TUES 1 AUG 2017

 The old Yorkshire boundaries  UK N Parks and AONB's

On This Day 1st AUG

Today is 'Yorkshire Day' - to promote the historic English county.
It was celebrated in 1975, by the Yorkshire Ridings Society, initially in Beverley, as a protest movement against the Local Government re-organisation of 1974.
Throughout the ages, local government has gone from control by king to commoner (some plebs); today it is controlled more than enough by lobbyists who hang around the palaces of westminster.
Who said governments aren't greedy GOSH

1800; The Act of Union 1800 was passed which merged the Kingdom of Great Britain and the Kingdom of Ireland into the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
It was thatcher who rhetorically questioned the very existence of 'society' - greedy gits do.
Not only is society now divided by inequality; it is divided by local and international borders.
Divisions in the UK that have existed before and after any 'acts' of parliament.
If devolution happens in Scotland; it will more than likely kick of again in a still divided Ireland.
Wonder who will get the most - little englanders or rebels/terrorists - gongs GOSH

1966; The sun set on the British Empire. It officially came to an end when the Colonial Office closed its doors and lowered the flag.
The Empire is dead; long live the Commonwealth.
The Irony; the rich try to hang onto the 'common' wealth.
The 'common' wealth is dying - that's why we joined the EU.
For us plebs there is no such thing as a 'free lunch' - common or EU.
Is a life worth living just a game GOSH

It wasn't so long ago that to play cricket in Yorkshire; one had to be born in Yorkshire.
Despite the boundary changes; the population of Yorkshire is still bigger than that of Scotland In the 'global' world of plastic Brits; are too many plebs now plastic greedy gits

2016 The Yorkshire Dales National Park was extended by nearly a quarter (161 square miles were added), taking in new bits of Cumbria and Lancashire.
Just recently the grants (benefits/handouts... call it what you will) to the UK national parks were reduced.
Cuts are like holidays - they come in packages...
All kinds of UK parks are now being subjected to drastic cuts.
Whats is the intended ironic theory/practice! If one doesn't like the run down climate or conditions; don't go... GOSH

There is a movement to make London a National park - I kid you not.
They are planting chewing gum and take away wrappers of any description...
Good game ...Good Game GOSH

Greece has ten national parks - the UK has 15; 16 if you count the broads.
National parks rely mainly on tourism.
If; the loan repayment package(s) are really implemented; The Greek economy will have to rely more on the tourist Industry.
If short termism in the UK is allowed to continue - the UK economy will have to rely more on tourism.
Inequality rules EU UK OK

WED 2 AUG 2017

 Up Yours Brit  Here we Go

On This Day 2nd AUG

1776; The United States Declaration of Independencewas signed today.
The thirteen American colonies, then at war with Great Britain, regarded themselves as independent states, and no longer a part of the British Empire.
Persecuted and migrant Brit v mercenary Brit - Tax was the name of the deadly game GOSH

The demise of thatcherism started over the 'westmorland affair' - helicopters; not kissing.
The tory party, less than privately, split over whether to buy British (EU) or American helicopters.
While helicopters got all the media attention - don't tell the plebs.
After a period of hovering the tory party crashed into the deep chasm that had formed.
Not somewhere over the rainbow or horizon; but, into the dark desolated depths of political opposition.
No - less taxing - rendering of here we go; they were gone...GOSH

Where they bothered; not really; it became dividingly obvious to those with any portion of political nous.
The queen is dead...
Long live the son - phony tony.
Division and the accompanying inequality was well on the road to a venue near you.
Don't dig here...
Dig it elsewhere...
You're digging it round and it ought to be square...
Put on the greed goggles - that'll stop the glare. GOSH

In the era of inequality when western economies are feeling the increasing pressure of globalisation.
A free trading era which has produced a few bob for the many and gobgagging gargantuan gelt for the few is now under question.
The far right - whatever the shape or form - has seemingly won the first round.
Political patter has now taken an even-steven stance.
Time for political and economic change - not cos it's their turn; cos it's the right thing to do...
Give it a go Gosh

1993; Following speculative pressure on currencies in the European Exchange Rate Mechanism, the Mechanism collapsed and currencies were allowed to fluctuate within a broad band of 15% on either side of central rates.
Make of that what you will...
The simple fact is; under any form of government - or even anarchy - making things produces wealth; not, manipulating money.
Time to get back to making things - they used to be called mixed economies.
The manoeuvering of money and 'services' has seen its day.
Life can be much less of a gamble NO GOSH

