MON 1st AUG 2016

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1774; Joe Priestley discovered oxygen today.
A german speaking Swede discovered oxygen earlier; but didn't publish until 1777.
Carl Scheele discovered many important elements in Gothenberg GOSH

Oxygen is necessary for life on earth
It is the third most abundant element on earth and the milky way galaxy GOSH

Carl was nicknamed 'unlucky' cos he made the discoveries and almost never given the kudos.
The past abounds with many examples
Betamax recorders were technically superior; VHS won by better marketing.
Betamax went in 2002 - VHS recorders have just recently gone GOSH

The brexit vote will soon prove if we are a democracy or plutocracy
There are twice as many words related to plutocracy as democracy; in the english language.
There's a gauge GOSH

Who is winning the Corbyn v Owen (who) struggle!
If the Labour Party is torn apart - it will be split by a greedy git NO GOSH

Quite a chunk of English education is now funded by debt.
Student fees - a foreign currency earner - are now part of the game
Don't mention the off the books PFI's.
The 'international Elite' are now coining it in.
Privatisation is now close to tipping point - change is now a goer GOSH

Greece is now at tipping point.
Who will win?
The bankers and chums or the plebs!

TUES 2nd AUG 2016

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1610; Henry Hudson sailed into the bay that was to be named after him.
IN 1611 Hudson was set adrift (see map) with his son and a few others and never seen again.GOSH

The ship made it back to England; the crew were acquitted of mutiny.
Perhaps; cos he was employed by the Dutch East India Co. looking for a quick trade route to Asia.
An early example of free trade and the inequality of the pay gap.GOSH

The unacceptable persona of pensions.
A generation ago a pension was a somewhat safe and reliable way of getting through old age.
Not anymore mate; now a pension for plebs doesn't make the grade GOSH

State pensions are now complicated; will you be better off!
The state pensionn has two all encompassing; yet competing objectives.
To win elections and save money - no wry grin GOSH

Private pensions - are just an election issue, no more; no less.
Tax relief on pensions is just a trade off between nurturing the haves or have-nots.
What's a few billion for the treasury; if one loses the election.
One has no chance, if you are one of the pleb mob without a Gob GOSH

Private pensions are in crisis; they depend on the price of shares.
Which depend more on market forces, now; than ever.
Investments may go down as well as up.
They also may just go GOSH

The UK economy greater reliance on banking and services has just produced long term instability. Don't mention the inequality.
One can invest up to £40,000/annum in a pension scheme for max tax relief.
What is the average zero hours contract annual income? One or two jobs - amount left to invest;ZILCH
Five jobs- impossible, or a really early grave GOSH

Greece has a state pension just worse than ours.
No matter which way one calculates - we are both down near the bottom.

WED 3rd AUG 2016

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1900; H. Sam Firestone started up supplying pneumatic tyres for wagons and other vehicles in America.
In 1845 a Scot called Thompson patented the first air filled tyre in France - the brits preferred the solid rubber.
This was the era when Britain was called great GOSH

1888; a Scot living in Belfast called Dunlop reinvented the pneumatic tyre for bikes; to give his sick son a smoother ride.
1895; Michelin of France were the first to use air filled tyres for cars.
Legislation aided the rapid world production of pneumatic tyres.
If one wants more knowledge of the mult national; tyres will make you agog GOSH

The fortunes of tyre companies depended on the supply of rubber - don't mention exploitation,
Colonial roots; which are now nearly all gone. GOSH

The British Tyre manufacturers' Association list its' members.
Not one of them are British - gosh or No GOSH

Similar to car manufacturing; there is only one small specialist UK tyre maker.
Except for one - they are all gone GOSH

Much of UK industry is the same.
Jobs and security of income were one the main reasons for the pleb brexit vote
The divided economy of today was thatchers gift NO GOSH

Has no tyre makers.
The dutch have a presence in Greece.
The dutch firm is now owned by an Indian multi-national.

THURS 4th AUG 2016

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1919; the Rodin museum opened in a hotel/mansion (deal with state) in Paris.
The French sculptor Auguste Rodin left almost 300 thingies to the state.
The kiss was considered too erotic for its' time; and, displayed in a seperate request only room.
How ghastly GOSH

Rodin was controversial in his time; cos of his 'sensuality' and lifelike figures.
All Rodins around the world are copies in various materials.
His originals were cast in bronze - many copies have been cast in bronze.
Only the first 12 copies are considered to be original.
Man and markets - don't mention greed. GOSH

The economy is decreasing and national interest is increasing.
The remedy; a decrease in interest rate.
Mucking about with money; can only have a short, very short, time effect on an economy.
A restructering of the national economy to provide real money is required.
A retraining of the gravy. GOSH

A cabinet with more wealth than any outer suburb of any city in the country has no incentive to make the necessary change.
A one nation tory - more a; walk the dalmation story.
How can anyone with the greed goggles on govern. GOSH

The more the pressure on Western economies.
The more the level of inequality throughout the world becomes apparent.

Greece has just went through a period of relative less inequality.
Partly sustained by the secretive unscrupulous loans of western banks that Greek plebs were unaware of.
If! the western banks; including the European central Bank controlled by the EU - yet dominated by Germany - realise their privatision aspirations
Inequality in Greece will become unbearable.

