AUG 1st 2018

On this day

August 1st is 'Yorkshire Day' - to promote the historic English county. It was celebrated in 1975, by the Yorkshire Ridings Society, initially in Beverley, as a protest movement against the Local Government re-organisation of 1974.
The date alludes to the Battle of Minden (1759) and it is also the anniversary of the emancipation of slaves in the British Empire in 1834, for which a Yorkshire MP, William Wilberforce, had campaigned.
Yorkshire - despite modern boundary changes - is still the largest 'area' in England; followed closely by Lancashire
Now who won the war of the rosed again!
Scotland has a now a marginally bigger population than Yorkshire due to the recent increase.
Scotland voted to remain in the EU - as did the more affluent areas of Yorkshire.
Yorkshire voted overwhelmingly to Leave...
While not forgetting the convoluted immigration and minority racist corner; the vote to leave came about cos the have-nots are far from happy with their lot.
What does it take to get a socialist government elected in this once green and pleasant land!
We can't all be in the well off Gang GOSH

1800;The Act of Union 1800 was passed which merged the Kingdom of Great Britain and the Kingdom of Ireland into the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
Throughout time; Ireland Scotland and Wales have been separated much longer...
Will the borders go back up again! GOSH

1834;The Slavery Abolition Act 1833 came into force throughout the British Empire and an estimated 770,000 slaves were freed - on paper.
UK slave owners (A few - including the clergy - less well off Brits had slaves) were compensated to the sum of roughly £20 million by the UK (tory) government.
They borrowed the money - the British tax payer was still paying off the loan in 2015
Slavery is still alive and well in the UK today - it is usually foreigners living here that get all the publicity.
If you don't think that Brits aren't into slavery! you need some more gander in your guess GOSH

1966; The British Empire officially came to an end as the Colonial Office closed its doors and lowered its flag, giving way to the Commonwealth.
Will the commonwealth flourish or flounder after brexit.
In this world; democracy is/has been backed up with death and destruction.
Here we go...GOSH

The Greek loan fiasco started with the skulldugerry of the loan which made Greece eligible to meet the economic conditions necessary to EU entry.
If Greece doesn't remain in the EU; it will more than likely default on the loans and imposed 'to be' harsh austerity, compounded by greedy gits 'acquiring' the national assetts.
Only real - as opposed to trump... - political diplomacy will keep Greece in the EU.

AUG 2nd 2018

On this day

1610; English explorer Henry Hudson sailed into what is now known as Hudson Bay in north eastern Canada.
He thought that he had made it through the Northwest Passage and reached the Pacific Ocean.
Little is factually known about our Henry - it is recorded that he started off as cabin boy and made his way through the ranks to cap'n.
He worked - explored - for the Dutch at first; it was under an English flag that he wanted to go further into the Hudson Bay.
The crew mutinied - set Henry and a few others into a well supplied rowing boat; never seen again - and made it back to blighty.
They obviously didn't have the same drive for fame and fortune as Mr Hudson.
They were charged with murder - not treason - and found not guilty. GOSH

1776; The signing of the United States Declaration of Independence took place.
On 4th July earlier that year the thirteen American colonies, then at war with Great Britain, regarded themselves as independent states, and no longer a part of the British Empire.
A pretendy rocker bad boy recorded a 'hit', 'Born on the 4th of July', just recently...
Less than a generation later the people of America desperately elected an unusual sort of guy into the office of President - after trying to stay top dog by making up a massive amount money.
The western world has gone through money manipulation and is now onto computer software.
Whatever next after politics...
Go on have a guess! GOSH

1784; The first specially-built Royal Mail coach began its scheduled service from Bristol to London.
The 'royal' mail was sold off cheaply ( don't mention the pensions )by an ex economist of the oil industry - public hero; private p... is now leader of the Lib dems and trying to keep quiet the formation of an even newer political party...
The right of the lib dems took control the party just before they formed a coalition government with the now trying to placate the plebs greedy gits. The dogma of well over generation of privatisation has merely come up with the inequality of today.
Change was often the excuse for privatisation...
Privatisation has not saved the UK economy.
Time for change - unless you aspire to being a self/less/ish greedygit GOSH

1970; The British army used rubber bullets for the first time to quell a riot in Northern Ireland - not very long after the 'troubles' - over 3,000 deaths - began.
Grass root civilians and men in uniform killing each other for money - not religion...
In them days; cleaning the square with a toothbrush and standing outside a christian church whatever the weather if one claimed to be agnostic or atheist were coming to an end.
Will the 'troubles' ever end!
Will the mere return of a border really make it kick off again!