2014; 49 year old Stuart Kettell completed his challenge to push a Brussels sprout up Snowdon using his nose. It took him 3 days and he raised more than £6000 for Macmillan Cancer Support.
Getting to the top of Snowden on shanks's pony is no easy feat for the average 49 year old of today.
Stuart must have pushed that sprout it for the love of life - not the love of money.
Life - not death - really is grand.GOSH

You don't have to ask a Greek pleb to say, 'before Brexit; it was Grexit'.
It's no secret that The EU is centre right controlled; propped up by leaning to the far right greedy gits.
While having a more than empathy for Brexiteer plebs; the simple fact is, the Greek plebs and other nation state plebs will fare marginally better in the fore-seeable near future cos of brexit.
Brit plebs - not those strange belligerent beasts of UKIP and the like - will be out in the cold; if, they don't bring about complete change.
Like it; or like it not; trading blocks - whatever the political persuasion - are here to stay for a few generations yet.

THURS 3rd AUG 2017

 Catholic King  A rich Throne

On This Day 3rd AUG

1460; James II, King of Scotland, died after being injured by an exploding cannon at Kelso, in the Scottish Borders.
Kelso Abbey was the venue for the hasty coronation of the infant king, James III, aged 9/10; thereabouts.
It is reckoned that Jimmy two and possibly Jimmy three, were a during battle own goal.

Throughout the ages there has been many more own goals than the (any) establishment cares to admit.
One can't have fellow mucker mercenaries accidently - some! times intentionally - killing each other.
Worse things happen at sea - bad for bloody morale...
Over the top or down we go GOSH

Richy three - 1485 Bosworth battle for roses - ( yes dick the turd) was the last English/UK king to be killed in Battle.
If you think He/she was the last 'royal' to die 'going for gold'...
You need another filter on your throne.
Funny how royals are chummy with gangs that go for gold

1957; Footballer John Charles was transferred from Leeds to Juventus for a £65,000 fee.
He was the first British footballer to be transferred to a foreign club.
Italy had their 'finest hour' - then they started playing 'defensive' footie
And; stopped scoring goals.GOSH

2017; the football industry of today is a bit player in the inequality game.
The captains of industry are now the 'kings of industry' - don't mention the banking boys.
Is it Irony, that; in the nation state that 'interested' people keep claiming is the best league in the world...
female footiers are doing better than the footie fellows.
If! change does not happen quickly; inequality will become a crying game.NO GOSH

Greece brought up unpaid German second WW reparations during the loan repayment negotiations.
Poland has just done the same - does Poland owe the Germans money!
According to the 'stats' german nation state wealth growth is outstripping the rest of the EU members.
The plot thickens nearly as much as the bankers and chums back pockets.

FRI 4th AUG 2017

 Admiral Rooke MP  Jean Claude Junker

On This Day 4th AUG

1704; Gibraltar was captured for the British by Admiral Sir George Rooke.
A proddy MP of the time - one really lobbyed oneself in them days - he was also around to help colonise Ireland.
The days before the rum ration - no officers please - was appropriated at a nice price from the more distant colonies.
The traditional rum ration was stopped in 1970 cos of health 'n' safety - not cost at any cost!
Let's hang on at any cost to Gib... You josh GOSH

1792; Percy Shelley popped out of the pod, one of the major English Romantic poets.
In September 1812 Shelley, pursued by debtors and the establishment, who wished to 'question' the poet about his radical political activities fled to wales and catholic ireland.
He lived his short adult mostly abroad (Europe) and 'died' age 29 off the coast of Tuscany
Percy; eton and kicked out of oxford; was a left leaning pacifist who didn't get on with his rich dad.
Percy was a bit of a lad; when he went early the authorities were secretly glad.GOSh

1985; The death of Don Whillans rock climber and mountaineer who climbed with both Joe Brown and Chris Bonington on many new routes, and was considered their equal.
The British Mountaineering Council maintain a climbing hut near the Roaches, Staffordshire, in his memory.
Don was working class and died age 52.
Not from a fall; a heart attack; a 5'4 heavy drinker, don't mention the fags.
The young climbers of keswick sing in the pubs, 'knock, knock, knocking on heavens door'.
When you gotta go...
You gotta go GOSH

2005; Osama Bin Laden's lieutenant Ayman al-Zawahri warned that London would face more attacks because of Tony Blair's foreign policy decisions.
He said, 'Blair has brought you destruction to the heart of London, and he will bring more destruction, God willing.'
Blair, embraced 'catholicism'.
Strange; that death and destruction don't turn men - and now women even more so - away from GOD GOSH.

