, after atomic bombs were dropped on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
WW1 Was supposed to be the war to end all wars.
Will it kick off - sex and fighting eh - again GOSH

2014; Clyde based Ferguson Shipbuilders, after more than a century in business, Scotland's last remaining commercial shipyard went into administration with the loss of around 70 jobs.
Services and banking rule OK the easy route to riches.
The sooner we as a nation state - devolved or not - get back to making things; the better.
Oh! here's a train - no plebs allowed - it's loaded with gravy GOSH

It's a lifetime since we were in Greece; the toileting facilites were; let's say, a bit less than basic.
Are they 'better' now!

TUES 15th AUG 2017

James Keir Hardy  Thessaloniki Metro

On This Day 15th AUG

1842; The first regular British detective force was formed as a division of the Metropolitan Police, under the joint command of Inspector Pearce and Inspector John Haynes.
In 1878 it became known as the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).
Over the years - as have all institutions - the 'police' of this nation state have been subjected to change
They can't now reflect working for a proper income society at large! can they - they want/need more gravy to pay for the grog.GOSH

1856; James Keir Hardie was born today, a Scottish politician.
He founded the British Labour Party and was its leader from 1906 to only 1908.
He was the first leader of the party and the first ever labour MP.
A working class trade unionist christian miner that didn't have a gargle GOSH

Jimmy boy was one of the protagonists that was instrumental in the formation of the Independent Labour Party (ILP) Immigration and coaltions were common problems at the begining of the last century (20)
Many christians still believed in God GOSH

1872 The first voting by ballot in Great Britain took place in a by-election at Pontefract.
Hugh Childers, a Liberal MP and minister was re-elected.
For too many years the opposition did not oppose - they just pretended.
A more than bit like New labour; of late.
An economy taking the 'easy way' resulting in polarising inequality and stagnation.
I'm doing OK...
Heh Ho; Heh Ho; it's off to agency zero hours work we go.

2013 Google announced that it was to loan out its Trekker wearable backpack to the Canal & River Trust.
The 'TRUST' used the geek gear to capture footage of some of most scenic parts of Britain's 200-year old waterway network.
Plebs are now being algorythmically groomed - with the obvious help of privatised PR - into an uncomfortable controlled compliance.
The bots are coming ha ha...
Un/fortunately it's a fact; we all can't be greedy gits GOSH

The second largest Greek city is still awaiting completion of the government led underground railway system. (Thessaloniki Metro)
The project was started in 2006 - delays are due to archeological discoveries; nowt to do with the loans.
Will it be owned by the Greek plebs or the gang of privatising international bankers.

WED 16th AUG 2017

On This Day 16th AUG

1743 The earliest prize-ring code of boxing rules was formulated in England by the champion fighter Jack Broughton.
This is how you hit me, or, I will hit you...
The Queensberry rules - 1867 - were about boxing/fighting with gloves on.
Sex and fighting are a young mans - and now increasingly a womans; so I'm told - game GOSH

1819 The Peterloo - 4 year after waterloo - massacre took place at St Peter's Field, Manchester.
Establishment military cavalry - allegedly to save the local mafia on horsies - with sabres drawn, charged on a crowd of 60,000–80,000 plebs gathered to hear speeches about peaceful political reform.
11-15 people were killed and around 650 injured.
A battle in the political war of the haves and have-nots became a deadly game GOSH

Peterloo Massacre

2001 Paul Burrell, former butler to Diana, Princess of Wales, was charged with theft from her estate.
A total of 342 items, reportedly worth £5m.
He was found to be not guilty...
Royalty taking the hump...
And/or the establishment, having a grump GOSH

2011; Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan and Jordan Blackshaw - names that conjure up the today equivalent of the victorian values experienced in the Dickens era - were jailed for four years for using Facebook to incite disorder.
A period of violence and looting that started on 6th August in a number of UK towns and cities.
The men both admitted encouraging crime in Northwich, Cheshire, although there was no disorder in the town.
In his defence, Blackshaw's solicitor said 'Northwich, as far as we understand, has remained peaceful'. Have a gander GOSH

 Peaceful Northwich

The establishments of nation states - including the EU trading block - have got you data-based digitally.
Weather; you wear/like it or not...
The legislation to retrospectively control the 'web' is on-lined up.
The haves just can't help it - it's packet and parcel of being a greedy git GOSH

The establishment politicians of all nation states are still biasly calling/guessing the wrong democratic shots.
Financially the repayment plan is said to be all done and dusted and already in the digital vaults of hedge fund chancers.
Democratically; a deal is far from reached.