1993; Following speculative pressure on currencies in the European Exchange Rate Mechanism, the Mechanism collapsed and currencies were allowed to fluctuate within broad band of 15% on either side of central rates.
The UK has never adopted the Euro officially.
One of the reasons why we have brexit!
The rules of gambling with money due to deregulation; mainly in America and the UK/Britain/England
The EU - despite being centre right led - believes in making things to produce wealth; not the manipulation of money.
The money men of England want an increase in interest rates - knickers to manufacturing and debt laden UK.
What's good for the goose is always good for the repossessing gander.

Greece is the ancient home of a sort of democracy; based on wealth - after a period of death and destruction.
Even today; do the plebs of this planet seem happy to be dominated by the Greedy Gits

AUG 3rd 2018

On this day

1326 The death, in the Tower of London, of Roger Mortimer de Chirk, opposer of Edward II during the Despenser War. The recently conquered Welsh greedy gits and chums were not happy with family favorites (despenser mob/gang) of Ted 11.
Kill for me and I'll try to set you free - well I'LL cough a bit up up if we win
His nephew Roger Mortimer later led a successful rebellion against the King; helped by the French family chums.
Young Roger himself was hung drawn and quartered, under the regime of Ted 111 in 1330.
Never mind the family connections; I know the grim reapers accountant; get ye into my gang

1692; The birth of John Henley, English clergyman.
He was known as 'Orator Henley' for his showmanship and eccentricity.
He charged people the sum of one shilling to attend his meetings because the seats were his personal property!
The first religious event organiser?
That wouldn't/couldn't happen today; could it!
Individual religions like nation states have always been split between the good and 'not so good'.
Pray for/with me and my/our lot will set you free.
Wanna be in my goddamn Gang GOSH!

1946; The birth of Jack Straw former Home Secretary, Foreign Secretary and MP for Blackburn since 1979.
The Bliarite who condoned and denied international rendition.
The question of, 'why are there no witnesses!' was answered some what satirically by a Trade Union Leader.
'As soon as a British Squaddie sees an American plane; he dives for cover'.
Listen do you want to know a secret;
You'll have to sign up to my gang. GOSH

1971; Sanquhar Post Office in Dumfries and Galloway became a Category B Listed Building.
It is recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest post office in the world and has been in continuous service since 1712.
Post Offices, and/or shops were franchises to the government.
They are now almost non existant.
How many Franchisees went to jail for fraudulence/corruption when using a disputed/duff government accountancy computer program during the kept quiet resisted clear out.
Funny/strange how they are always right; who; the establishment Gang GOSH

Greece still has a government run postal system.
It is a member of the universal postal union - a constituent part of the UN.
We have a privatised Postal set up - we are also a member of the universal postal union, and as yet a member of the EU.
We now have the cant and hypocrisy of going our own way in the EU trading bloc.

AUG 4th 2018

On this day

1704; Gibraltar was captured for the British by Admiral Sir George Rooke.
Gibraltar was an important part of Britannia rules the waves.
Gibraltar is a politically (coalition in name/spirit at the moment) divided UK tax haven...
The UK voted, just, to leave the EU Gibraltar voted massively to remain in the EU - only 4% voted leave.
Has the UK enough death and destruction to back up whatever 'democratic' decision Gib chooses in the near future!
Life's a bitch then you start gambling GOSH
Let my bo(a)rders go GOSH

1923; The BBC began using the 'pips' as a time signal in its broadcasts.
Is the BBC really neutral!
The BBC represents the political lobby of the time.
Before the web, thatcherism and her greatest achievment, Phony Bliar, there was, kitchen sink dramas and comedians - no comediennes - were 'working class'.
(Con)stitutional monarchies take control of the media just as much as; if not more than, 'Banana Republics'.
The media interpret the Contemporary 'Jewish battle' in the war for control as they see fit.
In a war; any war; the truth is the first thing out the window.
Let my people go! NO GOSH.

1972; President Idi Amin declared that Uganda would expel 50,000 Asians with British passports to Britain within three months.
Asians into Uganda, when it was part of the British Empire, was a deliberate socio-economic policy of the British Government.
'When the white man came to Africa, we had the land and you had the religion; now...
A quotation of British educated, bishop Desmond TuTu, when the British Empire started to wane.
The UK will have many more unforeseen problems when it gains sovereignty and independence from the EU.
Where has a safe haven gone GOSH

Before entry into the EU; Greece was seafaring nation of haves and have-nots.
The imposed Austerity conditions of the 'loan repayments' plan will return Greece to a nation of haves and have-nots.
Life is a bitch; then you vote for one...