2014; Today people in the UK were encouraged to turn off their lights between 10pm and 11pm, leaving only a single light or candle for a symbolic act of reflection and hope in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of World War 1.
On the eve of Britain officially entering the war, Sir Edward Grey, the Foreign Secretary, said the words "The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime."
The US people were officially neutral to engaging in fighting until it was nearly all over.
How many wars and military bases has the USofA experienced since democracy ruled the western world.
There's chums, friends and frenemies under the guidance of gods GOSH

Jean Claude Junker the - it's your turn - EU president from Luxembourg; claimed he save the Greeks from Grexit.
The german money men wanted the money; not EU unity.
Wonder how much he will influence the brexit negotiations!

SAT 5th AUG 2017

 The vigrants are coming  Fracking as safe as houses

On This Day 5th AUG

910; The last 'major' Viking army to raid England was defeated at the Battle of Tettenhall.
The allied forces of Mercia and Wessex, were led by King Edward and Earl Aethelred.
Ted and helred and alf were more common in them days than dave, tony and phil today.
Records of early history have more than fifty shaded of gray GOSH

In those days of old; death and destruction made democracy stand on the back of the silly step.
The UK/Britain was as tribal and territorial as any third world nation state - as we used to call em!
There but for the grace of god; go... GOSH

Migration is older than moses
Human reaction to migration is a lot older.
Is it the love of or the mass movement of money that has led to todays level of migration.
Technology creating wealth changes and man follows.
The poor are dealt such a bad hand but still have to play the game GOSH

In the technoligical era of tomorrows news today;
Slow down you're going to fast...
Inequality can't make an elastoplast...
For some life goes on - for others it just goes GOSH

1729; Thomas Newcomen died today.
Tommy created the first practical steam engine for pumping water from tin mines.
Prior to his invention, flooding was a major problem, thus limiting the depth at which the mineral could be mined.
The extraction of fossil fuels - don't mention climate change - now uses flooding.
Fracking; despite the technological advances; is far from being an exact science.
Any academic who says it is; is being paid to do so.
Just like the greedy - grab it and run - gits; they are on the game GOSH

An old Greek saying, 'if all you have is a hammer'; then everthing you see is a nail.
The fracking of fossil fuels is a deed of desperation by the greedy gits.
Greedy gits come in all shapes forms and levels of income.
A local democratic decision not to frack was overturned by the tory central well lobied, put it in my hand, pratts in power.
Greece and the EU have a much more cautious approach to fracking than the brexiting - as yet - part of the UK.

SUN 6th AUG 2017

 Lord Tennyson  Homer

On This Day 6th AUG

The bloke that the 'term' "nosey parker" - in no way a bad jewish car driver - was appendaged to, popped out today.
1504; Matthew Parker, archbishop of Canterbury had an extremely long nose and was extremely inquisitive.
An interested - don't mention the inquisitors - man of god GOSH

1809. The second to seventh most frequently quoted writer in The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, (after Shakespeare)was delivered today. Some of best known phrases in the English language, including "Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all", and "Theirs not to reason why, theirs but to do and die" originated from the mind of Alfred Tennyson
Alfie an English poet, a descendent of semi posh religious 'nobility' became a - some say reluctantly - peer of the realm.
A lord no less...
Did the man of the written word to be spoken, also become blessed with the politicians gift of the gab GOSH

1976; The just hanging on Labour government passed the Drought Act to combat the continued UK drought.
2017; the UsofA under The leadership of Mr. trump; has officially, pulled out of the labouriously agreed Paris climate change agreement.
Some - not that many - seemingly intelligent people, prefer to deny climate change.
Greed has always unfairly influenced gambling GOSH

1987; The SDP (how many in the gang) leader Dr David Owen resigned after members of his party voted to merge with the Liberals (how many in the gang).
Today they are called the liberal democrats... If there is one thing worse than a politician telling porkies - never mind selective stats...
It is a religious or posh politician telling porkies.
How Many in the gang GOSH

2009; The funeral service took place at Wells Cathedral for Britain's last World War I veteran Harry Patch, aged 111.
WW1 was the war to end all wars - remember.
Apart from relatives; very few of this generation competively scrapping and scraping out a life want to remember.
Not remembering is mindfully different to forgetting.
When the next generation forgets; wars begin...
Gizza gun GOSH

Greece didn't take part in the first world war until late on - June 1917.
Greece and Turkey at it before - and after - being one of the main reasons.
The Greek nation state was striven with inequality and coalition division long before the 'more civilised' western developed world.
The nation state of Greece was a royal entity until the Russian revolution -1917.