FRI 5th AUG 2016

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1305; William wallace - the real one - was fingered by a jock; captured by the English; and trundled down to London for trial and execution.
He was hung drawn and quartered - and other less mentionable things - at the age of 35.
They done everthing except grate his gallstones. GOSH

Wallace was a mere Scottish knight in the hierarchal ranks of the great and good.
It is believed that he was the offspring of Welsh economic immigrants.
The world had economic migration long before that bloke and his wife were evicted - alledgedly - from the garden GOSH

Robert the Bruce and others gained independence for Scotland from 1328 to 1707 by war;
The act of union was signed in 1707; at a time of peace.
The country was as one from Lands End to John of Groats - not forgetting Gruny GOSH

Will the brexit vote bring about independence again for Scotland!.
Of the 59 seats; the SNP have 56; leaving one each for Labour, Tory and Lib Dem parties.
This is Westminster - The UK goverment GOSH

The Scottish parliament is a different kettle of kippers:
SNP 63
Tory 31
Labour 23
Green 6
Lib dem 5
A minority of 2 government GOSH

Won't stop the SNP going for independence though.
The remaining EU 28 nation states will want Scotland back in.
A Scotland in the EU will gain independence; I guess GOSH

The UK has 29 votes in the EU council.
The 4 votes of Greece will now carry more weight.


SAT 6th AUG 2016

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1856; the original Great Bell of 'Big Ben' was cast in Stockton on Tees today.
It cracked on testing; was recast in London by the same firm, a national company, with world-wide trade, J Warner & Sons...
Cracked again and was patched resulting in the unique sound.
A bong with a bit of a gong GOSH

Big Ben is part of Westminster - the houses of parliament
pic pic
Much of the present building is over 150 years old - some parts much older.
Much of the UK population are fully aware that the houses of parliament are overflowing with rats and mice.
A complete overhaul and refurbishment of the whole kit and caboodle is long overdue.

The House of Lords has 797 members; with shimmering titles such as:
The Baroness Lane-Fox of Soho
Lord Darzi of Denham
The Lord Gold
The Lord Willoughby de Broke
The Lord Wolfson of Aspley Guise GOSH

The Earl of Sandwich:
The Earl of Oxford and Asquith
The Duke of Montrose
The Lord Brabazon of Tara
The viscount and; Lady Astor
The Duke of Norfolk
The Duke of Wellinton
Are just a few who can still have more than a word; about who grabs the gravy Gosh

£300 quid a go is the commonly accepted rate for a Lord in attendance
The average cost/lord; £21,000/ annum - don't mention clocking in and lobbying
Some members of the lords are giving it a right go GOSH

The House of Commons has 650 elected members.
They have recently been awarded a pay rise of 10%.
Public sector pay rises are to be capped to an average increase of 1%.
The commons send its greeting GOSH

The UK average wage is £25-26,000/ annum
The average wage in investment banking is well over £100,000.
After tax mind the giga Gap GOSH

The basic pay of an MP is now £74,000/annum
The minimum wage for an over 25 is just over £15,000/annum
Mind the graduated Gap GOSH

The total remuneration for an MP!
Including expenses allowances and revolving door lobbying.
It's an infinite amount - Have a guess GOSH

The brexit vote is the patent result of inequality - a warming up warning.
The vast majority of encumbent MP's - not least those who portend to represent, average wage and under, workers - seem oblivious.
There is still time to take off the goggles and have a gander GOSH

Inequality in Greece will rise almost instantly; if they let it.
Other EU and western nation states are experiencing inequality.
It's not just the UK.


SUN 7th AUG 2016

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1782; George Washington ordered the creation of the, 'Badge of Military Merit'.
To honour scrappers who are injured (or killed ) in battle for the country - it is later renamed, 'Purple Heart'.
A medal to remind one; wasn't very good at ones job or just a shade unlucky!
I'm alive; giz a gong GOSH.

The'Purple Star' is the American second highest ranking medal - almost 2 million have been awarded.
Over 100,000 are kept in stock - just in case.
Is death or injury for ones country; a little bit less of a gamble GOSH.

Heroes are honoured by the awarding of medals.
Nations need heroes - especially at times of conflict.
Medals are a very emotive subject - especially for those directly concerned.
Medals - of any category - are now mostly a commodity of the market.
Never mind the gong give me the gold GOSH

Any honour should be truly earned and; respected by many at least.
Nothing undermines the whole game more; than medals displayed by 'royalty'
Prince Charlie boy has at least 31 gongs/medals/ decorations to date.
He has never been gifted a gong for gallantry. GOSH

Charlie can choose which ones to wear and when.
The most displayed:
The ones from mummy.
The Order of Merit-civilian
GCB - Military order of the bath.
Knight of the most noble order of the Garter. - don't mention Dianne.
Medals of truly majestic grade GOSH.

Charlie once wore 30 medals at once; a Buckingham Palace reception hosted by mummy.
Most of them were for birthdays or visiting places.
Did you get a gong for ten years of tucking away tacos and tequila in Tabasco
A veritable giggling goulash of gongfoolery. GOSH

The legitmacy of the brexit vote is now being questionably under mined.
Also the contemporary dinosaurs of the labour PLP; are contemptibly using the result as a reason to attack the elected leader of the labour party.
There's having a giggle and giggles GOSH

The B of E are going to boost Quantitave Easing again - more funny keyboard cash.
If 30 bob of it ever reaches Wallsend High Street.
I will personally eat Paddy Pantsdowns hat and pants.
QE is a save the banks, giggle and gaffe GOSH

Talking of giggling gaffes.
Boris Johnson took one of his annual holidays in Greece.
A balls-up or just a bargain.