AUG 5th 2018

On this day

910 The last major Viking army to raid England was defeated at the Battle of Tettenhall by the allied forces of Mercia and Wessex, led by King Edward and Earl Aethelred.
Yes it has all been done before...
Over the ages it has been carried out slightly different as man(wo)kind 'advanced' two forward and one bank.
Man/woman kind is still prepared to resort to sex and violence as it rapes and pillages this unique planet.
The next one will probably happen cos of/against an increasing realisation of Global Warming and greenhouse gases,
Will 'we' ever be able to say. Wheres my gases gone',GOSH

1792; The death of Lord Frederick North, British Prime Minister whose indecisive leadership led to the loss of the American colonies.
Shall we tax or kill them!
Would black emancipation have not still happened without the abolition of slavery!
Modern slavery really does still exist - it can be any colour or creed!
The female sex becoming top dog; is not a question of 'If'...
It is a brave/foolish man that will forecast when!
All the world is a stage...
'Come on follow the Geordie Boys/Girls' GOSH

1983; Twenty two members of the IRA were jailed for a total of more than 4,000 years following Northern Ireland's biggest-ever terrorist trial.
The 'Good Friday' peace agreement was agreed by two referendums in 1998 - after secret/semi meetings of all colours of political parties prior.
It took years to come about - despite both sides being sick of the death and destruction...
The DUP of NI were the only party - now propping up a conservative government - to oppose the agreement. Since the divisive EU referendum vote; historic 'troubles' offences are now back on the menu.
Some mention the 'legal profession' - who am I to disagree! Gee Josh Gosh.

To say that the border in Ireland wont complicate brexit negotions is like saying...
Is there any grit in a granary.
Southern Ireland is still in the German led EU trading bloc - despite being an American led investment economy.
They were ever such devoted sisters
When a certain gentleman arrived from Rome
She wore the dress and I stayed home
Lord help the mister
Who comes between me and my sister
And; Lord help the sister who comes between me and my man'

Greece brought up unpaid war reparations in the loan repayment discussions.
Despite being less advanced; Greece is a divided nation state very similar to us - except it is still in the EU trading bloc.
I used to be very fond of the good life under canvas.
While my heart is with the leavers; my head is with the remainers.
It is much easier and better to piss inside the tent; than to go outside and piss against it...

AUG 6th 2018

On this day

1504; Matthew Parker, archbishop of Canterbury to be was born.
He had an extremely long nose and was extremely inquisitive, hence the expression 'Nosy Parker'.
In todays world of have and have-nots; is 'nosey parker' pay grade-less.
Does 'looking the other way' come about gradually!GOSH

1844; The first UK press telegram was sent, to The Times, announcing the birth of Prince Alfred to Queen Victoria.
Bet you a bacon buttie to a bleeding biopsy that it wasn't sent by a victorian brickie from Byker.
In todays times of what seems rapid change.
Do we know where we are going!

1889; The Savoy Hotel in London was opened.
Did you see that telly program that spilled the beans on the 'cleanliness' of top hotels!
Does being rich make life less of a gamble GOSH

1922; The birth of Sir Freddie Laker, British airline entrepreneur, best known for founding Laker Airways in 1966.
He was one of the first airline owners to adopt the 'no-frills' airline business model.
Have you perceived the pattern.!
No frills airlines are an adaption and adoption of an innovation.
A form of business that depends on the affluence of plebs.
When plebs have an even starker and more brutal choice.
Watch my business go GOSH

Innovation is 99% perspiration.
The most 'successful' and enduring pop and media artistes are the ones that write their own material.
Would space exploration be more advanced today if there had been 'riches' on the moon!
Every now and again; some thing comes along that keeps capitalism alive and relatively well.
Services and its constituent IT fueled by funny money have now seen seen better days.
As the power on this planet moves on; is haves and have-nots; merely part of the pattern!
Play the game.GOSH

1962; Jamaica became independent, after being a British colony for 300 years.
Is the term, 'Uncle Tom' older than 300 in recent history.
A nation state with our recent history, will find out what 'Uncle Tom' really means, real soon after Brexit.
Play the game and gamble GOSH.