MON 7th AUG 2017

 Boy chymney Sweep  Child labour

On This Day 7th AUG

1840; The employment of climbing boys as chimney sweeps was prohibited by an Act of Parliament.
It was ignored - stop coughing/coffin kid - until another banning act was passed in 1875.
Some parents today, make - or attempt to - a living from their underage by cultural law offspring.
When there's a living to be made the law is a ass.
Heh! you only live/die once - let's step on the gas. GOSH

In an economy under pressure; the working age - by those that don't have to do it - has already been extended upwards.
Will it soon be extended downwards by an act of parliament; one won't see or want to see through the opaque desperation of the greed/aspiration goggles. GOSH

The mass 'taking a lend' of the underaged is still more than frowned upon in nation states that have laws agains it.
Multi-nationals of the western world - not all of them - take advantage of the laxity/deperation of less developed nations attitude/laws to the exploitation of underage labour.
In the era of information being too easily algorythmed out of it - inequality rules OK... OK- is now again, all part of the - it's all been done before - global Game GOSH

2011; In protest against the shooting of local man Mark Duggan by police.
Rioting began in Tottenham, during which residents attacked people, set fire to shops, and looted the neighbourhood.
The rioting continued for several days and spread to other major cities.
Authorities believed the riots were organized through the use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter.
A total of 3,443 crimes across London alone were linked to the 'rioting' and damage to property was estimated at £200 million.
Life and limb v property or property before life and limb!
Go on; have a guess GOSH

2012; Fifty year old Jessica Harper, former head of on line fraud and security at Lloyds Bank admitted carrying out a £2.4m fraud over a period of 4 years. She got 5 year for nicking £2.5 million in exies.
Years ago the SFO (serious fraud office) just a bit less than publically; admitted that any fraud under £1 million would not be prosecuted.
Banks usually don't admit to inside jobs...
How many of Joe public - us plebs - know that the partakers in profit of the multi-national 'Dysney' - 14 theme parks throughout the Planet - tried to cover up the paedos in the parks problem.
The western world now worships money in the malls - not God GOSH

Greece is a nation state in the poorer south area of the EU.
Greek youth unemployent is at an all time cliched high.
Education Education Education wont provide employment - nor will 'austerity' and the resulting inequality.
Economy effecting underage employment in Greece and other western world nation states has more shadows than the dark web.
It's not who knows - who cares!

TUES 8th AUG 2017

The Clone Stone  The Greek Marbles!

On This Day 8th AUG

1296; The Stone of Scone, on which Scottish kings had been crowned for centuries, was seized by King Edward I of England. Us English/brits stuck it under the westminster throne and used it for 'our' coronations.
The last being Betty two; of course, with the helping hand of the good lord GOSH

The stone is alleged - more than likely - to go back to the time of macbeth - yes he was real...
Four young jocks reclaimed it for four months - it was returned (broken in two) to westminster by Inspector - shall we shoot em now sir - establishment.
The stone is a 'symbol' and was returned to Scotland by a conservative government in 1996; an abortive - due to division within - attempt to placate the devolutionist rebel fiff raff.
Them heathens like being well stoned; a behind the scenes voice inebriated rather guardedly GOSH

1834; The Poor Law Amendment Act was passed in Britain - where's a left leaning whig/liberal when you need one.
The Act dropped the system whereby parishes cared for their poor by a rate of poor relief and replaced it with the workhouse.
Then as now; any form of benefit was seen as a skivers top up to legitimate/ or not income.
Instead of adjusting capitalism; those least able to resist; got it in the kneck, knackers and knees.
Hope they die before I get old...
Talking bout my generation... NO JOSH GOSH

The greeks have campaigned since independence in 1832 - in a democratic way - long and hard for the return of the Elgin Marbles.
In 1801; mr. Bruce - some call him the seventh earl - obtained written permission from the ottoman empire to purloin/ import the ancient Greek sculptures. They were subsequently sold to the British establishment...
Deals were done...
Wonder if Brexit will have an effect on the return of the Marbles.
Bet you a Killingworth Kebab to a South Korean canine cusine it will be an under the counter done deal...