1990; Gulf War: The United Nations Security Council ordered a global trade embargo against Iraq in response to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait.
The oil rich nation states used to be on the side of the more advanced western developed world.
There but for the grace of God go I...
The world wars; despite all sides sending men of the cloth into battle; seemed less religious...
The ratio of church to democracy backed up by death and destruction is now even more fragile.
In this world of realised cant and hypocrisy of what is now called 'Fake News'
Look the other way and see where you are going GOSH

As world power gradually changes - will it be like Global Warming; arrive with a 'look out' bang!
In current economic thinking - not political...
The haves and have-nots - part of the pattern! - divided nation states will hasten their decline not delay it.
As an International communist/socialist once said, ' War is a bayonet with a worker on each end'
Will we(they) get away with, 'Economic war is a spread sheet with an accountant on each end'.

AUG 7th 2018

On this day

1711; The first race meeting was held at Ascot, established by Queen Anne, thus giving them the status of 'Royal Ascot'.
The sport of kings!
Prince Charlie boy is into Polo - will he ever become King!
What will Di 'Supporters' think of Camilla becoming anywhere near Queen.
The king is in the altogether... GOSH

The international league of really rich gits playing polo is on the go again.
Charles used to drag along Di to the chukkas.
Tally ho...
k A hunting we will go...GOSH

The son of a 'B' set 'pop star' from a mining village/town in the Co Durham coal field is...
Now a vociferous member of the hunting set gang. GOSH

His grandad was a 'b' set bookie - a 'converted' in name house, just in the 'old village' area of Washington.
Washinton 'new town' is now part of the city of Sunderland - one of the largest leave votes in the country.
In the age of the haves and have-nots; where have all the 'good' jobs GONE GOSH

Remember when that wonder of the 'working class', the puncher from Hull; Bliars deputy; a foil to/for the, lets pull the 'working class' up by the chin strap, came back from America with the cowboy boots and hat.
A 'free lunch' from the Gambling Gang

At roughly the same time; the Labour party of Durham - most of the councilors were independent at the time - the council had more groups than Quantitave Easing produced; paid a 'gang' to solve the employment problem of the Wear valley.
They came up with tourism, beekeeping and; at twenty thousand quid a shot, I should be able to remember the third; but can't.
Don't mention the almost instant disappearance - raised to the ground - of a sports centre.
The miraculous discovery of a reserve fund - the dutch auction which overwhelmingly Okayed the building of a smaller new one.
Is it small wonder that politicians and the establishment have a secrecy rule.
Wanna be in my Gang GOSH

1840; The employment of climbing boys as chimney sweeps was prohibited by an Act of Parliament.
The gig economy is now the equivalent of climbing boys - have the greedy gits got conditions lined up for the post brexit era.
Never ever forget; in an economy under pressure, we are all in this together GOSH.

1958;The Litter Act came into force in London as part of the Keep Britain Tidy campaign.
Offenders could be fined up to £10 for dropping litter.
In the first year nearly 1000 were prosecuted.
Is your provincial area full of litter.
Like it or leave it!
Is this a sign of the times!
Sod the signs; this is what the good people of this green and pleasant land voted for.
Never mind the litter; where's me bleeding gritter!GOSH

1993; The public got its first glimpse inside Buckingham Palace as people were given the opportunity to tour the London home of Queen Elizabeth II.
Proceeds from ticket sales were earmarked to help repair fire damage at Windsor Castle.
How many houses/properties has the allegedly richest woman in the world got 'access' to!
The magnanimity or the 'royals'! or; seen as a tax too far by the establishment advisors.
2002; The Queen held the first ever garden party at Balmoral Castle in Scotland to end her Jubilee Year. 3000 people were invited to attend.
Lets bring back street parties as a PFI...
Let the spinning GO GOSH

2012; Fifty year old Jessica Harper, former head of fraud and security at Lloyds Bank admitted carrying out a £2.4m fraud over a period of 4 years.
Just as paedos 'hang around' where kiddies congregate; greedy gits are attracted to the money game.
While lack of investment in IT carries some of the can; the majority of devilry in the banking industry is down to insider infamy.
Don't tell Sid...
Let relying on the banking system GO GOSH

The Greek payback to the EU had to be Okayed by the German Government - they hold the most debt.
Greece has the most migrants.
Debt not democracy; rules OK.
The Greek nation state now has the highest unemployment in the developed world.
Some reckon that Greece now faces 4 decades of austerity - don't mention the national asset grabbing.
Wonder what Greek/German for 'pigs can fly' is...